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I have to tell you about the customer service that your company has provided to me. My wife has been receiving bills from a company by the name of Diagnostic Labs since July 2011 in the amount of $98.52. She has called your billing department several times to see why the bill has not been paid. One time she was told it was because I had a pre-existing condition which required a HIPPA certificate from my previous employer which I provided immediately. She was then told the PCP did not file the questionnaire.

Every time she called she was told it would be re-processed. To our frustration the bill kept coming. My wife called your company on December 15, 2011 and asked to talk to a manager and she was put on hold (25 minutes) and then hung up on. I called back and after explaining yet again I asked to speak to a manager. I again waited 25 minutes when a woman by the name of Rachel came on the phone and yes, once again, I had to tell the story. She ensured me that she was going to take care of this and was going to call me back by 11AM on Friday December 16, 2011; she never did.

I called the return number on Monday December 19, 2011 that she gave me **. When I placed the call it rang several times and then hung up (this really felt like the middle finger to me). I again called the 800 number and asked to speak to Rachel. I was told she was in the office but not available. I asked for a return phone call and once again no call. I waited till today and yes once again explained to your front line staff again and asked for a manager. They put me on hold for only 20 minutes this time. I have now spoken to a manager by the name of Ken who told me the bill has been processed and I am responsible for the $98.52. I asked him why it took 6 months to figure this out.

He could not tell me. I asked for the name of the CEO and he said, "I think Brian **?" I asked for his phone number, he didn't know. I asked for email, he didn't know. I asked for the corporate office number, he had no clue. Sir, the bottom line is your company has extremely poor customer service it’s almost nonexistent. I will let you know because of your company I am now in collections and my credit rating will be hurt because of this. I would like to know what your company is going to do about this. Please feel free to email or call me direct.

My Family Dr sent me to MD Anderson at the Suspicion Of Cancer Clinic. My Family Dr had a Cat Scan done of my neck without dye because my neck and face had swelling. They found my lymph nodes were all enlarged and I had a nodular on my thyroid. My MD Anderson Dr requested a CAT scan with dye, so they can see where to do a biopsy. Cigna denied my test, they said I have to have a biopsy before the Scan. My MD Anderson dr. went to her surgeon and he said he couldn't tell what the largest nodular was attached to, said that it would be too dangerous for him to do the biopsy. So I called Cigna, they then transferred me to their 3rd party people (Advocore) (don't know if I spelled it right but its close) that approves all testing.

The lady I got on the phone told me that I have to follow protocol, biopsy then Scan with dye. I told her they need the Scan with dye to see where to biopsy. She was very cold hearted and rude. I told her what she could do with her protocol. My HR at my job told me we will be looking to get rid of cigna. So in the mean time I wait, do I have cancer or not, if so is it spreading. Don't know what to do now.

We paid more than $20,000 a year to this company but our plan only paid less than $2,000 for our visits in year 2017, they applied as much as they could to the deductibles/copays. Their stock share price keep increasing all these years and now it's rocket high, think about how much money they made on us every year.

Every doctor either doesn't take this insurance or they are full of patients with this insurance. The one doctor I found that would take it, was horrible and I would not return.

Since my employer changed our health care to Cigna, I have had nothing but problems. None of my regular doctors are in the network, causing me to have to change doctors and have records transferred. Today, I called to make sure that the doctor I am scheduled to see next week is in the network and the person I got on the phone kept trying to transfer me to the internet department for some reason. I finally got him to answer my question, which was of course "no that doctor is not in the network". Then the rep immediately tried to get off the phone with me rather than trying to help me find a new doctor. What a waste of money. I should just drop my health coverage altogether.

I have at least five hours tape-recorded of CIGNA and there is not one answer that is the same as the next. This company is criminal and they need to be accountable for their actions. They’re dealing with people's health and their life. There is no attorneys that I have found so far that are willing to take on this company so that tells me they’re very powerful so if there is one out there please respond and let me know because I think it’s a great class action lawsuit... I can back up every single phone call I have audiotaped. I have let them know that I’m audio taping them and anyone that would listen to this audio tapes will be amazed at the information that they give you! I was scheduled for a medical necessity that was approved out of network until they said that I needed surgery now they will not approve my surgery. I was scheduled for tomorrow and I’m not able to have it and it is something that is deteriorating my health.

Cigna administered insurance and Cigna Home Delivery pharmacy service are equally horrible, poor coverage and an utter pain to use. If my employer had any other option available I would switch insurance coverage. I would never recommend Cigna Insurance nor the use of Cigna Home Delivery Service to anyone.

Cigna is not forthcoming about their process for approving LTD claims. They have an arsenal of back up denial strategies in case they are unable to deny your claim based on point 'a'. Plan on retaining an attorney to fight Cigna for denying your disability.

I have had Cigna for my health insurance for about 3 years. In 2016 around June, I received a statement that my premium would go up by $48.00 per month. All that was stated was that an "adjustment" needed to be made. Ok, fine. So, I paid the increased amount the rest of the year. In 2017, I paid my premium every month on time. In March, my online statement said I owed 8 times what I normally pay. I probably called 3 times a month for 3 months because I would call and be told a different amount that was owed.

It never really added up. I was finally told that I owed for Jan - June of 2016 because I didn't pay the "adjusted" amount... wow!!! It took them over a year to figure out I owed money from 2016??? Again, I would talk to a number of different customer service reps and would get a different answer and different amount every time. Finally, in May of 2017 they told me the bottom line of what I owed for 2016. I paid it and thought I was done with it. NO, not even close. Today (October 31, 2017), I went to pay my premium online and it was 5 times what I normally pay. I sat on the phone, yet again for 2 hours. And guess what... what was online was even incorrect... (surprise surprise).

I was told it was for the adjusted amount for 2016. It is actually 10 times what I now pay for my premium. Really, Cigna, almost 2 years to figure out I owe you money??? Unbelievable. I have also never received a statement in the mail or via email stating I owe this money. No wonder people get screwed over by insurance companies all the time. Cigna is definitely the absolute worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Thank god it is the end of the year... I won't be using them ever again.

I was scheduled for back surgery for deteriorated disk and this company denied the procedure the day before. I have now been suffering with the condition for the last two years. They didn't have the decency to contact me beforehand, I had to hear it from my doctor's office. I had even offered to submit the MRI to their consultants, but never got a response.

No matter what it is or how many times, I called to explain co-insurance or no co-insurance. Pre-existing or not, it doesn't matter; they deny every claim every time. I get at least 1 Cigna denial every day in the mail, then I have to call and explain things again. Because my children also have Medicaid through the sate, which would be secondary.

Cigna constantly refuse to pay anything for them, until I call again. As far a I was aware, Cigna would be the primary insurance with Medicaid being secondary. Also, I have been told as much by their reps, yet they continuously try to not pay anything. I really dislike this insurance company because they are not helpful and seems like they go out of their way to make everything difficult, so that you will just give up and pay things yourself, even though you pay for the costly insurance every month.

Am I the only one here who likes Cigna? Just kidding... that company sucks. I live overseas and have had to point out to them on nearly every claim that I have made that they haven't reimbursed me enough. Even though the receipt clearly shows the amount I was charged in US dollars, they still insist that they apply the least favorable exchange rate to the local currency amount that is also shown. To their credit though, they do eventually make an adjustment and give me the proper amount back, but I still have to watch them like a hawk because they clearly aren't going to check it themselves. They sometimes send me some BS explanations as to why I didn't receive the full amount back like "that is my share of the bill". I guess it is a good thing that I keep a copy of my policy handy. I've never actually dealt with the same person through email twice... I figure that they just assign the least competent employee to email duty.

They sure do have a lot of ** working for them. Rather than getting frustrated over the whole thing, I've decided that I'm better off to not take them so seriously, though I think that they might be intentionally trying to waste my time. At least I'm still getting the paper statements sent to me... that I usually don't even open. Those go straight into the trash. As soon as they make an attempt to pull their heads out of their @sses, I figure I'll go to electronic statements... until then, I guess that they can keep wasting their resources on hard copies since I waste so much of my time double checking their work. PS... their website isn't very good either.

My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago. She had surgeries and was good - had no problems with insurance. 8 months ago my wife's oncologist requested a PET scan. Part of her cancer prevention plan insurance denied procedure. We could not afford the procedure so we could not do it. 4 months later her oncologist requested a brain MIR because that is the most common place lung cancer spreads to. Cigna denied claim so we were unable to get the MIR.

This week my wife was having headaches and memory problems. We went to emergency room and a MIR was given. They found three brain tumors which turned out to be cancer. So we then went to oncologist who ordered a PET scan and radiation treatments ASAP. PET scan was order to determine if cancers had spread to other parts of the body, but again Cigna denied the PET scan claiming since cancer had spread there was no reason to do PET scan. I just don't get it... It seems they deny everything you need. It seems they are trying to kill my wife. If these early procedure would have been approved we would have detected cancer soon enough to treat it successfully thus at least giving her a chance to live.

After suffering from back pain for years the decision was finally made to do surgery. Cigna denied for two reasons: Imaging doesn't show degenerative disc disease and less than 6 months duration. Both of these are wrong and clearly addressed in the documents submitted. MRI clearly states degenerative disc disease and my doctor's visits go back two years. Never mind they first denied an MRI 9 months ago saying I hadn't been in pain for 6 months. Customer service is zero help! Guess they'd rather I get addicted to pain pills than get relief through surgery using my insurance....

CIGNA has committed, and I verified it with the federal gov’t, HIPAA violations. They are supposed to get a HIPAA form for EVERYONE that is asking for your info. This only has an exception when it comes to health providers who continue care. CIGNA went behind my back and spread my whole medical history to the company and a few friends. Now my doctors ask for a HIPAA. I also have records suppressed at times.

CIGNA also refuses to communicate. I found out that CIGNA has been lying to the American public. They only do self-insured companies that want them as a third party administrator. They just process claims. They do not pay out anything. It is the employer that pays. However, CIGNA likes to say they pay the claim. They lie. Apparently, the only oversight that happens is between the HR person at the place of employment (benefits director) and the contract consultant at CIGNA. All other communication CIGNA ignores even if they tell you otherwise. They have to go. They are a pathetic excuse for a health care insurance company, among other things!!!

This company sucks and to deny surgery to a veteran because a fat ** doctor doesn’t agree with the hospital such as Loma Linda university is beyond me. This fat ** doctor that sits behind a desk and make decision on your life has probably ripped us all off. What’s the use of having insurance.

I have made every payment on time with online bill pay. Even Cigna's website shows all of my payments processed. Their account balance though is incorrect and they have even terminated my policy for lack of payment at one point. It has been re-instated, but they still haven't been able to correct the actual account balance, which is zero. I have been the one to continue to call to get it resolved. And each time they tell me it is their error and I will not have to do anything further, yet they continue to send me emails and bills telling me I still owe. This has been going on since April when they first began to tell me they hadn't received any payments since the January 2015 payment. I can't even imagine what they will do with an actual claim!!!

I will be filing with the Better Business Bureau over my dealings with Cigna. Everyone on this board should as well. It's the only way to send a clear message. I am still waiting for claims that have been approved to be paid. They keep saying that I need an IBAN number to process by electronic deposit. Despite my bank telling them directly that an IBAN number is not used in Canada and giving them the correct banking information to use when transferring funds from the US to Canada, I still wait. Calling gets you bounced from person to person who tell you that everything will be fixed in 24-48 business hours. So, a month later, I still sit, out of pocket for expenses that have been adjudicated in my favor. It could be worse. There are others here that are worse off than I am. But the important things is to report to the BBB. It directly affects the company and they will sit up and listen.

Updated on 02/11/2019: After posting the review in December, I received notification from a Cigna rep asking me to contact them. I sent an EMAIL to the address listed but got no reply. I sent a follow up and received the same request to contact them at the same address. I tried again, Then I got a reply from the company through this website saying they replied to my EMAIL 2 times. I replied to them giving them my EMAIL address and have not received a reply. I have not received a response.

