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I have a rental property in which there was a theft that occurred twice within a month. I have tenants who signed a lease 15 days after the previous tenants were evicted. My property sustained so much damage, because the tenants were utterly disgusting. This resulted in me having to make the home habitable before my new tenants could move in. Needless to say, during the course of trying to make repairs, the home was destroyed. The thieves had taken the refrigerator, stove, washer/dryer, the kitchen sink, the copper pipes for the plumbing, the 3 ton a/c unit and the air handler, all the lighting fixtures in the home. Total cost to replace and repair is over $20,000. The claim was denied because my new tenants "were not physically in the home".

The second time the tenants were living in the home. In the police report it states that the tenants left for the evening to go to Port St. Lucie to return the following morning to find that the minor repairs were once again stolen (copper pipes). But further damage was done: the electrical panel was ripped out of the wall; the meter box was taken off the house; and the wires leading to the home for the electricity was cut.

Citizens Insurance stated in so many words that this was fishy. There were no signs of a break-in. The police stated that it was most likely the previous tenants, but I really could not do anything because I did not physically see them take the items out of the house. I don't know what to do! I am beyond frustrated. I've been told to obtain an attorney. That's more money that I don't have.

They cut the valuation of my property; but I have to admit they did cut the premium. They no longer cover most things like the shed, screen porch carport. It's basic coverage. Unfortunately, no other insurance is available to us because we have a mobile home covered by Florida State insurance.

A storm came through my neighborhood in May 2011 and caused extensive damage to my roof. This was reported to Citizens and they sent me a check for "repair" to my roof. I contacted a few roofing companies and got a few estimates and was told by all that the roof could not be repaired, that it must be replaced in order to be up to Florida code. I advised Citizens of this update and they sent me additional funds, again for roof repair. I was again told by the roofing companies that the roof would need to be replaced. My policy was due to expire on 12/9/11 and Citizens advised that they would not renew my policy because "the roof is over 25 years old or has less than 3 years of remaining useful life, and no documentation supporting roof replacement or showing 3 or more years of remaining useful life has been received". Therefore, Citizens cancelled my policy. However, on January 27, 2012, Citizens sent an additional check for roof replacement. Alan's Roofing replaced my roof in February 2012.

By this point in time, Citizens now refused to reinstate my policy, forcing my mortgage company to put an extremely costly policy of their own on my home. This jumped my monthly mortgage payment from $860 to over $1700, which I cannot afford and will be forced to walk away from this home. However, Citizens now offered a new policy to be effective 4/9/12, which still leaves me responsible for 4 months' worth of the forced policy, approximately $1,700. Plus, they want $500 to get my new policy started. This is $2,200 out of my pocket for a problem that Citizens didn't address correctly from the initial reporting of my roof claim. Also, this house is a sinkhole home. All I am asking is that Citizens backs up the effective policy date to 12/9/11, so I will not be responsible for payment of the forced policy on my home.

Citizens Inspectors- Wind Mitigation Inspection - I, like millions of homeowners in Florida received a letter in the mail in late 2012 from Citizens, stating that they were going to "soon be conducting a home inspection of my property. The purpose was to verify that the structural characteristics of the home reflect what they have on record, and to ensure that I was paying the appropriate premiums."

To the contrary of what they said in the letter, the Citizens inspectors did not have determining appropriate premiums in mind. They missed many credits that I was due. The inspector did not take the time to do the proper research/documentation to give the homeowner the proper credits. But that was to be expected since they were hired by Citizens, and had only Citizens' interests at heart. Does anyone else still have a copy of their 2012 letter from them- let me know **. As someone who has performed thousands of inspections on buildings in my life, it was very obvious why they sent out inspectors... not to be fair, but to perform inspections that benefit them and increase millions of Florida homeowner premiums. The sad part is that 99% of the public doesn't realize what was done to them and think there is nothing they can do about it.

