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I am a registered nurse in a critical care department of a level II Trauma Center with very heavy, unresponsive patients. I had bought the Long-Term Disability buy-up for the past 20 years. In 2011, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis with frequent flares requiring oral steroids and frequent switches to other medications. I had back surgery in 2006 for bilateral hemi-laminotomies at levels L4-L5 and S1. I have 2 bulging disks in my cervical and 3 in my lumbar spine. And top this off a partial rotator cuff tear in the right shoulder. In October, 2014 I had an episode where I was performing CPR on a patient when shooting pain went up my arm and shoulder. I had to cease what I was doing and was relieved when one of the other nurses took over the chest compression. The rheumatologist put me on short-term disability for 1 month so as not to jeopardize patient safety.

In November of 2014 I noticed numbness in the left foot and severe pain in left hamstring. I was unable to walk, stand or sit without severe shooting pain down the left leg into the left foot. After 3 visits at my primary care provider they finally ordered an MRI which showed a desiccated disk with a piece broken off and lodged into the nerve root canal. I then received a referral for surgery in January. The surgeon wanted to first try a steroid with ** injection performed by a pain specialist which was unsuccessful. On March 30th a micro-discectomy was performed. At this time I received a denial from CIGNA for LTD which I appealed and won. After surgery I continued to have sensori-motor deficits, pain in left hamstring and numbness in left foot. A new MRI showed the herniation has again worsened and the surgeon recommended a redo surgery.

To date I had to work with 5 different case workers who each made attempts to overturn the awarded amount and each required extensive documentation of the physicians to keep me on LTD. With re-do surgery scheduled for August 25, 2016 they now scheduled a Independent Medical Evaluation in a city 2 hours away at a date 10 days from now. Social Security Disability has scheduled an independent medical exam 1 month from today in another city 2 hours away. Mind you I still cannot sit longer than 20-30 minutes, so transport is difficult to request. Currently, I have been laid off from the place of employment due to exhaustion of leave and rely heavily on the income that I receive from CIGNA. I am almost 61 years old and would have difficulty finding work that could accommodate my disabilities. My question is why did I pay the premiums for LTD buy-up for 20 years. Thank you for your consideration.

I had surgery Dec 8, 2015 to have my spleen removed & went out on FMLA & received STD through Cigna. I had LTD start being held out of my check on January 1 which I was still getting paychecks. On January 5, 2016 I was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome & need a bone marrow transplant & can't go back to work. My STD ended on June 3. My lovely rude caseworker Tina told me I can't use my Ltd because I was already inactive & not working. I don't understand because I was still getting a paycheck & they took the money for it.

Cigna is the worst company. My son-in-law got hit by a drunk driver, it flipped the car twice, and thank God he came out of it with only three broken bones in his legs, and cuts. Cigna has been nothing but a nightmare. He has not yet healed and the doctor wants to release him to go back to work, but the Cigna nurse said that his x-rays looked good to her and that there was no reason he can’t go back to work. The doctor’s office spoke with Cigna and said his leg is not strong enough; he can’t bend down at all or turn and can’t put pressure on it for a long time. He got denied and the case was closed.

Not only was the woman rude and gave him such a hard time, she was real nice on the phone to tell him that it’s closed. He works in a wet kitchen. At work, what is going to happen if he falls there and damages the leg even more? What can we do? I love how they say you can go back to work, the nurse that works for Cigna has got to be out of her mind. Is she a real nurse or what? I’m so angry.

These people working here must have an IQ of 0, your people are so stupid, this is not the first time I've dealt with them! My company has had to use their corporate lawyers to argue with Cigna! They cancel the FMLA/STD when they feel like it, they've lied many many times about things the doctor said. I've had to call the doctor and the doctor has called them out on it. Do you hire passersby on the street to do the job there?? I called and actually had your rep tell me it was not a debate why I'm asking why they canceled my FMLA!! This is not a debate??? Are you ** me ?? I pay to have std and my company pays Cigna as well. Who the hell are you to decide and think you can top what the doctor says? Stupid dumb **.

They canceled last time because doctor didn't cross her T's. ** seriously... I can't stand Cigna and furthermore I hope they fall off the face of the earth. No wonder Anthem don't want your dumb **!! Cigna is a ** class trash company!! I have the names of your people I've talked to and if your company don't start to get their ** I will absolutely contact the media, every newspaper and every review website I can!!! Us working class are going to fight back! Even if I have to start a petition!!

I found out late in the day yesterday that Cigna is denying my claim for STD. Is there any help that I could get to reason with these people? I have read numerous complaints on various internet sites about Cigna wrongly denying claims. They want their money but not a priority to pay you. Firstly, they made me wait for any decision, till I saw the rheumatologist, which took a month to get an appointment. The rheumatologist my doctor wanted me to see had appointments in July! Thank God I found another doctor earlier. At least I started the iron therapy sooner.

I have sent numerous faxes to them from my doctor who said I could not do my duties at this time. My diagnosis is fibromyalgia, iron deficiency anemia, uncontrolled diabetes, and trigger thumb. My doctor felt that the dizziness, extreme fatigue, unsteadiness, brain fog, low grade fever every day and pain would warrant a specialist and had me out of work. They are saying there is not enough clinical evidence to pay STD. Are you kidding me? I cannot drive myself anywhere and having trouble doing normal daily routines like bathing, cooking etc. They are causing me more stress and now my doctor wants me to see my psychiatrist due to increased anxiety.

We will not know what caused the anemia till I have the endoscope this Monday. They are looking for bleeding. But they are closing the case... Does this make sense? I paid for this insurance and they are giving me the runaround. I am trying my best to get back to work, but the doctors want more tests. What am I supposed to do? Since the rheumatologist ruled out Rheumatoid Arthritis - I was sent to a Hand specialist to determine the pain in my hands. He wants me to see a neurologist for a nerve conduction test and he gave me cortisone shots in my thumbs and I am wearing thumb splints for 2 weeks (day and night). How in the world can I type and use a mouse when I can't even hold a fork correctly? I am using my tablet and 2 fingers to type this.

I am at my wit's end and will now have to appeal. I just want to get whatever is wrong - fixed so I can be productive and work. How do they expect anyone to get better if they will not stand by their motto for the reason we buy their insurance? Medications, doctor appointments and procedures all cost money, not to mention you do need food and utilities to survive. Feeling helpless.

I took medical leave from work and ended up retiring with disability. My back up plan was short and long term disability insurance. I have diabetes and severe depression and anxiety. My short term claim was denied due to not enough info. I appealed and submitted additional doctor information. The appeal was denied a second time. I spent my savings of three months salary and am losing my house. When I ask what else the company needs in order to approve the claim, they say evidence. I tell my doctors and they say they sent what was requested. They have poor communication. My claim representative was changed without informing me. Upon appeal another claims person took over. No one answers the phone or returns voice mail messages. I'm having to go stay with family because I have nothing, and I can't even get these people on the telephone!

I've read, most not all of these reviews, and I can't believe there are so many people going through what I have and continue to go through. I guess I am only writing this as to agree with you all and our exact experience with Cigna (Ltd). I can tell you 1 and only 1 good thing that came from them and it was, they filed for my S.S.D benefits for me and I was approved, right away and they (S.S.D) had all the same records and docs reports that Cigna had, and Cigna still denied me (in all honesty I thank God for that approval).

I hired Emily ** out of Cleveland and she got me approved, she said it's a must to getting any insurance to pay & or do what they are supposed to do. I've been getting my L.t.d for 2 years now and it's been stressful. I have to witnessed their lying more than a few times stating my doctors changed their diagnosis, and I had no problem getting those very angry doctors to write a letter to that fact, they totally called them out. And now just in the past 7 months they have relentlessly continue to ask for an update of my medical records and wanting doctor's to fill out physical assessment forms, I've got 2 in Aug.

This morning I called an attorney and he said they can do that but it should lighten up after 2 year mark then they will probably offer you another buyout, oh! In June they offered me far less than half to end my benefits. This does want to make you give up and the attorney said that's what they're counting on. FYI there's a clause that says they don't have to payout L.t.d for those with a mental disability, I read that this morning. Best to all of you! And God Bless.

I was diagnosed with cancer and needed emergency invasive surgery. Was in ICU for 3 days and an extended hospital stay. Thought everything would be OK since I have been paying for STD insurance, guess not. I call multiple times a day and babysit the staff. It has been over a month with no payment (received payment for first 2 weeks only). How much more disabled do you have to be? Back at work now, but won't receive payroll from employer for another 3 weeks. Was out of work for 7 weeks.

I was put out of work by my Doctor in August of 2014 with Severe Anxiety. I had been in the ER prior to that and was having an extreme panic and anxiety attack. I filed a Claim with Cigna which is the STD company through Sears where I have worked for 17 years. I have been attending doctors appts and still have not been paid even though my PCP has sent paperwork every single time they have asked. They always need something more. My doctor finally sent a letter telling them my symptoms and her medical opinion that I am suffering from severe anxiety, and that letter was not good enough after this was what my claim manager stated they needed.

I have suffered from this since 2001 and have been able to keep it mostly under control with medication. However, recent life events have made it extremely worse in the last 6 months. My doctor also wants me to attend Therapy which would hopefully help, but I can't afford it because I am not getting paid! I have two children at home and this is getting very hard. Why is it that my doctor is sending them all the information that they want and her medical opinion that I cannot work at this time until I can get this under control and that is not enough? I don't even know what to do at this point. How can something be sent over and over and they still need something more? Then when they get what they asked for that isn't enough? This is ridiculous and I feel as if I am being discriminated against!!!!

I called Cigna to start a claim on Nov. 24, 2015 for Short Term Disability when brain surgery was scheduled for me. They dropped the ball and never even submitted that claim. I found out the day of surgery Dec. 11 that I would have to resubmit the claim. I resubmitted on Dec. 15. I have had to call repeatedly. They have snail-mailed me forms to fill out claiming I have to prove the condition is not pre-existing! It has been a constant shell game with them. They never call me back. I have been back at work since Jan. 4 and still no disability pay for the time I was off. I had to get assistance with my rent or I'd be homeless now. This is ludicrous!!!

After speaking to a representative of Cigna, I am more convinced than ever that I will need to pursue legal action. There is no reason or logic involved in their decision making process and they inhabit a world of make believe. These benefits of ours are not charity. We pay for them or work to earn them. I can not believe that insurers are allowed to operate as they do and I will do all I can to bring these facts to light.

I will post a new review if anything changes or when I plan to take further action. I do want to praise this website which is a good conduit for consumers, but unfortunately you have to be dealing with a business that operates in good faith, which Cigna clearly does not. Go to the many You Tube videos on this subject for good advice. And never stop fighting these people.

I'm out of work with Fibro, spinal issues of the lower and upper spine tailbone issues depression, anxiety and general overall pain. I have been seeing a rheumatoid arthritis specialist for 15 years all while working. Finally, I was in too much pain to continue. Went to a pain management specialist who first gave me steroid injections and then Radio Frequency Ablations on both sides of the lower back as well as both sides of the upper back and neck. I have seen my regular doctor as well as a LCSW and a psychiatric nurse who is monitoring drugs for depression, anxiety and pain.

Cigna has seen fit to deny my short term disability benefits. I have appealed and they still have denied even though I have 3 medical professionals that state I can't work at this moment. I don't know where to turn to now. All I do know is that Cigna has done nothing to help me out with anything. In my opinion, they have been infuriating to work with and are the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with.

I have a whole host of issues with my spine. I'm only 34 years old with central and foraminal stenosis, two centrally bulging discs, lumbar radiculopathy, a right leg that has no more reflexes, constant burning, bone gnawing pain, random shocks and temporary loss of right leg function. The list of conditions goes on and on and to make matters worse, I can't take enough medication to bring my pain level down. Morphine caused a full paralytic ileus, I'm allergic to hydromorphone and oxy causes auditory hallucinations. I'm currently on methadone but can only take 1 pill 3 times a day due to already being in the red zone for long QT Syndrome.

Cigna pushed for a Functional Capacity Exam and told me, after I asked if it was okay to bring someone as a witness because I knew the kind of things they've done to others during these exams. The Case Manager said that she called ahead and for privacy reasons... I can't have anyone with me. When I got to the physical therapist, he told me flat out that no one called him and asked the receptionist who confirmed that no one called them regarding this and that they would have had no problem allowing someone to witness it for me. I had to lay down 4 different times because of the pain. A 5-hour test of things I couldn't do but tried, was longer than I could stand or sit. I have about 2 hours I can sit on a good day before the pain moves from an 8 to a 10. The sit test I didn't pass as the 45 min. they had me sit in the lobby, as most of it was unsupervised, I was tractioning on my walker and the chair I was sitting in. I finally had to get up but based on the denial letter I got, Cigna says I'm able to sit a full 8 hours.

Cigna also had the nerve to report that they had me on surveillance and found out that I haven't done anything outside of my doctor's restrictions and what he said I can and can't do. Funny thing is, one of the days, I was going in for a doctor's appointment anyways.

Prior to all this... Cigna went an entire year to not pay me, tried to run me out of appeals until I finally hired a lawyer and immediately, they started paying. They had me go through hoops to get Social Security Disability and while I went through their processes, by the time I go to see the Judge, she dismissed the career counselor and within 5 min. of the whole hearing, said she was sorry it got to her in the first place and found fully favorable in my favor. My lawyer said she was one of the hardest judges there... but I had a solid case. So here I am... years later, looking at a denial letter and talking to lawyers yet again because they don't want to pay out. The medical evidence is there, the MRIs show that even though I was home a year between the two MRIs that the next level up was already degenerating and the arthritis has gotten worse. Epidurals failed to address anything outside of confirming that there isn't enough space in the spine to inject the medication.

They have swapped case managers on me so many times and currently refuse to talk to me like they did last time. I've left voice mails with them in the past and I noticed that once it gets into this stage, they do not respond outside of letters unless you get a lawyer to speak to them on your behalf. I would not recommend this company for disability insurance. They were taken to court and fined in California for fraudulently denying people.

If you have a choice, do not go with this company. Find someone else to protect you and your future should you find yourself disabled like myself. I spent years working my way up from a high school education to the military to making a lot of money with the last job I was in before forced on disability... Now I'm fighting for what little they actually give me monthly to just survive.

