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I don't think it was the right thing for me now. Maybe later.
I had forwarded my review already. The agent that handled my transactions was quite a professional. He answered all my questions with experience and knowledge.
This is the 2nd car that we have on CarShield and we have been very happy with them. Great company to deal with.
It's a pleasure to deal with an honorable company that follows through with there actions. We had a warranty contract on one of our automobiles. We were able to cancel the contract and received a refund for on the cancellation. Customer Service was great to deal with and the refund came without issues. If I ever need a warranty in the future I would without question sign up with CarShield
I am a member but i have not yet have had to use the service.i have received my booklet in which have have read. And am very impressed on what carsheild offers.i feel much safer nowing that there is a safe haven protecting my automobile from harm and also helping me to feel safe on the road.i have referred one of. My coworkers to the membership as well.and again thank you for making me feel safe on the road.
Just started with expectation of smooth and happy services
Great customer service ! James Scott is the best !
The agent that help me was Awesome
Honest and straightforward, this is a great service issued by very kind, patient and informative people. It makes us feel protected!
I have talked with 5 different persons in2 days and they have been extraordinary in answering all my questions
I am new to the CarShield group but they were very friendly and helped me enroll in the program for the protection of my vehicle and now I feel secure and confident that if anything goes wrong with my vehicle that CarShield will be there to cover me. Thank you and God Bless.....
Great customer service and they were able to work with me even when my repairs wasn't covered by my warranty..
Too much wrangeling with sales personnel very tiring,,
Well a starter wired had broken and so i was with out a vehicle for 2 days and then they charged me $125 to fix that because they said that they wasn't lyable for that, and plus a rental car was never mention, as were in the book it said if shop keeps car for more than 4 hrs u get 1 until car returns.
Customer service is great but when talking to the claims department they were very short with me and rude
Great plan for my 16' Chevy silverado from Carshield. Reps were helpful when I filed a claim.
Scam artists beware!!!! Have a problem with my engine, inspector comes out and reports it needs an engine. Claims adjuster calls mechanic and tells them I must authorize tear down of engine to find out why it failed.The cost of tear down alone is more than cost of an used engine. When they determine what caused engine to fail they may or may not pay for repair. Car is operable at the moment but if CAR SHIELD decides it is my fault I will be hit with the double whammy tea r d own cost and the used engine replacement with none of their money invested, AFTER I have paid premiums for 16 months. They have already denied previous claim on the car for " parts not covered" on claim, which they use a broad generalization of small parts not covered that cause more expensive parts to fail. Thereby your car repair is not covered. I would give 0 stars but that i not allowed. Also their claims adjusters have been rude and talk down to you.......
They worked the price out for me.
I didn't get a chance to use the service, we are happy with their customer service. We purchased a newer car and plan on signing black up when the warranty expires.
On Star has been great to me every time I call!!!!
So far pretty good. Good customer service.
Helpful, made sure I understood everything, great customer service
I think car shield is great I have no complaint the best car warranty I ever had
A very positive experience !
I have not used car shield yet, but if it works like they said it does, I will be happy. So, I am giving 5 stars for being who they are.
It was fine, just had questions.
Car Shield is a professional company . The representatives are easy to understand and handled me in a professional manner.
Very personal, professional, honest & accommodating
nothing to say except great service for me to choose a right plan for my car repairs.
Customer service through telephone service for joining the program has been very professional and knowledgeable for a smooth transition.
My Husband had a great conversation with Jeff who was checking on how our pickup was running.. we have had great coverage with CarShield‼️ Thank you
When I called to inquire about the service I was asked how did I like my services and that it had been approved. Then I get a call to tell me they want to make sure I’m not making up the service order, so do my mechanics. The young man that called to deny spoke like a digital computer just reading a script and not clarifying what he said. My car was not fixed and now I’m paying for a warranty that used a third person to represent them, an independent agent to sell it and a customer service that although very nice had no idea my car was in my house waiting for a person to have the time in their busy schedule per the mechanics to see my car. Then when I went to the time specified by the approved agent I was made along with the mechanics to wait hours before he finally met with the mechanics hours past our rush & better be there appointment. Not happy at all.
So far so good I will recommend you to my friends.
