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I've had CareFirst for years and had no problems until after the changes due to Obamacare came into effect. 2 years ago my health insurance doubled in price. Now doubled again topping out at $400 a month. They failed to update it last year which caused a lapse in coverage. Now I have to pay for directly despite having a hard copy letter stating that my insurance was active at that date. They have been completely incompetent.

I had problems with billing online and called them specifically requesting to pay the exact amount that was due. And later I got a letter stating my coverage had lapsed again despite I trying to communicate to him directly. It is clear they are abusing the new laws set forth and robbing people with their rates that have increased 4 fold but covers less. This has happened to everyone I know with their coverage. They should be charge for criminal extortion. $400 a month for a 30 year old healthy male. At that rate I can pay for my medical bills myself.

My family had a medical policy with Care First last year, which was cancelled in December. We signed up for a new policy for this year. Care first nonetheless billed my credit card for 2017 for the monthly premium. After speaking with five customer representatives, I cannot get the overcharge that was billed to my credit card, and I am still billed for the canceled account. So, even though we switched to a new Policy with Care First, they illegally bill us for both policies. We do not intend to use this company again. Based on my experience, it is either engaged in fraud or is simply grossly negligent.

After many years with Aetna, which kept dropping previously covered medications and cut my migraine medication to a ridiculous low amount per month, we decided to switch to CareFirst and are very happy; a much better value and service! I'm now also covered for acupuncture.

My poor experiences started with my daughter being born in July 2014. It took them 3 months to add her to my policy and then back charged me for the time period without a warning. Next, in open enrollment in January I wanted to add my wife. I was told they needed to mail me an application and to expect it in 2-4 weeks. I have yet to receive it. The final straw however, has come with my soon to be stepson. My wife and I received notice that "B" would be losing his state-assisted health care due to my income being added in. Since he is my stepson by marriage I was told he could be on my plan. I started applying in May and had the application sent back twice, each time asking for more information. Both times the entire application was faxed back with the additional information within 24-48 hours. This was not something I let linger.

In mid June I still had not gotten any answers and I called in to CareFirst. I was told that it didn't seem like he had coverage but yes, they did have all the faxes and information. The very next day I got an insurance card in the mail when I got home. Of course, it was too late to call since they only have M-F until 5pm hours but, I called the next business day and was told he had coverage. When I got my bill on July 3rd I did not see charges for him and sent an email July 7th stating my concerns. I also called in a few days later when I did not get a response and was told not to worry. On August 1 we went to get prescriptions refilled and found "B" health care to be denied. Of course CareFirst is closed and I can't get any information. On August 3, I finally got an email back to my email sent on July 7 which stated that they wanted his adoption certificate which is not complete yet.

After calling back in while on vacation on August 5 I recounted that he is being added using the qualifying event of losing coverage, not the adoption, to which the person on the phone stated she could not find the information sent. On August 13, when I returned to MD, I talked to another rep who was able to find the information I was told was "lost" and sent it back up for review. When it was sent back I was then told that the application I sent in was the wrong one and would need a different one. When I called back in they now are telling me that he would need his own plan until adoption and even if I wait until adoption I need another form since my plan is a grandfathered plan. I asked for the forms to be faxed to me and was told I would have them in 24-48 hours and would receive a phone call to make sure I got them within 2 days. It has now been 4 and I have gotten neither.

On top of that, I constantly have asked for any billing considerations for the hardship, being a young family a little bit can go a long way. I have gotten no such consideration. Due to the extreme length of time, I lost any ability to get other coverage for my son since it is 60 days past the date he lost healthcare. My questions are: If the application was indeed wrong why wasn't this the first thing sent back? If the documentation couldn't be done, why did he get a card? Why does it take 24-48 hours to send a fax? Why does it take 1 month to send an email that could have avoided the whole situation?

I can't express the amount of ignorance the call center has. Do they know how to listen? And they speak to me like I'm an animal. Not only were they rude they hung up on me twice while being on hold for longer than forty-five minutes! These people need to get it together! I can't even get a complaint taken care of because no one cares. Some management they have! I'll call every day if I have to get something taken care of. They need to learn some manners.

It takes them 1 week to reply to an email. And when they reply to the email, they make silly mistakes, or don’t do proper homework. It’s been 4 weeks since I sent a basic inquiry, but the people on the other side of the system don’t seem to have any common sense.

