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Tyler was very pleasant and helpful.
Sarah gave great customer service. She answered any and all questions and concerns that I had. She represents your company well. I feel that the old customer service experience is back! I felt valued as a customer. Thanks!
I wouldn't even give them a star they just steel your money they won't give me a full refund and won't pay to have my truck fixed so now I'm left with a $3,000 bill plus its not even fixed so I can't drive it and haven't had it since week after thanksgiving so now I I'm left trying to fine a way back and to,to my doctors appointments for my daughter and me since I am 23 weeks pregnant now.
Every question I had was answered easily so I could understand! Because of my age and status I was treated in an understanding way and my payments are most acceptable to me, especially since I’m closing on a new house tomorrow! Thank you!
Everyone we talked with was helpful and courteous.
Was easy to work with, and able to fit a plan that works with our budget.
Great Service with a senior discount, and without asking!
I had a pleasant experience talking over the phone with Shanna. She was patient to explain and answer questions I had as she was explaining the benefits and exclusions of the plan I was proposed. Her and Rick's help with me being a student was very appreciated. I would recommend talking to them anytime of the day.
Liked both sales people we chatted with. They were honest and I felt they wanted to give us a good price for our BMW used car.
great time in explaining the coverage and working a better solution for desired payment.
Everything went very well! Even checked into better coverage for less! THANKS!
The representative I first reached, Toni, was very professional, but yet, friendly and knowledgeable. I had to be transferred, but the time to speak with the second representative I spoke with, Paula, was quick. She too was professional and courteous. I then spoke with Justin, the supervisor, who then sealed the deal. He too was knowledgeable and was able to find ways to help me to save money and get me into an affordable plan to cover my vehicle. The wonderful teamwork, professionalism on the part of the reps, and the friendliness, causes me rate this team, AWESOME!! Thank you for all you do!
My experience was quite pleasant. Questions were answered. No pressure to purchase. Will see how this experience goes whenever I have need to utilize this policy.
Excellence in explaining everything. Professional and knowledgeable. Compassionate to my needs. Best rate and coverage out there. Thank you Rick Ross!!
December13, 2017, I called to inquire about coverage for my vehicle and had the pleasure of Rob Martchink taking my call. He not only answered all of my questions, he made a few suggestions that would be helpful to me and provided me with a few "Need to know" things as well. Rob was kind, polished, professional, knowledgeable and well spoken. He did a great job of representing the company and I was impressed. He provided me "World Class Customer Service".. I never felt like I was just another name or voice on the other end of the phone asking dumb questions. It is my hope the company has a hundred more representatives just like him and, I think the company is lucky to have him.
All my questions were answered by the sales manager. He was very nice and polite and easy to talk with. He went over everything with me before we got of the phone which was very important.
Helpful and clear to understand
Great service friendly fast
Everyone was most helpful & friendly.
Hard to make initial contact. Got several unsolicited garbled phone calls announcing my factory warranty was going to expire. Finally made contact by dialing number on notification received in mail. (no name of organization sending it). Was not going to "bite" but finally did as we live in a rural area with no dealer nearby. Once on line got passed back in forth between several parties, I guess trying to make sure I was serious, qualified or whatever. Very time consuming and frustrating.
The customer service I received from Mr. Chad Burris and Mr. Trenton Hicks at CarSure was outstanding. My first impression of the company made me feel glad that I contacted them about an extended service contract. I absolutely do not have any reservations about recommending CarSure to anyone.
They worked within my budget, but I still felt it was too expensive. I also felt very much pressured to purchase the package. If I had been given enough time to think about it I would definitely say no and I may still change my mind on this and cancel, it is too expensive.
Everything was explained clearly and options were offered to better serve my needs.
I really appreciated the direct service team of CarSure Jack was very informative and Rebecca has a great customer service demeanor, I called them and explained my mothers situation and they worked diligently to make it work for her. I am completely satisfied!!!
Straight forward ,to the point and took care of business. Great experience. Courtesy,professional and polite.
Landry Brown provided a seamless, informed process when we purchased our extended warranty. We were impressed with his commitment to us as customers, insuring we had the best deal possible . He made certain we understood exactly what the policy offered, answered all our questions. My husband likes to joke with people, Landry was open to that. As a CSR with 20 years of experience I am a tough customer, Landry more than exceeded my expectations- Elizabeth . Philip and I will be loyal customers.
Great Customer Service. Courteous and professional. Very knowledgeable of their product and well explained and all questions answered.
All the people I spoke to were friendly and helpful.
Tyler was very professional and polite. Km
They were really professional, nice and willing to work with me.
I cannot say if CarSure provides good service or not because I was not interested in their service which I told them numerous times. That did not stop them from sending me notices in the mail and calling me many times a day. I call it harassment! If I was looking for this type of service CarSure would not be a company I would contact after the way they have hounded me.
