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Worst insurance company ever!! My daughter was in an accident April 21 2018 and it happened on a Sat. Well guess what? They're not open on Saturdays and you file a claim online or wait until Monday, We needed a rental and guidance, certainly they fell short... I have rental for 30 days supposedly on my insurance policy! Well we were told, "7 days find a new car!!!" They are not helping with the fight against the State Trooper who has politely messed up the police report with inaccurate findings, no help whatsoever. Having GENERAL insurance seems like it has to be better than this crackpot company... DO SOMETHING BRISTOL WEST, CAUSE OF NOW YOUR REPUTATION IS TRASH...

CAN YOU SAY BROKER'S fee? SO NICE AND HELPFUL until they get their fee and don't send the appropriate paperwork to their affiliate and try to cancel your policy for their mistake. What a joke. If you call yourself a broker, that's exactly what you're doing - making people broker. You should be ashamed to call yourself an insurance company.

Sunday morn 2:00 a.m. I awoke to my 2015 Nissan Rogue ablaze. The car, what remains is a puddle of metal. I contacted the company and was line for 48 min. waiting to make a claim. After about 40 min of wait I went online and made a claim, complete with a series of photos. Just as the claim number and the name of the agent who was assigned my case came up and rep came on the line. I explained my car was gone and I had just completed a claim online. She verified the claim number and the name of agent assigned. I heard from no one.

Midday Monday I called the agent myself. Got answering machine, I left a message. All day I stayed close and checked email, phone text and phone. No contact. I left another message a few hours later. And a third. I tried twice to contact customer service and I kept getting connected to agents phone machine. I live in the country with no access to taxis, buses, subway etc. It is Tuesday, 1:00, I have a no car and have yet to hear from this agent!

Found my insurance was canceled was not notified by phone or mail. I needed insurance went to their site called them and could not get a human. Only hours Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm. Canceled and got insurance with progressive. Paid 726 they still charged me 8 dollars for 2 days of nothing. LOL. Now 2 weeks waiting for my refund of the rest of the money. WARNING DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY. HORRIBLE HOURS. NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS OR NIGHTS.

Bristol West sent me a email saying it was almost time to renew. I contacted my agent to get a quote for farmers', which is the parent company of Bristol. He couldn't get me a much better deal so I went with Progressive. I told him this and he understood! Two days later, after I had paid Progressive, Bristol West debited my account $443. This made my account overdrawn! Called the agent he said no problem he had talked to them and all they needed was the declaration page from Progressive. That was sent to them electronically and they said since the EFT was from a day prior they couldn't reverse it, they would put a check in the mail that day! Here I sit eight days later with no check! Then today I get new policy paperwork emailed to me. They think I'm still a customer!!! I'm livid right now. As soon as the office opens tomorrow they will get an earful!!!

My vehicle was parked in a restaurant parking lot when it was hit by a driver insured by Bristol West. The bright side is the driver was honest and tracked me down in the restaurant and reported what happened. The bad side is, she had Bristol West. I have had nothing but headaches dealing with this company while trying to get my vehicle repaired.

First they told me that it should only take 2 days to repair and would only pay for a rental car for that amount of time. I was told that they wouldn't pay for more days just because the body shop was busy and couldn't complete the repairs in the 2 days. Secondly, I was told that they would only pay for a small car. My vehicle is a SUV and I drive one for a reason. I am battling with them over that right now. They have very poor customer service. I would not recommend Bristol West to anyone. They are horrible to deal with. I'm glad they are not my insurance company, but I still have to deal with them to get my vehicle repaired. Horrible experience...

I received a check for 3 thousand plus from Bristol West. Somehow the check was never opened and misplaced... my bad. I called Bristol West and they are claiming the check is fraudulent and are refusing to re-issue the check. The check is written on paper with all of the "safety features", watermarks, fluorescent strings, etc. So how can the check be fraudulent I ask, "I don't know" we had a bunch in 2011 and she claims she doesn't who did it or why. REALLY?

First, 2011 has nothing to do with me and a company is going to just allow "a bunch" of fraudulent checks go without finding out what's going on? Has anybody else had this sort of problem? If so, what did you do to solve it please? Any advice would be appreciated. Oh, BW was not my insurance company, however State Farm was and they were associated with them at the time. I am disabled and this money would come in handy. My wife and I were both in accidents the year the check was issued (not our faults). Just a coincidence?

Auto pay processing issues cost me late fees on more than one occasion even though all information and account was in perfect order, customer service was far from helpful and Farmers Insurance agent was very rude, I've since canceled my policy and went to another company, save yourself some aggravation and go elsewhere.

I purchased basic liability insurance for my car and paid every month on time until I found out that the $108.00 per month I was paying was well overcharged when I got a quote from State Farm that would only charge me $28 per month for the same car. So I decided to go with the better deal and enrolled in State Farm. I asked the State Farm lady, “Do I need to go down there and tell Bristol West anything since I'm switching to State Farm”, and she said I shouldn’t have to because they will see that you’re insured by State Farm online. So I paid State Farm that low cost for the same thing Bristol West charged me 5 times the price that State Farm charged me. So do you blame me? I was happy about my new rates and Bristol West text me and said they cancelled my policy.

Until I get a letter from Bristol West that says I owe them $108.00 for a past due amount and I got a letter from a collection agency saying I owed the amount and they would affect my credit. The problem is I was paying in advance for insurance with Bristol West so why do I owe anything especially if I didn’t pay for coverage and switched to State Farm during the billing period they say I owe? I was covered by State Farm during this time and opted out of Bristol West! So as far as I'm concerned they are fraudulently charging for insurance policies. I will never deal with Bristol West or Farmers insurance ever again. They are ripping people off and now I’m stressed out worrying about a collection agency and have to work early. This is terrible that they would do this to me.