I have catastrophic tinnitus and have been unable to work for the past four years. I have diagnoses from my EMT, GP, neurologist, audiologist, acupuncturist and others. All are in agreement that I am not fit to work. Cigna has rejected my claim and then ultimately approved it after a nine-month battle for my last two appeals. Once an independent medical review team is called in which takes 6 to 9 months my case has been approved. Then Cigna in as little as three months can review the case and again decline coverage. Each time I spend thousands in legal bills to challenge the denial. Given the catastrophic nature of the condition and the exhaustive paperwork filed Cigna ultimately has paid. Their behavior entirely is driven by cost savings and excluding clients such as myself who are disabled.

My only advice in dealing with CIGNA is hire yourself a lawyer immediately even before you filing your first claim. Expect that they table search for anyway to keep from paying including perhaps waiting for you to die. This company should be shut down. Its practices are egregious and injurious to those who have paid for disability and receive little but grief in return. If you have any choice in your disability insurance company, do NOT choose Cigna. The mafia probably offers better coverage. My case is just been denied for the third time. If I could sue these bastards into bankruptcy I would be happy to do so. They deserve no less.

Updated on 08/14/2015: I received one message thus far from CIGNA and now the website indicates there is resolution in progress. I think that's a long stretch. This is my response to the company: I appreciate your response although it strikes me as being primarily public relations as Cigna representatives assigned to my case should be able to recognize a chronic condition that has been twice approved for payment by an independent medical board. I will of course contact my lawyer before engaging in further contact with you as I have little reason to trust any company representative.

After seeing back specialist and neurological doctor (top of her class at Harvard), I was deemed disabled. I'm paralyzed in my right arm with little to no movement and constant pain in my right shoulder and neck due to pinched nerve and tendon. Cigna hired a contractor, Tri State Occupational Medicine, to have my case terminated. Tri State sent me to Dr. Joe **, an internal medicine doctor with no experience or training in spine disorders, who stated I was fit for any job? He overruled a University of Michigan neonatal spine specialist, head of the neurological dept and all my MRI's and FCE tests. I paid for disability insurance for 12 years to protect myself in case of injury or illness only to find it's a legal Ponzi game. Warning to all, do not do business with Cigna!

I am waiting for my short term to be approved and it's been 4 wks. You call your case manager and all you get is voice mail. They try very hard to find reasons to not pay out so if you are looking at filing for short term make sure you have a lawyer and your insurance commission ready to intervene. I just reported them and had my lawyer get involved.

I began with Cigna in Sept. 2013 as I transitioned from short-term to long-term disability after my 4th spinal fusion. My case worker could not seem to locate any faxed correspondence from my physicians, myself, or the short-term disability company. This continued well into November, with still no pay being issued and no explanation as to why he had no paperwork for months of continuing care for myself though we all had confirmation of the documentation being sent. The time myself and my physicians spent trying to sort this out and receive a paycheck is absolutely unacceptable. After 10 weeks, I finally got through to his supervisor who, after 1 1/2 hours of phone calling by her, the check was in the mail. Why had this not been handled in the weeks prior when all it took was a telephone call? She had no answer but was very apologetic. From November through April all was well and quiet. I kept sending updates and heard nothing new as I continued to heal.

April 2 I received a check from Cigna in the mail. It was an odd amount and for an odd time period, so I called my case worker (who had changed twice since the initial claim and was now back to the original incompetent boob). He said the check beat the letter of explanation to me, but my case was closed due to not enough supporting evidence and I was fine to report back to my job as a nurse’s aide. Now, being as I don't work as a nurse’s aide, I had a couple of questions. He started reading me a compilation paragraph constructed from 5 months of post-surgical visits I had. Cigna actually cut and pasted sentences from different visits I had with 2 different doctors and arranged them so it looks like I have a clean bill of health. How is this not criminal?

Also, he claims to not be receiving faxed documentation again. He is the only case worker I have had that cannot keep track of these elusive faxes. Also, it seems in Texas, where he operates, telephones do not work, as I got no calls requesting documentation. Truly a bizarre phenomenon. I am facing another scheduled procedure 4/28/14 as ongoing treatment but they had no documentation mentioning this, even though all paperwork my physician and I have since 1/14 from all the office visits mention this procedure at length. I again visited my physician 4/8/14 and more, clearer documentation has been sent. I called prior to this visit to let him know about the visit and to expect paperwork. I have left 4 phone messages since my visit with no response. I have no income as of 3/27/14. So as of today, my case is in a closed status and I have been cleared to return to work to an occupation that I have never done. Who regulates these big companies?

I have been with my company for about 4 years now and have been using Cigna insurance through my company. I'm on here about a short term disability claim (maternity leave) from 5/26/17 to 7/31/17. First the claim was only approved from the time I had my son due to my representative Kimberly ** not being efficient with her job. My doctor's office made a mistake and sent the same form 7 times and instead of her calling them or even calling me to correct the error she sent it to the nurse to approve and of course it was denied. She never followed up with me on this so I thought everything was fine going into week three of not getting a check but being off due to doctor's orders.

I called Ms Kimberly numerous of times and never got her but I talked to a lot of nice representatives throughout the process, now I had my son on 6/18/17 and called Cigna to report that and of course still no payment had been made but I finally talked to Kimberly. She was so rude to me for no reason. I asked her to transfer me to her supervisor. I really hope that the company records those calls because she basically told me that I will not be approved for the time before but only the after birth. I had to find out from her supervisor why and I made sure I got the correct paperwork sent in. My doctor sent the paperwork in numerous of times and finally a rep saw it in the system for 8/7/17 and told me to give Kimberly 3 business days to process it.

I called back on today which is 8/21/17 and spoke with another young lady and she stated she would email Kimberly and her supervisor Tracy to ensure I got a call back today and I did!! But again she was rude. Did not state who she was when she called back, just stated she was a rep from Cigna. I ask twice who was I speaking with before she told me it was her... This was my second time in three months that I talked to my actually claims rep... Oh and not to mention I have to wait another 3 business days to get an answer.

Apparently, Cigna Disability never sends requests when they claim to have sent requests. I have had to handle all of the paperwork between my doctor's office and Cigna. My doctor's office never receives the requests and when they fax the information to Cigna, it is never enough. They are holding up my claim even after I answered an hour's worth of questions with their nurse. They have contacted all my doctors, I have scanned and emailed to my case worker and they still have not paid my claim. They suck on so many levels and they just don't care about any of their clients. I need to get an attorney.

I am writing in regards to my daughter's experience with them, since I have been advocating for her through her illness. She had a bunion surgery in February of 2016. She did not have initial problems with them after the surgery, if you consider a 2 week recovery long enough. Much paperwork though and many problems with faxes not being received as I hear from everyone. She developed a neurological disorder called CRPS which has been quite debilitating. The requests for her to be off work from the doctor was never enough, the doctor's notes don't support that she can't work even though she can only wear flip flops and works in an ICU. This company causes nothing but headaches and adds to one's illness. Appreciate the advice that I have found on here, will be calling the insurance commission and reporting them.

My experience has been horrible. I strongly believe that these people are trained NOT to offer help. Firstly Joseph ** is the WORST "human" alive. With evidence from the doctor and multiple calls, it's still not enough. These people do not return calls. They are blatantly nasty or passive aggressive. They have ONE fax machine that receives all paperwork then they are passed to the appropriate area. No wonder they can locate my faxed documents. I, despise this situation because with injury, pushing myself and reinjuring myself. They deny my claim or ignore my calls. I hope someone reviews this because I would love to verbalize more concerns. Show proof of whatever is needed. Send copies of all my messages that I left. PLEASE PEOPLE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES AND PRAY YOU NEVER NEED CIGNA'S STD SERVICES (OR YOU WILL BE SCREWED).

I became disabled in 2004 and carried my insurance with me however I did get hospital Part A free because I went on SS Disability. Cigna paid all claims when submitted but the past 2 years have been a nightmare. They pay a claim then request their money back from the providers and then reprocess and pay again. Was just told because I'm eligible for Medicare, they are no longer primary. Nobody ever told me this and yet they have paid claims since 2004. Now I never know what bills they're gonna send back to me. I've never seen such incompetent people in my life and they need to be held accountable for their actions.

All I can say is after reading these, I could just copy and paste! This is so unfair and I feel what Cigna is doing is as good as fraud! They take your money and then turn their back as you suffer and lose everything and they just get richer. I thought insurance was supposed to give you a sense of security.

I was diagnosed with Episodic ataxia type 2 in 2013. I had been having trouble for years with balance, migraine headaches, Vertigo, slurred speech, Syncope, etc. I have been harassed by Cigna since day one. They sent me to their own doctor who said I was permanently disabled. They continue to send paperwork to fill out knowing I can't be stressed out cause it makes my symptoms worse. My husband who is writing this for me takes care of me. I need a lawyer to make sure they are paying me the right amount of money. I paid for this disability for years and when I need it they do nothing but harass me. My doctor said he will not fill out any more paperwork and told me to get a lawyer. I just want to know who all are you using? I'm so fed up with Cigna and my caseworker Nicholas. Please give me advice on who to call. Thank you.

Cigna approved my initial claim. But when my doctor extended it to another three months they closed my claim. I was first out of work for cervical spondylosis, chronic headaches, fatigue, and because of the medication I had to take. They seem to have no problem with that even though my orthopedic doctor put down no restrictions. My doctor extended the time, severe depression was added on to that, next thing I know after waiting 2 months, they closed my claim. Seems like they have no problem collecting their premiums. When it comes time to pay out they have a problem with that. This should be brought up on fraud charges.

Do not give your money to this company. I worked for a company in the HR department and paid for short and long term disability. I had a tumor between my spine and spinal cord. I was left with nerve damage and I'm totally disabled. They paid me for 2 years then stopped. They sent me to one of their employees to give me a test to see what I was able to do. He told me at any time I couldn't take anymore I could stop. I did as much as I could stand to do. Cigna said the guy said I didn't try and just gave up and left. They said they were not going to pay my LTD.

I have a lawyer who sent me to another company to give me the test. They said I was not able to work. When Cigna reviewed it again they used the 1st test they did on me, to take more time. If they turn me down this time we are going to sue them. I can't wait, I have been waiting so many years to get paid. My husband passed away last year, I have a mentally handicap son, I need that money. I can't believe they can get away doing this to so many people.

After reading all of the other comments. I have lost my hope. It is currently 19 degrees outside and I will probably have my gas and electric cut off. I had surgery and could not stand, walk for periods of time. To take a shower I have to sit. I am stuck getting no pay. Waiting for Cigna I kept praying, thinking "be patient". It has been a month of waiting, but after reading all of the comments see that this is the norm for Cigna LTD. I have asked for my Dr office to fax to me so I can fax to Cigna everyday until they say they have it.

When I call they advise they still have not received any paperwork over and over again. I cant do anything but sit here and lose everything and they do not care. Wow very disappointed. Last week I was told "we are waiting for your employer to send us a paper". This was like the 22nd of January. I explained my dissatisfaction with my employer and said "I am about to lose everything" and she looks in her email while I am on the phone and found that my employer had answered her around the 10th of January. So my information sat in her email for at least 10 days and could have been pushed along, my dr has sent the information at least 2 times they said and have shown me proof, but Cigna said they still do not have that paperwork.

This should be illegal. We didn't ask for this to become disabled. I am ready to look for work but at the time can't take a job because I have pt, dr appts and other testing. I cant walk or even go to any of my Drs appts right now because I have no income, because cigna wont pay and everybody wants payment for visits up front. It could be another month or two before I can get released and that is if the pt works. If I even get to go due to no income and not able to pay for copayments. We should be able to sue for this, maybe I'll look into that. I'm not looking to be disabled forever, I just want to get better asap and get back to work but should be able to get this benefit that I paid for so that I do not lose everything that I have worked for. I just wanted to share my issues are the same as others I see online. A shame.

I was put out on medical disability on April 12, 2013 with numerous medical issues, the most pressing being bone spurs to the cervical spine, cervical spinal stenosis, 4 herniated discs with lumbar spinal stenosis, and brachial neuritis with myelopathy. I applied for Cigna Short Term Disability while I was out of work and was denied when they told me, "Our medical team of one doctor and one nurse feels you have no case." They never requested any copies of my MRI's; they never requested medical records from my orthopedic doctor who filled out paperwork detailing every part of my disability and what I could no longer do. I am in appeal and they tell me I have to do all of the legwork, because they already made a decision.

Well, first off let me start off by saying I'm only 19. I'm employed full time by Asurion. I started working there in May and my full benefits kicked in August first of this year. Okay cool, I didn't need them so I wasn't worried about it. Well shortly after they kicked in I was in the shower and I reached up and ended up stretching my muscle fibers and tearing a muscle. I don't have Cigna insurance so I didn't have to deal with any of the garbage about them approving my surgery. I just needed them to approve my leave. I contacted my Hr department which advised me to call them and start a claim and that I had 15 days from the date of my surgery to get my claim approved or I would lose my job. But I was also told Cigna was very fast and I had nothing to worry about.

My surgery was on the 17th so on the 16th I called and opened my claim, I was told within 5 days I would be contacted by my claim manager (which never happened) and that within ten days my claim would be approved and that once again I had nothing to worry about. Well here it is 9 days later and after opting out of paper notification and wanting email notification I receive a letter in the mail saying they need to make sure this wasn't a pre existing condition because my benefits started in August and my surgery was the 17th of September. Yeah because that makes sense. So here it is 6 days until I lose my job, on a day Cigna isn't even open and they send me a letter saying they need my medical records since May (when I got hired) before they can further review my claim. Are you kidding me? I just had surgery a week ago and they are doing this? Because that's what I need right after surgery. More **.

I also received a letter stating that they have authorization to view my medical records as far back as necessary because I gave them this authorization. SO WHY AM I GETTING A LETTER SAYING I HAVE TO SEND IN EVERY DOCTOR I'VE BEEN TO SINCE MAY AND EVERY PRESCRIPTION I'VE HAD SINCE MAY. I'm 19 years old and in danger of losing my job because of their lack of ability to do their jobs. I work in a call center. And I know from experience that these people have no idea what they are even talking about. It's pretty easy to tell that their agents aren't properly trained and that they have no idea how to do their jobs.

