Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Reviews

Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans
Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

Cigna Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Online Insurance Reviews

Updated on 03/17/2019: This is a follow up on my below complaint of 12 29 18. They have now refused to pay me. They said I had verbally agreed to buy their insurance per below in phone conversation. (I don't know- don't have their phone recording. Say they'll send it.) I said go ahead to #2 and they said in #3 I had 30 days to cancel. I said to them, "Download your info in #2 as in if you want to but 'I don't care'." At any rate it was a deceptive way to obtain a contract when the clear simple way would be to have me sign or not sign a contract mailed to me. At any rate they knew or should always try to find out if I already had a supplemental insurer which I did. So their policy did me no good. Don't know what my legal grounds are. But this is a scam.

Can't remember how I got in contact with them. Agent said she just wanted a little information - ended up being 20 minutes worth, 2) then told me they'd download extensive information to my yahoo account, 3) then sent me more information in mail unrequested by me. I never signed a thing. In fact I recall that at some point I told agent I did not like her hard sell and believe even said, "I reject any policy from you." They record all their phone calls. Anyhow about 8 months later I checked my bank account and found they had been billing my account $117/month for that many months. Called them and they have agreed to return my money. Said I had made a verbal contract.

Cigna Medicare has been really good for someone like me. I shopped around and chose Cigna Medicare based on what my friends suggested. It's easy for me to navigate on their site and chose the provider I need in my area. Billing is easy to figure out and I still receive physical mail. They're also really easy to deal with over the phone. I like that when I go to the doctors, they're familiar with my insurance and it is easy.

There are many plans to choose from making it very flexible. But pricing not the best. Lowering price will attract more customers for sure. Great choice for Medicare supplement insurance. Willing to help people out when needed. Helpful customer representation on call whenever about paying for meds. Free quotes available for new people.

I don't go to the doctors much and I've only ever been to the emergency room once in the last 10 years. I honestly don't think I really need insurance and I just have it as a precaution for future problems. I've gone to the doctors a few times and had to get prescription and most of it is on a discount because of my insurance. Also, I like that I can get a free check up every year and how low my yearly deductible is.

The extra features that come with the package are truly amazing, the extra help that is given if needed. The different packages they offer to help you pick the extra features as well. The insurance offerings that are included are truly something special, the discounts that are added, the coupons that are given out truly help as well. This is something I would definitely recommend to others. The customer service aspect is truly astounding. They are very warm, friendly and inviting. They are never impatient but truly get down to the root of the question to answer you. The value of having this type of insurance is very beneficial. It pays for itself basically with the discounts, the customer service, the additional service. It's truly a great value.

I called Cigna today for my dad who is very hard of hearing. He wanted to pay an annual premium and not monthly. I called the head office and I could not believe what they told me. He will be billed ** per month but I said I want to pay for a year. They quoted me a number and it is $1.30 higher than if he paid by the month. I then talked to a supervisor who told me if he paid ** then he would save .24 cents a month. I said, "No. He should be saving 2 or 3 hundred dollars a month." And she finally said, "We do not offer that option." I wasted 45 minutes trying to get that answer.

Hands down best one I've had. They are all extremely educated when talking to someone on the phone. They answer all your questions in a quick and timely manner. However, when getting my prescription filled they needed more information than what I had on my insurance card. But if you have an issue they fix it on the spot and don't have an issue facing information to doctors or business to prescribe medicines. I will keep using Cigna!

Cigna has been very supportive and I really appreciate their customer service. Whenever I contact their office with questions, their customer service representatives are very professional, courteous, and informative, and they answer all of my questions fully. Overall, I am very satisfied with their company. However, the scope of the services is very vast, and sometimes I get confused about whenever a procedure is covered under my plan or not. However, I can call their customer support to get the answers I need.

This company has been around a long time and served the insurer well, but I am finding it hard to say something good about insurance companies. Basically I have hard time giving money to companies that give very little back. They all are out to make money and they do. I could not pick this insurance. It is state-funded, but on the whole thing it is fairly good. However it does not pay all the co-pays. Were good at first but as of this year prices went up a lot. Very hard to pay on just social security.

They are a well established company with a great reputation for service and products. They have lived up to their reputation with how they have made dealing with them enjoyable and productive for me and my family. They have met all my needs. I like the great variety of services and quality products that they offer at competitive prices and a wide range of services to fit everyone needs and they are there for you when you need them. Easy to deal with at all times. The only complaint I have is like all insurance companies they have way too much paperwork to fill out and most time it is not done digitally, it would be much more convenient to have access to do it online so you could do it at you own convenience.

I like that they have features like vision or dental insurance on top of what they normal offer, their rates are great and affordable in my eyes! They have a great brand reputation and fantastic online reviews. The overall experience with the health insurance by Cigna is just positive in my position. The customer service is great and outstanding. I get right away a respond if its online or via phone, very friendly service and always very helpful with any questions I have.