Meanwhile, my doctor requested another MRI which was denied. They asked for a CTS which was denied and then approved. Once I got the CTS, Cigna denied it. They have also denied my doctor's request for injections for pain management. Their excuse was they think PT would help. Although this is a problem I have had for several years and PT has NEVER helped. My husband has torn his rotator cuff but they have declined his doctor's request for an MRI as well. I will be in touch with my company's HR department at this point, with Cigna denying everything, they are paying them for benefits but we are getting nothing. This company needs to be stopped.

Original Review: Cigna approved surgery for me and then the day I was supposed to have surgery, they denied it and then an hour before surgery approved it. Once I had the surgery, they denied it. They didn't pay the hospital. I wasn't given credit for the $250 deductible that I paid. Now I need more surgery and they are denying pre-certification for my MRI and CT Scan saying I have not been treated for this issue for more than 6 weeks. I have been sending in claims for this issue for over 2 years. I am scheduled for a CT scan today and my surgeon is trying to get it approved. Cigna used to be an excellent company but I have seen a major decline in their customer service and patient support over the past 3 years.

My 19 year-old son was in such respiratory distress one afternoon this fall in his dorm at college that his roommate called 911. The RA was also called and had him breathe into a paper bag. By the time the ambulance arrived, his breathing was almost back to normal. This had never happened to him before which was why everyone panicked. The EMT's took his vitals, offered him a ride to the hospital, which he declined and they left. The claim was denied by Cigna because he did not get in the ambulance and go to the hospital. Apparently, Cigna is content to have its customers second guess any emergency because if you guess wrong one way, they will deny your claim and you will be on the hook for $543. However, if you guess wrong the other way, you're dead. Now I have to start the long appeals process which I'm sure dissuades people from trying to get their money's worth out of their insurance. I see why Hallmark Cards is dumping them as their insurance provider.

They pay their people to go out of their way not to pay on claims. I have $1000 bill for blood work rejected because they said I am not covered for preventive care. Since when is blood work considered a flu shot. I am retired, paying almost $500 a month premium and they don't even cover blood work?

My wife started having lots of pain in her left shoulder in April of 2014. We were referred to Dr. ** of Raulerson Hospital in Okeechobee, Florida in May. On our first visit the doctor ordered an MRI and CIGNA denied the request. CIGNA said she must undergo 6 weeks of physical therapy. My wife could not do the therapy as she could not use or raise her arm. So, Dr. ** gave her two injections in her shoulder and put her on pain meds. We were gone for 2 1/2 months and returned to Dr **'s office around August 10, 2014. At that time Dr. ** took cervical spine X-rays and put her on steroids. He stated that she was much worse and that she was weak and unable to use her left arm. He stated that she once again needed an MRI and ARTHROGRAM on her left shoulder and cervical spine. The doctor submitted a "STAT" request to CIGNA on August 25 and submitted the request STAT again on August 26th. Today Dr. **'s office notified us that CIGNA had denied the request again.

My wife was put on pain meds and the doctor has increased the pain meds again. She had to have help in getting dressed, help combing her hair and anything to do with the use of her left arm and shoulder. Dr **'s office informed us today that he was going to have a "peer to peer " telephone call with Cigna's doctor or nurse. What can we, as humans who pay high premiums for coverage, do when we denied such tests and are suffering so badly??? We need help!!!!

I changed to Cigna and regret it. I have been with them since January 1, 2016. My doctor ordered a ct scan of the lower lumbar region without contrast. You have to get approval from Cigna. It has been 15 days without approval. I had my back fused in October of 2015 and the 3 month check up is required with a ct scan. When my doctor told me that the ct scan has been turned down I called Cigna and asked why? The woman at Cigna said they don't do ct scan for a backache. Ugh.. The doctor and myself both explained to them this was from a major back surgery.

They still to date insist that I only have a backache and refuse to acknowledge that my back has been fused even after the doctor has sent them the x-ray showing the fusion that was done in October. I cancelled Cigna today and went with Anthem. Beware of this company. They only want your premium and another thing, Cigna treats you like crap when you are on the telephone with them. They don't treat you nicely. Don't buy this insurance you will be sorry. Stay away!

After waiting 52 minutes on the line, at the moment someone talked to me I told her it was disrespect to keep clients waiting for that long. She hung up the phone on my face. I already changed my address on the internet by phone but they keep sending me letter on the wrong direction and the funny is that I don't receive the checks they are supposed to send me but bills I do! Awful customer service!!! I will be canceling my account with them and find another one on the following months!

My wife and I had a dental cleaning done. Because my wife scheduled the cleaning 1 week early than 6 months Cigna told us it is not cover. I called the help line to explain it to me, the person online told me the same.. I ask where in my coverage papers/contract address this (section) that say it has to be 6 months to the day. He said review your coverage, I ask can you send me the section or any documents that said that still nothing. Helpline yeah right --- they just say what you already received in papers. I so stupid to think this type of company would even care. I asked to talk to manager. 45 Mins later holding and holding the line he comes back and said no manager available WHAT A JOKE.

Is this a scam or what. I have had sooooo much crab from Cigna. Not sure who and how they ever do business. At the end of all this I end up paying myself and kept paying my insurance every pay period. Insurance is Just in case things happen you are cover. I tell this now. I need an insurance that covers when my insurance don't pay. See the Joke is on me every time --- Pay insurance principal and pay service providers... Cigna Now equals to nothing to me… Maybe this won't matter but for anyone reads this and cares I DON’T DON’T DON’T advice to go with Cigna.

My wife signed up on web site in Nov. On Dec 2nd we were notified Cigna had an error in social security# (data entry error?) and we corrected by phone. We later spoke w/ Cigna in Mid December. On December 27th we talked with customer service agents - Patricia and Justin. We were informed the document was in document control and the status unknown and not sure if the insurance would be approved. Advised to pay for medicine first of year out of pocket ($1,000/month) and cigna would reimburse if insurance approved.

I was told by a surgeon that is in Cigna's medical network I needed surgery to repair multiple hernias in abdominal area. I want a repair two weeks early for this procedure only to be told by the hospital the night before the operation that Cigna has denied the claim stating that it could be done in outpatient status rather than inpatient status. I called Cigna and found out they use a nurse, not a Dr. to review the cases and I am not sure the nurse is qualified in the same field as the procedure to be done. THIS put my life in direct line of danger and will be a case for a lawyer in the near future. I had the procedure done on a Friday and there were 8 hernias to be repaired. The hospital released me since the all knowing nurse in some field of pediatrics I suspect had said that is what need to be done.

The next afternoon I was back at the hospital in the ER because of not being able to pass water. They admitted me after a test determining that my kidneys had failed from being unable to pass water. This in turn caused other organs to fail and they had to infuse two pints of blood. This is because the all seeing, all knowing pediatrics nurse. This is a shame to the U.S for this company to say care about customers. They also want records of ALL lab work done for a period of two years which is an invasion of medical rights involving any procedures they had nothing to do with. If there was a way to give a company a negative rating below 0, this company would win hands down.

If you do value your health, pay a veterinarian out of pocket for your care instead of paying Cigna any money. Their methods are barbaric and probably in line with the female CEO that raised the price of the pedipen by 700%. Yes this company is in it for the money and not their clients. I could see if they used Doctors to review the claims and may have an argument but using a nurse, maybe qualified in diaper removal and waste weight in pediatrics is not the way to go. After wearing a catheter for two weeks I am finally out of that. But trust me, Cigna has not heard the end of this by far. I hope someone reading reviews of Cigna does read this and goes on to someone else. DO NOT let them endanger your life.

I went to a Cigna clinic. They referred me to another doctor. They did not tell me the referral was "out of network". Then when I appealed because it was Cigna who sent me to the out of network provider, they denied my claim. They completely ignored my written appeal and simply said that it was denied because I went out of network.

Where do I begin??? They lie, they tell you they have all your records or you don't need a certain one - then they send you a letter! BIG FAT LIARS. I still don't know why I fall asleep at the wheel, Cigna doesn't care. Cigna has decided that I did not need physical therapy after back surgery.

My wife had a pre-term baby and was recommended and provided prescription for rental on a hospital grade breast pump. CIGNA and CARECENTRIX (3rd party firm assigned by CIGNA for medical equipment) are deliberately trying to delay saying that it takes 14 days to process and there is nothing they can do. When I ask them how does my baby feed meanwhile, they just shrug and don't care. Adding to my woes, they have the most rude customer service personnel who claim they are their own bosses and refuse to provide the names and phone numbers for their supervisors. They are constantly interrupting when you speak and also yell at you without any hesitation. No one at CIGNA or CARECENTRIX cares and will not return calls either.

I was scheduled for surgery one month prior to the surgery date. The day before my surgery Cigna had not approved my surgery stating that they have not received a medical request from my Doctor's office. I was told that if my Doctor change my status from inpatient stay from outpatient stay they will approve the surgery. My surgery was cancelled the day before my surgery. I was on the telephone with this insurance company all day which revealed no surgery. My Husband took off from work, I'm off from work in severe pain and my return to work will be delayed and my Husband will have to take off from work yet again. At what point does an insurance have an legal right and or the legal authority to dictate to the Doctor as to what treatments are needed.

I am not impressed with this insurance company at all. Cigna, didn't have a problem with accepting my premiums, but they have many excuses as to why they won't pay for coverage. I would rather switch my job than to have to continue with this insurance company. In fact I told Cigna insurance representative that I will be more than willing to consult with an Attroney and contact the local news and share my stories. Not to my surprise their ratings are 1 out of 105. The Worst Insurance Company That I have Had The Misfortune Of Dealing With.

I am currently on hold. Apparently they can not find me but yet they are taking money out of my bank account every month. I am on CRS/Supervisor #8 and 2 hours of my time!!! Either you get people that do not understand English and (last time I checked I live in the U.S.A. and a Veteran too). All I want to do is get my address correct and get a friggin ID card! You would think I was asking for their lives. I am ready to just cancel to insurance and take my business somewhere else. My dog could do a better job I believe. I would NOT recommend these people to anyone. You could die waiting to get answers. This is a whole new meaning of idiots on parade. Well Cigna off to do a complaint to the BBB and cancel my policy.

I was having difficulty walking due to swelling and pain in my ankle. I went to the After Hours Clinic of my Orthopedic doctor. I have been a patient at this office for several years. They did the surgery on my ankle two years ago. I was turned away because they needed a referral from Cigna. I never needed a referral with Blue Cross to see my own in network doctor. Being after hours, I went to the Urgent Care Clinic I have always used for a referral. There was a large sign on the door refusing Cigna Connect.

After three tries I did locate a clinic who charged me 89.00 up front and contacted Cigna for the referral, agreeing that I needed orthopedics. I waited two weeks and returned to the office and told them I had paid for a referral and I needed help. I waited for half an hour while they searched and called Cigna, who had never contacted them. Cigna had dropped the ball and couldn't find my referral so I was sent away again.

I went back to the Urgent Care clinic and asked where the referral was. I was told, "we are still waiting for Cigna to approve the referral." I was in tears so I went to the parking lot and called Cigna. I was on the phone for a full hour with a rep who spoke very poor English. I asked him where I was supposed to go for medical help. He told me I had to go through the ER and he hung up on me.

Finally the doctor called me and said Cigna sent the referral and I can be seen but only for office visits and only for a limited amount of weeks before it expires. If I need any treatment or injections or physical therapy as I have had in the past, ANOTHER referral will be required. Earlier today I called my medical supply company to reorder equipment for my CPAP machine. I have used this company for five years. I was told today, "Sorry, we don't accept Cigna." It's unbelievable.

