California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance Reviews

California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance
California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance

California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

They have awesome customer service, the claims process is very timely and efficient, and they regularly help me to review the policy to make sure I'm getting the most for my money. This is why we have been with them 6 years and counting.
I have had a great experience with the company. The people I have dealt with have been super nice. The service has been first class. They will have my business as long as they want me.
I am very satisfied!
Great prices and customer service! Highly endorse!
I just pay my monthly premiums. Haven't had to deal with California Casualty in a situation yet.
They make sure I have excellent coverage that is appropriate for me and only call me when it is truly a necessity. I love it!
California Casualty has been wonderful with customer service, solving my issues and taking the time to offer me the best rate.
From the initial inquiry about rates & coverage, to claim handling, California Casualty has been excellent. They take time to listen, ask the right questions and are very patient in their handling if ALL my insurance needs.
doesn't give much option to paying your bill month to month without automatic bank deduction.
We have enjoyed our time with California Casualty.
My initial review was bad, but after having a conversation with a California Casualty representative, I'm changing my review. The Santa Rosa fires were devastating and I believe many insurance companies are trying to best meet the needs of their customers in such horrible circumstances. I appreciate that CC took the time to contact me personally.
Has been great to work with anytime we have had a claim.
We had an excellent claims experience with California Casualty Insurance Casualty.
Very helpful and covers what I need. Wonderful for RN's!
On October 21st 2007 we lost our home in the California Harris Fire. We were under the impression that we were sufficiently covered by California Casualty. That was not the case and they showed the structure at under 2400 square feet. The county of San Diego shows it at 4500 square feet. I was a police officer at the time and still went to work while my home burned to the ground. For two weeks I worked and put my community 1st, due to the large scale fire that disrupted our city and the county of San Diego. I was one of three police officers that lost their home during this period when fires plagued our city. Guess which police officer still has no home on thier property? I would not recommend California Casualty. As a 1st responder, my community had an expectation that I would be there for them. California Casualty was not there for my family and I would encourage police officers, firemen, and teachers not to insure your family’s future with them. We were extremely under insured and I am now sharing my story with police, fire, and teacher unions. Please remove California Casualty as a choice for insurance coverage for those that serve. Make your family your priority!!! Roberto
You would be hard press to find a better insurance company.
Excellent service,vOver the ast 30+ years!
I use CCAH for all of my insurance needs. I have had little or no concern about their service. I would recommend them to my family and friends.
Excellent company with great customer service!
i have been with them for 2 years and have had no problems. I can call them and get great customer service. overall a great company
We were involved in a no-fault (of ours) collision and I have to say, I'm really glad I have this insurance. They took good care of us, got everything handled in a timely manner, and I feel like we were treated fairly. Thank you!
Great company with great coverage. I love the partnership between my employer and Casualty Insurance which allows me to pay my premium via payroll deduct.
Your company is easy to deal with but your adjustment department is too quick to total a car based on the damage from a relatively minor accident. cars that are in top condition well kept get totaled because the repairs are more than what the book allows. There needs to be a more common sense approach to settling a claim with this kind of vehicle after all the next vehicle that is purchased will be more expensive than fixing the one that the owner already has. Good money is paid to insure a car with collision so as to fix the car. Other wise we should only choose insurance to meet our liabilities and save the difference to repair our cars ourselves. That is why people have full coverage.
I believe with my house and auto bundle I can be free of worry because I am fully protected.
I've been with California casualty for over 5 years and I have never had any issues with them.
California casualty has been the best insurance that I have ever had for my home and car.
I have had nothing but positive experiences from CC since I first joined them in the 1070's. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing auto or home insurance.
Former State of California employee who was dealing with another Insurance company for home owners Insurance. Their rates were higher I have been with California Casualty for several years, I decided to combine my car and home insurance together for a better rate.
I switched from the good hands folks to California Casualty in the mid 1980s. I welcomed the lower premiums and the convenient billing option of no payments during the summer when I wasn't drawing income as a teacher. I was a bit concerned about how claim service would be handled, but I eventually found that I shouldn't have any problems. Things happen to the best of us, and California Casualty is there for you, with a rapid and uncomplicated service program. I've been very satisfied with the switch. And when my son began driving, he shopped around and went with a company that was supposed to save you money. I switched him to California Casualty and became his hero. And I still have fun ocassionally by getting quotes from other companies. One of them quoted a premium of about $ 100.00 more than I pay now, but I burst into laughter when I was told that it was for only six months. Way to go, CC.
In looking over my papers I noticed the name Geigco need to know what's that about
Great customer service. Very knowledge and friendly
People from California Casualty were great. Not real sure about the adjusters they hired.
I have been with Cal Cas from the very 16 years old, and newly driving. I have held my own policy for a few years now, and have had nothing but great experiences with this company. They have great customer service, are always knowledgeable when I have questions, and keep me on top of my own policies. Not to mention, the rates I have owning multiple vehicles and a home, are amazing.
I love working with CA Casualty. If I have an issue someone is always ready to help me. Fortunately I haven't had any claims but I have had a few questions and answers were researched and provided in a very timely manner.