Apparently it's easier for them to just extend the approval date so I lose my job and they don't have to pay me rather than just do their jobs. Will be calling a lawyer in the morning and suing if this isn't resolved by Friday, since when I called yesterday they told me "it will be approved here soon and we don't need anymore paperwork or anything from you, it's just going through all the computer authorizations". CIGNA IS A JOKE. Apparently you should know about a month before you have an emergency and need to be out of work to give Cigna the time to get their ** together.

I am beyond disgusted with this company. I was diagnosed in 2004 with Crohn's disease. In September of 2014 I began to have problems with my Crohn's disease. I found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant. After finding out I was pregnant I met with both my Crohn's doctor and my OB doctor to ensure everything would be ok with the pregnancy. As time went on my Crohn's symptoms began to get worse. After discussing this with my doctor and trying to juggle different medications that would help suppress my symptoms but also keep my baby safe I ended up having to leave my job in October of 2014. My gastroenterologist has sent me for numerous blood tests showing my levels of a flare are elevated.

Being I am pregnant the only testing that can be done is blood work since other testing would be to stressful and to evasive with being pregnant. Other testing would cause harm to my unborn child. Since Cigna requires more testing to confirm my Crohn's is in a flare state they denied my claim in November of 2014. I then appealed the decision sending my OB records, even though they had nothing to do with my problems, to Cigna. I was given the run around once more with Cigna asking for extensions to review my claim. I just received a letter today stating they are once again denying my claim stating there isn't enough substantial evidence to confirm my Crohn's is enough to keep me from doing my job.

So now I have had to sell what I own just to afford my medications to keep me "healthy" enough to where it won't cause harm to my baby. Cigna doesn't care! I have been so stressed and had to cut back on all the medications that have been prescribed to me just so I can spread them out longer because I cannot afford to buy them. At this point I'm not sure where to turn. I cannot work with the constant daily pain I'm in but Cigna believes they know me better than my doctor. I plan to appeal again. Hopefully I will get somewhere this time.

Either way, this company should be ashamed of themselves. I am following my doctor's guidelines for the conditions that I have. I don't understand how they can deny my claim with written proof from my doctor stating my well being. I hope everyone at Cigna sleeps well at night knowing they can take care of their families and keep a roof over their heads while I'm here struggling not knowing if I'm going to be able to afford my medications and pay all my outstanding medical bills let alone take care of my family!! They are a bad excuse for an insurance company! All they do is punish you for being sick!!

I have LTD through work from Cigna. I am an RN and have been a nurse for over 30 years. I have paid into this policy for well over a decade. When I finally need it they are so incompetent that I can not believe they have not been investigated and shut down. In the last year my psoriatic arthritis has become so bad that I can not walk without a cane. I had a total knee replacement and will need both hips done due to the joint damage. Hx of back fracture several years ago with severe pain and arthritis also. Severe Neuropathy in legs due to trauma from broken back. They say that they have not received things from your doctor BUT they lie.

I went to my employer (who is also my primary care facility) a large healthcare and hospital complex, to find out why they had not sent the information to Cigna. They showed me where they had in fact sent the information to Cigna on TWO different occasions. I now have to get my lawyer involved and I hopefully can sue them for the decades I paid into a policy that they don't seem interested in paying. I have read this policy several times and like I said I am an RN with over 30 years and have worked in every area of the hospital including doing physical evaluation for the hospitals Physical, Medicine and Rehab unit. I more than meet the requirements of the policy. ALSo if anyone hears of any class action lawsuits against Cigna please let me know!

When my husband had to take leave for back injury his employer told us we'd receive $174 a week. Well let me tell you we lived on $45 for two weeks. A family of four, no food stamps, no nothing, these people have literally ruin our kids Christmas. Please do NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

I have been on Cigna Long Term Disability since 2006. Every year, Cigna sends me forms to have my doctor fill in the blanks about how far I can walk or how many squats I can do. They sent me 3 packets of forms since 2014 which I have returned all. Now, today, I get a call at 4:30 PM asking me to call back because they have not received my forms, they claim to have a Power of Attorney form that I do not recall ever signing, stayed on hold for 30 minutes then left a message to return my call because since 2014, I am a recovering cancer patient and don't have time to hold while a representative does her nails. I don't have that kind of time left or patience. Nothing has changed since 2006. In fact, it has gotten worst now with cancer and they keep harassing me about forms that I have been returning since 2006. Give me a break. How long do they pay? Till 62 or till you die? I think I may have to put the attorney on Cigna for harassment!

My first time using this insurance has been the most horrendous experience with a company in my life. I was recovering from a broken back and was working with my account rep who was able to get my approval for my claim for the first two weeks, no problem. Weeks went by while trying to obtain medical records from my insurance carrier for the remainder of the two months out of work. After almost a month went by and my claim was closed, I was informed by my account rep that 'if she had known who my insurance carrier was she would have told me about them.' Well, since she knew who they were all along I found that interesting.

The entire time she knew I needed to fill out a HIPAA release form and NO ONE told me. I called customer service numerous times and spoke with the most unqualified representatives I have ever felt with. No skills, no empathy, monotone, unhelpful and not authorized to help me escalate my concerns or get me in contact with a way to make a formal complaint. I finally got a number for a "manager" and after calling received an out of office with NO information to contact a back up in her absence! At this point I have not gotten my case reopened and have not received ANY pay. I am utterly mystified how they can remain in business.

These are the worst people to deal with. I have never dealt with a insurance company like this before. They must give their employees large bonuses to create this ball of confusion and denial of receiving paperwork and Doctors info. Cigna has claimed that the forms that my doctor filled out is either incomplete or hasn't been received way too many times to count. My Doctors have filled this paperwork out 3 times exactly the way it is supposed to be and these people still find excuses to need more paperwork filled out.

My Doctors are in total disbelief that this company is continuing to ask for this stuff over and over. They told me that they have never seen such a blatant attempt of an insurance company trying to avoid confirming a claim. They don't return calls or emails. That have this fax number that must send your fax straight into the garbage chute, because they claim it is never received. They won't acknowledge your emails or phone calls. They set ridiculously short time frames to respond to letters that are about to expire by the time you receive them so that they have another way of delaying or denial on claims.

Now I am hiring an Attorney to assist with this because of my illness and the medications I take, I am unable to continually drive around town to chase info that these people already have received. I guess the longer they intentionally delay and deny the claims, the more money they keep in their pockets. My advice to anyone with this insurance is to change insurance before you need it, Because you will be in for a nightmare of never ending lies and deceit with these people.

I had to take a leave of absence due to an accident and filed a short term disability claim with Cigna. This is the process:

1. File your claim for STD benefits. There is a form that you can print out from their web portal, to have your doctor complete. This is good enough to get things started, but "it's the wrong form" and the ** who was assigned to my case had to mail me the correct form. It will take them at least 2 weeks to "process" your initial claim. My first check was mailed week 3 and it takes 5 whole days to get to my mailbox. File your claim ASAP. If you are being treated for behavioral health issues, the max coverage is 3 months. Make sure the doctor uses an ID10 code for something that is not behavioral health related.

2. They decide if they are going to approve your claim for month 1. This is the first approval. If successful here, payments will begin arriving weekly for up to 3 weeks. Counting the 1 week waiting period, this covers your first month. No matter what return to work date your doctor writes on the authorization form, they will only approve up to 3 weeks on the first one. See your doctor often and report everything that is happening which impacts your ability to return to work. Insist that your doctor puts those complaints in your chart notes.

3. Your first extension. I got this faxed in a week before my first approval ended (Week 3). This triggers a review of your claim and your claim manager will send your file to medical. This process takes another 2 weeks and documents start getting lost. Faxes need to be resent. The documents are not filled out right, boxes are not checked, only got page 2 and 7 in THE MAIL! I finally receive a payment during week 8, covering 4 weeks.

4. Month 3. If you file an extension to continue your claim thru weeks 9-12, your claim with be randomly selected for review. Cigna will send a new list of questions to the doctor and request additional information about your condition. These questions are designed to lead the doctor into describing the environment required to return you to work. What accommodations are needed? How many breaks? Time standing, sitting, walking, typing. If the doctor says there are accommodations required to return you to work, they will close your claim and tell your employer to make those accommodations.

There is a phone interview with Medical asking you to explain why you are unable to return to work and what it will take to get you back in the office. I told them that I would be unreliable and would not be able to function as a dependable part of the team in my current condition. If your extension gets approved, they will take you into week 12/13. For behavioral health issues, 3 months is the max coverage.

5. Deny, Close and stop payment. If you file an extension to take you into the 4th month, your claim will be denied and your claim will be closed. The insurance company's procedures are designed to draw out this process as long as possible. They are betting they will cause so much frustration and confusion that you will give up. You will receive a form letter that explains what information they used to come to the conclusion that you are healed and ready to go back to work. The insurance company has no downside to closing your claim at this point. If it stays closed, they don't have to pay you and only a small percentage of claims are ever appealed.

6. The Appeal. As soon as you receive the denial letter, follow the instructions to request a copy of your claim file. This can take a few weeks to process and must be done in writing. If you have been able to figure out the email address of your claim manager, you can save some time and request the file by sending an email message. READ the file. The reason they are using to justify their decision is in the file!! AND!! The definition of disabled according to your policy will be in the file.

Write a letter requesting that your case be sent to the appeals department. It takes 2 weeks, from when they receive your request, for your case to be assigned to a case manager. The process of gathering your file and submitting everything for review takes them 45 days. I had my doctor write a letter reiterating the reason they signed the disability extension form and faxed that to the new Claim Manager. I was asked if there is anything else I want to submit to support the clinical determination of my disability several times, and with the same wording I expect they are going to attempt to reject my appeal and blame me for not providing them with the necessary documents. If you have the full copy of your file, you know everything they know. Study this information. I expect they will begin forgetting about the records they DO have and I will be put in a position where I will have to remind them of what they know and when they knew it.

Bottom line is, you are disabled when your doctor says you are disabled. So, if your doctor says you are disabled, signs a letter affirming the fact and you have STD coverage, you are entitled to receive payment for the period of time determined by your doctor. The insurance company is depending on you to give up on collecting your benefits and have designed this process to be difficult, drawn out and as short as possible.

It's just not right for a company to be able to kick people around when they are down. This company has greatly impacted my life too. I have just finished my second appeal to submit to Cigna. I only received my STD benefits through my FMLA leave time (12 weeks), which was through 10/31/11. After that time was up, Cigna started dragging their feet and giving me, just like others here, the runaround. I was calling Cigna several times daily just as stated here by others to get nowhere! I went out of work on 07/31/11. I was not able to work because I had developed chronic gout. I had uric acid crystals that had built up in my left ankle/knee and hip.

Even with the doctor notes from 10/31/11 saying I was still unable to return to work because job is primarily walking/standing that would exacerbate pain on an already swollen and inflamed joints, and with medical test to support my diagnosis of chronic gout, Cigna, after their review, denied me stating that there was "no medical documentation to support my inabilities to do my job!" Can you believe that? There are so many others things that Cigna did concerning my claims I just cannot list them all here! Well, guess what happened next? Once I reached the end of the 6-month period which ended the STD period and because I was denied my claim, I was terminated from my job, and now I am no longer eligible for any further benefits. I am only one of hundreds of people that Cigna has adversely affected their lives. It is just not right!

CIGNA refused to pay my claim of out of pocket travel expenses. I lived on St. John, Virgin Islands and was transported to St. Croix via air on August 6 to have a stint inserted at the Juan F. Luis Hospital/St Croix Gastro Center LLC. I returned on September 13 to have the stint removed. CIGNA denied my claim. An appeal has been filed. I am out of pocket $250 and was receiving salary payments at that time.

Never give your money to these people. Every negative thing you read is true. I was taken out of work for panic attacks on March 13 2017. May 5 2017 I'm denied. After doing everything I could and jumping through every hoop. They played my doctors against each other because they didn't say the exact same thing. Two doctors, a family practitioner and a psychologist with a combined 80 years of experience say I need to be taken out of work for a few months because I'm disabled. But a claim rep and a Nurse say I'm ok. How does that ** work? I hope these people rot. I'm getting a lawyer and I can't wait to see them in court.

I have been on long term disability with Cigna and every year around November I start getting letters from them saying they need this from the doctor and every time I go to the doctor I have the doctor send them a report plus my wife calls them. We have never been denied but this time the doctor sent the report in and they are trying to say that he said I can go back to work. The next day the doctor sent another letter saying I can not go back to work so now they say I have to file an appeal. Why should I have to file an appeal over something they messed up?

Now I am sitting here unable to make my house payment and pay light bill cause they decided they don't want to pay me for their mistake. It's a shame. 10 days before Christmas and you got to explain to 5 grandkids why you did not get them a Christmas gift. Thanks Cigna. I am not messing around with you people. My lawyer comes in at 930am and I will be notifying him. P.S. Your help department ain't worth what you pay them.

Filed short term disability, claim was accepted, all paperwork submitted. Got 1st payment August 6-10 - no other payments. They owe me from August 11 to September 17. Contacted Cigna Rep, his title is MANAGER (yea right), had to express my concern. Check was cut on September 15, still waiting for money. Returned to work Sept 18.

I am a provider at Cigna, who was blind-sighted and called under false pretenses, I was never told the information I provide, under duress would be used against me, and if I refused this too would be used against me. I am a holistic natural therapist, and ** confabulated, twisted and distorted information, and consequently, I was terminated from the network, unfairly, and then they posted an incriminating and destructive report on a national data bank that can jeopardize my entire career. ** tried to extort patent pending confidential legal information, and when I refused, this was what they DID. This posting not only "indicates" that I was terminated, even when I made the effort to appeal, the appeal process is another deceptive farce, and I have been set up as a scapegoat for their subterfuge due to an invalid, and unfounded complaint made by an unstable and distorted client.

This was the first event, this complaint was dismissed, and then it was resurrected. Something illegal is going on, since the complaint is the rambling of a mentally compromised client, and there is nowhere in my contract with Cigna does it state, anything about making a report to the national data bank. I have tried repeatedly to contact the corporate office, and I keep hearing from people, who can do nothing and waste more of my time. I was told, I had a good lawsuit, and that **, if I had disclosed any of the information of my intellectual property it would be extortion. The only reason, I DID not was I was not even familiar with this national data bank and I did not even know it existed. Had I known, and the destruction that it can cause, I would have felt no other option, and then it truly would be extortion. There is nowhere it indicates that I can't be holistic and use natural means, to help my clients. This is why they are corrupt.