I have never been late or missed an insurance premium and now that I need help there is nobody to accept this insurance. It is a huge hassle with the referrals that are expensive and hard to obtain to be required for everything. I was so happy with my Blue Cross but the premiums doubled at the first of the year and I couldn't afford them so I switched to Cigna. They have cheaper monthly payments but the deductible is much higher and they do not pay as much as my previous insurance did after the deductible is met. So you get a higher deductible and less coverage with Cigna.

Customer service is non-existent with Cigna. I am so overwhelmed and discouraged with the hassle of this company. It is one of the worst decisions I have ever made. Horrible. Worst insurance ever. They do not care if you are in pain and afraid and need medical attention. Even the Dr. office told me they do not recommend Cigna. Beware!!!

On September 19, 2013, I filed a complaint here on Cigna regarding their tricks in paying my husband's claim for a ZOLL Life Vest, which is an FDA Class III approved Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator, which my husband's Cardiomyopathy meets the criteria for this device to be prescribed to save his life in case he goes into sudden cardiac arrest. The federal government MANDATES that the patient goes through a 90-day waiting period between diagnosis and the implantation of a permanent Internal Cardiac Defibrillator to see if medication will work to lessen the threat in that time period.

ZOLL is the ONLY manufacturer in the entire world that manufactures this Life Vest, so it is not like my husband's IN-network cardiologist had a list of providers to choose from for this life saving treatment during that 90 days. He wore this vest until that 90-day waiting period was up, and he had the ICD implanted. And back in September, we received a letter from ZOLL stating that Cigna considered this vest as an OUT OF NETWORK device, when again it is the only one made in the world and FDA approved for conditions like my husband's. When my husband called Cigna, he got the typical run around but NO viable reason why they were considering this as an OUT OF NETWORK device. Basically, their answer was because we can so deal with it, although ZOLL told us that this was highly unusual and they didn't have this problem with other insurance companies.

The following day after I made my initial complaint on this site, I get an email from Consumer Affairs that I had received a response from someone named Ann at Cigna, that she would like to help me and look into this problem. Well, I sent her all of my husband's information, and she assured me that she was researching this. That was on September 20th, and we received a bill from ZOLL on Saturday the 12th of October, with the amount that we owed, which was the OUT OF NETWORK charges. I contacted Ann today through her email, and asked what was going on because in all of this time I had heard nothing from her, but told her we got this bill, so I assumed that they had decided against our appeal, without letting us know.

Well, I was outraged to get a reply back from this Ann after almost a month of her supposedly looking into this problem, saying basically she had done NOTHING, because she does not have access to my husband's records. EXCUSE ME!!!!! This woman tells me she is looking into this claim and now almost a month later tells me that she has done NOTHING because she has no access to his records, and thus has to have someone else look into it! Anyone here who has filed a complaint against this unscrupulous company, and gets a reply from Ann or someone else lying about being able to look into the matter and help you resolve it, PLEASE REALIZE THIS! This is nothing but a STALL TACTIC, like I suspected from the beginning.

While you think that someone actually is looking into your claim, NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING BUT STALLING UNTIL YOUR TIME IS UP FOR FILING AN APPEAL! When I got that reply back from her after almost a month telling me she didn't even have access to his records, I immediately said ENOUGH and filed a complaint with the Missouri Insurance Board, and I urge anyone else here to do the same with their state, because this company will NOT do anything to help you. However, in the state of Missouri at least, once a complaint has been filed, the company is forced to respond within a limited amount of time to the state, so they can't play their stall and screw the consumer game.

As I said in my original complaint on this board, I know full well that Cigna decided that this Life Vest was an OUT OF NETWORK claim because my husband had already reached his out of pocket cap for IN-network claims this year, meaning they would be responsible for the entire bill; however, he had not reached his out of pocket cap for OUT OF NETWORK expenses, since he is always diligent to make sure that he always uses IN-network providers. This is just another screw the consumer game being played by this company. AGAIN, do NOT be deluded if any of you file a complaint against this company here, and you quickly get a reply that someone will help you and look into it BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT AND IT IS A STALL TACTIC!

In mid September, I received two articles of mail from Cigna -- one was my normal premium reminder notice that I get every 3 months, and the other was a notice indicating that they had changed their PO Box and would no longer accept payment by credit/debit card. My premium was due October 1st, and although I was irritated by not being able to pay over the phone with my debit card as usual, I figured my check would make it in time.

First check I sent out got returned in the mail because the stamp fell off (?) so I re-sent the payment the second week of October and called Cigna. The representative told me not to worry, my policy has a 60 day grace on it, just re-send the check. Fast forward a few weeks --- It still wasn't showing as cleared in mid-November, so I called Cigna to find out what was happening, and the representative assured me that they were experiencing significant delays in processing and that they weren't penalizing anyone due to the issue. I still didn't feel real comfortable about it, but really, there was nothing more at that point that I could do -- I use a small bank, I don't have online banking, and there aren't a lot of options to pay the bill for my premium any other way, so I accepted that the check was still processing and went on about my life.

The day before Thanksgiving, I realized the check STILL hadn't cleared, and started to really panic -- I not only have a life insurance premium that hasn't been paid, but a check that hasn't shown up anywhere, essentially lost. I tried to call and couldn't get through, finally leaving a message to request a call-back. I was finally able to reach them today (Monday, December 1st), after a 30+ minute hold time, only to be told I had to overnight a check to their Georgia payment address because they needed payment by tomorrow. They can't accept a wire transfer from a bank, there are no locations that you can take your check or cash to in order to process the payment in person, they can't take credit or debit card payments, and essentially, I just had to pay $20 to overnight a $25 premium.

They sent out no communication prior to mid-September that they would no longer accept credit or debit cards and that they were changing their mailing address -- with a premium due Oct. 1, that didn't leave me a lot of time. Obviously, they didn't plan this too well or think about the effects it would have on their policy holders -- when you don't accept credit or debit payments, you get overwhelmed by checks, which take time to process, and when you don't communicate your changes well, you will get a ton of people calling you, which leads to long hold times which really just irritate people more.

What really ticked me off was not only did they just spring this on everyone with little notice, but that I called them at least 3 different times between October 1st and today and was told not to worry, there wasn't a problem, then I find out today that there is a BIG problem and that the only option I had to try to get them paid before my life insurance would lapse would be to overnight them another check.

What kind of insurance company won't accept a wire transfer from a bank, or credit/debit cards, and doesn't have ANY cheaper payment options that can be used in an emergency, like a check by phone option?? Twenty dollars may not seem like a lot to some people, but it is the principle -- why should I have to jump through hoops to pay this when not only did I receive poor/misguided communication from you and your staff, but my first check is still rolling around somewhere over there? This whole experience really minimizes my trust in this company, and if it weren't something so important as life insurance, I wouldn't put myself through this mess.

I'm now 3 months without a check from Cigna. I am the victim of a hit and run. They stopped sending me a check. I didn't even know for a month as work was paying 25%. So I was receiving a check from them. But when you're laid you in bed dealing with a bunch of new pain meds it's very hard to know what all is happening. So I call to restart claim. I was working with Clint for two months though he never returns calls. The few times I got him he asked me to have all info recent to him. Then he called and left a message very rudely starting the case was closed and he didn't know why I was calling?

I paid $500 towards a $350 deductible. CIGNA said I paid $600 towards the $350 deductible and sent a check for the overpayment. Two days later I made a doctor's appointment. The doctor's office called to verify insurance coverage and CIGNA told them I had not met my deductible yet. I called CIGNA and they told me I still owe $100 towards the deductible, yet I have a check from them for overpayment of the deductible. Nothing with this shameful company is right. They give the wrong benefits information to the provider's office as well as to me. There is no end to the stupid things they say. Nothing makes sense. For example, I was told that for a mammogram, it is free if everything is normal, but there is a $100 copayment if it is abnormal. The referral went in the trash.

Who wants to get preventive care if there is a huge copayment involved? Does this make sense to anyone? A "penalty" copayment for an abnormal test? What is the copayment if you have an abnormal weight? I have had very little medical care in the past five years due to their incompetence because every single visit turns into a nightmare which requires letters to the Department of Managed Care or Dept of Insurance. It is mentally and emotionally exhausting. It is abuse. Shame on CIGNA!!! As a human being why don't you do your job and help your customers who are paying hard earned money for insurance coverage. How can you get away with this abusive behavior?

This is only part of the story. I have been working diligently for months trying to get money owed to me... The overpayment for the deductible as well as hundreds of dollars owed for the visits which are covered at 70%/30%. This was the last straw. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. I now have high blood pressure, chest pain, GI pain, insomnia. I am now on medical leave. Thanks, CIGNA... You are doing an excellent job of killing me.

Two years ago when our work group of about 50 people took out an HSA Cigna policy I was skeptical, but maintained an open mind. From day one we have had problems. In my case, I have never been able to get signed into their subscribers' log on. I have had vaccinations' approval refused for flu several times. From the day on of this policy (almost two years ago) they did not seem to be able to find me in their files, except when it came to cashing the payment for insurance.

On sign up for logging onto their website, after about 8 attempts to sign up and log on, I gave up and finally called. After over an hour trying to get the right dept, I was told that I was putting in the wrong birthday. Of course, they had the wrong birth date in their files, but would not tell me what wrong date they had, and were not willing to accept any information from me that would correct the situation. Many many calls over several months, finally let to our executive assistant contacting them with more paperwork and supposedly correcting this issue.

Now today again they refused an Rx for a preventative medication (required to cover that) using the excuse that my birth date is incorrect. After almost two years, I sill have vaccinations refused, or 1-2 hours waiting for approvals. This company is so incompetent as to be also guilty of willful negligence. Not once have they attempted to resolve this issue, in spite of having cashed $1350 per month of checks for 23 months now. This will go to the insurance commissioners office. Our group will likely change carriers in January.

My husband is scheduled for a lumbar fusion next week. Insurance denies it a week before. This is the 2nd time it was denied. First time they gave him a list he needed to do including a psych evaluation and quit smoking. He did everything they asked and still denied saying he didn't have documentation he quit smoking? Really!! He talked to a smoking coach they provided! Do they not keep notes??

Their reimbursement request process is so awkward. On average for each reimbursement request I have to try 3 or 4 times. Their system disallow modifications. If you made any minor mistake they will deny it and you have to restart everything. There's no detailed explanations so you have to call them. They tell you to what need to be revised and when you resubmit your request they tell you something else is wrong. Intentionally they try their best to deny everything. I always see incorrect numbers or mysterious numbers in their explains.

In 2015 my back pain was getting worse by the day. My doctor (Kevin) prescribed an MRI. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis discus surgery. That was in November 2015. In between November 2015 and next appt March of 2016 my doctor sold his practice to study stem cell research. Moving forward Cigna nightmare begins. I had a company mandatory biometric screening that was covered by Cigna at 100%. I am billed by the lab company $8,000, plus every 2 months. Would you believe since March 2016 and December 2016 they wrote just last week they are "reviewing the claim." Passing over a ton of complaints I could write a book.

This is the worst one up to date. I have two surgeon specialists went peer to peer to reconsider the surgery because Cigna said it was medically unnecessary. OK so I scream for 45 minutes to get to work and the pain is so bad I had to call an ambulance. That got me in trouble with my manager of 15 years. Advice to you is keep tabs on every single claim and keep calling until someone will take you seriously. Good luck to you if you have Cigna.

Pain in hip joint. As insurance required I went to Primary Care physician and he referred me to an orthopedic doctor. That Dr tried shots and then told me a total hip replacement is the only way to fix my hip. Scheduled surgery, spent money, for pre-surgery prep, and the day before surgery Cigna HealthSpring wouldn't pay for my surgery. Help, or I will be in a wheelchair the rest of my life.

