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Blues Cross has denied me my benefits for 2 different items in the last 3 months - both of which are definitely covered:

1) A prescription was filled and I paid cash for it. It had been covered in previous and subsequent months. I had paid cash at the time of refill because the policy premium was paid late. The premium was caught up and paid in full, but BCBS and their "handling" company Prime Therapeutics continue to deny my rightful reimbursement.

2) I have dental coverage, but they made a mistake at renewal in May. Now they are using the ACA to hide behind, blaming it for their errors, and telling me that I only have pediatric dental coverage - which I never had (I am a 49 year old woman with no underage children). When the error was brought to their attention - they would not just correct it, even though it is clearly a clerical error on their part. They told me I had to contact my BCBS contact and ASK - get that - ASK - them to correct THEIR error. If they want to deny the coverage, they should REFUND my premium, but all I really want is for them to pay the claims that were included in my coverage.

I hope that everyone affected like this joins a class action suit against both BCBS and Prime Therapeutics to see that their abuse of power (the result of keeping OUR money!) is halted. WE SHOULD ALL CHOOSE A DIFFERENT CARRIER and hit them where it counts. I KNOW I DID!

On 9-25-13 my wife had back surgery. We got the pre approval as needed. 2 weeks after surgery we get a letter saying the surgery was denied! Blue cross paid the hospital and all other bills except the surgeon bill which is $73,000.00. We have been trying to resolve this as well as the doctor with no results! Now we are going to be liable for the doctor if we can't get this resolved. We have appealed this 2 times already and don't know what to do next.

I think that Blue Cross community plan is great. I have no problems with them. Whatever the problems are they fix it. Love my Dr and clinic great place. One thing I have an problem with I wish they would cover more asthma inhalers.

I have been paying for their mediocre coverage for years, well over what my surgery would cost, never bringing in my kids for things unless absolutely necessary and now that I am disabled from my job due to a low back problem they deny my surgery 1 week before due to their MD who probably sits in a cozy office all day says it is not necessary due to the MRI not showing enough narrowing to pinch the nerves. Not taking into account the painful discogram I went through that showed two large tears in the discs. Able to get my MD to go peer to peer and still lost. Now I am out of a job, paid a HUGE COBRA payment so there would be no lapse in coverage for this and they deny me at the last minute. I am now on long term disability, which will only last me 24 months, then what. The narcotics dull the pain but I still can't move the way I should. I could easily live another 60 years but this is not living.

I still have not received premium payment notice for my wife (Cynthia **; I.D. number **). I have requested to have her notices sent to me numerous times in the past, but with no success. When I received my statement, I have to put two checks in the mail with our ID numbers on both checks. This has been going on since 2011. My checks are cashed by Blue Cross Blue Shield, but I still receive termination notices on my wife's policy. I then have to re-instate her and pay past due premiums. I would like to make payments in a timely fashion, but Blue Cross Blue Shield refuses to send me premium notices for my wife. Can someone solve this problem? I am also requesting help from director Illinois Department of Insurance, the attorney general of Illinois, the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Fraud and Complaint Department. Is anyone out there listening?

I can't tell you how many cases I've worked on where the claims weren't adjudicated correctly, or the member is misinformed by the carriers' customer service staff. It's even confusing to us! But we make it through it, and help the members resolve the issue. I don't think the carriers do what they do maliciously, they just have way too many people interpreting the coverage and the law, and a lot of them aren't educated enough to make an informed statement. It really is maddening. My advice? Find yourself an agent who's licensed to help you through your future enrollment. No only do they help you enroll, they help service your account and advocate on your behalf with the carriers. At no additional cost to you!

Have been paying for healthcare since January and have no healthcare. They take 1900.00 out of my checking account and have not given me coverage because of a "glitch"in their system. I call every other week and am told the same thing, that this takes time and they will have it fixed soon - that I am being put on "the fast track" but I still have no insurance. They still have my $9500.00. I have no way to stop this unless I change checking accounts which I am going to do this week. FYI these phone calls take 2 and 3 hours each because of the hold times. I am thinking of going to Karen Atwood's home (she is the CEO) and begging her to help me.

Extremely expensive dental plan. Only covers 50% of all dental services. Only covers 2 cleanings/year, 100%, IF you go to an in network dentist. If not, they cover less than 40%. Blue Cross of Illinois also has a limit of $1,000.00 benefits per year. Just think that a simple crown nowadays is about $940.00 per occurrence, if you need two done you are fried. Then you have to pay one full year or premiums before you can qualify for any major service. This insurance is worthless. Do not fall for it. I had to switch to Physicians Mutual Insurance dental plan.

My doctor put me on a CPAP machine. I stop breathing excessively during the night. I have met my deductible but it starts over in 1 week. They will not go ahead and buy me the machine now. They will only pay to rent it for 3 months first and then they will pay for the machine if my deductible has been met. By then my deductible will have not been met as it starts over in 1 week. This blows and is so unfair. I called them but they just said that was their policy. I asked them could they waive the 3 months of renting the machine first if my doctor sent them a letter stating that I had no problems with the machine during my sleep study and they said no. In other words I'm screwed and will end up having to buy the machine.

I went to have a Pap test done. I handed my insurance card to the lady at the front desk who quickly handed it back and said "we don't take this insurance" I then asked who does and she laughed and stated "no one!" I paid out of pocket for the Dr. Appointment which was $100.00 and then got a bill for $420.00 for the lab work! I understand being "out of network" and paying more! But the whole point of having a PPO is so you can go wherever you want! I also received an order to get a mammogram done. I left that appointment so upset that I was given a script for an antidepressant. I came home called the number on my insurance card and was given the name of a facility that does take my insurance. I made an appointment with that facility because I had to get a new mammogram order from someone in my network to prevent having to pay out of pocket $500.00 or more for this mammogram.