I would like to amend this review. I found that some of the problems I was having were due to my doctor's office not responding on time with the correct information for Cigna to process my claim. I ended up working with a supervisor at Cigna and they worked with me to help get this resolved so that I was paid on time through the end of my short term disability.

I have been out of work for almost 2 months now (8/28/2013) due to 2 herniated discs in my lower back, and am on an FMLA leave. At first I was denied short term disability because I filed for worker's compensation. I was then told that if I were denied worker's comp that I could appeal the STD decision. I was then denied workers comp (because I tried to be a tough girl and work for two months in serious pain) so I decided to file an appeal. I formally filed the appeal on 10/14/2013, and sent them 2 months worth of doc notes, & MRI results. They are now telling me that they don't have enough medical information to show that I am unable to do my job. I work for a pool supply company & am required to lift up to 50 lbs unassisted. There is absolutely NO WAY that I can do that! My doc told me to lift no more than 5 lbs.

My husband works for an insurance company, & we both can tell that they are looking for any reason to NOT pay me what I am owed! I understand that it has only been 10 days, but with all the information that I have provided them with, it shouldn't take this long. The person that is handling my claim will not email me ANYTHING! She will only supposedly send things through fax to my doc office. They claim that they are not getting any response from my doc office. But if I go over there, & watch them fax all the paperwork, I KNOW they are getting a response. They need to get off their ** & do what is right!

I have been dealing with this company for awhile now and find Cigna Disability Insurance delay constantly. First with my doctors assessment, they said they needed "clarification" for their "nursing review staff". Apparently their nurses are not happy with what the doctor told them, so delayed. My doctor sent them a clarification 3 days ago which is still under "review" so delayed again. If there is another delay then I will try to sue them for mental distress. I have been out of work for 6 weeks at the time this is being written and already CIGNA is leaving me completely stressed out which to be sure is not helping with recovery. They (CIGNA) are probably doing themselves more harm than good by causing others besides myself extended recovery times ultimately costing their customer (the employer) more money in the long run. I would not recommend that any prospective employer use this company for their insurance needs.

Updated on 11/10/2015: After several faxes were sent to Cigna claim department, finally they decided to deny my claim stating that their review team did not find significant mobility limitations. Movement is limited. The fax my doctor sent says, "Movement is limited and causes severe pain and the patient is unable to perform any work". Obviously this company's review staff is not going to be helpful. Legal services to be contacted.

All I have to say is that if you have to deal with this company, do yourself a favor and hire your own attorney and forget about dealing with them yourself. Nothing but stress, continuous phone calls, submitting paperwork and resubmitting paperwork, then there's the paperwork that gets lost. It is no wonder I am now on anxiety meds along with my narcotics for my injuries. Believe me at my age and wage earnings I would be more than happy to be working and raising my children than collecting a check every month for half my wages. This company believes everyone is faking their medical claims.. Certainly they could care less if you have food on your table. Good luck!!

I have been out of work on STD since December 2013... luckily I had sick time that helped pay my salary until now...even though it was through Cigna. Every time my doctor was asked for information, they always came back that it was not received, they needed it filled out again, they needed more documentation, etc.

I was hospitalized with severe depression (which I didn't know was the law if you say you're suicidal), have been diagnosed as bipolar, had a total knee replacement (and need the other knee done), have cervical stenosis along with degenerative disc disease, arthritis in my neck, bulging discs, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, and cannot sit, stand or walk for long periods of time due to my knee replacement.

Two days before my sick leave runs out (and I will be let go by my employer as unable to return to work as exhausted my PSL), was told my LTD claim was denied...after 9 months!!! They said I could appeal the decision, but it was reviewed by two other medical teams and denied...even though my doctor told them I am unable to work and she doesn't know when I would be able to return. TWO DAYS BEFORE!!!

These people don't care about the individual...I've heard (from my doctor, no less) that the more people they deny, they get a kick back...they are compensated to deny you!!! I will appeal with my doctor's help, and will probably hire an attorney to help me (my best friend went through the same thing with them). They are ridiculous...I think a class action lawsuit needs to be filed!!!

I requested 1 month STD from my employer due to severe anxiety attacks, depression and migraines. My boss/team leader had actually put in the request for me through the company because she was aware of the difficulty that I was having. This time would have given me enough time to see a specialist for the problems. I had been treated by my general doctor for these problems for the previous 6 months. My doctor gave me a referral to a local psychologist, but before I could even make it to my appointment to see the psychologist, I went through 2 weeks of pure hell dealing with Cigna requesting paperwork from me, my general doctor, back and forth, only to be told that my claim was being denied because all of the 6 months of doctor's notes, days of work missed due to my illness, etc. wasn't enough for them to approve me.

So, I missed two weeks of work with no pay, thinking I would be able to get some help, had to rush and go back to work with no resolve to my health issues. The only thing Cigna did was make my anxiety worse and cause me undue stress and loss of pay based on "their" opinion that I wasn't sick enough to deserve this time to get well. I will be contacting an attorney and will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

It's unfortunate there isn't a star rating for "suck." I lost my utility company job of 10 yrs early 2013 due to a rare disease. The ONLY thing CIGNA has done for me was insist I use the Advocator Group to aid my filing for SSDI. Advocator was awesome. My case with SSDI was flagged and I was sent to a local psychiatrist who, fortunately, had a background in mast cell diseases. After my exam, he wrote a strong letter of support for the diagnosis and accompanying (obvious) disabilities. SSDI approved me. While that's nice, it is a fraction of my previous income...

CIGNA has refused me twice during that period, giving multiple excuses along the way, ranging from one doctor's handwriting being too messy, to a family GP's inability to fully diagnose brain disease, to admitting they have received everything they've asked my health care team while still insisting it isn't enough. We're talking 10 yrs of history, checkups every 3 months, and multiple evaluations from 2 globally recognized specialists in my disease. Several linear feet of records, but not enough... My job was DOT safety-related. Both my job and medical records showed a clear progression of the disease and it's consequences to my work ability.

TODAY, 12 months on, was the first time I was told I had *only* 3 appeals, and this one would be my last. That information is in NONE of the written policy material, emails or letters they have sent me. Nada. Whether that was an oversight of my employer, I do not know... My policy promised up to 60% of my pay until my 65th birthday. I am 53. They are no doubt looking at the numbers... My symptoms are easily triggered by stress, so this paper chase has made things so much worse for me. Had it not been for my husband of 30 years, I don't know how I could have coped with this. We are now looking for an attorney. CIGNA is down there with AETNA on refusing legitimate claims. Good luck to you all!

My workplace provides 100% STD for a period of 8 weeks. I had kidney cancer and after the operation remained home in order to recuperate for the 8 weeks.

CIGNA had me back to work after one week and I was never paid for the next 7 weeks. When I finally received the check, I paid an enormous amount of taxes, which CIGNA said I would get back at the end of the year. A great relief when the bills are due now.

I was injured during an off-road motorcycle event and had to go on STD, which my employer accepted and approved due to my injuries. At 6 months, I had to go over to Cigna LTD and what a nightmare that has been and still is. After being denied twice for Cigna, I started the Social Security Disability process and I was approved on the first try within 5 months. Cigna denied me a third time. Now, I have to file a lawsuit against them to even continue. I thought SS would have been the hard one to get but that went smooth and the approval date went back to the first day I went out. What Cigna is doing to people should be criminal! I feel if SS can say your disabled, then Cigna should be fined double the cost and have it go to a chosen charity of the person receiving the payments. Something has to be done; this is nothing short of a crime, what Cigna is doing to people!

Hi. I have been a patient and been approved for short term disability since February 24th. The issue is that while I was initially approved it was only for the dates included on the first evaluation. So that was through March 9th. Now I was released on sedentary work March 10th and have been since due to my ongoing whiplash injury. So my work won't let me come back until I'm full duty so I should be continuing to receiving short term disability. I was approved for up to 11 weeks. Well the insurance company never sent me anything. I updated faxes with what I thought they needed. And when a few more weeks went by I started calling. I called and left messages, I called and hung up from frustration. I get told "Oh yeah just fax it into this number, that's the wrong number." Okay I refax my release forms, medical test results... I'm good right?? Nope... Another two weeks and I'm still not sure what's going on.

I start calling my insurance company again, this time during my appointments. To make sure we are all on the same page. Ohhhh they have been sending faxes to the doctor's office requesting appointment notes on my case. Well, I'm informed that, that information is available from the main office. Okay, I make sure my insurance company gets the main office's fax number. So they sent their request, well they tell me they did cause at this point I don't know who to believe. My doctor's office said they've mailed them in twice. All I know is that I'm a single Mom. I was rear ended by a big truck after picking my son up from school. I've had terrible headaches, lower back pain and neck pain since. I do what I'm told the best I can.

I am trying to get better and get back to work and on with my life after being victimized by a company that's driver didn't have the right training or license to be driving for and should have never been behind the wheel of that truck. I'm a retail manager and my job requires me to lift up to 30 lbs, bend, squat, and stand on my feet for 8 to 12 hours a day with a half hour lunch break. 44 hours a week. Not something easy to do when you are in a lot of pain. So I'm doing what I have been told. I'm taking it day by day, doing therapy, getting back to my normal life... Only financially it's beyond what my normal life was like. Yeah I live paycheck to paycheck. I'm a single Mom and don't have a degree or make a lot of money. But I do have rent, a car note, insurance, school lunch money among the list of many things in life that require an income. And I'm proud that I make above the poverty amount and don't receive government assistance.

I did, a long long time ago. It's hell. And yet I find myself in a more desperate situation everyday. All because somehow, someone isn't getting the information they need to approve my disability so I can pay my bills and support my child and myself while I'm off work due to this horrible unforeseen accident that has seriously screwed me both physically, emotionally and financially. So could you please find out what else needs to be done? Can someone, anyone help??? Obviously not my insurance company. I literally got released to work April 27th and called the insurance company only to be told that they still haven't received my paperwork and will need to review it. Ooohhh and they may not approve my disability to be continued.

So I've been off work due to a car accident since February and they are not sure if they are going to pay me??? Smh. What kinda crap is that? Oh and never ever leave a voicemail! They do NOT call you back! They don't care about people at all! Worst company ever! Glad I don't have them as my medical insurance company! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

I started my claim process several months ahead of time when I found out I was expecting. I was taken out of work early due to issues and concerns by my doctor and nearly 2 months later still don't know if my claim will even be approved for this unforseen time off. I thought things would be fine and didn't stress, but now I'm constantly stressed do to this company and their lack of communication. If they say they will contact you it's a lie and you better call them or you will never know anything.

I am out of work temporarily. Cigna insurance is the short-term disability provider for my employer. After each doctor post-op visit, the doctor is required to submit a clinic note to justify continuation of benefits. My eligibility date to receive payments was 12/29/2017. The disability payments right now is my only source of my own income. After each doctors visit, the doctors office immediately faxed over the information required. Each time, Cigna claimed they didn't have the paperwork, or they needed more information, or they had to contact the doctor regarding the nature of my job. Each time I call Cigna to inquire about delay, I received different information from each person I spoke to.

Cigna is using delay tactics. After this last doctor visit, 3/29/2018, as usual the information was sent in. Continuation of my disability has still not been approved. I have been told 3 different reasons by 3 different people why. So I have been without a check for 3 weeks. Short term disability is only 60% of one's salary. I have been lied to, my claims have been delayed; in my opinion these are delay tactics on the part of Cigna. The process they use to pay clients who are legitimately unable to temporarily work, are certainly not done hastily, or with any thought that it is the client's much needed income.

Updated on 04/18/2018: My last doctor appointment was 3/29/2018. After many attempts for information regarding my disability claim, I found out after several weeks my claim has been denied. This was after phone call after phone call, email after email, with no one giving me a straight answer about the delay and lack of answers. My job requires me to walk all day, and am currently in a short leg cast. This disability right now is my only income. Obviously I am going to appeal, which will take a long time, I can only imagine.

Perhaps Cigna didn’t like the wording of the doctor's note with his recommendation of no weight bearing for a few more weeks, or the X-ray report. The point is that when a claim is being denied, Cigna has no regard for a person's situation regarding anxiety, finances, etc. and that their delay in notification to the insured is atrocious. Each person I spoke to gave me a different answer to my questions. My claim manager was rarely ever available by phone, a call to a supervisor was only returned after I called a second time. This has been going on for weeks. So I am still in a situation of not being able to work, and have no income. This lack of communication is just inexcusable.

If there was a doubt that my claim would be denied and had they communicated this, I could have been proactive in getting more information from my doctor. It is apparent after reading other reviews on this site that I am not the only person dealing with the below poor customer service, horrible communication, and bad business practices of this company.

I have been lied to, misled, told my health information was not received when my health insurance has provided the documentation to them as recently as 7/6/2018. I agree that I've been feeling as of late that CIGNA does intentionally engage in delay tactics. I was yelled at by Sarah of CIGNA Solutions and Nicki **. Very unprofessional agents. First Nicki ** tells me on June 15, 2018 that her department doesn't work with my type of request and Sarah will be taking over as case manager, that I should defer to her moving forward. I asked about whether receiving documentation from her should concern me she told me no, only focus on the paperwork Sarah sends me.

Sarah calls me once in the last month, I have tried to get a hold of her every single day, leaving voicemail after voicemail to no avail. I call again on 6/26 and 7/6 spoke to agents Elaine and Charlotte. Both told me to continue ignoring paperwork received from Nicki as Sarah was my case manager. I get paperwork from Nicki on July 2, telling me I have to fill out FMLA leave forms and submit them by July 8. I get this paperwork in the middle of a holiday week, what were they expecting me to do, I attempt to call my case manager Sarah again. Find out she's on vacation, talk to another agent, I am told to continue holding off on submitting any paperwork from Nicki until I can touch bases with Sarah. Finally she calls me last week, July 10, I missed her phone call by five minutes. I called her over and over again, left voicemails the whole week, she never returned my calls.

