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CNO Financial Group Long Term Care Insurance
CNO Financial Group Long Term Care Insurance

CNO Financial Group Long Term Care Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I submitted a claim for a blood transfusion at Boca Raton Hospital for policy ** for a leukemia condition. The form from the hospital is very clear the cost of the blood and transfusion was $1026. The company refuses to pay saying transfusions are not covered. Nowhere in my cancer policy are transfusions excluded. However, there is a blood plasma benefit of $450 for all cancers and for leukemia there is no limit. All I want is the $1016 that I am entitled to.

It started out with a Lapse of Policy Notice. Sounds like it's a common complaint with Conseco. Granted, insurance premiums go up with age, I got that. However, Conseco sends me one statement a year and it's not the easiest to understand. Somehow, customers were supposed to know that their premiums were no longer covering the cost of insurance. Rather than alerting you through a letter that your premium needed to be increased, they mailed a "Lapse in Policy" letter and get everyone all worried. I've also checked with other insurance carriers and for similar policies, Conseco has a higher cost of insurance. I found customer service to be condescending and uncooperative. They treated me like a 3rd grader and said, "Read your policy."

In 2013, this insurance company doesn't even have the ability for a customer to access their account information or make a payment online. Their answer is that, "It's to protect customer security." Really? Give me a break! Every financial institution in the country has online access for customers. Taxes are filed online. This company is just plain lazy and living in the dark ages. They haven't even responded to a letter I sent them. Probably, still have typewriters. They did manage to cash the check in one day. Word of advice - avoid them at all costs.

My parents both had a policy they started in 1975 with Transport Life which is now being handled by Conseco. My mother passed July 10th. I called and asked that paperwork be sent to me so I could file the claim. I called again on July 20th and was told it was mailed out and I should get it any day. I called again on Aug. 7th and was told by the same person (Beth) that they were having trouble finding the beneficiary information in the file. I told her I was looking at the file and told her who the beneficiary was and was told my papers would be mailed out to me...The same papers that I was told were already mailed out to me. I looked online and found the claim forms. Both of my parents have been paying on these policies since 1975 and the payments are current. After seeing all the complaints I think it's going to be hard to get our 50,000 from them.

We took out a cancer policy in 1989 and a few years later, took out an accident policy, 1992. In 2009, an agent brought us the Return of Premium money for the cancer policy and assured us that in 2012, he would be back to bring us the money for the accident policy. We have not heard a peep as of Sept 2012, thus I began calling them. They are now telling me that policy was purchased in 2006, not 1992. Unfortunately for us, we changed banks in 1997 and no longer have access to the previous bank records showing the direct withdraws for this policy in 1992. Calling the company back to get the agent's name was worthless, said 2009 was too long ago. Huh? They want me to prove to them we started this policy 20 years ago, but they can't come up with a name from 3 years ago?

Somebody at that company is receiving commission checks for selling us this policy and has been for 23 years now. Why can't they put us in contact with this person? The salesperson was representing Conseco Insurance, the policy has Capitol American Life Insurance on it, the phone calls are answered by a company called Washington General. Talk about your typical corporate veil. They all use some sort of independent sales force and the last person to try to up-sell us on this insurance is out of Wichita, Kansas, Greg **.

Having trouble with company that has taken over. My policy has matured as of October 31, 2014. But they still taking out premium in November. When I called tonight they are telling me that I had sent them a short payment of $10.00 in March of 2001. And I owe them two more payments. I have had no paperwork in many years of this, and or on my accounting of my premium total. How the heck does a company do this to people. Not accountable at all, now have to wait 72 hours to get something in mail.

Salesman stated to me the premium will be returned in 20 years or at age 75 on Certificate Anniversary date after turning 75. 75 on June 19, 2015. Certificate date July 1, 2002. Will not pay back until 2016. Many calls and told it is based on 14 years or when 76. First time I have heard about 14 years. Literature and Certificate Schedule state WHEN YOU REACH 75!!! Appears as if they want to use my money for another year or figure I will die before I get to 76.