I am a single father of a high school senior. I purchased my home 3.5 years ago and my home was inspected and my insurance was $1200/year. The state insurance board in cahoots with our governor has given companies the right to cherry pick only the homes with little exposure, causing me to be forced to apply to Citizens, and at the same time, they have been directed to remove any possible credits to drive up premiums. I have steel shutters that are now disallowed, and my premium tripled to $5600 per year. My home is already over $50,000 under my purchase price and my income has not raised in three years. I cannot afford the doubled house payment of $2400/month. It's 3 of every 4 of my paychecks before groceries! I am being forced out of my house and into foreclosure so a bunch of investors can snap up the foreclosures and turn them into rental properties. This is a criminal organization under RICO as far as I'm concerned!

I had a rental unit that had a renter that vandalized the bathroom sink and cut the water line flooding the entire bathroom and laundry room! I finally got them evicted after three months, causing mold as well. And when I turned in my claim to Citizens, they told me that my policy was a zone #1 and it didn't pay mold on that type of claim? Even though my agent and my guidelines said that it did? Up to $10k for mold alone? The estimator at Citizens told me to come back after hours and break out the bathroom window, throw a garden hose in the window, turn it on full blast and they would then pay the claim?? He told me his boss was an ** and just was after a big bonus at the end of the yr!! Anyway I did not do that of course.

So then my estimator told me to file a claim with a law group that he had worked in the past and then Citizens would pay! So I did, and after the heat was on his office, he called me back a month later and told me to stop the claim in writing and File a Vandalism claim without the mold and they would pay it!! His boss would be in a corner!! That was nine months ago. And it's still not paid! Oh and to make things worse, I hired a mold mediation company which my estimator told me as well as them to go ahead and start to remove the mold and all water damaged parts and now my bill is over $25k and still growing!

Citizens raised my premium by 140%, causing my mortgage company to raise my payment from $900.00 to $1,500.00. I cannot pay and I can’t sell my house with a $5,500.00 insurance tab. If I sell, I may lose $50k to $100k on the price of my home of 25 years. I am between a rock and a hard place. Desperate.

When we first bought our house, our windstorm insurance was approximately $1,500 per year. After the bad hurricane years, the Florida Legislature formed Citizen's Property Insurance and we were forced to insure through Citizen's. The Legislature said the new rates would help the residents of Florida. What a joke! We now pay over $17,000 per year for our 938 square foot house. We have never had a claim on our Citizen's policy. Our rates just go up and up. Because of this, we are planning to sell and move next year. By the time we do that, we will have paid nearly as much in insurance as we have for our mortgage. Why aren't our elected officials in Tallahassee protecting the consumers from this company?

Citizens Insurance is taking advantage of storms by price gouging and over inflating prices unnecessarily. The state had to come up with some excuse for allowing the private companies to bow out and that excuse is Citizens. If you ask me, it is the poorest excuse for a decent insurance company that I have ever heard of. They have us by the throat because no other companies will insure. I believe Citizens is disreputable and a scam artist; and instead of providing insurance coverage with the risk of pay-offs, they are interested only in the premiums they receive. This is a criminal organization as far as I'm concerned!

I have had Citizens for almost 6 years as my homeowner's insurance. I have only made 1 claim in those 6 years and they handled it fairly quickly. They were easy to deal with.

In 2013 I submitted a claim to Citizens. Have my roof repaired, they requested an est. from a licensed roofer. I submitted this est. My claim was denied. They raised my premium, blacklisted and sent me a notice my policy will be cancelled 12/23/14.

2017 - Hurricane Irma! We have had Citizens for years on two homes and never had we experienced anything like this. This company should be shut down NOW! We have never had a claim before and paid mega bucks for 2 homes for many years, and now we need help to put a back roof back on our home and with the service we got and the lies they tell you is so unreal! They refuse two claims to get our home fixed to replacement condition which states in our policy, and refuse to pay what our estimates stated it would cost to replace just part of our roof.