Finally Sarah calls me back on July 17, 2018. Apparently they have been unable to collect anything from Kaiser let alone get a hold of the medical records office. She says she's been leaving voicemail and sending out emails but no one has responded. (This turned out to be a lie, one, Kaiser has no voicemail option for the records office, two, Kaiser agent Darla told me my records have been accessed by CIGNA and all documents they've requested have been sent out.) She starts getting frustrated with me and says she's been trying to reach me, I only have two missed messages from her, one on June 15, and the other July 10, does that sound like she's been trying to reach me?

Furthermore, she probably doesn't realize that I know she's been on vacation and her voicemail stating she was "away from the office" changed to "I am on the phone with a client" on July 9. Trying to reach me? Yeah a bunch of malarkey. I almost lose it but I get my composure again after she stops yelling. I start from the top, "You're requesting paperwork, okay I will submit the paperwork now that I have clarification on what it is for. What about the paperwork from Nicki? She sent me FMLA documents, I don't qualify for that just yet." "Well if you don't qualify for that, ignore it then, don't send it in. Send me the documentation I am requesting via email, this is a courtesy we don't normally ask for documentation via email." She says she is going to reach out to Kaiser again and get a hold of them and resend the request (Again later I find out from Kaiser that they have been nothing but compliant with CIGNA).

I get this funny feeling like I am being duped. I call Nicki explain what happened with Sarah, she goes off on me. She starts yelling I need that paperwork, "Why didn't you call me when I sent it out to you?" Well for starters, you told me my case manager was Sarah when I reached out to you on June 15, 2018 and you told me yourself to ignore any paperwork from your end because your department which deals with Leaves isn't part of the Disability department and pending approval from Disability will mean that I get Leave. Furthermore, you told me to direct all questions to my case manager but Sarah's been on vacation and not returning any of my calls (I literally bombarded her voicemail on Friday 7/13, calling every hour).

Finally I've had enough of her attitude and ask to speak to her supervisor, Pat. I told him what's going on that CIGNA's agents have been giving me false and misleading information. That thanks to them telling me not to turn in paperwork from Nicki because it didn't apply to my case, and that I was told not to as recently as an hour ago by my own damn case manager Sarah, that I have missed a seemingly important deadline. Well apparently there is nothing that can be done about that. So basically I am screwed, since I've gone on leave on June 11, 2018 I have not received a penny from CIGNA. I've been lied to, mislead, told the wrong information and I am the one getting penalized for it. I told that Supervisor he better review the phone calls as they are all recorded right? I swear we need to file a class action lawsuit against this company.

I worked for Wendover Financial Services and had bought additional disability coverage in case I was not able to work for whatever reason. I had hand problems and had surgery on December 13, 2005. I was laid off my job 2 days later on December 15, when my benefits were terminated. I had filed a worker's compensation claim and was eventually denied the coverage on my left hand (the right hand worker's compensation claim had been approved a bit over the year before). I did not get the short term/long term benefits that I was entitled to and the company denied my worker's compensation benefits as well. It is sad when companies are allowed to do such as this to employees.

Now what is also interesting is that the North Carolina Industrial Commission also approved the "Wrongfully Denial Claim." I worked for the company for over 14 years. I was not able to go back to work due to my problems with my hands. I ended up having multiple surgeries on both hands. I could not get anyone to help me with this. I had a worker's compensation attorney who actually screwed up the paperwork for my claim. The attorney who represented EDS also discovered the error himself but proceeded to "cover up what he found out"... It is sad when people depend upon lawyers to help them when they don't.

If I wasn't sick enough Cigna is making me sicker. I barely have the energy to write this. It is a crime how this business is run. I have had the same experience getting STD benefits. I am thinking that the only way to deal with this company is through my attorney. I don't have it in me to deal with them anymore and to ensure that they are held legally accountable.

Took one month to receive benefits for 6 weeks. Impeded healing process because they were inept. I provided them 5 voice authorizations and 3 disability claim authorization signatures. Couldn't get a fax right, demanded impossible deadlines. Hung up on me at least 5 times per call, when transferred to supervisor, you get: "for a hot babe dial 1, sexy man dial 2" Second request for extension of benefits for same reason but patient worsening, denied.

When they read back what the MD wrote, "patient doing fine, no problems" when I called the MD angry, the notes did not reflect what CIGNA read me as the cause for the denial. Having no money for co-pays, prescriptions or groceries, I am getting worse due to the stress and anguish this has placed me. I am contacting Wash State and lodging a complaint and seeking legal counsel. I have paid into this provider for over 7 years and will likely never have to use this again. This is very sad when this company is preying upon the very people they are supposed to be serving; preying upon those who are too ill and exhausted to fight to the end.

I have dealt with Cigna for a brief time and through this time the lack of transparency and customer service ratings are poor. Dealing with the case managers the lack of communication and follow up with doctors are horrible. I deal with my doctor on a regular basis and my doctor has given them all the information that they requested but constantly they’re coming up with other ways or other information that they say they need and not specific on the information that is needed. Really when are people going to start doing their jobs and not have customers doing it for them? This is so silly. People that are hurt or ongoing conditions or circumstances that happen in their lives and now we have to deal with big insurance Companies that do not care for the individual and only are worried about shareholders and big profits. May God show you the same grace that you show people that are hurt.

Is it fair when you pay extra to make sure when you become disabled you could get 60% of your income. They never tell you that they deduct for disability social security and retirement from work. Is this fair when you work for everything you receive? I can only draw 235. A month from China long term? Is this fair?

I am going on short term disability due to a surgical procedure. Was ask to approve information given to Cigna and that I could receive a copy of the voice approval. After 30 minutes was told I could not receive a copy until a case manager was assigned the case. The voice approval said I was entitled to one upon request. What is the runaround for a simple request. I would change insurance companies but it is my company's plan.

Short term delayed due to lack of common sense. My husband is a diabetic who at 43 just had glaucoma surgery, unable to work. Has paperwork filled out, doctor sent and Cigna always has an excuse as to why they are still reviewing. They don't have all the info or now they need something else sent or filled out. They are so incompetent of doing their job, lack of common sense! It's been a month and no one seems to know what they are doing there! I'm sick of dealing with 3rd parties instead of the employer. I give Cigna no thumbs up, they suck at what they do!! Very, very very disappointed!!!

I am VERY unhappy with the services that I have received from CIGNA. I lost my baby due to a pregnancy complication on March 2, 2017 and I had to go on leave from work. I filed a claim with CIGNA (short term disability) and it has been nothing but a big headache. I have to call these people at least 2-3 times a week just to get my check mailed to me. I am still awaiting my final check from CIGNA. I feel that I shouldn't have to call them this many times to make sure they're doing their job. I have been very compliant with every request they have asked of me. I feel like the Reps don't care about their clients or their needs. I will definitely be seeking another insurance company SOON!!!

Cigna's process is extremely slow, stressful and exhausting and it seems as if they intentionally drag you along just to deny the claim. I have been out of work on disability since April 2016. I recently had to apply for Cigna's long term disability. Three of my physicians have recommended and deemed me physically unable to return back to work. All of my physicians have provided completed forms in addition to office notes - (149 pgs.) However Cigna has denied the claim stated that my limitations should allow me to continue to work. I have not received any disability payment causing financial hardship.

Now that I am on long term medical leave, my employer requires that I pay my medical insurance which I am not able to because Cigna has held all disability payments. I fear that I will lose my medical coverage soon and will not be able to continue receiving medical treatment for my medical conditions. All of this waiting and their avoidance has caused financial hardship and additional stress and anxiety which are causing me additional health issues. They have left me with no other option but to hire an attorney. My treating physician are very annoyed with the fact that Cigna's medical team can disregard their professional expertise and professional and personal experience with my medical conditions/treatment as their patient without ever seeing me.

Also Cigna's web page statement regarding long term disability is very misleading to the consumer, "Cigna Long-Term Disability plans can pick up where Short-term Disability leaves off, with helping to ensure a continued flow of income if you can't work for an extended period of time due to an illness or injury. You can pay bills and focus on getting well." Cigna should be required to removed this false statement.

Let me start at the beginning, I started working with my previous employer in 2003. My company offered me short term and long term disability insurance at no cost and an option to increase my LTD benefit to 80% of my income for a small premium. I opted for the increased benefit as I was newly married and had a large, blended family to support. I worked hard and advanced within the company for the next five years finally achieving the position and pay rate that I always wanted, General Manager at about $100,000 annually. I was a successful manager receiving two promotions within my first year.

In mid 2011 I started noticing a numbness in my left leg on the way to work and throughout the day. I went to several doctors and they prescribed steroids and physical therapy with no improvement. Finally my doctor sent me for an MRI and surgical consult. The results - degenerative disc disease and a spinal fusion operation. During my surgery and recovery I exhausted my short term disability insurance and was approved by Cigna for LTD as I was expected to recover and return to work soon.

As I was healing from my surgery I started to notice a numbness, weakness, itching, and burning in my right leg and foot. My doctor sent me for x-rays and a CT scan. I can never have an MRI again as I now have a titanium plate and screws holding my spine together. The results showed that I now have 4 discs bulging and pressing against my right nerve root causing my symptoms. Now the cause of my symptoms is plainly visible on my CT scan and my doctor refuses to release me back to work. It's at this point that Cigna realizes that they could be on the hook for a lot of money for a very long time and they decide that I am not disabled and that, in their learned opinion, I can return to my previous occupation and close my claim. I appeal my claim and win on the grounds that my medical condition qualifies as disabled under the contract and payments resume.

The next two years go by with little trouble, except that Cigna forces me to apply for and win SSDI benefits so that they can offset their payments to me. At the end of two years, Cigna conducts what they call an "any occupation" review. Basically the contract says that at the end of two years if I can perform the functions of any job that will pay me up to 80% of my former salary I am no longer disabled. The problem Cigna has is that I made a high salary and have no college education so Cigna decides that I can now go back to my previous occupation as there are no others that will allow me to make the necessary income. I appeal this decision and win. The independent peer review conducted as part of my appeal stated that I won my appeal because there was no change in my medical condition and as I was previously judged to have met the contractual definition of disabled I must still be disabled.

It's now February 2016 and I am up for my two year SSDI review and they demand that I go see an "independent" doctor for a physical. During this exam the doctor never reviewed any of my previous test results and never ordered any new tests. This doctor never, at any time, touched me in any way. He discussed my medical history and current condition with me and my wife for no more than 10 minutes and completed his report. His report stated that I could drive, walk, sit, stand, bend, and lift up to 50lbs repeatedly. I later found out that this doctor has been convicted of felony fraud, obstruction of justice, and failure to maintain proper patient records. He has been fined, jailed, placed on supervised probation and had his medical license suspended twice. Obviously, SSDI denies my extension, which I am appealing. Of course, Cigna decides to take this doctors word over that of my treating physician and closes my claim for the third time.

Now it's important to remember that since my surgery I have been placed on long-term pain management and had a neurostimulator implanted that sends a constant electrical pulse down my right leg. Surgeons have told me that my condition is not operative and I have undergone no other treatments and have taken no medications that could have changed my underlying medical condition in any way. The medications I take are powerful narcotics with, at times, severe side effects. I experience constant pain and I am at constant risk of further damaging my already weakened back. There are days at a time that I can not even get out of bed. Cigna knows all of this. You should also know that at the time Cigna closed my claim file my youngest child turned 18 and SSDI would be lowering my benefit causing Cigna to have to increase my benefit payment.

So now I am appealing again for the third time in just over 4 years. My doctor refuses to allow me to return to work because of my weakened back, pain level, and the medications I take. My wife is now forced to return to work as we now have no income and we are burning through our savings rapidly. I know that Cigna will take as long as possible deciding my appeal in the hopes that I will choose to place my medical well-being in jeopardy so that my family is not forced to suffer. With the support of my wife, family, and doctor, I am confident that I will win this appeal as well on the grounds that my medical condition has not changed since my original surgery. I am also sure that Cigna will continue to find any reason possible to close my claim file as often as possible in the hopes that they will wear me down and I will just quit fighting. They are WRONG! I will never stop fighting this corrupt, immoral, and unjust company.

If you are working for a company that does business with Cigna, I implore you to urge your company to look elsewhere for LTD benefits. If you have Cigna LTD insurance you need to take further steps to protect your family as Cigna's promises are not worth the paper they are printed on. If you are, as I am, fighting with Cigna right now you need to keep all your records, read your contract and don't believe a word these people tell you. I have read many of these complaints and I have seen it all and been through it all. Cigna is right now destroying the lives of innocent people and they could not care less. Good Luck and God Bless.

Updated on 06/10/2016: I have previously filed a review concerning Cigna's handling of my disability claim but just a quick review. In under 5 years Cigna has seen fit to close my disability claim on 3 separate occasions even though I suffer from failed back syndrome and have been on long-term pain management for years. Nothing at all has changed with my medical condition since my first or second appeal victories but I am now forced to appeal yet again. I recently completed and submitted my appeal request to Cigna. Cigna informed me that they received my submission and that they were referring my claim file for an "Independent Medical Review."

I have been researching Cigna for years and I discovered that Cigna entered into a legal settlement with 5 complaining states in 2013 (including my state of PA). Part of this settlement makes clear that Cigna has used doctors with ties to Cigna for their independent medical reviews in the past, and they were now obligated to discontinue this practice and only use doctors who had no ties to Cigna and whose companies or practices had no connection to Cigna.

Upon receiving notification that Cigna had sent my claim for an "Independent Medical Review" I requested the name of the company or practice performing the review so that I could research them and insure that they were independent of Cigna and qualified to perform the review. I was told that the doctor was not associated with a company and that no information could be provided. My suspicions grew. I continued to request information on the Independent Medical Review process and was finally told that the doctor reviewing my case actually worked directly for Cigna and that his "independent" status related to the fact the he has never reviewed my claim in the past. WHAT???

Obviously I was extremely upset to say the least. How can Cigna claim that any doctor who receives a steady paycheck from Cigna and depends on the financial wellbeing of their employer for their continued financial security possibly provide an independent and objective review of my appeal? When I asked why Cigna would send my appeal to an internal doctor instead of an outside company as they did with my last two appeals I was told that sometimes they do it internally and sometimes they send them out, as if that constitutes an explanation.