They are EXCELLENT. I have them and the insurance is great. They go out of their way for help and support. They have good customer service. I don't have to pay a lot to have them... and they don't have a high amount that I pay for prescriptions also, which would be the deductible. I think the most I spend is like 3.00. Though, I just wish they'd respond back a little faster sometimes. They make you wait for a response on your insurance problems or issues and sometimes most places want answers.

My dad used it before I did and it really helped him through his retirement. As long as I remembered I knew that it should help me just as much as it did him. They offered to work with me and help me out when I needed it. But I'm sure that it is good and I do honestly think my dad uses it for his retirement. My dad says that they really help him and he is glad that he has them. He always tells me about them helping. I am very thrilled about how much they help him out. The value is a very wonderful one. If you are thinking about getting this I am sure that you would be just as happy too. Don't just take my word for it.

I always had issues when it came to what services were offered and customer service being so unprofessional. But after a while they turned out to be a okay company after all. I like the convenience of the doctors in the area and being able to get customer service when I need them. They are good at helping people cope with their stress and anxiety issues. However, I would change how Cigna's customer service takes calls and talks to the clients. There should be more professional persons behind the phones to help people when they call in.

Cigna has very caring doctors and staff and I was extremely pleased with the services my children and I had received. I had an extremely great experience when I had Cigna as my health insurance provider and I have never been able to find any other health insurance like Cigna.

I found it was very expensive and not really worth it. There were too many rules that had to be followed, there was always a wait between seeing your doctor and a specialist. Also I do not like being limited in my choices of anything medical - I want the doctor of my choosing not the doctor of my choosing from a limited list. Certain medications need to be approved - that is just wrong. It seems that you need to receive approval for everything from non-medical personnel. But I like not having to make a copay after every doctor's visit and to not having to make a copay for purchasing durable medical equipment. The medications were very cheap and that was a huge plus.

I appreciate your patience and understanding of what I need. My family is very appreciative of your service. Taking time to thank you is the best I can do. Thanks so much. I am happy with the service and dedication the offerings provides. My family can be intuitive and happy to receive such wonderful service. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your service. There is not one other company that I would need to be there to handle my coverage. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to be in your number. Great job.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance was the best choice of several insurance sites that I visited on my quest to examine which company that offered supplemental insurance. I only became eligible for Medicare the 1st of this month. So I haven't had much interaction with Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance as of yet.

The features of this company are very useful and I am very satisfied with them, in particular the customer support is outstanding and helpful and I have never had a problem that couldn't be resolved. And if I ever encountered a problem with them I'm fairly certain that it wouldn't be anything major. My overall experience with the company is very pleasant and I will continue to use it and I would be happy to recommend this company to others that are interested in similar services.

Honestly, I love them ever so! Granted I’m at the platinum level plan, which itself isn’t cheap. But I’ve never had a problem with anything, they have also been most helpful in finding doctors or answering various questions. I recommend this plan to everyone that needs more thorough health care as they offer complete coverage worry free. I hope to be with them for many more years. I work for Starbucks and we

My experience was pretty good, I did not receive it for very long because I got it through my former employer. I really liked Cigna’s prices and their plans were pretty good as well. I was really impressed with what all they included in their coverage plan. They also had single and family plans as well. But I cannot get the same plan now that I do not work for that company anymore.

Cigna has been Useful at supplementing the money I needed in beyond what was covered by normal insurance to ensure that I could live a productive normal and healthy life. I like that Cigna keeps all information readily available and that things are meticulously kept track of. Additionally, their customer service was great but I was on hold for a long time a few instances. Nevertheless, I like the company since the other ones had higher deductibles and hassled me over the phone making me feel bad about needing financial help. It felt nice not to be condescended.

The coverage did not cover what I had hoped it would. I ended up paying more out of pocket than I had hoped. Somewhat disappointed in the offering. The customer support staff was always professional and quick to respond. They took the time to understand my issue and made sure that my issue was resolved. It thought the value versus what I had paid for the product was off. For what I had paid I should have received better overall coverage. Too expensive!!!

I thought Cigna was decent but most of the dentists and doctors refused to take it. I wasn't too disappointed at them. Though most didn't take the insurance other companies did. I likes that a lot actually. It was my favorite part about Cigna. Many people would talk down on it but I like it. I would change Cigna to be more flexible and eligible with most dentists and doctor hospitals.

I like Cigna's responsiveness, sympathy and understanding when needed. They're very easy to talk to with concerns and or problems, helpful to figure out a solution in a somewhat timely manner and they're very respectful of privacy when explaining situations to them. But it can take a while to get answers or talk to someone on the phone, so more customer service is needed. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking out this service.

Great Customer Service, Awesome Problem Solvers, Not overpriced! I always get to talk to a real person, and not just someone reading from a script, someone who wants to help, and is there to help. I've never dealt with a healthcare company that has been as easy to do business with as Cigna! They cover things that my Medicare doesn't cover thus lessening the frustration of being able to afford medications that I normally wouldn't be able to afford.

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