That’s their true colors so heed the warning. State Farm is much much better. I don’t know what to do but worry until I call them. I'm on a tight budget and don’t need this fraudulent charge sent to a collection agency. I paid in advance for my first month so why do I owe anything if I didn’t pay and was cancelled while switching and being covered by State Farm. State Farm said there is a website that all insurance agencies can see who my provider is. I was told since I let it run out instead of calling them that, that’s why Bristol West (Farmers) charged me. I just bought a house and a new truck and still have my car that needs repair and a full time job with so much going on that I don’t need to be harassed for leaving them. Somebody please help!

I decided to file a claim towards my own policy. Because the other driver's insurance, wanted to settle less than what it cost to repair my truck. I settled with my insurance, and took the offer. And I was able to keep the truck. This is my first time retaining a vehicle. But, the issue is, The claim dept. allowed me to keep my truck but failed, and neglected to advise what I had to do in regards of retaining of my truck. I later experience some frustration when I went to DMV trying to get a new tag. These includes not able to drive my truck for a week. Communication would have been appreciated between Insurance company and the Consumer.

This is a great company. I have been using them for years and have not had the slightest problem. I had an accident and the company paid out without having to fight them for it! The process was easy and got resolved very quickly.

I am a combat wounded veteran and when I signed up for their towing I never expected to get such unreliable service. I had no help over the phone with the company after they said I had to find my own towing company. I finally found one and they were horrible! I couldn't understand a thing they were saying on the phone and it took them over 2 hrs to arrive!!! I cancelled my plan and went with another provider. The fact they didn't have glass coverage made me mad but this did me in. I cancelled my wife's and my plan immediately. Horrible company!!!

I was with 21st Century for many years before they became Bristol West 2 months ago. They wanted to charge us more than what we had been paying before but we were able to negotiate the price down to $282 (still more than what we had been paying and we lost our free towing). At the end of the month they tried to charge us $432, when we called for an explanation they told us it was because we hadn't signed the necessary forms. We got the forms sent to them that same day and yet they still told us we needed to pay the ridiculous amount of $432. So, of course, we decided to cancel our policy and switch to a different company. They charged us $116 to cancel our policy. We couldn't understand why but after being threatened with being sent to collection and ruining our credit we were forced to pay it. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST!!

Their insurance policy holder rear-ended me on 80 E hwy. And pushed my car into a black navigator with scratch on bumper. This lady in navigator claiming damage to transmission which is fraudulent. But they're holding from paying for my 2005 Chevy Corvette custom show car. Now it has been eight months and they still refuse to pay for their clients' damage while texting which resulted in my car being a total loss. ** and all of Bristol West suck.

I was T-boned by a lady who ran a red light during a severe snow storm that had the city of Denver on accident alert, where police don't get involved in the accident other than to tell people to move their vehicles out of the traffic lanes. We both submitted claims, me to her insurance and she to mine. Both claims were denied due to lack of evidence to prove fault. Nonetheless, Bristol West deemed it proper, even though two insurance adjusters determined no fault, to point the finger at me, drop my rating to "RISK" and double my insurance premiums. I've spent the past three days on the phone with various people within the company and no one can give me a straight answer as to why this was entered as an "At-Fault Accident" when two insurance companies decided that no fault could be determined. Stay far, far away from Bristol West Insurance! They are an underhanded, dishonest company.

We had never even heard of this company before... well not until we received a notice from Harrisburg that Bristol West Insurance informed them that we didn't have ANY insurance at all. My husband has used the same insurance company for over 25 years. We just received the above referenced notification stating that we needed to provide proof of new insurance or we would be facing charges and registration suspension. We never canceled the insurance (with the company we've used for years) that we had on the car since we bought it 3 years ago. This company attained our private information without our consent and we are not happy!

Bristol West is a JOKE! I cancelled my coverage with them to go back to GEICO yet they still charged my account days after cancelling. I accrued a fee with my bank and was told by several different agents that they would refund the fee asap. However, 6 weeks later, I'm told that ALL of those reps were wrong and even though I cancelled my insurance on the 27th and they ran my account on the 30th for a cancelled policy, I will not receive the little $29.00 fee because I didn't cancel the policy 4 days before the payment was to come out, I did it 3 days before...That is ridiculous! You should be able to cancel your policy the night before if you want and if they can't stop the next payment in their system immediately then maybe they need to update it! Or get a better one! But what you don't do is still charge the consumer, lie about it for weeks, and then just not refund it! They suck! Don't use them, EVER!

In brief summary, Bristol West Insurance's insured, Ms. **, hit my vehicle while travelling through the State of Tennessee. Ms. ** apologized profusely for banging my vehicle and attempted to give me money for the damages. Money never exchanged hands. All of this was told to Bristol West Insurance. When I returned to Illinois, I took my vehicle to Athenian Body Shop in Chicago Ridge, Illinois and I filed a claim with Ms. ** insurance, Bristol West Insurance. The claims adjuster, Ms. **, indicated that my damages would be paid and this was also communicated to the Body Shop personnel. The vehicle was later inspected at the body shop by Bristol West's representative and they approved a supplemental.

Two months later, the body shop personnel called and said Bristol West refuses to pay. They told the body shop personnel that I was aware of this decision. I have not spoken to any representative at Bristol West since the claims adjuster told me the damages were approved. This was a blatant misrepresentation. Bristol West Insurance company's representatives approved the repairs and after the repairs were made, they changed their mind. None of this was communicated to me and they never told me the reason for the change. They told the body shop that "liability" was the issue. This was discussed prior to the approval of the damages. In addition, Bristol West was provided a copy of the police report. It seems as though this company cannot be trusted. It appears as though its representatives have no integrity and are not honest.

I sold a vehicle in 2014. In Feb 2015 it was involved in a hit and run. This Bristol insurance reported me to some recovery place. Now I'm being hounded for $1700. I'm not paying. Instead e-mail my proof. They are morons! No way this is real company. The way they talk to people is unheard of in insurance. Watch out! If you have this insurance... you've been SCAMMED.

