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Cigna Tel-Drug Insurance
Cigna Tel-Drug Insurance

Cigna Tel-Drug Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

During a visit with my transplant doctor, we renewed prescriptions online, using the Medical office software to deliver them to Cigna Tel-Drug. I had trouble the last time they were up for renewal but my doctor assured me it was how Cigna wanted it. For some reason, three of the six meds were not able to be processed that day through their (Cigna) system so I took paper scripts and mailed them in the old way. Two weeks later, I got 2 of the mail-ins but not the rest of the online orders. I called Cigna Tel-Drug and they said they had been trying to contact my provider to no avail, and that they were going to be contacting me.

There is one script that they say needs special processing (I've been getting it from them for 8 years! ) so I was shuffled over to another person who filled that over the phone. It arrived a few days later. They asked that I call my doctor to have him resend the missing Rx orders. I called my doctor and was told it was not them, it was Tel-Drug and that they always had an issue with them. Three scripts were left and now I'm on my last week's worth of medicine that is anti-rejection and related (gout, blood pressure) Rx. I can't just start skipping doses but that's what I ended up doing. My doctor's office then contacted Cigna at the # they provided, and it was a dud number. They looked up another one online and finally got through a week ago today. I asked for the meds to be sent overnight and I'D PAY THE COST! There are no meds today and I checked the "useless" site and see that they were shipped on the 30th, but there was no tracking, etc. I called them tonight and they could not tell me anymore than the site shows. But they did confirm it was not rushed.

I don't understand why a pharmacy can't have a sense of urgency when there are customers depending on them to keep their transplanted organ working. Yes, they will blame my doctor's office, but I saw the order go through. The last thing they are concerned with is health, and the primary concern seems to be saving themselves money by not having thinking people on staff to ensure a smooth flow of orders and communication with providers and patients. The order was placed on April 15th and it is now June 3 and it is still not complete. The day they said the last order was shipped, they sent me a letter saying they needed more info from my doctor for the order that was shipped! I called and the other person said it went out but they don't know when I'll get it - frustrating.

What needs to happen is a root cause analysis of how this occurred, looking at all the data from my doctor to their own internal systems. That might result in a quality improvement to their organization and prevent others from going through this ordeal. There was nowhere on their site to suggest this so I found this site to vent on (and on...). Thanks....

I went to refill my blood pressure meds with Walgreens and was denied insurance coverage of same through Cigna as I was being forced to use their mail order pharmacy or pay full price at local pharmacy. When asked if they could have meds delivered on that day as my pill supply was depleted, they said "no." I then asked what the cost for my meds would be and they replied $170 some odd dollars for a 3-month supply. I advised that I pay less at the pharmacy about $75 for the same 90-day supply and they said it was an order issued by Miami Dade County Public Schools, my self-insured employer. I have yet to have a good experience with this health management company.

This company is the worst company ever. I have taken ** for several years due difficulty sleeping through the night. I had to change companies for prescriptions 1/1/2016. I have had nothing but one problem after the other with this company authorizing prescriptions. I am in the process of an appeal because they're denying coverage on this drug, because I'm 65. I am prescribed one 10 mg tablet a day. I take HALF a tablet a night and have had 0 side effects. I cut the tablets with a pill cutter. REALLY?

I have researched this online. The studies do not support that this dangerous. Of course there are people, as there always are, that have had issues. It should not be a reason to not allow any of Cigna insurers to not be able to have this medication. It's just another reason to deny having to pay for it. What is SOOO stupid is I can take my prescription and have it filled and pay for it out my pocket!! So that proves it is just a choice of Cigna to deny it, no real science or reasoning other than that's how they operate. Just pay the premium and get ripped off because they have no intention of approving anything.

I have chronic back problems and pain. I am prescribed pain medication from a doctor that is for nothing but pain. I have been getting the same script for a few years now. I am prescribed a 28 day supply and have to go back to the doctor ON the day I run out. Not before on the day. I am going to be out of the state the week that falls within the 28 day cycle. Example: my appointment was on the 24th of March. I am going to be in another state on business from Saturday before the 24th of April through Friday of that week. Cigna refused to approve my doctor prescribing the 7 extra days. Refused!! When does an insurance company get to decide what is best for me instead of my doctor? Because the insurance company refused to pay for anything but my standard prescription my pharmacy CVS refused to fill it. They would fill it for the usual but not for the extra week.