It was hard to find a contractor during this time since they were in such demand. And I went through two and even though the second one stated that the repairs are the same as the second and almost 1/2 price less, Citizens refuses to pay for our repairs. This company and their employees are all the most unprofessional people I have ever came in contact with. They string you alone lie after lie weeks after weeks and never had no intention in paying us anything on our claim! I am hiring a Lawyer asap, and calling it on your side to put a stop to this companies! Unbelievable tactic they used on us! Unlawful to no end!

Don't hire this company to Insurance anything! It's best to have no Insurance than pay a company that is suppose to be there for you when you need them most! Don't know how this company and their employees sleep at night. I hope they get what is coming to them! God be with them! They surely will rot in hell! First they said no they will not pay. The estimate is too large, they won't pay for the permit, they won't pay for two coats of paint, which require kilts and one coat of paint, they won't pay for clean-up, they nitpick on everything and you sit there and say, "How can they do this?"

I had two 2 bedroom villas insured with People's Trust Insurance company. The much larger villa was insured for 800 per year, while the 400 smaller square foot home was 500 dollars more which puzzled, however it was a multilevel home while the one with greater square footage was one floor. Anyway they sent an investigator, we sent them copies of the 30,000 we had spent 5 and 6 years earlier to have both homes completely reroofed. They sent contract which were signed and agreed upon.

After signing both contracts I was informed they wanted to do a SECOND inspection. A woman showed up and after crawling on both rooftops told me they were excellent. I had purchased a new in wall soap dish for a completely redone bathroom that cost 5,000 dollars and the soap dish had just arrived and I explained I would be using an industrial adhesive to replace the dish. The woman they sent then asked me if I would do a personal favor for her and rent my upper floor bedroom with private bathroom balcony fully furnished for 400 a month. She explained that was all he could afford and insinuated I might have issues with people's trust if I refused to rent. I told her I would consider it and asked her to come back with him. Naturally 400 a month is preposterous to a man I don't know and even had I been friends 600 was the minimum and would have been a generous deal with no other expenses.

She returned the next day and I had a recording device in my cargo pants pocket that recorded her threats and demand that I rent this room to her brother. I save the room for my long time female companion who has 5 years left until she can retire at 50 and live with me however she spends her vacations and personal time with me. I had a death in my family and returned to New Jersey with my Mother. We were there for almost 5 weeks and didn't come across People's Trust demand. We get the roof redone as well as the already done soap dish by a licensed company. The People's trust insurer was unethical and ultimately after my refusal mentioned the soap dish which I showed her on her visit the next day.

When we returned from New Jersey we went through several weeks of mail and eventually came across a letter from People's trust demanding the soap dish be replaced by a licensed plumber and the roof resurfaced by a licensed roofer. My Mother couldn't find the second roofing contract for 1631, which I had stated was the reason for the higher quote however after contacting Handyman Roofing, they questioned the woman's conclusions as did I when I went on the roof with them. We got a new copy of the original 14,000 roofing job as well as photos of the soap dish in question and sent them to People's Trust. We received a letter on Tuesday informing us we were being dropped for failure to comply, despite the fact we had complied, despite only having access for a week and had mailed their office contracts, photos and even the retarring.

People Trust's inspector blackmailed me to rent a room and their company acted as if they weren't sent a detailed large envelope of compliance. Like their inspector, they were unethical, albeit without the implied blackmail which after I refused to rent a threat she carried out. I am now complaining to State agencies and will sue People's Trust civilly for their inspector's threats as well as their refusal to acknowledge compliance. People's trust was supplied with email, address and phone numbers of Handyman roofing and could have called to substantiate the fact they had reroofed to building as well as retarred it regardless of no need.

