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California FAIR Plan
California FAIR Plan

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Recently CFP canceled my hazard coverage because "no change in brush exposure." I got the "need to clear 200 ft of brush from house" also. So, I did. Their "special inspector" came out and reinspected; he said everything looks good and shouldn't be a problem. Three weeks later I get canceled. WTH--No change in brush exposure?! This has to be a friggin mistake.

I have a 200 ft ring of dirt, rocks and boulders around my house now and thousands in bills I paid to a contractor to mow down over 1 acre of brush 200 ft from my house as required by CFP. They too want me to cut down a small portion of my neighbors brush that was 156 ft from my house... really!!! San Diego County, CDF and Fire code is 50 ft radius cleared then thinned to 100 ft, that's all they need to defend a house. So, I called them up to let them know I thought there's an error in the report or got me mixed up with another property. They said "no and it is what it is... Sorry, have a nice day. Anything else we can help you with?"! No room for compromising with these clowns... "We don't have to insure and we're not going to." So, now I have no insurance.

I applied insurance and obtained it, California Fair Plan made me jump through hoops to keep it. They said I had a month to paint it, I did it. Then they gave me a time limit to cut the trees back and put fire extinguishers in, I met the time limit. Then they said, since they were not occupied they could not insure me and cancelled me. I had just purchased these 3 homes and wanted to make them safe for the new residents. Now that they are all rented they still refuse to insure them. I would have to insure them out of Arizona if I want them insured.

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