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I like the very reasonable prices Dairyland Auto Insurance have to work with. I like how they are very prompt and getting back to you when you have questions or concerns!!! I wish I would be able to pick my due date but they do work with you. I'm a very satisfied customer. Our family uses this insurance my husband and myself included!!! If you are going to pick an insurance company to go with it should be Dairyland. They are awesome.

Very good, fast and friendly service. And work with people. Purchase only took about forty five min with a low start up cost and very convenient location in a small city in Carlinville IL. However Dairyland does not seemed to be offered everywhere. Only in rural locations which sucks cause I really like them. I wish they had them in big cities. When there is not one around I go through Traders Insurance which is the second best. Their rates are a little higher but not much given my rough past of not always being able to afford insurance like I am supposed to. However my rates are a little higher than an average 32 year old woman should pay. However Dairyland never did anything wrong and if I was gonna be a couple days late I got a 5 day grace period with no punishment or late fees and that was great.

I was rear ended by a Dairyland insured. The driver was cited. Though his vehicle was totaled, my vehicle sustained minimal damages. Though my car absorbed the impact well, my body did not. I exited the incident with severe whiplash. It took 5 days for the claim agent to contact me. They sent me an "app" to take pictures. From cell phone pictures they decided on an estimate which was $800 lower than both local estimates I received from an in person observer. The insurance company stated that was all they were offering and if I did my homework I could probably find a good body shop to do the work for what they were offering. They also told me due to my minimal damages there was no possible way I could have been injured as badly as I was claiming so I should take their $650 injury settlement since that's all I was entitled to for a low impact collision.

Keep in mind... guy who hit me... totaled vehicle. I wonder if his impact was low? I was told in every contact that if I wasn't happy I could file a claim to my own insurance... that's what it's there for. Ultimately they are going to bully me into filing a claim against my own insurance, so I can get my vehicle repaired and some medical care. And I will suffer the premium hike. Why are people allowed to hold insurance that refuses to cover damages? I am at a loss.

How is this business even allowed to still do business? How does this business have 3 stars? If I could do more to shut this company down I would. But all I can do is write a review to tell you how nasty this company is. Winter came. I crashed. I had full coverage. 3000 worth of damage. How much did Dairyland pay me? After 8 months of paying them 500 a month? They paid me $321.00. For 3000 dollars worth of damage. My deductible was 500. Now common sense will tell us that's not okay. I'm stuck with a car that is basically totaled. And Dairyland still expects me to pay each month. Haha... I wish they would shut this place down. I just can't.

Since day one this insurance co was a joke. Quoted $45 per month at time of purchase of a new motorcycle. Set up autopay and noticed I was being charged $80 per month. Finally get this fixed and then upon renewal they jack it back up to $80. Then these jokes charge a cancelation fee as well. Save yourself from the lies and horrible customer service. BTW, I have a clean driving record and zero accidents.

Everything seemed perfect during my purchase. They showed me all my opinions and what's best for me. Good process and people to walk you through everything. I enjoy it because, of good service, prices they got be great. Others I know enjoy the prices. I enjoy all features. It got me best. I'm very happy with Dairyland and it's just amazing. Love it and I advise everyone to work with them. And hopefully whoever joins they fit them and love it as well. Safe on insurance with them so I'm glad I joined now. I'll be there for a while. Thank you.

I originally switched to Dairyland for the lower rate. That was the worst mistake I could have possibly made, because you are getting what you're paying for with this company. There was an incident that occurred two months ago and it was impossible to speak to a live representative let alone get an update. Once I finally was able to speak to someone, he was very rude and did not help me at all. Steer clear of this company. My policy is up within the month and I will be switching to a company who actually cares about their customers.

I recently had an issue with Dairyland Insurance canceling my motorcycle policy so I called my underwriter to see if they could make heads or tails of the situation. They called Dairyland & were told that I had not made a payment since March, a payment had been made through their website on 4/11. My payment was due after the 16th of each month, I scheduled my May payment for the 18th. I had been checking my bank account to see if the payment had gone through, it did not. I then went on Dairyland’s website & it said my policy had been canceled. When I spoke with the underwriter again she told me that my payment is technically not due until the 20th of each month. I have switched to another insurance company which was a whole lot cheaper. As one other complaint that I read mentioned, my monthly premium kept increasing & I had never reported a claim in the 2 years they covered me.

Dairyland is a great company. It was curious and understanding when the payment was late with late charges. Great people working for that company, very helpful in understanding the policy. Also, can make over the phone payments, sometimes goes it on weekends to take payments being courtesy. It’s a great experience because they do as much as possible to help you get the best coverage for your automobile and for the people who besides you will be driving the automotive. It’s a great place to let someone know to go get insurance at.

