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every time i have had to call for copies or faxed paper work with my business all the customer service reps have been very friendly
Fast costumer service and reasonable price , Thanks Guys
I have great experience with this company.
Paid 250 dollars only to get dropped from there insurance a month later went weeks without hearing from them. Out of 250 dollars only got back 73 dollars. Complete scam. They took my money only to have no coverage.
Good price Easy Monthly billing
I needed insurance for my company and they handled everything quickly getting me the certificate with in the same day. Also they were $500 less then another quote I had received.
The price for liability insurance was the best, the only thing is every time you need to call you talk to someone different. Getting call backs is somewhat frustrating. The original agent who I dealt with I could no longer get ahold of, either by email or phone messages. My overall experience is one of satisfaction. I will continue to use Bolt Insurance.
We have just begun our third year of working with this company. They have made things as easy for us as possible, patiently helping us to fill out the paperwork at the beginning of each renewal. I would highly recommend them.
they did not help me when i needed help on liability insurance for my business.
Representative was knowledgeable and very, very helpful. Provided excellent service and expedited the transaction. Quite impressed with your company.
Very happy with the agent. Got me a better rate than what was quoted. Nothing to complain about at this time.
My overall experience was extremely satisfying. Bolt explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and they offered the lowest rates.
love them good job
Most important, they saved me a few hundred bucks. No complaints. Easy to deal with.
Great rates, great coverage, would recommend.
Talked with numerous companies before getting bolt. Great experience. No run arounds. Knew exactly what they were talking about and knew exactly what I needed.
After calling over five times and waiting over 15 minutes finally someone answer.
It took me a little while to come up with the funds for the down deposit but he never gave up on me and called me back on our schedule time for about a month. Was very polite and professional. Thank you Jay
It was a good experience to work with an insurance agent that was quick to give a quote, make changes as needed, and issue a bond and insurance certificate within a week. My compliments to Sasha, who even stayed late at work to help get my insurance policy set up in a timely manner. My past experiences have not been good working with insurance brokers.
BOLT Insurance Agency has the best pricing ,and Customer service around.We have been with Bolt a month now,and they explained to us what we needed to sent proof of Insurance to companys we do work for.They are very polite,and patient.
you or the best
You were very timely and the price was right.
been with them for the last 3 years .find good rate for are company , and customer service ok.
Bolt insurance listen, and provided the service that my associations needed quickly with excellent value. Anthony was very professional and did a great job.
Easy, quick, very helpful.
Quick and Easy Great Website
Enjoyed working with them and the process was great! Price was also the best.
I never like to leave bad reviews on a company, but I'm hoping this may help this company improve. Great experience upfront with the broker who was very informative and helped me get the unique insurance that was difficult for me to find. However, after I paid my broker fee and premium, and realized my insurance binder had numerous major errors on it. Wrong addresses, incorrect building information. I followed up immediately with the broker and he said he was sending emails to the service team. 4 months later I finally get an email on how I can make the changes, but I needed to fill out another application. I update the application and it takes another 5 weeks to hear back from the service team, requesting more information. The broker said this information wasn't going to be required unless requested by the carrier. Not sure why I'm paying all these months on a policy that is incorrect and not even filled out correctly. This is probably my worst experience regarding a customer service issue. This insurance is very important to my business. I am a licensed insurance agent, and I have never left a client out on their own like this. I have never expected my client to fill out the insurance application on their own. I would never be able to sleep at night if I knew one of my clients was paying their premiums but was at risk of their policy not being properly written, thus leaving them exposed to such risk. I am extremely frustrated that it has now been almost six months and the issue is not yet resolved. The customer service people I talked to on the phone were very helpful. They seemed to really want to work with me and take care of things for me, as I am trying to add a third location to my business policy. It must be the another department that is totally lacking in some area that is making me so frustrated. I am about to start shopping around for another company if I don't get this rectified quickly.
The team at Bolt was quick to respond to my inquiry and request regard professional insurance coverage. It was a pleasure doing business with them.
I tried getting different insurance coverage from companies and it was a hassle as soon as I spoke with bolt insurance within 15 minutes I had my insurance excellent and very happy with their system I would recommend it to anyone else.
But other than that
Everything is perfect, price and service. I will recommend it to every one.
Very professional, courtesy and helpful service
Header says it all.
I have had 4 insurance policies with BOLT for more than a year now. They write my auto, home, flood & commercial general liability policy. Jeff Smithisler is the person I turn to when requesting a certificate of insurance or have any other insurance need. He is one of the most professional, competent & trustworthy insurance agents I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Jeff makes having insurance with BOLT a very positive experience.
It was easy and all my questions were answered.
Received a business quote for a startup company and my agent Aaron was awesome.
We received quick and professional services giving us the exact coverage and policy we needed.
I would recommend this company to others needing insurance
Bolt Insurance was extremely easy to get and I do have the Proof of Insurance currently. However I have not yet received the detailed policy paperwork that describes in detail what I have with this policy. I was told I would receive my actual policy within 7 to 10 days, it is now going on 3 weeks. If I had the actual policy in hand, this rating would be 5 stars!!!