My wife's granddad took out a policy with Vulcan life and Accident Insurance Company who sold out to Conseco Life. She has now pass away, and now they can't find the policy. It's been three months, have not heard nothing about my claim, need help. Thank You!

I too received a letter late last year stating that I should anticipate an increase in the cost of insurance but that I would not see an increase in my "premiums" unless I wanted to change them. It was a 12 page letter with many unintelligible charts and after repeated calls I discovered their definition of premium was my definition of automatic bank withdrawal. But I shouldn't worry about changing the amount of my allotment because they would make up the difference in my increase by tapping into my accumulated cash balance. I was also told that rate increases could be expected twice a year. That throws the convenience of an allotment out the window.

So I told them to start sending me a monthly bill. They told me they couldn't because they were unable to tell me what the cost of insurance would be because it constantly changes. I asked why now, after 16 yrs of consistency. They had an answer for everything. Those 16 years of premiums, sorry, payments were front loaded and the overpayment put in escrow for this eventuality with the promise that the premiums would never change for the life of the policy. The reality is that the balance will disappear in less than 4 yrs at which time my costs will have doubled.

Within the next 8 yrs they will have tripled. No adjustments to the policy can be made without losing the cash value. This whole process is a scam to rob us of all our cash balances by carefully "informing us", and at the same time not telling us the truth while at the same time, squeezing us for more money through logarithmically higher rates until you can no longer afford coverage and are too old to get coverage. The only option is to cancel as soon as possible and hope to retrieve your balance and put that towards a different policy.

I bought Conseco Life Insurance last 2/17/95 paying $244.62 quarterly including spousal rider. On October 10 I got a letter from Conseco stating premium increasing to $2,354.81 quarterly and cancelled spousal rider. Explanation letter stated Increase in Your Monthly Expense Charges per $1,000 in Coverage and Monthly cost of Insurance Rates were included which when calculated increase to $345.24 quarterly not the $2,354.81 quarterly as demanded for payment.

I Called Conseco and no valid explanation given, I was told "we have the right to increase your premium amount and if you do not pay the $2,354.81 quarterly we will cancel your coverage". Original policy was stated as 20 year coverage and policy is only in the 17th year. I was involved in the "dishonest business practice class action lawsuit" against Conseco a couple of years back and everything was guaranteed to be corrected. Please advise how this can be resolved and hopefully a new "class action suit" can be instituted to stop this injustice against their loyal policyholders.

We have been paying on this life insurance for over 14 years. When I looked today to determine our accumulated value on this policy, I was amazed that it is decreasing due to their rising insurance rates! They are pulling out of our savings to pay for their rises in cost! With only $1,600 left, we will be closing out this account pronto. We were never made aware of this situation by the company. Let the buyer beware!

I bought accidental, heart and cancer coverage in 7/2002 via payroll deductions from a Conseco representative at an onsite job presentation with premium refund promised after 20 years via an additional refund rider. After paying for 10 years without fail via payroll deductions and no claims filed, I learned in year ten that premium refund for insures who bought policies at my age would not process until age 75. My mistake was following the sales pitch presented to me by the Conseco rep. This disappointment was not the sole reason for discontinuing this policy. The final straw was how several of my coworkers with the same policy were treated by Conseco when they filed legitimate accidental injury claims for on and off the job injuries each received.

They are using repeated stall tactics wherein each claimant had to suffer through repeated delays, phone calls not being returned by reps or claims department, or repetitive requests for additional info pertaining to their injuries (i.e., doctor’s reports, accident reports, etc.). It has been several months of boundless delays and still there’s no action on either of their claims. One of the two coworkers whom I recommended this policy to has since discontinued her payroll deductions and consequently cancelled her policy. The second coworker is still fighting for some action from Conseco and so far the stall tactics from Conseco continues on his claim.