Filed a claim and they don’t respond to phone calls or emails. It has been 2 weeks. My car was involved in an accident. I pay my bill and hoped for a quick resolution. But not to respond to voice mails and emails is inexcusable.

We have auto insurance with this company and it's terrible. My husband was hit on the driver side (he was not at fault. The other company has already took responsible for the accident) but my husband was thinking that if we went through our company it would have been a lot faster. Nope it's not and the adjuster called me and said I need to turn in my rental because the shop that we took our car to was not working on it. She (Alejandra **) and her Manager (Megan) was so rude but she did not say that it took her almost 2 weeks to send over their adjustments paperwork. THIS WILL BE MY LAST MONTH WITH DAIRYLAND INSURANCE!!!

Kaitlyn in Claims Department cannot get anything done. She's been handling a claim for over a month now. She's very rude on the phone. She flat out hates her job. I would not recommend this insurance to anyone!!

I moved to California and had an auto insurance policy through Viking insurance with Dairyland. When I canceled the policy as a result of buying a new car I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the representative who stated that the policy was canceled TWO months ago. I have just found out I've been billed for the policy for the past two months and cannot get the money back even though the policy was canceled because they want proof that I gave my former car away. This, despite me having emailed the employee two months ago with the cancel policy notification. I did not retain proof as I mailed the title in to the DMV. I was informed that there is nothing they can do and that now I'm assured my policy is canceled. Do not use Dairyland auto or Viking insurance company of Wisconsin. Yet another crap large corporation taking you for all you they can.

I am a victim of this company. One of their insured blew a stop sign and hit my car. The person was given a ticket. Now they won't pay all to fix my car. The police report has a picture that clearly shows I would not see her but the scumbag of a lady named Amber totally cheated me. This company is a complete sham and the people who work there should never sleep at night. I was told I have to take 20 percent because I don't have eyes in the back of my head. Can you believe what crap that is. Sad part is we can write reviews all day and nothing is being done about this company.

I'm writing the abbreviated version, because the real version is way too long. In Oct. 2013 my husband's truck was hit while parked on the street by a Dairyland customer. Our neighbors saw it happen and took down the girl's information. After initial contact we waited a week to hear from Dairyland and never did. Called after two weeks to find out that an adjuster had been out to look at the truck, but never let us know that. After we had the truck towed to a local shop to get fixed with estimated repairs at $8,000, we found out that the driver had a $5,000 maximum (good thing for her it was a truck and not a Mercedes!). We ended up paying for the rental car out of pocket and minimizing truck repairs to the bare minimum. After finally receiving a reimbursement check from them in December, it bounced!! After two weeks of calls, hang ups, etc. we just received a check in the mail... for less than the original amount!! The phone calls will continue on Monday...

Myself and my Husband was hit by a drunk driver on May 24, 2015 about 1130 am, coming home from church who is insured by this company. In the midst of it all the driver also hit a parked vehicle that belongs to Las Vegas paving company. I have been given the run around from Megan who was dealing with my claim, she wouldn't return phone calls. Then called, left messages for Justin the Supervisor and he wouldn't return calls.

Now that Megan isn't employed there, now a new person by the McD's of Jan ** is handling it. I was told twice "I would call you back" and hasn't. I reached out to Justin and Jan today. I am always told they are waiting on Las Vegas Paving for the invoice and that I have to wait for them to get paid first. I contacted Kim from Las Vegas paving and she said they never sent three times to different adjusters but I am told every time they haven't received the invoice. Tired of the run around. Just pay for my vehicle, I didn't caused the accident. We were hit by a drunk driver who is insured by Dairyland Insurance.

The only way to find out if the insurance company you picked to insure your car is when you have an accident and you need to file a claim, and that's when you find out how good they are in helping people fix their car and go on with their lives. And Dairyland Insurance is not a good company, DO NOT GET INSURANCE FROM THIS BAD COMPANY PLEASE. Just read the reviews and go with the big boys, like State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, GEICO, Progressive, it is worth to pay a little extra and have a peace of mind, thank you.

This company should be shut down!!! They do not treat their insured people right and do not pay when their insured people have accidents. They should not be allowed to take another dime from customers. Stay far, far, away from these robbers! And the people on the phone are not one bit friendly and act like you are spending their money. They should not be in car insurance business for even one more day. If I could shut them down, I would!

Dairyland was just fine while I was paying monthly. Reasonable rates for broad form. Tried to cancel my insurance, I got full coverage elsewhere as I was quoted a fraction of what Dairyland wanted. Got the runaround for cancellation, took nearly 2 weeks for them to understand I was trying to cancel my policy. If that wasn't bad enough, I called and requested payment history and had to talk to 3 different agents before I got what I wanted. Not great customer service. Will not recommend or be a return customer.

