CARCHEX Online Insurance Reviews

They took more than 50% of what I paid for the warranty without paying out anything! I purchased a Carchex warranty for my car as soon as I purchased it. Never had a claim and made all payments as scheduled for over a year. Warranty cost $5,502 and I paid in $2,873. I put 5,291 miles on my car since purchase. I never had a claim during ownership of this warranty and decided I would sell my car and get my money back. I understand companies need to make money too. If they took $300 away for having the warranty I would certainly understand. But they told me that I would get back $1,317! They were taking $1,556 just for me having the policy without paying out anything! That is the most ridiculous amount of money to take from someone that only had your warranty for 5,291 miles!
I was cold called by another company in this industry, did some research and found the reviews of carchex to be the highest in the industry. Feeling some level of comfort I called and they were able to give me the same policy cheaper than the company that called me. I ultimately forgot what I paid and when my credit card statement came in the mail, thought that I was overcharged and I overeacted. The CEO of the company called me personally within minutes of me writing a poor review and had his staff review the phone call within 30 minutes and found that what I was charged was what I was quoted. The staff all remained professional with me throughout despite me clearly being at fault and didn't make me feel stupid (I didn't need any help with that) or like I was some scammer looking to save a few bucks. I sincerely believe they recognized an honest mistake and simply wanted to make sure their customer was happy and felt fairly treated with. I've become so accustomed to bad businesses, we all have, it's refreshing to see one so personable and committed to getting it right.
I felt that the representative who assisted me was very informative and took the time to answer the number of questions that I had. He was very knowledgeable and appeared to have experience regarding the company.
overall good
It was very good!!! Raymond gave me the lowest price possible and I thank him.
Robert was very patient with me.Allowed me to ask many questions.
The experience of purchasing my extended warranty. The sales rep Ian was very informative and helpful. I can only hope the rest of the process and use of the actual warranty is as easy.
I just purchase a policy with carchex and I really don't know about it but all I can say is the payments are very reasonable I'm lucky to have carchex.
Glad I received the e-mail. Purchased a car from an individual, but they purchased from CarMax. Gives me peace of mind on my new-used vehicle because I am planning on keeping the car until I die.
Shawn has been great so far. Always prompt at getting back to us with answers to our questions.
Sean Tyler answered all of my questions and was very efficient.
Jeff was a wonderful help with my need for assistance.
very knowlageable , helpful, kind had great recommendations on proper pkg
Took several attempts, but was able to sign-up. Yet, it took the Representative to assist me to get the Contract. The site needs more work.
The salesperson, Rob Newborn, was very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. He explained everything and detail and I would recommend Carchex based on my experience so far.
When they first called to offer us their product they were very clear on what different choices we had to chose from.They explained everything very well and when we asked if we could call them back once we had made our decision they did not have a problem with that. So we talked about what would be right for us and called them back told them which one we wanted and they did not try to change our minds like some companies often do. I will tell everyone I know about this company and what great products they offer.
I am glad that my representative continued to follow up with me, great guy!
The customer service was great.
Great Customer explain well the service made me feel comfortable with the service.
clear understanding of coverage.
Very professional, excellent product and service.
My treatment was OK, I'll know more when I have to use it...
The Carchex renewal system was fast & painless. It was easy to do and I have used the warranty on two occasions with no problems. Well worth my peace of mind.
I was impressed.
Awesome Experience, I Would Definitely Recommend To Friends And Family, The Rep Who Assisted Me Was Great She Did Her Very Best To Pick The Plan That Gave Me The Most Bang For My Buck t Was Greatly Appreciated. Nothing Like Peace Of Mind With A Bumper To Bumper Warranty. Not A Better Way To Protect Your Assets. Thank You CARCHEX
I needed to wait a couple of weeks was in the middle of changing jobs, rep did as he said he would do called me back when I said I would be ready and we closed the deal quick and easy .
So I talked to Jason and he was very helpful and simply down to earth. He was never pushy for me to get this extra coverage for my car. He simply just explained the pros of having Carchex and that it's always good to be prepared if something were to happen to my car. So thank you Jason for outstanding customer service.
I am sorry to admit that one of your competaters didn't do to bad.. I had good luck with warenty direct, and hope you can do better if not the same sounds good so far hope your sales person is right and I have good luck..