We noticed a crack on the side of our house just after we moved in about 5 years ago. When we noticed more cracks a few years later, we made a claim to Citizens. They asked when we first noticed the cracks and we told them we noticed a crack a few years ago, but just for one small crack in the house we are not going to make a claim. They had our home tested for sinkhole and it did have one. Now they said we did not report it in time, and they are not only not going to cover it, they are going to cancel us. We paid for sinkhole coverage all those years, if they won't cover it, then they are ripping us off. I WANT A REFUND OF OUR PREMIUM, THEN!! This must be illegal in some way!

Had the diamond come out of the setting and I lost it. They corrected the issue ASAP!! They required the estimate on the ring and the jewelry store provided that. Once verified the insurance company sent me a check for the amount needed in order to have my ring repaired and shined up as new!!!

I am a widow. In 2007, I heard about a program sponsored by the State of Florida called "My Safe Florida Home." If your home passed all the inspections for wind mitigation (i.e. proper roofing and trusses with hurricane clips, etc.), you could be eligible to upgrade your wind mitigation status by installing Florida approved hurricane shutters and garage impact doors. The deal was that upon approval, the State of Florida would pay half of your wind mitigation expenses. I spent over $7,000.00 on all the upgrades (got aluminum shutters and a new garage hurricane impact door). The State sent out a contracted inspector to certify that all the improvements were 100% up to code, and then I received a check for 1/2 of the $7;000.00 of my outlay. I was so happy and believed that I had truly done my best to protect my home from damage. Additionally, I even got a new roof. Mind you, I have lived here for 25 years and have never had any hurricane claim ever - not once!

Last year, I got a notice of cancellation from Citizens saying that my roof was too old. They never even asked me how old it was! I had to pay another inspector to come out and certify that it was new. Now, if that was not enough, they sent me another letter saying that I would have to have the whole house inspected by yet another state certified contractor or risk another cancellation threat. Now, they are saying that my garage door does not have a sticker on it and the roof on my porch is flat. They have now cancelled all my wind mitigation benefits! I sent them all the structural documentation and the state certification on the garage door, but they said, "No sticker, no discount." The door was installed seven years ago - for goodness sake, stickers fall off in the heat and humidity; however, I kept the inspection reports and the certification documents. That does not matter to Citizens. Their response is that anyone can supply documents - can they?

They are now raising my policy to over $7000.00 a year! Who can afford this? The roof they complained about is not even the roof on my house - it is on the screened in enclosure that they sent me another letter about a few months ago saying that they would no longer cover it! If it is not covered anyway, why should it matter if it is flat? The roof on my house is not the one they are cancelling me for.

They (Citizens) are just running circles around all of us. Whenever I pass one inspection with flying colors, they say, "Oh, no, she passed. What else can we do to this widow? How about we do a sticker inspection?!" All this never would have happened if the state of Florida had not allowed private insurance companies to pull out of homeowner's insurance policy program yet still keep the profitable auto and personal parts of their businesses, sucking the lives out of us. I had State Farm for twenty years and when they cancelled me, I called Tallahassee only to be told that it was our legislators who allowed this - no, they approved of this entire mess. That is how Citizens came into being. The state had to come up with some excuse for allowing the private companies to bow out and that excuse is Citizens. If you ask me, it is the poorest excuse for a decent insurance company that I have ever heard of. Does anyone know if there is any help for us? It is truly shameful and I am mad as hell!

Three roofs on my home were damaged by the recent hurricane. I have spent ALL my free time trying to get them to pay what the roofing company needs to do the work. Sure I will pay my deductible which is more than half but they simply will not pay their share because they expect the work to be done at some ridiculously low rate. Because of their delays I cannot get a roofer do the rest of the work for months now and all the time the damage grows. I will be CANCELLING ALL PROPERTY INSURANCE IN ALL MY PROPERTIES COUNTRYWIDE NEXT YEAR AND PUTTING THE MONEY INTO SAVINGS. These people are a ridiculous bunch of time wasters.