I recently tried to cancel my health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield. As I am writing this, it was 3 months ago when I sent them the necessary paperwork to cancel my insurance. Not only did they not cancel my insurance, they continue to bill me and claim that I owe them money, when I do not. They have made it as humanly difficult as possible to cancel an insurance policy, and even then once you know how to, you have to fax them the necessary paperwork -- and only fax or mail. Despite doing both of these things, one cannot rest assured that they actually received it as in my case, despite faxing them the necessary forms twice, and receiving confirmation that the fax went through to the right number, they have not cancelled my insurance policy. They now claim I owe them nearly $2000, when I should owe them absolutely nothing. I am currently seeking what recourse I have with the Maryland Insurance Administration.

If I were to recommend a health insurance company to anyone, it would not be Blue Cross Blue Shield. They are currently more than happy to play the system and bill me, knowing that I don't have the necessary means to hire an attorney, all the while they cause me financial chaos to the tune of nearly $500/month that I should not be paying at all. I just wanted my health insurance cancelled.

I am an honest, stand up citizen, and I always pay my bills. 780 FICO. I have never been late on any payment, on anything, in my entire lifetime. That all changed with Blue Cross Blue Shield. They will continue to take your money and NEVER let you cancel your policy. They are worse than a scam, because most scammers aren't in the pockets of the government and don't have the means to hire a thousand attorneys to stand on the front lines. I would be VERY cautious of getting health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield, unless it is paid for via public funding, which then you can't possibly get it for any cheaper. That is the only benefit they serve.

They don't have consequences. I have worked with the same incompetent people (some even supervisors) for years and years over there. They are equivalent to working for the gov't; you would basically have to murder someone for them to fire you and even then, I doubt it. I had a supervisor mess a claim up so bad once, then he disappeared. Some lady helped me and then when I complained to the supervisor that he was incompetent, he blamed it on the worker that solved my problem?? Of course, was not fired at all, and he's still 100% incompetent AND running the dept!!! They are a non-profit organization that brought in one billion revenue last year???? WOW a NON-PROFIT ORG?

That's Maryland, DC, VA & DE National Capital Area of CareFirst!!! On top of paying their president about $10Million a year (if you really want a good one, look at previous presidents retirement fund payouts!!!!). They average an 80% profit margin, meaning only 20% of your premiums actually go towards your healthcare. They have fake people sending letters that no one knows who they are and the letters mysteriously disappear in their database, but yet when you send them a copy of their letter. The problem seems to get fixed rather fast with no explanations. Sometimes you can call them and actually get an answering machine stating, "They are not taking calls at this moment." What huge corporation would run a company like that and get away with it... Besides our gov't?

They will give an entire department a vacation, oh I'm sorry, a "learning class," on a nice island somewhere (that's how they stay non profit, I guess). Literally the dept has one person answering phones but cant tell you one piece of information. If you really want to laugh, go to Owings Mills and take a look at their 5 building compound parking lots. There is not one car in there under $50,000. It's a disgrace to see where our premium money is going towards. Sitting in their parking lot will make you want to vomit!! They have security guards at their front doors and you can not get past them for nothing, that should tell you A LOT!!!! They conveniently keep their received paper mail in a secret locked box for two weeks before they open it, then YOU are late!

Wow, it really took the US postal system to 23 days for only 30 miles, wow? They deny and reject claims without any reasons, no denial codes, nothing. That's illegal and they get away with it all the time. If you have denied claim and you call in for help, you will then get it denied for another reason and then if you keep coming at them, you may even get a 3rd reason its denied. Meanwhile ALL of them are incorrect, but have you exhausted your sanity trying to deal with this by then? Of course!!!

I have appealed claims to them for 18 years and they have almost NEVER even responded to any of them!!! I had a 5 hr surgery that cost $51,000 and CareFirst paid my surgeon and surgeon's asst $2777 for the entire surgery!!!!

No wonder no doctor wants to work for them. As a broker, I have one thing to say to ALL OF YOU. It's called the Maryland Insurance Commissioner!!!! That's the 3 magic words!!! You don't even have to say it, just submit a simple paper complaint to the Maryland Insurance Administration. Don't play CareFirst's game, don't give them one second to delay or stress you out. Go immediately to the Insurance Commissioner!!! It works like a charm and really fast too, its almost amazing how fast they can fix something when the Commissioner comes after them.