I offered to pay the difference. They said they couldn't do that. I offered to pay the whole thing. They said they wouldn't do that. So what am I supposed to do. I am required to be where I am going for work but Cigna and CVS refused to fill my prescription. I have been circle jerked around by these two all day. If CVS fills the 28 day script basically hell will freeze over before I could get the other week I need. I am out of my meds at this point. In pain - have spend pretty much the whole day between CVS, the doctor and Cigna trying to get this resolved and now will have to take tomorrow off to continue to try and get this resolved. Who allows this? Is there a law that says they can do this? The pharmacy swears that there is and they cannot fill what the doctor prescribed.

After Cigna calls to reconfirm and already filled order, and to verify the cost, AGAIN. This being the 6th call, for only this one prescription, but MANY many calls in regards to the same repeated issues over and over again with Cigna. "Yes, we have your order ready, yes we have your credit card on file, yes we have your shipping address - but we thought we would call and annoy you to go over bogus information that we lost and do the WHOLE process all over again, cause hey that's what we do here at Cigna... lose your personal information and take up your valuable time." They waste your time, send wrong presciptions give you wrong information all the time.

Last year, I was paying $8 for a prescription. This year, I ordered and didn't ask for the price and I paid $24. I called Walmart and their price was $10 for the 90-day supply. Cigna Pharmacy won't let me return the drug. As it turns out, I have to pay full retail price unless I have met the deductible. Walmart's full retail is $10 and Cigna is $24? When I ordered, they did not tell me the price. My mistake to not ask. Cigna does not tell you the price intentionally unless you ask. Beware. This is unethical to not give the customer the price until the product is shipped and billed.

First of all, when you call you are on hold for over 10 minutes. Then when you do get a rep, they must be from India or some other Country other than the United States, so of course, you can't understand a word they say. AND not only that, you get cut off halfway through the whole process and have to start all over again! I must have called 10 times and had this scenario happen over again. A few times, I even kept getting the phone menu over and over again!! HA!

Secondly, their policies are just down to earth horrible! I needed all medications switched over to Cigna Home Delivery pharmacy after the first of the year because I needed to change insurance companies, so I called my doctor's office and the nurse called in two medications that I no longer use. I don't know where she got the idea that I still needed pain meds from a gallbladder surgery I had over a year and a half ago, but Cigna would not let me return these two medications in order to receive a refund. The medications cost me $140!!! I'm sure these two medications cost Cigna $2.50 but of course, they just want to make that all might $$$$. I will never use Cigna Home delivery pharmacy again and I suggest you shouldn't either unless you wanted to get ripped off!

We are very unhappy with Cigna pharmacy home delivery. We have had Cigna insurance for over 20 years. The home delivery has been a nightmare to use since we were forced to begin using it in 2016, which was the result of a terrible negotiation that the City of Phoenix agreed to. Our doctor wrote a new script, they refused to fill it and said it was not time to fill it although the doctor wrote a new script and sent it electronically. We spent several hours on the phone trying to explain to them that we need the medicine and that the doctor has approved it. How can they supersede the doctor and his professional medical diagnoses?

We have had to call them every time we get a new script although the doctor sends the script electronically. We live on a very tight budget and they have charged our debit card without our approval. This caused an unnecessary overdraft charge! There is supposed to be a savings with a 90-day supply but there is no savings. We were paying the same price at the Wal-Mart pharmacy, where we have had our prescriptions filled for two decades, and never had ANY PROBLEMS. The information that is on the myCigna page does not match the information from the pharmacy. It's as if the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

I have read some of the other reviews on this page and have had some of the same experiences. I hope that Arizona follows the State of New York and incorporates the law that states insurance companies cannot force you to use their pharmacies. We feel that we have lost our ability to choose because the City of Phoenix agreed to this insurance policy change. I am going to work on changing the Arizona law that allows insurance companies to force you to use their pharmacy. By changing the law, this will force the City of Phoenix to do the appropriate thing for their employees and not bargain our choices away. Shame on you, City of Phoenix, and the insurance committee.

