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I called and got a quote over the phone. Then he emailed me the quote, it was for $40.00 a month with only $72 down. When I got there to the location on Fulton Ave. Sacramento, the man took my personal documents, put them in a drawer then went on to tell me a different monthly price and a different down payment. When my father told him that we were going some place else and wanted my driver's license and car registration back, the man would not give it back. Then my father asked for them again, he still did not give it back. He turned around and said something to a lady who works there. He was holding us prisoners in the office by not giving me my documents back. I don't know if he was trying to make us get insurance with him or what, but it took 4 times of asking before he would take it out of the drawer and hand them back to me.

These people conned me into switching my policy over when all I wanted to do was add on a vehicle to my existing policy. They said they had a different company that would save me money. I paid $535 for a deposit on the new policy. He told me come back in so he could take pictures days later. I go back in and get charged another $112. He (Justin) conned me into switching policies and it cost me almost $650. It would've only cost me $200 to just add it to my existing policy. He also lied about how much the insurance would be monthly. Upon calling customer service, they offered me $40 back. Really?! After screwing me out of over $450, is $40 really going to make a difference? Worst insurance company ever! I would never recommend them to anybody! I told them I just wanted to add on a vehicle and he screwed me into making a new policy that cost me even more money and he cancelled my old policy!

This insurance company did nothing but took, took, took. They were not worried about satisfaction or anything. I recently signed up with Cost-U-Less. They made It seem like they would help you and work with you to pay for reasonable insurance. After we talked about a 50.00 monthly bill...the man told me I had a 300.00 balance that needed to get paid by the due date or they would throw on a late fee. He also gave me a number to call and said "They will work with you so you don't have to pay the full 300.00 balance".

I put down 100.00 and called the number to work out a plan to pay the rest. When I called, the man was only interested in my credit/debit card and which one I would pay with. He was not helpful and did not seem to be happy to work out a payment agreement. I am now In the process of canceling and will not advise anyone to go to Cost-U-Less!

I worked for Freeway many years and the treatment to employees and service to customers are horrible. Freeway will charge on top of high broker fees, they will charge endorsement fees which are charges for any changes to your policy such as deleting/adding a car, change of address, adding/deleting a driver, etc. These fees are all for the agency including broker fees and a tiny percentage goes to the agent that is why they try to hit you high with broker fees so they can get some money out of you.

Broker fees are negotiable and should not be high. Employees are trained to pressure uneducated and order taking customers so watch out. If you guys get lied to or experience dishonest business, feel free to file your complaint with California Department of Insurance. Enough of these complaints can eventually shut them down.

I had low income auto insurance policy with Infinity and one week ago I bought one car for my son but my son is not eligible in my low income policy as he is under 19. So I had to cancel my low income policy and had to buy insurance from other company for my two cars including my son in the policy. So I called Cost-U-Less Insurance agent in my city Modesto, CA. They quoted me over the phone $100 down payment and $80/month premium but when I went there they said $124 down payment & $102/month premium, so I agreed upon and made payment of $124. After that they took my signature on 20-30 pages without giving me time to read all those paper. Now I got bill from Insurance company stating $115/month premium and $100 deferred down payment past due notice. Now I am trying to hold the agent but he is not picking up the phone. Is there any way to take legal action against them?

My overall experience was ok until I received my monthly bill from the company who wrote the policy. I wasn't told about their $13.00 installment fee for monthly billing. My bill was well over what I could afford to pay. My main concern here is that the manager, Dawn, of the Pittsburg, CA office, committed fraud while my policy was being written up by Desiree, who is one of the policy writers.

Desiree asked me if I wanted "Uninsured Motorists coverage." I replied, "No." Then I told her, "I only want the bare minimum coverage that CA says I must have in order to drive my vehicle." Desiree asked the manager, Dawn, to check the policy before she got my signature and my down payment. It turns out that, according to Desiree, Dawn told her to add the "Uninsured Motorist" coverage to my policy anyway. So Desiree added it, but did not tell me she did so. Dawn did not let me know that she instructed Desiree to add the uninsured motorist coverage.

The policy was written, signed, etc. and I was still not notified of the "extra" coverage they decided to give me without my permission or knowledge. I went back to their office the next day to finish paying off my down payment and one thing led to another and I was told that I had "uninsured motorist" coverage! That is considered “fraud”!