The price is very reasonable for liability. However, I dislike the charges for sending out a monthly bill. They should make it easier to be billed monthly without being charged so much. But other than that, the agent was very easy to work with to get the insurance set up, was very helpful and friendly. If I have any questions they are prompt to answer. I will recommend Dairyland Auto Insurance.

Ride now suggested getting insurance from this company! The finance mgr applied for us but failed to tell us he wasn't insuring my son! So we decided to cancel! Well trying to cancel with this company is literally impossible! They wouldn't cancel it over the phone. They needed an email! So we did that and were told we would have to wait 7 days for our refund! 2 weeks later after not receiving our refund, I called and after spending 10 minutes waiting for an actual person to answer, they told us it was because it was sent from my son's email! They never contacted us to inform us of any of this. When I called I was informed that I will lose the 2 weeks of money that I provided, even though I cancelled the first day! The customer service agent I spoke to assured me that she would call me today and verify the refund and that she received my email!

Dairyland is now closed and of course I received no call! I believe that this company scams many people and I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy! I can't believe the hoops they send people through to just cancel a policy!! Horrible customer service!! Very unsatisfied with this company!! Next step is the Better Business Bureau!! Beware of Dairyland Insurance!!!

My experience with Dairyland has been a good one. They had met my need as a insurance agency. They are helpful and polite. I can not only go call but go online and have easy access to my account and payments. I like that I get alerts when payments are due and if it does not go through I get notified which is a relief when I am too busy to keep track or slips my mind which happens more often than it should.

The purchasing process was easy enough. I found through a website my previous company recommended. Dairyland Auto Insurance gave discounts through my work. Seemed like a good company to work with, and did not find too many bad reviews online. Rates started off great, then when it came time for renewal, I was turned off from their company and decided to go with a better one. Policy renewal fees were horrible. Rates for the next year ended up being higher than their competitors'. Getting to a live person took quite a while. And when I tried to find out why rates were worse or to find out if they price matched competitors it felt like they were getting annoyed with me which made me worry about having to file a claim if I were ever in an accident.

Dairyland Auto Insurance has good coverage and decent prices. They're reasonable to work with and very friendly to talk and deal with during any situation. I would recommend to family and friends. Very understanding company. Also very accommodating to people's situations and with making payment arrangements. They should take into consideration not everyone has great driving record and shouldn't charge a ridiculous amount for insurance. But they're a good starting insurance for younger people who aren't familiar with insurance. I dislike that their is no office in my area though and that I can only speak with them over the phone. Fairly decent overall with professionalism and with doing their job in general. I do like the name of the company. It is very unique and original. Not something you would think of for a name for an auto insurance company.

I had Dairyland for many, many years. Then I was offered a better deal though another company. So I cancelled my policy with them. I waited for a red-bait since I was only two months into my policy. But nothing came. So I called them and because fees I was getting nothing back. Well to me this is stealing my money. Why should they keep my money when they are not giving the service. Well we will see what banking and insurance has to say.

The price was great and reasonable and the locations were convienient in Bakersfield. They are very nice and seem to show compassion to your needs when you are getting a quote and/or considering using them as your insurance provider. But the price you pay is just to have a paper stating that you have car insurance because when it comes to actually using that insurance on damage to your car they have so many excuses it why it isn't being handled appropriately and within a reasonable time. They were procrastinating and either being rude and/or avoiding my calls. Totally unprofessional I feel that they can work on their people skills.

Worst insurance company ever. I called them. Sent the breakup letter to them cause they lose a customer. They're charging cancellation fees already. Their rates are too high so they can't keep people that way and then they wanna make you wait for you money owed they had no right to take from your account and then tell you it's in the mail at your 30 day waiting period. The company is a joke. I'd look elsewhere.

I have full coverage and I pay 140 a month. The rates are low and the monthly payments are decent. My rates will not skyrocket when my 16 year old is added to my policy. It has never relapsed. The workers are nice. When I need them they are there. Dairyland Auto Insurance is excellent to work with.

No exaggeration within the subject title (Worst insurance company I have ever used!!!). I mean that with every fiber in my being. Check out their Google reviews, it's not filled with people that have a connection to the inside of the company like on this site. They screwed me out of 58 bucks when I sold my car and cancelled the policy. If it was more money I would have wrote the BBB on these cheapskates. These guys' customer service sucks, it takes half Hr to get someone on the phone, and once it took like 2 days of me calling to get a person on the phone. You use these guy, I guarantee you won't be a happy camper. Thank God I never got into a wreck and need to make a claim. That would have been hell. 2 thumbs and 2 big toes way way down. Find another company, don't give them your money!!!! You would be better burning it!!!

I really like that they do all of the work for you. They research all companies available to them so they can make sure they find the lowest rates for you. From the time you contact them to the time your policy is in effect is usually only a day or two. If you contact them early enough, you can have your policy the same day. The only thing I dislike about this company is their cancellation policy. If your payment is not made on or before your due date, they terminate your policy. You get no extra days like most other companies to make your payment. But overall, my experience has been positive with this company.

