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My husband's employer decided to change to Blue Shield of CA (we've had BCBS before... a nightmare), and we were less than thrilled about it. Right off the bat, no cards at the beginning of the year. They had plenty of time to get them mailed out before the 1st arrived. I had a medical emergency and needed a prescription but I can't get it because we don't have the cards. To make matters worse, they have no one to answer phones on the weekends or holidays (apparently no one gets sick at Blue Shield of CA on weekends or holidays). Once again, we are back in the mire of what this company is... a disaster!

Blue Shield of California deceived me as to the terms of my dental plan. As a matter of fact, they did not disclose to me the complete terms of my plan either upon the enrollment or renewal. My plan had one year waiting period and when I wanted to use my insurance for the first time (after paying them for a year and half) they denied me practically everything.

It took me additional several months to get from them at least some explanation for their denial. Only then they sent me the evidence of coverage with some weird restrictions that had never been sent/disclosed to me before. When I complained to them that they failed to make proper disclosures, they prepared a false account of my complaint and just canceled my insurance, falsely alleging that the cancellation was requested by me. In such way, they managed to pocket all my premiums without having any expense. Since I had a deductible, I even had to pay for the full mouth X-rays they requested from my dentist without any legitimate reason (they did not need the full mouth X-rays to invoke the restrictions they had been concealing from me).

I was on a Blue Shield plan with Covered California until I began Medicare when I turned 65 and enrolled in another Blue Shield plan to supplement Medicare. Blue Shield refuses to acknowledge that I should not be covered by overlapping policies even though its overlapping coverage is impossible with Medicare regulations. Blue Shield is billing me for the overlap and is refusing to correct the situation. I will take the company and all the employees I have spoken so many, many times with about this to SMALL CLAIMS COURT if they cannot resolve this. They knew my date of birth and when I would enroll in Medicare but refuse to resolve this issue. They want me to pay hundreds of dollars for coverage that was invalid once Medicare and the supplemental plan began.

Their excuse so far is that Covered California has an incorrect date entered somewhere but it is Blue Shield that keep trying to make me pay! I have also called Covered California several times but all I get is promises that someone will look into it and get back to me. Both Covered California and Blue Shield were VERY AWARE OF MY DATE OF BIRTH AND WHEN I WOULD BEGIN MEDICARE! Each call to Blue Shield about this has resulted in explaining the whole situation to each individual even though they had the reference number from the previous call. Their complaint system seems to be structured so that a person will just give up and pay even though no product was provided! I will NOT GIVE UP!

I've spent hours trying to do this. The technical rules for signing up are difficult to comply with - far more difficult than the rules for signing up for a bank account or retirement account which are far more sensitive. Anthem doesn't let you repeat numbers between the user name and password. Some characters are not allowed, even though the best passwords make use of the whole gamut of available keys.

THEN, after signing up and keeping a careful record of the log in and password, I was denied entry the first time I tried to use it, so I filed a "lost password" message. They said they would send 2 (why 2??) emails with information to redo the whole thing. I'm still waiting--with most sites like this the email comes almost immediately. This has been my experience with all insurance companies. I am convinced they are trained to delay, delay, delay....maybe the claimant will just give up and go away. I predict this situation won't last. With articulate baby boomers retiring in huge numbers the din will grow so loud that the insurance companies will be forced to change their attitudes - the "Blues" first among them? If I sound pissed, you are right!!

Here's the jig: if you send your payment by check, chances are your check will be "lost in the system" for at least two weeks until it posts to your account (it is, however, promptly cashed); if you pay by phone or online, the payment still takes a week "to process". In the meantime they suspend your coverage, forcing you to pay full price for services you might need urgently (that was my case). Which they will not reimburse because the account was suspended (even though you paid). They've done this to be so precisely and consistently (in two separate instances, between 2009-2012 and now, from 2013-2014) that I can't believe this is just mismanagement. How can we bring a class action suit against these guys?

Blue cross is the worst insurance ever. They bill for visits they are not supposed to bill for. Next year I am going back to GHC.

I am an ILWU-Marine Clerk. It all started in 2013, after my employer (Pacific Maritime Association), dropped a notice that we would be using Blue Shield of Ca. It was all done by the Trustees. Anyway, my daughter had knee surgery and because most of the people at my job are out of network, I guess Blue Shield decided they would not be responsible for our bills, one the most horrific incidents in history. It was all in the newspaper, destroyed our credit. I did everything to fix it and to no avail. Here it is again 2016 and I guess I have to try again to fix my credit. I refuse to pay because it was their responsibility. Most of us were out of network, so why would they take us on and then not pay our bills. Pathetic! If I could afford my own insurance I would DEFINITELY stop using Blue Shield. That way I can go to whoever I want. I find this to be the best rather than be stuck in a network whose job is to not pay claims and destroy lives. Very upsetting!

I had gone to the provider and at that time they said they were paying it slowly, then all of a sudden, I started getting collection notices and then I found out they stopped paying altogether. I had sent every document following every instruction. It has been over 3 years and I have not received another collection notice in over a year, but my credit is destroyed. I refuse to pay them. I heard Blue Shield was one of the worst and unfortunately, my job as stupid as those persons who decided to take them put us all in jeopardy.

Let me tell you, if the other people from the surgery center had not known what to do, I would have a bill exceeding over $100,000. What they stopped paying was the therapy which comes along with the doctor's orders. Everyone's experiences are different, but this happened with my job. They were told to clear it and fix it, and if they didn't my job would drop them, but I guess I got lost in the mix so I need to find out what to do! I have everything documented, I never got help even with all of that! Weird! I understand they don't pay out of network, but why would you take 3-5000 employees on knowing all of our medical expenses are out of network if you knew you would not pay?

I've never written a negative review in my life and I genuinely think people who do have far too much time on their hands... But after what I experienced I knew it was something I had to do to warn others considering this company. I started with Blue Shield in August and decided to make a yearly appointment at a doctor that was recommended. I received a call from the Doctor telling me that my insurance was invalid. My insurance was invalid because they accidentally put in the incorrect birthdate.

After calling and waiting for someone to speak to about this they never apologized for their faults. They continued to put me on hold and said it would work in a week. Two weeks went by and I never received a phone call and still could not create an online account. I contacted again and got someone who told me it was never fixed and that she'd try it again. Finally it was fixed. I then went in for a checkup and was told that my insurance card didn't work. I called Blue Shield again and it turns out they cancelled due to nonpayment. I originally gave them my current employers business card that was being used for my insurance and yet they never ran it as ongoing.

Instead they claimed they sent "Mail" to me regarding my Bills. I'm never home and when I am I never check my mail because all of my bills are automatic or paperless. I've never received a call on late payment etc. or else I would have notified my Employer. After 1 month of waiting for them to fix it they said they can reinstate my insurance with 1 payment of $966.00. I refuse to pay for their mistake and for ZERO service. I can't believe people can go to sleep at night doing this. I have been treated like a nonexistent human and they do no care for their customers. I am livid and should have listened to the reviews that I read in the beginning. Please learn from my mistake.

It is impossible to connect with someone who can explain my coverage. The first person I spoke with had such a strong Filipino accent that I had to ask him to repeat everything. I speak several languages, so this isn't xenophobia! Then, when I tried to get a supervisor, he put me through to a mail-order pharmacy, which had nothing to do with my call. I tried to file a complaint at Blue Cross's website, and it kept rejecting it!

Denied referrals, denied medication, denied tests, billed for items 7 months later and should have been approved. Doctors do not care about my health care. Humiliation, intimidation, lied to. I'm so upset with health care. I'm moving to Canada if I can. They accept no responsibility. They offer no help.

My husband was on hold for almost 2 hours dealing with Crista in the Philippines. She gave out false information regarding how to resolve the issue, told him to call his doctor to approve payment. Luckily he made her wait while he called his doctor as instructed, who said he was not able to authorize the insurance company to pay the prescription. Finally after he called her out she admitted her error and said she "was going to get in so much trouble." Does this change the situation? No, but yet she wouldn't get a supervisor. Needless to say, there was no resolution and no callback was received as promised and over $1000 was paid for medications that are 100% covered. I would like this to be researched and this complaint be provided to Blue Cross so the employee can be disciplined and terminated for unprofessional behavior and lying to cover her mistakes.

Based on consumer review, I selected Blue Shield last November. By March, I had received my first notice that I was delinquent in my payments. I spent three days trying to get a hold of a person with no luck. Posted a rude message in the Blue Shield Facebook page and received a call from a CSR. She said their records indicated I had not paid. I confirmed with my bank that all payments had been made (through online banking), received and cashed by Blue Shield. She said she would investigate and get back to me. I have spent the past three months going back and forth with Blue Shield while continuing to pay my premium. I have been told several times they have a third party vendor and that there are some problems.

Yesterday, June 10, I was contacted by the CSR I have been working with and told that they located all my payments except April. I provided her with the confirmation number from my bank and she said she would get back to me in a week or so. Last night I received a cancellation notice effective May 31 (They of course have already received my June payment.). This is after I have spent countless hours talking to their CSR, my bank, and faxing verification of my payments. RESULTS. No insurance after paying on time for 5 months. AND, Blue Shield has given themselves a tip of getting one extra month from me. This is the worst insurance company in California and this should not be happening.

My husband had his knee replaced in February 2014 and all costs were approved before. Now six months later, we are notified they aren't paying a major portion of the anesthesiologist because he was supposed "out of network" even though they paid this out of network on two VERY SMALL charges to the anesthesiology group, just not the major charge. If two of the charges are in network, how can the largest one be out of network? We pay our premiums each month but when it comes to them paying a claim, we have to fight every step of the way.

I have only had the occasion to contact My health insurance provider a couple of times. Both time I believe I was treated very respectfully. I had pointed questions which were answered very completely. I think this company does a good job of using its website that explain many of the little things that come up.