I have had the cancer/emergency room insurance policy for twenty years (in June) with automatic withdrawal every month from same account. I was told and I confirm with company that if said policy was not used I would after twenty years be returned the amount I had paid for premiums. Today, May 4, I received a letter that I was three months behind on monthly premiums and if not paid by April 30, the same day the letter was dated that my policy would cancel. The only month not taken from my checking account was for April and that's on the insurance company. My twenty years are almost up so I guess this is their way of not having to pay the amount that was stated to be returned. Is there any way to rectify this? I am really upset with this so called company.

My husband of 56 years past February 6, 2012 and on February 7, 2012, we notified Conseco/Washington Life Insurance. On February 23, the insurance company withdrew money from his checking account as usual, two weeks after death notification. We were sent the death claim application. Now we cannot get this office to verify the receipt of the death claim. My husband has paid $209 a month for the last twenty years. Please advise immediately. After reading the complaints we may need to get advice from the AG's office.

I called and asked about the increase in our policies, talked with at least 4 people, one yelled at me. I told them we were old, on a fixed budget and could not pay any higher payments. They offered me the option of surrendering our policies, which I did. They will only refund us $6,000. +/- and they are keeping $31,000. +/- which I feel is very unfair. They have earned money through the years and keeping that amount of money is unreal. I have contacted a lawyer for financial advise only. Now, I am afraid if I sign the release papers, I will not be able to get the money I have invested with this company.

My mother is 93 years old. She has had a supplemental health insurance policy with Conseco since 1988. (Perhaps, they purchased her previous policy from another company during a merger.) On Tuesday, November 27th of 2012, I called Conseco to request a copy of her policy. They wanted to charge her $25 for a copy. I told them the charge was unacceptable. Customer service did not budge from repeating the policy statement. I reminded the CS rep that the Affordable Care Act passage has placed insurance companies under additional scrutiny and that I would let my representatives know of their policy to charge customers for copies of their own policies.

At that point, the CS rep spoke to her supervisor who told her to waive the charge. Then, I was told it would take 28 business days to print the policy and ten days to mail the policy. Conseco is located in Carmel, Indiana and my mom lives in Pennsylvania. I am very suspicious of this company. I believe they will continue to place obstacles in my path. I am not at all confident that I will receive a copy of the policy within 38 business days. I will let you know!

Conseco is a scam! There is no reason that business should be around! After reading so many complaints, I am appalled at how something that dishonest can take place. My mother had a cancer policy with them for many years and a year ago was diagnosed with cancer. We have spent countless hours with these people on the phone and in writing, to no avail. We are told we have not submitted the correct forms, we do not have permission, etc. Oh, she did receive a check from them for something like sixteen dollars, with no explanation whatsoever. There was not even a stub with explanation of benefits attached to it!

My husband and I have had this insurance since March 1994. Paid through monthly bank drafts. Almost 18 years later, we get this letter in the mail that read that our policy was in "grace". I needed to send in $157.72 to Conseco Life Insurance or my policy would lapse. I called Conseco to find out what was going on, and a lady named Brittany told me that the policy was still the same but the cost of insurance had gone up and they were allowed to charge the extra amount. That it had changed as of November 1, 2011. Conseco had depleted all that was in our interest account for the extra cost. Our original policy was for 38.80 for 18 years, and was suppose to be that for the life of the policy. I told her that I would be contacting a lawyer. When you read the complaints, Conseco has did this to thousands of customers. They should be held accountable for what they have done.

In 2012, my quarterly payments went from $574 per quarter (3-19-12), to $1,512 on 6-3-12, to an additional $574 on 6-28-12, to $1,808.45 on 8-28-12. This is preposterous! Because my husband is nearing the age where he might die, the company - not wanting to have to pay the $100,000 - has decided to almost quadruple my quarterly payments. This is so unfair! In our later years, we are not making money and are living on Social Security. What can we do?