I have been in contact with CareFirst since December of 2017 trying to get claims paid. Every time I call I get a different answer as to why they are not processing. They say call back in 14 days - I do and then they tell me to do something differently. I have over 10,000 dollars in claims pending that are covered underneath my plan. I have been reimbursed a total of 600.00 totals YTD. I am disgusted with everyone I have spoken to at CareFirst. They are not helpful. It is a covered expense which they tell me on every call but then say it isn't processing correctly. I can't do anything about that. The services I am receiving are medically required - again acknowledged by CareFirst. However, they will not pay me back in a timely manner. I have submitted and resubmitted paperwork a total of 10x to them the local plan and the appeals.

I have been taking care of my mom since these past 3 years, my mom 67 had care1st for about over 5 years. They want to charge her more money but wait here's the thing. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 2 years ago and Care1st couldn't cover the cancer dr that my mom was seeing in the hospital so my mom ask the dr if they can find her one, we went and the people said "you're not in our database" and they don't even know who or why they told my mom she was approved. We get home and call the insurance, I'm on hold for an hour. She hangs up and doesn't even think to call back!

I call again and then my mom gets schedule for a blood test so I take my mom for her blood test and we call to let them know she took her blood test. That way they can schedule the cancer dr. Well guess what, the other people were confused asking who told us to come, who did we speak to etc. So we call again! They finally get back to us 6 months later and say my mom needs to do another blood test because it's been a while and finally tomorrow we are going to see the cancer dr but I'm not sure because they might say the same thing. This is not right. My mom looks so depressed and I don't know a good health insurance for her, they want her to pay more money but yet do a ** job! Like please don't put your family in this. I'm only 24 and I have to watch my mom die because we can't get help.

In my experience, CareFirst is not in the Health Care business. They are in the business of collecting premiums. At over $400 per month, I do expect my prescription to be covered... which is not the case.

We paid thousands of dollars for nothing until we got smart. They don't even offer dental or vision. They keep changing their plans and keep raising the premiums for less coverage. They even are trying to rip off my mother after she has died. They owe us a refund and I am waiting for them to figure that one out.

VERY SHADY business practices. After 6 months of good coverage, CareFirst decided to change how they processed my kids' necessary specialty asthma medications, without ANY notice. We went from having a monthly $30 copay to owing around $7000 in the last 6 months. After months of calls, where I did got a different answer every time as to what was happening, I was finally informed that these prescription medicines were no longer processed under our drug benefits, but were now considered medical equipment claims.

The medicine still showed up in our drug benefits as a covered prescription with a $30 copay, but only if it was filled at a regular pharmacy. It was always and continues to be a specialty medication that has to be shipped directly to our doctor. Picking it up at a pharmacy was NEVER an option. They claim that our benefits coverage didn't change, just how they define this product, which makes little difference to me. After months of appeals, they did not make any changes and we are out a ridiculous amount of money. This is exactly why people despise insurance companies!

I was going to Holy Cross Pain Management at Holy Cross Hospital for several years. Our Health insurance has been through my wife's private sector job which was with Care First Blue Choice the whole time and when she accepted a job with the Federal Government, we also stayed with Care First. The lab the clinic used was Alere which is not in network with Care First but at first, Care First had been sending me a check for the lab which I paid Alere with. They told me they were paying it because I had no way of knowing where the clinic sent my test.

Wanda ** @ Care First told me Lab Corp is their only in network provider who they should be using. In March 2014 our policy changed. Because of health cost rising, so we then had a $6000.00 deductible for out of network services. The lab cost was about $400.00 per visit, which is what Care First had been paying. In November 2013, I received a letter stating, because of regulations, the Lab has to move to their own location. Which I had no idea they were sharing the clinics space until then. I knew then if I went to their new location and knowing they were out of network, I would be responsible for paying the lab bill. I called Member Services and asked them what to do and they told me to call or file a complaint with the corporate office, which I did. I first spoke to Sandy ** and she had Wanda ** call me to explain the problem. She said she would look into it and told me she will have someone inform Holy Cross Pain management they must send Care First HMO clients to Lab Corp. I spoke to the Doctor at Holy Cross and he said, he is only a contract doctor there and he has tried to get this changed, but said they will not change it no matter what Care First says.