I have a Blue Cross HMO policy. They have refused to pay a lab bill that they admit is covered 100%. They refuse to file grievances so that I can file with the state HMO complaint board. The medical group they contract with for my HMO admits they are responsible for the bill but say the check has been cut but not mailed because they cannot fund it and it will bounce if they mail it. This was the same excuse given on November 26th! Right now, I have been on hold for 96 minutes and gave up several times earlier today. Total holding time today alone is now over 2 hours! My employer pays the premiums on time and now San Benito Medical says they do not have the funds to mail the check.

Anthem Blue Cross continues to raise premium rates and co-pays. In the last two years, my monthly premium has increased from $361 to $792 while my prescription co-pay has increased from $8 to $19. The deductible is also higher. Anthem Blue Cross has also instituted a new requirement of annual authorization for prescriptions, but even when my doctor submits the authorization, Anthem continues to deny coverage of a medication that, according to the terms of the policy, is covered. The first time I called Anthem Blue about the denial of coverage, I spoke with two people who assured me that the medication was not covered, even though both said that my benefits and coverage had not changed since last year, when the medication was covered.

Finally, when I asked to speak to a third person in order to file a complaint, I was told that the first two people were in error, and that the medication was in fact covered. That call took 85 minutes. Today I called because Anthem Blue Cross won't pay for the prescription to be filled because the amount prescribed by my doctor is more than the plan covers - once again, even though I've been taking this medication for three years and Anthem Blue Cross has covered this medication for that amount of time.

I just called to confirm that my premium plus deductible totals over $300 per year, yet the maximum benefit total is $500 per year. More than half of my "insurance" is already covered by my premium. This is disturbing and should not be legal. If my auto insurance was as expensive as my dental insurance, I would have a $5000 premium every month.

To begin with I chose a plan with Covered Calif. 3 months into being insured I was told by Blue Shield that my plan did not exist and would need to be changed. From there on it's been a disaster. At about month 4 I began paying bills through my bank account and at the fault of my bank they sent payments to the wrong medical group. I provided proof of payment while we worked on this but to no surprise Blue Shield canceled me. It took months of phone calls and faxes back and forth to get this straightened out. During this process I had received a few bills showing I had a credit. Every time I would receive these statements I would call and speak to supervisors who assured me this was correct. I even had them send me an email showing as of Jan 15 what my balance owed was to date.

Fast forward to June 2015, I received a bill on a Saturday stating that I owed $862 that was due the following Monday??? I called again and spoke to a supervisor who stated there was an error on their part last year and this is what I owed. But I was not to worry as I had 3 months to pay this amount. 2 days later I filed a grievance with BS and then 2 days after that I received a letter stating I was cancel as of MARCH 2015??? Every time I speak to someone I get a different answer. Even if I get proof in writing I'm told that's too bad, this is what I owe because that's what the computer says??? Never once have they shown me how or why this error occurred. Or have they allowed me to even set up some sort of payment plan. Now I've been canceled due to non-payment and I'm not eligible to get insurance through other companies because of this. This has caused me sooooo much wasted time and stress in phone calls is just ridiculous...

Paying over one thousand dollars a months for top PPO plan, but benefiting very little from this plan. Normal prescriptions denied, specialty medical denied, dental is costing me hundreds out of pocket and dental will not cover broken crowns which will continue to deteriorate and be more expense if not treated now...that is thousands out of my pocket. Trying to find other coverage with other company...could not be more frustrated or disappointed! Paying top dollar for little benefit! RUN from blue shield! Also, submitted super bill for vision, and yet to hear anything at all about reimbursement. Blue Shield is a crock!

We have reason to believe that Anthem Blue Cross and their network providers are engaging in fraudulent billing during office visits. My office PPO copay is $35, but it is very unclear what this covers during the visit. On several network doctor visits for various minor health care issues such the flu, colds, minor sprays, allergy tests, and such, I have received large bills from the visits that itemize procedures that were not disclosed to me at the time of visit.

When I called Anthem regarding this matter, I asked them explicitly for the list of procedure codes and the cost of procedures, so that during my next visit, I could make financial sense of the visit. Anthem Blue Cross of California refused to supply me with these codes and the associated costs. Why? Well, because it allows the Anthem and their network providers to "cook the books."

In every other sector of the economy, prices are presented up front before a service is rendered. In my opinion, all health care prices should be presented to the patient before a service is rendered, so that he/she can consult the insurance company on the coverage or decide if they can financially afford the service. Why should any insurance company and their network doctors be able to decide the cost of the visit after the service?

I am very disappointed in Anthem Blue Cross and their network for billing undisclosed procedures. My employers pays over $400 a month for my insurance. Out of principle, I am cancelling my Anthem Blue Cross coverage. I refuse to support a system that is prone to corruption.

I have dealt with many insurance companies over the years, but Anthem Blue Cross of California is easily and without question the worst one. My family and I moved to California from Massachusetts in January 2014. As I am starting an online retail business, we sought coverage through the Covered California exchange. We settled on the platinum level plan that, at least in theory, provides the best benefits for the bargain price of roughly $1,400 per month. We quickly discovered that it didn't matter what the benefits were - no one in Marin County, particularly in our new home town of Mill Valley, seems to accept Blue Cross of California. Some that do take it, refuse to take Anthem's Covered California plans. That's all fine - we took the inconvenient steps to find the few providers that do accept Anthem Blue Cross of California.

In June 2014, my lower back went into complete and paralyzing spasms - after ten years of back issues, this was easily the worst episode. My wife called 9-1-1 and I was taken to Marin General, where I had to stay for 3 days to recover from this incident. After filing an insurance claim a month later with the ambulance provider (Southern Marin Emergency Medicine - who were amazing and friendly), I was notified by Anthem Blue Cross of California that I chose an out-of-network ambulance provider, and they were going to cover $0 of the $1,435 bill. I am relatively young and other than the back thing, pretty healthy. But I see the value in health insurance, so my wife and I pay our monthly sum to Anthem in the hopes that if needed, we won't face additional bills for care that should otherwise seem like a no brainer. I cannot wait until the open enrollment period so that I may finally leave Anthem Blue Cross of California. They are a joke. Their network is a joke. Their customer service is a joke. And every person I have interacted with, since the debacle of signing up through Covered California is a joke.

I have to assume because I am a cynic that my issue is not unique to BS of CA. Health insurance is already practically unaffordable for most people and these insurance companies, like BS are doubling down ripping off consumers with their high deductible, convoluted, overly complicated plans. I know BS doesn't care about me writing this review... they haven't seemed to make any changes after 570 1-star Yelp reviews either. They just send out an auto-comm:

"We apologize for your experience and would like to have a Specialist reach out to address your concerns. Please email your info to [email protected] and a member of our team will be in touch. Sincerely, The Blue Shield Web Inquiry Team". Thanks but no thanks for the pretend to follow through and concern... But me telling you that BS is ** makes me feel better.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do at this point in time to fix my situation, but I hope this helps guide others away from BS. And, if you're stuck with them, please be advised they do not and will not offer a prorated deductible no matter when you start your plan, even if its less than 60 days away from the new calendar year. And they most definitely will not inform you that you don't have a full 12 months to hit your deductible... You have a single calendar year. Oh, and on top of that, you can't enroll at the beginning of the calendar year... you have to wait a month and a half. Just to ensure BS can screw you a little more on your way in/out. You have been warned.

Have had Blue Shield PPO SILVER for 3 years and although finding doctors can be challenging the low co payment for office visits 5.00, speciality 8.00, But calling today to renew to find out my 87.00 a month plan is now 193.00 a month with no added benefits from Blue Shield, everything the same except... the premium. I expected a increase not 105.00 a month more!!! I'm really shocked and now being forced to make other choices. Shame on you Blue Shield. Now you're just being greedy! Whoever negotiated for Covered California on The Blue Shield Deal Should Be Fired...

I have been off work for two weeks now. I woke up Sunday morning in pain from my lower back and my hips. I couldn't even get out of bed. Monday was not much better. I thought I pulled something. Tuesday, when still in pain, I went to a doctor. After my exam, he wanted an MRI. I went to Blue Cross' website to find an MRI site in my coverage. I then told my doctor and he put in a referral for my lower back and hips. The Ames (the pre-authorization dept) doctor called my doctor and said that they first just wanted to do the lower back. Then if needed, do the hips. So my doctor said fine.

I don't think that the Ames doctor should make a decision on what I need based on the cost difference for lower back and lower back and hips. My pain I am having is more in my hips than my lower back, I explained to my doctor. On May 1st, my doctor put in for a new referral for both lower back and hips. I am waiting to hear back if it has been approved. I feel that this insurance is just to take your money. I paid over two hundred dollars for myself and children. We hardly ever go to the doctors. Now that I need to use my insurance, I am being stonewalled by authorization doctors. I am upset. I am in pain. I need to return to work. I hope upon next year, my company (FedEx) will find a new provider.

I have called twice in the past two weeks. Each time I have been on hold for over 50 minutes. At the 50 minute mark they have someone come on the phone and ask if you would like to be put on the call back list and be called back... get this... two weeks later! If I could wait two weeks to get my question answered or problem dealt with, I would call the company in two weeks! They also reminded me that I could access my information online. I told him if I had that information I would have done that and not called to talk to someone. Being on hold for over 50 minutes and listening to the same 2 minute track of music is enough to cause insanity. This company treats customers like numbers and not people. They need to get their act together.

Anthem Blue Cross is the worst company ever. I was on hold for 25 minutes and they never came back on the phone. I called back and now have been on hold for another 15 minutes. Who can do this? I have to work. Terrible, terrible terrible. I cannot even cancel my insurance because they won't pick up the line or stay on the line and to think I have paid my premium every month for 6 years. Shameful.