My father paid premiums to this company for over 20 years. He overlooked a payment due in September of 2014. I discovered the payment had been missed on November 3 and mailed it in to the company. They returned the check saying that the policy had already been cancelled and my father would not receive any of his premiums back. From the other reviews I have read on this company that seems to be how they operate. I am not at all sure that cancelling my father's policy was done legally. In any case, they should be ashamed of themselves. The payment was due September 20, I paid it on November 3 only to be told it had already been cancelled and they could not accept payment. Seems a little underhanded to me!!! Considering they never had to pay one claim over 20 years!!!!!!!

As with many other consumers we have had a difficult time with this company. It is amazing to see how often insurance companies apparently are able to defraud and or bilk, trick and cancel policies that members have had for many years. In 1995 we received a notice that suggested that a new policy would be a better policy, so not realizing that this company had just been taken over by Conseco, we made the error of trusting the agent, which did know what was happening and either lied or misled us into taking this policy. In later years they began to go up on the policy amount, but they did not tell us this, not even in a letter. They just took it out of the policy value until there was nothing left. Then they sent us a letter saying the policy would cancel if additional funds were not deposited right away. We later found that this company has a history of problematic encounters.

We went to the insurance commissioner who investigated this company and found some surprising things. We’re not sure what the result of the investigation was however a change occurred and we think that this is something that was negotiated. Today we checked with this company and found that they again stopped taking bank drafts two months ago, so again we’re about to go to the mat with this company. It is a shame and there is a special place in hell for these people that run this company.

It appears that they up the price on the policy take the cash value from your policy which results in cancellation. Why? Easy. They don't have to pay the interest on the value of the policy if they raise the price. Many can't afford to pay it. What is really sad here is that we have officials in Washington that will not do a thing to help out people that are being victimized by this company and others just like it. They would rather go and deal with a politically correct situation rather than to do the right thing and investigate the board of directors of this company.

I have had life insurance with Conseco for more than 15 yrs. My received a notice in mail that my insurance has lapsed. After having several conversation with individuals over the phone, no one could not tell me why I did not get any notice in mail that my policy had lapsed. They kept telling me that I will get something in the mail. I call on several occasion and finally I got a letter in mail telling I need to make a payment in November 2016 and then again in Feb 2017. I sent the Nov. 2016 payment via mail and a week later, I got another letter telling me that I need to pay for reinstatement fees well over a thousand dollar and that I need to make this payment in a few days. I call and I got some lady on the phone telling me that it's my fault that I let it lapse and that nothing can be done and that if I don't pay then I can forget about the 15 yrs that I put into this policy.

I was furious and ask to speak with a supervisor. She advised me that there is no one for me to speak to and that she can have a supervisor call me back. Here is it, I still have not received that callback from a supervisor. I wonder if anyone can tell me what recourse can be taken as I am thinking that this company did this deliberately so that their customer would have lapsed policy in an event to save the company money. Can someone please help me?

I have had a whole life policy for $110,000 for over 10 years. I am retired and have been trying to keep up with the continuous rate increases. I finally had to just let it default on June 28th. For years, my premium was $179 per month. As time went on, it kept increasing. It finally increased to over $400 per month and I just couldn't continue. I called so many times to try to understand why this was happening. They kept telling me it was the cost of business. What is that? I would like to participate in a lawsuit. I feel this is so unfair after working so hard to keep this policy going so that I could leave something to my children. I am currently 75 years old.

To respectfully begin with, I would like to thank all the staff at Consumer Affairs for the diligent, hard and most appreciated work that all of you carry out on a day-to-day basis.