I was surprised to receive a phone call reminding me that discounts on premiums would be possible if circumstances changed that affect the billing process. My wife retired therefore our mileage for her car has lowered. There were also errors on the dimensions of my home and again premiums were slightly lowered. Thank you
California Casualty has exceptional customer service and pricing. We switched after 20 years with another company because of cost and we have not been disappointed. Changes to our policy have been easy and we can access our account online at anytime. With a few unfortunate claims, CC has handled it all timely and kindly.
Customer service is always eager to help with friendly service. They make suggestions to save me money that still gives me maximum coverage.
I have never had any issues getting my claims taken care of. They have always been curteous and respectful.
I have had great response to any questions and help with my insurance needs with California Casualty.
When i had my car accident in October they were very friendly, helpful and quick about getting things settled. There rates are better than any company we have had in the past.
This company and its employees are the very best.. They go out of their way to help their customer.. Very professional and up to-date on all forms and explain them to you so that you understand the correct way to fill them out. Again, the "best of the best"
I love CalCas they've always kept me satisfied with their services. I couldn't ask for a better multi discount having home owner's and car insurance. I'm a nurse, I encourage all Nurses and firefighters to join the CalCas team. They're Great!
I have been with California Casualty for many years. I have never had a negative experience. I have both homeowners as well as vehicle insurance. For the times that I have had to file claims I have had positive experiences. I also feel that the rates are superior. I have better coverage on my home than I had with my previous insurance company for a very modest price. I always recommend California Casualty to my family. A few have even switched.
I have been with California Casualty for over 30 years. I could not be more satisfied. Their professionalism and friendliness is so appreciated❤️
I haven't been with California Casualty for very long--six months or so--but I am very happy with the price, the customer-friendly approach, and ease of contact. So far I haven't had an accident or break-down or locked my keys in my car but, based on my experiences so far, I'm expecting that CC will be there for me when I do.
Excellent service and alway courteous communication.
I received a Member Benefits letter stating - "special rates and generous discounts for NJEA members". My quote was more than 2x what I'm paying at Progressive. Shop around people!!
You would get 5 stars if you would insure my house.
Praise God, I have had very little use of my insurance other than th peace of mind that it is there
Always there to answer questions. Rates are good and they treat you well
California Casualty is the "Best" Auto Insurance Company. They always Help us out of any situation. Extremely Trustworthy. Bernard Fischer
I receive great rates, top customer service when needed . What more can one ask of an insurance company????
Your service has been first rate.
Customer focused. Makes sure service provided to customers is outstanding.
Love California Casualty. They deduct premium out of my account every month, and whenever I've had to deal with customer service, they were always courteous, and very helpful. They allow me to pay my premiums over 10 months, and since I am a teacher, and do not get paid during the summer months, this is very helpful, and convenient for me.
I cannot begin to express my gratitude toward the wonderful representative who helped me with obtaining insurance coverage for my son’s new vehicle! She was courteous, kind, personable, and extremely helpful! She went above and beyond to ensure I received the most for my money! I am very grateful!
So far everything has been great. I was a little concerned that my policy drilled billed me as my son having less than three years of driving when he’s been driving for well over that. They’re always helpful but I have yet to file a claim so I can’t say much about that. So far though, it’s been pretty easy. I’ll be happy when you stop double billing me because your policy only handles 3 cars tops per policy billing cycle.
We haven't made a claim with CalCas but whenever we've called to ask a question or pay bill the service has been great. We find the rates to be competitive and we're satisfied. ed furs Connecticut
I hadn't dealt with an insurance claim for 20 years, so I was worried when my car had $9000 worth of hail damage. But Cal Casualty's loss department made everything really easy for me. Thanks guys!
I have been insured with California Casualty for over 10 years. Whenever I have had to talk to a customer service representative, they have always been extremely friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, I had to to file a claim after a car accident 4 years ago. The service representative I with was so helpful. she walked me through every step of the process and made a difficult situation much easier for me and my family.
I highly recommend California Casualty. I'm paying about half what I paid my previous insurer. The folks at CA Casualty made the process of changing companies really easy.
I would recommend this insurance to any family member or colleague they have great customer service and offer better rates than most of the competitors, I have saved alot.
I have only had this insurance for a year. Both car and home are insured and there hasn't been a single problem with the coverage, billing, or customer service. Due to incompetence by my former ins. company, I have had numerous questions and concerns, and this company has answered every question and resolved every concern. Their customer service has always been easily available, professional, courteous, and able to resolve any issue I have had. I wish someone had recommended this company to me years ago.
When I was researching quotes for insurance, I was helped quickly. The staff members that I worked with were very helpful and accommodating to my needs.
The fact that l have continued to choose California Casualty as my insurance provider is all the evidence needed that l am we pleased with their service.
Cal Cas was very quick to meet my needs after the accident. They directed me to a great repair shop & approved me for the needed rental
Cal Cas has excellent rates and service. The process claims quickly with very little effort for the customer.
I have had wonderful service
I have been a customer for many years, and am satisfied. I have always been treated quickly and fairly.
I've been with California Casualty for over decade. I am very satisfied with the services I've received.