I also asked what, if any, recourse I had if this "independent but in-house" doctor agreed that my claim should be closed. I was told that I could request a second appeal to an outside company and that a new 45 day time period would apply to that appeal. I then asked if I could request that my appeal be sent to an outside doctor immediately for an actual independent review and was reluctantly told that I could in writing request this, and have it done as well as finally receiving the information on the company I originally asked for. While making this formal request I also included the legal definition of "independent" for their review as they obviously have no idea what the word means.

I tell you this because you can not trust this company in any way. At this point I am certain that Cigna is planning on stretching this claim process out in the misguided hopes that I will return to the workforce regardless of my well documented medical condition which clearly proves that I am incapable of working in any way (as my treating physician has told them repeatedly). I truly believe that Cigna is determined to deny my appeals regardless of the facts of the case and refuse to pay the benefits that I am morally and legally entitled to. I am now preparing for legal action including but not limited to a formal complaint to the State Insurance Commission. If you are currently fighting for your rights against this immoral company I can only tell you to fight, fight, and keep fighting but don't expect to be treated fairly because you won't be.

ALSO, Cigna always sends a response to these complaints so that they will be labeled "Resolution n Progress" with absolutely no intention of resolving these issues. Their goal is to diminish the impact of these reviews to future readers. Take my word for it, there is no resolution in progress as that would mean Cigna would have to act in an honorable fashion and that will never happen.

Living with AIDS for 25 years, gainfully employed, and life is good. Until February 2014, where I was hospitalized for pneumonia and valley fever. Six months of short-term disability was a nightmare, never knowing if I was going to receive a check or not. They continue to claim they need more information. Everything they asked for, I made calls to ensure they got it. In November 2014, I went on long-term disability and for almost two months, it seemed quiet and I wasn't fighting with them. Their "waiver of premium" department got involved as to help me by me not having to pay the premium for my life insurance coverage while I'm disabled. I thought how nice, a benefit I didn't know I had. My doctors office uses a third party that houses documents and my health records. Once the request is made for records, the requester is sent a bill for the information, once they pay it, the records can be picked up.

On 12/16, Cigna received an invoice for the records they needed. Cigna says they paid it on 12/17, and they closed my long-term disability claim on 12/18 for lack of documentation. When I asked them if the nurse and their medical examiner who closed my claim knew the requested information will be there to them any day now, they said yes but it wasn't received by the date they needed. They advised that once they receive the information, they will reopen my claim if the information supports it. I'm not convinced this will end in my favor without legal action. I hope I have the energy to see this through. I paid for many years for this long-term disability benefit just in case I ever need it. I didn't think I'd die trying to collect it.

Short term disability denied after I took time off work and was told everything was a go. Now I've missed out of pay and still have to pay for the surgery. They shouldn't be allowed to do this to people.

I have been to hell and back with Cigna. I have finally just caught on. They are paid to make sure we DON'T GET OUR BENEFITS. I have auto immune disease that is attacking my bones, lungs, and spleen. I have severe bone pain, malaise and fatigue and I'm taking multiple medications to control pain. My diagnosis, pain, symptoms, medications are NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR CIGNA STD AND LTD. They don't care. Their job is to make sure you don't get paid no matter what info your doctor sends to them. I have never been so stressed in my life. I cry, I don't sleep, I don't eat. I can't get my meds. Most importantly I will not be able to continue my Remicade infusions which are keeping the sarcoidosis suppressed and I have lost my insurance and denied anymore benefits from Cigna. Next stop. Lawyer I guess and we will be filing many complaints.

After being on STD and covered by CIGNA I have to say that it has not been a very good experience. I was sent a letter stating my weekly benefits and contacted my rep. She gave me misleading information about my benefits and when they would arrive. Today I did not receive my benefits and called her. She stated she just got into her emails to see that I was still going to be on STD so would issue my benefits. So now I have to wait several more days before I get paid. I normally get paid benefits on Wednesdays and had to cancel an appointment because I didn't get the scheduled payment. It is incredibly frustrating and stressful to be on STD because you never know when or if you're going to be paid. The reps here need more training and need the correct information when discussing benefits. This causes clients stress and frustration.

I am a RN and was a Physical Therapist Assistant and currently I can not take care of my daily needs. I have advocated for many the past 23 years and now I know why they thanked me so much. Pain and injustice cripple our ability to fight for ourselves. I have good days here and there but depression due to pain & confusion (related to my migraines) is winning. I desperately need help!

Last month my Long Term Disability was denied by CIGNA, my insurance company for disability. After dealing with and managing my back pain for more than 20 years, in February of 2013 I had a spinal fusion L4 to S1 for ruptured disks. Though it seemed initially a success, I began rejecting the hardware after about 3 months. In short - prior to having the hardware removal in Nov 2014, I was nearly on complete bed rest due to pain & migraines. In January of 2015, after it was removed, I was able to get out of bed for short periods. I participated in Physical Therapy and had many steroid injections over the past year for both migraines and severe back pain. Also I have visited the ER 3 times in the past year for the migraines as they were too severe for medications allowed for Instacare/Urgent Care.

Currently I live with family as I can not take care of my daily needs. I can only sit for about 20min before becoming uncomfortable, and walking isn't much better. At home, I use a cane or walker depending how I feel. My TOTAL activity per day being sitting/standing/walking despite 45mg of Morphine, ER twice a day is 3.5 - 4 hours. If push through the pain, I will end up in bed for 12 hours to 3 days a time with a severe migraine. This is actually improved from being out of bed for 1 hour & having a migraine for a week & 1/2.

After assessment by ** as a IME last December 2014 to evaluate my claim, my LTD was denied - closed. My total LTD will be 2 years July 2, 2015. I was given a final check through that date. My PCP completely disagrees with **'s assessment of my disability. In fact, it is so inaccurate that though ** stated I had "good balance & a stable gate" on his report to CIGNA, but at the beginning of his assessment he told me to use my walker because I nearly fell. Oh and he never mentioned that or the walker in his assessment.

I am in the process of getting a letter from my PCP to appeal CIGNA's decision. After reading comments in reference to CIGNA and ** on the web including previous court information, I am now concerned that I will need additional assistance in fighting this. Can you represent me or do you have information and references to attorneys that can help me find representation in Utah?

I retract my previous review; while I did have some runaround with Cigna supposedly not getting the papers from my doctors, I just found out I was approved today. My caseworker Murani ** did a good job after all with staying on top of the doctors and getting exactly what he needed for my approval. Nonetheless, this was a very scary time waiting on what was going to happen and it would have been best to have this done weeks ago, but it is done now and I can truly begin the healing process without the additional financial strain until I can get back to work. Thank you Murani for all you did.

I found out my mother was dying with dementia and I was not taking it well. I finally had to go to the Dr. for severe panic attacks. I work in retail and I am with customers everyday. I could not perform my daily functions. My Dr. took me out on leave and I was out from July 5th until Oct. 3rd. Trying to receive my check from disability was even more stressful. I got behind in all my bills. I am on my way to being evicted and having my utilities cut off and I am going to probably lose my car as well. I have not received a check since the 13st of September.

Please, if you are considering paying for disability insurance of any kind don't waste your money. They will always find a way to deny you and I have paid for this for years and now because my Dr. did not word things the way they thought they should be worded they have ruined my life and I am going to lose everything. Insurance used to be good. Now it is a joke. Nothing but a money racket. As long as you pay in every mo. all is well but if you need it, you may as well forget it...

My experience is the same as most of the other reviews. Cigna case manager continually saying she did not receive paperwork so I started sending it certified. Then said my doctor did not send anything although I say what she sent. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and was experiencing a severe flare after getting the flu. I am back at work now and have asked my company to seriously consider switching companies for our disability insurance. I have never had a less responsive company and consider the insurance to be fraudulent since we can pay in for years without a reasonable expectation of receiving services from them.

If you have ever seen the movie "The Rainmaker" with Matt Damon, that is what I can compare my dealings with Cigna. I had worked for 22 years at a factory, paid into Cigna all that time. I have a brain condition called a Chiari malformation on the back of my brain that extends down my spinal cord. Long story short, this has caused a drastic change to my life, excruciating headaches, vertigo, confusion and memory problems. Needless to say, at the advice of my doctor, I had to retire after 22 years of work.

Guess what though? Cigna and their team of "independent" lawyers and doctors hen picked the claim and denied me of my claim and benefits. My doctors are dumbfounded at how they could come to their conclusion. I'm on my third appeal with them now. I have a certain amount of time to appeal. Meghan hasn't replied to my emails in three weeks so my time is ticking away. What is the laymen to do? They are a corporate monster and you are at their mercy. God help you if you are ever in my situation.

I had used their services before, but this time around, was horrible. I had to keep calling the person assigned to me, and leaving messages that were never answered. After two weeks and some days I received a form in the mail to take to my doctor. I was so upset. I told the person that takes care of it at MD office. She did called them and told them about how upset I was... All of a sudden different people called me to see if everything been taken care of. Then I am told I will get a check in 3-5 days. It's been a whole week, no check. I have not had a check in 4 weeks since my surgery. And when I called the computerized service said a check had been issued since May 17 but it does not say mailed. It's stressing not to know anything. Terrible service???

I have muscular dystrophy (MD) and a number of other disabilities associated with my MD. I use an electric wheelchair full-time, with limited ability to transfer, I use a ventilator at night to allow me to breathe while sleeping. For years doctors talked to me about stopping work. This year when my neurologist brought it up, I said, "Yes, I think it is time." I cannot get out of bed without help and getting ready for work took me two hours and left me exhausted. I was sick often with respiratory issues and UTIs. I was not keeping up at work. My doctor took me out of work immediately and I filed for short-term disability. I was denied, appealed and was denied again.

Once I received Approval with no appeals from Social Security, I thought for sure they would approve me. Today, I received a package with 3 inches of records and another denial. This is progressive disease, it did not happen overnight as might happen with a car accident or a diagnosis of Cancer. Yet I absolutely can no longer work, but do not meet the criteria of my employer's plan.

I've never dealt with such incompetent people, out-right lies and manipulation! They stall, waste your time and energy and anything else they can to frustrate you and cause you to give up. After 4 months of short term due to major back surgery, they decided I should be able to return to work even though my surgeon said NO! They closed my claim citing 'lack of clinical evidence' although the past two notes from my doctor contained the EXACT SAME INFORMATION, all of sudden, it's not good enough! When speaking with my case manager - after numerous messages and no call backs!, she advised that before filing an appeal I should get another letter from my doctor. That's what I did.

When I called to see if she had received it, she told me 'Just want to let you know that because of the time that has passed since your claim was closed, we may not be able to consider new information'. So, she outright lied and advised me to do something that was of no value except to waste precious time and frustrate me further!

I rely on this insurance provided by my employer to pay my bills when I'm unable to work. Now I'm getting behind on bills and don't know what I'm going to do. How is a person supposed to heal from major surgery when they are running around trying to get the insurance company to do THEIR jobs and not having the financial support they counted on? Cigna should be investigated. They are ripping people off when they are at their most vulnerable and it's not right. Why doesn't someone do something? How can they continue to get away with this? I would NEVER recommend anyone using this company for anything EVER!!!

Updated on 06/06/2017: My company has contracted with Cigna for short term disability benefits. They closed my case prematurely and keep giving lame excuses regarding the information my doctor has provided. Once they saw my review, they reached out and acted like they wanted to help. HA!!! All they did was give me the same BS line I've been getting all along. Please, do not give this company your money. They will keep it and when it's time to pay out benefits, they will play every dirty trick in the book - and then some - to make sure you don't get what you have coming. They are incompetent and greedy. And don't fall for their "I want to help" BS!! They flat out don't give a damn.

I can see I am not the only one who has had major issues with Cigna. I would not give them any stars if it were an option. I partly feel guilty and I feel bad for many who are suffering from so many painful conditions and then have to deal with this. I have had some major things happen over my life and have battled depression, anxiety for years and most recently panic attacks. I would start sweating, get a headache, get sick to my stomach, get dizzy and just want to go home. I would start to have these symptoms and come to realize I was having anxiety and not realize that is what was happening. I suffered from migraines that I couldn't control also.

I hit this very high point of stress when my son started having medical problems that couldn't be explained. It was enough that I couldn't handle things. I could barely think. I couldn't sleep. Needless to say I had to be medication pretty heavily to control my symptoms and I was put on a leave of absence. Supported by my psychiatrist, primary doctor, and therapist. Then my problem comes. My work decided to terminate my job because of the length of my leave.

Within 2 weeks Cigna decides to retract my already approved LTD case that was approved until my next appointment and deny it. What is even worse is in the denial, the reference medical records prior to my disability dates AND state. That because I was able to look for jobs. How can I look for jobs when I am not even released to go back to work? Completely false information.

So I appeal. Again the deny. And again they reference records prior to my disability but they don't reference just a few months this time. They go back years! Not only that but again they a reason for denial was based on a fact that I was able to attend night school. What??? I finished school 5 years ago!! They used inaccurate and false information to deny my claim. Yes I attended school but 5 years before I was put on disability and I wasn't looking for a job. I am sure at some point in my records I would have discussed that with my doctor but this is wrong.

So I did some research and calling. You can file a complaint with your state that looks over the insurance carriers. I live in Iowa so I was able to file a complaint with the Iowa Insurance Division to see if they can look into this. I have tried to call Cigna questioning them an their bases and request of the records in which they used but have not gotten a response.

Cigna is horrible. Bad experience is all I can say. And still going thru it with them. They don't care. Severe Depression with anxiety.

I'll begin with my credentials. I'm an RN with many years experience. I know disease processes and how to read medical jargon. I began having problems in August/September of 2015 with muscles and nervous system. I applied for STD through CIGNA. However, they claimed they didn't receive the paperwork. The case closed. I was okay with it at that time because I pushed through whatever was going on with my body and got back to work. All the while I had to call in more and more and my office visits became more frequent. I developed an unsteady gait (I now use a cane/walker). My right leg moves slower than the left. My muscles become very fatigued with activity. I have numbness, severe muscle pain, blurred vision and have weakness of all extremities with sustained movement.

