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Capson Physicians Insurance
Capson Physicians Insurance

Capson Physicians Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

My experience with Capson has been great service and competitive rates.
I will highly recommend Capson Physicians Insurance to any Physician colleague.
Excellent company to work with for the past 4 years!
Excellent service. No complaints.
Overall good experience .knowledgable staff
Excellent to work with. Thank you very much.
Great Job taking care of us.
Good coverage. Great rates
I did this at least one week ago???
We have had a good experience with Capson as our malpractice carrier for several years. No problems and they are ready to help.
Clear , concret, offering all the possibilities and to the point
This insurance company has been great to work with. They have been so supportive and informative. I am happy to work with them.
I’ve been dealing with malpractice insurance companies for 41 years, Carson is the best. THANK YOU!
great value!
Great company with affordable premiums For what you get.
Excellent company and price is reasonable. I have their coverage for several years now. Luckily, I don't have to use them but I'm sure their service is also trustworthy. Dr. Lim
Good service easy application helpful staff
Clear set up to get my insurance needs taken care. Easy confirmation. Would recommend Capson to all my colleagues.
Thank you for your work to get me the best insurance at the best prices.
No problems, I would recommend this company to anyone.
Excellent rates. Prompt service.
Have just dealt with team as a new insured this year. Very satisfied with the personal level of interaction by the Capson personnel.
Excellent and affordable Insurance
Incomparable service.
No claims, thank God, but no complaints. Their pricing, service, risk avoidance education, etc. has always seemed to be professional, timely, etc.
Love working with Capson! Fast, easy, convenient.
The purpose for my initial purchase of Medical Malpractice insurance was for medical practice outside of my Emergency Medicine practice. This was for supervising a Nurse Practitioner of several years and for a brief time working for a Federal funded clinic. Both of these activities were terminated more than 3 years ago. I am now discontinuing my work reviewing laboratory screening for a weight loss clinic. Therefore, I no longer am in need of insurance outside of my Emergency Medicine practice. The Capson insurance policy specifically states it does not cover my Emergency Department liability. My medical practices where this Capson policy would be liable are no longer in existence. Because of this separation from prior practices as such, I am no longer in need of this policy and Capson is no longer liable for any of my practices outside of the Emergency Department. I am effectively RETIRED from my primary care practice for which the policy was directed. This should cover the "tail" guaranteed to me upon retirement. Furthermore, when I reviewed the signature page of the Keane Ins. Group acknowledgment, it states the the insured Party, per the signature below, herby: (i) Acknowledges that the Insurance Company does not meet The Keane Insurance Group's internal standards because of its AM Best rating, financial strength and/or size the The Keane Insurance Group does not and cannot guarantee the financial position or solvency of any Insurance company or market utilized, and (ii) Acknowledges that there are risks, including but not limited to insurer insolvency(insurer insolvency could result in non-payment of claims or partial non-Payment of claims), involved with obtaining coverage from non-rated Insurance Companies, and (iii) Acknowledges that, should insured choose to participate in third party financing, The Keane Insurance Group is not a party to said agreement, nor responsible for premiums due, in the event of insurer insolvency, and (iv) Agrees that it will hold the Keane Insurance Group and it directory, officers, employees, agents, representatives, advisors, parent companies and subsidiaries harmless from any loss, liability, obligation, damage or expense that the Insured Party may suffer, or incur based upon attributable to, arising from, relating or in connection with the failure or inability of the Insurance Company to pay any claims that the Insured party may have under any policy issued by the Insurance Company. So, how can I sign a document which may not cover any potential financial litigation against me. Furthermore, how can The Keane Insurance Group in moral character offer a product to me that they state is substandard and possibly of no value. Respectfully submitted, Brian H. Teeter, M.D.
Good insurance so far
always easy to work with. make changes to policy the same day, and the price is well over half less than we were paying with old carrier.
great company for Docs
I am newly insured but the application process was quick and painless.
Easy to deal with and all calls answered promptly.
Very happy with Capson service !
Always friendly and helpful!!..
Outstanding company- very professional + responsive
I have been using Capson for past few years. I am very happy with their professionalism and integrity. Their price did not go up in these years and the service is top notch.
Very Professional Operation. Easy access to Capson Staff. At reasonable Premiums ! Dr. Subramanian m.d.
Always there for physicians, with affordable yet competitive price backed with sufficient knowledge to provide quality and communicative care to your patients............a happy patient will never sue you .
Excellent coverage and support! David Pritchard MD
I do receive prompt feedback. I find they do follow through with claims in a good time frame
I had a case filed against me My insurance agent forgot to include my Business name in my malpractice coverage as it should have been done. I did not have any problem with previous insurance. Capson refused to include my Practice name in the coverage. So I have to hire another lawyer to cover my insurance It is the agent's and Capson's fault I am paying for it
Have always been happy with them as our carrier
Capsion is very reliable and trustworthy company
Their service is excellent.
Great rates for our group of 8 physicians. Helps to lower our overhead!!!
No Rate Increase We have been with them for 3 years and unlike our previous company we have not had a yearly rate increase.
Great service. Found me a great deal on part-time malpractice coverage.
Capson has provided my insurance at very good price. They have been easy to communicate.
Easy to get claims addressed. Very helpful and accommodating. Doesn't force a provider to settle unless they agree.
Great liability insurance for a low cost. What can beat that?
Capsons is the best. No hesitation what so ever in saying that.
Excellent company, great communication and support.
Capson has made my malpractice purchase easy as well as keeping me up to date on any changes.
We were the first medical practice to sign up with Capson. They have been there to help us with any questions we might have. We always receive excellent service from their staff.
Low prices, quick feedback. Never had to use them, thank God!
I switched to Capson several years ago when pricing my policy around. I find them to be very accessible, very personable, and always responsive. My practice was involved in a suit that ended well, and they were present at all steps. Their claims people are actual attorneys so are very skilled and knowledgable. I give my highest recommendation.
Everyone in every department has been accessible when I have questions. Capson covers my entire scope practice without exclusions.
Capson was excellent with which to work, responsive for quotes, easy for the vetting process and payment set ups, as well as changes along the way.
Priced right for new applicants
I've been very happy with the service and the rates from Capson. I recommend them to all my colleagues
Easy to work, no claims history
Brittany and Myles were the best to work with! Very Helpful .
Seems to be adequate coverage with little administrative issues.