My husband and I have been paying for our Blue Cross policy for over four years now and the first time we are in dire need of it, we are denied. My husband is a severe alcoholic. We checked him into a rehabilitation facility after he ended up in the hospital on a breathing machine unable to breathe on his own. My husband is near close to death and this insurance company is only willing to pay for 5 days of treatment with complete disregard for all recommendations that he needs to be in house rehab for at least a month and then on to a sober living house.

Through group therapy I have learned he is not the only one with this problem and in fact it is common for Blue Cross to do this. They know his drinking has landed him on life support, many other hospital stays and that his addiction has been with him for the past 10 years. Going into the facility they ask many questions to submit to the insurance company to determine how dire a need the treatment is. It is clear to all doctors, myself, counselors and my husband himself that if he does not get help he will most certainly die. We have submitted all documentation that is required.

By law all insurance companies are now required to treat chemical dependency as they would any other disease. Blue Cross is blatantly ignoring the dire life-threatening situation and has made it clear they will only consider this medically necessary once he is no longer around to need it. Like I said, they're required by law to treat him as any other life threatening patient. They are ignoring that law and my husband may pay the price with his life. Another couple went through this with them and they lost their son to a drug overdose. It's up to my husband to do the work but it is up to Blue Cross to provide the service we pay for.

They terminated insurance with no cause, reinstated after a month with apology, reimbursed for the missing month of coverage for the family. 1 year later, (not near an open enrollment period), extortioned me for their missing month of coverage. I had to pay, as no way to change providers due to the Obama-Care requirements. Dropped them at my first opportunity. I would love to see this company go out of business for how I was treated. Never again with these crooks!

Could not get through multiple attempts via email on their website so I called the suggested customer service number. Was on hold more than 12 minutes, tried multiple times during the week at different times of the day. Never got through.

I have Anthem Blue Cross outside of covered California that costs almost $1,000/month. It is my only option based on my zip code. My doctor left the area and no other doctor wants to see me because the rate of reimbursement is based on Covered California rates. All the doctors in this area will only take Group plans which reimburse at higher rates. I don't blame the doctors. They have high expenses based on this geographical area. What ever happened to CHOICE???

Long hold time on calls. Eventually gave up. No customer service. And it's on the medical program btw. So don't even bother! I'm changing my plan!

Blue Shield of CA arbitrarily denies you a vital medication/treatment which has been proven and documented to shield (excuse the pun) you from pain and improve your overall quality of life by improving your mobility - this has to do with gel injections into your knee which is, for all practical purposes, bone on bone. I believe this to be inhumane and cruel, especially considering that I pay $733 a month to Blue Shield each and every month which they have no problem with taking. Also, claims processing is at a snail's pace (took about one month to process my claim - still waiting for the money!). The only thing that Blue Shield of CA is great at is taking your money monthly!

We have been an in network provider for the past 3+ years with Blue Shield of California. We had originally signed up under our group name. However our group only includes one provider so all of the information is the same. We were informed that in order to change our contract we needed to re-credential with our individual provider's information. We were informed that the process would take 120 days at most. Lo and behold 180 days have gone by with no new credential. We are now being told that Blue Shield says the process is MINIMUM 120 days.

We have many patients who have been waiting for us to be in network. The majority of other insurance companies are able to credential quickly by using CAQH, however Blue Shield insists on a committee meeting once a month. This is highly impractical. We are considering simply telling our patients to drop Blue Shield as it seems to be extremely unreliable in terms of contracting providers. I would not recommend this insurance to anyone and would recommend telling patients to consider alternative insurance companies.

Whenever there is a need to talk with someone for claims assistant then the representatives are so stupid that they just believe in transferring the call to other dept. although they can assist very well but just a **.

I accidentally signed up for coverage through Covered California. I realized it right away and went through a long phone process with Covered California and Blue Shield to get a refund. I was promised my $600 back in 30 days via check even though I paid with a credit card. This was May 1, 2018. (They wouldn't just credit me back.) On July 18, 2018 they are saying they never did anything to refund me yet I have no coverage with them. The person on the phone got nasty with me when I asked them to credit my card back. This is fraud.

My physicians at Saint Mary's Spine Center have requested authorization for a spinal fusion procedure I desperately need to repair my lumbar spine. They deny claims that are medically necessary, resulting in prolonged severe pain and suffering to their insureds. Their greed for dollars over patient care is deplorable.

I am in shock as to how I was treated this past weekend by Anthem (whom I send tons of $ to every month). I injured my ankle and went to the Urgent Care facility that ANTHEM told me to go to. The facility was RELIANT IMMEDIATE CARE on Sepulveda Blvd. My husband drove me and I gave them my card. They said my insurance was 'inactive and pending investigation.' My husband showed proof of "activity" and payment and they said, "Sorry, you'll have to have Anthem fax over proof."

Now let me rewind to the day before this happened (Friday, 10/9). I injured my ankle on Thursday night. I called my insurance company on Friday to find an Urgent Care near me. They gave me a list - not ONE place actually took my insurance. THESE WERE ALL PLACES THAT ANTHEM TOLD ME TO GO TO AND ASSURED ME I'D BE COVERED. I'm so happy I called beforehand. When I called Anthem back for the 5th time to see if there was any capable person whom could help me, a nice woman said, "Sorry everybody gave you the wrong information. The only Urgent Care you can go to is in Chino, CA" to which I replied "Um, I don't even know where Chino is." Then I asked, "What about Reliant Immediate?" She said, "Oh, yeah. You can go there too." Um, ok. Thanks.

SO - back to Saturday 10/10. Reliant Immediate's front desk attendant gave me "promissory note" and said we can basically agree to pay for everything and we can take it up w/ Anthem on Monday morning. If anyone knows what this means - it means that the insurance company WILL FIND A WAY to NOT reimburse you. They will say, "You agreed to pay and we're not reimbursing." I know, because it's happened to me before.

So I ADVISE ANYONE TO NOT SIGN THOSE FORMS. It's SUCH a hassle to get your insurance company to agree to cover your services (and knowing how awful Anthem is, I'm sure I would have ended up paying out of pocket for everything). SO, as advised by the miserable woman at the front desk at Reliant, we called Anthem to have them fax over proof of insurance activity. Only to find out that Anthem was closed for the day. CLOSED FOR THE WEEKEND. Closed. Nobody there to help. I was literally in shock.

SO, we told the front desk at Reliant and she (I swear) said, "Well, then we can't help you. Who's next in line?" I have NEVER had anyone treat me this way. I love people and I would never in a million years treat someone this way and I don't expect to be treated this way. SO I broke down in tears and my husband carried me back to our car and she yelled - "Go to the ER" as we were leaving and I yelled back "WE CAN'T AFFORD IT. WHICH IS WHY WE HAVE INSURANCE." and I may have added a few things that I'm not proud of... understandably so.

SO once in the car, my husband called ANTHEM PROVIDER SERVICES and interestingly enough, THEY were open. Of course, ANTHEM will take NEW patients on weekends, but will NOT help EXISTING patients in emergencies. We stayed on the phone w/ the poor provider for over an hour - BEGGING him to help us. All we needed was a FAX to RELIANT. We literally were asking this guy "What if your wife or kid or parent had a possible broken ankle and couldn't get help. And had ACTIVE INSURANCE?!?!?" Even the ANTHEM EMPLOYEE said, "This is messed up. I am SO sorry I can't help. I understand your frustration and this is not right."

Anthems own employee couldn't believe how poorly Anthem is run. That's sad. Luckily, a friend of mine is a nurse and she drove over 35 miles to me and diagnosed my ankle as a bad sprain and put me on crutches. I STILL HAVEN'T HAD x-rays and let me remind you I HAVE ACTIVE INSURANCE. When I called Anthem this morning and told them what happened they said,"Oh, sorry. Yeah - the problem is on Reliant's end." Which I replied "No. You're the company I pay. You get my money every month. The problem is on YOUR end." I cannot wait to get new insurance from an ethical, reliable company at the start of 2016. In the meanwhile, I am so happy I have friends who are doctors and lawyers. My doctor friends can take care of me and I will 100% be speaking to my lawyer friends regarding this matter.

This is USA. I pay hundreds HUNDREDS of dollars every month to have health care. I was refused to be seen by a facility that my OWN HEALTH CARE PROVIDER sent me to standing on a painful injured ankle and all ANTHEM BLUE CROSS could say for themselves is "Oh, must have been a glitch on their end. Not our fault." No apology. No humanity. Just terrible, sad, disgusting service. I am appalled and I will be posting this email everywhere. This company needs to be investigated and SHUT DOWN.

I am trying to figure out if I can afford a surgery on my shoulder. I was given the CPT code for the procedure by my doctor's office and called BC to determine just how much my insurance would cover. Blue Cross said they can't give me the information because they don't know what the surgery center will charge. How is one supposed to know if they can afford a procedure if they can't get an idea of how much it will cost prior to doing the procedure. I made this analogy for them and it didn't even faze them.

You are asking me to go to a car lot, sign a pink slip, and drive off the lot with a new car that you will bill me for later. What happens if I can't afford the car I chose? I have to pay for it regardless? What consumer would do that? Companies that want consumers that would agree to those terms, can have them. I will take my business elsewhere. Kaiser looks much more appealing now.

I have had insurance coverage all of my adult life -- never have I had a premium increase in the middle of a calendar year. In 2014, I have had two premium increases within five months. I complained to Blue Shield about my first increase in March (my birthday was in February). I was told that it was due to the fact that I had had an odd birthday and your premium increases on every odd birthday.

I received my August bill and it showed another increase. I complained again, this time to Blue Shield top executive. I also supplied a link to a Blue Shield document that stated that premium increases based on age goes into effect the January of the year following the odd birthday. I did not receive prior warning of either increase -- Blue Shield claimed that letters were mailed to me regarding these increases.