If you are in San Francisco, CA. Better use Metromile or Geico or something else. Bristol Insurance (Partners) are even worst. If you get stuck on traffic and need road assistance they are close and it will have to come out of your pocket. They will even try to bump your rate up to 30% and if you complain that's the only when they do something. They are ready to steal from you. I got refund after the cancellation that's I gave them one star. I am still waiting for another refund that they could have void it because was still pending but they at the end charged me anyways and now I need to wait 15 days to get my refund. Don't do business with this company because the problems start when you need them.

On 9/7, while shopping at Lowe's for building supplies, my minivan was hit in the rear lift gate. I was in the store and the guy driving the other vehicle, a p/u, had a bed extender and had his tailgate down. He couldn't his tailgate and hit my car. I have Allstate and he has Bristol West. I reported the accident to Allstate and they filed the claim for me with BW. It took 2 or 3 weeks for an adjuster from BW to contact me, then he had to get in touch with the guy who rear-ended me to get his version, even though BW had the accident report filed by the officer who came out. I finally had to call back to find out when the check would be deposited; I kept getting the adjuster's voice mail, and he never returned my call. I then called the company and they put me in touch with his supervisor, who got him on the phone.

Finally, after about 5 weeks, BW deposited the check. I'm going to need a rental for 5 days, and when I called about this, again I had to keep calling. I even called Allstate as a last resort, and the customer rep. tried to call his supervisor, whose voicemail picked up. She and I left a message for him to call me, then I tried the adjuster again and had to leave a vm. He finally returned my call and said he had issued a check at the time he issued the check for the repairs. I informed him that both checks together were less than the estimate I had gotten from the body shop. He told me his adjuster had come up with a different amount and had probably got a reduction in an estimate because that was a common practice.

Just before I got this car, I was rear-ended while stopped and waiting for the car ahead of me to make a left turn. Somehow nobody seems to be able to see my car until they hit it. In this accident, the other driver had Farm Bureau insurance (not to be confused with Farmer's Insurance) and within 2 weeks, I had received the check and was in a better car. They called and arranged for a rental the next day after the accident, w/o my having to call them first! They decided my car was totaled and gave me more than the KBB value. There was so much contrast between the two experiences that I don't know how Bristol West can even call themselves an insurance company!

We had an accident with someone insured with Bristol West. The experience has been so terrible I wish I could give them zero stars. There was zero communication. They don't return calls until you start harassing them. The total loss adjuster was extremely rude. Or is, because I am sure this thing isn't over.

Someone hit my vehicle and I had to wait 2 weeks until Bristol west Said I had to pay my deductible to get My car fix. Then they told me I only had my rental car for 10 days only so I had to pay out of my pocket additional money. Then when my car went into the shop my a/c was working and when I got it back it wasn't working anymore. Now the body shop is saying it's wear and tear on the vehicle. If I wanted fix I have to take it to Mercedes Benz dealership and pay out of my own pocket again to have vehicle check to see if it's wear and tear of vehicle.. A/C was working before.. I am so upset and 800 dollars short.. I don't even know why I have this insurance..

Don’t go with this company! Worst insurance ever! Rude. Are the worst to file a claim with, almost impossible to get a hold of anyone! & your claims adjuster, I had an adjuster name Ryan. He was extremely rude. I had to tell him several times not to be so rude, he's an interrogator, a name caller, attacked me verbally, said I was making threats because I asked him a questions, like how much longer before I know about my car and will the rental car be covered because it states that in my policy. Ryan acted as if I was upsetting him, annoying him, & threatening him, because I was asking questions, meanwhile the claim's taking forever, over a month, I'm paying for the car, & car insurance. SMH.

I’ve done everything they ask me to do, statements, faxes, emails, pics, no replies, just one letters says I have to pay for this & that. They try to stick you with every fee they can stick you with, will try to accuse you of things you didn’t do, lie on you & to you! & give you a car that is a total loss. They will do anything to anyone. They do not care at all about customer service. The rudest people. I don’t how they are still around and allowed to treat and do this to people! Paying so much for car insurance. I have never paid so much for insurance. I have no tickets. Excellent driving record. This claim is not my fault. I’m well over 25 paying 288 a month. The most I’ve ever paid. SMH.

Switching. Never going with company again! Never get this insurance! They will ignore you and treat you horribly. Do not go with this company. I wish I would of read the reviews before I went with this company, and I wish I didn’t have to file a claim at all! They make a unfortunate situation a nightmare. Get a lawyer if you have to file a claim!

Please stay away from this company, they will rip you off so bad. Your premium will go up double or triple without any good reason... Ah, they will not even take the time to call you about the changes. Customer services is terrible.

If you want an insurance company that doesn't care about their insured, and most definitely won't stand up and fight for their insured, then this is the company for you! The adjusters must be right out of college and completely overworked. They didn't even try to fight for me during a recent collision. I was hit from behind by a driver that was speeding, distracted and hit me 100 yards after I turned! They sided with her insurance company and blamed me for the wreck when I was clearly not in the wrong. They are unprofessional and uncaring. I wouldn't recommend this or Farmers Insurance to ANYONE EVER! I will be dropping and switching in 6 months without hesitation. Stay far far far away from this company!

Last Friday I was in an accident with someone who has auto insurance with Bristol West. The other driver was at fault so my insurance agency instructed me to file the claim with the other driver's insurance. Bristol West and their adjustor Michael ** have been very prompt & cordial in getting me set up to have my car repaired and renting another car while mine is being repaired. They and their client have taken some of the sting out of being in an accident.

I received information from 21st Century Insurance that the company was changing to Bristol West Insurance. I went to the website and handled everything that needed to be changed to switch over to the new company. I filled in all the information for the account numbers to auto pay the policy and received confirmation that everything had been submitted. I was out of the country for two weeks and when I returned home and picked up my mail there was an envelope with all my policy information and an envelope with a cancellation notice. Evidently one of the digits for the auto pay account number was off so the policy was cancelled.