The above symptoms are not all inclusive. I mentioned those things to say this. I was paid once by CIGNA. Mind you, my condition has not improved but has gotten worse! I have since been denied. I was first told, "We need the disability form from your doctor" when that was received!!! It was we need the medical records from March 29-April 26 which had been sent 4-5 times but they continued to claim they'd not received them!! My husband had to personally drive 45 min and pick my medical records up (good thing though).

I read through them and circled all the pertinent information (so it wouldn't be missed) and faxed it to them. What do you know, they finally received my medical records. My claim has still been denied. My doctor has restricted me from driving which is a huge part of my job. I have weakness of my extremities which makes it difficult to lift, stand, walk, assist patients, draw labs, climb, grab. I have a gait abnormality which makes it difficult to walk and causes me to use a cane/walker which I cannot do in my line of work but they've still denied my claim.

I have filed an appeal letter and contacted an attorney. I have also requested my administrative records. I keep a copy of everything and everyone I speak to. I suggest you do the same. It's time these people stop taking advantage of us. I understand it's a business and is there to make money but it should be there for the people who are putting the money in its pockets when they need it. I hope this helps someone going through what I'm going through. Get an attorney from the beginning if you're dealing with CIGNA.

I have lower Lumbar Damage from Degenerative Disc disease, sciatica nerve pain, Left leg swollen but swells even bigger when I sit too long. My occupation is/was bus driver, commercial driving. I have a Pain Management Dr. that is awesome. Great therapies. I was prescribed Oxys low as I can get and Therapy Chiropractor on site 2xs a month. All of a sudden last April Cigna stops my payment. They have denied me before. I appealed and they started sending me my check. All of a sudden BAM! No income, based on the report of my new awesome Dr. Well I have appealed 3xs. He has since spoke with them and now they are asking for another 30 days.

I cannot perform my job as a bus driver any longer. My Medical DOT card was up for renewal and I could not in all honesty apply for it with these powerful drugs. So I am no longer a working professional driver. The State and Federal Guidelines are against it. I am caught in a catch-22. I get the meds and I am very careful how I take them. It takes the edge off, does not stop it completely. The nerve pain will still shoot me down my hips and legs, brings me to a stop to regroup. With or with out them I cannot perform the job. I get the 2nd letter stating they need maybe 30 more days to assess the case. I called them and left a message. I told them TIME'S UP. I am calling the Florida Insurance Commission and a lawyer: Office of the Commissioner, 850-413-3140, [email protected]/ Consumer Services (Questions/Complaints), 877-693-5236 (In Florida)

They advised me to give them the 30 days because there will be an additional 20 days. She said wait it out then if they come back with a negative response, call back. They will call them and requests the records! :) Call THE STATES Insurance Commission. I will come back and give anyone here a follow up to my case. Best wishes to all you feel the pain and stress of trying to manage the dysfunction of Insurance Companies.

Unfair practice with regard to peer review MD's disregard of common medical knowledge highly pertinent to the case and setting arbitrary timeline requirement for submission of medical documentation. Non-payment of check after specific notification including expired check numbers to be re-issued. Threat of unnecessary future reviews every 3 to 4 months seemingly without taking into account previously reviewed and approved claims for 18 consecutive years based on same conclusion of 4 different board certified MD of varying expertise as well as corroborated SSDI determination. Decision is still pending contingent upon my submission necessary information. Cigna initially, from first notice of review, has taken on an adversarial stance before receiving all the requested information regarding which I will have agreed to thoroughly comply, although I'm stymied by slow response of my treating physicians.

So being 5 months pregnant and going to the ob-gyn with numerous migraines, she decides to send me to the neurologist. So I go there. He wants to put me on medicine that I obviously couldn't take and my ob-gyn wouldn't approve (he asked her before a prescription was written). After a CT scan, the only conclusion was my pregnancy was causing migraines. So... The neurologist suggested to the ob-gyn that I should be taken out (at this point I'm 6.5 months along). I'm taken out of work and the crap with Cigna begins.

I filed for short term disability in which I paid for years. I did all the paperwork and sent the paperwork to my doctors. My ob-gyn was the main doctor whom took me out of work. So, I had her sign papers left and right. Redo her notes because "They were incomplete." "Not enough info." So by the time I talked to someone other than through email I was going on to be 8 months pregnant. With the loss of income, a new baby on the way and losing my job pretty much was ruining our lives. The lady handling my case was trying to blame it on workman comp because I said I was stressed out... Wouldn't you be?

Cigna kept sending us bills to pay the insurance so we could keep it while I was on FMLA. So, we paid it. It included std. Well they denied me completely. They could care less about you. Me. The baby. My other son. My family. 3 weeks before I had the baby I had to file for Medicaid. They decided to cancel insurance on me. Along with no payment. They need more than an investigation. They need to be shut down. It should be illegal what they're doing to people.

I've been jumping through hoops for CIGNA for 10 weeks now. They denied my claim and I'm in the appealing process. Nothing is enough for this company. Always saying I don't have enough medical information. I've tried so hard to do everything right. I've communicated with them and the doctor on a regular basis. The doctor says I'm not ready to go back to work, but no matter what he sends is enough! He finally sent a a detailed letter to them explaining it all to them and still not enough. I'm doing Physical Therapy every day to build up the the strength so I can have a total knee replacement and get back to work as soon as I can.

I'm in Physical Pain every day and taking pain medicine that makes me sleepy. I've called the United States Dept. of Labor Board. The man I've been talking with the last 3 days has been great. Hopefully, this will help out. I'm in Physical Pain everyday and I have to deal with all the stress of not having a paycheck and jumping through hoops for CIGNA. I take medicine for Depression and Anxiety and this doesn't help out with that! I could go on and on, but I'll stop at this point. Anyway it's an awful position for people to be in to have to fight for what we pay for and they don't want to trust our Doctors who see us in person!


I have asked repeatedly for you not to make me go though all those screens.

You are not respecting reasonable accommodations along with coming between me and my doctors by continuously asking for things in a vague fashion and then asking for more and then stating that neither is and never was needed and only a evaluation by your doctor is and always the objective. I have lost 3 doctors over this, including my current that is already harassed by the government by helping me with pain medication and is no longer taking Medicare patients as a blanket cure.

Please send what you need to say in regular email or in written form.

Your messages are always ending up in the junk box as I already explained. I have lost the ability to keep track of logons and passwords that puts me at a disadvantage with all companies that do this and I do not electively do business with company that makes me jump though hoops just to get an email.

If you must use snail mail, then please do.

You know I have short-term memory problems yet you will not accommodate that disability and your office calls at all hours and leaves no voice mail.

Richard **

On December 13, 2011, at 1:04 pm, Kathy wrote:

“You have received a message from: **, Kathy L 629

Select the link below to access your cigna secure mailbox:

Please do not reply to this email message. The return address is not monitored.”

I have lost doctors and have had delays that forced me into bankruptcy. I have received many versions of my contract and they are trying to say my condition is existing when I returned to work; then I received a flu shot that no one in my condition should have received, causing me neuropathy. Though I was making $100,000 a year and paying for part of the higher of 2 policies, they have discounted my benefit from $95,000 a year, taking SS disability from my benefit and then taking 50\100 off ending up with $2250 monthly and not adding cost of inflation as my policy dictates. They are asking for things and reports that they openly had no intention of using and want me to go to their doctor again. The description above is an email to a manager and it should speak for itself. I have lost most of my computer skills and it took me 10 times what normal people need to fill out or accomplish tasks.

I am so frustrated at my experience dealing with Cigna. I am a working person whose employer offers STD Insurance through Cigna in the event of illness. In the middle of March 2015 I was taken to the ER in distress after 5 days of vomiting, insomnia, and unexplained anxiety attacks which I've never experienced in my life so I had no idea what was happening to me. The ER loaded me up with ** injections and ** then sent me home. The combination of those drugs did not agree with me. It made things worse. The next day, when the meds wore off I sought medical treatment from my primary care doctor who diagnosed me with severe depression, anxiety and insomnia. He ordered me time off work to allow us time to figure out what was going on with me. His orders stated 30 days to 6 months depending on recovery time and his greatest concern was to remove stress, including work.

Since I had no previous history of mental illness I sought answers. I have a history of hypothyroidism which can affect mental health greatly. I am also anemic and unable to absorb iron through food so I get infusions monthly through an IV. Additionally, my recent attacks brought on high blood pressure, chest pains and ironically, low heart rate. Lastly, my reproductive system had been haywire in the months prior. At the advice of my doctor I filed for FMLA which was immediately approved. I collected the weeks of PTO I earned through my employer to cover the first 14 days of my absence and filed for STD through Cigna to cover any days after that. In the meantime, I scheduled an appointment with an Endocrinologist and Cardiologist to determine what medical factors may be causing my mental health issues.

The Cigna claims specialist handling my case was attentive at first. She moved quickly, explaining that my claim was approved and I was paid for the first week. She said that I needed to update her every time I had a scheduled appointment with doctors names, etc so she could keep my claim open to be paid weekly as my condition was assessed. I called her with every update of doctor visits and scheduled appointments and here is where the nightmare begins. Rather than accepting updated time off requests from my primary care doctor pending specialist appointments, Cigna stopped paying after just one week stating they needed notes from my specialist visits which were scheduled the following week.

Also, the mental health nurse from Cigna contacted me and her line of questioning and tone suggested that my doctors recommendation was unreasonable. She stated, "most people with depression return to work in 2-4 weeks so I don't understand why he is recommending 30 days to 6 months." First of all, he is my doctor and you are a nurse. Secondly, I explained that my doctor suggested that what was happening to me mentally could likely be a result of something medically. She interrupted by reminding me that she is not concerned with the medical part, only the mental part. I told her they are related. She ignored that.

After seeing the Endocrinologist and Cardiologist I called my claims rep to advise her that I had follow up appointments with both for additional testing because further medical issues were detected, pending diagnosis which are 4 weeks out because of required testing. She said she needed the specific notes from those visits to pay my claim and she faxed a request for them awaiting response. I called the doc offices personally and obtained the notes within 5 minutes then faxed them directly to my rep at her request. This was 2 days ago. I called today for an update and was told it is her day off but they got my notes and it can take up to 3 days for her to look at them. Today is day 3, her day off. This new rep I spoke with now says the claim is pending because the mental health nurse wants to talk to my doctor who took me off work in the first place AND submitted his notes 2 weeks ago.

It is May 6th. My last and only claim paid was through April 22nd with no hope for another payment. It is ridiculous that a sick person with a so called benefit has to make so many calls, send so many faxes and keep this insurance company updated on my every move only to be told more info is needed. If I wasn't having anxiety attacks and insomnia before, I certainly am now. How is it that a doctor can send orders and they question it all? I work. I want to go back to work as soon as I can. In the meantime, dealing with Cigna is contributing to my stress, not preventing it. If I have a heart attack due to stress related hypertension and die, I guess they won't have to pay me. Perhaps that is the goal?? Seriously, a sick person should not have to fight this hard for a benefit on a doctor's recommended leave which is also FMLA protected. Cigna... what a STD scam!

I wrote on Feb. 15, 2014, how CIGNA cancelled my STD while I was forced out of work by the employer. CIGNA rejected my first appeal, despite more cardiac events on the job and diagnosis of severe ARVC cardiomyopathy for which there is no cure. However, they recently have approved my claim on the second appeal. Therefore, I am providing this follow-up evaluation. The original adjuster, Adelina, did eventually reconsider the case on my second appeal and recommend reversal. Therefore, I give her 3 stars for correcting the initial denial, going against a corporate culture that appears to pressure agents to deny claims and payments. As of 12-20-2015, I have yet to see the full amount due from this STD claim of early 2014, but my now-former employer has something to do with that.

I am disappointed that it took 2 appeals, hundreds of pages, hundreds of hours of my time and occurrence of more life-threatening heart episodes, to get CIGNA to finally correct a bad decision. But it would not be fair to let my initial comments go without an update. I hope CIGNA will similarly reconsider the other cases reported here.

STD benefits were denied. I don't even know where to begin. After reading other parties’ complaints, mine seems to not differ. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 2 and a half years ago. I had a major flare up January 2011 and is still active to the present. I was paying into through my place of employment for Cigna STD, which when disabled, should compensate for up to six months. I exhausted my FMLA time and was forced to resign my position. While being disabled, I could not file for unemployment so I had no income coming in. By July 2011, my savings had ran out and I am unable to pay my mortgage and I am about to lose my house to foreclosure. Funny, how I had no problems whatsoever with receiving Social Security LTD that did not kick in until the 7th month.

I am so disgusted with Cigna--not just me, but we all counted on this insurance to be there for us. If they would have compensated what is legally due to me, I would not be in this position of losing my house. They denied me three times saying I do not have enough medical evidence to prove that I am unable to perform work activities. Are they kidding? I am having a hard time finding an STD lawyer in NY to fight my case. I don't know what to do anymore. I am getting so tired of fighting. I hope someone out there can do something about Cigna.

Aside from the fact that Cigna has cost me more money out of pocket than any other health insurance I've had in almost 30 years of working, here's my story.... I had a spinal fusion/decompression surgery scheduled for Feb. 20th, 2013. At the last minute, my surgeon canceled it. Two days later, I received a new date, March 8, 2013. I immediately called my Cigna disability case manager, Anthony, with the new information. Fast forward to 4 weeks after surgery. I haven't been sent any disability checks and had to pay my bills out of my savings. I contacted Anthony, who had dropped the ball. It seems that changing the surgery date confused him, took me off his radar, whatever. All it amounted to for me was incompetence. A few days later, Cigna sent me a check for a month's worth of disability pay and continued to send regular checks through April.

The first week of May, I received a short check (half the normal amount) from Cigna, and within days noticed that I'd missed a call on my cell from my Cigna nurse advocate, Diane. I called her back and left voicemail. She never returned my call. Two more weeks went by and still no checks. I'm back to paying bills out of my savings! I called my nurse again, who is now on leave. On her voice message, she left the full name and an 800 number in which to reach the backup nurse advocate. After drilling through a menu and being transferred by another Cigna employee, I finally reached her backup nurse, who said there's nothing she can do, that I have to call my case manager. So again, I called Anthony my case manager who told me that my nurse closed my disability case because she tried to reach me three times but I never answered! I told Anthony that wasn't true. I had one missed call and one voicemail, which I have a record of, and further, I'd returned her call.