I informed Wanda ** and she first said she would override the lab bill but then I informed her that my wife is taking a job with the Federal Government. She said their guidelines were more strict and she will have to see if she can override theirs. She said it will take her a week or less and get back to me. Weeks had gone by and Wanda ** had not called me back or fixed anything so if I continued going to this lab, I would be responsible for the lab bill up to 6000.00 and once we changed to the Federal Government's plan, that had no out of network benefits.

I called Care First every week to see what, if anything, they were doing. I called Member Services, the presidents office of Care First and was never allowed to speak to Chester Burrell (their President). Anytime I called, they directed me back to Wanda ** in the executive office. At first she told me she has had someone inform Holy Cross that they must send me to Lab Corp. Nothing changed over weeks or months, so I tried to call Chester Burrell, the president of Care First, again, but his secretary Sandy ** would not let me speak to him and directed me back to Wanda **. I told Wanda that the clinic refused to send me to Lab Corp but she said they were advised. I told her I advised them but they won’t listen, and since Care First has a contract with the clinic, Holy Cross Hospital and the Doctors, since they are all in network, they are supposed to send CareFirst members too in network providers or labs.

In August 2014 our policy changed as I told Wanda ** it would because my wife accepted a job with the Federal Government and again we chose a high option Care First policy. Now we have no out of network benefits, and if I went to this new lab location, I would be responsible for the lab bills. Holy Cross Hospital Pain Management refused to let me go to Lab Corp even though my Doctor there asked me to find out if Lab Corp could do the same tests. I had to get the test panel from Alere and send it to Lab Corp to see and yes they said it was not a problem. In the meantime Holy Cross Pain Management sent me a certified letter dismissing me as a patient. I continued to call Care First and called their main corporate office Blue Cross Blue Shield but again said my complaint will be sent to Chester Burrell.

Now what Wanda has done is sent out a memo flagging only my account, so now, no matter who I call or contact at Care First, they are told not to talk to me and to write via USPS, email or go through their web mail with any questions I have about my benefits, billing or anything. My contract states that if I have any questions or concerns to call the Member Services number on the back of my card just like anyone and that this cannot be changed verbally. I found this out the other day when I called Member Services phone number on my card to find out my benefit information about a new problem I have to have surgery on. My left shoulder is now in pain with a SLAP Tear, which is a new issue. I need to have surgery on it soon. Since they flagged my account to call Member Services and forcing me to write everything, it is impeding my access to my health insurance benefits, which can put my health at risk. It takes them anywhere from 1 day to answer a question to two weeks and some they do not answer at all. (I am a Senior) So if I had no computer or never knew how to use one like my parents, I would be forced to write a letter via USPS.

How Wanda ** can single me out of all members with Care First is a breach of their contract, it’s discrimination and she is doing it in retaliation because I filed a claim which I am supposed to do according to our contract. I was able to speak to a supervisor in customer service. I asked him why this flag was put on my account and he could not tell. I asked if any notes he can see when I had called in show that I ever said anything derogatory, etc. and he replied no.

I was told by Dr ** at Pain Management at Holy Cross that others have complained about the same issue. I was also told that Holy Cross is in network and that their contract with Care First states they are only to send people to in network providers. Care First should enforce them to do this or take them out of network. They should fire Wanda ** for getting paid and doing nothing as well as retaliating against clients and arbitrarily altering the contract we have with them, which is a breach of contract. This is highly prejudicial and fraudulent, we pay the same as others and it clearly states in my policy, on my membership card and everywhere you read on line that if I have any questions or concerns to call the Member Services number or I can send in a web mail which is my choice. It also states in the contract that this wording cannot be changed verbally which is the parole evidence rule. She has caused me days if not weeks of time from work. She should be responsible for compensating me personally unless she was instructed by Chester Burrell to do this to me and if he was, he should also pay for my loss of work.