When I called to rectify the problem and see about getting the policy reinstated I was told that nothing could be done to reinstate the policy and I would have to get a new quote. When I called to get the new quote the policy amount was three hundred dollars more than the original policy amount. It was obviously more convenient and far more beneficial financially to Bristol West not to reinstate my policy. I have since purchased a policy from a different company. I must add that this experience just reinforces the poor reputation of insurance companies of not only Bristol West but also Farmers Insurance company / 21st Century Insurance.

Few weeks ago my wife & I were driving along & out of nowhere a deer jumped out in front of us. There was just enough time to step on the brakes but still no way to avoid hitting it. The damage was done & we sat on side of the road & waited for the sheriff to show up. The next day of going through the insurance process, we brought the vehicle to a garage for a estimate. It's been two weeks & the person at the garage has been sending faxes & e-mails to the adjuster & giving him a run around. I tried contacting the adjuster a few times myself after finding out he was having a tough time with them & they still haven't contacted me back. Now my family & I have been vehicles for two weeks.

Co, very rude about charges put on account, this was always paid in advance & they chose to add bogus charges for additional money, $50 charge for cancelling policy & another $28 for stopping bank draft. Account opened on 13th of month closed on 12th. Should not have be any additional charges.

After a two months ordeal with this company and a signed witness statement testifying that the other person was speeding and ran a red light and caused damages to my vehicle, they actually had the bravado to deny the claim. After reviewing all the complaints online against this company, I can honestly say they are true based upon my experience with them. All I can say is beware. I will also be pursuing this matter with the state Department of Insurance. Wish I could give them minus stars.

Always have issues with billing, pay $25 extra every month because of billing issues. Upon renewal for car insurance this month and was not notified the policy would go up, nor did my account on Bristol West website say in the billing information that there would be a rate increase and Farmers Insurance has no answers for me because they are a third-party provider and Bristol West is charging another 25$ because of billing issues again. I'm soo done with this horrible insurance company and they can kiss my ass and eat that 25$, I'm done paying extra every month.

Filed a complaint on date of accident. Was told I'd be hearing from them in the next business day. It's been over a week and I can't get a hold of our claims representative. All calls go directly to voicemail. I'm facing over 1,000 worth in damages for a little bumper tap. They don't seem to care about your claim. All they want is your monthly payment. Don't use this company ever.

They upped my UIM without permission from previous policy. Now have to write letter to request it back to original. Have emailed it faxed it they do not listen. Then asked girl to send new policy and ins cards sent me the old policy and cards. Then faxed Jan 17 2018 what I emailed in Dec to fix the issue. Girl said call back in 3 hours to see if we got it... They still have not corrected anything and increase rate because of it... How can these People be allowed to do business at all is beyond me. I sent something very legible so she wrote not legible so I emailed her back and sent it again only to be told the other day Jan 17 2018 "Oh you cannot email them back" by a different girl. Nothing stated that on her email. I will complain to a higher authority... Plus they charge you to go paperless and other fees. They are corrupt!

This company lies to its customers and takes forever to process a claim or resolve any issues. I change my address and a refund check was sent to a old address and it was stolen. The company treated me as if I stole the check when they made the mistake. Then I had to wait 6 months to only get a partial payment of 25.00. The remaining 488.00 has yet to be released to me. Even the supervisors are not willing to help. Nobody documents what was said during the previous phone conversations. Foremost Auto, Bristol West, Waterhouse and Associates all are garbage.

We had 21st insurance for 2 years and were completely happy. I could take care of everything online, easy breezy. Which makes sense BECAUSE WE LIVE IN FREAKING 2018...21st decided to stop servicing our area and we were told that we were being switched to Farmers Insurance. Which then turned into Bristol West, Part of the Farmers Insurance Group, related to 21st. So, basically we got passed off to the 3rd string team. Their website is so ridiculously basic that it looks like it was created at the same time Myspace was. You cannot even add or take away a vehicle. You have to call. And then you get bounced around for 15 minutes by the stupid automated phone service. I'm sure my kids thought I was possessed when I started yelling, "I JUST WANT TO TALK TO A REAL FREAKING HUMAN BEING!!!"

If that wasn't bad enough, I begrudgingly signed up for automatic withdrawal and I never know when they're actually going to take the money out. When I signed up, it said that I would still have to make the first payment manually, so I did. Then the next month, I went in to verify that the automatic withdrawal was a go and there was no way to verify that it was actually active. So you just kind of have to wait and see if it's going to work. So, that was a few months ago and I'm never sure if it's going to work. I have been watching the bank account all weekend waiting for this stupid payment to come out and then I get a letter today. So my payment is supposed to come out on the 18th and it didn't. Then the 19th, it still didn't come out and I started wondering what the heck? Then, something else went through and we were a few dollars short (totally my bad) and then today I went and put more money in.

Well, I get this letter that says they tried to take out the payment and it was rejected (I guess they tried to withdraw it in the 18ish hours it was short on a Sunday, 3 days after it was supposed to...), so now I have to pay the $25 fee on top of the payment within 9 days or they're cancelling my insurance. I would understand the late fee and all this jazz, EXCEPT the letter was postmarked on the 18th. That's the day the payment is supposed to come out...and on that day the money was in the bank because I was watching it like a hawk. And I have overdraft protection anyway, so I have no idea why it would have been kicked back.

I was going to call and try to figure it out and possibly yell at someone, but I don't feel like getting stuck on hold with an idiot computer program. If you are considering Bristol West for your insurance For the love of all that is holy on this earth, please, just don't. You're welcome. (For extra clarification, I NEVER leave reviews, I'm not even the type of person that sends food back when it's wrong. I just sit there and smile and eat it. And I don't have an "I'd like to speak to your manager" haircut either. This company just makes me want to pull my hair out. We will definitely be switching ASAP).