Due to acerbating of acid reflux to my asthma and well being doctor prescribed generic ** to which my insurance has the audacity to price as $307 for 90 days and when tier lowering requested came up with $126. To my amazement when asking friends and family what they pay... It came out as $3/30days on some and up to $12 having insurance and ordering generic. Of course I imagine Walgreens and the manufacturer have a good time slamming people with these costs to make their profit! We can only hope the day comes when they need a drug they cannot afford the cost! Our president and senators and congress continue saying they will do something to help us!!! When will this happen, if ever???

The drug industry is over its head in abuse to the people!!! Time to go after them strongly!!! To also make mention how disgraceful of a company (GE) you worked for years and at retirement was told your future would be solid and then 2 years after they are allowed to screw the employees and push them into these insurance programs that are so out of common sense perspectives so they can bleed the people. America needs to get their heads out of their ** and scrutinize and fix the insurance companies and stop the greed they allow!!!

I was given misinformation by the sales representative. Upon receiving the written documents, I attempted recontacting the agent. The telephone number(s) and email he provided did not work. I spoke with 7 different people/departments within Cigna and no one could help me contact the agent. As a consequence of the misinformation provided by the agent, my application was denied (for medical reasons). Thank God! I would never want to be insured by such a dysfunctional business entity. My wife's application was approved. She canceled.

My mom has Cigna-HealthSpring to which they are contracted with mynexus a company out of Nashville who works to save Cigna-HealthSpring money by a nurse who is the authorization nurse on claims who finds options for Cigna-HealthSpring where they save money and by not helping their patients. Story: my mom needed an extension on her physical therapy. Her stroke made it where she has to learn how to use her right leg again by compliance in Cigna's handbook. As long as she has a doctor's orders she is to receive her in-home therapy for 8 hours 35 hours a week. They are not going by the handbook by their rules. Mynexus said she needs long term care. She/I don't know where that came from. We are wanting physical therapy. Mynexus authorization nurse makes a decision by over the phone.

You tell me how a nurse makes a decision by phone behind a desk and not complying by doctor's orders???????? BAD BUSINESS. CIGNA-HEALTHSPRING AND MYNEXUS SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!! I am seeking legal counsel. Elderly people need all the help they can get because of people like these!!!!!!!! IT IS ABOUT HEALTH CARE NOT MONEY

My son has the diagnoses: ADHD combined type, polysubstance abuse, mood disorder NOS, parent-child relational problem, problems related to the social environment, problems related to interaction with the legal system/crime. I called Cigna and spoke to one of their reps, and we did a search of 100 mile radius for a dual residential treatment center; we could not find one. So finally, I located one in Utah; and they are In-Network.

So the next day, I called and got all the information to them. They did tell me that Cigna would give a problem approving his stay as they have denied other patients. I took the chance as this was my last hope to get help that he needed. Well, Cigna denied the residential, and after the doctor kept insisting that he needed treatment, they agreed to partial treatment in which I had to pay $100 for room and board. They stated that he wasn't a harm to others and his self. What did he have to do, kill me or him to fit their guidelines?

Well after 2 weeks, they denied the partial treatment as well; and I had to go to Utah and bring him home as they stated an IOP was what he needed. Now when we got back, there was no IOP in place. I called and the case manager stated, "Well, you didn't call. So we assumed you didn't want the service." Now at this point, I want to jump off the roof and stated, "Yes, I want the treatment."

She gave me a location, an area that is well known to have drug dealers in the area. Does that make sense? The second one they told me was about an hour away. Ummm, I have to work and can't take him and request transportation service of which that don't have. The response I got back was "Do you have public transportation?" A 17 on his own with a substance abuse issue, really now. Then they told me "We can find you a therapist whom he can go to two times a week." Well, my son goes out the window last night on the fire escape in the middle of the night, and Lord knows what he did.

Oh, the best is that the Cigna rep told me when they denied partial treatment that he should be fine and that the drugs are out of his system. I have never heard of a 2-week stay at a treatment that guaranteed they are cured. They didn't even get a chance to scratch the first layer. The denial reason -- 1) Did not meet the "guidelines" and 2) If he fights the treatment at the center, then it's not worth it.

I am so beside my self and don't have anywhere to turn to and so afraid of losing my son. I don't understand how an insurance company (Cigna) has no heart to help.

My husband had surgery in September 2014, a surgery that was not work related and did not require pre-authorization according to Cigna at the time. Forward now to 14 months later during which time I have spoken bi-weekly/monthly with the following claims department employees. Christina, Laplecia, Patrick, Vicky, Amanda, Umberto, Jill, Bethany, Dave and Eric. In 14 months, the claims, again noted for all one single surgery were sporadically released for payment, however, not before our file was, and I quote "lost" and or "forgotten"! As phone calls are recorded, this can be verified by Cigna if they wish.

Today, I was asked by Dave, the absolute rudest of staff I have spoken to, to verify the cause of my husbands accident! With Doctors notes, personal emails from my husband to Cigna and ambulatory reports provided to Cigna in the past, this new request was completely shocking to me! But what has prompted this complaint is the manner in which I was questioned by Dave and my words quoted as though I was the medical authority on my husband's health and the surgery in question. With 2 claims still outstanding, the anesthesiologist paid, surgeon partly paid. After 14 months I can no longer subject myself to the incoordination by Cigna and may have no option but to turn to our Lawyer and the media for help.

I selected Cigna-HealthSpring as my insurer when I made the transition to Medicare. My selection was based on my prescriptions and their formulary, which I had signed into with my DOB, confirmed that I was covered for my prescriptions. I received one shipment of one medication after which they told me I was ineligible because of my age. I appealed and was turned down. BAIT AND SWITCH - I selected Cigna HealthSpring based on their coverage quote and then they immediately disqualified me because of my age which they knew when they gave me their coverage quote.

At the beginning of 2016, I remained enrolled in Cigna Home Delivery (CHD) and a medication renewed. The price had gone from $65 to $279!! When I called I was told that Cigna had changed their preferred mail order pharmacy from CHD to Walmart. I called Walmart multiple times - every call was a "20-minute" wait AND required that I get new prescriptions from my doctor rather than transferring unexpired prescriptions from CHD. Luckily I checked with Walgreen's and they gave me the preferred provider price and transferred my prescriptions. The same medication at Walgreen's was $72.

When I saw the $279 charge from CHD I called and Franchesca from customer service said she could stop the order from shipping. She also promised to forward me the notification that my coverage had changed. The notification materials which I requested never came and the prescription which they said they had cancelled arrived on my doorstep and automatically charged my charge card the $279!

I called CHD several times and they kept passing me on to other extensions and supervisors. My first call was on 03.18.16 and I just got my final "no" today (04.27.16) from Josh (Employee # **). For a customer service rep, he was arrogant - Cigna was unwilling to let me return the exorbitantly priced prescription or to adjust the price to the preferred provider price. (This is Cigna Home Delivery & Cigna HealthSpring -- both subsidiaries of Cigna Corporation - apparently the children companies don't play well together!!) For a company that supposedly "works" with Medicare enrollees, their service is lacking and their response is that it's "not their problem". I was not surprised that the centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) imposed sanctions on Cigna HealthSpring.

This last May I had to leave the job of a lifetime because I had many impairing neurological problems. I was told by my company I needed to go onto Short Term Disability that will eventually lead me into Long Term Disability. So I called the number the HR woman gave me. The company was Cigna, a name I had heard but never had any experience with. I called and was bounced around a bit. Finally I reached someone who asked me for some form. I politely reminded her that this was my first phone call and I have no idea what form she was talking about. After we square away all my personal information they said they will wait to get the fax from my work with the paperwork I filled out. So I called my work and immediately got the paperwork sent over. Then I waited, I waited and waited.

It was over a month before I heard back in July and mind you this was after much effort on my part of voicemails and emails to my "caseworker" who knows how long it would've taken without some pushing. Since then I have been fighting to receive the checks. Every month I'm fighting so hard to get the money that is owed. I send her 10 emails to every 1 of her informative responses. More than a handful of times she promised me she will get back to me the next morning with an update and never does even after I remind her in the afternoon that I was due a morning update and it never came.

I am a disabled single mother of 2. I can't drive because I can hardly see. I can't hold/grasp anything in my hands or they go numb. I am completely incontinent (mind you I am only 27) if I sit, kneel, cross my legs. Anything other than keeping my legs raised, they go numb and I can't walk. I have horrible cramping and spasticity in my toes and fingers making it impossible to type and write for long, plus many other things. There is absolutely no way I could hold a job. My neurologist and my primary also side with this conclusion. Yet here I sit, 5 months after my last day of work and the last date that was approved was July 28th. That's 48 business days without any form of income or way to get one. If you're paid bi-weekly that's 5 paychecks behind, that's absolutely horrible.

I have begged, I have pleaded and it all falls on deaf ears. I have been so nice, I have never lost my temper, I'm always polite, yet concise. This company cares absolutely zero about you. It's been proven with the dozens of unanswered emails and 48 work day lapse in a check. If you are a business I would strongly recommend you go somewhere else than Cigna to cover your employees. This experience has caused me so much stress and fatigue, the exact things I am to try to stay away from. Ironic, huh?

My husband was laid off in 2010. We paid CIGNA $1,600.00 a month for COBRA. He then took retirement insurance for $1090.00 a month with a $3,000 deductible. We moved from our home of 32 years. Since we moved out of state, I had to leave my part-time job. Our son left his wife, stole thousands of dollars from us, and he moved out of state. He is now broke and calling us constantly. I have called CIGNA seven times since 11/4/13 to get a list of psychologists to help us deal with the stress we are going through. I was sent a list of providers who only take children, are no longer taking CIGNA, and clinics that will give us an appointment in 2-3 months. I am ready to have a nervous breakdown! When I called today I was told that there was no record of my previous (6) calls! CIGNA does not want to pay for services that I desperately need right now! I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!! I don't understand why they don't give me a list of participating providers (If there are any) since I have to pay the full amount until I reach my deductible which I won't do in 2013. My husband also needs to see a therapist. He was laid off after 20 years of loyal service to Prudential Insurance. I will appreciate any suggestions.

I have CIGNA Health Care as my primary health care, and on May 11th, 2016 I had a colonoscopy, which should have been paid in full under my coverage. On October 12th, 2017 I received a bill from the hospital who did my colonoscopy for $113.40, which was odd because it should have all been paid by CIGNA. Unbeknownst to me, CIGNA wrongly processed my claim as an "out of network" claim, so the claim was not paid in full. Not knowing that my insurance should have paid in full, my husband had paid the original bill from the hospital in the amount of $713.40 when it was due. After I did some digging and realized that we had paid $713.40, that was not our responsibility, I called CIGNA only to be told that it’s too late to file an appeal, so for being good people and paying our bills on time, we are now out over $700.00!

After paying full annual Deductible as well as all Co-Pays, got hit with a bill for Anesthesia in recent operation, since Anesthesiologist was deemed "out of network". I suppose it's my fault for not checking individually with every single medical tech, nurse, doctor or health care professional involved in any way in or out of the hospital, whether during pre-op, post-op, follow up therapy or during the operation as to whether they were "in network." Also note that by deeming the anesthesia out of network, the $2k uncovered bill doesn't count toward annual out-of-pocket maximum cap. Be warned--if you don't check network status with every single health care provider who provides any kind of service to you, Cigna will deny coverage. Seriously doubt any Hospital would agree to use an unknown "in network" anesthesiologist they've never heard of, regardless. Very clever Cigna!

I will need to write a book in citing/explaining all the lies, denials, lack of service, non-coverage, and just unprecedented adverse (inhuman) actions taken by this ill company called Cigna. Below is a brief account:


a) When we (me and my spouse) first looked up/compared plans from different ins. companies at, the plan we signed up with Cigna (Plan 1250; $1,250 ded., $2,500 max out-of-pocket) was listed as a PPO plan. This plan is far from being a PPO - it is actually a "LocalPlus" plan having a considerably limited network (of doctors, specialists, medical facilities) as compared to the broader PPO network.

b) Calling in cust. service to verify a doctor/specialist/medical facility being in-network has resulted in problems. Every single time we were told that they were in-network but after completing the visit/procedure we found out they were not. Cigna thrives on such discrepancies as they will not admit any wrong-doing - members will have to pay for the company's errors!