I have (had) been a customer of Dairyland for 4 years, insuring my motorcycle with them, no problems. I recently moved to CA from CO and I changed my policy to a CA policy. No biggie, my insurance basically remained about the same. Yesterday I get a bill for 73.00, my payment is usually 44.00. So I go online and see that my insurance policy is now over 1200.00 from 442.00. with absolutely no notification from Dairyland. I have the Policy at home for the 442.00/yr. I called them and cancelled the policy immediately and added my Moto to my GEICO auto policy for basically the same amount of 475.00. The thing that irks me is I got no notification about any changes, and the fact that no one from Dairyland tried to keep me from cancelling. I have a feeling that with the change to Sentry insurance that they are purposely just dropping some of the lower rate customers.

The process of purchasing my auto insurance policy was very pleasant and fast, and my agents were very friendly and made a point I understood everything I signed up for in the program I wanted or may want. I enjoy the easy payments and the fast help when needed which was only once. Quick to receive my check and place to take my car. I like the options of paying in full or in payments. But I would like to see customer points program like other insurance being with them for over six years. Maybe I'd see a reward or a loyalty check.

What I like the most about Dairyland Insurance is that they're very affordable, convenient and fast as I am a mother of 5. I don't have to sit in the office no longer than 20 minutes. They also send me a bill in the mail as a reminder to pay my insurance. I can pay online or go intoa my insurance office which they are really nice to my kid.

I like Dairyland Insurance because they have the most affordable rates that I can afford on my own income. They seem like a put together company and they are very respectful. The process of purchasing my insurance was very simple and I even did it online. If I had any questions I was able to call them in the office and they happily walked me through. Once I made my payment, also online, they did not waste any time with getting my paperwork emailed to me. I was even able to sign with an e-signature. Today my policy is still wonderful and I am very pleased with this company, the policy and rate they have given to me.

Good advice - do not spend your money with this company unless you want to overpay believing you are fully covered only to find out the hard way!! Overpaid and under insured, I had an accident that was not my fault. They did absolutely nothing to help me. Full coverage does not mean what you think. I was left with all my own bills and no one to turn to for help! To top matters off they report things incorrectly to the mvr thus ruining your credit! I wouldn't give them one star if I didn't have to choose one!!!!

I deleted 1 vehicle before the renewal. I had received the statement for the cost of renewal & deducted the charge for that vehicle from my payment for 6 months. They renewed the policy for 3 months & gave me a credit. It costs less to renew for 6 mo. & now I owe them another $170.28 to renew for the next 3 months. If they had credited my payment for the 6 months, they would have owed me $20 as I found when they sent me the corrected statement. I called the main office & they had all kinds of excuses as to why I was billed this way & would not correct the payment status.

I went to the local Cost-U-Less office to talk to them about it, and the woman I talked to agreed with my position. But when she called them, quickly changed her perspective and tried to explain to me the same lame excuses & told me that because they received the payment before the due date, that was the reason for this BS. I'm MAD & they don't listen to my views of this proof or not.

I gave back my truck to the dealership due to not having a job on 04-29-2017 because I moved back from Texas to Arkansas. So I started calling AZ Express where I purchased 3 months of insurance on my 2005 Ford Explorer. Well 1st my name was entered as ** on the policy which is my middle name not my 1st name.

On 05-01-2017 when I started calling AZ Express they kept telling me that they could not find my policy and that I need to find my policy number which my policy was lift in my truck when it was returned to the dealership so I didn't have it at hand. Well finally after going through a lot of calling them back they finally found who my policy was under and so I started calling Dairyland to cancel my policy officially explaining to them how hard it was for me to get their information so that I could cancel the policy with them. I was told by them to fax a cancellation letter with the effective date of cancellation, the reason for the cancellation and my signature and so I did what was requested of me.

After all of that they finally cancelled it on 05-12-2017 and I was told by an agent that all I will be refunded to me would be $56. This was on 05-18-2017 but still had not received it by 05-31-2017 so I called them back on this day and now they are telling me $53. I even told to a manager and he said he can't help what another agent told me that it will be mail 06-01-2017 in the amount of $53. Even after I explained the situation from beginning to end to him. So I am telling everyone don't go to AZ Express for insurance because they are working with these insurance companies to screw over us consumers and then consumers and do research on the insurance company before you use them if they have a lot of complaints filed against them. Word to the wise - look else where. I am still getting renewed policy papers in the mail even after my cancellation. How funny!

Complete rip off. Very high premiums that if needed cover nothing! I get the runaround story when I ask about why my premiums are so high but never an answer. When my car was stolen they refused to cover anything. Not a penny after the $2000+ in premiums I had paid. Worst insurance ever.