I was in an accident on March 28 with a driver that has Bristol West Insurance, I have never had to deal with a company that lies and has the worse customer services EVER! The police report came out over a month ago showing that their driver was at fault! Witness statements and CHP have him 100% at fault but they the claim is still under review as of yesterday. Yesterday when I spoke to the claim adjuster she FLAT out lied and said she has left messages for me to call her and I asked her what number she had for me, she gave me the incorrect number, which I have updated with her at least 6 times. Here is the kicker. I called the number she said she has called and left messages for me AND THAT NUMBER is discounted! I have never been lied to like I have been by this company! I have FARMERS INSURANCE and they have been great thru this whole claim!!! BUT NADA AT BRISTOL HAS BEEN THE WORST EVER!!!

I was involved in an accident with a Bristol West customer who admitted fault which was documented in the police report and was also given several citations from the police. One of which was driving with a suspended license. Getting them to pay for the repairs has been terrible. I submitted all the required documentation including police report and I"m still driving a damaged vehicle two weeks later. They claimed they mailed out a check for their estimate of the cost of the repair plus $100 for car rental. What a joke. Totally unprofessional. I'm surprised Farmers is associated with them. I'm considering getting an attorney and the Better Business Bureau.

They don't care about you. They take days to get back to you. They screw you over even in writing they lie to you! I'm suing them. Does anyone want to join me? I'm taking out a class action lawsuit for neglect.

Bristol West is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with, they are extremely rude and unprofessional. They refuse to answer questions, respond to emails, or return phone calls, they have hung up on me and threatened me. They have been sitting on my claim now for almost 2 months with basically zero contact with me other than trying 3 times to send a tow truck to take my vehicle when the claim has not been settled. My advice to anyone and everyone thinking of using this company is to RUN FAR AND RUN FAST!!! PS. If I could leave a rating below 1 star I would.

Working with this sorry excuse for a company has been the worst experience I've had with an "agency". I was contacted by an agent who told me because I was getting a DUI, that I needed an SR22 even though I wasn't going to be convicted for months. I was told to pay almost $300 to start up with them, then $33/mo for the DUI insurance. After months of it being automatically withdrawn from my account, I lost my card and gave them my new card for the automatic withdrawal.

After another month and a half, I was notified through email that my policy had been canceled because I hadn't been making payments with the new card, and I owed them a backpay of $38. When I called to pay it, they asked if I wanted to pay with the credit card number I gave them!!! I asked how did they have my credit card number, yet wasn't taking the payments out as usual, PLUS, why wasn't I notified? They said "...we don't know." I spend two hours on the phone with them until they finally pulled the phone call of me giving them my credit card number. BUT they then said that because it had been so long, I couldn't reinstate my account, I had to start a completely new one, including paying $260 to start over.

I talked to another representative, and he said if I went directly through sales, I didn't have to pay the start up fee, I could just pay my monthly, but I had to call back tomorrow to do so. I called back the next day, and was transferred to 2 different people at Bristol West, then to Century 21, then to Farmers, then put on hold, back to Bristol, then to Century 21 again, Farmers again (I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP, THIS WAS NUTS) just to be told I DO have to pay the start up fee no matter who I deal with. I googled them to see if anyone else was dealing with this, and after I read everyone's reviews, saw that they had been doing the same to many MANY people.

These people are scam artists. They're total liars and rip offs and will steal your money from you. DO NOT TRUST THEM. I've paid almost $1k without even (STILL) being convicted of anything, so I was basically just giving them free money. All they could say is "Sorry, that sucks. So can we start you a new policy?" What a joke. Beware.

I have never had a worse experience with a company. I wish I could give ZERO stars because this was the worst service I have ever had! They were extremely negligent and they lied several times straight to my face. It took them 7 weeks to come to a decision and then they completely disregarded the police report and denied my claim. The communication was extremely terrible. I called many many times as did my collision company and the response was incredibly terrible and absent. I made a claim with the Utah Insurance Board and will have to litigate against them.

It was ok, a little expensive, but was an insurance company, brokered through State Farm. State Farm agent/office was very nice and helpful, was most especially helpful with explaining the prices and policies and making sure you're comfortable and informed.

I can't recommend this company to anyone. Foremost Insurance is definitely NOT for NO ONE. BRISTOL WEST INSURANCE is what they are really under. I renewed my insurance last week for 2 vehicles. On Monday I called to remove 1 vehicle I no longer have and they started with the runaround. The 1st rep told me it was too late to stop the payment (it was the 17, I understood that) which comes out on the 19th but will distribute the credit to future 5 payments left and told me what the new payment would be before they apply the credit, which would be lowered once the credit applies. I called Thursday, new rep: New monthly payment amount was told to me before the credit, but she informed me what the new monthly would be after the credit though their website was not reflecting what was being said. She explained I would get document tonight. The latest the next day.

I received new doc information that evening. Of course, a different amount from what the 2 reps I spoke to, I call and spoke to rep which was very head strong and not trying to listen or understand what I was saying. She informed me the credit was applied and new amount reflects that: amount was higher than all the 2 and she could explain where the amount that was taken out of my account went or applied to. I ask for a supervisor. She gave me a Team Lead, that didn't know what to tell me next, each time I clarified what she was saying that was false information. This company is a rip off from they would refund me back my tow charge just submit my receipt via fax, to it was not on my policy from another rep. They put me on hold for supervisor which NEVER answered the phone. BEWARE and STAND CLEAR!

Bought insurance for 6 months and the agent said "other companies tell insurance is for 6 months and cheat you by charging extra in the last month" and I get a cancellation notice at the end of 5 months! On contacting they say I am in a "5-Pay" plan and must pay extra for the last month, which they never told me about and I am sure they told me I am paying for full 6 months. I had option of buying the insurance at same price online but I preferred to buy at their office and now need to pay $50 extra for one month. Never going back to this cheat again.