Do the research before you make a VSC, make sure what you want covered is specified
was treated like I was the customer. was able to ask questions and get straight answers. was made to fill like I was not being pushed into something. felt comfortable .
it was a pleasurable experience dealing with Roger Shea. he was very knowledgeable and professional.. i had to ask for call back and he was prompt and called back as i ask not once but twice. thank you Roger for your service.
I had one claim and it was handled very well. The Nissan dealer service advisor called carchex and go the ok to make the repair in very short order. I have since bought a policy on my diesel truck.
Please use the above I wrote,, working real hard outside today and a little off
so for so good I haven't been with this co.that long so i can not give a honest opinion.
I just signed up through them for car extended warranty and what I can say is that the process was easy and the customer service was helpful and pleasant.
Speaking with Will Franklin was a great experience. He did not exert any pressure to sway our decision and described all the programs available. I would refer CarChex to a friend. NEVER use ENDURANCE. My wife and I made the mistake of first trying to obtain a warranty through Endurance. They dragged us on for over 1 week only to have a manager, Eddie Perez, treat us like disrespected prison inmates.
Very nice and courteous. Of corse I have not file any claim for car repair yet but if that ever happens I would expect the same treatment.
This place is very unprofessional the customer reps are rude if you're having an issue. They will take your money straight out your account and never give you reason as to why they duplicate payment was charged. Carchex deals with third party vendor for finances and have no clue as to what is happen on accounts. Do not buy warranty! This place gets zero stars.
my agent was very knowledable,was not pushie
I am a very poor person that is retired and on a very small budget only getting SS and a small pension. I have as a result many bills and a large mortgage to contend with. I am very susceptible to smooth salespeople (which you employ) after purchasing your most expensive policy and I had second thoughts and could not sleep all last night because I was worried how I would manage paying for what I bought. I called and left a message that I wanted to cancel out of my contract as per your own policy. I also found out that I would have to wait 60 to 90 days for my refund yet you took 99 and change immediately from my bank account! i find that reprehensible! I need that money to live on!
Car chex offers an affordable extended warranty that covers all the bases. No hassle buying. Representatives are friendly and not pushy. No pressure to buy.
I had a great experience with Carchex today, the representative I spoke to was very friendly and helpful and set my mind at ease. He answered all my questions in a very professional manner.
Hopefully we will see
I called and Stephanine was very knowledable about the product and made me feel very comfortable. I just started and hope I won't need the insurance and trust if I do it will do as I was told
This company's salespoeple (at least Robert H, with whom I worked) are respectful and certainly not high-pressure artists. (Some of the others are so offensive with tactics, that they're still yakking when the phone is being disconnected.) Service was patient and helpful, and there was no pressure to close before I'd had time to read the contract. CARCHEX' underwriter (Assurant) is well-reputed, their costs are very competitive, and their contract provisions honest & complete. They have enviable reviews, and their client list is formidable. Very happy that I looked around, while hoping that I never need to call them...
You know it is stated , the first impression is a lasting impression . Very impressive .
Great experience, easy to understabd
Ray answered all my questions, he was polite friendly and very professional! He also gave me his contact information so I could call if I had any additional questions or concerns. I am excited to finally deal with a company that knows what it means to provide excellent customer service!
All my questions were answered to the bottom line
My son bought a warranty for his Porsche about ten years ago and it was an excellent purchase back then for him. He suggested Carchex as an alternative to getting an extended warranty from Lexus. My rep Jeff Merriken was excellent in answering all of our questions and respectfully followed up with us while exuding the utmost in professionalism and patience with us. I was debating whether to keep my car or trade it in and never did I feel rushed to do anything. In this day and age it was absolutely refreshing to deal with Jeff and Carchex. I finally decided to keep my car and called up Jeff and got a 5 year warranty from him. If you want a warranty for your car then I strongly recommend you call Carchex and ask for Jeff.
Well-Getting a quote online is next to impossible-I want to compare your quote with others
I received a letter I assumed from my dealer where I purchased my vehicle, that my factory warranty was soon to end with the option to purchase more coverage. Turned out to be carchex. I called with reservations, to see what they had to offer. Pleasantly surprised I connected with a rep that was very detailed and clearly knew his job with I might add well appreciated humor. I purchased a very reasonable plan for my needs. Thank you!
appears that I have picked the best
Cristina and Bryan are an asset to Carchex. A+ Service.