This has gone on for months and I have not heard one thing from Mr. Burrell personally and I know for a fact that he is aware of this. If you have a problem with Care First, you can call Wanda ** direct number is ** . Sandy ** direct number is ** who is supposed to be Chester Burrell’s secretary, but she will not allow you to speak to Mr. Burrell or even send a message to him. The only thing I have done is called in a complaint for not using Lab Corp. Care First's position is they know they can afford to fight anyone in court and most private attorneys if you call them, tell you for them to handle this case could run you 10K, 30K or some have said $60,000.00 and none of this has any guarantee of winning. If you make too much money, you can’t get a pro Bono attorney, forget calling the Bar Association or any attorney referral service. If you have any money, you won’t if you hire an attorney and Care First knows it. They also know most people do not know how to file in District Court Pro Se. For an issue like this, you yourself can do it if you follow the steps. This can be filed as a breach of contract, or sue for Specific Performance and probably Bad Faith Contract.

I recently sent Care First a web mail stating this was done in bad faith which they could be ordered to pay punitive damages. Because I mentioned this, Care First then replied for the first time with reasons they flagged my account. They only gave me a vague response, by stating they did not like my tone, substance or nature of my calls, etc. They did not say I used profanity or disrespected them in any way, which gives them the option of later making up any lies if I have to file in court. If you are having issues with Care First contact Wanda ** by writing her at ** or contact Sandy ** if she does not allow you to speak to Chester Burrell, CareFirsts President @ ** .

If you have insurance through the Federal Government and need to file a complaint with the OPM Office, you can call Arlean ** or her supervisor William** at **, but do not expect any help. I also after a week received a reply from the director of OPM Health Care, John O'Brien but through the regular OPM people who did nothing anyway. I also wrote the White House and my Congressman. I must have called 100 different phone numbers at OPM, and they either do not answer, or return a call or if they do pick up say they have nothing to do with the Health Care. OPM should be the poster picture of Government waste.

I just given up after a 35 minute-wait on the phone - trying to reach directly a representative to explain that I believe I have already paid my bill for year 2015. I also wanted to ask why, if the fee listed online at the time was $441.96 for 2014, I was actually charged $512.94, a 16% excess fee. Trying to reach you via your site, after putting it ONCE my password, I find that: "Your account is now locked due to multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in" i.e., a poor online service.

From all the above, one question: IS THIS COMPANY A SERIOUS OPERATION OR RATHER A DODO-BIRD OR FLIGHT-BY NIGHT OPERATION? I found out the answer (a clue: it is not the former). So I am glad you did not receive my payment, because obviously you do not deserve any. I will also take this complaint to the appropriate places. PLEASE, COUNT ME OUT OF YOUR SILLY OPERATION AND CANCEL MY ACCOUNT.

My monthly rates for my PPO health insurance policy just increased by almost $100 per month.

Two months ago I was rushed to the ER. Turns out I have 9 cm mass on my side... Treatment??? I would not know. It took CareFirst a month or so to start on my referral (it took me calling them 4 times in one week to get answer about my referral - My Health). Weeks later I am able to get an appointment, two weeks down the line. 08/18, two days before my appointment I get a call to cancel my appointment. I was not given a solution. I was told "WE DO NOT THE SEPT SCHEDULE. I CAN CALL YOU IN A COUPLE OF DAYS WITH A TIME."

After waiting months for CareFirst to handle my paperwork, my appointment is being cancelled. Meanwhile the ER doctor tells me to take it easy because my mass can burst at anytime. I am sick & in a lot of pain. I've lost 13 pounds in two months. My side hurts time to time and I have yet to see a doctor. There has to be some type of customer training.

I have a family medical coverage from my employer. The insurance company is Care First (Blue Cross. Blue Shield). The company did not seem to hire professional people to attend to the needs of the consumers. Around 10/16 or 10/17/2012, I was told by the company representative that my family deductible has been met. The same information was presented online in the summer and my chiropractor's office member confirmed that the deductible has been met. On 11/26 and 12/03, I was informed that the deductible has not been met and I was responsible for the deductible portion of my medical bill. It is still the same calendar year. The supervisor Heather informed me that there was a system error and the bills from my chiropractor (from June and July) have not been applied towards my deductible. My understanding was that they were applied before and someone overwrote the system. Again, this was a system error and not my fault.

Can anyone explain to me how the deductible was met and not met later in the matter of 1.5 month in the same calendar year? The supervisor was less than friendly. When I asked for her supervisor, she refused to connect me to him/her. It took a few screaming matches on my end to get Heather to tell me the name of the person above her. She said that she does not have a supervisor; she has a manager. Isn't it the same thing? The manager Steve has not answered the phone and did not call me back. Heather refused to provide me with phone numbers of managers/supervisors. As a result of the computer error, I ended up with $441 bill from the hospital and over $1,000 bill from the chiropractor. I do not know where else to turn. Please help.