I got the order and had the mammogram done at an Advocate Good Shepherd Imaging center which took my insurance card, did the mammogram and I was on my way no problem. The next day early morning I received a call from the "Breast Care Center" at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital stating "something came back on my scans" and that I needed additional scans done and an ultra sound that could only be done at the hospital location. I show up at the hospital location and gave the lady at the registration desk my Insurance card and she informs me that Advocate Good Shepherd doesn't take my insurance and I will have to sign papers saying that I will pay for all the scans and test out of pocket. I refuse the test explaining my $500.00 recent Pap smear and explain I will call my insurance and find out where to go for these additional scans so that my insurance will cover it. I head to my car, upset again about my crap insurance!

I start calling my insurance and proceed to ask where I can go for these additional tests/scans that my insurance will be taken. The person on the customer service line gives me 2 different places Centegra imaging center in Woodstock and McHenry Medical center in McHenry. I call the McHenry number and they are just a call center and only deal with chiropractic issues and I call the Woodstock place and they don't take my insurance. Fortunately the nice lady at the Centegra place in Woodstock voiced understanding and stated she was familiar with the issues people we're having with what she referred to as "Blue Choice plans". She actually gave me information stating "I believe Alexian Brothers takes your insurance, here is their central scheduling number." Mind you she doesn't even work for my crappy BCBS insurance company!

I then called the BCBS member customer service number at 1-800-538-8833 and simply asked, if I were to need to go to the emergency room because I was dying, which hospital takes my insurance? After several minutes of searching he couldn't find not 1 hospital! I explained that I didn't want to wait until I had an actual emergency to find this info out. The customer service person then went on to explain that I had a $500.00 deductible no matter where I went. This only pissed me off more because I am aware of my deductible and that isn't what I asked.

I explained I understood the deductible and that if I needed emergency treatment I would gladly pay that but if I was admitted to the hospital because of this emergency that 1 day in the hospital could cost thousands of dollars and I pay over $230.00 a month for insurance so I need to know what hospital I need to go to if I am dying and going to be admitted so that I can afford to have treatment after my $500.00 deductible was met??! Crickets! Nothing! He could not give me one hospital that takes my crap insurance!

He then informed me that open enrollment is next November so hopefully I can make it until then without dying!!! I could see if I opted for a cheap $50 a month plan or some Obama care but I didnt! I don't receive any help from the government! I pay all my own expenses! I only rely on myself! How can a company such as BCBS offer a plan that no hospital will accept? And if there is a hospital that will accept this insurance why can't customer service give me the name of that hospital? Guess I will rely on prayer and luck to avoid any life crisis until November when Open enrollment happens!

I am the office manager for a chiropractic office and find it very frustrating I can never get through to talk to anybody. I have claim questions for multiple patients and I sit on hold over 45 minutes. Actually probably longer because I always have to hang up. I've spent countless hours on hold. You would think someone would pick up within 5 minutes considering you have to jump through hoops to even get patched through to someone. There are always "high call volumes" no matter what time of day you call. Someone actually answered last week just to tell me to call back later... super frustrating. There are patients who put off care until their questions are answered and your company makes that very very hard.

I called BCBS IL this morning and was on hold for a very unreasonable amount of time. When I finally spoke with customer service, I could not understand her and asked if I could speak to a supervisor. She could not understand me and I could not understand her. We finally got disconnected and I thought surely she will call me back and she never did. So I called back again and the same thing happened. I called back a third time and asked to speak to someone in customer service and they wound up connecting me with somebody in the marketplace that wasn't even affiliated with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was dumbfounded. The guy I spoke with said this has happened many times. He was from the United States and he worked for the marketplace for Obamacare.

I called back a fourth time later in the afternoon and was persistent about speaking to a supervisor. I was on hold for 25 minutes and finally spoke to a nice person named Stephanie and I got my question answered. They did not cover the procedure I needed them to cover. Go figure. For $1,000 a month nobody should have to go through this. They are a horrible insurance company and they do not care about their customers at all. All they care about is the money. There are no other choices and they know it. I never had these unreasonable prices or horrible service before the (un)affordable care act.

My experience is a total scam. They have not paid for me since June 1, 2012. So my husband has been suffering with them because this is his retirement insurance. They have been our insurance company for many years. Previous to the date I gave, they have paid out a lot money, never, never a question ever. But that date they stopped was a horrendous time for me. My husband has not stopped paying no matter the cost. Have had to stop seeing my Drs. so I have not been seen for my treatments since then.

Oh!! I think I forgot to mention that I am 54 yrs old and I was diagnosed in 2010 with Parkinson's Disease... If you know anything about Parkinson's Disease, you will know that the longer you go without any Drs, the faster your disease progresses. So I will be getting my lawsuit together. I would be happy for Mr Obama to come to court with me and maybe have a beer with me.

I had an appointment with a eye specialist in December 2016. He had to refer me to an eye retina specialist, but he warned me that Blue Cross Blue Precision Silver was dropping out of the Market Place and they were not informing any of their customers. He advised me to wait until after the first of the year and when I'm on a new carrier then follow-up with my retina appointment otherwise I might get stuck with an unpaid bill. Well he was right about the unpaid bill. Blue Cross kept playing around with my bill from the eye specialist and after six months it is still unpaid and now they are nowhere to be found. I've spent hours calling one number only to be told to call a different one. I'd forward the bill to them and it would come back saying wrong office. I hate to think how many other people got stuck with bills. I paid all my monthly premiums and what good did it do me. Will never purchase any Blue Cross insurance again.