Very satisfied! I've been a customer for years and enjoy very reasonable rate. I've had no problems whatsoever with claims.
Call casualty is easy to work with and the rates are great.
Past 20 yrs I had no issues.
I called in to change my deductibles on my car insurance. The person I spoke with (sorry, I don't remember her name!) was very helpful, efficient, kind, and solved my problem. Thanks!
Haven't had much experience with you yet, but so far it's all been good.
They are always helping you from getting better rates to when you need help during an accident. I always recommend them to family and friends!
I've been with California casualty for about 10 years now and have had a good experience for the most part. I recently saw my premiums increase and was not too happy about that however.
I have been a customer for 49 years. I am as happy with them as anyone could be with an insurance company.
Good pricing, always willing to help on the phone and assist with any claims quickly
I just called to ask if my payment had been received. The woman who answered was most helpful and so friendly. She answered my question easily and everything was taken care of in minutes. In all the years I have had CA Casualty(since 1972) I have never had an issue with this company.
Listen and try to do what's best for you.
Handled my problem quickly and to my satisfaction
I've been with Cal Casualty for many, many years. Always the best competitive rates along with outstanding customer service.
I had the misfortune of a couple accidents, too close together. I've been with Cal Casualty for about 40+ years. I appreciate their recognition of loyalty. Cal Casualty has taken care of my vehicle. In return, my fees are very high, presently. I am expecting they should go back to 'normal' w/this year's renewal. Weirdly enough, both incidents involved Sac Fire Dept. I am not a suit happy person, but I wish my insurance rep had checked a bit closer, esp on the incident in Feb 2016. I believe the driver of that fire engine was 'joy-riding'! They were off duty. But, regardless, I'm thankful for coverage.
I have had other big name companies for insurance until i found California casualty. They promoted discounts for firefighters so i gave them a call to see what they could offer and they cut my bill almost in half. Ive made one claim with them and they were very punctual and helpful with getting settled.
Everytime I have called California Casualty they have responded quickly and efficiently. The service is exceptional and any problems I was having with home or car was quickly taken care of. Carolyn D'Elia
I have a great plan and much cheaper than other companies. My only issue is that, after asking several times, I have not received a new insurance card. I haven't had a new card to show proof in nearly 3 years.
My family has been covered by California Casualty for over a decade. they have been very helpful and professional in all of our dealing s with them. their rates are competitive and their customer service is outstanding!
Working with California Casualty for my auto insurance couldn't be easier. I was able to get a quote- a good one!!!- and then enroll in online payments without absolute ease. The rates are good, I get an immediate and human response to questions, and payments are a breeze. I'd recommend this company for auto insurance.
They have been available and efficient in with my concerns and knowledgeable with my questions.
Great customer service, and discounts
I have been insured for 4 yrs with this company and they have been extremely easy to work with. One accident (not my fault) they were professional and on time with all paperwork.
When I have had to file claims, the claims agents have been helpful, polite, and friendly. All dealings were accomplished in a timely manner.
I Like being apart of California Casualty, it is a good insurance company to be with.
costumer service representative would not listen to what I was saying and proceeded to tell me that I had to answer a list of questions based on what he thought he heard me say. A total waste of my time. I tried to explain to him that he misunderstood and I tried to explain to him the reason for my call but instead I received poor communication and a stressful call .
I was rear ended while visiting out-of-state in Tucson. You declared my car (a 2013 Nissan Altima) a total loss after it was in a body shop for well over a week. After delays and misunderstandings in filling out forms, you eventually settled by paying off the remaining note (about $9000), paying rental car fees for a month, and giving me approx $8500 in cash. There is no way I can replace the car I loss with a car of equal value for $8500; if I add the $9000 I no longer have to pay on the Altima, I "have" about $17500 to replace the Altima. There is no way I can get a car of equal value for $17500. I have purchased a new Accord for $26000. So in a sense, I have a deficit of about $8500. So I am not made whole. I don't know if I would have had a better deal with another insurance company, but I am nevertheless not satisfied with the outcome. Thanks for asking my opinion.
I am 78, and have had about 15 insurance companies over the last 60 years for car and home California Casualty is by far the best of all in every way. Courtesy, assistance, coverage, reliability, cost.
This is an excellent company. I have been with them since Colorado Education Association first took them on as a preferred company. Have never seen better service or rates since I have been insured with them.
We have had California Casualty home and car insurance for many years. I'll give you 3 examples of why we love California Casualty. 1. My daughter was driving my car when she was T-boned by a distracted driver. She was in the hospital for 3 days and our car was totaled. California Casualty jumped into action as soon as we called them and helped us through the process with virtually no stress. 2. We had an upstairs drain pipe break and it flooded our entire downstairs. California Casualty was very quick to help us restore our home back to its original state. 3. We recently moved to a new city and the agent asked all the right questions and got us the best possible rates for our new home and cars. We got the deductions for our fire suppression system, concrete tile roof, and security system, etc. If anyone asks, both my husband and I will always recommend California Casualty! Keep up the good work!
I've never had anything but great service at CA Casualty. My husband and I had to submit a claim last year and we got fantastic service throughout. I totally recommend this company to anyone I think might be eligible.