Disappointment, a call, a message asking me to call back. A text letting me know that the insurance was cancelled within the hour and a refund coming . No reason why. Having a busy weekend, I can't call, so still wondering what is going on.
So happy you helped me to make this important decision. I just feel it was the right thing for me
Awesome customer service. And great deals.
Every one needs help to ensure stability on the vehicle
They fixed me water pump to my 2014 mustang, ONLY reason I knocked 1 star is due to .y deductable was suppose to be $50 I paid $95. They said the extra cost was due to the shops overly extensive time required for diagnosing the water pump. Other wise they took great care of me and had lovely customer service. I'll surely go back when my new vehicle warrenty expire and my fiance is still with them as another loyal member.
When I needed an repair your company found a loop hole to not honor the the contract. I purchased this auto plan to avoid paying$2,200 for the repairs needed. I'll be seeking another company for my future repairs.
I haven't had to use my CarShield protection as of yet but have the peace of mind that CarShield will be there for me when I do have to use it.
Very Polite and Professional
Caused my credit card to be cancelled. Kept bugging several times a day after I told them how the situation was going to be handled.
They have contractually met all requirements in the past, so I have recently renewed my policy! Phone calls are answered expediently, pleasantly, and mannerly!
If you have a nice auto you need this
Great serviceGreat staff always willing to help in a crisis to lower payments or to skip a payment and make it up!
They was very kind and help full.
This company is good as I see it on television but I am going try it out
Customer Service was great!!
Awesome customer service answered all questions that I had before deciding to go with them, also reimbursed me for remainder of current warranty!
Haven't used it yet. Time will see
The customer service representatives I worked with were excellent and did everything possible to make the warranty affordable and also provide the utmost protection.
Just got it 2 days ago,have not actually used it yet. Staff I spoke to were very professional and personable.
I have not had to use it yet, but in talking to the agents they have made the transition on getting insurance pleasant, Courteous and knowledgeable.
Just getting started but so far so good.
It is hard to rate since everything was denied by CarShield so I paid the entire $2009 myself. I have no idea what transpired between my service rep and one or more of your reps. However, the repair shop did give me a discount as a returning customer.
What is great about CarShield is that they listen and care about their customers. I had a gazillion questions as I was very skeptical before I bought a warranty, but they answered all them in a genuine and truthful way. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Jennifer Zea. She provides exceptional customer service and reassured me that I will be taken care of if anything in the unforeseen future should happen. Thank you CarShield for having her on your staff as she really does makes all the difference!
The representative I spoke with wis very informative and helpful
My past experience with you and my new current one for my new car just shows me that your courtesy is only outdone by your professionalism!
I have signed up with your company for months now, until now I have yet to see any paper work. Not good, not good at all
Great customer service, all my questions where answered.
Pathetic experience with the customer service. Wasted 1 hour trying to explain why I don't need the insurance and they just don't want to cancel your insurance. It's a huge scam. The moment you mention that you want to cancel the insurance, they start offering 'loyalty bonuses' to reduce the premiums. Do yourself a favor and get your insurance from someplace else.
So my husband and I got a letter in the mail to call and get a quote for additional coverage, My husband called and immediately started having issues, he just called to get a quote for me and we were going to talk about it and decide, they kept pressuring him to commit before talking to me and he kept explaining he couldn't, they then wanted my number to call me themselves. They never called but my husband and I talked about it and he called back to tell them we were going to do it but couldn't pay for it today. Well the man Jeremy started YELLING at my husband about if we could afford a smart phone which we probably had, and a new 2016 car why couldn't we afford to pay him the down payment today. So while we were going to get a plan with CarShield when we got paid we are now NEVER going to do business with them! Very unprofessional and rude!
I was able to make reasonable payments to pay off my premium. Had to use the insurance once and it was easy! Thanks for everything.
I was told this policy would cover any and every repair in the engine, transmission, and other supporting and major parts. Well, the senor matt had to be replaced and Car shield refused to pay because this issue wasn't covered under my policy. Next time a salesperson uses the would "everything" buyer beware!!
Thanks to CarShield they covered the entire bill to have a new tire. CarShield is dependable and worth having.
I will never ever trust your product again!