I am a member with this horrible company customer service... what can I do.? Nothing. Every time I call for a question I have to wait several minutes before any rep. answers, when they answer they put you on hold more than 25 minutes only to answer my question. On 7-10-17 I called around 1:25 p.m. and Shaney answered, after 10 minutes, I asked her to check for me something on a claim, asked me if I am on the policy, she repeated my phone number she had on file twice and she said AFTER 25 minutes that she can't find my name still. 25 MINUTES a BCBS cannot find my name on the policy? Come on. I called before hundred time and they always have my name. I decide to complain about their horrible service. You may deal with them, they take your money but they will give you a ** service.

A company so bad it received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. If your company contracts with them for your health care, you might want to switch companies. But then, all American health care is rotten due to the cozy relationship our government maintains with insurance companies. So, if you're young, you might want to immigrate to a country with better healthcare (which is pretty much all other western countries). Good luck.

Blue Cross raised my family premium from $1900 per month to $2990 per month that is a 54% increase. That requires our family of 5 to pay nearly $36,000 per year for insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act insurance has become Un-affordable. Excessive wait times and poorly trained customer service representative add insult to injury. Maybe they should stop spending money on their Bear Tickets for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Seat Upgrade and lower the Rates.

First of all, I can't even select 1 star above. If there was a "0" star, I would select it. Left corporate world to start my own business. In Februray 2010, we got a high deductible HSA 5000 plan to protect my family from catastrophe. Our original premium was $640.00 with a $5000/10,000 deductible. Expensive, I get it (but just wait!), but protection of the family from financial ruin was accepted. Today I received another premium increase. In the past 8.5 years we have now had 15 different premium increases with very few claims (only met deductible 1 time when daughter had ACL surgery). My premium is now $2,010.10, An incredible 214% (over 25%/YEAR ave inc). How can this not be price gouging. I have written 2 letters to BCBS of Illinois and had 2 conversations with a so called executive (have name but will only use with official complaint) with regards to the increases over the past several years.

I get the same canned response "with advances in technology, RX drugs and ways to treat injuries and illnesses, we must adjust your premium to stay in line with increased costs..." Again, how can this not be price gouging. I have nowhere to go to get another plan in this state and the best they can say is to join ACA, which isn't much different, and you can never leave once you are in and during my research I would be unable to keep my own doctor or our pediatrician. 15 premium increases shows an average of nearly 2 increases a year. In fact, the year I took one of my children off the plan as she got her own job and insurance, my premium went down...for one month...then the next increase came which was 27% increase. Tell me this was legitimate?

Comments above are just about premiums. Customer Service is the worst I've ever seen. Been put on hold for hours, been hung up on several times (wonder why they ask for your phone number in case we get disconnected) and never called back, most the reps are extremely incompetent and rude as was their executive that called me back after several messages. Continue to get riders that take away benefits...most recent was that they no longer pay for screening colonoscopies. Wife and I both had our over 50 yo colonoscopies within a week of each other only to learn they no longer pay for these...cost me nearly $5000 out of pocket. We appealed them both only to be denied...twice. And, we received the letter acknowledging our appeal AND the letter denying our appeal.

Get this...on the same day and both the letters (one happily announcing "we received your appeal" and the other "denying the appeal") were dated the same day. Wonder if they really did the appeal? I called and got escalated during the second appeal and once we were denied I attempted to call back the escalation agent numerous times with no return call whatsoever...despicable! Something has to be done. Insurance no longer fits into a capitalistic society. If so, I could go somewhere else to protect my family. I truly don't know how these people and this company can look at themselves in the mirror. Cannot think of one area of living expense that has increased this much in such a short time.

This complaint is the cliff note version of our issues. I have dates, details, names, etc. and its time to blow the whistle. Will be contacting Illinois Dept of Insurance. I know BCBS could care less, but something has to be done. A very sad time for a very rich company who takes advantage of those of us trying to make ends meet. They have ultimate control over us as a consumer. This should NOT occur in this country.

My son had called to see if a certain procedure would be covered by BCBS and was told yes it would so I picked him up on my insurance at work which cost me an arm and a leg. Well after the procedure is done and we have bills of over $20,000.00 BCBS is now saying no it was not covered. They are only concerned with making $$$$$. Very rude customer service, dishonest and unethical insurance company. I had only had one claim with them in the 10 years and they applied it all to my deductible!!!!! If I would have known they were going to deny coverage for this procedure would have saved the money paying the premiums and just gave that money to my son. They should be ashamed of themselves.

While away from home my wife required emergency surgery on Saturday, May 31st, 2014. The hospital Mother of Frances Hospital called BCBSIL for "Preauthorization". BSBCIL does not staff on weekends and did not accept the preauthorization. These facts are not disputed. Neither is the fact that on the BCBSIL card and they state that notification needs to be done within two days. These are the issues I have with this requirement:

1) The fact that the hospital called BCBSIL on Saturday, May 31, 2014 is not disputed by BCBSIL. They admit that they are not staffed to receive "Preauthorization" calls on the weekend. If this is important to them, then they should be staffed.

2) The fact that BCBSIL puts the onus on patients to notify them and not on the hospitals. They're putting this requirement on the patients when, especially in an emergency, they are the least able to navigate the health care bureaucracy.

3) The requirement to notify BCBSIL is the responsibility of the Patient, but actually performed by the Hospital in the vast majority of cases. This causes confusion when confirmation is not given to the patient that authorization was accepted. If in every encounter in the past, the hospital was the one that contacts BCBSIL for authorization and in this case tried, but preauthorization was not successful because BCBSIL does not staff on weekends, how is the patient supposed to know that preauthorization was not successful.

4) The amount of the "Penalty" is arbitrary and is not based on actual damages caused by not pre-authorizing. There is no claim by BSBCIL that any unnecessary procedures were performed or that Preauthorization would have been denied if they had been staffed to take the call.