Dairyland Insurance/Sentry Insurance is the worst auto insurance. Not only do they like to Deny Claims but also lie to you. Filed a claim against their policyholder and they accept that they were at fault and asked me to submit photos of the damages on the app. Few hours later, Claim Adjuster calls to tell me they will need more time to investigate. Few days later I called to check on the claim and they wanted to go with 50/50. I called my insurance to get this situated since this insurance company definitely playing games. I just got a letter today that they denied my claim! Insurance Adjuster was super rude and never returned any of my calls. Stay away from Dairyland/Sentry!

Zero stars. They are horrible. I make minimum wage working a part time job trying to juggle the bills and when I needed insurance they seemed like the way to go because they were cheapest. Even though they were cheapest I could barely pay their first month premium. After 2 months, so on the 3rd month I wanted to know the exact date I was going to be charged. I had the money in my account so I called to find out. Even though my next billing cycle didn't start for another 2 weeks I've been charged almost a week prior when I didn't have money in my account and so therefore they cancelled my insurance policy! Because I didn't have money in my account 3 weeks! Before I was supposed to be billed!

Not having any other options I couldn't restart my previous policy and I had to pay the first month premium to start another policy. This time rates have gone up and again I could barely afford it. This time it was even more ridiculous and set me back literally months and paying off other more important bills because they were now charging even MORE even though I've now been longer since my last incident. I'm now being charged a fraction under $200 a month for the most basic of Insurance to be able to legally drive, I'm a 22 year old male with 2 5mph tickets from years ago...

It's so expensive I'm being forced to start riding a motorcycle and park my car at the end of October. Yeah I'm going to be riding to work at 4 in the morning in pouring rain and snow through the rest of winter. I was barely able to pay 160 a month before they cancelled my insurance and started charging me way more. I just can't afford to be safe and drive a car this winter if it's going to be thousands of dollars a year.

Also they suck from the other end too. I had an incident at work. In the employee parking lot my truck slipped out of gear when no one was around and backed into my friend's truck. She had to file a claim with my insurance to get her truck fixed. And they were complete ** to her the entire way through nonstop. Horrible customer service would not talk to her properly, give her no respect, very rude. They were very upsetting. They refused to help her until she threatened to get lawyers involved. Absolutely horrible customer service on both ends in all ways!!!! Horrible. Sinful. Wretched. Slimy. Worthless. Company.

My husband called many places to get a quote and everything was expensive due to both of us being under 25. When we called Dairyland Auto Insurance they gave us the best offer for the same coverage. It protects us and we have full coverage on our family car and part coverage on our work car. We like that they always answer and are friendly people who genuinely help. I like how the business is and how they take care of their customers. But maybe they should add more people to answer phones more promptly. Otherwise a very great experience overall.

Warning to everyone about Auto Insurance and EFT. Please pass on. I had Dairyland for over 2 years and paid by EFT, started out at 62 for 2 vehicles' liability. In 6/5 went to 65 a month. In 10/5 went to 71. In 12/5 went to 119 a month. In 01/4 changed insurance company paying under 60 a month. Called in to cancel EFT that same day the Electronic Funds Transfer went thru. Called them to complain, they said they would send me a refund. Got my refund but instead of 119 they sent me a check for 41 bucks. Said if I read the policy, they were allowed to keep the 78 dollars. They ripped me off and said they were allowed to do it. Do not use EFT to pay for stuff. Do not trust Dairyland. I don't know whether all companies are like that, just watch out. Please pass on to everyone you know.

Great people greeting in a timely fashion and answered all the questions that I asked. My family needs safety at all times because I have 4 kids. Roadside assistance is greatly needed and included in my policy along with towing. However, their service is hard. I was stuck in a parking lot overnight one time with my kid. We pushed car 2 miles. Wasn't able to reach them until 7 next morning in Concord and it's been a long time on the phone trying to get to speak to a real life operator to ask simple question.

My experience with Dairyland Auto has always been good and joyful. They are flexible and able to work with you. I can call them on the phone and get an extension if need be. They make switching tags and adding tags easy and hassle free. Prices reasonable as well. Furthermore, they work with you and make things easier on the consumer. They give you a decent amount of time to pay and they are understandable about everyday life struggles. When I was purchasing my auto insurance, I looked up insurances and went through a small town office where they looked up more insurance policies and worked with me until we found one I agreed with which was Dairyland.

I was with this company (AKA Viking) for SEVEN YEARS. Thanks to the Home Depot security breach, I had to get a new bank card, which covered my auto pay for this company. Got a cancellation for non-payment. Figured it was an easy fix, but no. They wanted to rewrite the whole policy, and that will be an additional $20/mo. for basic liability. Nope.