So we've been shopping for insurance for a while. We are a new small company and a lot of agencies wouldn't insure us and just kept referring us to other agencies. Finally bolt came a long and they gave us our General Liability insurance. Our business grew to the point that we needed a vehicle and I wanted to keep everything together so I call bolt insurance and got a quote, talked it over with my partner and its a go. This is where everything just goes wrong. I'm in MA so the Registry need an RMV-1 form to register a vehicle. I tell the agency this and they say its not a problem. I had to wait over a week to get this form. Finally got the form waited at the DMV for 3 hours to be told that the form is incomplete. I call the agency and they have no idea what the registry wants. I go back to the registry and they say that it needs a stamp. I call the agency back I tell them this and now the want me to drive 1/2 hour to another agency so that I can get a courtesy stamp. This other agency wants to charge me $20 for the stamp and laughs when they see the RMV-1 form that bolt insurance sent me. They would not stamp the form. I call bolt insurance back and now they want to put the blame on me for filling out the RMV-1 form incorrectly. That's when I lost it. I'm a very reasonable person and it takes a lot for me to get this upset. I've already been to two other agencies and they all said that waiting this long for a form is ridiculous and to have it uncompleted is unacceptable.
Try bolt insurance great service and got me the best price & coverage .
I had a great customer service experience. I received the information I inquired about in a timely manner. He was fast and really catered to my business needs. I signed up immediately. Thanks
Very helpful and complete! Bolt was was one stop shopping for insurance. The staff was great.
The business is very nice. Thank you for all you do!!!
We were looking for an agency that would get to know our needs and to match insurance policies and companies that would satisfy our requirements at the right price. Bolt meet and exceeded our expectations.
Karen Beadle was very helpful, gave me a quote on the spot and was very quick in sending out an insurance certificate to a client. I highly recommend BOLT Insurance.
As a very small business with an even smaller budget, I was able to afford the insurance I needed with Bolt
The Bolt representative that I spoke with on May 19th, 2014, Sasha Iyamu-Osagie, said that I would be paying a total of $50.00 per month and he also said that my down payment of $150.00 would cover the entire first 3 months and that I would not have a payment due until August 2014. I received my first bill in the mail, and it says I am paying $60.00 per month and that my first bill is due in 2 weeks (June). On top of this suprise, I had asked Sasha via email on May 25, 2014 for any kind of paperwork or details regarding our policy because all I had received was a 2 page Insurance Binder with a very small amount of information. I have questions for Sasha since there are a few things that I do not understand completely such as why it says "Commercial General Liability"- does this only cover offices and commercial buildings or does this also include the residential side of my cleaning business? Also, will I receive an insurance card or a hard copy document in the mail for proof of insurance? I would really appreciate some guidance on some of these issues that I am having. Thank you.
This was the easiest thing I ever did. People at Bolt are friendly, fast and knowledgable. I had my insurance binder immediately via email. Thanks.
The service was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone.
Great experience, The woman did very well.
Always a happy, helpful person on the phone. Very easy to deal with. Answered any questions I've had with quick responses, quotes, binders, and certificates.
Bolt services is top of the line. I've dealt with numerous agencies but Bolt is the best! !!!
I was very pleased to find Bolt on the internet when I needed proof of insurance for one of my major entertainment events. They provide excellent coverage at a reasonable price. This year was the first time I had a policy with Bolt, but I plan to continue my coverage as long as I provide balloon entertainment. I have already recommended Bolt to some of my close professional friends.
Willing to put in the extra effort to get the policy needed for a company.
My sales agent, Valerie, was outstanding. I'm rather new getting this type of insurance. Took some time due to my own issues. Valerie was patient, helpful and enthusiastic in her efforts to help me. Best of all the Price was excellent. I had tried three other quotes and this was the best.
I needed Insurance fast for my Business and in one phone call..everything thing was made simple, premium paid and Business Insurance was on my Email! That's service! Thanks BOLT!
I needed a general business liability policy for a new office lease and needed it quickly. I had the whole thing done in 15 minutes and it's better than Geico!
The Service provided by Bolt was outstanding, Sasha my insurance rep was amazing.
Very good to deal with, Had the experience in knowing what type of insurance I needed. I am glad to be adviced to see them about my needs.
Was helped immediately, very satisfied!
Bo was an awesome representative. He was very courteous, informative and resources. It was a delightful experience.
I just bought a business owners policy through Bolt who actually sold me a policy from Hiscox. I was told by the person at Bolt that I would immediately receive the policy documents from Hisxox via email. The payment was immediately withdrawn from my bank account by Hiscox but I didn't receive any documents until I followed up a couple of days later through Hiscox. Not sure if that was an error on the part of Bolt or Hiscox.
So I called Bolt insurance and talked to a guy named Bo Stopa and Bo knows service. That was worth more to me than the savings on my policy. So if you need insurance call Bo at Bolt.