5) That there was no prior notification on the amount of the penalty.

6) That whatever the point of the preauthorization is the operation was done on Saturday and my wife was released on Sunday. On Monday there was obviously nothing to preauthorize, it was already done. There was no "Cost Containment.." issue, which is the bases of the denial. My complaint is while BCBSIL has a rule, the rule is fundamentally unjust, arbitrary and illegal.

7) The term preauthorization is used on the members card, but this use of the term does not meet any of the accepted definitions: McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine: "Managed care The requirement by an HMO that a costly surgery, specialist referral or non emergency health care services be approved by the insurer before it is allowed." Invalid because "non emergency".

Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary: "A prerequisite, often intended as a rate-limiting or cost-containment step, in the provision of care and treatment to an insured patient. A practitioner who expects to be paid for a service must use paperwork and telephone contact with a designated entity (often clerks, but sometime medical professionals), often a TPA, To determine whether the proposed treatment or procedure is deemed medically necessary for the health and welfare of the covered party." Invalid because the BCBSIL was not staffed on the weekend to determine medical necessity, and the penalty was not based on medical necessity but on failure to notify.

Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing: "In the U.S. authorization of medical necessity by a primary care physician before a health care service is performed. a referring health care provider must be able document why the procedure is needed."

So to start, as of Jan 1st my policy states it was active via the Blue Cross Blue Shield website. I tried to get my prescriptions filled and I was unable. So the pharmacy called Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL and they stated that my policy was inactive. I paid my premium and everything was in place that should have been. Frustrated as I was I proceeded to call Blue Cross and Blue Shield of IL and waited on hold for over an hour as usual. A young lady answered by the name of Melissa ID ** or **.

She first asked me for my identification number which I provided. She told me she was unable to locate my policy. So then she asked me for my social security number, trusting in her, the confidentiality and trust that Blue Cross and Blue Shield is supposed to represent. I willingly gave her my SSN. She then found my policy and stated it was activated. Naturally, I thought to myself for a moment and then thought of a different question after she gave me an answer I already knew.

I introduce another yet seemingly simple question, "What is the difference between Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL PPO and Blue Care Preferred PPO of IL..." She was unable to answer that question for me and said she could give me a number for blue access. I then said "well, my plan is shown on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL website and I called Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL customer service." This is where things got funky. (Mind you, I told her and started recording from this point on.) I asked her what department she worked in and she answered my question with, "Sir how may I better assist you today?"

I calmly asked her again "yes you can tell me what department you work in..." Again she said, "Sir how may I better assist you today?" She proceeded to tell me the call was being monitored and recorded, only at that point did she tell me that. She asked for my social security number again and I then stated that I did not feel comfortable giving that information out to someone who cannot tell me what department or what company she worked for.

Then for many brief moments of silence between me asking for her name and ID number she responded by telling me her first name and her ID number in a manner that was so fast I could not even understand her. So I asked her to repeat it multiple times and each time she forgot a single digit alternating the number in her ID in and out each time. I asked why she was lying to me and she wouldn't answer. I only assume because she knew she was being recorded and she knew she was lying.

After all this I asked to speak to a manager and that I didn't want to be put on hold. She then stated, "Please wait while I find someone to better assist you." I then said "I don't want someone to better assist me, I want a manager." I was told, "one moment please..." I heard her typing and I asked her what she was doing and she said she was updating her policy and I said "you're updating your policy?" She replied, "sir no." So I asked "are you updating my policy" and she did not answer.

She then put me on hold and I waited for a manager as fifteen minutes went by and then the music stopped playing and the line was silent. After about two minutes of silence she finally disconnected me. In total it was two hours of being lied to, taken advantage of, and witnessing a gross exercise of non-compliance, negligence, and the worst customer service I have ever had in my life.

I felt completely violated that a woman who lied to me for over two hours took my personal information and treated me the way she did. This is why I feel like a victim. Like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of IL stole my sense of personal security. If I could rate this 0 stars I would and I will be contacting The Better Business Bureau and any other entity that will further help restore my sense of security.

This is the worst health insurance I have ever had. Very few doctors will take this insurance. So few, that the list also contains doctors in suburbs and Indiana because there's about 8 cardiologist in the city I can see and they all except for one, have horrible ratings on the internet. The one that has a good rating didn't want to take me as a new patient because he no longer wants to deal with Unified. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this insurance. I have BCBSIL, Blue Focus Care, Unified Physicians Network. The worst.

Diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome after having uterine cancer. I am at 4 times the risk for breast cancer. After thinking I might feel a lump they denied the MRI suggested by my doctor since I have dense breasts. When they told BCBS of IL I was at risk for breast cancer they said, "Well she's at risk for many cancers!" Denied.

My policy was written in 8/2013 as a Blue Edge HSA policy with access to BCBS's largest network of providers. Now this Winter 1/2015 we start to have problems with our long term providers suddenly being denied as out-of-network providers. What!!!??? Come to find out BCBS has altered our policy without our knowledge or consent to a health reform network... "Blue Choice".... that was created after our grand-fathered policy. I have tried several months to resolve this with BCBS! No one is listening and their reviews system is useless. I have a contract for a specific policy! I did just sign up for a lesser quality substitute! Please comply with our contract and process our claims!!!

We also have a deductible issue! I was to have a 3500 individual with a 7000 family. Do you think they processed as such...! No way! It's a scam!!! I have reference numbers of documented phone calls with pre-certifications. All to no avail! Their consumer support is setup in such a way to deny deny deny and reject even if you have many supporting documents to prove your cause. I am now taking this to The Illinois Dept. of Insurance! BCBS is no longer a premiere insurance company. BCBS of IL is a corrupt mess!!!