I!Ll do it as soon as I get the service
The Carchex representative was knowledgeable and courteous. She had a professional attitude and it was a pleasure dealing with her.
They took my money and I have not received my email information.
So far so good. We will see when a claim is made...
you should look into the back ground noise,it sound like boiler room.
Your people were very patient and helpful as I took my time purchasing your plan.
They did a good job, every thing explaine
Mr. Bonds I appreciate all of your information regarding the coverage.. You answered all my questions completely, and left no doubts about what to expect when I received my packet in about a week. Your information about the 30 days allowed to cancel set my mind at ease if my husband has a different opinion than I do. Thank you for your professionalism and courtesy.
I am glad I purchased my Titanium Extended car warranty. The monthly payments are reasonable and the 3rd year is free. It covers just about most everything except your own maintenance and I asked and I was told that Titanium was the best warranty. I now feel protected for another 3 years on my 2008 Civic EX Honda. The people were very nice and gave me all the information I needed. I don't think you can go very long with out car warranty and if you warranty has expired then I highly suggest buying more from CAR CHECK Warranty.
Lois: Emily was very helpful very polite. knows what she's talking about
The sales representative was very helpful and knowledgeable individual. It was a pleasure talking to him. The extended service contract was just what I wanted. Thanks foe a wonderful buying buying experience.
Nick MIller is amazing. He is kind, understanding, compassionate and thorough. I just bought a 2001 SUV and was petrified because it's truly the first car "I've" ever bought, and due to financial issues was all I could afford, he basically held my hand and talked me off the ledge of fear. He is just a very nice man and I can't thank him enough.
Would highly recommend this company for and extended warrenty company. They helped me out with my needs and definitely suggest them to anyone that needs and extended warrenty. Definitely don't buy one at a dealership they rip u off.
Be careful with this company offer to much but when is the time to pay the invoice has many excuses to don't pay. I'm not the only person who has this problem with this company this company don't respond when is time to pay. The dealer tell say I'm not the only person don't what to pay. Are to many extended warrants company this one don't respond. My invoice was $1867.00 dlls the dealer work on my transmission replaced transmission mounts and this company don't pay nothing this company talk about improperly repair so how the transmission work for over 2 years 7 moths if was improperly repair now any shop the max warranty is 1 year and are past. this and more was the excused for not to pay the invoice
too soon to review but at this moment it appears Carchex intends to take good care of me. as a 75 yr old sr, USAF vet with plans to move up to Canada near future
I would recommend this company according to the customer service that I received and the courtesy that I also received to be billed at another day instead of immediately, I think the sale price for starter people is a good thing just one thing needs to be added, single mom discount rates, single moms work hard and have a lot of financial difficulties and breaks in prices, payment arrangements etc helps us a great deal to cope with everyday life and finances, gives us more flexibility and would definitely set your company aside from others out there. Keep up the great work with the customer service and I certainly enjoyed the pleasant voice and sense of humor on the phone.
Dan woods help me out a lot keep up the good work Gregory bolling
I love this company and had purchased a warranty when i first purchased my Jeep. Eric was knowledgeable and very helpful with everything when I was choosing another extended warranty. Very easy to use and helpful service when the warranty is needed. I’m so happy a company like this exists and works better then I could have ever imagined. I reccomend Carchex to everyone I know.
My experience with Rep Stephanie Martin was excellent! She thoroughly explained extended warranty products& immediately gave me an email quote which I had access to for over a week to use in comparison with other quotes. Her custom service skills are excellent; listened, addressed & provided a solution to my concerns. Gave me the time I needed to make a decision without pressure which I felt from the competitors. She followed up as promised both on my home & cell phone and made herself very accessible. Carchex had more to offer than a reputable product it was the excellent customer service experience that made my decision & gave me peace of mind that I am covered and won't have any surprises if and when my car needs servicing. Thank you, Stephanie Martin, satisfied customer!
Compared to dealer warranties this is a much better deal... No hassles.
Ask for Ken Park. Excellent customer service, incredibly patient and very clear.
I spoke to John over a period of time, he was excellent. Guided me through the process, came up with alternatives and was easy to deal with.