Removed my mother from auto pay and cancelled her policy. Refuse to reinstate. I talked to 5 people in ascending positions. I was told to leave a message for a 6th person after 2 hours and 50 minutes. I have found their website confirmation of the auto pay. Called back and spoke to two more people. They have told me to leave a message for the next up supervisor. I have spent 3 hours and 40 minutes on the phone with them today to no avail.

Signed up with CareFirst when my COBRA ended. As a Senior, but too young for Medicare, I joined in order to keep renewing the few prescriptions that I'd been taking for years (Wellbutrin, Evista, QVar, Xalatan, Requip, & Flonase. This was before it was OTC.) I chose a Primary, (who I will name if asked,) & began to TRY getting an appointment. During those 6 mos, I got thru to the office twice & left messages each time. Never had a call returned. 1st time they finally answered, they took all my info & said they'd get back to me. 2nd time, the clerk, who took more extensive info, PROMISED that as soon as they'd reviewed it for legitimacy, they would call me & book an appointment. I NEVER heard back from them. I then canceled CareFirst' & got 'Covered Calif.' But a year later, CareFirst STILL thinks I'm a customer of theirs!

Can't really tell you how MANY times they've been informed of this, but 1 time, when I'd complained that they really SHOULD figure out that I'm NOT WITH THEM ANYMORE, I was told that I should really report my quitting CareFirst to my "CASEWORKER!" I don't have a caseworker! Why should I have a caseworker? HOW DO I GET ONE WHEN I DON'T QUALIFY FOR WELFARE??? I now have "OBAMACARE" (Truly more like "ROMNEYCARE"!!) -- does that mean I'm "on welfare"? Do I now have to apply for welfare, to get a caseworker, to quit CareFirst? REALLY???

I am an office manager for a family practice office. Carefirst is our largest payor, and they are our worst. From their totally unwieldy phone system (Which of my 3 provider numbers does it want? Which prefix does my patient have? What is the relationship to the subscriber? Blah, blah, blah), to their oft-repeated non-answer of "We'll have to call the home plan." They are so bad it makes my head spin. As a provider trying to get answers, we don't even know whom to call half the time. I needed to get a duplicate Remittance Advice (the sheet that shows which patients the payments are for) that was about 4 months old. I was told (after being transferred at least twice, and being placed on hold for 45 minutes) that I couldn't get it unless I wrote a letter! Any other insurer allows one to go online and download these - they are like a bank statement or similar financial document.

For as much money as people are paying for the "privilege" of subscribing, you'd think they'd be able to afford some real state-of-the art website at least, but no. It's pitiful. I can't look up claim status if a patient is out of network, although they administer these payments. On the other hand, Medicare, a government-administered program, has a high-quality phone tree where I can get real answers, and if my answer can't be found there, customer service reps are knowledgeable and able to help. This is one example of private enterprise doing a wholly sloppy job because they think they have a monopoly.

Every month we submit a check for my policy and my husband’s policy. EVERY MONTH we receive a notice that they did not receive the money. EVERY MONTH we have to call them and stay on hold for half a day waiting for someone to answer. EVERY MONTH they see the funds but have misapplied them. When you get upset they tell you that they cannot help you since you are upset and they put you on hold for the rest of the day and or disconnect you. WHAT OTHER BUSINESS IS MANDATORY (healthcare or ObamaCare) where nobody has to answer and nobody has to get it right EVER but you HAVE to pay? What country do we live in?

I'm going to start studying what my options are legally. These people (CareFirst) should be jailed and they should throw away the key. Modern day mafia tactics are not what I was willing to give my life in defense of in service. Now I have been turned down for VA Health care (Seemingly not much better on tactics but maybe cost) because I make too much money. I have a newborn and a sick wife and all I get from CareFirst is the continued Grift. I wasn't going to peruse fixing a huge issue with billing because of how painful it is to resolve and the lies and games CareFirst has played. I started a new dental policy, attempted to cancel CareFirst, and they refuse to cancel from my attempted date with all the games about a fax or non-proof of new dental insurance.