I have purchased the BCBS of IL Blue Precision HMO because it's the only plan the providers near me will take. It has been a nightmare. First, I cannot get any dermatological care because the group I have been assigned to has no dermatologists that can do cancer screenings in the next 12 months. BCBS has advised me to go out of network - or essentially pay out of pocket - or switch groups entirely, thus fragmenting my other care. I have chosen to not treat cancerous lesions due to this problem. I also have an orthopedic issue and there is no provider in the assigned group so BCBS has again advised me to go out of network and pay out of pocket - or switch all my providers to another group, thus fragmenting my other care.

I have spent hours and hours and hours on the phone with them and while they are all very polite (call center is in the Philippines), they are untrained and unreliable. I can't tell you how many times I've been disconnected after long holds and told I'd be contacted, never to hear from them again. Honestly, this is a completely dishonest company and they should be shut down completely. I am told that this policy is what is given to employees of the state as well as teachers. I feel so badly for these people because I know they are also suffering and not getting the care that they are paying a lot of money to have. I am on the lookout for a class action against BCBS because I'd love to testify as to my horrible situation. Do not purchase this policy - it's a very expensive sham.

As of 2017 Blue Cross requires you to use Walgreens as your pharmacy. This couldn't be a bigger debacle, with Walgreens being probably the poorest rated pharmacy when it comes to service. I guess this should come as no surprise considering Blue Cross's track record, in fact they're a match made in hell. Between my wife and I, we had two of 12 prescriptions transfer correctly from our previous pharmacy. One prescription with refills was lost altogether. There are no words that accurately describe my dissatisfaction with Blue Cross & Walgreens. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!

I am a pharmaceutical sales representative and my company insurance is BCBS Illinois. What a mistake I made! I left a great job with a great insurance company to go to work for another company and they over me BCBS Illinois. I was thinking that it was ok but it's been my worst nightmare. First they didn't want to cover my husband. I had to produce tons of documents to prove I was married. Then my migraine treatment that is been cover for the last 2 years with my previous insurance now is not cover. I get headache every day and migraines 2 or 3 times a week. With the treatment I had only 2 migraines in 2 years that had been a life saving for me. But now with a lot of tears in my eyes I have gone to pre-authorization, to an appeal of the pre-authorization that was denied.

Now my next step is going for an External Review Request with an Independent Review Organization. I pay more that $700.00 a month for this coverage. I am so upset and sick of getting this headaches and the insurance company I am paying does not care about my health. They just want my money. BCBS you meet your worst nightmare because now I am getting a lawyer that will fight this for me. Please don't buy coverage with BCBS. They are literally stealing our money and they are not giving the service to their associates.

I've had BCBSIL PPO for at least two years. I took a buyout in 2012 from a multinational telecom company, who sold off our division. Shortly after retiring from that company, I had an injury, which led to a disability, which was finally approved in 2016 and retroactive to 2012. Due to the retroactive approval, I was being forced to take Medicare, as the SSDI was covered for more than two years. Shortly after the SSDI was approved, I received a letter from the benefits dept. of my previous employer stating that all retirees who had become disabled, regardless of age, would no longer be covered under the existing plan and then be forced to use their broker, AON Exchange.

But, when I called AON, I was told I had not been on the transfer list and could renege my existing BCBSIL plan for 2017, which I did. My SSDI approval was made after the transfer list had been sent to AON. So I renewed my plan and waived Medicare and BCBSIL told me I would have coverage as usual. Now, it's May 2017 and BCBSIL is not paying my medical providers the contracted 90 percent IN and nothing or very little on OON. They are telling me I should not have waived MC and it's my fault! THE ONLY REASON I waived MC was because I couldn't buy supplemental insurance and was told I could keep my current coverage, for one more year.

After being patronized on the phone by BCBSIL customer service rep., I asked for the resolution dept. who said they would listen to the recorded conversation I had with their rep in Dec. 2016 and call me back the next morning. That was on Monday, today is Thursday and still no callback! Be very cautious when speaking to BCBSIL and take notes of who you spoke to and when. IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND A TERM OR ARE NOT FULLY CLEAR OF WHAT THEY ARE TELLING YOU, HAVE THEM EXPLAIN IT, UNTIL YOU DO! I never had such issues with UHC!

This the worst medical plan I have ever had. You send generic card with fictitious doctors names so you don't have to cover a visit. I have been searching for months and paying out of pocket because your insurance and customer service are a nightmare. BEWARE anyone thinking of purchasing this EXPENSIVE WORTHLESS INSURANCE.

Insured through husband's employer with a half-way decent policy, but Blue Cross inconsistently pays dental claims and has denied needed procedure estimates in the past! We get the feeling they'd like to eliminate our dental coverage altogether, since they hate paying anything! Most recent claim on an emergency root canal, after the deductible was covered, they only paid $160! That is nuts! Leaving us with a huge bill with the dentist! Is that why we pay thousands of dollars a year? For crappy coverage?! Of course we filed an appeal and of course they sent a letter saying it was covered correctly... but still no actual explanation! These people have no consciences! We are not dropping this. Will make phone calls and if necessary file a complaint with state board of insurance!

Dealing with BCBS Illinois has been a nightmare. Since I enrolled, they have had my bill wrong. I have called countless times and each time I am assured it has been resolved and then I am billed the wrong amount again. When you call on the phone, the waits are over an hour to get through and the recording says go online to avoid the wait. I have written online and I get a message that says you can call customer service. I write again and get a response that the responder cannot help but will give it to someone who can. Why not have competent people respond in the first place?