I was told by Blue Shield that link I referenced regarding age-based increases was for regular plans and because I had a Medigap plan, it did not apply to me. I said that, that appeared to be discriminatory. The response was that Medicare had approved the decision. I was told that the August increase was due to an across the board increase for all Medigap customers -- first increase since 2012.

I am upset with both Medicare and Blue Shield for these unfair practices. Customers spend hours deciding which plan to select and a part of that decision is based on the premium price. You expect that that price is based on a calendar year. It did say 2014 premium prices. These are unfair increases using the bait and switch practice. This should be illegal. And why would Medicare sign off on a practice that allows Blue Shield to unfairly bill senior citizens out of their fixed income. This is age discrimination.

I never ever take time to write a complaint and have recently taken time to thank or commend customer service when appropriate. This company is reprehensible. I was with Blue Cross PPO last year with a new rate hike of 40%! Because I work and so does my husband, we do not qualify for ObamaCare nor would I even want it - no physicians accept it!

Went to the Health Savings Account side of Blue Cross and with 30 minute plus hold time on calls, no billing consistency and a maze of paperwork. It's no wonder they make money each month! I have faithfully paid for insurance monthly for 25+ years and to have to haggle over each bill and speak to people that make no sense is pure disgusting. If this country ran its business the way Blue Cross does we'd be taken over and a third world.

Today I have been trying to track down a billing representative to get a bill and pay for January - 4 phone calls later and still no resolve! I'm on the phone with a "your wait time will be approximately 30 minutes" and a "I'm sorry but our website nationally is down. We apologize for the inconvenience." REALLY??? I can't pay because I don't have a bill and can't get a rep on the phone to make a payment and will be without care because??? Will try and shop around and see if I can somehow get in elsewhere. Advice: Stay clear of Blue Cross.

Have documented proof of paying for new year (2015) premiums, only to have check returned and then say I don't have an application with them! After they have already accepted my payment. Then after more than a month of waiting on calls, they still can't fix the problem. Even my insurance broker seems locked out of being able to work with the company. Once again, I finally had someone accept my payment, still to be told that my insurance is not active.

I have now contacted my Congressman as Anthem seems untouchable. One of our doctors feels that Anthem is calculating the savings they are getting by delaying and dropping people and not covering many millions of claims. I am writing to Consumer Affairs to see if they have any response to offer help and not necessarily to make a complaint.

BCBS website "manage medical plan" during open enrollment is non functional. I have attempted to change my daughters’ plans for weeks. I contacted customer service. They were unable to make changes through the website as well and have sent me an application via email to make the changes. I have consistently attempted to make changes with no avail. Their servers are not allowing changes to be made at any point in time online. I am confident that the site and the company are making it difficult for consumers to make changes. I will be allowing my policy to expire due to poor customer service and management of their website. To date I have not found any avenue, which is not extremely difficult to decipher enrollment either via or BCBS. I give up!

I signed up with covered California for Health Insurance in January 2014. I did not receive my insurance cards until May 2014. I tried to get prescription's filled in April and was told I did not have insurance. After several calls to covered California and Blue Shield, My husband and I gave up. I was trying to get my start date changed to May 2014 and have my payments applied to May through September. Covered California said to call Blue Shield and Blue Shield said to call Covered California. This is the worst service I have ever encountered. My husband and I spent upwards of 14 hours wasted on the phone with these idiots! If I ran my business this way I would not have one. I am beyond frustrated! I finally quit paying and received a cancellation notice. My husband and I were happy with our insurance and now we are uninsured.

We lost our insurance last year and it was 2 months before I figured out what happened. I think it is deceptive practices how many notices Anthem sends out. After a while it's like the boy calling wolf. We always paid our premium on the 5th or 6th of the month. If you didn't pay by the 1st, notices about losing your plan start going out... and they keep going out. After a while we were kind of numb to them. We always paid... until something happened with our card and we didn't... problem is we didn't know it.

We eventually got other coverage (I was 9 months pregnant), but we just had to pay the penalty for not having insurance for 2 months. $1,100 people... If it was my fault then I would have no problem paying the penalty. But the fact that we had no idea we had even lost our insurance should be an exemption. Also I think Anthem needs to revisit how the issue notices and let you know about the status of your account. I think their current practices are intentionally confusing and it is wrong.

We have always had a PPO so that we would not have to deal with these sorts of things. We have been with this insurance company for over 18 years and up until this year, they started rejecting meds we have already been on. They, all of a sudden, said they would not pay for my bio-identical hormones in which I needed due to my health. They wanted to skim so they asked me to go on this combi-patch. I didn't want to argue so I did but after a month I started getting very ill, dizziness, stomach issues, no energy all the same systems I had prior to going on bio-identicals (I was on them for 3 years before they decided they were not going to cover them anymore and my health was wonderful!).

Anyway 7 weeks went by and I just could not take it anymore. I thought I was losing my mind, I came home from work one day and slept which I never do. I called my doctor and asked if she could fax a blood request for me to have done and within 2 days she called me back. My Estrogen was at 0 and the others were right in that area. This combi-patch that Blue Cross said they would pay for was doing NOTHING for me. I had completely depleted myself of everything I had in my system and now I have to pay CASH for the bio-identicals so I can get my life back together. This is not right. I think we are, after all these years, ready to try a new insurance company. It is not like this company does not charge an arm and a leg already.

I am both a provider and a patient with Blue Cross PPO coverage, like many people, I also received a notice from this company indicating a 30% increase in my premiums, they also increased my deductible. I would like to share that as a healthcare provider, Blue Cross has slashed their reimbursement to providers by a whopping 60%. I will no longer will be accepting Anthem Blue Cross of CA. I understand this company wants to turn a profit; but increasing premiums by 30%, raising deductibles and co-insurances, and cutting back provider payments by such a huge percentage, one wonders how much profit is enough for this company. Unethical practice by this company.

I would like to go on the record and personally "thank" Anthem, specifically Blue Cross Blue Shield, for the recent identify theft I've experienced along with their fraudulent business practices. Last year, without notice, Anthem pulled my health insurance plan for two months because the company "no longer accepted credit card payments." Same thing happened to my business partner, and we protested this activity upon learning that my service had been suspended. After two full days of phone calls and complaints, Anthem then stated that the reason my account was suspended was because the credit card on file was expired as opposed to their original explanation. That was untrue then, and is still untrue, as that card expires in 2017.

Anthem finally reinstated my insurance and credited my account for two months for the months of account service suspension. After renewing my plan for 2015, I received notice on February 12th, which landed in my mailbox after the open enrollment deadline had passed (highly coincidental), that the credits from last year would no longer be honored, and had since been added back to my 2015 plan charges. I've protested this obviously, and have now wasted three full days trying to sort through this paperwork nightmare.

Beyond this issue, I now have credit inquiries for auto loans in Indiana while living in San Francisco, which were obviously not intentional on my part. I've never had credit issues in my life and have maintained a credit score in the 770 to 810 range since my early 20s. I pay around $500 a month for the health insurance plan I have as an individual with no dependents. I never wanted to use Blue Cross Blue Shield, but UnitedHealthcare was not an option for individuals in my state, and I didn't take extra steps to migrate away from Anthem. I will never make that mistake again, and will seek out the service of Humana or another strong health insurance company. Be warned and please share: DO NOT USE ANTHEM OR BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD.

I pay $1100.00 month for my insurance and Blue Shield has denied everything from X-rays to MRIs, my surgeries even my medication I've been in for years. Every one of my doctors and surgeons have to do a Peer to Peer just to get it paid for. Last year I waited 8 months for a medication to be ok. And it was something I had been on for 3 years. Just this last 3 weeks after being home from yet another surgery I was in the phone with Blue Shield. Not only is customer service there so rude this last lady had myself and my doctor's office on a 3 way call. This lady was rude. Had us on hold for over 40 mins before we realized she had hung up on us.

I don't think it's right we have to fight for medication that we need. And have been in for years. I'd like to know what they do when they need go to the doctor and need surgery and meds???? If a specialist is telling you you need surgery after looking at CT scans and MRIs and we are paying all this money to have health insurance but yet we are still being denied... Something needs to be done about this...

I am a new insurer and have been trying to get a prescription authorization for over a month that is medically necessary. I keep getting the runaround and they denied the medication. I never had a problem with Kaiser or Anthem Blue Cross.

I had switched to a new healthcare insurance provider in October 2013. In November, my pharmacy billed my previous provider, Blue Cross of California for a prescription refill. BCofC paid it, then upon checking 10 months later, realized they shouldn't have, and notified me. Because they waited so long, the pharmacy does not have record of the refill. Now I'm stuck with the bill because of their mistake and extremely slow process. Businesses should own up for their own mistakes instead of passing the cost off to their customer.

The past four months, I have had to call Blue Shield of California on a constant basis for one screw up or another. It started when I moved from Los Angeles to San Diego and I called to change my address which resulted in, what I was told, a premium decrease. I received one bill at my new address. Then, suddenly, they started sending bills back to the old address. When I called to correct this, they had no record of any address change on file, although they had a record of me calling in to change my address? I'm just as confused as you are.

When they finally got the address correct, they increased my premium instead of decreasing it, which resulted in about 3 more calls and an appeal which is still in the process. Then they cancelled my policy without informing me which resulted in another phone call where it was reinstated yet never got reinstated. Three calls and a week later, they still didn't reinstate my plan although each person I spoke with assured me it would be reinstated within 5 days, 3 days, 2 days, within a day, 4 hrs or, "We'll call you when it has gone through the system." Are you serious?

This is complete BS. I pay $175 a month to these jokers and they can't get anything right. I have been waiting to pick up a prescription for 5 days that the pharmacy won't fill because their computers tell them my insurance is not reinstated. It's a joke and they are basically stealing my money. For five days of the month of February (the shortest month of the year), I've been without insurance. Yet, I have paid $175 for the month. No one in their customer service dept. has a clue as to what's going on or why. And I don't have any idea why I continue to pay this company for sub par service and terribly unethical business practices.