Spent hours faxing and fixing things because of their shady protocol. I gave up thinking time value of money, billable rate of 120 an hour, just pay it. Now I'm fed up! There is no excuse that I and Quantum Health should have to spend this much time and resources to get CareFirst to do what's legal and appropriate.

They can't get dates correct. They can't get paperwork correct. They can't manage their communication center. They can't keep up with their employees and policies. Employees lie to get you off the phone and don’t record conversations then because you can't prove that you called them.

That’s money out of your pocket. I use their online billing system and funds aren't applied/mysteriously lost. I have put in over 20 hours trying to fix the headache called insurance because CareFirst employees are incompetent and it is my believe are told to follow less than ethical practices to get more money out of their members. When I think of CareFirst, I think of the most underhanded organization I have ever had to deal with. Billing and Customer care are fowl, unethical and my options are? Sounds like a monopolistic organization to me.

After 2 3/4 hours on hold and having been dropped 3 times, have given up. Explained my situation over 3 times to a Vanessa (Reference#**), and she was still unable to comprehend. All I can say is if I am now paying almost $200 more a month, and with this type of customer care, I can shop for a different health carrier. Also, after waiting to be transferred to supervisor 3 times, the call was dropped and no return call even though they ask for a callback number in case of a disconnection. GOOD LUCK WITH THIS INSURANCE CARRIER!!!

I was a previous employee with this company. I came onto this company thinking it would be innovative and dynamic. This proved the opposite. They are so behind the modern times. Everything is paper and manual data input. They expect you to learn 6 to 8 systems that are all dinosaurs and pit bandages in all this problems that make it worse. The senior management team are more concerned about how it will impact them personally than their customers. It's ridiculous. Then they have meetings about things they have been working on for over a year. Nothing gets accomplished except how to place blame on others. The Sr. management team there are so back stabbing of one another then it displays their distention among the team. Not a good leadership style.

No wonder they are losing their client base in Arizona. I worked there as a manager and used to get the complaints of their customers and sadly my team. They are tired of it. No wonder we they can't keep them. They do pay pretty well but with all the issues it's not worth it. My director and folks complained about the COO all the time but my director was just like her. My predecessors all warned me about the company but I didn't listen. I am sorry I didn't listen. My warning to others are don't take their services or work there.

Begin in November 2014, I signed up for a family plan with Blue Cross. It was 3 people, me, my husband, and my daughter. My husband and daughter got their cards, I didn't. I call them every month about my case and to ask them if I am on the plan. They said yes, still no card or ID number for 3 months. On April 18th, I got a card and then they told me I need January, Feb, March prorate. They gave me a price and I paid it Jan, Feb, March. They even said I had a credit because we over paid them after April 18. We got a bill for $1198.00. It jumped from a credit to being behind in my payment. Because they charge me now for the 3 months I was not covered, I have called and asked them can I make payment? They now say I have insurance but they will not paid for our meds.

I have been paying them every month the price they gave me. And I will pay them for the three months I was not covered. But I am on a budget and I can pay it all at one time. I told them if they would have given me the price at first, I would have worked it into my budget like now. They get paid every month but because of the 3 months I was not covered, they say I am behind a payment.

So I’m going on vacation for two months and I got authorizations for all of my prescriptions but I have two pain medicines that are very fragile. I guess you would put it these days because they are **. So that means I’m a drug addict because the government says I am LOL. So anyways I go to get my vacation fill on all of my medicine but since I am leaving out of town actually out of the country for two months the day after tomorrow I am filling my medication two days too soon. So they won’t!!! Idiots!

I'm someone who's never been fired from any customer service job or any job for that matter who is just astounded by how incompetent CareFirst clerical workers tend to be. While moving once my card was misplaced so I needed to order a new one. It took about 7 calls before they finally got it right. Later I had some bloodwork done to determine whether I have one genetic condition. There were clerical issues yet again until that was worked out. Finally and most recently a woman on the phone said I could renew my membership quite a while before the Jan 31 deadline. I went ahead and worked with her. She said it was all recorded on the phone. My phone records indicate clearly that I called. Well what do you know? My insurance status isn't listed as active, and after 2 phone calls later I've had no one effectively help me once.

