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CNO Financial Group Life Insurance
CNO Financial Group Life Insurance

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My father in law purchased 6 life insurance policies through his employer in the early 50s and paid on them for 21 years paying them all in full. We have the policy certificates as well as the letter confirming full payment & the paid certificates. When my mother in law passed away we contacted the company & faxed all documents to file a claim against the policy. When I followed up 2 weeks later, they claimed they never received the fax. Everything was re-sent & I call back to confirm receipt. 2-3 weeks later, they sent a letter indicating they could not locate the account & requested additional information along with copies of the same documents that had been provided previously.

We re-sent everything again along with social security numbers, date of birth etc. 2-3 weeks later, they sent another letter indicating they could not locate the account & that they considered the matter closed. This is completely unacceptable! We understand that records may not have been computerized given the age of the accounts, but they clearly issued the policy & it has been paid in full. They need to pull paper records if needed and honor the policy! We will be contacting the BBB.

This insurance company is very affordable. My husband and I have been with Conseco for more than 25 years and have had no problems. We increased our policy when we decided to have our son 18 years ago.

I closed out a bank account in 2015 but forgot to notify CONSECO (the only bill that was automatically direct from my account by force). I pay all of my other bills online myself... Don't like automatic payments. Well I was going to keep the policy was told I couldn't make an online payment. Was told they accept checks or money orders mailed to them (who writes checks for bills nowadays). So I decided to do a full surrender on my policy seeing as I couldn't do bill pay online.

Faxed information on 3/11/16. I've called at least 10 times and I can't seem to get the same answer about when the check will be mailed, but I can get the answer when I just ask for status. They all say is it's being reviewed. Does it really take that long to see the customer doesn't WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR COMPANY and just surrender the payment. They won't send me that checkout but they keep sending me bills after I've faxed over a full surrender, meaning I don't want to have Conseco as my insurance provider!!!

My husband and I have been paying on a life insurance policy with a spouse/child rider for years. The premiums were not suppose to change and the policy also had a built in cash program. We were told that this whole life insurance policy would also build additional cash for us. Of course, we believed everything we were told. The premiums were taken out of our checking account monthly.

Today, I received a letter stating our policy is in a "grace notice" and we have to pay $481.83 by April 16, 2012, plus whatever our new premiums will be or our life insurance will lapse. When I called the company, I was told by Elaina, that the $65.75 we have been paying a month is for the premiums but we have to pay $189.59 a month additional for a life insurance expense charge . We were also told the cash value of the policy has been depleted! How can a consumer be protected from such fraud? The consequences are: "Pay or you have no insurance!"

I have been paying into a Conseco annuity for 20 years. A couple of years ago, Conseco decided to have the administrative portion of their business handled by Alliance One. Recently, I asked for a copy of my original policy with Conseco. I'd moved, and the paperwork had been misplaced. It's taken three phone calls and, at the request of Alliance, a $25 fee to get a copy of my policy. They cashed that check over a month ago, but I never received the copy of my policy. Phone calls to follow up have gone unanswered, and Conseco refuses to help out with this very simple request. Let the buyer beware.

Conseco is now CNO Services LLC. My father had an insurance policy from Lincoln National Fidelity Life taken out by his father in 1928 when he was 10 years old. It was "20 pay" and had a clause that it would pay off at age 85 if my father was still alive. We researched the passage of Lincoln National Fidelity Life through umpteen changes and acquisitions and discovered that Conseco was now responsible for servicing the payoff. In 2004 we sent extensive documentation that he was alive, a complete photocopy of his policy, and proof that I held his Statutory Durable Power of Attorney. They replied that the policy had converted to term life that ran out in 1997, and that "no further information is available", because of a seven-year records retention policy (which is absurd for a LIFE insurance company). I asked for some sort of proof, after which they wrote back that he (or his father) had missed a payment in 1946.

According to the policy in my possession, that would trigger a clause that would convert it to *participating* term life. However they presented no record of dividends having ever been paid, including during the recent era (up to "1997"). Of course 1997 was conveniently just beyond the so called "seven-year records retention policy", yet they had been able to find without proof (or invent) the missing payment from nearly 60 years before. Inflation had reduced the amount of the policy to a negligible amount, so I gave up. This shows how hard they will lie, cheat, and steal (presumably) in order save a few hundred bucks. My advice: avoid any insurance company presently serviced by "CNO", because the name CON that should have followed from Conseco seems appropriate to me.

My father passed away in 9-2015. We filed all the paperwork and still have not received a claim as of yet. Each time we call we get a different person. I am tired of the games and have called 32 times in the last 2 weeks with still no answer. Now I know why 60 Minutes did a report that life insurance companies hold onto the money. Thieves.