I have had a great experience Dairyland. I purchased through a insurance broker and enjoy the insurance and although it is expensive it is cheaper than other policies and a competitive price. I have been with the same company for years and it covers all of my vehicles. This is the only company that provided Broad form coverage to cover all of my vehicles. This was the same price as insuring only one vehicle so was the best deal on insurance that I was able to find. I am happy with my coverage. I do not like that auto insurance has gone up so much in Colorado that it is almost unaffordable but comparatively this was the best deal I could find.

My overall experience with Dairyland Auto Insurance has been great. They cover any car. I have a floating insurance with them and it's pretty awesome because I can drive anyone's car and still be covered. I wish all insurance companies had options like this. I would love to be able to find a local agent in my area to help me day to day with my insurance needs though. But for now I will stick with this one because they have the better coverage than any local insurance agents in this area. Although it's a bummer that they are located out of state because it makes communication hard due to time zone difference, I would highly recommend this company to family and friends because it is a great benefit to be covered no matter what. They are very helpful and affordable, have friendly and dependable customer service. They're always there when I need them.

I was involved in a 4 car accident where I was rear-ended by two other vehicles with mine being the 2nd car in the accident. So far I have been in touch with Dairyland Insurance which insures the last car in the accident. To this point the insurance company claim adjuster was not even sure why they were the ones contacting me. If I could rate no stars or negative I would as I have never seen such incompetence anywhere. After receiving one call from the company which I was unable to answer at the time and returning calls twice to the adjuster with no callbacks I was finally able to get in touch with another employee on the "team" who assured me that I would get a return call on Monday. Monday arrived and went... NO CALL. It wasn't until Tuesday that I get a call basically saying they want to write off my car however they are unsure of what I will be offered for the vehicle.

To that point I had to contact the insurance adjuster to come look at the car all the while I get no offer from Dairyland for a rental. When the adjuster came to look at the car he couldn't even figure out how to open the trunk which had no problem opening after the accident and I arrive home after work to find the headlights of my vehicle hanging from their connectors which is not how they were left after the accident. Other than the cosmetic damage to my car it runs and cranks over just fine but I have to hear that he tried to use a crowbar to open the hood which had been jammed shut after the accident. Unprofessionalism abounds in this regard with no callbacks from the company and it is like pulling teeth just to hear anything back.

A week has gone by with no end in sight with the last thing from the adjuster stating that they have to wait to see pictures from the car they insure... 3-4 weeks into the claims process. I was hoping for some resolution but after reading the horrible reviews for this company you would be better off with no insurance let alone Dairyland. There seems to be no end in sight since they can't even reimburse their own clients let alone the people they hit. By all means if you find out they have Dairyland Insurance and you are in an accident hire a lawyer immediately or you will just end up infuriated with a car that is worthless.

I like the roadside insurance, total coverage, cheap monthly payments and the customer service is also really great. Anytime I have any problems they always are there and solve it asap. I'm very satisfied with my insurance company, their staff and the way they are on your side. I wouldn't trust any other company even if they offered me money. No other insurance company has exceeded my expectations.

They are very good and fast at getting you a quote and the quote will be a awesome price and very cheap. They actually the cheapest I found and I had my quote within 5 mins. The woman who helped me was very nice and knew exactly what she was talking about and my monthly payment never changes. I completely love Dairyland Auto Insurance but for some reason every month even though I pay my bill right on time they always send me this statement saying my insurance policy will be canceled this date etc. But it is overall a wonderful and very reasonable company. I am happy with my insurance quote and service.

We were T-boned by a driver insured by Dairyland - in Perris CA on June 2, 2017. He ran a stop sign at a 4 way stop and hit us in the passenger side door while we were legally in the intersection. The police were called, but because there weren't any injuries, an accident report was not completed. The Claims Adjuster said it is now a "he said he said" case as his insurer says we ran the stop sign (and somehow caused his car to T-bone us at a 4 way stop) and they refuse to settle the case. Our insurance company said the fault is 100% the other driver, but apparently facts don't matter to DAIRYLAND Insurance. I cannot believe this company is allowed to do business. We would have been better off being hit by an uninsured driver as our insurance would have covered the damage to the vehicle.

The price versus coverage seems to add up. And the price is what prompted me to switch companies. So far, I'm impressed with Dairyland and I'm sure I will be satisfied with the service when I need to use it. I'm satisfied with my choice.

I saved a lot of money when I changed to Dairyland and I was able to make payments at 6 months at a time so I didn't have to think about that bill. Very affordable, prices are always the lowest I've ever seen in California and the customer service is always very helpful as well. You can always get ahold of someone via telephone. I was very satisfied. But not enough close locations, closest location was over 40 miles away. Also lowest coverage really only cover the other driver so if you get in a crash your car is basically gone.