One male said I'd renewed on Dec 24 and that I needed to do more? I renewed nothing on the 24th because at that point I was still working on sorting out the clerical error involving the blood lab which wasn't done until the 28th as an email shows me still reaching out to the blood lab then which by the way was worked out. I told him that, too. Worse yet? I'd almost gotten a surgery this February that CareFirst said they covered - a tubal ligation because I have bad genes and have never wanted to procreate. Well I was approved and scheduled for the procedure. Thank goodness I cancelled or they wouldn't have even covered it like I'd gotten a letter stating they would because the recorded phone call renewal of my membership was apparently never entered into the system! I only cancelled because of the post tubal ligation symptoms

I read other women had experienced - thank goodness I listened to them and thank goodness for everyone on the site telling the truth! I once must have waited about 40 minutes only for my phone call to be forwarded to Nobody at all! It's shameful! Even if someone does fix this latest issue I don't want to work with them ever again! I am beyond tired of this bs and appreciate that I don't actually need anything right now. This insurance only seemed really necessary for if I were injured in a car accident, but honestly after reading what a lot of people have written I doubt they'd even help me there because they can barely help any of us with a simple phone call! Avoid them like the plague if you can and just beware of their bs in general.

I am writing to state that I am disgusted with the treatment that I have received from CareFirst DC BCBS/FEP customer service staff. The staff are arrogant, they provide incorrect information, and they are very rude. I have been trying to get the above subject claim resolved for going on three months. I just want someone in management to help me resolve this claim. I don't want to have to contact OPM to help me. I am exasperated.

I have been a member of CareFirst's Medicare advantage program since 2013. Prior to signing up, I had straight medicare and loved the freedom I had in choosing providers, no referral requirements, etc. However, in 2012 I received a phone call from my primary care doctor's office, telling me that this new Medicare Advantage program being offered through CareFirst provided benefits not otherwise available through Medicare, such as dental benefits. I really was not interested in switching to a HMO, but looked into it for the dental benefits, which I sorely needed. Based on the promise of dental coverage, FREE gym membership (through the "Silver Sneakers" program), and other coverage such as acupuncture treatment and chiropractic, I decided to try CareFirst.

Well guess what? Aside from all the hassles inherent in a HMO (limited to their network of providers, referrals for everything, etc, incorrect billing), after 2 years, without notice, they have terminated the dental coverage, the gym membership, the acupuncture and more. But the worst part is they provided NO NOTICE. I have been automatically reenrolled the past two years AFTER receiving notice of change in benefits, for which the prior two years were negligible.

This year, for 2016 enrollment, I received NO notice of any change in benefits. SO I reasonably assumed there were no material changes. Imagine my surprise when, the first week of January 2016, I call to find out why Delta Dental (CareFirst's contracted dental provider) has no record of my coverage, and the CareFirst rep says it's no longer a benefit! What? When did that happen? He didn't know. Why does it state on CareFirst's website that dental is included? He didn't know.

I filed a grievance and am told that I SHOULD have received a notice of change in benefits. So why didn't I? Hmm, maybe because they don't want to lose members? In any event, this is fraud. They have cut numerous benefits without notice, and the only way I found out was when I called AFTER they had already auto enrolled me. Their supervisor in the grievance department, Terri, told me that I'm now covered by state dental program and to call them! Yes, that's CareFirst's response to the effects of their fraud. So after an hour of calling state offices, I find out that because CareFirst previously provided dental coverage, I have to jump through hoops for state eligibility. In other words, due to CareFirst's fraudulently omission regarding termination of benefits, I am now forced to spend hours of my time and energy fixing a problem not of my own making.

As for the change in benefits? After 30 minutes of using google and searching CareFirst's website I FINALLY found a notice of the change in terms of coverage for 2016. I am a professional with a job that entails a great deal of research, so 30 minutes to find a document like this, one that should be sent to the consumer in the first place, certainly doesn't seem like a minor oversight by CareFirst but rather an intentional attempt to conceal material terms from members. I hope Medicare investigates this company. They really need to go out of business. I'm going back to straight Medicare and look forward to the demise of CareFirst. Awful, deceptive, and clearly taking advantage of those who are unlikely or unable to protect themselves from CareFirst predatory practices.

Not only they credited back my dental to my primary medical account but we keep trying to contact them but we wait literally hours on the phone. I put my phone next to my laptop and work. Who has time to spend hours on the phone to correct their errors? It is at best a mediocre service, I do not recommend this provider.

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