When I asked them to remove said coverage, I was told that it would cost me $35 to make that change to my policy! I hit the roof and left their office after I was told that they would have the manager, Dawn, look over my policy when she came in the next day, which is today. I called to speak with Dawn today as I was told to do. I was told by one agent that she was busy at the moment and offered to have Bianca help me. Bianca was the one who actually told me I had uninsured on my policy. Bianca told me that Dawn was called into an 'all-day meeting' out of the office so she couldn't speak with me. So which was it? Was she busy? Or, was she out of the office in an all-day meeting? I believe she was trying to avoid me.

I was buying a new vehicle and unluckily called Cost-U-Less which should be Cost-U-Lots considering they will do anything they can to obtain money from you. I was signed up and had to pay $339.55. About 10 minutes later, State Farm offered me a better policy for only $121 a month. I immediately called Anthony ** from Cost-U-Less to cancel the payment. He asked me to hold on, then hung up on me. I called back and another man answered, said that he would transfer me to him and they hung up on me again.

I decided to email Anthony back about needing to cancel and I got no response. He was very attentive while I was signing up and I had previous questions; he would email me back fairly quick. The second I attempted to cancel service, they decided to stop responding. I had to go to State Farm and my bank to cancel these payments in November. Finally, the bank and State Farm canceled my service and refunded me my money. On March 10th, I received a letter in the mail that a collection agency was trying to collect the money from me for Cost-U-Less.

I called in to the 800 number and got a supervisor after explaining my situation. He told me they must refund me if I canceled my service within 24 hours. I told him I tried to cancel my service but got the runaround and he said not to worry, that since I canceled through State Farm the same day, but I would need to talk with customer care to get it taken care of. They were closed so I called today to find out that since I myself didn't cancel service, they won't refund me my money and it is now in Cancellations.

I explained what happened and that I have all of the papers showing my attempts and the call records. He said, "That's not an excuse," and that they will not cancel the owed amount. I told him that the supervisor said it was supposed to be closed and he kept talking over me about how it doesn't matter what I was told the problem was, that I didn't go into an office. The closest office to me is 2 hours away. This company has 0 customer service. They are slime and it disgusts me that they even exist after seeing all of these complaints. If a company cannot be run properly, then it should be shut down. Never in your life attempt to contact this company for service.

I called to request a cancellation because I had a new policy with another company and they gave me instructions to write a formal letter and send it to them. I made the simple mistake of not signing the letter and they continued to charge me without letting me know about the mistake. I called after the charge was made and it was already noted that the letter had no signature, so they knew about it but cared more about their money than me. I have never been treated like this in my entire life. Any other insurance company would have been willing to help me, which would make me want to come back and do business with them again, but not this one.

I went in to the Temecula Cost-U-Less office (across the street from the DMV) and let the agent know that I wanted to add a car onto my current policy. The agent said that this was not possible and recommended that I start a new policy even though I had 2 months remaining on my current policy. I found this to be extremely odd and questioned what the agent was saying several times. So he kept making trips back and forth to the office manager (**) with price quotes. I felt that something wasn't right and balked at the deals they were offering. The agent then went and got the sales manager to come out front and talk to me. He (mgr) said that my current policy was not renewable and that Cost-U-Less was no longer doing business with this company (Clearside Insurance) because of this change in the way they do business (of not renewing at the end of the year).

Unfortunately, I assumed what they were telling me was the truth and signed up for new liability auto insurance. A week later I received a letter from Clearside Insurance and decided to give them a call. I asked about their policy to not renew policies at the end of the year and they informed me that they don't currently or have they ever had a policy to drop clients at the end of the term saying, "We are not in the business to lose customers" And offered to send a renewal offer and added my car onto my current policy at no extra charge (Cost-U-Less was trying to charge me almost $400 a year to add a car). I now am paying for 2 policies and Cost-U-Less is not returning any of my calls.

Cost-U-Less was very rude. Wanted me to start a new claim & I wanted to stay with my insurance company I already had! She told me my policy wasn't showing up in their files that I would have to start a new policy. I refused to & said I was going to call my insurance in front of them... she started talking in Spanish to her manager. They went back & forth in Spanish. She then got up & went to get a call log to start calling customers in front of me. I then walked out of Cost-U-Less & contacted my company & made a payment that they couldn't find... I am a ** woman & they continued to speak in Spanish no tell what they were saying!

I went to the Cost-U-Less store on Florin Rd. Sacramento. Was unsure of the company. Agent Anna **, was very knowledgeable and understandable to my situation and explained everything in detail, gave great customer service, went over and beyond to make sure as a customer I was satisfied with the product that I purchased. Great job Anna. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything.