I have repeatedly asked for the contact information for Karen Atwood, the President so I can make my complaint known, which request is not even addressed. I was set up on auto pay and stopped it since I was being overbilled and despite the fact that it was stopped and despite the fact that I paid the bill directly, BCBS still withdrew money from my account and I had to pay fees to the bank to get the transaction reversed. My request to be reimbursed for that has not been answered. BCBS is glad to take my money but cannot provide an ounce of customer service to refund the money it has overbilled me.

I have not been on my medication for 6 days while Blue Cross of Illinois denies my prescription. When I was online at picking a plan for 2018 the healthcare said the medicine is part of my plan. Yesterday I was told that Prime Therapeutics has me trying medicine that did not work before. I wish Blue Cross has more PPO competition in Illinois. Blue Cross is not honest!!!

I had a really bad experience. This is the second time having similar issue. No coordination between Sales department and Customer services. I had a similar issue last year started in Nov 2016 and resolved in April 2017 making 100 of calls. Every time a new story. Same thing happened to me again. My wife and I had a different policies. There was a addition for newborn in family on July. As per them there is a sixty days period to add a newborn in the plan and for the first 30 days baby should be covered by Mother's insurance.

I made call within 60 days in September to add my newborn and also requested to add my wife as well terminating her current plan. The sales person told me that, "From first of October you all are in same plan," and took the money. She said for time in between 30 days and start of new policy in October you will get a prorated bill for newborn. I started getting call from doctor's office that, "your insurance is inactive" even though I paid in full for all previous months and advance for month of October.

I called to check what's going on and they told me that I have to pay 1600$ for policy starting from the birth of child. I told them, "Why I would be paying for 2 insurance policies. I already have the policy for that period and you guys are charging me for second policy for the same time period." The customer service is horrible. Made multiple calls. The system is so inefficient that the automated system ask for the member's details and when you connect to Customer service they again ask you the same stupid information. Just to get there it takes 10-15 min.

I been calling for 2 weeks now. Every time they have a new story, put you on hold for hrs and then automatically call goes to customer survey. Ask for details and callback number and they don't have the courtesy to call you back if call you drops or terminated by their system. With no patience left I specifically asked for the supervisor and told the issue. They messed up at their end the policy. What's I asked and told at time of purchasing the policy was totally different what was done. It's a mistake at their end and now they can't fix it asking me to pay 1600$ to activate the policy until they fix their mess. No timeline to fix the issue and they cannot completely fix the mess what they made. One of the worst in their business.

We had changed from our regular BCBS ppo for years to the one offered by this thing called obamacare, saving $200 a month, with the same coverage, a $6000 deductible and a 100% coverage after that. We were in the hospital on January 1 2014, and as of today 8/11, I am still on the phone with a BCBS rep for more than 2.5 hours now trying to manually work on the computer glitches that the new obama systems have.

My deductibles from medical and prescription are not matching up because they are on 2 different systems that do not automatically match up. I have to pay Walgreens each time we pick up prescription, because our deductibles are not met. My hospital bills are sent to collection because they are still not being paid.

I have paid $7000 out of pocket even though I am only responsible for $6000, and I still have providers after me every week, and I am still calling BCBS every 10 days spending hours on the phone. Oh, and there was a dumbass BCBS rep that doesn't even know how to read my coverage. Ahhhh!!! UGH!! Super frustrated. Someone should start a class action on this for my time loss on these phone calls, and grey hairs!

I have canceled my health plan on December 16th, 2016 and is February 2nd, 2017 and every time I called customer service they tell me my refund is denied. I need help getting my money back. I got health insurance thru my job starting January 1st that's why I canceled but I was paid. I even got the letter stating it was canceled. BCBSIL got me very upset. I can't believe it. All I want is my $414.32 back!

I was sold an health insurance by Blue Cross & Blueshield hmo pos. I switched to this one due to 2 reasons 1. Doctors and Hospitals are close by, 2. I spend winter time with my daughter in Fl. BB told me before I go to FL, they will assign a PCP in FL so that I would have the same coverage as I have in Illinois. It was a total lie to get you enrolled. When I called BBC, they said there is no such thing. If any one else has the same issues, I think this is good for a class action law suit.

Secondly, it is very hard to get through the line. Their communication is worst than third world countries. Another issue I had is false info on doctors in their Network. I was given a PCP printed in my BBC Insurance Card. I took an appointment and went to see the doctor. The secretary in the office said, the doctor is not in their Network. I lost the good part of my day. The office tried to call them and I also tried to call them. After hours of on hold, they said, I have to pay $60 to see him. My co pay on the card is $10 to see the same doctor. This means I will not be able to fill up my prescription for 6 months. I pay medicare for part B and no coverage till end of May unless, I pay for everything separate. To me, this is an insurance fraud by BBC and I am looking similar case so that we could file a case against Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois.

Blue Cross Blue Shield mistakenly canceled my health insurance in August 2016. I called them many times to try to get it resolved because I paid all my premium on time. While they were working on reinstating my health insurance, I needed to refill my prescription. The Blue Cross Blue Shield representative told me to refill my prescription on my own and reassured me that the cost will be 100% reimbursed once my insurance was reinstated.

My insurance was finally reinstated in November 2016. I submitted a claim for reimbursement for my prescription but was denied for reimbursement. I paid $185.99 for my prescription, which if I had insurance, I paid less than $20. They said the entire cost of my prescription will go towards the deductible so there will be no reimbursement to me. I should have paid $20 instead of $185.99. It was Blue Cross Blue Shield's mistake in canceling my insurance, not mine. Now, I am penalized for the mistake they made. Every time I called, the wait time was 45 minutes to a hour. Worst company I every dealt with. Very disappointed.