The staff doesn't know their job very well and doesn't really seem to care. I called because they cancelled me. They said it was because I hadn't signed for the policy. I hadn't received anything except a cancellation notice 2 weeks earlier and when I called about it the rep said it was about 32 dollars I had missed on my last payment (that was early) so I asked it to be added to my bill and left it. He said nothing about signing anything. Then 2 weeks later I'm out of town with no insurance and they want me to create a new policy. This place has been a joke from day one. Not worth it to save a couple bucks. Would hate to see how they handle an accident.

It's cheap, fast, and convenient. You can pay by the month or 6 months or a year which makes the insurance go down. They email you quick and walk you through the whole process of which coverage you decide you want. I really enjoy how they speak to you instead of a recording. However, prices could go down a little and they don't always send you a card in mail. Usually email it. But they actually mailed it to an old address. They also do not send reminder to make your payments so you don't relapse and get a ticket or avoid trouble of not having coverage. I can find better quotes somewhere else.

I have been on HOLD for 31 minutes and still holding to get an issue resolved. They have the longest wait times on the phone and added the wrong points to my husband's driving records which has caused the rates to go up on my auto policy. P.S Still on hold as we speak so I figured I should give them a review while I wait even longer on the phone.

My overall experience with Dairyland Auto is better than other insurance companies. They treat you with great respect and it's clear they care a lot about their customer. They are very reliable and will help you at all costs! While I am very happy to have this insurance, I dislike how long the waiting is. It takes a long time to get what I need. Other than that, everything else is really good!

My son was T-Boned by a client of Dairyland Ins. The police came made a report and gave a ticket to their client. We called within 2 hours of the accident to report it. We were given the claim # and agents name, **. We were told she would contact us. Two days later still no word from her... I called her and left several messages with no response. I called and left messages for her manager who also did not respond. Six days into this we finally get to talk with the agent to set us up in a rental car. We go pick it up and find that they pay for the daily use but NOTHING else. They won't even pay for us to be insured to drive it. The customer service is the WORSE I have ever experienced. The management don't care as they did not call back either.

Approximately about 3 months ago my friend Vernon ** insured by Dairyland or he paid for the coverage anyway however he was involved in an automobile accident in Georgia. He also was misled and lied to by Dairyland to the point to having his car repossessed by Ford Motor Company. He also has a pacemaker and a heart defibulator built into his chest. He has had 6 heart attacks. He is in very bad condition and he has been since. And before the accident one would think that Dairyland was trying to hope or create that he has another heart attack that is final so they do not have to deal with him. I realize this is drawing close to the end but since he had a lot of health issues he has been unable to do a simple task as meaning of the full as getting his medication because he has not had a car.

Dairyland insurance adjuster took 60 days to show up at the man's front door. They did an appraisal after he, Vernon had already had three done the range in cost to repair his car which was a forward energy with a big engine in it. Fancy huh and they appraise the damage at I believe $2,900, maybe less but that was after the deductible. His quotes that he had got from Ford and from another reputable dealer in Bryson City North Carolina were any upper $8,000 to $9,000 range. All that Dairyland did was blow him off, mislead him to the point to criminal activities that they did to this poor man and then I or just said that they could never get in touch with him even though he let them know that he would be at home. He could not drive. He was a very sick person however this does not interest them into helping an individual only to further alienate themselves from Mr. ** and his burdens.

Mr. ** lives at ** about 5 miles. Mr. ** was able to get a free phone a few days ago in order to make contact with the world at this time. My number is area code **. My name is **. I have also tried to talk to Dairyland on his behalf so that you would not be so upset and that's all they care to do with him is make him upset and mad as possible. Call Mr. ** really wants is that his car replaced originally but since they have basically left them and die and laughed at him when he told them that his car had been repossessed by Ford Motor Credit then they informed him that even though almost over 60 days have gone by but it was no longer their problem and pretty much told him to have a nice day, "Don't call us back because we will not help you."

Out to some attorney because that's pretty quick to help this man out as he has. I'm sure a very, very good case and as such negligence on a so called insurance company’s behalf that I hope they all go to jail. Please call me and I will give you Mr. ** phone number as he is sensitive to stress for phone calls at the moment. Thank you so much. Once again my name is Brian **. I'm always available. Thank you for your concern.

I have autopay which is good so it does not lapse. They also carried a SR1 when I needed one for a pretty good rate. However, because I have been with them for some time with no claims I should get a safe driving discount. But I have paid the same price for years. I will be moving out of California soon. I am hoping the insurance rates will be lower.

I contacted Dairyland Auto Insurance following my research of some of the different providers that are available online and after receiving a quote from the representative that I spoke with I decided that this company had the best price plan for the service I needed. I like that the company provides you with the option of whether or not you want to make your payment on a monthly basis or you can prepay for an extended period of coverage. But I do not like the fact that their customer service department can be hard to contact and I have had experience with rude Representatives during past encounters. I'm looking into other options.