I don't know yet
I have a 2008 PT Cruiser convertible and recently my warranty expired. So my husband started shopping for a new company. He called another company and the quote was nearly $200.00. I went on my computer and found Carchex and called. Anthony was so patient and just down to earth. Our first quote was a nice price that two senior citizens could afford. But after giving all information, VIN# the price jumped up $17.00 more, seem that the software would not accept my car being a base. I know my car is a base model but the software would not accept it. So I don't know if I am going to continue with this company yet...the good thing is that I have 30 days to cancel. Paying that amount based on a glitch in software does not make sense to me... But otherwise it was a great experience and phone call and emails with Anthony Miller.
Wish i can get my money back ($129.95). I placed an order number 134204 with a clear instruction to inspect closely that the paint and engine MUST be factory original. The inspector submitted the report and also spoke to me on the phone telling the paint was original. was not. Received the car last night...the car was re-painted so bad that whoever painted the car left the factory 15th Anniversary Stickers with the clear coat on top. A rookie can see that the car paint was not original. Thank you Carchex for crushing my dream car....$50,500 now in play. Hopefully the dealer takes the car back. Update: refund received. Also, report showing incorrect data, video and photos available upon request. Lesson time i will fly to do the inspection myself.
After an awesome experience with CarChex in providing top of the line Extending Warranty Coverage for my new automobile, I chose to continue the coverage for an additional 3 yr. period. I made the contact and found the most amazing representative. Kate Tallman was magnificent! She exemplified the type of customer service any business would want their employees to provide. She was patient, thorough in her explanations, and appropriately persistent when I delayed completing our transaction several times. I am so pleased to be a CarChex customer and to have had the opportunity to continue my relationship.
The information given was very complete and the way Mr Kevin answered all my questions was very kind. thanks.
Customer service was good until I started asking to many questions via email. Some questions were answered by phone but when ask the questions via email, i was told to read the contact. The contact was confusing which at times I couldn't understand. Spoke to Tavis Middleton about the survey. He stated that if I had any questions that I can contact him. Although DeSha Jackson provided good customer service it was great that Mr. Middleton contacted me to mention to feel free to contact him with any comments or questions. It appears that Carchex is assuring the customers needs and wants. I would recommend this company to those that need this type of service.
It looks good so far, but I have only have the coverage for about a week, not enough time to put on 1000 miles and activate it. Once I get that done and when I have a claim, I'll be able to see how well the claim is covered, I will be able to either give CARCHEX a 5 star rating or register a complaint. I'm expecting to be able to go 5 star.
I had plenty of time and thought in my decision to get this policy or not. There was no pressure, no prodding or haggling. I was able to check out the company and look over the plan for what can be repaired. Just a real good experience. Hope when I need repairs done it will be as smooth.
The representative was very thorough and detailed about the program. I was very pleased with the follow-up from the rep.
Recently purchased a warranty policy from Carchex for our 2007 Versa. Emily Witmer was my agent & gave outstanding service explaining all details concerning the policy.
the customer service David was very helpfully and give to me options and the best prices .
Second time with carchex great people and service no problem with auto repair shops excepting carchex
Great so far. New customer!
So far no good as I am awaiting response from adjuster and I sold a friend that this was a great service protection and am now a little discouraged as it had been two weeks and no response
I never heard of carcheck until all my buddies in my club told me about it. Talk to the sales rep and he made everything clear and simple, and the price is reasonable. Will be letting everybody i know about you guys.
Excellent, knowledgeable service, answering all questions.
I think there good because of there prices
Rudy was very knowledgeable and helpful for me being a returning member. He is very professional and answers every question to the best of his ability while providing you with great customer service.
Ken was very polite and knowledgeable in the whole process. He was not pushy as some other representatives of other companies who contact me. He took the time to explain in detail and the cost of the extended warranty.
Great Customer Service.
Highly recommend! Friendly service and the right price.
I would not have purchased if you had not offered the lower price on the 2004 Chevy HD2500. I also have a Cadillac 2008 that I feel the price is way to high.
I have been very leary of extended warranties due to horror stories I have heard about. After speaking with Mr. Parker I purchased my extended warranty with confidence. He explained everything, and gave me every conceivable scenario, for which the warranty would cover my vehicle. I'm glad I purchased my warranty.
I just signed up. As far as Wendy Stout is concerned. She is very professional knows her product and is very persistent which is ok by me