Why are you refusing to give Hepatitis C patients treatment unless they are dying from cancer? Are you waiting for us to all die off so you might not have to foot the bill for treatment? I paid into your health insurance co for many, many years. I need the Hepatitis C treatment. I aim to fight you for trying to kill us off for your selfish decisions-like footing the bill for 49'ers tickets. Get real. Blue Shield is filthy rich yet they are giving us a death sentence! We are only beginning to fight.

Went to Blue Cross, Dr refused one refill, changed another. First time there, spoke 5 minutes, forgot insulin. Also called Blue Cross, told a supervisor would call in 24 hours, didn't happen. I called twice today, waited to be put at beginning of phone waiting process, never got called or got through. Need my meds taking 4 years now. Customer service non existent. I need help before I lose it. Didn't sleep last night, leg cramps, back pain, sweating, greetings, holding. Dr. have specific reason for withholding meds, blood test, medical records. Before denying meds shouldn't Blue Cross be concerned and call me back? Not happy Blue Cross UG.

I applied and have been approved 6 month ago to Blue Shield Covered Ca, EPO plan. The new health care law says all are covered, however I have been turned down 4 times for treatment. As the insurance companies simply refuse to take the Covered California Insurance Plans, I was not beware of this truth before deciding on covered California. At the time of this writing I could be cured of my Hep C Disease, instead months later I am forced to re-apply for insurance that will hopefully be accepted. While I remain sick and denied the cure.

I was instructed by my primary physician Vijay **, MD, 6 months ago 5/05/14 to contact Sutter Pacific located in San Francisco office who I was told accepted my insurance. I met with with Tammy ** the Sutter health Nurse practitioner in their S.F. Office. Tammy, not only accepted the coverage I have, but scheduled a complete blood analysis and lab work to be completed. She was intelligent and very knowledgeable. Tammy, informed me that with the Hep C virus I have had for 35 years, I could expect a 300 to 400% increase in pain as in inflammation as I was past 50 years in age. She was correct on this assumption, I can barely walk or work unless I am on pain medication and sleeping a few hours is all I can have, without using the bed frames to help me turn in different positions to relieve some discomfort. After waiting and calling for the follow up I was told I was not covered by my plan.

At the advice of my Primary doctor, I then transferred to the Sutters Pacifics Oakland office. Explained my coverage and was told they would accept it. I met with specialists Edward ** Md., I had a helpful consultation in regards to Tammy ** requested and completed blood work. Doctor ** reviewed the blood work in great detail, he then assured me of a new Hep C treatment, Solvaldi. I had a personal promise from Dr. ** and his staff that they would indeed accept my coverage Blue Shield covered California plan, and not to worry.

I have spent much time worrying while trying to understand the denials of coverage. My conclusion is my Blue Shield Covered Californian plan is valid however most insurance companies refuse to honor the current laws, instead they seek legal loopholes. I am just an individual who signed up to the Blue Shield in good faith and now feel a pawn in a political showdown of denial and acceptance. Please help!

Blue Anthem Cross is slow, and extremely stressful to deal with especially when you are sick. They keep you on hold forever without a call back option nor letting you know approximate wait time. The paperwork is tremendous too and you need a supervisor on the line to understand what the hell they really want from you or your doctor. Now when you call, there is a message playing which blames the long time on Obama Care when they were always understaffed and it always took this long to get somebody on the line! I don't like that. Also they "accidentally" charged me for a January plan after cancelling my policy and I am still waiting for my 445 dollars refund.

These people cost us a lot of money as the end consumers in this product that we don't have any negotiating power on and all of these super expensive billion dollars a year middle guys such as Anthem Blue Cross should be replaced with a single-payer-system. Maybe then our health care won't rank 49 in the world below some third world countries despite the fact that we pay the most for our health care!!!!!!!

Blue Shield of California increased my monthly from $815 to $1200 as of 2017. I called them and increased my yearly deductible from 6000 to 10,000. My monthly went up to $950 per month, an increase of $135 per month and worse coverage. I called to complain and got nowhere. They called me today on a robo call to tell me how good they are. That's it!!! All I can stand. I called them and told them that they are as bad as the government. They lie!!! They are complicit. Why did other company's opt out. I'll tell you why --- because they are honest. This company prefers to deceive their customers instead of standing up and telling the truth. NEVER BUY FROM THEM!!!

Received okay by insurance at dental office and a month later, Blue Shield changed their mind, they were charging me $721. I have been disabled since 2008. It can't even function right anymore and I used to be smart.

Blue Shield expects me to pay an ungodly price for my supplemental but take forever to reimburse me for supplies. They have made checks out to suppliers when it should have been paid to me. I feel they are very incompetent. I am still waiting to be paid for services from September.

I used to pay my premiums online. Then they removed the payment option and refused to accept payments. Told me there was a problem on the Covered CA end. But Covered CA kept saying there wasn't a problem. My account was active on Covered CA, but Blue Shield still wouldn't accept my payments. So my family had no insurance for 2 months while Blue Shield kept telling me to call back in 10 days. So I kept calling back every 10 days so they could keep telling me the same thing. Finally, they told me they were cancelling my policy for nonpayment. When I had been trying to make payments for months! This is just their roundabout way of denying coverage for someone with a condition.

This has become incredibly suspicious because in the last year, after being t-boned in a serious accident, and it is when I would need my insurance the most! Within 60 days after my accident, Blue Cross started misplacing my payments and then refunding them to me months later. This had me constantly being told by providers that I would have to cover their services out of pocket even though Blue Cross definitely did have my payments. I was told my insurance was all in order, by my agent, and just now went online to make my payment and viola, of course they do not have the right information in there.

They still have me switched to a lower coverage program that somehow manages to charge exactly the same monthly fee. Had I not caught it, I would have been paying for 30% less coverage. Oh yea, and they play that terrible music in your ear very loudly for the incredibly long time that you are on hold and often hang up on you once you have a person on the phone. Their headquarters is not located far from me. I am thinking about walking in there with a close friend who is a multi Emmy award winning new producer for a major network. I still want to post this here because I can see reading these other postings that they are doing this to a lot of people! BTW, I think they should be required by law to allow a person to disable the hold music because I do not deserve to be tortured by terrible music when I call in. On hold now for 25 minutes! Still holding.

These people outright LIE, LIE, LIE, CHEAT and STEAL! Steer VERY CLEAR of this health insurance "company". Never been SO SWINDLED in ALL our lives! They CLAIM to cover you, but coverage is NOT what we got. Let's start from the very beginning....We stupidly bought Covered California Blue Shield plan which I'm sure most of you know as Obama Care. We thought we were joining a straight Blue Shield plan and got one with all the "bells and whistles", the Platinum PPO. We're Golden! We thought... Boy, was THAT EVER a MISTAKE! "You'll get your cards in 7-10 business days." YEAH right! Better be prepared for more like 2 months! We weren't even assigned numbers....

Time went by and even though we called time and time again, we'd get the, "Sorry, they'll be there any day now." A month goes by and I called ONCE MORE, asking, where the heck our cards were. Still no word. Oh, but they were SURE to tell me our payment for the first month was "overdue". I, (not knowing these guys were the slime balls they are) agreed to pay over the phone. They seemed nice enough and I had no reason to be suspicious. He gave me a "confirmation number" afterward and I thought all was fine and dandy.

My Husband, mind you, was in incredible back pain for a good 6 months and NEEDED to be seen and diagnosed STAT. An ENTIRE other MONTH goes by with call after call from us. Sure! We PAID our premium but no doctor would touch us without cards...2 months premium paid, NO SERVICE. We FINALLY got the cards late August. We joined July 1st. We start the long process of MRIs, XRays, etc., etc. We find he has a cyst on the lumbar region of his back. He needs a surgical procedure to "pop" the cyst and "hopefully" he'd get better.

One day we discovered they had cancelled our policy with NO WARNING. No letter, no call. After MORE run around being tossed around like hot potatoes between Covered CA (not much better themselves) and them, Confirmation #s that disappear into thin air, and HRS, I mean HRS wasted on the phone holding, we FINALLY got "reinstated"...not really. They said we were, but we still weren't coming up in the system. Paying out of pocket. A "Welcome to Blue Shield" letter arrives in the mail dated Sept. 29th. Ok? It turns out the Hubby needs spine fusion surgery. GREAT. But guess what??? Our friends send us another letter dated October 15th stating our coverage was discontinued due to nonpayment...WHAT?! 16 days after being "welcomed"??? 7 FRIEKIN DAYS BEFORE HE GOES IN FOR SURGERY! WHAT THE? We immediately give them a call, and apparently they refused our payment "during the lapse in our coverage." Well NO *BEEP*! That WAS THEIR "MISTAKE" IN THE FIRST PLACE! We really started to panic now!

Here's a little piece of advice: Should you find yourself so trapped as we are in this situation with these Swindlers: Record, record, record your phone calls and keep every piece of correspondence! You're definitely gonna need it! The only thing that saved us. They will literally LIE thru their teeth and tell you what you want to hear to placate you, "Sure you guys are fine! And fully covered!" by multiple people! I've been on the phone literally since Mon. and it's Thurs. They told me Mon. that we'd be reinstated AGAIN Fri. morning. His surgery is Mon!! But OF COURSE, in order for them to re-enroll us, they would NEED a sum of $2,000+ for back pay that THEY REFUSED. They knew they had us over a barrel because we were desperate to have my Husband's surgery covered! So I paid it.