I needed to get liability insurance prior to registering a new vehicle. I was going to the DMV Modesto and noticed that right across the street was an insurance company, Cost-U-Less. So, I went in and ended up purchasing the policy from them. They charged me $170 the day I went in (Friday, March 16, 2012) and told me I would have to bring another $100 the following Friday, March 23, 2012, plus pay an additional monthly premium to Stonewood Insurance of $42/month starting in April. I was totally unaware that insurance cost so much but I needed it to register the vehicle so I paid it. After leaving, I spoke with someone about the cost and they told me that was way out of line. I made a few calls and found out that for the amount I paid to Cost-U-Less, I could purchase a policy for about $42 down and $41 per month and have higher limitations and uninsured motorist.

So today, Tuesday, March 20, I went to another insurance company and purchased insurance. I called Cost-U-Less to see if I could get a refund and they told me that I signed the paper. I couldn't even cancel the policy over the phone. They told me that I needed to come in to their office and pick up some form to complete and mail back. The Dept of Insurance should do something about this company and others like them. They are totally taking advantage of people, especially when the economic picture is so bad. I don't have extra money like that to pay and feel they totally stole money from me. I have also been told that they in fact own Stonewood Insurance and they act like they try and get you the best deal possible. Yeah, right! I have a good driving record, no DUIs, speeding, accidents, etc. I was just in a hurry and they were convenient. That's why they have their businesses right across the street from DMV offices so that people get sucked in by convenience not realizing that they are being taken for a ride.

A few months ago, my dad's truck was hit by a Concord, CA city worker. Police came, took the report and stated that it was that worker's fault. So, I took all the paperwork to the Cost-U-Less Insurance. And what did they do about it? Absolutely nothing. I tried to to deal with the City of Concord myself for them to fix my truck and they don't seem to want to pay for that. Why do I have a full coverage insurance with these guys and had to be having this headache? I will just leave it like the gosh!

The worst insurance company I have ever experienced. This company is a broker. The premium was OK, about an average, however there was a broker fee. My case was $245 (not refundable). It added to the total amount of the premium. When I reviewed the final paper before sign, the amount was higher than what I've expected. Therefore I decided to decline the offer. The shocking news was the total amount had been already charged to my credit card without my final signature. I complained hardly, but the customer service was not responding. Finally I called the Progressive Insurance Company which Cost-U-Less had bought insurance for me. I've got refund the premium from the Progressive Insurance Company. That was my first and the last experience with the Cost-U-Less Insurance.

We've been in this company for almost 4 months now. First payment/bill was okay. Second, same thing, and third not only this month, they send us bill that is way too high on what we sign on and agreed upon. So we called them and they ask us about our concern only to find out that Rodrigo was not there so they asked us to go in the office at 3 pm which we did. As we enter the office, Rodrigo was there and he already knew about our complaint. We show him the papers they recently mail to us and our original copies which we sign. HE SAID, "It's fine," they will only charge us $199, same amount we used to pay. And He also said everything was taking care of. Thought it will be fine as he told us only to find out they charge us the latest bill they send which $570. Wow!! And now we're planning to terminate our policy. Now that I know that this company is a lie, full of lie.

Your employees are being conditioned socially by each other to treat your customers in a demeaning fashion. They are losing the Cost-U-Less company near the millions threshold, I would wager. I do not think you are aware of what they are doing to your customers. You just lost this customer and I always pay early. I switched my insurance companies (in your network) and paid two early payments. Neither payment was applied to my downpayment as I had requested and now no one is contacting me back. My first call to resolve this was on Saturday and it is now Thursday. I have made an attempt and left messages to correct this every day and your employees are not allowing me to contact the correct individuals who are not socially trained to lie to their managers about what is going on or be sure that real management is aware that the employees are doing this to the business as a whole. Be careful. Your employees are losing the business a lot of money.

Tried multiple times to talk to someone about moving coverage to another vehicle after a total loss in a car accident and instead of covering me they transferred me to another agency in another area that wanted to charge another $200 broker fee. Is it legal to drop your coverage after an accident?

I am so furious with this company, because I paid a $235 broker fee to them. But it was only after they lied to me and told me that they would cancel my car insurance policy if I didn't pay it. They also said it was in the paperwork that I signed or agreed to that this was an understanding how much the broker fee actually was. Which is totally false. I double checked the paperwork and no where in there does it say I owe that much in broker fees. So when I called them to complain, they hung up on me after putting me on hold for twenty minutes, and then when I call back they said they are having technical difficulties and that someone would call me back.

This whole company is a scam cause even when I called the actual insurance company, they told me that since my policy has been open the only person that could cancel my account was me. Stupid huh, I am still trying to get a hold of this company. If anyone has any helpful hints I would love to hear them. Thank you.

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