Every time I have to mail in a new prescription, it's the same story. Wait, wait, and wait. It is so stressful to have to mail it in and wonder when it's going to arrive. Calling in to find out the status is only slightly less frustrating that having to go online. Why does it take so long? And why can't they give you a specific date of arrival? This service only helps them, not the consumer. It is much more convenient for me to just get my prescriptions at Target!

I was taking some BP medicine for the last 10+ years. I used to buy my medicines online (we had Aetna before) from the insurance company. Sine the beginning of year 2016 we switched to Cigna. So I started ordering the same medications from Cigna Online pharmacy. The medications are same, dosage is same. Cigna sends the 90 day supply (which is couple of $ cheap from the retail pharmacy). After start taking these Cigna medications my BP shoot up to a dangerous level (which was normal before) I had to go to the doctor who gave me some remedial medicine to lower it immediately.

About 8 years ago I had the same situation from Cigna, when I start getting the medicine from them my symptoms did not improve. Then I had to go the retail pharmacy. Since the medications I got from Aetna was working well for me I thought Cigna medication also will work this time. The medications Cigna sent do not have any original bottle, they fill it from some large container which they get from some overseas market for cheap. Who knows how these medications are made, who controls the quality of these medications they sell; somehow they want make money, even by playing the health of people. I called their online pharmacy and asked why their medication do not work. They told me they are filling the same medication that we get from retail stores. That is what they were asked to say when people call. I hate this company. How much profit is enough for them???

I paid for overnight shipping, but 2 days later, I got no prescription. I called Cigna Tel-Drug, and the service rep told me the overnight shipping charge, $17.95, does not include "processing time", which could take up to 2 weeks. When I asked why this isn't clearly stated on the order form, she said she wasn't "the internet guru" and could only tell me for future reference that this was the case. It's clearly a case of false information/advertising, and it needs to be changed. Overnight shipping means overnight shipping, and I should have my meds in 1 day.

Being a Cigna employee and customer I must confess that it's apparent that they are more concerned with money than their customers. The mail order pharmacy is scary. The way they handle the meds would make anyone sick! They hire for as cheaply as they can get, no one is properly trained, no experience at all. And the problems with customer orders being messed up is such an issue they have a team that does nothing but fix orders filled wrong, wrong meds, missing meds, etc. The actual meds are second rate, often you're not getting what you are supposed to be getting. They get their meds manufactured in third world countries! If you get your meds from them, CHECK VERY CAREFULLY WHAT YOU GET BEFORE YOU TAKE IT! You would be safer to spend the money and go elsewhere. Remember, you get what you pay for.

I have to endure a fifteen to twenty minute phone call EVERY month to certify that yes, I am still me. Yes, I am still sick. Yes, I still need my medications. This is the worst possible outcome of letting the insurance companies own a pharmacy and then DEMAND that you fill the prescriptions through them. The priority here is on making it as hard as they possibly can to get your medications so they can save money for Cigna insurance. Sadly, there is no other alternative because the government is in the pocket of the insurance companies and the sick people are the least important aspect of this entire equation.

I had ordered the regular Metformin medication refill on 7/7/14. Since we had moved to a different city, I requested them to make a note of the change in address at least 3 times since I ordered the drugs through phone and not through online. However, they did ship it to my old address just like I feared. Now I have already ran out of my supplies and when I asked them how soon they could ship it to the new address, they wouldn't assure me an express delivery let alone accepting the fault was at their end.

On 2/8/2015 Cigna Pharmacy confirmed receipt of my order ** showing I ordered 2 prescriptions on CIGNA Home Pharmacy website and in following up the order found they had shipped one correct prescription and one incorrect prescription. Their website enabled me to order and they decided to send a different medication. After several calls they admitted their website was wrong and they were going to change my profile. Unfortunately I will be receiving $110 worth of Anoro Ellipta rather than the order I placed for Spiriva which their website shows a valid Rx expiration date of June 2015 and they tell me by phone the Rx is inactive. They also refused my return of the Anoro Ellipta that I did not order. Even though their website shows a valid/legal prescription for Spiriva (expires 6/2015 with 2 refills) they insisted on submitting a NEW prescription from my Dr.