Cigna have disapproved repeatedly procedures deemed absolutely necessary by different reputable surgeons/doctors. A couple of doctors have expressed unwillingness to provide us services due to difficulties working with Cigna. My wife has been in constant pain for many days from an almost full spinal collapse but Cigna's Med Solutions dept. (a separate entity per Cigna's account) have repeatedly denied a myelogram that is deemed absolutely necessary by the medical field. We have no choice but paying ourselves for the full price! It is our understanding (and belief) Cigna's affiliation with Med Solutions is Cigna's "back door" for denying service and prevent company responsibility and financial liability.


All doctors/specialists/medical facilities we have visited in the last couple months (about 7 total) have expressed uneasiness when told Cigna is our ins. carrier. All of them are just fed up with the inefficiencies and lack of organization when dealing with them. The following is a subjective comment, but we both feel all servicers we've visited feel sorry for us when we tell them of Cigna being out ins. carrier!

According to those servicers.... Cigna mishandles most claims, denies payment although there had been a "pre-authorization" process and agreement, cannot locate info., ..... all in all, are not service-oriented. On our end, our communication with Cigna has been really bad whereas we are told one thing over the phone, at the end we find out otherwise. Again, Cigna have never admitted on providing wrong information. Asking them to re-play a call which can clarify the issues, they will not do so.

It has been a humongous mistake to choose Cigna as our carrier - nothing can pay for the pain, agony, uncertainty, countless hours spent over the phone, expenditure, and mostly, the emotional toll we have endured dealing with this company. We are stuck and feel trapped with no place to go but walk the road of financial ruin. Insurance companies are power houses in this country and can dictate all outcomes. A letter of complaint to your state's insurance department will not resolve anything either as it is the insurance companies that finance and elect them.

In searching for another insurance carrier we have come to a dilemma as we have realized the issues we have experienced are widespread and more predominant today with other insurance companies too. We strongly feel we've been betrayed by Obamacare - this law has simply doubled insurance companies' power to manipulate and at the end profit from peoples' healthcare needs.

Cigna will do anything they can to prevent you from getting an MRI. They rejected one that my neurologist asked for last December, and stated my doctor didn't provide enough information, but they (1) did not say what information they needed, and (2) said I only had another 2 weeks to get them the information. Their customer care was absolutely useless in helping to resolve this, and couldn't even find records of it. Last week, my wife was denied an MRI, and her doctor spent (wasted) an hour on the phone with them being passed from one person to another. Her condition may be cancerous, and you can trust I will be contacting some major lawyers if it is. I have spoken to several co-workers, and not a single one has been able to get an MRI through CIGNA, either. My company (global: 60,000+ employees) should flush them down the toilet.

Cigna is the worst. Twice now, I've submitted a claim and had it rejected because the "copy is too dark". Yet, I didn't send a copy. Someone at Cigna made a copy of my form and screwed it up. Cigna, if you are reading this: learn to use your own copy machines and stop blaming your customers for your own incompetence.

Cigna had told me that benefits would start October 2014. Waited to go to the Dentist until then. I need two emergency root canals. Cigna refuses to pay anything, one year waiting for root canals! Who knew? Cigna did not advise the Dental Office.

Cigna is a joke. I had back surgery back in August and have been waiting for a long term disability payment payments ever since. They have been yo-yoing me around telling me they're still waiting on medical records. Meanwhile I have not had any money since mid September and I am still waiting. I had to file a complaint with the Commissioner of Insurance and I still don't know if I'm going to be paid. This is ridiculous.

I hope people are reading these negative reviews for the CIGNA health insurance company and will run away as far as possible and go with another health insurance company! We have spent nearly a year making phone calls to them to clear up an expensive lab bill mistake THEY made by NOT updating their database and making US pay for THEIR mistake. We went through the appeal process which was a JOKE and they actually sent us a letter congratulating us on our win when all they did was apply these high lab bills to our deductible!!! DUH. CIGNA... REALLY??? Which meant we still had to pay them or deal with debt collectors who naturally wanted their money.

They are totally incompetent and disorganized and no one there knows what they are doing. We always get different people - different answers - they even sent us an envelope of important health documents (envelope was addressed to us) but they had someone else's name on them! STAY AWAY from them! They are quick to take your monthly premiums but are NOT looking after their customers as they claim they do.

I filed my claim on August 31 2017. They told me it was going to take about 3 days to process. Well on the 3 day I did not hear from them. So I decided to call them back. They told me they was waiting on the doctors to call back. Well if I did not give them a call they would left my case on hold. After I told my case worker my next doctor's appointment was on that following Friday but still no check. So I found another doctor that can take me before then but still no check. I sent in all the paperwork I had from every doctors' office but still no check and all they are saying is, "We are processing the information and it going to take more time." It's been about 3 weeks and I have not received any money but paid for this insurance every week to get get a runaround.

During 2017/18 we filed 11 claims totaling $2670 at CIGNA Behavioral Health. They have yet to pay a single dime. Claims were rejected for little or no reason, typically internal issues at CIGNA. CIGNA's rejection of claims is FRAUDULENT. I'm filing a grievance with the State Insurance Board and my employer, and will gladly join a class action against this company.

This has been the worse health insurance I ever had. The broker mislead me to get the best policy and assured me that I would be covered in the event of an emergency. I got the insurance last December and only used it one time 9 months later for an emergency. I paid $455 per month for next to nothing. I am responsible for $3700 of a $5500 emergency visit. I’m 53 years old and have had independent health coverage most of my life. Humana, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Aetna. I never had a bill this big in my lifetime due to lack of coverage. The amazing thing is I’m paying more for this insurance than I did any other. I am working with a broker from BShield who told me the same policy they offer for this coverage which I pay $455 per month would only cost me $265 with them and he wouldn’t recommend it cause it does not cover much.

The broker I purchased Freedom from made it sound like the best insurance available and that I would be covered. I also just found out that you can’t use this insurance for your taxes and will be penalized by the government. The government won’t endorse Freedom Health Group/Cigna so this says a lot about their insurance. It’s a scam to get your money. Being uninsured would have been a better option than choosing this company because my bill from the hospital would have been considerably less. Reality is saving 455 per month in my bank account would have paid my emergency room bill but instead I paid it to Freedom. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and seeking legal counsel. I kept all emails and texts from the broker who sold me this policy and they are certainly misleading. The employees of this company should be ashamed that they work for Freedom and are partaking in a scam to rip off people needing health care.

It has been 18 years and you always trashed Robert’s request for a fair review of his medical films. Even the State Attorney’s Office is silent to Robert and the medical board that covered it up also. Did you know, Cigna, that Robert’s body shows the medical problems without test being taken? Robert knows bad things can happen in surgery but to be dumped by the system and everything taken from Robert and covered up for so long, well, that's wrong not just for Robert but for any patient to go through. All because of the top doctors that Robert was under that were referred to Robert by you, Cigna.

The attorneys Robert had in the past could do nothing for him or wouldn't because of the doctors that were involved, and one attorney that took medical films away from Robert that no one would do nothing about. Those same films Robert so desperately wanted because of a shot a doctor put in Robert’s back that Robert was not billed for or even told to Robert what it was. But later Robert found out it was used to discolor tissue, you know, to try and hide the spreading of the localize scleroderma that was rip open from surgery which is affecting Robert's spine.

Cigna, did you know that was one of the reasons why Robert paid to have those CAT scans taken of his upper extremity, you know those devastating CAT scan reports that everyone ignored? Robert has seen that you changed your logo from a business of caring to “Go You”. That's good because Robert could not understand how you could call yourself a business of caring and allow Robert or anyone else to be trashed from a medical mistake even from all his complaining from the pain and medical problems Robert lives with. Do you know, Cigna, that not many doctors will touch Robert because of his past medical problems and the danger that could befall on Robert without a proper medical history review because of the on going medical problem Robert lives with? And Robert blames you, Cigna, for that.

Cigna, you never settled this with Robert. I mean over the real medical problems that were given to Robert from that surgery, and it is time you and Robert resolve this so Robert can get on with his life. I think you owe Robert a little bit more than nothing and everything taken away from Robert, don't you think, so Cigna? Cigna, don't be silent anymore like everyone else has been toward Robert because it's just going to start getting louder and louder until you resolve this properly.

Robert went in surgery for a debridement of his anterior inferior acromion, basically a cleaning of his rotator cuff. That is what Robert was shown in a video. The procedures performed, rotator cuff debridement, bursectomy (extensive debridement), coracoacromial ligament resection, superior rotator cuff, acromioplasty, and acromioclavicular joint. Robert came out of surgery with a damaged and painful rotator cuff, a failed shoulder decompression, and trauma to the brachio-plexus.

The long thoracic nerve severed, causing winging of the shoulder blade that caused the localize scleroderma to spread, which is effecting the thoracic vertebrae of the spine and damage to the surrounding muscles. Robert’s cervical vertebrae is being affected because of the shoulder displacement and the trauma to the brachio-plexus, which now is affecting Robert’s use of his left extremity. And the bad thing about it all is that it is a progressive medical problem, which means it's getting worse. Robert was given the door the next day after surgery. They tried to make Robert leave right after surgery but Robert’s mother would not let them. To this day the doctor who performed Robert’s surgery never explained to Robert about the procedures performed in surgery.

I have been an HR professional for over 15 years. I completely understand that I had to make sure any surgeries or doctors appointments must be with an in-network provider(s) to be covered. So when I had to have surgery done I called CIGNA to make sure the center was in-network. I was told by the Rep that the surgery center I was going to was in-networks only to find out after the procedure was done that the Rep was wrong and the surgery center was no longer in-network. I not only asked Cigna but also the Surgery Center and my Doctors office confirmed the Center was in-network.

I asked Cigna to check the recording between myself and the Rep, that call you can clearly hear me ask if the Surgery center is in network and the Rep confirming that it was. However Cigna kept making excuses of why they could not check the recording. I was left paying a 5,300.85 medical bill. The surgery center said they would help with some of the cost since I was misled. However I am still stuck paying a huge bill. I did everything right by calling to confirm that the center was in-network. CIGNA has been rude and mishandled my claim from the beginning. In my opinion the representatives are horrible and not properly trained to answer basic questions and CIGNA takes no responsibility for making huge mistakes and misleading customers.

I was in a position where I had to change from United Health Care to Cigna for the 2018 year. I have a medical condition where both of my shoulders have severe deterioration of the tissue now causing bone on bone grinding at all times. The expert physicians I have engaged with all have the same diagnosis which is full shoulder replacement of both shoulders. It is my personal decision whether I choose to have these surgeries. I'm in my mid-forties and I am concerned if I have the should replacements now, then I very well may have to have the surgery AGAIN 15-20 years from now. I don't want that...

So, for the last 5 years I have been holding off on the surgeries and taking pain medication to help reduce the pain. During the last 5 years my physician has approved the pain medication, taken daily, using close review and guidance. I am on a formal pain medication "program" with the health system where I agree to random urinalysis checking for drugs. Every 3 months my physician requires I visit him in person, take the urinalysis, and sit and talk with him face to face.

For this 5 year period of time my records show I have never asked for my pain prescription early, never claimed it was stolen to receive more, and I have always had my urinalysis come back showing only the pain medication with no other drugs in my system. So, here's my COMPLAINT with Cigna. Most every person involved in the delivery of healthcare knows the healthcare insurance companies aren't in the business of "caring for patients". Health insurance companies do not care about the well being of their customers, except that they want them as healthy as possible so Cigna won't have to pay out money in reimbursing claims.