The hospital called in a frenzy because when they tried to bill Blue Shield, it said we were INACTIVE. EVER AFTER MY PAYMENT AND PROMISE WE'D BE FOR SURE COVERED. RECORDED STATEMENT ASSURING US. And that ALL we had to do was have the hospital on the day of surgery, call this 800 # and everything's Peachy Keen and Good to Go. WRONG. None of our doctors could get ANY confirmation that we were covered. Hence they cannot hold a place for surgery without confirmation of coverage and they might have to cancel the surgery! My poor Husband, the one who's in so much pain, has to battle with these Bait and Switch Cons and was hung up on 5 separate times EVEN while the hospital coordinator was conferenced in...They lied and were caught in these lies with recorded false statements made by their fellow colleagues. With dogged, dogged persistence on both our parts, WE GOT 'EM. Too much diligence and evidence stacked against them and they CAVED. BINGO BANGO! ALL OF A SUDDEN WE GOT COVERAGE!!! OUT OF THE WILD BLUE YONDER!

They were planning on placating us until Mon. when we went into surgery and deny us coverage! Going to leave us HIGHLY AND DRY with a $40,000 at least surgery bill!! These people outright LIE, LIE, LIE, CHEAT and STEAL and should NOT be in business! We plan on running from these guys once open enrollment rolls around! Take it from us! RUN! DON'T WALK THE OTHER WAY!!! HIGHWAY ROBBERY! DON'T GET CAUGHT IN THIS WEB OF DECEPTION!

3 months of back and forth and half information. If I wasn't the proactive one this company would have done nothing to sort this out.. Paid a dentist out of pocket for a routine cleaning because blue shields system was down and they don't answer phones.. Ultimately they still have done nothing. Cut a reimbursement check to the dentist (who was paid already) for half the amount and I was pretty much told to "take it up with the dentist". Worst customer service I have ever had and I have Comcast and have dealt with electronic arts (EA)..

I signed up with Blue Shield of California thru CoveredCA in Dec. 2013. I have paid 4 premiums of $628.07. This is the cheapest I could get. I received ID cards after waiting on hold for hours (yes, really hours). I have requested an Evidence of Coverage packet thru phone calls (yes, again hours). Some answered and some unanswered and some hung up on. Made numerous email attempts without any replies. Blue Shield has built a wall around themselves so customers can't get thru. But, they are very good at sending bills. I am paid thru April 2014 and I am on the verge of dropping my health insurance. It feels like fraud!! I'm 62 years old and concerned about not having health insurance but, on the other hand $628.07 would get me a nice healthy ticket to Hawaii.

This company should be put out of business and it amazes me they're still in business. Back in July, I was trying to make a payment over the phone with a representative, against my better judgment mind you. My internet was running slow, so I figured I would just go that route, despite knowing it would likely take at least half an hour, considering the phone reps are so poorly trained and inept at doing anything right or in a timely manner. To make a long story short, the rep tried to double charge me and I corrected the amount. Well, she must have already processed the payment because when I checked my account the next day, over $788 was missing instead of $394. I was livid!

I called them right away, they began any investigation and said that rep would probably lose her job for not disclosing she had overcharged me and getting a supervisor on the phone. 3 wks goes by... they stop following up with me, no refund check in the mail. I call and find out a check hadn't even been issued yet! They actually told me I needed to file an appeal to get the money back that they stole from me! They told me they wouldn't suspend my account unless 90 days behind. Now that they haven't applied that money, haven't returned it, yet they've suspended my insurance as I've been told to go to urgent care by the cardiologist to get an EKG, my blood pressure cuff has thrown 2 arrhythmias, and I called to see what happened to my ins.

Needless to say, I read them the riot act, I'm canceling, getting an attorney, calling the police, The FTC, etc. I'll also going to the ER. These crooks aren't getting another penny of my disability money!!! I only needed to find the surgeon I wanted. I hope he takes Medi-Cal! Then he can fix me and I can go back to work, if my heart is ok. So long Blue Shield. You are incompetent beyond belief! You cause grief, you're immoral and you'll see your day!

I signed up for dental insurance last year, and after checking with my dentist to make sure everything is covered, my dentist claims that Blue Shield suddenly changed their policies and only covered a minimal portion. At the end of the year, I decided to go with another insurance that actually covers SOMETHING. I kept getting charged after I'm pretty sure I called to cancel. After 4 months of charges, I called in to request cancellation, and they said I need to FAX in proof of insurance with the other company for me to be issued a refund.

Basically, the customer service representative I originally spoke to sounded like a high school girl on her first day of work. She just sounded like an idiot, which added to the frustration of having to go through all these horrible automated systems. She provided me two FAX numbers. I asked her if there's anything specific I need to include because I want to make sure I have the correct instructions before I get off the phone with her. She said "Nope, just fax the proof in..." I asked if there was a direct line I can call to skip the automated systems and she said no.

I drove out to a UPS and faxed my proof to both FAX numbers. I waited a few hours, and called back in. Waited through the HORRIBLE automated systems and the representative this time said they did not have access to the fax and she does not know that they've received it yet and to call back in a few days. I called back in a week and the gentlemen that helped me said he received nothing, no note, and from the notes that the previous rep left, I was given the wrong FAX numbers... He proceeded to give me the CORRECT FAX number and again, I had to go out and fax because they don't have a direct e-mail for customer service issues such as this.

2 weeks later, I noticed my account has been billed AGAIN. I called in and they said they have received the note, and they had only just proceeded with terminating my membership because I called in, but billing is completely separate? BASICALLY, just avoid Blue Shield. I don't understand how a company this big can be so disorganized and have such unprofessional, idiots on their front lines of customer service. They need to do something about their ways of communication and update their technology, etc. They also need to have a direct customer service line for those who have already opened a claim and need immediate assistance.

Also, it's one of my biggest pet peeves when it sounds like foreigners are in charge of customer service. I am a minority as well and have nothing against foreigners, but it only makes the situation worse when the person who is suppose to be helping you on the phone has an extremely THICK accent that's very difficult to decipher in an already frustrating ordeal. Either offer online chat support, or don't allow those that can't speak clear enough English to be on the phone. It's not only for my sake, but for their sake as well.

They show absolutely no understanding when I ask them to repeat what they had just said. They give attitude as if I'M the idiot that can't understand perfect English. They then proceed to just speak slower and louder, and add "okay" after every sentence. What would be OKAY is if they didn't speak like a foreign robot. My blood pressure spikes every time I have to be on the phone with them. Just avoid it. Life is too short to be this unhappy in unnecessary situations.

Non-member status since 2009 - Stop sending explanation of Benefits Summaries to previous address, **, Sunnyvale, CA, 94088 and to current mailing address, Cathie ** Santa Clara, CA. 95054. Now, the Dept. that handles crossover/cancellation request to Medicare parts A&B was supposed to process the notification of cancellation of Plan C Pre-65 in December of 2011.

From day one Blue Shield and their so called "customer service reps" have been inept at *best. Three months to get cards, but that's minor compared to trying to get any kind of help through customer service. Your nightmare begins with issues like ridiculous wait times due to "high volume" of calls. When you do manage to get a rep they can't "see" forms on their screen that I've sent to the company.. Today I asked to speak to supervisor and the agent actually refused to forward me to a supervisor. Called again and agent tried to forward me to what he "thought" would be the appropriate department and disconnected the call. By call number five I finally get to pharmacy claims, and agent can't "see" the forms for reimbursement, which I have already sent in.

Get this.. I know they received them because they sent back the forms with incorrect reimbursement amount and to the wrong address! Another excuse is they can't talk to me because my child is no longer a minor. When I explain that I'm his conservator they say "you need to send in form," which I've already done. Apparently they can't "see" that either. When I went through that process I had to talk to several customer service agents because no one could agree on what form I needed to fill out and what specific documentation was needed. They said just put him on phone.. Well that's impossible he is disabled and can't speak. Huh.. inept agent couldn't figure that one out..

So I filled out what looked like the appropriate form and sent in every piece of documentation imaginable. Called again to try to solve issue and they still can't "see" form or documentation. Called Argus (Blue Shield's Company that handles checks), they refused to talk to me because I'm a member and I was told that I should call Blue Shield instead. But get this.. a Blue Shield "customer service agent" gave their number and told me to call them. Perfect!

Today I've spent roughly and hour and a half on the phone trying to solve a reimbursement issue and that ended with the agent telling me that he couldn't get me to prescription claims department, because of the high volume of calls to that department. He was a supervisor and couldn't get anyone on the phone. Next year.. new company..a one star rating is too high.. Too bad, it used to be a decent company.

I had a TBI and my neurologist referred me to a rehab specialist within the extended network of my medical group. I got a letter that literally said a brain injury wasn't an emergency and therefore was being referred back to neurology. I've been out of work for 2 years as a result of this injury. I called to file emergency appeal. They said I had to call my medical group not them. I called medical group - they said contact Anthem. Furthermore Anthem has denied each drug prescribed for me since I became covered by them including eye drops for a severe dry eye condition. They denied coverage for a wakefulness drug and in the denial letter changed the information my doctor provided and said he was prescribing it to treat a seizure condition vs my TBI and medication related fatigue. They denied it based on the drug not being appropriate treatment for seizures.

I feel they de facto decline coverage and wait to see who has the tenacity and patience to take on each thing. My doctors are too busy to write complicated explanations and/or challenge each of their decisions or write in advance for each rx. Since when to insurance companies and their mds who get paid to work at home decide what is in a patient's best interest? Anthem needs to be held accountable and cost management is fair and necessary but their tactics are dangerous and I believe not ethical.

In March of 2014 I went to a in network Hospital but I still asked before admitted, "is the ER Doctor and the Lab and the X-ray tech all in network here tonight?" The nurse said "let me check" and came back in 5 minutes or less to tell me "yes they are." So they gave me a Cat Scan, took some blood, came back and said everything checked out normal. I was out of there in 1 hour and a half.