On 6/11/2014, my doctor called in two (2) prescriptions. One was a pill and one was a nasal spray. I did not receive either. After calling on 6/23/14, I was told that they had FAXED the doctor twice and had gotten no reply. This was not verified by my doctor. I did not receive notification or an automated call to alert me there was a concern about the order. When speaking with the "person", he asked me if the dosage was correct since it seemed like a higher dosage than usual. I responded that I was not a doctor and he should follow up with the doctor. After being without the medication for more than one week, I had the doctor call the prescription to my regular pharmacy. Cigna home delivery said they would contact the doctor. I have not heard anything since. I did not receive EITHER prescription and there was no notification of a problem or delay.

Cigna Home Delivery is a nightmare. They force people to use this service (the alternative is to pay TEN TIMES as much at a real pharmacy, because they provide zero coverage for that) for medications that are most critical to their well being, and then provide rotten service. I wish every state would pass a law like New York did in 2011, making it illegal for health insurance companies to force people to use mail order, and forcing health insurance companies to offer the exact same price if consumers choose to use a regular pharmacy rather than the mail order pharmacy.

Imagine being forced to fly only on one particular airline unless you are willing to pay ten times as much for a ticket! Imagine being forced to get your mortgage from one particular bank unless you are willing to pay an interest rate ten times as high! Think that would be unfair? So why are people being forced to buy their medications, which in some cases their lives depend on, from their insurance company, or else pay ten times as much? It's criminal - like a gangster holding a gun to your head and saying you have to pay him 'for protection', or else.

Shame on you Cigna. Promised full refund and now you're weaseling your way out of it. You were nice enough to call me to check when you saw my normal medicine, always generic brand, was changed to the brand name and of course not covered (requiring a $485 payment). I was thrilled to get the call and confirmed generic was fine, only to get the $485 removed from my account automatically anyway. Subsequent calls confirmed you made a mistake and you promised a refund. Now all of a sudden, no record of such calls. How convenient and terribly dishonest! Stay away from this pharmacy!

Cigna is by far the most ineffective and inefficient insurance company I have dealt within 40 years. Their mail order and teledrug system is hopelessly broken resulting in both me and my son being off our medication for over 3 weeks. I have cooperated with everything they have asked for, spent hours on the phone (most of it on hold) and we still do not have our medications.

Cigna requires that you try "step down" drugs before they will fill the prescription for what the doctor prescribed and then those drugs cost just as much as what the doctor prescribed so what is the point? It is unacceptable to have an insurance this involved in the choice of the medications I will take. I am paying $1200 a month plus a $6,500 deductible (which means I am paying for everything cash) for the privilege of experiencing this level of systemic incompetence and not receiving my medication.

I called on 7/7 needing a new prescription for medication that I have taken for years. They were to contact the doctor to fill them. I explained that I was going out of town and need the medication by 7/21. I authorized an express payment charge to be sure I would get them in time. On 7/11 I received a phone message that they had not heard back from the doctor or me (why me??) and they would hold the order for 5 days. If they did not hear by then, the order would be cancelled. I called and was told they faxed the request only to find out that they were faxing to some number 20 miles away. I asked that if they got the order today, would I have the meds by the 21st. They couldn't guarantee that. I told them to cancel the order and I would have it sent to a local pharmacy.

My concern now is that the last time I had it filled through the Home Pharmacy, I was told that Cigna was holding it up because the 2 prescriptions were for the same condition. WHO is Cigna to question my doctor? Like I said, I've been taking these meds for YEARS. I was also told to request a refill on one and then 5 days later for the 2nd one. Why? I was off the medication for 3 weeks before I got the refills. For some reason I can't believe that Cigna is looking out for my health. I'm just glad it wasn't for my blood pressure meds (that thankfully I get filled locally) because if it was, I could have stroked. Don't know if it's Cigna or their Home Pharmacy that is messed up but I have a feeling it's both.

