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If you pay the year in advance, as I did, you can only get a refund if you cancel in the first 30 days. I paid the year in January, canceled in May, and I get ZILCH back. That should be unlawful. I didn't use the plan at all. Well, they got me this time. Never again.

Everything about Careington is fraud. They give you an advertised $250 ballpark fee for a typical root canal. I go to dentist and of course I need a more expensive root canal (molar). OK, after searching fine print, Careington says it will be $450 range. I call 2 local dentists in the program, give them my ID # and tell them my referring dentist says I need root canal procedure 3330 and they agree on phone. Price is in $450 range. I arrive at dentist next day and without even looking at my tooth, they said my price will be $850 (but yesterday on the phone it was $450). They added bogus consultation fees which Careington does not cover and they said Careington won't cover a periodontist to do root canal.

In California, it looks the only way to get a root canal is by a specialist but Careington won't pay it. So Careington is fraudulent in saying they can get you a root canal for $250 to $450. Same problem for the porcelain crown. Careington shows you a cheap price, but no participating dentist will give you the crown without adding $100 or much more to the Careington advertised prices. Back to root canals, most of them require posts or special buildup procedures as part of the root canal. Does Careington mention this is in their false advertising? Of course not and they don't cover it either. National average for root canal is $850 or more. If you use Careington, your best price is the same $850. They don't save you anything on root canals. Waste of time and money. They sell you the bogus plan, the consumer quits before 30 days, and they keep 20% for processing their fraud.

Went to the dentist in September, Careington provided new cards for the visit and never mentioned needing updated credit card info. They received a notice of pending charges for my procedure, but in Oct since my credit card expired in September they just cancelled my plan and never notified me. Meantime I had the dental procedure apparently uncovered in October and Careington didn't care, they even told the dentist I cancelled the plan which is a lie. Very sneaky and fraudulent, I never received a request for updated credit card information or a cancellation notice by mail, email or phone, and I never missed a payment since 2013!

Lack of payment of any kind over a year, despite 48?? premium paid on time monthly. Note (Waiting Period not Met). How long is waiting p. 19 years? This has been a total Rip Off! Would like to report to BBB & or Fraudulent Practices. Very disappointed. Would like to report this kind Business. Who do I contact; to report poor business makings?

I purchased the service in 2015. Prior to renewal in March, 2016, I called to cancel. I found out in Feb 2018 that they continued billing me in 2016 and 2017. They will not issue a refund. These crooks stole $174 from me. It's also my bad for not noticing the charges when they happened. Check your accounts, folks.

This is the biggest waste of time and money I've seen in a while. The 'providers' list' is a joke - half of the dentists have moved, some YEARS AGO, others just laugh when I asked about Careington. To top it off, the agreement is written so that I will get diddly squat back as a refund. That's okay, Tex, ENJOY IT! For that money I'll get a lot of satisfaction telling everyone I know what a POS this outfit is. Consider it $4000m worth of bad PR!

One of the best I have ever seen. A warm smile that greets you and lets me know they actually care about me as a customer and not a number. The claims are finished in a professional time frame. You will have no problems here. Extremely great service that provides the best value a customer could ask for. Down to earth, friendly service and this helps you feel at ease. This is probably the biggest strength this company has: the different networks will have the plans that fit your needs and fits the needs of your family.

I purchased their plan August 14, 2018. Called to cancel 6 days later. I was told they would refund me the $9.99 but the processing fee of $30 would not. However; on their website at the bottom of the page it clearly states: You may cancel within the first 30 days after effective date or receipt of membership materials (whichever is later) and receive a full refund, less a nominal processing fee (nominal fee for MD residents is $5, AR and TN residents will be refunded processing fee).

Well, I am an Arkansas resident and they still refused my request. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me that my request would go before a board of advisors for them to decide. This is a no brainer! I am due a FULL REFUND according to their policies and website yet, they put me on hold for minutes on end, transferred me around till I finally got a supervisor that told me that it was up to the board! I explained to her that they are a fraud and these are at best 'Gestapo' like business practices. I would suggest that anyone reading this think twice about using their services. I have never been more upset at the beginning of my day. I thought this would be quick and simple... NOT! Again, beware before you purchase.

The customer service is pretty amazing, you wanna make sure you get what you're asking for. Overall you shouldn't have too much of a problem with it the way I see. The process time is definitely something you may get mad over, it's only because the time usually takes longer than what is said about it, but you wanna make sure you're getting exactly what you wanted so just wait on the time. It will go by. The value is gonna suck but you wanna make sure it's exactly what was guaranteed. So don't worry about the value. In the end it's gonna be just what your money paid for. I'm always happy when it comes to the understanding of the network part. There are plenty of options on what you would like to do but you have to be very careful in considering what is right to do.

They will provide a fee schedule and convince you that you will pay discounted prices at the dentist which is true of X-ray or dental cleaning... But when you need a root canal you will not pay the listed price because it does not exist... No general dentist is going to do a root canal on a molar so they will cover their ** by saying they tell you they will give you 20 percent off a specialist in their network. This is the biggest fraud I've ever seen... These people who are working as customer service agents are trained to cover this up by verbal disco but actually they are baiting and switching you with their 20 percent off routine. This is a big fraud and I hope there is some way to sue this company or get them put out of business for the garbage they are pulling!!! All I can say to these people is that they can go ** themselves and I hope they are shut down soon.

Ripoff - DC Dental Group/3901 W. McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85009. Went to DC Dental Group/3901 W. McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85009 and presented my Careington 500 Dental Discount Card, DC Dental actually charged me more than they charge their normal customers. They quoted me $20 for a dental exam over the phone, then charged me $31.00 dollars, when I asked them why they charged me more than the $20.00 quoted to me over the phone, they blatantly to me, "Because you presented your Careington 500 Dental Discount Card!" Incredible.

Then Careington fee schedule listed $60.00 for a simple tooth extraction, DC Dental presented me with a quote for $170.00 for a simple tooth exaction. I paid the exam fee and got the heck out of there as soon as possible, then called my bank and disputed not only the dental ripoff but also Careington 500 Dental Discount Card ripoff, in addition to stopping payment on any further payments, reporting them to, a negative review here and also on Google. Stay far away from Careington 500 Dental Discount Card and even further away from DC Dental in Phoenix, Arizona.

Customer service was very helpful in explaining the ins and outs of this discount plan to me, and they walked me through the process of how to get the most out of this plan. The claim processing time was a breeze to go through with no down time involved whatsoever, fluid is the best term for it. The process took very little time and effort on my part and their part, everything was in order from start to finish, and every was happy with results. The value of The Careington discount dental plan is priceless, and the Careington discount dental plan was a heaven-sent solution to my dental situation. The cost was easily one of the best values that I have seen in years, for most dental plans are somewhat untouchable for the average consumer to handle.

The network options were easily one of the best perks to the Careington discount plan, the Dentists that were in the network were some of the most trustworthy Dentist out there. The Dentists were leaders in their particular practices and the Dentists staff were definitely customer friendly and very easily approachable and seemed to be very in touch with the situations I was going through at the time.

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