I was bitten by the neighbor's dog in January 2014, I sought help from a attorney and the attorney did research on the homeowners home insurance. He found they didn't have insurance for the dog, so now months later I get a large bill for my treatment. These people should be held accountable for their dog's actions. I have a dog now for fifteen years and she won't leave the yard to go across the street to another neighbor's home to bite them. I think the owner should pay the whole bill, including me for my pain and suffering.

Hurricane IRMA left considerable damages to my small hotel, I had extensive roof damages, water leak, 6 AC condensers got sandblast & burned out, my 700sq.ft covered bar cafe got totally destroyed, my fence got damages, appliances at my cafe got destroyed, I got leak in several suites due to 58 roof tiles blown away. I had paid Citizens for 15 years $7000/year always on time. 1st Citizens Property Adjusters took 5 weeks after the Hurricane to show up, I called them on Sept 12 & they request to keep the damages & wait for inspection. 2nd I got a Property Adjuster who came Sept 13th, 2017 & after inspection estimated the total damages @ $241,900 not even counting the business interruption. 3rd, after 5 weeks Citizens adjuster showed up, wrote his report, took photos & took my report & estimates that several contractors came & to support my Property Adjuster claim.

I finally clean up the tons of debris 5 weeks after the storm & start fixing the max I could. Mid-November, Citizens sent me a denied claim from the $241,900 estimated damages, after depreciation, citizens estimated the damages at $9000 & since my deductible was $21,500 they paid $0. Case is now in litigation. My lawyer found out that Citizens insurance added an addendum for depreciation. 10% depreciation/year for wall/windows/roof. 20% depreciation/year for everything else.

Addendum: I never signed since I was their customer for 15 years & this was not agreed upon my initial policy. With their depreciation close, in fact for the past 5 years, I was paying insurance for nothing since wall, roof, impact windows were done in 2004 & 2008. AC were done in 2012, so after 5 years they were worth $0 upon their depreciation clause. Even my covered bar which was Hurricane Proof code in 2004 for winds 125 mph but got destroyed as we had gusts at 155 mph was too old. Case is in litigation.

My Lawyer talked to Citizens Adjuster who told him « "We got so many cases, you have very little chance to get anything," I am instructed to lowball & deduct the Max, we denied all claims & maybe we will settle in litigation for only the few cases that fight back & last, like Sandy, Citizens is paid to process claims & wait for the state or the federal Govt to pick up the tab. Since, Federal Govt has paid almost nothing, we just denied & delay. That's what Citizens adjuster told us. Crooks, white collar thieves, they collect & don't pay, why have an insurance?

Unfortunately my husband and I made the grave mistake of entrusting Citizens with our insurance policy. Hurricane Irma hit and caused significant damage to our condo. We filed a claim immediately and mitigated as much of the damage as we could. We were aware the influx of claims so were understanding it took two weeks to even hear from someone after we called every day. Latoya ** was our adjuster and could not have been more rude nor more cruel. The wind was so strong it had bent the frame of our windows, even though they were boarded up, water poured in. The field adjuster who came and inspected our property explained that was how the water entered. We did not simply make this up. This was not a flood rather the winds damaged our structure allowing the water to come in.

Latoya agreed we were covered for such an instance however disagreed that wind had anything to do with our devastation now costing upwards of $20,000-$25,000. Walls, flooring, closets, furniture, etc. all had to be replaced and the mold is out of control. We called repeatedly ultimately speaking to another adjuster who helped us connect with Latoya. They had no issue accepting our payments but when push came to shove they left us in tears.

I received a letter from Citizens stating that they were going to “soon be conducting a home inspection of my property. The purpose was to verify that the structural characteristics of the home reflect what they have on record, and to insure that I was paying the appropriate premiums.” Just several months ago, I had given Citizens a list of items and forms which they requested answer these very questions. I gave them photos of the entire exterior of my home, photos of the hurricane strapping in the attic; I had cut holes in my walls to show them the hurricane strapping. I hired a certified builder to fill out their forms. They accepted this info and gave me a new policy.