In January of 2013, I applied for Life Insurance. After noticing how unprofessional and slipshod this company is run, I cancelled my insurance policy within one week of buying the insurance. I have both written and called Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company (Colonial Penn) various times. I spoke with a licensed insurance agent, Ms. Nina **. On the last telephone call which I made to the company, which was on March 12, 2013, she informed me to put my refund request in writing for a refund. I even addressed the letter I wrote, dated March 12, 2012, to Ms. Nina ** of Conseco Life Insurance Company with a refund request. After Ms. Nina ** received my letter, instead of a refund, ironically, on March 23, 2013, I received a bill in the mail with a due date of April 07, 2013 for the insurance I had cancelled in early February of 2013. I have made calls to this company on the dates of March 03, March 07 and March 12, 2013, notwithstanding the fact that I also made the initial call to cancel my policy on February 25, 2013.

I naturally gave the company time to process and submit my refund. After I did not receive anything, except enrollment forms, every week in the mail since I cancelled, it became clear to me that this company is stalling me instead of sending my refund. With each telephone call that I made to this company, I would be told different stories of their company's policies and procedures for a refund depending on whom I spoke with that day (I do have all of their names). They were not consistent. Even though I jumped through hoops and followed all of their policies and procedures (with the information I had been given) to the best of my ability, yet still, to-date, I have not been refunded. The most difficult part of this unacceptable situation is waiting and receiving no refund.

Times are extremely difficult financially, and it's a fact that this refund could put food on my table. I do have a family who I am responsible to provide for. I am not well, medically speaking, and I am disabled. The Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company (The Colonial Penn Program) needs to be investigated thoroughly (to prevent this from occurring to another family). I kindly request that the Consumer Affairs Agency step-in and investigate this company so that I may be refunded. It is unconscionable that I have been dealing with this company since January 2013, and in just eight days, the calendar will read April and still, this company has yet to make good on my refund. I would greatly appreciate Consumer Affairs’ acknowledgement of my complaint. I am kindly requesting Consumer Affairs to have this company thoroughly investigated. I thank you in advance for any and all efforts extended with regards to the aforementioned complaint.

Years ago, Conseco sold cancer policies to employees at our school with a mammogram benefit. It stated: "This benefit reimburses you actual charges of the mammogram." This benefit is what helped sell these policies. It was icing on the cake! A week ago, we all received a letter that states Washington National will no longer reimburse the full charge for mammograms. I emailed our sales person asking how the company can revoke a benefit that sold these policies.

He replied: "...the mammogram benefit is actually not a part of the cancer policy; it was a State Mandate that came into effect in 1999, which is why we had to pay it. The State Mandate was revised in 2010, which recused supplemental carriers from covering mammograms, only requiring Major Medical insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, for example) to pay for them. So, even though by virtue of the revised State Mandate we are no longer required to reimburse the cost of a mammogram, all current cancer policy holders will be reimbursed $100 per year, even though there is no out of pocket expense. (New cancer policyholders don't get that.)" What a bunch of hooey!

Conseco Insurance has consistently been billing us for the past several months stating that we are in a "grace period," and that our premiums are not covering the cost of insurance and expenses. We have paid these bills and then when another came for more than $400 and we did not pay it, they cancelled our policy on 5/27/12. Our premiums have always been $213 per quarter for more than 20 years and we have paid in the equivalent of more than $215,000 in premiums. We received no notice from Conseco that our policy was changing or anything. I am currently seeking legal help. Steer clear of this company, google Conseco lawsuits and you will see for yourselves.

My premiums jumped from about $38.00 to $73.00 last year. Now I receive a letter that it will again rise to $106.80 in April. I believe their increases to be unusually high and excessive. All attempts to get a detailed written report on just what the policy covers have been unsuccessful. I don't even know if it is worth the increase. I carried it for many years and have invested a lot of money. I can see minimal increases in today's economy, but theirs are excessive in such in short period of time. Help!