The pharmacy service with Cigna insurance forces you to have 90 day prescriptions written and delivered to your home regardless of whether your physician writes 90 day prescriptions or not. And, you lose your pharmacy and service that you have trusted for years. My wife has a physician that refuses to comply with the 90 day prescription system and we are about to pick up a prescription costing $113.00 when it would be free if her physician wrote 90 day prescriptions only because we have met our very high deductibles and coinsurance. It appears to me that physicians are in with the insurance companies.

My wife has had cancer and numerous health issues and, sorry to say, but she works for Cigna. SAD!!! In my opinion, Cigna Insurance is horrible not just to the public, but also to their employees. The physician who will not help us by complying with the 90 day prescriptions practices out of Addison, TX. In my opinion, this practice with a 90 day forced prescription program AND physicians not bothering to participate are both horrific practices that should cause some type of reprimand to both Cigna and the physician. And, neither should be tolerated, but what do I know, I only have 5 college degrees.

My employer provides this company as an option for prescriptions. Last year I was prescribed a generic drug. My local pharmacy quoted $30 for 90 days. I called Cigna Tel-Drug at the time and they quoted $20. So I filled the first 90 days through Cigna. As I understood the transaction, as this is a generic, they were selling me this drug direct at $20 - no insurance involved. I refilled it once through Cigna - no issue.. I placed another refill order this month. I signed on to their site to see the status of my order and saw that I was charged $65 and change.

I called to find out what had happened. 45+ minutes on hold waiting for customer service - "experiencing unusually high volume of calls" - this is always the recorded response from any Cigna company. I was told that the refill was submitted to my insurance and the price included a $50 deductible. I explained that I had originally submitted this as a new prescription and, as it was a generic, I understood the transaction as a direct sale for $20. The internet showed that the prescription was being filled (not shipped yet). I said cancel it - don't ship. They said it was already shipped. I said I wanted to return it - they said no returns of filled prescriptions. They claimed that this was their procedure, the fact of my original transaction when I filled the original prescription, was not relevant. I asked for a supervisor - same answers.

With a little research I found that I can fill this prescription at Target for $10 for 90 days. One pharmacy chain will do it for $16-$17. The whole experience was very negative and clearly Cigna companies continue to scam the public - $65 for a $10 prescription. Thinking about reporting this to the NYS Attorney General. It's not the 40-50 bucks, but the fact that they can continue to take advantage of the consumer. If Target can fill this for $10, you know it costs them less. At $65 for a refill, this is quite profitable for Cigna - quite a mark up and just another example of why the American for profit health care system is more expensive than anyplace else in the world while providing quality that ranks somewhere in the middle of the rest of the world.

I mailed a prescription on 5/8/14 to be filled. I called on 5/16/14 to order refills and to check on the status of the new prescription. I was told that the new prescription was delayed because they needed to contact the doctor to get clarification on the dosage, but that it was now being processed. (The dosage was perfectly clear on the actual prescription and on the form that was filled out by me, as I kept a copy. ) On 5/25 or 5/26, I called once again to check on the status since I only had enough for a few more days.

At this time, I was told that they had to contact the doctor yet again, but would not give me a straight answer as to why. The customer service placed me on hold and supposedly spoke with the pharmacist. When she returned, she assured me that the pharmacist was expediting my prescription and that it would be overnighted to me on Tuesday, May 27th. I took the last pill on Thursday, May 29th with new prescription for the following day. This was not received until Saturday, May 31st. This is not overnighting in my book! If we had another choice for prescription drugs, we would definitely use it, but we are required to use mail order under our plan.

There is just something wrong with sending prescription medications in the mail. What if they are lost or stolen??? Are they covered by some sort of loss or theft insurance, or will I be charged again to have them filled?? What about the warnings regarding extreme hot and cold temps that may affect the medication?? The entire healthcare system is a mess. If I choose to have my prescriptions filled at the pharmacy in my neighborhood, then I should be allowed to do so and the insurance should pay for it! With the premiums we are paying, this should be a no brainier.

Twice Cigna-Tel Drug dissatisfied me. Early in April, I had discount cards so I was only setting them up and told the service agent I would call back on Friday with the Rx I would need. Well, she went ahead and placed an order on 3 Rx and charged my account $181.83. I was not going to get all my med at once because I still have some. I was only going to get one Rx, another time is just now. I called Cigna wondering why I haven’t received a different med which I ordered on June 17.