Now, they want to have someone come into our homes and do whatever they want i.e., photos, etc. When I received the letter, I felt something was not right. They will find the smallest thing and use it as an excuse to justify raising out the premiums. The letter goes on to say, “If you refuse to make your property unavailable to an inspector or if the inspector is prevented from completing an adequate inspection, the policy will be adjusted to remove any credits for wind resistive features that cannot be verified by the inspector.” I had taken the phone call from an inspector whom was trying to set up a time to come and inspect. I spoke with him and he told me he did not know why they were inspecting and that he personally did not agree with what Citizens was doing. He said he was there to take pictures and look up permits for the work done on the home to verify items.

I asked him to get back with me in a couple of days; this is the holiday time and we (like everyone else) are busy running. I needed time to speak with my agent as well. Someone or a group needs to start a class action lawsuit against Citizens. If it where my expertise, I would lead the pack. I understand that they want to be accurate and fair to themselves, but the heart of what they are doing is completely wrong. When there is a monopoly like Citizens greed will set in and take root. Competition is healthy and secures integrity.

Almost 20 years being with Citizens, just one I put a claim many years ago, there is not any other insurance in Florida that you can go to. This insurance was allowed in Florida due to our governor, and other "politicians." Just wonder how much Citizens paid them... When Hurricane Irma came, I had damages to my house, like I expected they denied my claim. I got two estimate paid by me sent to them, still they used a nonsense not to pay the water that damaged my house due to the winds, my wood fence was destroy my roof, they always find excuses. I have tried to check other insurances. No one wants to insured people in Florida. They should be investigated by the Insurance Board, enough is enough. They are pure scams. 20 years paying big payments when the times comes they denied the claim. Does any of our politicians in Florida care? Of course not...Miami is scam city.

I'm sick with liver problems with asthma and a damaged house, Fema did nothing for me, but of course they gave millions to Puerto Rico, most of the Puerto Rico had no insurance in their houses, they all came to Orlando and got between 5000 and 10,000, we the Floridians got Miami Dade we have many mayors. All useless. They only concerned about how much they are going to get in their paycheck.

They are great because I have never had to use them. Always a live person on the phone and willing to help. They work well with my mortgage provider and always provide the information needed. Insurance is expensive, but they have managed to keep our rates steady over 9 years.

This has to be the worst insurance company ever. I had property and auto insurance with them for 3 years and thankfully I never had to file a claim. I finally cancelled my policy because of increased premiums and horrible customer service. While I should have received a pro-rated credit, they send me a bill for $240 and tell my policy is billed in arrears which is false because I have never missed a payment. While I requested a breakdown/explanation for the billing miscalculation, they have yet to provide to me. They were very rude and threaten to send my account to collections. I do not recommend this company for any kind of insurance coverage.

Citizens Homeowners Insurance has raised my premium $1,500. It's too much of a coincidence that so many homeowners insured with Citizens are getting their premiums raised by the same amount at the same time! I agree it is price gouging during hurricane season!

Has anyone notice how Citizens is lowering the insurable worth of older mobile homes to the point where your coverage is far below what you still owe on your mobile? Citizens is the only insurance that older mobile home owners can get and this leaves us in a very tight situation with our lien holder. If the state of Florida didn't want to be in the insurance business why in the hell did they start Citizens? I would venture to guess that there are a lot of people on Citizens insurance rolls that could actually get insurance through a private carrier, but yet, Citizens allows them coverage. Citizens was founded on the premise of being the insurer of last resort. Insuring customers where that isn't the case is unacceptable and they should be removed... or as citizens calls it "depopulated" not the ones whose only insurance choice is Citizens. I feel we are getting screwed 6 ways to Sunday by the Florida legislature and Citizens. There has to be legalities involved here. The legislature and Citizens need to be called out on this.