I have had BCBSIL for the better part of 23 years. I have never had much of a problem until now - I need spinal surgery. My surgeon had me do all kinds of pre-surgical testing that took me over a month of continuous work to get completed in time. I have spent a lot of money on these pre-surgical tests that now seem like a waste of time. My surgery date was all set but the day before the surgery it had to be cancelled. According to BCBSIL, my surgeon's office was given the wrong fax number and the insurance co. said no clinical information received. Surgery was postponed until the following week and an appeal had to be submitted. Once all the information was sent to the proper fax number they still denied my claim stating that they no longer cover that procedure.

I suffer in pain every minute of every day. Legs are weak and numb. I get spasms in my lower back and shooting pains in my back and legs. I can no longer do my job functions as required by my company and I risk losing my job. I have a safety sensitive job and am not allowed to take my meds while at work. Problem with not taking my meds is I cannot sit, stand, or walk for more than 10 minutes without debilitating pain. I suffer from depression and my medical problems are making my depression worse. I can barely get out of bed anymore. I live on pain killers and they are affecting my stomach.

I also stand a very good chance of addiction. Constant debilitating pain makes my life unbearable if I am not on my pain meds. I have tried physical therapy, injections, inversion therapy, and numerous pain meds. I am now on Morphine and the pain is still there. I am never pain-free. My spine is bone on bone and BCBS does not think the surgery is effective enough.

What gives them the right to play with people's lives and decide that we have to stay miserable. They collect money from me and my employer every month and it doesn't seem to matter. My surgeon, who I really trust and is very reputable, thinks this is the best measure to correct my back problem but the insurance company is playing god and is almost telling him he is wrong. What happened to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, they went from being a good insurance company to a HORRIBLE insurance company. If I had a choice, I would never get another insurance plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. Buyers beware. This company stinks.

Received two payments without explanation, made several attempts to connect with an individual and/or department that might be able to assist with an explanation on where and who to apply these payments to with no luck. Experienced an incredible amount of frustration with inability to connect to a human being by phone or internet. The telephone prompt being programmed to disconnect the call with a sweet goodbye when the limited options available do not suffice is downright insulting. Next step, snail mail, that's right, US postal in this day and age for corporate communication, completely unreasonable and primitive, certainly does exude the confidence one would expect for a corporation of that magnitude.

VERY POOR customer service. I have not been able to get my explanation of benefits for this whole year. BC/BS tells me that I have to get them from the doctor but the doctor's office says, no BC/BS should be providing me with them. I have repeatedly called, been transferred all over, disconnected (even though they ask for a call back number, which they never call you back on). The doctor's office suggested I call and ask to speak to a supervisor. I did that but they won't let you speak to a supervisor until you explain what the problem is. Even after you explain they would not connect you to a supervisor. I was kept on hold twice for over 45 minutes and then without coming back on the line to explain anything they transferred me to my doctor's office. They are rude, and terrible. Maybe if we had more choices for health insurance they would be a little nicer. They only care about getting your outrageously expensive premium. They don't care about people at all!

I have submitted billing for services rendered and have received denials. Please provide contact information, as this is very frustrating! I wind up in voicemail limbo and cannot resolve this issue. Please help!

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois has really been trying to deceive me and my family as an individual policy holder. On September 1, 2009, we switched from my wife's BCBS group plan to a BCBS HSA plan after she left teaching to be at home with our daughter born in April. At the time of the switch, we were informed that due to being pregnant within the last twelve months, we would have to have a pregnancy rider for the next twelve months stating that and the cost incurred due to another pregnancy would not be covered. Sad, but we did our family planning around the demands of the health insurance company.

In January of 2010, my wife was doing some research and found that if you went from a BCBS "group" plan to a BCBS "individual" plan, that maternity coverage was carried over. You see, by definition, all group plans have maternity (as we found out). Therefore, this no pregnancy cover rider could be thrown out. After calling BCBS and telling them this, the reply I received was, "Oh, the two divisions don't talk to each other," meaning the group and individual. Really? Because when I filled out our application for coverage, it asked for the group and policy number of the plan we previously had. On the application I put all the BCBS group information.

After 3 days of being put on hold, and talking with numerous agents, I was finally told that I had to contact the group side and get a letter that we had previous maternity coverage, and then send it to the individual side. Amazing, isn't it? After a week, everything was finally squared away, and I felt like I had won some small victory, b/c now we had maternity coverage, and could continue with our family planning. This brings me to today.

Two new policy cycles, and another child later, and my premiums are now $250 more a month than back in 2009. I take it with a grain of salt, as we just had a successful natural child birth of my son in May, and after paying our deductible, BCBS paid the rest. So, I understood the new hike in our premium. In wanting to keep my cost down, I called BCBS yesterday to choose a higher deductible plan, going from the $3500 deductible to $5200. Sherry, the woman at BCBS, was very nice and could make the change over the phone. All she had to do was put me in touch with a "Specialist". After being on hold for 7 minutes, the Specialist comes on and says she would be happy to make the change to the $5200 deductible of the BCBS Blue Care HSA.

Interesting, because the Blue Edge HSA we are currently in is a PPO, and Blue Care is the HMO. I asked the specialist to repeat which coverage, and she again states the Blue Care. I asked her what is "Blue Care" and she explains that it is not what I am in right now, but that it is their HMO, with not as many providers. She tried to bait and switch, but I called her on it. She tried to put me in a lesser program (from a PPO to an HMO) for the same premium that was listed on the premium notice change letter I received.

What can we do to get this changed? How can these companies do these things? I understand that I used the health system this year, and my premium must go up. I don't understand the other tactics when I am trying to keep the costs down for my family - the bait and switch, the lies, jumping through hoops to get answers, being put on hold for extended amounts of time.