I arranged for renewal of my policy in Sept 2018 which went into effect on Oct 23. Meanwhile, I purchased a home and it was better to bundle, so I canceled officially on Oct 24th which went into effect on Oct 25, when I closed on my home. I had the policy with Bristol West for 2 days on the renewal. I paid $126.74 for an entire month of service, only used 2 days, yet was notified by mail that I am being charged $43.50 for this.

In speaking to a Bristol West Rep she said there was a service fee. I read my contract and also consulted with my Rep at Americus and there is no cancellation or service fee in the state of CO. That said, I am within my rights to receive the full refund amount due to me, no service or cancellation fee, only 2 days= $8.18, so refund amount should be: $118.56.

I tried to submit above on website and it would not send. Also my Rep at Americus called and was not able to resolve. In addition to that I had asked to speak to a Manager after I got nowhere with the Bristol West Rep and was put on a long hold. They are making it impossible to resolve this and get my money back. Next step will be a letter from my Attorney.

After the fist payment of 190.00$ went through, about 2 weeks later they raised my rates to $284 a month. These guys are out to steal your money. They say it was because of incidents on my policy but I provided them proof that it wasn't me, they lowered the entire policy by 65$ bringing the payments to $280. Stay away.

I had previously signed up to a 6 month auto insurance policy, no issues and everything went well, probably because I didn't make a claim during that period of time. Two days after my policy ran out I noticed they had charged me $1,453. This was a huge surprise... At no point did I discuss a new policy or indeed confirm a renewal of my old policy. It is beyond parody that they would do that. I've had no discussion with a representative, no email correspondence and I have not signed a single document to confirm I would be purchasing their product. What is also of huge concern is that I have no receipt of what I've allegedly bought from them, no updated policy number or confirmation email of such, just a withdrawal from my bank account!!!

I ran over a huge piece of tire on the freeway at night. It was dark I couldn't see the tire until I came up on it. I couldn't swerve to avoid it because there were cars in the lane next to me. It damaged the front part of my bumper on my 2016. I have been with Bristol West/Farmers for about 2-3 years maybe longer. The cost of the repair was $1,500 and I paid my $500 deductible. I get a call from my agent explaining to me that the accident was coded "at fault" so guess what!!! My premiums were going to increase about $100 more per mo! I just don't get it, I make my payments every month, I have a perfect driving record (30 years) but my premiums go up!!!

This is a rip-off and we have no choice but to carry it or suffer the consequences. The best I can do is look for insurance with another company and I promise I will never ever do business with Bristol West ever again in life. You take my payments each month with no problems but when it comes to a situation like this you have no problem screwing me. I'd rather give the money to another rip-off arts!

My accident was in the middle of August. It is October now and they still haven't settled. Why? Well, the main reason is because no one there picks up their phone. Their representative left a voice mail with a return number for me to call. I called it about 15 minutes after I missed her call and she was already gone. Her voice mail informed me that she was on vacation for a week and a half. She didn't leave me with any other phone numbers or emails to contact her staff with. The day she got home, I received 1 voice recorded call and then another call saying my rental car was to be turned in that day even though they had done nothing. It takes 7 calls to get a hold of one person.

When I finally had an email address, I thought it might get better but it didn't. Whenever I sent emails to my rep, they wouldn't get back to me. When I would finally get them on the phone and ask about the email, they would say that they only check their messages for today so if I sent it on another day, then they probably don't have it any more. That's professional. Overall, horrible experience. I am so happy that the only reason I'm dealing with them is because their client hit me. If I was their customer I would be running as fast as possible.

Bristol West increased my monthly payment by a lot and without my permission took that money from my account... then when I cancelled everything that very same day they would refund my money! The people in the farmers office have to tell me that they'll call me back. Every time I call, if they don't know anything, why are they working there??? I have no been in an accident ever and not had any tickets, I am a good driver and paid everything on time, as it was taken out of my account automatically. Bristol West will raise your fees for being a safe driver and good customer??? Then will take money from your account even if they aren't authorized!!! They also will not refund your money even if you cancel everything on the same day they take the money... They are thiefs and what they do to people should be illegal!!! Bristol West Insurance is the worst company I've ever dealt with and I'll tell everyone I know and then somehow horrible they are!!!

Picked up a policy for my car and truck. Everything was good for 8 months. I got a new card, and didn't update my information. No notifications at all over email until they added a late fee. Then I started getting emails every 3 days. I drove 2 months without insurance, luckily I wasn't in an accident or pulled over. You would think they would want to get a hold of you to keep making money, I guess the late fee was more of a money maker or something. No empathy at all from the agent or the manager. I just wanted the $30 waived, I'm honest and wanted to pay for the insurance that was provided. Either way this is also my fault but it makes no sense business wise. I don't even want to know what making a claim would be like! Definitely wouldn't recommend.

Somebody shot at my car on the weekend so I went ahead and called Bristol West to file a claim. The operator said that the adjuster will contact me within 2 business days. Monday came along and I had 1 call back from a guy name ** to my bf's cell phone. My bf told me to call the agent back, but when I did which is around 9 am, there's no answer. I called like 8 more times and all I got was an answering machine. I left like 7 messages. I was calling for about 8 hours and still no response. I called the company that's based in Florida and the lady told me they can't do anything about my case because it's out of their hands already. She couldn't even answer my questions. She didn't even know my adjuster's name. So I had a bad feeling about this company so far. It's 11:30 pm and I still yet to receive a call back from them.

Bristol West, how in the world are you going to charge me an early termination fee when I've been a customer since 2003? I told my family and friends to drop their policies with you. Over the years my premium had skyrocketed almost every 6 months.