Only one factor drives healthcare insurance companies and that is profitability - making money. With that said, I understand why Cigna, when presented with paying for a $5000 medical procedure, took steps to have the customer get "Pre-Authorization" for such expensive procedures. They are protecting their financial interests. This... I understand. Cigna now goes above and beyond requiring Pre-Authorizations for those expensive healthcare procedures. Now they are doing it for your monthly prescriptions.

So, last week I went to the same pharmacy I've been going to for 10 years to pick up my medication, I was told that Cigna rejected the prescription. Why did they reject the prescription? Well, some narrow minded and profit-hungry Cigna executives realized through their data analytics that they are paying WAY TOO much money each year on pain medication prescriptions. So, Cigna uses the "Opioid Epidemic" as an excuse for rejecting prescriptions for pain medication where the prescription is for greater than 15 days. What? Excuse me?

For the last 5 years I have been with three other health insurance companies and none of them created this additional hurdle to receive my medication. But Cigna, well, they seem to forget they are not providing patient care, they are not physicians, they don't meet with patients and exam them. I have been with my physician for more than 10 years and I trust his abilities to make the appropriate diagnosis and provide me with the options I have for treating the medical condition.

If you choose to go with Cigna for health insurance, please know they have a level of arrogance. Every physician in the U.S. knows how serious the Opioid epidemic has become. Every physician knows that recklessly writing prescriptions for pain medication may cause them to lose their job and career from practicing medicine. When Cigna is contacted by a pharmacy who has a formal prescription in hard copy, if Cigna wants 24 hours to contact the physician to verify it is authentic, I get that. But once verified as authentic, Cigna should trust in the physician community. Cigna, for a prescription claim that may cost them $25, should not reject the claim and inject a process that requires the physician to spend hours documenting the details of a patient's care by that doctor. Ridiculous...

Cigna doesn't trust physicians to treat a patient and write the appropriate prescription. Clearly NO. Does Cigna as an organization really care about a patient's health? Oh my goodness NO. Cigna is either uneducated about pain medication or Cigna does not care that their decision to reject a pain medication prescription may very well put that customer in serious harm requiring hospitalization. This decision to reject a pain medication prescription because it is for more than 15 days, will take the physician's office days to complete and Cigna a couple days to process thus adding up to a week delay.

Ask any physician: If a patient has chronic pain and has been taking pain medication daily for more than one year (for example), are there definitive health risks to the patient potentially requiring hospitalization if the patient just stops taking the medication dosage as prescribed? Anyone educated on this topic knows the answer to this question. Yet Cigna just did that to me...

If you take your prescription per your doctor's instructions, there aren't "EXTRA" pills to take. Cigna denied my prescription on a Friday afternoon and told me it may them 3 days AFTER my doctor provides them with the Pre-Authorization forms to "approve" my prescription so the pharmacy can fill it. I was on the phone with Cigna and shocked at what was taking place. I explained to them the length of time I've been taking pain medication on a daily basis, the dosage per day, and that I was leaving on a business trip on Monday and not returning until the next Saturday. Cigna was being told that this decision was putting my health in jeopardy and I was at risk of serious harm requiring hospitalization. All Cigna needed to do is check with my physician over the phone, verify the prescription was valid, and approve it.

Cigna literally told me: Sorry, this requires additional paperwork. There is nothing else we can do. My message: Cigna very well may surprise with additional hurdles every step of the way that keep you from obtaining the medication YOUR physician has determined you need. I would AVOID CIGNA at all costs as they do not care about PEOPLE - they care about PROFIT.

I had a bid in for health insurance with another company. I had reached out to Cigna for a quote but didn't hear back for days. Finally, I heard back. They required a credit card, but I was assured that if I called to terminate the application prior to the 3-5 days it takes for approval, nothing would be charged. I canceled the next day (1 day later) in the middle of the day (12:36pm Mountain Time). I was even issued a termination number. The next morning (2 days later), I had a large sum of money taken from my credit card. I sat on hold for 1 hour waiting for a supervisor and being told I would only be issued this money back in 5-10 days! I never got a supervisor. Instead, I left a number and didn't hear anything back. I am still waiting on money that they didn't have authorization to take, and I am getting legal representation. Terrible thieves.

Avoid at all cost. Don't send me meds I didn't ask for, let alone charge my card 350.00 without saying a word. My book criminal - yes filed a dispute with the credit card company. Never authorized anything and idiots claim they had a right to do so- NOPE- rather pay out of pocket than deal with this company. Jump ship if you can. NEGATIVE STAR PLEASE.

I was diagnosed with a serious gastrointestinal cancer. My surgery and treatment were covered another insurance with a previous employer. Now that I'm back to work, my oncologist has sent me for follow up CT scans every 6 months. Cigna has deemed follow up scans unnecessary because and has refused to pay for them because there is no sign of my cancer having returned. Can you even imagine??? How can my oncologist determine if my cancer has returned without the scans??? Cigna is a despicable company. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

My husband suffers from a chronic autoimmune disease call Stills Disease, which is painful, hard, and stressful for the both of us daily. If only that was all we had to deal with, but Cigna has only heightened our pain, hardship, and stress. Over the past year and a half, my husband and I have felt unsupported, uncared for, and lied to by Cigna. We receive mixed messages, vague answers, blame shifting, and overall feel as if we cannot trust a single person at this organization. It is very challenging to get my husband set up with the doctor care and treatments he needs for his illness because of Cigna. It was all so much more manageable when my company used Kaiser. Here are just a few examples of what we've been through:

Denial of medically necessary treatments: Cigna denied my husband coverage for the one treatment that actually treats his disease because they say it isn't "medically necessary" [but they say it is covered for rheumatoid arthritis - my husband's disease in simple terms is a "more intense version of rheumatoid arthritis"]. For some reason insurance reps get to call the shots and override an expert rheumatologist. Another reason they denied it was because they consider it "experimental" but my husband was on this treatment for 4 solid years, as are other Stills Disease patients. Doesn't make sense. Due to this denial, my husband is forced to stay on a steroid for an unhealthy period of time according to doctors who are very concerned of the detrimental effects this could cause - but my husband's sick and this seems to be our only option right now to mask the pain. We are very worried.

Billing mistakes: Cigna told us we hit our "out of pocket max" so we stopped paying incoming bills, then to our surprise debt collectors came after us, and then Cigna says "oops, actually you haven't hit your out of pocket max yet". In another instance, Cigna guaranteed us that a doctor was "in-network" (I called them beforehand to check to make sure we covered all our bases) then we got an "out-of-network" bill for over $800. We spent hours and days on the phone until finally reconciling.

We are constantly stepping on eggshells with Cigna regarding what/who/where is in-network or out-of-network. In my opinion, their online myCigna system is outdated/unclear and all billing is through snail mail which I believe they do on purpose to keep things difficult so that the patient just gives in. What a burden Cigna has been to my husband’s health condition, on our finances, and on our lifestyle. Overall, this is the most unprofessional, unorganized, unethical insurance company I have ever experienced. It makes me sad that other individuals are going through similar situations. Cigna, please get it together and decide what matters most: being a $40 billion organization or caring for sick patients who already deal with enough hardship day in and day out.

I was sent a letter from the insurance company stating that I was required to pay them retroactively additional copay for a mediation I got six weeks prior. When I was at the pharmacy I was charged 88 dollars. Six weeks later the insurance company sent me the letter. It says they have now decided the copay is 847 dollars. If I had been told that initially I would have asked my doctor to change the medicine. Now, of course it is too late. This is a Medicare Part D plan. The copays are contractual. They can't change it after the price has been quoted at the pharmacy. Also the copays are published online for each contract year. But they are telling me this is policy and done nationwide. I called Medicare. They are investigating.

I am an asthmatic, I left work one morning in March 2015 because I was having difficulty breathing (I thought it was a cold) and went to my physician's office. He saw that I was in distress and proceeded to treat me with albuterol and oxygen. When this treatment was not effective, my physician advised that he had no alternative but to call 911. Upon arrival by EMT, they confirmed that I required further treatment and advised my husband that he could not transport me to the hospital and that I could not drive myself. Upon presenting at the ER, my blood gases were at 72% oxygenated. There was a medical decision by the physicians in ER to admit me (as determined by Care Allies/Cigna guidelines).

After returning home, I received a letter signed from Dr. ** stating that my admission was "medically unnecessary". I called Care Allies/Cigna for an explanation and I was told by their representative that "Dr. ** felt that I could have been treated on an "outpatient basis". I advised the representative that I went to my physician prior to being "taken" by ambulance to the hospital. The representative advised that I should have my physician send a report to Care Allies/Cigna. My physician sent the report April 2015, I then received a letter from the medical director, **, DO upholding Dr. **'s position from March 2015.

I am currently on my second appeal to get my medical bills paid (I pay more than 3,000.00) in premiums to have health coverage. No one from Care Allies/Cigna has examined me, or done what any other health professionals would do and that is pick up the phone to talk to my physician or the hospital for that matter. All proactive communication has been initiated by my physician or myself. The "peer to peer" staff at Care Allies/Cigna is there to "hold your hand." What good is that when these peers aren't reaching into their pockets to help pay these medical bills? I need about $80,000 to pay my medical expenses and I'm waiting for the "peers" to divvy up their share.

I have talked to several co-workers and they are receiving the same response from Care Allies/Cigna "not medically necessary". As an asthmatic I want to know what is "medically necessary", I guess being on a Bipap machine isn't "medically necessary", I have to wait until I'm incubated for it to be deemed "medically necessary". If I take the lead of Care Allies/D. **, I need to file malpractice charges against the entities that actually examined me, my physician, EMT, the ER physicians and the hospital that treated me because the services they provided were "medically "unnecessary"! Come on, give me a break, I smell a Care Allies/Cigna/Dr. ** lawsuit.

Had Cigna Health Springs in Lake Country Ind. from 2014 to Dec 2017. The only reason why my husband and I kept them is because of my husband's sickness. I couldn't just up and switch. But from the time we joined we had nothing but problems with Cigna Health Springs denying meds for my husband. Just to let you know that the next to the last time my husband was in the Hospital when he was discharged from the hospital he was given medicine or rather scrips for his meds.

When I went to get them filled Cigna Health Springs denied the medication, I then called and asked them and told them that he needed this medication for his breathing and they told me no that I can appeal it, well long story short my husband wound up back in the Hospital and Passed Away. All to do with the Denied meds and the Aggravation and Anxiety that No one should have to go through. I have filed so many appeals. Went before the ALJ. You name it I did it. The ladies I spoke with out of Nashville said they actually had a file for my husband because of the problems that we were having. I would literally call if not every day every other day and believe me I would be on the phone with them for hours when my husband was sick. So for Cigna Health Springs they do not need to be in Business.

Saw the MD for an office visit. Co-pay for a visit is $35. Received a bill for an additional $140.84. It's because a shot was given. The fees for the prescription and injection are not covered (apply to deductible). The customer service rep suggests I go to the website to read my policy coverage.

Helping a friend apply for Cigna Connect 6250 Health Insurance policy at Market Place. They connected to Cigna site when I requested a list of hospitals in the network. The site requested selection of insurance type from a list provided. Cigna Connect 6250 was not on the list. So I called Cigna directly to get the list to ask for a list. I "made the mistake" of saying I was helping a friend. The operator said that she could not answer unless I had authorization from the person I was helping. Even my lay understanding would tell me that giving a list of hospitals in a network to whoever asks is in no way in violation of HIPAA privacy rules. If telling potential customers about Cigna benefits or keeping secret public information that Cigna would seemingly want to share with potential customers or their friends is not within Cigna protocols, then Cigna is quite adept at cutting their own throat.