Our coverage began 1/1/2014 and we tried to purchase a prescription yesterday. The pharmacy was told they have no record of us (even though we have an ID card) and that we need to call. I called three times and waited over 60 minutes each time, yet no agents are available. I tried call another one of their numbers that handles enrollment, and they answered first ring... only to tell me they can't help... just take new customer enrollments. I see their strategy, and it sucks.

In March, I searched through the healthcare marketplace, spoke to a representative of both the market place and BCBSIL, and found what I thought was a good plan. I chose the Blue Choice PPO Silver 003 plan. I was told by the BCBS rep that I would not have to change doctors because I was choosing a PPO plan. That was great. I love my doctor. So I signed up. Paid my premium. A month and a half later in May, I went to the doctor, who then sent me to see a muscular specialist. Then in June, I received a notice from BCBS and from both doctors offices that my visits were not covered and that I owe the full balance.

I contacted BCBS on June 23, only to be told that the "CHOICE" PPO has a "limited network" of doctors that I can see. I explained the above to the customer service rep (person 1) who then sent me to a (2) claims specialist, who then sent me to a (3) sales rep to change my plan but the sales rep said that I could not change plans until November (so I asked for a supervisor). He then sent me back to (4) customer service (where again I asked for a supervisor), who then sent me to (5) claims agent again, who finally, when I asked to speak to a supervisor (this is at about the 2 hour mark), forwarded my call, NOT to a supervisor, but to a (6) rep. Completely out of the BCBS bounce house, the rep was awesome. She actually listened to me and changed my plan.

During my bounce around of 2 hours of holding and sporadically speaking to people who had no clue why I was forwarded to them, I gained very little information other than the plan I was on only allowed me to see a small number of providers that were "in network for my plan". When I asked them why it was labeled a PPO and not an HMO, and that before I finalized my purchase on the healthcare website that THEIR rep told me I would be covered, they said the rep must have misunderstood the plan.

I was told by all BCBS reps that there was nothing that they could do for me. I continually asked for a supervisor who could direct me to someone who could help me. NOT ONCE DID ANYONE TRY TO SEND ME TO A SUPERVISOR!!! EVEN THOUGH THAT WAS MY DIRECT REQUEST WITH THE LAST 4 REPRESENTATIVES I SPOKE WITH.

Being unemployed at the moment, I sadly don't have any other reasonable priced choices outside of BCBS. But once I am working again and open enrollment comes around, even if it cost me more, I will be going with a different company. BCBS knowingly DECEIVES it customers into thinking they have a PPO plan, when in reality it is a HMO. Because they put the label "CHOICE" on it, they are allowed to get away with basically baiting and switching the customers out of their money and not covering a lot of doctors and services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is incompetent. When you call, expect inaccurate wait times that are already obscene. If you get coverage in the New Year, do not assume that your insurance is active because it says so on their website. Mine wasn't when the hospital ran it, and then I was unable to get a customer advocate on the phone. I had a good experience with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas but it's important to understand that the companies are largely independent of one another. Avoid the one in Illinois.

I purchased a policy called Blue Precision HMO from BCBS of IL through the new healthcare exchange. The benefit summary looked too good to be true and it is. I got a check-up on 1/2/2014 from my primary care physician that is in network at which time the doctor made a referral to see a specialist. That was on Jan. 2, 2014. When the doctor's office tried to turn in the referral, they were told that BCBS of IL isn't set up yet for referrals on my particular policy and to try again soon. I've been calling everyday since trying to get information about my policy and what the process is to see the specialist only to be given the run around after waiting between 1-4 hours on hold at which time they tell me confidently to call this number (been given over 10 different numbers all of which do not handle my policy). Other times they just disconnect me altogether.

I have phone records to prove all this as well as internal reference numbers in my file with BCBS that illustrated the full extent of the games they're playing with these new policies... This extends to the doctors as well as the treatment center has also spent equal time and energy trying to find out how to submit claim for my policy or even get a pre-certification for treatment and she's been doing this 20+ years.. She's been hung up on and given false information every step of the way as well. Meanwhile I'm unable to get much needed treatment or a time frame when I will be able to. Meanwhile they took my premium with no problem and I'm stuck with a policy I cannot use... Somebody please help...

Made call initially on home line & waited about 30 mins & got disconnected due to low battery. Called 2nd time on cellphone with await time still 60 mins. Waited over 1 1/2 hrs & never spoke to a live person. There was an option to have a call back but I did not use that because I already did that a month ago with no return call. With an overload papers received in mail I have questions esp with deadline approaching can't get answers. Get phone call talking about setting up escrow account for payment & increase in payment. How is this affordable healthcare & I'm going to be penalized.

This insurance company has the most horrible customer service as far as I know. I spent more than five hours on the phone waiting for them to answer. There is no answer at all. The reason of my phone call was to have an answer why they charge me $289.94 on January 3 and $212.88 then they charge me again $154.95 on January 9. The agent appointed is neglecting me because he does not remember conversations involved during the process. As far as I know BBS is neglecting customers because of the horrible customer service they have. Besides that it is impossible to register online if you do not have an ID#. I do not like this health insurance at all. I hope the Obama Care will take care of this right away.

False Statements and bad customer service - When you get your insurance statement of services, be aware that the insurance portion of the billing - The so-called reimbursement to the provider is 100% false. In most cases, for smaller services like chiropractic care, there is no reimbursement at all! It's just price fixing and way for you to think you received a benefit. Or, in a best case, a small portion of the number posted was sent to the provider. There is no such thing as insurance anymore - Only managed service contracts that are essentially marketing tools to push patients to providers accepting the bad terms of the insurance company to bring in patients that believe it will be financially good for them. You are much better off paying cash prices which will be less than your out of pocket with insurance! Most providers take cash, especially those trying to build a practice.

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