Anthony informed me that Cigna needed updated medical records from my surgeon's office before he can proceed, and still advised me to contact the backup nurse advocate (I'm starting to feel like I'm getting the runaround). So this morning, I tried reaching her again, using the same 800 number (not a direct one) and menu, and no one at Cigna knows who she is! Again, gross incompetence. For sanity purposes, I called my surgeon's office asking what info they've sent to Cigna in regards to my return to work date. Surgeon's office told me that in early April, they faxed Cigna paperwork indicating that my return to work date is June 8th. June 8th. Logic should dictate that if the surgeon gives a June date, then the patient needs her disability pay through May. And maybe you should return her calls before cutting off her pay.

So I'll have yet another month living off my savings, losing interest on that money (and any other money I would have put away), spending more time than I need to making phone calls, and in general enduring a lot of unnecessary stress when I'm supposed to be focused on healing and recovering from a very serious surgery, all due to the complete gross incompetence of Cigna.

I was put on leave April 2014 by my Dr. and went from STD to LTD with Cigna, a policy I paid and had deducted from my check with my employer, Lowe's Home Improvement Company. One year later Cigna stopped my payments, even though my Dr. will not release me to go to back to work. I have been denied in appeals and have zero income now for 4 months. I am losing everything and still cannot work. My BCBS health insurance through the Marketplace ends this month and I have to go on state insurance, since I am no longer qualified with no income.

I am having to apply for food stamps and have exhausted my savings. I am living on borrowed money. I bought this policy and paid a hefty premium each pay period for the peace of mind that it would be there for me if I ever needed it between now and retirement. I do not understand how they can do this to people. I have regular panic attacks because of this. It is not right. They should not be allowed to pay for that length of time and cut you off with no notice. It just isn't right.

I have been dealing with severe Stage 2 bilateral leg lymphedema. I was no longer able to fly around the country working for Philips Medical systems. I dealt with severe depression, anxiety, and pain until I found out after several thousands of dollars later, I finally had my diagnosis. I came back and my doctors said I can't fly anymore or be on my feet because of the massive swelling. So had no trouble getting approved and they paid me for almost 2 years then they started wanting me to see people to evaluate my condition. So I go see one person and she totally agrees with my condition. About 4 months later, they want to send me to another place in another town to get a functionality test. I was there for around 2 hours 15 mins and about 20-30 mins was sitting in office waiting. So I go into a room. She measures my legs then we proceed I sit in chair and put together some bolts and washers and nuts, then took them apart.

Then I lifted some various weights in a box, then pushed a sled. Then she takes me back in room and measures again. My legs had swelled by 1/2 inch in that short time. Then they call me at 9 am a couple weeks later and say they are closing my claim and I should have letter in mail. Well, mail arrives and they have surveillance videos of me one day moving a dumpster with my backhoe, picking up a hose reel, and riding in my Rhino UTV around my property, which I am dumbfounded because I am not claiming I can't do little errands that I have to do. I just can't be on my feet or sit for a day working a job. My legs swell to three times normal size. I am really shocked that their doctor cannot get this through his head. I have had L4-5 fusion and rods put in my back but this has nothing to do with my lymphedema. I just appealed it but I am pretty sure it will be denied until I get a lawyer and take them to court.

Can anyone tell me why they feel like since I have lymphedema I should just sit in my house with my feet above my head? I might as well not have life if that is what I got to look forward to. I think they are totally shady and I feel like they harass my doctors constantly making them fill out more and more paperwork over and over and over. My doctor even wrote on his report in exclamations that "my lymphedema is a severe chronic condition that has no treatment and will never get better". I am not sure what my next move is but by reading everyone else's responses, I guess I will lose my house and car because it will take them so long and they will continue to drag it out until I take them to court. And what is really funny on their surveillance you can see me showing up for my setup appointment then me leaving and I went to Sam's Club since I was over 100 miles from home. As I am leaving on their video, you can see how much my legs were swollen and glossy from skin being tight. I guess they missed that one. They are jerks.

I paid up to receive 70% of my check in case I needed STD. I have a serious injury affecting cognitive function requiring relaxing and peace to heal. Off 11 weeks. Got paid for 4. Doctor and I always sent what was asked for. Called so often with no help. Doctor submitted all notes. Always get the "under review" saying "not enough notes". He even wrote more for Cigna because they said they didn't get what they needed. I had to pay with money I didn't have for that note a few times. He's a neuro doc. Smart man. I spent ENTIRE TIME STRESSING because of NO money to pay bills for 2 months. They know they can't get sued because have to deny you first. They hold you in limbo, either force you to LTD or back to work.

I went three months covered with Cigna under STD. My specific case is auto-immune and it took quite some time to find the diagnosis. While under physician's care I got the flu (despite having the flu shot) and missed an appointment with my doctor. Cigna then dropped me and the first notification I received of this was from my employer. I spoke to my claim representative immediately after I spoke with my employer (who explained the consequences of not getting this resolved would result in my termination) and my claims representative accused me of harassment when I asked for an answer.

Here's where it gets fun - my employer no longer employs Cigna so why would this con-artist scam-running JV insurance company care about my claim? Short answer; they don't and they didn't and they have greatly affected my life by pure laziness and lack of any sort of humanity. STAY AWAY. This company is fueled by profit and run by heartless criminals. Have you seen the Christmas movie, "Scrooge"? You'll meet the unchanged Scrooge the second your claim hits a desk at Cigna. They're evil and incompetent and should never ever be allowed to determine the outcome of someone's life. Shame on you Cigna. Shame.

I have Cigna coverage for years and have had no problem with coverage. I went on disability and was given Medicare part A and Cigna knew that. I never elected to take part B as I intended to go back to work and just wanted to keep and use my Cigna as my primary insurance. I was covered fine for years and have been on disability longer than anticipated and was covered all the while.

Now all of a sudden Cigna hired a company called Accent and they went in and looked at my coverage and started asking all my doctors for money back for claims that were already paid. Their reasoning was that since I didn't elect to take Medicare part B they did not have to cover me. I am now being sent bills from all the doctors, labs, etc. and since I am not working and only receive 1045 a month I don't have money to pay these bills. Cigna and Accent are disgusting companies and to go after someone on disability. Wow I was shocked. Healthcare insurance is still a mess and Obamacare obviously did nothing to help insurance companies from getting away with disgusting practices such as this.

I work for a 5000 people plus company that is changing to CIGNA for everything next month. Prior to that they only serviced LTD as far as I know.. God save everyone next month. CIGNA followed the pattern posted on many website to the tee. They have made a disabled worker even worse with their constant badgering, requesting of "additional information" and false denial of receiving medical records as well as using video monitoring of my activities. They used the excuse that they had insufficient records as well as seeing me sit, ride and "bend over to clean a blemish" on my motorcycle to say that I am fit to work. My medical records clearly state that I cannot, but they use the excuse that the neurologist, neurosurgeon, pain management Specialist and primary provider did not respond to forms asking for clarification. When, in fact, no clarification was needed.

I have never denied my ability to ride on a bike or in a car, as long as it was 15 minutes or less. They also failed to honor the writings in my records, that I am cognitively unable to work as a nurse, due to the administration of morphine three times a day combined with the documented effects of chronic pain syndrome and chronic fatigue. Thus, their termination letter was full of lies, exaggerations, inconsistencies and disrespect. I wish I could rate them less than one star. I cannot believe how they take the monthly payments from my employer for over 5000 people and return such poor service.

I do not have enough time to write how horrendous my experience has been with Cigna! Across the board failure! I want to sue this company but I have no money for a lawyer. I was suppose to get a std payment finally but they mailed it to North Carolina. Funny because I live and work in Pennsylvania! I'm going to the BBB and to anyone who will put this corrupt, sick, fraudulent company out of business. How can people get well when the insurance provider they pay for can't even answer the phone!

My husband was injured Nov 8th... He works for a top 100 US Corporation and has paid his STD insurance premiums through automatic payroll deduction. We have had nothing but a nightmare since day one. He was injured Nov 8th and saw the Orthopedic Specialist Nov 9th, at which time he was told he had a meniscus tear and was told absolutely no work till a minimum of Jan 12th, of which we notified his employer and the insurance. Our first payment was on time on Nov 20th. When we called on Dec 4th to ask why he had not been paid, he was told Cigna had been requesting further information. We did not get this or the Dec 18th check until Dec 30th. We got his Jan 1st check on time, but did not get a full check on Jan 15th as his follow up appointment was Jan 12th, at which time surgery was scheduled for Jan 29th. We did not those 3 days, nor his Jan 29th check until Feb 10th.

We saw the specialist on Feb 11th, at which time he was released with restrictions due to being in the construction trade. We notified his employer to which they said until he had zero restrictions, they did not want him to come back to work. On Feb 26th he received a partial check covering him through Feb 11th. We fought and they finally paid an additional week March 9th, only paying him through Feb 18th. Here we are March 22 and have not been paid since Feb 18th. We have jumped through all their hoops, faxed and re-faxed documents multiple times, had 3 way conversations with the doctor and Cigna... And it's been a nightmare. We've lost our home and neither Cigna nor this Corporation will do anything to expedite anything. He has since re-injured himself because he had to go back to work injured because we had to feed our kids. This is the nightmare that never ends!

Had to have colon reconstructive surgery on 10/13/15, also had two-inch tumor in colon that grew to urinary bladder fixed that. Also called Cigna to get claim started on 10/16/15 been in hospital since 10/9/15, they said claim would start on 10/26/15. Here it is 11/5/15, they will not return calls. I am the one that is doing all the work for them, but my policy is still under review, have bill collectors calling, have them Cigna number. If you're paying for something you would think it would be there when I needed it. This is a joke, will cancel when I get to go back to work and I know I am not the only one out there too. It's called Cigna.

Both my OB & regular DR put me on modified bed rest in my 8th month of pregnancy & deemed me unable to work until after the birth of my child. I turned in my claim, went through the 14 day waiting period - Cigna sent me an approval for 1 day - pending further review. After 5 weeks of playing tag with the adjuster ** (they never answer their phone) and multiple requests to all my DRs, Cigna denied the rest of my claim??? Stating their DRs did not find evidence why I couldn't work. Hmm, preterm labor?! Not allowed to be up for more than 4 hours. (Not to mention FMS & gD).

They approved my claim for 1 day. $92, then denied it 5 weeks later. Also made me file a new claim and I have to wait another 14 day waiting period. And since I'm having a scheduled c-section - due to a macro baby from having GD- they state they won't pay more than 4 weeks now??? What?? Who the hell are these crooks. I pay for coverage in the event I need it...and I need it. How can I survive on $92 for 6 weeks? And then have to wait and see if I am covered for my new claim (which my son will be born in 4 days) which means another 2 week waiting period. Talk about stressful. I'm hiring an attorney, no one should have to go through this kind of nonsense. Crooks!! Negative 10 stars.

This is for people that are facing a new claim or a denial with Cigna. Keep all of your records with dates and times of any conversations or correspondence with Cigna, and confirmations of any faxed material to Cigna. Expect them to continually state that they have not received any documentation that they have requested, therefore, send the material to Cigna CERTIFIED MAIL WITH A SIGNATURE REQUIRED. Get an attorney up front. The first visit is usually free. Cigna does not allow you to have legal representation until you have been denied several times, BUT it helps to copy your attorney on all correspondence and put his name in all of your appeal letters, even before you can officially hire an attorney to represent you.

Don't expect to be approved upfront for LTD with Cigna, even if you have been approved for Social Security Disability and you have an army of medical doctors that are considered to be "key opinion leaders" and "expert witnesses" in the field of their medical expertise. DO EXPECT Cigna to not return calls. Do expect Cigna to not respond to your specific request for information (such as a copy of your specific LTD policy) even after you follow their guidelines which are that all request must be faxed, not sent by email (they won't give out their email addresses or last names) and they won't consider any request for specific material or documentation over the phone. Heck, they won't even send you the requested information, after you follow their guidelines.

If you get DAVID ** as your case manager, whew, you better pray. MAKE SURE you get a copy of your specific policy, as my LTD insurance coverage was provided through my employer of 19 years. The policy that my employer provided is worded quite differently and more beneficial that what Cigna tells you that you actually have.

Make sure that they have your previous income correct, as my Cigna representative had my annual income off by over $50,000 less than I actually made. Good news is that once you are denied several times and have a few nervous breakdowns in the process and you are able to pull yourself out of bed long enough to compose an "Official Appeal Letter" which will be denied, it is required to go to a higher appeal board, (one made up of a medical team). The Official Appeal Board is easier to work with. They return calls, communicate well and will actually send you the information that you have been requesting for over 6 months. My appeal to employers is to find another carrier for your LTD plan. Cigna is awful!!!

I have always heard that Social Security Disability is very difficult to get and that often times it takes years and legal action. For me, I was approved for full benefits with 5 weeks of my first application for SSDI. My benefits started in October 2015. But as of April 2016, I was still appealing Cigna. When the appeal board member called me two weeks ago, the stress of the call sent me into a seizure. I was barely able to speak on the phone and I told her to just deny it like they have been doing so that I can have my attorney deal with it because I can't handle the stress of it. Two weeks later, Cigna approved me.

I am not happy that I am facing a life change due to my disability. Like you, I wonder how I will be able to make it financially. I would rather work and earn much more money, however, my physical condition is such that I had worked with the up to the point that my doctors forced me off work. Yes, with my begging to work, the doctors said no way! I literally had to have people move in with me to care for me a year ago. My condition is one that progresses and does not get better, however, I am sure that Cigna is anticipating a full recovery and the battle will begin again with them in a year or two, as I understand that they continually review and try to discontinue benefits.

Remember, keep all your medical records and be prepared for a fight. Don't give up hope. But be realistic. If you can work, then work. I have worked since I was 14. Now I am 51. I have had multiple cancers, cancer treatment for nine years, long-term debilitating side effects, over 18 surgeries and multiple autoimmune diseases such as psoriatic arthritis. I missed very little work during my treatments and I fought back the physical pain. Work kept me going. I loved working and I was very good at it. But eventually, my body said no more. I was totally crippling with gripping pain and treatment no longer worked. Best of luck in your fight for your deserved benefits.

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