Cigna is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Each time I call, I have to set aside at least an entire day to deal with the ridiculous hold times. Each rep I speak with tells me a different story. There is never a manager available. First they say the provider was in-network, then they say they are out-of-network. On one procedure they paid the full amount, and on the next, exact same procedure, just one month later, they paid 40%.

I was denied quit smoking medication because they want you to use over the counter medications first so they do not have to pay for anything. It does not matter that you pay your premium to them. This is a way they get paid their premium and yet don't have to spend any of your money back to cover the prescription. It does not matter to them that you are trying to live a better lifestyle. When my open enrollment comes around you can bet your life I will be dropping this insurance company. I will never take out insurance with this company as long as I live. You just as well be living without any and save your money you give them to cover for when you need something.

Why are we paying some company hundreds of dollars a month for NO covered benefits whatsoever? We have to meet a $5000 deductible before anything is paid by Cigna. "Deductible" is just a term insurance MADE UP to cover their own costs and overhead for doing business, and it's the biggest rip-off scam in the history of the world. I'd say go to hell, Cigna, but you're already going there.

Imagine an insurance company that cancels your payment - just happened to me! I called them and they said sometimes they cancel a policyholder's payment but they don't know why. REALLY??? Are you ** kidding me? They should be called CIGNA Incompetence not insurance. I thought it was so special when I insisted on speaking with a manager and the lady on the other end of the line said (and I quote) "My manager doesn't go on the phone ever" - Amazing - run far away from this insurance provider. They're worse than having no insurance at all. Oh and if I could have reviewed without giving them ANY stars I would have.

I had aggressive head and neck cancer January 2012. My Radiation Oncologist states that medical protocol is a MRI scan 2 x yearly initially and up to the completion of the first 5 years. Cigna denied my MRI and further denied it in a Peer-to-Peer conversation with my physician. They take my $528.00/month in bad faith. I pay my bills and they have denied something that is absolutely the ONLY way to see if there is anything growing in my head. Cigna would rather I died than get diagnosed/treated in a timely fashion. This is unethical in my opinion and my doctor's opinion.

Beginning January 2014, my company elected to switch to Cigna from Bc/Bs. My coverage with Cigna includes medical, short term disability, long term disability and leave solutions. I have to go through Cigna to get any FMLA approved as well as medical and disability. This has been nothing but a nightmare. My premiums have increased by 50% and the level of service and coverage is non-existent. I have been off work since 12/13 for Bipolar Disorder. My short-term checks have been sporadic and very difficult to receive. My claim manager NEVER returned my calls and had to end up requesting a supervisor pretty much weekly. I was told by Cigna that the hospital mailed my records on a certain date. The hospital had no record of this at all. I was also told that my doctor responded to their request saying I needed to sign a release form. I verified with my doctors office that they never received anything from Cigna.

After weeks of "pending", I finally requested that the forms be sent to me via email where I hand delivered them to the doctor and hospital then proceeded to fax them to Cigna myself. I have exhausted my short term disability and have been denied long-term for just 1 month of coverage due to a"pre-existing condition". Apparently, because I took medication for a chronic illness I've had for 15 years 3 months prior to my effective coverage, I'm ineligible. My company also uses Cigna for Leave Management. Instead of going through HR to apply for FMLA, I have to go through Cigna. I don't even know what has been approved or denied because my employer has received a completely different story than I have from Cigna.

My employer was told by Cigna that both my short term and FMLA was denied, but I received checks for short term and letters from Cigna stating approval. My manager was emailed saying my leave was denied when it wasn't. Thankfully, I'm returning to work next month, or I'm sure I would be in financial ruin. I Elected the buy up option to give me an extra 10% of income, and am paying for that buy up with every paycheck even though they will not cover me. My car payment is overdue and may be repossessed. Unfortunately, I pay for coverage that is useless. I plan on contacting the insurance commission and filing a complaint. I feel horrible for people who have been dealing with this for months, if not years. It's hard enough to deal with a chronic illness without babysitting your insurance company.

I have Cigna Insurance only because it is the company my employer chose. I recently have been diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer. The proper treatment plan cannot be determined until my oncologist knows where in my body the cancer may have spread. This requires a MRI of my head and a PET Scan. Cigna has denied approval of both. One would think that someone would realize that choosing the wrong treatment is only going to prolong the process and cost more in the long run. Or perhaps the thought process is just let me lose the battle with cancer and then the company won't ever have to pay any benefits to me again! Let me know when you have a rating of zero or less - one star is too high!

Absolutely horrible experience (except for Zanne pronounced Zayne) in the Personal Service Advocate department. I had very specific questions regarding the prescription dose, regimen, and cost to me. Here's what transpired. I got a letter from CIGNA saying I had been approved for a cancer drug called Yervoy. It stated I was approved for 6984 doses, yep, doses. Sounded simply wrong. Also said that I was approved for "Yervoy 873 mg once every 3 weeks for 4 doses, then every 3 months for 1 year." Tried to figure out what that meant but couldn't.

Called the number at the bottom of the approval letter. On hold, then, "we'll need to put you through to the Medical dept". On hold for 15 minutes, then, "we'll need to connect you with Authorization", on hold for 25 minutes, then "oh you'll need to talk with CIGNA pharmacy". Pharmacy said my copay was 15% but couldn't tell me 15% of what amount!!! Said I needed to talk with Authorization dept. I begged that they not transfer me there, but there is where I had to go. On hold for 15 more minutes, only to find that I needed to talk with a PSA (personal service advocate, and I'm almost certain that's where I started). Took a while but Zanne recognized my frustration and made all the connections on my behalf.

Sadly, this new drug costs $139/mg. Each dose requires 873 mg. Need 8 doses per year. Math comes out to $970k/yr. He was stunned. I was stunned (but I only have to pay 15% per year, sarcastic laugh). CIGNA's support line really stinks. Their written communication is, in my opinion, intentionally vague, to bait individuals, and the drug companies are just what you've heard, huge rip-offs. I believe in a fair price, and I realize CIGNA has no part in this, but almost 1 million a year for a drug??? Again, Zanne (sounds like Zayne) in Personal Service Advocacy was terrific. He connected with everyone that I was getting passed around to, understood I was one POed caller and got me through the call. In 15 minutes he did what the first 75 minutes of idiots in the CIGNA helpline could not.

My husband has numerous serious health issues, and I am left to deal with all of his medicals issues, including obtaining his medication, and I have done so for many years. I have NEVER before had the kind of troubles we have run into with Cigna. No wonder they have been sanctioned by Medicare! If I don't call them and nag them, nothing would ever get filled! Our doctor sent them 3 scripts. One was sent to the "specialist pharmacy", where it sat for at least two weeks before they called and tried to arrange delivery of the much more expensive brand name version of the drug for which he'd been using the much cheaper generic for years. I didn't even know what med the tech was talking about. I asked for the generic name, and was told it didn't have a generic, so I looked it up online while she waited, just to find out it most certainly had a generic, which was what he had always taken in the past.

Another medication was denied, but they never faxed the doctor about it. The third was just sitting waiting, because the second med had been denied - no further explanation was given. No one there seems to know what's going on. They ask the same questions over and over - honestly, how many times do you need to hear his phone number, address and date of birth??? Their computers must be a mess, too, because you have to wait forever for them to look up anything. I've had some frustrations with insurance over the years, but nothing like this. It's medical negligence, in my opinion.

I suffer from an autoimmune condition resulting in physical changes that can be emotionally traumatic. From the age of 16, this disease was plaguing me and hijacking my quality of life. A medication was prescribed to me, and I was hopeful of the benefits. Previously, I was on Blue Cross Blue Shield and received this medication completely free of charge two days after calling BCBS. The medication worked wonders on me -- a 100% recovery from the disease I had suffered for almost a decade. I got a new job in May and was give Cigna through my work. This may have been the biggest mistake I had ever made. On August 3, I called to get a refill of my medication, 3 week before I ran out of my remaining supply. I figured I was being proactive ordering it so early. My usual pharmacy said Cigna prevented them from filling the prescription and that I had to go through Cigna Specialty Pharmacy.

Fine, I thought, this may just add a couple days to getting the medicine. I called Cigna to 2 weeks. Each time I called, they would say they could mark it as "urgent" to speed up the process, but this happened every single phone call I made -- meaning no one actually ever marked it as "urgent". I kept calling and, after 2 weeks of zero progress, they told me they wanted a prior authorization from my doctor. This was sent in (at this point I was down to just a few days left of medication), and over 2 weeks later they called to say they would not cover my prescription. In the most nonchalant tone possible, the representative said I could "simply" pay the cash price. I asked what it was, thinking it wasn't a huge amount. For a 90-day supply? $12,000. I said things to this representative I never knew I could say to someone.

Next, my doctor got me accepted into a patient assistance program through the manufacturer, but then the company called me to say we would need to file an appeal to Cigna's decision to not cover the medicine, and that appeal would have to be denied in order for my enrollment in their assistance program. So, we started the appeal process. On September 21, 2017, (a month and a half after initially trying to have my prescription filled and almost a month after I ran out of the medication), someone called to say the appeal was submitted. On September 28, 2017, someone called again to say "your appeal was just submitted", and I broke out in argument about how someone had said that a week ago -- what were they doing for a whole week to where they called to give me the same news? On September 28, I was told the decision would be made in 72 hours. On October 3 (yesterday), I hadn't heard back, so I called.

I was told it would actually take 30 days to fill the prescription. I contested that I had been told 72 hours last week, but the new representative told me it would 30 days and that I could get my doctor to call to expedite the process. Today (October 4), my doctor called to expedite the process, and I called Cigna to see how it was going. They told me their clinical staff can overwrite the option to expedite the appeal, so it will still take 72 hours. *But* there is still an option for my doctor to engage in a peer-to-peer conversation with a member of the clinical staff to get it expedited, which I will desperately try to set up tomorrow. For readers out there, I hope it was as frustrating to read this as it has been to experience it and type it. I've never given a negative review online, but this has truly been a disaster. Staff has been sassy, and I frankly think they ignore every request because it's not in the system the next time I call.

The insurance industry is corrupt, but at least through Blue Cross Blue Shield it was free and in my hands in two days. It was been over two months and Cigna has kept adding rules to this process that have made it a disaster. Here I am, two months later, my symptoms raging, and there's not much I can do. I'm at a point where I am applying to a different job just for the sake of having a different insurance company. Cigna, you are corrupt, not supportive, and inefficient. Hoping I can find a new job soon so I can forever separate myself from Cigna. Do NOT write a response to this about being sorry for my experience, Cigna.

I have been dealing with lower back issues for over 3 yrs and finally Cigna approved a MRI (big hoops there) to help determine the source of the pain. After the MRI it was apparent what the issue was. Osteophytes, bulging L4-5 disc and badly narrowing facet in the same area pinching that nerve. I have been through physical therapy and home exercises just as they have suggested and have not seen an improvement. I am not looking for surgery or drugs, so it was decided by the doctor that a steroid shot is the next step. Cigna has turned this down twice reason being that I need a home exercise program! Give me a break!! I'm taking tons of ** daily and it has gotten to where it takes a slight edge off for no more than two hrs for a 800mg dosage. I guess they would rather pay for liver damaged from all the **. I am so sick of jumping through Cigna's hoops only to get a rejection after rejection. This company is terrible!!!

These people should be sued for fraud. They denied my clearly documented Disability Claim through Hilton Grand Vacations. I paid them $1000 a year for Temporary Disability Insurance, and then when I needed it, there were innumerable steps which no matter what evidence I supplied, were denied. Run away!!!

I had been dealing with back pain for some time. MRI showed nerves in lower back were severely crushed. Had 2 doctors review and same answer -- surgery. Submitted to Cigna for approval. DENIED. Then I received a call from Cigna Health Insurance. Nurses telling me I was denied and that I should go to Pain Management. Explained that I cannot take pain meds and function logically, let alone hold a full-time job. Thank God I had a secondary insurance through my husband's union. They picked it up immediately. Had surgery and was back to work in 6 weeks. My family doctor informed me later that he used to be a reviewer/approver for Cigna. Many times he approved a procedure and was told "no" -- It was denied. He no longer does reviews. They do not care about anyone but making money.