The Conseco agent came to our school in March 1995 and sold cancer policies. He stated that, if no claims were made, at the end of twenty years, we would receive $20,000. This, as you can imagine, sounded pretty good. I should have thought, "too good". Eighteen years passed. I retired. Looked at that sum being taken from my bank account each month and thought, "I should check on this". Called Conseco/Washington National to inquire if the above statement was true and still in effect. The agent with whom I spoke said that indeed it was. He also said I would not receive the entire amount all at once but would have access to the funds as I needed them. "$20,000?", I asked. "Yes." So, for the next two years I continued making the payments.

March 2015 arrived. I received a Benefit Now Account statement along with a checkbook for that account, for a total of about $8000. I called, was transferred around. Finally reached someone who said she was sorry for what I was told in 1995 (though she did not seem surprised) but I only received return of premiums. So, yeah, I'm a bit ticked off at myself for being so gullible, I'm ticked off with the folks who work for Conseco/Washington National, and ticked off with the agent who led me on two years ago. These people should be run out of town. Actually out of the country. On a rail. With their lies tarred and feathered to them.

I have had the misfortune of having several policies with Conseco, none of my doing. The policies were purchased by Conseco. ALL of my policies have been cancelled by Conseco for one reason or another. The most recent were policies I purchased through the National Teachers Association, Cancer health policy, and a Heart health policy. The agreement was after twenty years, I would get a refund for money not used. The premiums were deducted from my paycheck each month. In June 2011, I was laid off from the school district with four payments left to complete the twenty-year requirement. Conseco cancelled my policy and would not let me make the four payments.

The first time I called, I was given a quote to bring my policy to a current status. I mailed the check and a month later received a letter that my policy had been cancelled. I called a second time and the person I spoke to did not know anything of my situation. However, looking on the computer, I was scheduled to get two refunds, one for each policy. After six weeks, I called again and again, the person did not know anything about my situation as none of my calls had been documented. I was told there were no notes in the system. However, there was a mistake. I would not be getting a refund because I was no longer working. I was given a different phone number to call, then another number, etc.

Each number was at a different location; one office did not have access to the previous office and could not help me. Each call I made, I had to start over in explaining my situation. The bottom line, Conseco refused to pay any refund since I am no longer working. I asked to speak to a supervisor and never received a call back. Approximately 3 months later, I did receive a refund for the premium I paid as stated in the second sentence of this paragraph.

They were having the MATE show in Billings, MT this weekend. My wife and I visited with a representative of Washington National Insurance co. and were told the very things everyone is complaining about. I went to the BBB and there are no records of anyone complaining. I wish people would report this company to the BBB as well. When I told them I wanted to read some reviews on the company before purchasing, they told me not to go by reviews, only people with bad experiences ever write anything. I am so glad I read the reviews before throwing my money away. How can so many people have this many complaints and they are still in business?? Just when we thought we found the perfect insurance for us. Apparently if it is too good to be true, buyer beware.

My husband, Charles **, passed away. His contract states that his renewals would go to his estate. They were sent for a while. Then, I received a letter stating that they had been sent. I did not receive them - $341.00. Then, the letter said I would have a short length of time to respond showing that I was the executor and legal wife, date of death (certified). I certified a letter to CNO Services, LLC. on June 5, 2012, signed receipt required, showing all these things in plenty of time for me to receive the check. To this date, Sept. 30, 2012, I have not heard a word. I would like an answer.

I opened a TSA in 1998 with Greater American Insurance co., who was sold to Conseco/Washington National Insurance Company, who refuse to allow me to rollover my investment into another IRA. They have been holding my money captive all these years and each time I meet the criteria to release the funds, they give more hoops to jump through before they will release the funds. They are a hideous company and the national insurance commissioner should be looking into them, especially with this many people being unfairly treated.

I was diagnosed with cancer in May, 2010. I tried, unsuccessfully, to use the insurance I paid, for over 20 years, by filing claims. They kept on telling me they need more information. I had my doctors complete the forms, and hired a lawyer to file them. He ended up being forwarded on the phone to a girl in Jamaica. After repeated attempts, and paying $25.00 for a copy of the policy, my lawyer said that it was not worth the paper it was written on, and to cancel any further payments. I had heard that it was difficult to get Conseco to honor their insurance responsibilities, but it was a shock to be the victim of such flimflamming.