It is now June 24. The agent said we don’t have a form of payment on file. I’m like when I ordered, a ccard was given so I told her I need to do it overnight. She said that’s $17.95. But then she told me it could take 3 to 5 days. I’m like why am I paying for overnight if it’s not going to happen? If I’m free in this country, why do I have to be told where I can get my maintenance med? I hate dealing with the home delivery.

On May 24th my psychiatrist sent two prescriptions to the mail order system that Cigna offers. I followed up shorty after with Cigna to make sure they received the order and to make sure that they had my new address. The lady on the phone also took my credit card info and stated she would get the process ordered and my prescriptions would arrive in 10 days. 10 days passed and I called Cigna to see the status because I am going to be running out of my prescriptions shortly. The lady stated that they did not know if I had any allergies so they did not have them processed. I explained to her that I have no allergies. She said she would get the order processed and expedited.

Today, I still did not have any charges to my card. I called Cigna and spoke with a lady. She said that she did not see any orders in the system. After spending an hour trying to figure out the problem she said that she would have my prescriptions next day mailed to me. I called this evening for an order update and it says that it is still processing. I am going to run out of my prescriptions on Friday and if I do not take them I develop seizures and other terrible symptoms. My insurance ended on 5/31/2017, hence my doctor and myself making the order on 5/24/2017. My husband I just moved to Texas. I had to get on a cheap insurance plan until his new insurance kicks in. I desperately need my medications. I feel like my calls are getting lost in the system and I am terrified I am going to be without medication.

Delay, delay, delay. The first time I dealt with them, their delay caused a delay in a medication I take daily. That delay caused serious withdrawals. The second time I had a new medication to try, the delay took over a month and a half. Every refill was another nightmare. Now, the saga continues. Yet another new drug, and yet more delays. I used to use Caremark Specialty Pharmacy and never had the issues I've had with Cigna Specialty Pharmacy. I can't get better if I can't try these new meds in a timely manner. I wish they would review their process better. If you don't stay on top of them and call, call, call, you'll wait forever!

Dealing with CIGNA Home Delivery Pharmacy (Cigna Tel-Drug) requires patience. I have used them over ten years and have had various problems. They have lost my prescriptions that I've mailed in even though I have kept a copy, refused to refill prescriptions when it says on the bottle the date of "refill after", and they have lost the checks or did not use the credit card that is on file, so they billed me. Different employees will tell different stories on how they pro-rate days when it comes to various medications.

I've had rude employees and nice ones. I recently had an employee tell me that the insurance Benefit side can reject or approve prescriptions. So I had the prescription side transfer me to the Insurance Benefit side and was told the opposite. CIGNA does not notify me on various prescriptions when they've rejected a refill even if it shows "2 refills" on the bottle. Makes zero difference to them if I do not need a Pre-Authorization; they have required one. I'm leaving them since peace of mind is more costly than saving $5.00.

Both myself and my wife now use Cigna Home Delivery as our pharmacy with myself just switching from a well known local grocery chain that we have used for nearly 15 yrs. However when I recently ordered my "1st" class 2/3 substances, (for chronic and severe pain and anxiety related conditions) my 3-month supply of what should have been filled as written for 360 30-mg. ** tablets, I discovered came up with exactly 53 tablets of this specific "1st" prescription with The Cigna Home Delivery, came up short that amount. I disputed my findings and the incident with many individuals at the corporate office. I kept getting the runaround initially until the mounting complaints I filed and submitted were finally taken seriously.

I was finally contacted by Kelly ** from their corporate office who only stated to me that this could have not have occurred and me being shorted 53 pills of a controlled substance was unlikely to have happened. I disagreed with her and repeatedly told her that I always counted ANY controlled substance, especially, since it was the first time I would receive them from a mail order pharmacy, our families health insurance company also no less known as Cigna home delivery on Horsham P.A. In fact I painstakingly counted them "3" times to ensure that I was in fact shorted a substantial amount of the above pain medication.