I have Part D Prescription Drug Plan with Cigna and each month receive a statement of my Rx copay and what they paid. Until Sept. the figures were the same as my records, but in Sept. they went back to May, June, July, and changed the figures to show that I paid less than I actually paid, and showed them making payments to my provider that I can't believe they paid. It's only a small amount ($15.99), but what will they come up with next month and how many others that don't keep records have they done this to? I contacted them but the associate said she could not help me as they "keep no records" and came up with excuses that made no sense at all. The period to change Insurance companies has just opened and I hope that the public is made aware of this practice before choosing a plan. I have copies of each month's statements to prove my complaint.

I have spent a good hour reading all the negative reviews from everyone. And it does not shock me at all to read how we the customers are disappointed with Cigna. I am the victim of poor customer service by every individual at Cigna. It is disgusting that this company is still operating. My issue concerns a bill of $77k in which Cigna will not cover after a yr long investigation. Prior to my baby's due date I contacted customer service. Spoke with a rep who said FL law requires babies are automatically covered under my insurance. With that said every call made after that was same response. After baby's birth I again contacted Cigna and NOT ONE person ever said to me what I needed to do. It was not until the hospital billed me for $77k stating Cigna denied claim. Since Oct 2016- Oct 2017 I have contacted Cigna however, to spend countless hrs on the phone being transferred and explaining my issue to an individual who doesn't care.

And once again not one person ever gave me the same answers. And in Nov 2017 I escalated my issue to Office of the President. I spoke to Alicia **, who listened to my complaint, said she will get back to me. After calling her for status, she says still investigating, Cigna wanted to find recorded call where I was not provided complete information. Again, after calling her again, of course recorded call deleted. Of course it's been over a yr. She should know that especially since she's in corporate. And just Jan 30th 2018 she calls me to say that after reviewing information they will NOT pay claim. She explained that after child's birth my employer should have submitted information. I was definitely in shock since I had specifically explained that her representatives never explained details to me, employer, or hospital collections person. So for her error in lack of training I became the victim.

We ordered eye drops from Cigna Home Delivery. Before I even received it they charged me $293.00 to my credit card .When I realized that they had charged my credit card I called them immediately. I told them to cancel the order, they told me they couldn't do it. I got the order 4 days later. No one told us the copayment was $293.00 otherwise we would have asked for a different eye drops. I have been with them for years but I think I will be leaving them. It just makes me sick.

I have a flexible spending account for child care with Cigna and it is terrible. They take more than 30 days to process a reimbursement request! I am already paying $160 per week from my check and I am paying the daycare directly, so when Cigna drags their feet on my requests (and all documentation is always submitted electronically with the request), it is killing me financially. I, like most, live paycheck to paycheck and this completely throws off my budgeting and monthly finances. I had a flex spending account through WageWorks at my last job and they had a 3-4 day turnaround time for processing claims, so I know there is no reason for Cigna to take 30+ days! And then once it is processed, it takes another 4-5 business days for the direct deposit to go through. I am pulling out of this during our next open enrollment. I will just claim the deduction on my tax return at the end of the year. Who would have thought the IRS is more efficient than a private company. Do not use Cigna if you do not have to! Run away, as quickly as you can!

Entirely unprofessional, taking advantage of those who need medical care. Errors in their system caused confusion to many at my company who used to be covered by them for pharmacy. That confusion then turned into verbal promises (over the phone) that medications would be covered and the errors would be fixed, only to find out after paying out of pocket that it would not. I paid for the highest level of pharmacy coverage I could, knowing I was getting surgery. They ended up paying $0 because my prescription exceeded the quantity - and I only got a tonsilectomy. I feel horrible for those who have more serious medical problems covered by Cigna. When I called genuinely confused, they were so rude. I can’t fathom how the gentleman I spoke to sleeps soundly at night after how he treats people calling regarding medical issues - very condescending. So glad my company no longer uses Cigna for pharmacy coverage.

Our employer was purchased by a company that provides Cigna, and now I mourn for our Blue Cross Blue Shield Days. With Cigna we have a high deductible, low premium policy that costs around 135% more than our previous Blue Cross Blue Shield low deductible, high premium policy. To make matters worse, our premiums are income based. If we earn a raise our premium could potentially go up, nullifying the pay raise. Employees starting out with the company or who earn less will pay less for their insurance or receive it for free, however, everyone receives the same coverage. I do not understand how this type of wage discrimination can be legal.

In addition, our insurance would be higher if we decided to opt out of Cigna's use of the Vitality points system. I have no idea how much Vitality shares with Cigna, but in order to earn enough points, Vitality requires intrusive information (Personal habits, lifestyle choices, connecting with Fitbit or other step counters, keeping tabs on gym usage, etc.). I feel as though I am tethered to our insurance company. As a result, I am under more stress which has resulted in a lower quality of life. I often question if the point system is a violation of HIPPA.

To make matters worse, even though the annual check-up is supposed to be free, Cigna does not always cover everything. What they will or will not cover is not clear, and there seems to be no logic. Either the logic isn't there or the company uses legalese in order to get away with covering as little as possible while charging premium rates. As a consumer, I feel unempowered under Cigna. If not for the tax penalty, we would choose to have no insurance instead of paying for insurance we cannot use.

I'm having to get chemo treatments which causes ulcers in my mouth. Prescription is for magic mouthwash. Cigna covered it the 1st time, but would not this time because 1 of the ingredients is over the counter. There is a big difference in cost, and with me not working, I guess I will have to suffer with the pain.

Randy **, a Cigna rep, called me right away and has helped out and kept in touch to resolve the issue.

Cigna insurance claim process was fine until I gave my notice of termination. They proposed to extend till 08/12 (another month) just in case I would have to claim new expenses covered by my current policy which I accepted but as soon as this was agreed I got denied access to my online client portal. I promptly enquired with their billing and customer services (those two services obviously don't talk to each other...) and was replied as follows quoting "e ven. 23 Nov. 2018 à 09:02, Billing and Accounts an écrit: Thank you for your email. Although you are still covered until 08/12/18, when we process the cancellation it removes the online access to your member portal. I will forward your email to CS to discuss any claims further."

I obviously tried to get in touch with their CS but to no avail and despite having 2 more weeks to go before my insurance expiry it looks like they decided to go mute and do not honor their obligations and commitments. I thought it would be important to share this experience with you so that you make a fully informed decision before subscribing to their insurance services.

Cigna coverage was denied and was charged $119 for Rx. Called Walgreen's and the exact same thing without insurance was $48. Yikes--highway robbery and the mail order guys are suppose to be less expensive.

After completing conservative treatment requirements, was referred to a neurosurgeon for spinal surgery. Everything was pre-approved for surgery 04/25/2014. Cigna managed to allow my short-term disability claim with minimal hassle and some of the supporting surgical charges have been paid. However the main charge of in excess of $110K has been denied on 1st appeal. The relevant EOB states Cigna will not pay and that I am not responsible for any of this dollar amount. However, per the surgeon's office Cigna reps said that, since I have not paid any of this surgical charge, they (Cigna) will not pay. WHAT?!?!

The surgeon is out-of-network, as there are no in-network neurosurgeons in my area. I understand that I will likely be responsible for 40% of the total, but why won't Cigna pay anything, much less the 60% out of network charges? I'd like someone to tell me the actual dollar amount I truly owe and it better happen before my credit rating is ruined! Looking now for any class action suits regarding Cigna's fraudulent practices.

I have a Medicare HMO SNP which is a special needs plan for disabled individuals. EVERY YEAR, I go in for an eye exam and when I don't get glasses, I get contact lenses. Every single time I'm seen for contacts, Cigna tries to charge me an associated "fitting fee" which I'm not responsible for. In the Evidence of Coverage for my insurance it states, and I quote "Note: Contact lens fitting fee is covered by the plan". On the previous page it states, quote: "Our plan covers: The contact lens fitting fee for Medicare-covered contact lenses".

EVERY TIME I go in, I have to fight with the front desk personnel who tell me flatly "No insurance covers the fitting fee" after which they send me a bill (without even TRYING TO BILL my insurance.) Last time, the shrew at the front desk said, "I'm including a little note in here that says that you were informed of the fee, so they won't write it off." Write it off? IT'S COVERED! So I contact my plan. My plan tells me, "Yes, we cover the fitting fee, just tell them to bill us." Then I contact Cigna. "We're not going to bill them, because you're responsible." I don't understand why Cigna is so insistent on making me pay out of pocket! It's the most bizarre, stubborn thing I've ever experienced. Is there a cost per page for insurance billing? Do the front desk people get a cut of the money paid out-of-pocket?

I just had to fax Cigna's claims department the two pages from my EoC that state that the fee is covered, which was a real hassle. I get the feeling even after they get it in black and white, they'll still tell me I owe this friggin' fee. I just don't understand why they are so obstinate and why they refuse to listen to me. I'm disabled and on a very limited fixed income and the fee would seriously cut into my grocery budget. These people are such a pain in my **.

I have had insurance the majority of my life. Over my adult years I have had a number of different insurance companies and for a period of about 14 months was without insurance. For the most part my experience with insurance companies has been very favorable, until I got Cigna insurance. Each time one of my very active kids has to go the Emergency Room or to the doctors for an injury, I get multiple correspondences in the mail (I have 3 kids - we have about 2 emergency room visits a year.).

One of the first ones is that they have reason to believe that my child may be covered under another health insurance company. Really? I know nothing about this. I called and asked what evidence they have. They have none, they just send that out to all of their customers. Then we get one that suggests that perhaps the injury was the result of getting hurt at work, at school, or at a commercial property. If yes, then we have to provide the insurance information for that entity. Seriously? How am I supposed to get that information and is it really necessary considering participants sign releases to use the property (e.g., skiing on a mountain).

The worst though is when we use our flexible spending account to pay for our dental expenses. I cannot spend any money out of my flexible spending account because they need me to send them information about a specific transaction. I called them and asked why. They explained that they need to know what the money was used to pay for. I asked if they received the initial statement from the dentist that they require before they pay the dentist the insurance portion. They said, "yes." I asked if the flexible spending transaction shows that it was paid to the dentist. "Yes." Does the amount I paid match what the insurance company didn't cover. "Yes." They received the information from the dentist so that they could pay them. Yet, I have to resend that same information to them so that they have documentation of what I used my flexible spending money for.

Again, I asked, "did you receive the billing information from my dentist before you paid them the insurance money?" "Yes." Then they explain that two different departments at Cigna handle these things. Consequently, they have to receive the information twice. They can't communicate with themselves? No, instead us customers have to acquire the documentation from Cigna (Statement of benefits that comes from Cigna) and the itemized bill from the dentist (that they already have at Cigna). Seriously, I'm thinking either I need to find a new job that doesn't have Cigna insurance, I should go without insurance, or I need to convince my employer to switch insurance companies.

Myself and my two sons had Cigna health insurance. My husband had his own plan with another company. One of my sons had surgery. Cigna paid. Now, almost a year later, I'm getting bills from the doctors. Cigna has requested refunds because they said my son had other insurance, which is untrue!!! I've called Cigna several times and confirmed they were the only insurer for my son and they've made note of it but these bills just keep rolling in. I paid them $800/month for two years and now I get to deal with this? I've had to call Cigna and the doctors offices over and over again trying to get this dealt with so I don't get sent to collections. They are sneaky snakes that will do anything to get out of paying their portion. They found out my husband had a different plan and assumed my son was covered on it even though he NEVER was. I've had a couple other annoying situations from Cigna but this one is by far the worst and the most time consuming.

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