I followed my lawyer's advice, and canceled the insurance. The company sent me a check for $23.00, for some reason. As an educator, I would recommend checking out this company before signing a contract.

((CAUTION)) I had a policy for about 35 years now. Was 46--(now 69). These people are trying to cancel my policy. They tried-(non payment). I have all payments on account. Now trying to say that I missed a raise payment. Now they have me jumping through hoops--Insurance Commissioner. These people are the worst!!! I have complaint in. I have been recording all phone calls--(legal in Louisiana) (no mention of extra payment! Now going to a Attorney. (They have been changed to (Insurance Services). Beware these people.

I was offered a less expensive Washington National policy by an agent. He told me it was as good as my Aflac policy and it would cost me less. Be careful. The saying you get what you pay for is true. You might as well burn the money you spend. I work with my hands in a small dental practice. I had the misfortune of getting my hand crushed in a log splitter. Right hand no less. Because I was not totally disabled, I could still use my non dominant had, I was denied. Out of work for 8 weeks and the only thing I got was $250.00 for breaking a finger. Can't do my job but that doesn't count. Run if anyone offers you this insurance.

We purchased the cancer policy in 1995. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and the payout was next to nothing. If you read what they pay in the 2-page policy I received, you will see they pay virtually nothing by today's standards. I requested a copy of the policy for the accident insurance we have and they want $25.00 for a copy. I am going to contact the State insurance commission and see what they say about that. I did do the math following my husband's cancer and after the payments they made to us plus the cash value of the policy (which they did not want to tell me). We decided to cancel and cut our losses (which were quite minimal) rather than continue to pay the large premiums and question if they would really refund the money or we would be alive when the policy reached pay back status. You may want to push a pencil on this and see if it is in your best interest to do this.

If anyone mentions this name do NOT do business with them. My grandfather purchased a policy for my dad in the 40s with Lamar Life. In 2016 they sold to Conseco. When my dad passed away in November I contacted them about his policy. It took a while for them to locate it but said they would get paperwork out In about a week. Since I still have not received paperwork I called back to inquire. I am now told they cannot locate the policy and the lady I spoke with previously 'just told me she located it' when she really had not.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told my question was not an approved for a supervisor because there was no account. I held on the phone for 43 minutes insisting to speak with someone about the transfer of accounts from Lamar Life and continued to be told no. I will be reporting them to the BBB as well as contacting the insurance commissioner. I have the policy and receipt for every payment on it. I will drive to their office in Nashville if necessary. Sad they can take advantage of people like my mother who needs the money.

My nearly 94 year old father has had a $40,000 life insurance policy with Conseco for over twenty years. He has paid in premiums very nearly the value of the policy. He never missed a monthly payment and has the cancelled checks to prove it. A month ago he received a letter from Conseco stating his policy had been cancelled two months previously for nonpayment. No prior warnings - nothing. After contacting our state insurance commissioner and going back and forth with Conseco, he finally received a letter today advising his policy has been reinstated. I wonder how many other elderly folks insured with this company have a similar experience. It is lucky my dad still has his wits about him and realized what this company was trying to do. I feel an investigation of exploitation of the elderly is in order and plan on filing complaints with other agencies.

Deceitful policies - My wife purchased a cancer policy through Conseco some years back. The agent did a good job avoiding reality and a great job selling a load of crap. You must read all the fine print! Well I recently was diagnosed with lung cancer, which we may have caught in time. We called Washington National and they were happy to help, "Send us your claims and we will take care of you promptly." We did almost $90,000 in claims, they are paying out a tad over $6,000. Their insurance is not worth the paper it is written on! Beware of Washington National Insurance.

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