I was involved in accident which their client. An insurance adjuster contacted me and told me to submit an estimate of the damage done to my 92 Silverado and in two weeks later they contact me and tell me that there insured motorist claim that I ran the red light and was at fault for the accident and tried to do and are trying to make me pay $5,000 to my dollars damages to his vehicle but he was at fault. Approach the intersection that I was sitting at waiting to make a left hand turn at a high rate of speed and attempted to turn right. Lost control and hit me in my driver side door.

I don't know how the police report gives him the idea that I was at fault because I was not ticketed for running a red light or failure to yield to the right away or none of that and he'd try to drive away from the accident so I don't understand how they come about this but I'm trying to find an attorney that will charge him with fraud and get me the money they owe me for my truck damages cuz I had to lose a truck mechanic it wouldn't pay me for it. Couldn't fiction could drive it around damaged so it's been long enough. Now the truck is gone and I can't find an attorney to do what they should do. This accident happened in Anderson California at highway 273 and Alexander road and I had two witnesses but because Brittany ** or Randy ** whatever her name was could not get a call from my witnesses or could not contact my witnesses she still going with her Friday night client saying I was at fault.

Please think very carefully before signing up with this company unless you want to have countless ISSUES. I signed up with Bristol West on a 6 month contract, in that whole time I needed to use my roadside assistance ONCE because my car battery died, I called them and they said that I needed to arrange everything myself and pay out of pocket and then send the claim to them and they would 'consider' if they would accept the claim. I pay extra for roadside assistance and was told that I would have great service, have someone come out and help me, no worries, everything included only to be told otherwise on the day I needed help.

Secondly and most frustrating of all was that on the last payment of the contract they didn't withdraw money from my account (it was set up to automatic deductions) and then said that they had cancelled my insurance due to the fact that I didn't pay and sent me to collections! I went over my bank statements like ten times to see where I didn't have sufficient funds like they had said and nowhere for the last 6 months did I not have sufficient funds for them to be able to withdraw. It was a COMPLETE scam. I suppose they get a percentage when they send their customers to collections and so that's what they do on the last month of a contract. AND I am currently trying to build up my credit to buy a house, this will be devastating to my credit now! To say the least I was appalled. Bristol West you are APPALLING! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. I hope millions of people read this review and decide against going with your company and you go BANKRUPT!

This happened on a Friday in the morning the agent was contacted before 1pm with no call back. I had to contact her again on Monday. She then proceeded to violate IL state law in regards to accepting Liability. She did not call me back the same day after contacting my estimate company who had photos of the damage as well. I tried to get a hold of a supervisor who hung up on me. This is some fly by night insurance company. DO NOT BUY POLICIES FROM THEM. I do hope someone from Bristol way (who is in TX) by the law reads this. I will not be stopping here with complaints nor the State Attorney.

They are by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. They lowballed on the repairs to my 2013 GMC Acadia. I was reared ended off a farming road that had gravel pull off on side of road. I was shoveled into a small hole with gravel/rocks in it. The force pushed gravel up on the hood of my truck, scratching it beside $6,000 in damages to the rear of my truck. I was laid up for 2-3 with neck and head pain. Got a secondary issue due to being laid up. They offered me $300 for my trouble. WTF!!!! 9 months later they would only give me $1,100 for my neck injury.

I wanted it direct deposited like their email said they could but no link was provided and Maria ** was NO help with the issue and left a message if I didn't answer the phone as soon as she called back within 2 minutes she would have the check cut and mailed. I'm like great... I have to wait a week for a check and then 2 more weeks before my bank clears it. What a total **! She didn't have to do that **. She could have waited for me to call back in the morning. I should have got a lawyer! If you ever have a claim against them, get a lawyer because they ** with people in every way.

I decided to cancel my insurance after they raised it for no reason. I sent a total of 5 cancellation emails and they never received any of them (so they say). I ended up having the broker fax it in and magically, it was received. Prior to this though, I had the payments automatically deducted from my account and was told by EVERY agent I spoke to, that once I canceled and the funds were debited, I would get a refund for the FULL amount of the payment. I also told them that I needed to get my refund check sent to a new address in a different city, and was told that would not be a problem. Well... It was a problem. I called today to check on the status of my refund check and they told me I was only receiving half of the amount not the full thing. They told me it was due to fees and the address change.

They are liars, their customer service sucks, their customer service department manager is rude, and no one was willing to work with me and refund any of the fees. I am so grateful I never got into an accident while using their insurance, because God forbid, I'd have to deal with this terrible company with a much more serious matter. I will never refer anyone to this company, or any of their affiliates. They do not care about their loyal customers (I have been with them for minimum 6 years) and I seriously hope they get their act together.

I'm not one who is easily offended but man am I pissed off right now! So the Bristol West insurance company FINALLY called me back a little bit ago (only took 6 days). I had to leave a ton of messages before this happened though. The guy who called seemed very annoyed from the beginning. I told him about my daughter's accident and that we needed to get this claim rolling because not having a vehicle is a problem for her. He said he was going to put me on hold and talk to an adjuster. Well I was not on hold like he thought. I could hear everything he was saying about me and it was vulgar and rude! Calling me a ** and a maggot and a whole variety of other insults.

I allowed him to continue until he "came back" to the conversation with me. Obviously I exploded on him at that point and then I hung up. He called back. My husband answered that time and unloaded on him some more. The guy actually had the nerve to say he is canceling our claim! He got caught and somehow we were in the wrong for being upset! It's illegal to cancel a claim when someone's pays for insurance! Someone please contact me if you can help!

This company screwed me over so bad. They canceled my insurance because they said my payment was returned from my bank which was a LIE. The truth is they never sent the payment through my bank! Then doubled payment.