I got my bill for homeowner's insurance on my modest 2-bedroom house in an ordinary neighborhood in Hollywood. It's almost 4,000 dollars. I had to cancel it. It's not affordable. I blame Rick Scott. I will be voting for Charlie Crist and I will be leaving Florida. Good riddance Citizens!!

Someone needs to review the business practices of Citizens Insurance Group. The government signed okay for all homes built before 1970's to be excluded from free competitive insurance market and letting the state charge whatever it wants to home owners in the state of FL. This is criminal since my rates went from $2300 to $5500 in one year. Also, this created a loophole in Save Our Homes program. Now the state can collect huge amounts of money not by taxes but by crazy insurance rates that make no sense. My house was built in 1950's and I still have original windows in my home that was built over 60 years ago but my home is a risk. My house has been standing for over 60 years with minimal damage even with hurricane Andrew. Go figure. Approximately 15 miles directly west of my house, the newer homes at Country Walk were flatten but these homeowners are not subjected to crazy Citizens' premiums.

I hope someone can help me because I believe Citizens is taking advantage of storms by price gouging and over inflating prices unnecessarily. The main question still unanswered is why do I have to pay higher premiums if my house with some original windows is still standing?

After opening my letter, I was shocked to see the price for my Citizen Insurance. Nothing has been changed around my house and there has not been even any hurricanes. I also learned that Citizen has been sued by many Miami Lawyers and that those who sued Citizen raked in a lot of money... court fees, attorney fees and Citizen had to pay for their damages. Those who did not sue Citizen like myself, I have had no problems with my house and now I am paying for their lawsuit damage? I found another home insurance and I am switching. This is going to continue to go up and there is nothing we can do about it.

I live in MIchigan, customer for over 20 years, NO claims!!! They increased my rates from $800 to $1845, with a $200 discount = $1645 per year for being a GREAT customer. The increase was due to the homeowners in California having fires and such in so many words. Yes we left them and signed off that we have coverage with another company for one third the cost, NOW they are continuing to take money from my account. THAT'S JUST WRONG!!! That management team NEEDS TO FIRED!! Not the people being told how to stick it the customer. They forgot who the CUSTOMER IS, what is QUALITY SERVICE and where there paycheck comes from.. NOT let's give ourselves a raise and we double everyones prem. Bull.

The rate was okay at first ($1700.00). Then the first inspection price went up to $3300.00. I complained. Then after the second inspection, the price went to ($4800). They said the house was a frame house and it has less than 33 and 1/3 wood and included a pool, a screened porch, and a shed. It has a roof that is 5 years old. Who can save $400.00 a month in these times and still have food on the table? The governor must be in on this. I called them and I said their billing is very confusing. She said, “You’re telling me the insurance commissioner should get involved in this?” That is, unless he is in on it also.

In just over a year I've had to pay over $400.00 in shortages on my escrow account due to Citizens unwarranted, constant premium hikes. Two years ago I had to hire a licensed private Inspector to come in and inspect my home at Citizens request. The Inspector turned over his report to Citizens who was not satisfied because the following year they sent in their own bogus Inspector who didn't even know what the hell he was doing. My home was currently under renovation with all the necessary permits from the City Of Deerfield Beach. This clown claimed that my house didn't have the required hurricane straps simple because he was too lazy to get up into the attic during the summer. I had to provide him with a ladder and all the necessary lightings in order for me to get credit for the straps. He also claimed that my windows and doors were not impact resistant because he didn't see any labels on them.

I promptly showed him the product approvals for all the windows and doors plus the signatures of the City's Inspectors who signed off on the installations. Obviously this wasn't good enough for this guy as I did not get any credit for the impact resistant windows and doors that I am still paying for. They are now forcing my Mom who recently had a debilitating stroke and lives in a retirement community to carry flood insurance because the map in her neighborhood was redrawn, even though this area hasn't had any flooding in over a hundred years. Governor Scott and the Florida Legislatures are turning a blind eye while Citizens and other windstorm insurance companies are making it impossible for poor people to own a piece of the American dream. It is quite ironic how Citizens was created as a last resort to help the residents of Florida to have affordable windstorm coverage.