Biggest scumbags ever, purchased a policy for $3148 and time to file a claim they refused to honor my claim. Will never do business with them again and filing a claim with the BBB to recoup my money.
Great job thanks for your help
He a cool dude dont know much about him, but he liked my car so duck it
Toni was very professional, while maintaining an air of approachability by being accommodating, flexible, and down to earth.
I paid up front and in full for the extended warranty on my 2014 VW Passat. I've had it four years and only put 15,955 miles on it. In Feb of this year I called to cancel the policy and got raked through the coals and badgered to keep the policy, but insisted that I wanted to cancel anyway. Was told it was cancelled. It was so frustrating. I also called the actual warranty company to verify that it was indeed cancelled, and they told me it was and that I could expect a refund by April 6th. Today I called Carsure to ask about my refund and was badgered again and told this time I had to send a letter stating I wanted to cancel with the contract number and the mileage on my car. I was not told this when I called the first time, or if I was I was so frustrated at being intimidated and harassed that I didn't hear it. So I have my letter ready to send off tomorrow, certified mail. Unless you absolutely know for certain that you will never need to cancel do not buy from these people. as they are very rude when you want to cancel. Nice when you buy, rude when you cancel or have a problem.
Only gave 4 Stars because I have not had to use product yet; however talking to set up account was helpful with Customer Service. Will see if product works when and if needed in the future.
I just purchased my second vehicle protection plan and would recommend this company to anyone. Jordan Karl did a very good job and i have no reservations. Thank you Jordan and keep up the great job.
Very pleased with their services and their willingness and ability to help meet my financial needs.
I was satisfied with the service. Tyler Lavely was clear and helpful in helping me to understand the policy and payments. I feel like I can trust this company and Tyler. Thank you. Agnes Tiffany
Ken was really helpful. He really explains everything about the car coverage.
The agent and supervisor were polite and very helpful. Their customer service was impeccable. We were very pleased with Gary and Christopher.
Good customer service experience! Friendly and helpful on the phone.
very good people to deal with. Very helpful at taking care of all my questions and concerns.
Very satisfy. Everything was very well explain. Thanks.
Chris did a great job... keep up the good work
Caveat emptor. The associate was most helpful and personable on the phone. It wasn't until later that I discovered that my Powertrain was still in operation. Nothing was taken off of my bill to credit my extended policy. All of that charm meant little in light of an over $600 difference in costs. I spoke to three different agents. Not one of them mentioned the credit. I almost dropped the policy altogether just off of that sneaky move. Shame on them.
There's only one word to describe them they are awesome they're friendly and very helpful thank you all very much if I know of anybody that needs Moore Warren Theater on their vehicles I will definitely refer them to y'all y'all are awesome thank you
Staff was very helpful and explained/answered any questions I may have had. They made the process a smooth one.
Called to renew warranty and spoke to Chris Mohr. He was excellent. Talked me through everything and I got what I needed.
Poor TOW service-waited for 3 HOURS in the hot sun!! Finally got to dealership. In addition to the $100 deductible, also had to pay $150 +tax for one hour labor that carsure would not authorize! I purchased the upgraded policy but I still ended up paying money out of pocket that carsure promised they dwould cover. SERIOUSLY considering canceling policy and researching a more ETHICAL company!!!I UPDATE!! The CarSure team read my first review, contacted me, investigated the matter and refunded the full amount that I was charged for labor! I was impressed and have changed my opinion of the coverage. They do care!
This company is horrible. They somehow wrangled my 91 year old fathers credit card and has been charging $230 a month on it. When I found this on his credit card I called CarSure to cancel it. They were so rude, and would not talk to me, only my father. I then called back with my father sitting next to me, and after putting my father on, this rude, pushy rep Justin puts me on hold, comes back in and says my fathers voice doesn’t match the one that they have recorded! He refused to cancel and tells me they need a notorized letter. Of cancellation. Scum of the earth... scamming a 91 year old man. Shame on you.
Very helpful exelente
Excellent services and kindness, in all areas. Keep up the good work. Rev. Ronny Mays.
I would recommend to others
CarSure seems to be the best after-market car warranty I've ever had. I would totally recommend this company to any one. It was easy to sign up, payment terms were wonderful, and the employees I've spoken to are very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had, plus answers to things I hadn't thought of. Rob is the person I spoke to today and he's awesome. He made my dreary February day a happy one!
Fast accurate service I'm pleased.
mr rick ross was very polite and professonal it was a pleasure doing buisness with him
The sales men were very professional
Jonathan was very helpful and polite
Good overall experience. However, they did not immediately give me the best price. I would recommend this company - just understand the starting terms are not necessarily the best terms you can get.