So turns out the ER Doc was not in network and Blue Cross tries to shave 189.00 of the ER bill after I paid my 100.00 deductible for not being admitted and another 100.00 for my yearly deductible. I called Blue Cross and stated "this is not my fault, I did everything right as a patient and more." They said "you're right, will send you a form to fill out, then just send it back and will review it and most likely pay the rest of the bill." Did that and heard nothing 4 weeks after they received it.

Meanwhile Beach Med. is sending me bills for 189.00 telling me I have a week before they ruin my credit. So I had to pay that bill also. Then on the 5th week I got a short letter in the mail from Anthem Blue Cross stating it's not their responsibility to pay the 189.00. So then my employer fought with them for around 6 weeks before they took responsibility. This really took a lot out of me mentally and financially all though Beach Med Serv. finally sent me my 189.00 back 7 months later.

OK so now I blow your mind! After thinking this is over and 10 months has past I go to get the mail today (1-30-15) and there is a bill from ** MDS for 80.59 for my Cat Scan, yes back in March of 2014 that 1 and only day I went to the Hospital. They say they're out of network now and Anthem Blue Cross only paid 121.41 out of the 202.00 they were owed. This kind of irresponsibility must stop, I really think we have very bad incompetent people running this health care system. And yes I called Blue Cross and it got me nowhere, back to my employer to fight another one out! Needless to say Blue Cross is down the toilet when open enrollment gets here. For people who are thinking on getting Anthem Blue Cross : RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THEM!

I had insurance in February of 2014 and in September 2014 my doctor notified me that my insurance was cancelled. I called Covered California and Blue Shield and was told they did not why it was cancelled. After researching Blue Shield said they canceled for non payment back in May 2014. I explained I never received any notice to that I was canceled and how do you pay when you don't have a bill to pay and you call and they tell you to wait for the bill so it will credited to the right account? Blue Shield said they are having problems with the billing.

We re-started the insurance in September 2014 for October 1, 2014 start date. Paperwork never received from Blue Shield. Covered California re-sent application for a November 1, 2014 start date. I made a payment to Blue Shield over phone 10-21-2014 by credit card. No medical cards sent to me yet. November payment coupon came in and sent out by money order and was posted to my account December 2, 2014 and still no cards. Everytime I called customer service I got different answers, Cards sent out. Cards not sent because I.D. Number is a terminated account. I went through this up to the present day. I never received payment coupon for December so I called and was told to call covered california as they did not authorize for another year.

I spoke with covered california was told I did not have Insurance September 1, 2014 because Blue Shield called covered california and reported non payment of premiums on October 29, 2014 so insurance was cancelled so I had no Insurance for October, November or December. According to covered California the I.D. number will have to change as they can't use a terminated policy number. Then Blue Shield sends me medical cards December 29, 2014 but the cards are still using a terminated policy number per the doctor and covered california said the cards are no good as all policies end December 31 and start new January 1st and since Blue shield canceled the cards are dead. So where did the money I paid go to for November and December 2014?

I started back with blue shield on January 12, 2015 and have a start date of February 1, 2015. Still that problem of getting an invoice to pay my premium is there and no medical cards. Nobody can tell me why no invoice or medical cards have been sent, but tell me it's a problem they need to look at. I have spoken to managers and customer service agents and even called the corporate office in San Francisco and was told someone would call me back the next day. No one called. I got a response from a grievance I filed so I called the woman February 9, 2015 and left a message and still no call back. Spoke with customer service same day and was told they need 24 to 48 hours to fix my account so the billing will be sent along with medical cards. February 12, 2015 I called Blue Shield because if my payment is not received by the end of the month it will cancel but how do you pay something when you have no bill to pay.

The rep I spoke with said they need 24 to 48 to fix my account and that they should have it corrected no later than March 13, 2015. I requested that the money I paid for Nov and Dec 2014 be transferred to my new account as payment. The rep said she spoke to the finance dept and that will happen but they need time to correct which can be possibly March 2015. I'm still waiting for medical cards and the rep said to use the cards that they sent which have the same I.D. number of the terminated account because that will be the number they are going issue. This is really a long time for all this mess and still no resolution other than they need time. Every call I made to blue shield I kept notes and have a good stack of what was resolved and by who and ref. #'s. What does one do with a situation like this? Just wait it out and hope you don't get sick!

My bank sent me a new credit card. I'm enrolled in Blue Shield's auto payment option. I logged into my account on the Blue Shield website and tried to add a new credit card for my payment. The website said all my info was already on file, which it was NOT because it was a brand new credit card. Called. Had to waste time wading through the phone tree only to be told the office was closed. Then they hung up on me. They make everything so difficult and waste so much of my time they should be paying ME.

Since I enrolled with Blue Shield CA in 2016, I have had ongoing repeated problems with the billing system. I am told that there is a 2 month delay in updates to the premiums due. This resulted in me being overcharged for my January coverage - the system continued to bill me for the 2016 plan, rather than the 2017 plan that I changed to effective Jan 1. I cannot believe that this level of service is considered acceptable by the California insurance bureau. Blue Shield CA should be required to upgrade their systems so that consumers are not routinely overcharged. I spent another hour on the phone with a rep who basically told me that I just needed to be patient and wait the 2 months for the system to catch up. I have taken the initiative to calculate and update my payments, so I am fine for moment... until the next Blue Shield SNAFU.

I have dual coverage, Kaiser through my husband's employer and Anthem Blue Cross through mine. My husband has been with Kaiser his entire life and I have been using Kaiser for the past four or five years. Anthem Blue Cross has received $17k+ in premiums annually from my employee with very minimal claims. In 2013 my husband had a health issue and incurred medical expenses over and above the routine ones totaling about $6k. As we never use Blue Cross, I submitted these deductibles and co-pay expenses to them.

Since September of 2013, these claims have been submitted Anthem Blue Cross a total of 4 times, and to date they have "never been received". Two of the times I sent the claims, they had to sign for them - yet these claims were "never received" either. When I attempted to contact Anthem Blue Cross, they told me that due to the type of contract they have with our administrator, they will not talk to me. I have to talk my administrator’s claims department. So I did that, and was told by the administrator, that they cannot do anything about a claim until Anthem Blue Cross enters it into their system. Well isn't that clever, Anthem sets it up so they don't have to answer to me, and then refuses to acknowledge the claims it does receive by simply throwing them away, so I have no recourse.

I am very tenacious, this will get resolved. However what about those who have difficulty understanding and navigating bureaucracies, older people, younger people, people who have limited English, they would be totally lost and give up, and quite frankly I believe this is what Anthem Blue Cross is hoping for. Anthem Blue Cross epitomizes the corrupt corporate greed that is plaguing our country, by those corporations not content with reasonable profits so they resort to unscrupulous business practices for their illicit gain.

I sent 3 emails with no response. I made 2 calls, on hold for 45 minutes, then found that they act as if they have no idea about insurance and what Anthem Blue Cross actually provides. I was transferred before getting any help only to find that who I was transferred to didn't understand why I was transferred to them, since they couldn't help me either. I got so frustrated I started crying. I've been struggling for over a year with my health issues and I just need a little help from the insurance provider that I pay a lot of money too (especially being a small biz owner)! The rep who was not able to provide any useful help then said, she would have to hang up on me because I was crying, so she hung up on me. Nothing got resolved.

I really feel that this company only cares about getting your money, then they answer and help, but when it comes to providing customer service.... ha! You can yell, cry, be patient, provide the same answers to their inane questions over and over and then.... THEY HANG UP ON YOU!

Blue Shield representatives have provided false information on available benefit coverage. Denied my authorization for surgery at the end of the year, and was informed that is a common practice of Blue Shield. If you have already met your deductible they will deny your surgery until the following year to meet the new deductible. Have not been reimbursed for out of pocket expenses submitted in 2014.

I have been trying to get a response from Blue Cross as far as my payments are concerned. I hit my deductible in January 2017, and to date Blue Cross has not rectified my account. I've spoken to numerous people at Blue Cross in regards to this, and have been trying to get in touch with Holly to no avail. To date, October 5, 2017, has not returned my calls. The bills keep coming and of course, the doctors and hospitals want payment. I don't know what to do at this point. I have EOB's that indicate I have hit my deductible, but no one will call me back to get this taken care of.

I attempted to remove my husband from the plan as he had reached the age of 65 and was covered under Medicare. Weeks of bungled, garbled phone conversations with offshore Blue Shield reps led to contradictory figures on what premium was actually owed. Once this was, I assumed , straightened out and I remitted the money, which was withdrawn from my bank account, I received a letter canceling my coverage unless I "paid up". The letter arrived after the date that the money was due.

Several phone calls later to reps who when asked if they were in North America responded with, "And what is North America?" and a final phone call to Lodi, CA. With a youngster in the "executive inquiry" department (and no employee number --- only the name of " Josh") and a promise to call by close of business day --- (a call that I have never received) I am left with a desk littered with letters vowing to take me to collections unless I pay -$1,536.94. Yep, you read that right ---negative 1,536.94. I guess now that they cancelled me they want to hunt me down to give me some money back. Mr. Kafka had it all right folks!

I signed up for this on 2015. This company has rejected every single claim filed including an initial physical exam. As a result I now in debt over $7000. I asked the doctor about an abnormal mole growth on my back and they claimed it was cosmetic! Therefore not covered. They also refused to cover lab tests and a pathology report. They said the pathology report was duplication and unnecessary? Garbage! This is insurance they are charging over $600 a month for. Once the initial max you have to pay out per year is surpassed they move it to out of network so your bill will go to over 10,000. DON'T SIGN UP FOR THIS ONE.

My husband carries me and our children on his Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal Employee insurance through his job. On September 20, 2016, my husband, whom I am legally married to and have been for 17 years, called and told the representative that we were divorced and I was then terminated from the insurance plan as of September 30, 2016. We are not divorced. I was not notified and found out about the cancellation by accident. I am scheduled to have major surgery on October 31, 2016. On October 7, 2016, I called the hospital to verify my co-pay and register for surgery. At that time the assistant attempted to access my insurance information and it said I was inactive. I was informed to call BCBS to inquire about the issue. When I called BCBS, I was told that I had been removed from the policy because my husband called and said we were divorced. Again, we are NOT divorced.