I had just switched to Foremost/Bristol West after 30 years of a perfect driving record. Boom! Got broadsided by an underinsured driver. From the very first call, the company representatives treated me with the greatest respect and kindness. Made sure I got the medical care I needed, and gave me the best settlement they could, according to my policy. They, in fact, saved my life. My rate did go up some, but understandable with the money they paid. I will be their customer for life and hope no more accidents. ;o ]

Universally expensive prices contracts. Even more, they suggested a more expensive car insurance contract payment than the contract before 6 months. They don't care about if I got a driver's license. They even made an auto payment without my agree. I was very upset. I almost thought to call the police.

I signed a contract with farmers and got the papers through Bristol west, not a good sign. My wife got hit by someone in a Parking lot. She took pictures and sent them to the claims department for Bristol west and they told her to pay the 500 dollar deposit to get her car fixed. My wife declined because it was not her fault. The agent said he needed to investigate the claim and would call her back. One month later, no call.

My wife attempted to contact the agent again and got the voice mail three times over a two week period. She finally got hold of his manager and we were contacted that day and he told us to just file a claim and that's all he could help us with, so we did. They recommended a shop who quoted the damage for 1300 then the guy said they made a mistake at the body shop. Would have to send someone out to assess the damage. This guy from Bristol west quoted the damages to be at 650 and no more. Stay away from this company they're frauds!

I had an accident that was not my fault in Aug 2018. The other driver was insured thru Progressive and they should have been the company helping me. Their client was cited for the accident which totaled my car leaving me with no transportation. After waiting over a week and a half for them to do something. I called Bristol West and let them know that Progressive was not helping me and I had rented a car paying out of pocket to get to work. My claims adjuster was Hanns and he stepped in and took care of everything! He had me reimbursed for the rental and had the whole claim took care of quickly. I had never been in a situation to file an insurance claim and didn't know what I was supposed to do. I thank him very much for his help and professionalism.

I have been selling cars for 26 years. I always contact the insurance company for my clients to make sure VIN numbers and such are correct. I recently had a client who uses Bristol West for his auto insurance. From start to finish...4 calls and about 30 min with client, this was the worst experience, bar none, I have ever had. If customer service is important to you, stay clear of this company.

I was charged $266 per month for 1 car, a Honda Pilot. I have only 1 point on my record. I just switched to Wawanesa Insurance with higher coverage and lower deductible for $109 per month. I tried calling Bristol West to cancel and was put on hold for over 30 minutes, and was told that I would have to pay $50 to cancel my policy although I have had my policy with them for over 2 years. Their website seems like it hasn't been updated since 1999 and doesn't help answer any questions one might have. Beware of this insurance company, they prey on their customers.

So I was driving my wife to work when a man drinking and driving on his phone ran a red light and totaled my car. He had State Farm so I thought at least a reputable car ins. company. Yea right! Haven't dealt with State Farm once. Have had to deal with this horrible insurance company called Bristol West. I owned my car. Was paid for it almost in a week. So I thought maybe this might just not frag out. Yea right, almost a year later and not once have I been asked about my problems as a result.

The claims adjuster has been nothing but rude, lazy and will not return a call. Takes weeks to do anything. I never hear about an update. I made a reasonable offer and have been denied. It's BS. I lost my place, had to use the money for my car to put me back in a place, had to trade in one of my other card to get a new one with payments. And now I just want to be paid and yea right, it's almost been a year. What? In a week they're going to say, "Sorry, Sir. It's been a year and you can't do anything." This is BS. How do they get away with this? I had zero fault and deserve to be paid. WTF. Laziness and under-qualified should be their motto.

I was up for a 6-month renewal but decided to go somewhere else. They sent me one email saying it was time for a renewal and that I needed to log on to my acct to start the process. I never did. They tried to take out $750 from my checking acct without my permission because apparently if you sign up for paperless billing they think they can do whatever they want. So I got charged $29 from my bank for insufficient funds plus my rent is going to be late so that is another $55.

I called and of course it was some ignorant passive aggressive you know what who answered the phone and didn't even say the company's name when she answered and she said like I was stupid or something that you signed up for paperless billing and we sent you an email saying it was time for a renewal. Well oh ok I guess it's my fault. Yeah right. So then she said she couldn't cancel my policy over the phone, it would have to be in writing and I said "well you could cancel it for nonpayment right??" Of course they would. Horrible company.

Was struck by a county vehicle... Took two weeks to hear from my adjuster after I called him (received a form letter at first). Three months have gone by and finally tracked down someone in the county claims department who called back that same day. When I called and talked to my adjuster he lied and tried putting the blame on the county.

I am disgusted with this company. I cancelled my policy but they auto took the payment regardless. I was told the refund would get to me within 10 days. The payment will not be here until the 1st of Feb though they sent it on the 23rd.

I'm not trying to give a sob story, but I lost both my parents 3 months apart then lost my job. I fell on hard times and asked Bristol West to please work with me and told them I could send them all of the proof of my hardship. They told me flat out no. They won't work with me. I explained if I lose my car insurance I lose my car then it just snowballs into losing my new job and house and so forth. They did not care. This company will not work with you if you live in the state of Texas. So be very careful with this company. They do not care about their customers in any way. I wouldn't have even given them a one star but I had to. It wouldn't let me give a zero...

Debited my account for many months after I ended policy... 4mo later still waiting on refund of which I'm continually given the run around about... My accounts have been put in red due to their errors of which no recourse will be giving... You Just lose with this company!!!

It's a company I've had since I bought my first car. I Haven't had any issues making a claim. They were a small company bought out by a larger one but I still have my same agent.

I was on automatic payment with Bristol West. Every 6 months they would deduct my premium from my credit card. At the last billing, my credit card denied the payment. Instead of contacting me by phone or e-mail to correct the problem, they cancelled my insurance immediately. I received a letter in the mail three weeks later that my insurance had been cancelled, and requesting a $25.00 NSF fee. I am relieved that I didn't have a claim during the three weeks that I was driving without insurance! Instead of paying the NSF fee, I am going to file a complaint with my Washington State Insurance Commissioner.

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