This helped me with my decision to purchase the extended warranty. Thanks!
Very helpful and very polite.
Very knowledgeable on their product and courteous
I have auto pay and one month they charged me 2.00 on line bill. It’s supposed to be $ 114.58 and it was 116.58. Also I was told they tried to make the Jan PMT and it was declined. I called my bank and they said there was never an amount for $114.58 and they had never returned anything. I’m not too happy with that. I suggest you try again. Barbara & Michael Garner B
They put me at ease, made me understand what they were explaining. I felt the company was very trustworthy. Thank you.
Great customer service and super nice people
I could not have asked for better treatment. I was very pleased while buying. I trust I will be as pleased when I have to use the service.
Paul was an awesome representative and explained everything in detail
I am not certain about recommendations to anyone; however, I know for a fact that I was given the best advice and consideration by the carsure representative Rob who helped me with my frustrations following a warranty that was not covered by CarSure for my headlights on my Cadillac SRX. He kept me calm and helped me to stay calm and rational when I was about to cancel my CarSure Warranty. He helped me by waiving my February payment of $177.00 and reducing my monthly payment to 96.00. That in and of itself was a huge relief and I greatly appreciate his services and expert advice. Thank you and God Bless.
The representative was very helpful with giving me a quote on my extended warranty. He was very kind and he answered all my questions. Thanks and I will tell more people about you'all.
Sterling answered the call and explaine dthe policy, then I spoke to Cary ANn and lastly spoke to the manager who gave me a reduced rate as I am ELDERLY (HA HA HA). I am trying to get my life in order as I am retired and this truck is probably my last vehicle.
Jonathan was patient, clear, and answered all my questions. Was accommodating when I could not immediately gather needed information because of cold and distance to car.
Very easy and able to anewer my questions without hesitation!
Honest and resectable employees
Scott and Crystal were excellent in helping us to secure an insurance for our vehicle. The wait was short. They were very knowledgeable. Would recommend them to anyone. Bob & Georgia
I was amazed at the quick, efficient, and professional service that I received with one phone call. The gentlemen who helped me were very knowledgeable, and I could not have been more pleased! Kudos and 5 more stars to you!!!!
Mr Carl was patience ,Coridal and understanding
This was truly a review of substance question that was, on point and direct to the point of my needs. Thanks so much Ms. Washington.
I had no problem with them the really worked with my budget!
Dave gave excellent information.Also very informative and provided a great payment plan for myself and family.
I worked with Jeff today. After going through everything and maki g a second phone call he really helped me out on getting a good quote. Even took the extra step after realizing this was my first Subaru to enroll me in the first time buyers program. Would recommend to a friend
Great customer service. Didn't rush me into policy, explain and answered all my questions. Glad I chose this company.
I can only say something about the young lady i had the experience in talking to,her name is ms.Helen Washington and she was one of the most professional and honest people I've talked to in a long time,she kept it real and was willing to answer all questions and no matter the length of time it took,so if I would recommend her to anyone i was very satisfied and pleased with her
Very helpful employees. Worked for me. Thank you.
Crystal was a pleasure to work with. She was up front and was able to develop a warranty plan that fit my needs.
Very helpful, courteous.
My questions were addressed and answered satisfactorily except for one that I forgot to ask for clarity. I was however assured that I could reach the gentleman that I spoke with in Customer Service should I need any further information or assistance. Pleased with not having to use Automated System and I could clearly understand each representative spoken to!
I have never received any contract and no paper work concerning the conversation that was done on the phone, I am paying money with no paper work.
I thought Mike Jung and Jan Burris were very helpful and polite. I enjoyed speaking to both of them.
Very helpful, knew his product, listened to the costumer needs, a great asset to your company .
The Insurance advisor was honest and explained very clearly what the extended policy would cover and length of time. The Fee was reasonable and I liked the fact that the company would work with the customer to extend the 12 payments, very important to me. Overall very happy with the coverage available and hopefully work with my advisor in the future! Teresa Bradley
Very rude customer service. Was jus trying to get a price and cust support treated me like I was stupid. Was using pressure tactics to try to sell. Google reviews for carsure. Most are aweful but for some reason this site is different which makes me think carsure venerated most of these
Excellent service and information.
New customer to Care Sure haven't experienced their service yet. However customer service experience was smooth like buttera. Great Job!!!!
Quick easy super friendly and knowledgeable
Excellent benefits
Just took my car into dealer for computer screen on dash that was going bad. Dealership stated they doubted that you would cover but would call. Received call back from Dealership that CarSure had covered the expense and was absolutely one of the best aftermarket extended warranty companies that they have dealt with. CarSure saved me $700.00.
I had no problem and it went smoothly.