Now they are bullying and strong arming people out of their homes with high unsustainable premiums. How can these officials justify these outrageous premium hikes when we haven't even had any significant storms in South Florida for the past several years. I sincerely hope that my fellow Floridians remember this when they go to the ballot box in the Local Government Elections and not just in the General Elections.

They have us by the throat. I put on a new roof several weeks ago, all per Florida code. Citizens decided that it's not good enough. Citizens changed their requirements. Renewal has increased policy to $700. It's not like we have any other options. No other companies will insure. Instead of raising our premiums, why not strengthen their fraudulent claims department? Enough is enough!

(Long story but needs to be told) I needed homeowners insurance on my mobile home. I dealt with Bart Borders, (the owner of Borders Insurance agency). He found a company that he said would insure my home, (Citizens Insurance Co). I told him that I needed coverage equivalent to my home equity loan of $65,000. He said that was no problem. First I need a 4 point inspection, which I got from his inspector and cost me $100. That inspection revealed that they would not insure me unless I re-piped my entire home to get rid of polybutylene pipes. So I hired a plumbing company to come do it for $3250 (Now I'm out $3350). All the while I kept telling Bart that I was under time constraint because I was using the loan proceeds to purchase property for my son & his family to have a place to live and I had a deposit of $4500 on the property that I could lose if I didn't have the funds in place by the rapidly approaching closing date.

So now Bart tells me they need an appraisal so they can raise the coverage from their standard $20,000 to the amount I needed, ($65,000) so I email him a copy of the electronic appraisal that I had acquired from the bank. Then he says that won't do because he needs a more comprehensive appraisal so I acquire the appraisal from the bank and forward it to him. He says that won't do either as he needs the "cost approach" on the appraisal. So now I have the bank contact the appraiser to provide the cost approach appraisal, which he did. So now I'm waiting day to day for the insurance binder from Citizens. Bart tells me he needs another photo of the water heater (in addition to the ones I've already took and sent him) so I took it and sent it.

Back to waiting, Bart says that they can't be rushed so, tired of waiting, I call them myself to find out that they were waiting for the signed application, so I told Bart what they said and so he emailed me the application which I signed. Keep in mind I'm already over a month into trying to get an insurance binder for the bank so they can fund my loan. Now Bart tells me that I must pay the policy in full, ($497) with the coverage at $20,000. I told him that I needed $65,000 coverage to which he tells me that I have to pay for the policy first and then re-submit it for processing for the higher coverage. I told him I was out of time, (which I was after ** around for a month!) He told me that every time he spoke with Citizens it was somebody different each time giving him different information each time. They are very un-organized and demand not to be rushed.

Fortunately during most this time I was wasting with Bart & Citizens, I found another insurance company that was more expensive but could do what I (& the bank) needed. I gave them the green light and had a binder in 3 days, no messing around, no inspections, no appraisals, fast & smooth. I'm sick that I spent all that money for a re-pipe job when I didn't have to, my plumbing was fine. I should have went with the other insurance company to begin with. Dealing with Bart & Citizens Insurance was an expensive nightmare. I was made to jump through all sorts of expensive & time consuming hoops for a big fat nothing. A waste of time & money!

This company said they would give us 3,000 dollars to fix an entire roof on a four-bedroom home. The 10,000 they were keeping from us was our deductible. How in the world can we fix a roof with 3,000 dollars? Last night we had a bad thunderstorm, my autistic son woke up with his shirt wet and cold and pillows from a new leak on our roof. My French Provential Furniture was ruined because another leak formed somewhere else in the house, not including the 3 other major leaks we have been dealing with since the storm. How can this happen!!!

Quick quote and awesome rates. Coverage vs. rate is very good. The agent has been very helpful answering all our answers and we receive our notice of changes on time.

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