I Geral Howard would highly recommend. Carshield. To my family&friends!because. Carshield is awesome and someone you can count on when your car brakes down(2_)carshield was refured to me by very satisfied. Customer of carshield
After my car was totalled, my initial deposit was returned to me. The treatment you gave me was fine. I have no issues with your policy or the service I was given. William D. Wilson
Customer service very helpful.
They were very helpful when we called. The dealership was adamant they only honored certain warranties and upon calling them they informed us the dealership was probably overcharging for parts and labor because they wanted us to pay out of pocket then put in a claim with Carshield. They have saved us a lot of trouble and money! Thank you!!
people were very very helpful and explained it all
On hold way too long
Helpful and able to answer all my question
Can't get no info from the rude people who don't even know about cars,much less how to fix them. When you ask for a Manager you got to jump through hoops and be prepared to be hung up on at lease 5 times At this moment I'm looking for another warranty company because these people have no sense of customer service
Top trustworthy company
This is the worst experience and waste of money I paid more out of pocket and got more resistence from CarShield, Auto Car Care. Their customer service did nothing to help the problems. The only thing they do is apologize and blame someone else.
Failure to fulfil contract. I would never deal with these people again nor would I recommend them for any service. These people have no ethics.
Customer service is good, The people are helpful and courteous, and it's easy to make my payment every month!
The representative was courtesy.
I have been making huge payments trying to pay this off in 6 months and I contacted CarShield 17 days ago to get another copy of the contract because the first one I sent to my daughter in the mail somehow got lost. They where supposed to of e-mailed her a copy of it back then 17 days ago and I found out today that she never got any e-mail with that contract. Also I was told they where mailing me a copy and that I should have it within 14 days for which I have never received.
I have been impressed with CarShield service. They helped me at time in need. I can truly say it's money worth spending. Thanks again for your services.
The rep that help me was great!! Answered all my questions with knowledge and patience. Appreciated that
a good company
I was very pleased. Everything was clearly explained. They took special effort to make It affordable for me.
none as yet but in the near future, I am just relying on what I heard
Great experience, would recommend to my friends. Everything was explained to me and customer service was very helpful.
Everyone was polite and caring, which made me feel spprciated. I had a problem and it was fixed quickly. I know they did not have to but am fortunate they were considerate enough to reinstate me. Thank you
Sheena was the lady with whom I spoke. She was very knowledgeable and thorough.
I was taught to fight for what you think is right! I was a victim of car shield aka America car shield. I will try my best to make a live video at the shop where my car is located. I will go to my coworkers blog and YouTube. Every platform I have I will use due to the fact that I have been a victim of a scam. If you purchase a warranty, you will hope car shield will stand behind their name but they do not. I was talking to the power train department after waiting a hour on the phone just for them to start reading notes then they hang up. Knowing I would have to wait another hour just to get to them. I am a supervisor and I know what good customer service is and I will not stop until they refund me for services they would not honor!!
Very good customer service poltergeist and willing to work with the customer. Very satisfied !
Hi my name is Teresa Wisniewski yes every time I call it seems they leave a number when I call no one answered the phone their way from their phone or they're not there I spoke to a nice and lady named Ashley Stan and I would like to be handled by one representative and not the whole place I I don't want to be there for your beckn call every time you call someone else is calling me this time it was somebody named either Lenor glende he wanted me to my convenience and when I did he never answered the phone or it wasn't in there now please I'm asking you nicely should be more considerate to our needs thank you mr. And mrs. Stanley Wisniewski I hope when we really need you you'll be there for us and not like it was just now when I try to get someone on the phone thank you
Customer Service goes the extra mile by keeping in close touch for the 1st month to make sure you've received ALL starting out paperwork. Shows that company wants to make sure the customer starts out ready for any service that may occur. Many Thanks
I have not used your service since I became the member. But, I think the best of you.
Very satisfied Customer. I'm glad I chose this company.
It was a great experience the representative answered all my questions and everything I would highly recommend them
Nothing is nevered covered
The wait times for mechanics to call in orders is ridiculously high and often seems like a scam.
I used Carshield to fix my transmission which died right after the car's manufacturer's warranty expired. I'm so glad I got Carshield or else I would have been out of thousands of dollars! The process to submit was claim was fast easy with no hassle at all.