My representative was very prompt. Got all the necessary information from me, and had a certificate to my client the same day. Usually companies say one day, and drag the process out three days or longer. Not Bolt! I was really impressed with the price, but for me, the service sealed the deal!
highly recommended
very happy with them very prompt same day results
done a wonderful job recommend them to anyone!!!!!
I am really happy with your service and think so will be continually.
Very professional , and timely service good price
I have reached out to the agent several times for additional questions on my policy and have not received a call back. Once she got my business I guess that is where the customer service ended.
I had paid in advance a few months and was told I would get a bill I the mail after that. Next thing I know a few months later my policy was dropped. And shortly after I received an important packet of documents that needed to be filled out apparently at the beginning of the policy and included in the packet was a paper that stated they had tried to mail out to me several times (which was false) because my address had not changed. And as far as the non payment, it would have been paid if I had received a bill but I thought i was paid ahead so I didn't check on it.
Bolt lead me throughout the process. I would recommend Bolt to anyone looking for insurance.
I've had nothing but problems since my initial call to obtain O&E coverage for my company. The representative did not respond to calls or emails over several weeks. I had no idea what was going on or the status of my application. I got fed up and called customer service and complained. The company assigned a Director to handle my application. At first, the response was great and I felt things were well in hand. However, once I received the policy - it changed. I called, left VMs, and sent emails (with return receipts) to attempt to arrange a date and time to go over the policy so I could understand the particulars. Hasn't happened yet. Immediately after posting this - received an email the Director would be calling this afternoon. We'll see. Whether the call is the result of this post or the request for the VP's email address and phone number - not sure. At this point, I'm not sure I want to proceed any further with this agency. Received the call and discussed situation and concern with the Director. The Director was apologetic - had left training to respond when saw post on the company's website. Went over the policy and explained what was and was not covered. Also explained the process for moving forward as well as the claims handling. Answered all my questions.
Great, Great, Great JOB
I did get insurance at a good rate. But it was difficult to get call backs or even emails back. Felt left in the dark for periods. Did not do a great job managing expectations.
I made a phone call to obtain a quote. Within 24 hrs. not only did I receive a quote, but all of the questions that I had were answered. Out of the three or four insurance agencies that I contacted-Bolt Insurance provided me with more coverage at a way better price.
The insurance I needed for my cleaning service was done in 20 minutes at the lowest rate.
I Looked for insurance for a while and came to find Bolt Insurance. I called and got a fast and courteous response, with the policy I wanted and expected to pay in my budget. Thanks...
Our last insurance provider kept upping rates so I fired them. We haven't been with Bolt for a year yet, but so far it looks good. Of course if the rates continue to go up while the economy goes down we'll need to let them go too. The corporate greed these days is alarming.
Thanks for the hep.
All of my questions were answered. Satisfied.. Will recommend.
I would tell others to use the service.
I was very pleased with this agency they are a professional company.
Good interaction with the sales rep. The business insurance paperwork was completed to my satisfaction. You want me to write more? Seriously, it is after just all insurance, I'm not sure if I have much else to say.
Bolts insurance company has always handled all my request quickly. I advice all who read this give Bolts a try you won't regret it and their prices are great.
I am happy with the company the people took there time to help me with and unusual request within a timely manner. They followed up with me to obtain my insurance.
We love the rate they were able to get us and the prompt emails and phone call to get things underway. The first lady on the phone though was telling us that we had to change our website because the company wouldn't insure us if photography was one of our services. It isn't and our website doesn't claim it is by any means. This caused an issue for awhile. Once we had that straightened and I spoke to the account rep. things went pretty smoothly, except that when we received the email confirmation, it was only the first page. The information we really needed, such as price and payment info was on the second page. I replied and told them about this but have never heard back.
I'm having severe issues with this company. I asked for a Worker's Comp policy to be written for our contract employees. A simple task but it required several people to get it done, reams of paperwork (to be fair, mostly at the request of the underwriter), and AFTER I wrote the check for the full amount, the underwriter wanted additional dollars to cover directors who were listed as exempt. BOLT was supposed to get the exemption paperwork to them but they don't seem to have it. The underwriter says the agent (BOLT) is responsible for taking care of the discrepancy. I have tried several days at different times to get someone at BOLT to call me back-NOTHING! At this point the policy will just lapse.
I was worried because my quote was right in the middle of the takeover and Aillen did a very nice job of giving me confidence in your service! Thanks Again, Brian Abrams
Fast.EZ. affordable.great customer care.had a great experience
Bolt Insurance need to improve on a few things starting with a more effecent way to collect payment than the out dated way of snail mail. Bolt Insurance also said I need to pay them $200 more on a policy that I was rated at a different number. Now I'm not sure if my business is still covered through bolt insurance.
I needed affordable insurance and I was able to find it, however, any time I need to make a change or have a question I usually have to call in more than 3 times to get it resolved.
It's one of the companies where you feel that they are here ready for helping you! I was needed a certificate liability for our small business, it was provide quick! Grace and Allison are very friendly, professionals and taking care any detail that you request. Thanks!
I explained what I needed and it was a quick and easy process.
Bogdan was very professional, I will recommend to all my friends. He found me a very good price and fast