I asked if he needed to show some type of legal documentation like a divorce decree and was told that "Your policy does not require that and that no notification goes out to the cancelled party." However, I was told that I had a 30 grace period. Today, I called BCBS back because the pharmacy said I have no insurance. BCBS now says that there is no 30 day grace period because the cancellation is due to a divorce that never happened. The representative told me that if I can prove that I'm still married then maybe you can fix this. So now I have to prove that I'm married, but he does not have to prove that we are divorced. This is just wrong!

So here I sit with no insurance, no asthma medication, no blood pressure medication and no very necessary major surgery that has been planned for 6 weeks. All of this because my husband is angry that his child support increased and BCBS does not care enough about its clients to at the very least verify the information that is being told to them, especially when benefits are being terminated. That's not just a minor thing. And why isn't the terminated party notified? If I had gone to my pre-op appointment tomorrow I would have unnecessarily been billed hundreds of dollars because I wasn't informed. I'm fortunate that I have a job that offers medical insurance. However, it won't be effective until November 1, 2016 because I was originally told that I had a 30 day grace period. Thanks for treating me like the number and cash cow that I and all of your subscribers obviously are to you. Shame on you Blue Cross Blue Shield!

Customer service is absolutely the worst! Confusing just to get through all the animated answering services question then hold 30min to an hour. They are quick to give you a generic answer.

I changed plans, effective April 1. I received a confirmation letter correctly stating the new premium but was never sent a bill. I was also sent member cards. Attempts to pay via phone were a complete waste of my time. I had to repeatedly furnish information and wait only to be told by the machine that there are no representatives then disconnected (many attempts over 2 days). The idiot (incl. executives) who designed that system should be fired. If there are no representatives (an issue in its own right) then at least have the courtesy to hang-up before demanding information that will not be of any use to anyone! Obviously BS cares nothing about customers time.

Initial attempts to pay online were impossible as there was no link for payment. This morning a link magically appeared but it demands an excessive payment more than 3x the correct amount and will not accept the correct amount. I sent a Premiums message via the web site but (of course) there has been no reply other than an acknowledgement that I sent a message. So BS provides no way for me to pay the correct amount! And given the general level of incompetence, I do not trust BS to correctly handle the massive overpayment, demanded by the web site.

This insurance company has made me hate anything medical. Has caused so much stress, more than Ive ever had. My fiancee has Crohns Disease and its more of a nightmare because we have an insurance that sucks. They mess up all the time, we're on hold for 30+ plus every time, our prescriptions are always never approved for no reason, and to top it off we pay 500$$+ each month. WTF?!

What made me write this complaint was because my fiancée has been on HUMIRA for about 2 months now. IF you don't know, HUMIRA is a medicine for Crohn's disease that helps him stay in remission. If he doesn't take it on time he is screwed. SO...the insurance company said it will be at the pharmacy for pick up. He goes...and they're saying they couldn't approve it being picked up. OF course we call and get bounced back and forth from person to person with NO ANSWER. Oh by the way, this is not the first time. They compromise his health and I'm 100% more people than just this forum will agree.

My insurance keeps denying a preventative colonoscopy done on 3/5/2012. After 5 calls, they are still denying and my secondary insurance won't pay either. Please help me try to resolve.

We claimed our travel emergency medical expenses. I just received the most ridiculous statement I've ever seen. They apparently were incapable to read Dr's documents and bills which were in English, they listed the expenses in Indonesian Rupiah as US dollar. I highlighted things, made notes with red pens, everything to make it easy to understand. They also even listed all the expenses on visa statement I sent as a back up doc to prove the US$ amount on top of sending an actual bill (which was in Indonesian Rupiah) as the service "Blue Shield" provided to me. At this point, it's just hilarious! My claim was about $150 which I wanted reimbursement for, they just sent me a statement saying "they" provided services of $2,850 (as opposed to $150) and that I owe $0. WOW! I called and service was terrible, staffs can't even understand.

I ended up having to go my other in case travel insurance I bought from Allianz for reimbursement. And they are super competent, fast, understanding, and incredibly helpful. You can actually reach them quickly which is another great thing. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALLIANZ for any travel insurance related product.

Today, I went to Target Pharmacy to get my monthly refill. My refill did not go through. I called Anthem then they said because I did not pay March payment (?). I told them it is February why would I pay for March now. Finally their supervisor allowed me to go back to Pharmacy to get refill. Luckily, it only took me 3 hours after work for this matter. Also, my Anthem policy was not active until the 3rd week of January 2015. I could not go to see my doctor until my policy is activated. Funny thing is we still have to pay for the whole month of January. I could not believe that Anthem Blue Cross can keep doing the business like this after all problems they created and treated their customers.

My COBRA was discontinued as of November 1, 2014. I have been trying to get coverage since October 12, 2014. First working with eHealth (another institution that needs new leadership) I was transferred numerous times, sent pages of documentation and got nowhere. I then contacted Blue Shield of CA myself. At first I thought I might be able to get something done but alas I sent them $1181.20 and I am told I have coverage but NO ONE can give me a number because the Billing Dept runs the company. Where is the CEO Mr. Marovich? I suggest the Board of Directors review the policies and procedures of this organization and do something to get this company on track.

First of all the Health Care Industry is pretty much a joke in the US. It is expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient. I have been with Blue Shield/Blue Cross since 2009 until now because the Grievance Department won't return my calls. I have been without Health Insurance for all of 2016 thus far and have been trying to get my policy reinstated.

Starting in October of 2015 I stopped receiving my monthly bills for my health coverage. I called them more than 3 times to update my mailing address, each time they read it back to me and said it was changed. When I finally did get something in the mail from them it was a notice that my policy was terminated for non-payment and that I had to get "permission" to have it reinstated.

I followed the protocol and reached out to them only to get a rude woman on the phone who told me that they wouldn't guarantee my policy be reinstated if I paid Oct through Dec 2015 dues. Why would I pay them money if they are not going to continue to cover me? I have called them 4 times again and they are ignoring me. Great health care system we have in America. They only want your dirty money and could care less if you are not covered even though you and your entire family have been with them since 2009. What a joke.

I canceled my Anthem Blue Cross health insurance as of December 1, 2013 and was charged, via direct withdrawal, over $750 for another plan that I never signed up for the following month. I was charged a banking fee because the funds weren't available (and was not refunded by Blue Cross). It took 5 phone transfers and three days of phone calls to get through to Anthem to rectify the situation. If you want customer service do not choose Blue Cross.

I just wanted to document how dissatisfied we are we our new insurance. We pay $1000 a month and can't see any doctor. The situation is really bad and we are devastated. Can someone look into this mess that Washington DC created for us? Will someone care?

Paid my deductible. Keep getting claims from provider that say pay or go to collections. Took 30 calls to Blue Shield member services providers and IPA, plus letters. Over 6 months has passed. They say problem is resolved. I don’t know yet. Nothing member services has ever told me has been right yet. Numerous times promised they would work on it and call back tomorrow. Never happened. They said they sent a letter that would take care of it. Others at member services say no record of letter. They say it takes time or give them 45 days. They just said they sent a letter that would take care of it and this one they have a record of.

Maybe this time.

Paid for out of pocket expenses, properly filed documentation, BCBS representative has admitted it has not been taken care of my claim in a timely manner. I tried to get a voice recording when I realized she was admitting fault but couldn't get my ipad to film my phone fast enough. I have certified and signed return receipt registered mail stating that doctors have released medical records and all information BCBS said they needed. They have been friendly but no reimbursement check or denial letter. We have had to continue to pay out of pocket for other procedures and prescriptions for family members even though we have well exceeded our family deductible (if they would process the large amount paid out of pocket). They are assuring us this amount will be refunded in addition to all of the amounts we have continued to pay August through November. Now we are coming up on the end of the year and I am anticipating a nightmare to get everything reimbursed. Also, my husband's previous employer is paying for Cobra coverage for the month of November and then we will switch to Aetna with my husband's new company in December.

BCBS assures us that since the claim was filed months ago in a timely manner and they are still reviewing, everything will be backdated and reimbursed to us directly. Not convinced until I see a check in our mailbox and communication has dwindled from 3 times a week to once a week. Still waiting.......thoughts? I feel like I need to step up and be more aggressive since I have maintained a strong paper trail, but I'm waiting for the loophole when it should be straightforward reimbursement. Do they have recording of the conversations they have had with me? They have admitted that since they received documentations to process claim, it has indeed been "unusually" long and they need to get it squared away. Still playing nice but starting to look through their average user rating score of 1 makes me feel like I need to move forward faster.

You are little more than chattel in the BS- Blue Shield system. And at the mercy of overworked Dr's with so many patients. In the 4 years that we were with BS, I was never offered a yearly physical. And the follow up care was non existent. I was misdiagnosed, and then shopped around to endless other specialists. When it was the side effects of a medication which had been causing my issues, I initially suggested this possibility to my Dr's - per the advice on the medication bottle. I lost several years of my life thinking that I had chronic fatigue. Money and my trust in the health care business.

I don't know where to start. They won't pay for anything, they dispute every claim, they wouldn't take my payment online and no one at the office had any idea why, then they canceled my insurance AFTER eventually taking the payment. Everyone who works here is a moron, they literally have no idea what they are doing and no one can answer even the most basic questions. I decided it was better for me to be uninsured for a 2-week period so I could switch from these idiots than give them anymore of my money. Worst company I have ever dealt with. I'd buy health insurance from anyone else, and I mean ANYONE else before I dealt with them again. 1 Star is not low enough for these moronic scumbags.

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