I have had Conseco life Insurance been 18 years old. Builds some value over time. But cannot add to the current policy. I will need to buy another policy because I have lost my job and that Insurance was only Term Insurance and end when I left my last job.

Conseco sold my policies that I have had for over 28 years to Alliance One and the problems started, they did not bill and then double billed with wrong name. I sent in paperwork to surrender one of the policies Sept 21, 2015 and have been given every excuse, not on system due to slow conversion, actuaries calculation cash value now for 2 months, it's been escalated, it will take 2 weeks, then it will take 6 weeks, and then oh other people have been waiter longer. I paid policies as agreed. I would like to know the cash value and get my money to use for medical purposes ASAP. It took 6 faxes for them to acknowledge receipt of the surrender forms. If they cannot handle the Conseco portfolio the purchase should have not been approved by the Regulators. What if I had died and family wanted the money to bury me... UNACCEPTABLE.

I have two life policies with Conseco I have been paying for since 1999. I had no idea they had filed Bankruptcy. How do I get my premiums back since no claim has ever been filed. How do I find out further information for Conseco Life?

My father died almost a year ago of prostate cancer. My mother had added my father on her cancer policy in June of 2007. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Jan 2008. He had a doctor visit in November 2007 and seemed to be okay. He had another check up in January 2008 and further testing through the V.A. that led to the cancer diagnosis. My mother filed for a claim following the diagnosis of prostate cancer treatment and thus began the hell they have put her through. I understand the need for forms and investigations to validate claims; however, my mother sent completed doctor forms after itemized bills after doctor forms without success. My father is now dead and gone and still, the Conseco company has only paid $1000 to date for the policy. She is still paying the premiums due to fear that a cancelled policy would negate all the effort she has tried to get them to honor the policy.

I have read that Conseco has filed for Chapter 11 and was bought out by another company. My mother continues to patiently await to see if anyone (2 lawyers) can assist her to see if she has any chance of getting this company to honor the policy. She was originally told by one lawyer that it wasn't worth the effort to pursue. Then the same lawyer found out about a lawsuit in which someone was allegedly paid big money. The family lawyer decided to "take another look at her situation" with another lawyer's help. Meanwhile, she still pays the increasing premiums. Wow! No wonder the health care system is screwed up in this country!

Conseco Life told me they move my Life policy to Alliance life. Nobody contact me to know the renewals. I left a message at Conseco but never had any news. What can I do so I don't lose my Life policy. My name is Luis ** and is an International policy. Thank you.

I have had this insurance policy for approximately 35 years and it is for $125,000. I have paid on it for that long. The policy was part of assets awarded in my divorce from a surgeon who, with the help of his attorney and the judge, gave me very little. This was significant for me to have starting over at 45. I have continuously had trouble with Conseco after it purchased the original company Lamar Life Insurance. One time I sent in a payment, on time, it was cashed as I had bank records that it was and Conseco cancelled my policy saying I hadn't paid. Even when I sent copies of the canceled check. I had to pay $500 to an attorney to get the policy reinstated I paid $841,00 the last of Dec.

This is first of April and they now say I owe $3,841.04 to keep the policy from being canceled. When I called the call center the person said that that would only pay me up until June and he couldn't tell me what the semi-annual payments would be after that. This is not a reputable company. I'm considering letting the policy lapse and take my chances and put the premiums in savings. I think I might have trouble collecting on the policy and take my chances and put the premiums in savings. I think I might have trouble collecting on the policy if my former husband died. Wish I had good advice to know what to do.

This company may be one of the worst companies out there. They go up on the cost of insurance every few month, four times this year alone, even though the insurance contract clearly states that they will not go above 160 percent of the premium at issue (40.00). So now they say "Oh, the cost of insurance is now 207 per month," which is a violation of the contract, but no one cares, attorneys, not enough money in it for them, insurance commissioners (go on all expense paid trips) golfing, cruise ships, sure it's a conflict of interest, but who cares right? It's just old folks often who have few living relatives. No one cares about the old folks. These people should be taken out and chained up to a bed in an old folk's home for the rest of their lives then perhaps something would change. But so far congress does not care, states do not care, no one cares what happens to the old folks.

My husband and I paid into Conseco Life Insurance for about 25 years. My husband died on March 31st. When contacting the company, no two representatives gave the same answer. It took almost 2 months to receive the death claim. I was a co-owner of the policy but Conseco would not let me keep my policy. Offered me another policy with a monthly cost of almost $600. I would suggest strongly not to do business with this company.

They are very helpful. They do not hover. They are able to answer all my questions and they do not make me feel stupid no matter how many questions I might have.

I am tired of dealing with Conseco. I have received myriad letters with conflicting information and had conversations with their customer service reps. I would never again buy anything from Conseco or its affiliated companies. Their increasing costs deflated the reserves in my life insurance policy while my premiums continue to rise.