Since there was never any resolution to me for the shortage and she was adamant about it even happening at the S. Dakota warehouse, where this prescription was filled, supposedly correctly counted or should I say "weighed" as opposed of physically counting each pill, (which is what my prior pharmacy, Shoprite of Wharton NJ, always did since I had been on this drug for over 10 yrs. now I might add), then sealed and shipped to my residence here in NJ where shortly after they arrived, I discovered the shortage. I relentlessly complained and disputed the incident/shortage since I received the 3-month supply.

I was eventually contacted by another Cigna corporate employee by the name of Michael **, who was from Cigna's legal department, who unequivocally and continuously stated to me that they supposedly investigated the incident and he claims he personally reviewed the surveillance tape of them filling "my prescription" out of the many thousands they fill. I doubt this to be the case since I was told by the initial corporate individual above that the count is DONE BY WEIGHT and not physically counting every single pill or tablet which is what Mr. **, their legal liar, stated to me just today by phone.

I think my particular prescription was tampered with since this drug has a high street demand let alone or illicit street value. That is why I wouldn't put it past a dishonest Cigna employee from the S.Dakota warehouse. Or they should fess up or own up to the mistake and discrepancy in weight. What guarantee do I have that the 53 pill shortage wasn't deliberate, which would make this a criminal offense. They never reimbursed me the 53 pills I was shorted let alone the money. I plan to video the delivery of the next order of the same drug and the opening and physical counting to ensure the amount I was suppose to receive and written by my doctor, doesn't oddly come up short not ONE Pill let alone 53.

I have never received the same information twice. They owe me a significant refund and I get a different version of events with every call. I have no money and right now they are telling me they returned $48 on the 1st of Oct for 2 overdrafts they caused. Today is the 6th, there's no money, and nothing pending.

They have been awesome to deal with. They get my son's anti seizure medication here super fast.

Terrible. CHD has dropped the ball multiple times. After not mailing my most recent Rx a month after the order was approved, I finally called, was put on hold for 20 minutes, then told that they would mail it. I inquired as to the reason for the delay and could not get an answer. Representatives are inexperienced and often rude.

Cigna pharmacy sent my medication in a reasonable time but I could not get it because the address was "incorrect, incomplete or illegible". When calling to fix the problem, I was told I would have to wait until they received the medication back, repackage it, and resend. It's the weekend and this could take days/weeks. Not a reasonable response to get medication. I had to switch from my local pharmacy for coverage, but I can't get my meds. I can wait until Monday, go to my pharmacy and have them call to transfer my prescription as a one time without charge (or so they say). This should be their problem to fix and address as they addressed the package incorrectly.

I ordered the medication five weeks ago and called numerous times to straighten out the record snafu with little success. There were two network outages during two calls that resulted in blackout system wide where no record can be pulled. Shipping requests were made numerous times and repeatedly lost. Each time I called, the representative told me that the order was not shipped because there was no record of the request made previously. Go somewhere else if you do not want medication interruption.

Bad experience. Not only do they not carry the medication I needed, but I was never called and notified that they couldn't fill the medication without a different prescription with the dosage they carried. I spoke a couple times with different representatives inquiring why I had not received the medication. It was going on a couple weeks (thank goodness I had extra supply). Per the reps, was told the medication was "on backorder" and it would be filled when it came in (an untrue statement). Kept waiting. Still nothing.

Then actually spoke with a pharmacist who said I needed a different prescription. Was told my MD was contacted in regards to this, but they had never heard back. Mind you again this is going on 2 weeks. I asked at what point were they going to contact me. Reply was I would have eventually received a letter. UNACCEPTABLE. Poor poor service. If you have a choice, which I do not as my employer provides benefits, would not use Cigna for your medication benefits.

Refilled my RX of premarin. Insurance denied it. Called Cigna & Rep said they need the reason why I take it from my Dr. "Why now" I asked. "FDA required." So, CIGNA & FDA want to know why? I'll show you why cause here comes the menopausal screaming banshee!!!

My wife is on a drug for MS and I have expensive prescriptions for diabetes. I have discovered discount programs for both to cut down on my costs. One cuts my cost to nothing (after insurance) and the other cut my cost to $25. Not Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy is stating they will no longer accept those discount programs, skyrocketing my costs. Likewise, with my wife's meds, she had a program with ACS as the supplier, and she is now forced to use Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy.

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