I caused an accident. I fully admit I messed up. I feel miserable, etc. Unfortunately, I have Dairyland Insurance. They didn't give me my coverage on myself. I cannot get my vehicle or repair it. I will be switching coverage immediately. They have screwed me over so bad.

I like my insurance company. Fair prices and I like the convenience of the different ways to pay my insurance monthly. I like my agent. He is very kind and answers all the questions that I might have about my automobile insurance. I am extremely happy with the insurance provider that I have chosen.

No refund of 1063.32 for 6 months insurance - If you will notice I couldn't even put up one star. Their service was so bad. On 11-09-2017 I paid for 6 months insurance to save money. Little did I know I was getting raped by Dairyland Insurance. On the 15th just 6 days later I canceled my policy and got another one from a different company saving more than half. And here it is over 3 weeks later and no check. But when I ask about overnight delivery so that I wouldn't get thrown out of my apartment she told she could do that. However their overnight delivery takes 3 days. HELLO PEOPLE HENCE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY So me and my baby Moxie have been sleeping in my car in the dead of winter since yesterday.

Dairyland? Please where is my money? It's so cold out here at night and I'm afraid to run the heater while we sleep because of monoxide poisoning. So we just try to bundle up the best we can. Dairyland? I am an older woman who shouldn't be out there like I am. Please. Where is my money? I got in trouble 30 years ago for taking something that didn't belong to me so why are you still even in business? Shame. Shame. You people that I spent 4 1/2 hours on the phone with? Were you just telling me things that you thought I wanted to hear just to keep me from calling you? Please. We are freezing out here. Where is my money? Don't you have a heart? No I don't guess that you do if you could do this to an older person. Oh God it's so cold out here. Dairyland? Where is my money?

It is easy to pay online or through a side holding building through Dairyland Auto Insurance. It is not the cheapest, but it's not a bad price for what you get in the policy. You can add on to help out too. However, I would make it a bit more affordable especially for those of us that need the least expensive stuff. But overall, Dairyland is a good company. They are honest, helpful, and worth the money. I have yet to try anyone else because I'm still happy with them.

Dairyland Auto Insurance is beyond nice and convenient. They help me and provide so much for a cheap price. They offer a lot more than what other companies were offering. They also are very easy to make a payment. I can call and make a payment online or I can come in office which is a mile away. They are open when my husband gets off work so he can go in and make a payment for me. Also, once the lady in the office waited 10 minutes for me to come in and make a payment. I'm glad I found this company.

I am writing this to say do not go through Viking Insurance, ClearLink Insurance Agency, Dairyland Auto. I signed up for a policy on 3-17 of 16. Cancelled it 10 days later. Paid almost $300 to $289 to start the policy. Found a better rate within 10 days. Switched insurance policies. Cancelled the one with Dairyland then they proceeded to notify me that they were keeping all of my money because of the services they offered. I asked them "What did you do? I didn't even get an insurance card in the mail?"

They are a rip-off. They couldn't even explain to me why they kept my money. So for 10 days worth of insurance they charged me almost $300 and according to them have no record of nothing but 125 of it which is not even what my insurance rate was. They were charging me $157 a month for an SR-22 bond. They are a ripoff. Their customer service sucks and they are rude. If I had the money I would take them to court and sue them for entrapment because they lied about everything from the beginning.

Received renewal bill and it asked for full payment. Contacted customer service on a SAT. Was told because I had paid in full the last time that they assumed it was to be paid in full this year. Told her I wanted an installment plan. Was given option of 3 or six payments. Asked for 3 and she told me premium due at initial payment. After reviewing notes that I had taken, saw that first payment was almost half of premium due. Called back two days later, first call was on SAT. Customer service told me computer was done and to call back in an hour. I verified that I would have to jump back into the waiting line for service? Said this was unsatisfactory and asked to speak to a supervisor.

After a medium hold, put on with an attitude, condescending person from the start. Asked why I wasn't offered by the first person, an option to be contacted when their computers came back up. Supervisor started off with "we have millions of customers and we can't call them all back..." When I asked how long the computers had been down, she told me an hour. I then asked if millions of customers had called in that one hour. She then asked me for my date of birth because, lo and behold, she suddenly could check on my policy. When I restated that I wanted to be on the installment plan, she told me it was either an 11, 5, or 2 payment plan.

I asked what about the 3 and 6 payment plan I was told about two days ago. She told me the only plan were 11, 5, or 2 payments. Asked to be put on 5 payment plan and was told initial payment due. Told her how my confidence in the company was waning considering the conflicting info I had received in the 2 calls which is not a good thing when investing trust and money with an insurance company. She apologized in continuing, condescending fashion and assured me that the case would be investigated but I would not receive nor be entitled to resolution about the matter. Perhaps time to move on to yet another insurance company.

On November 11, 2015, as I was leaving my daughter's father's house, I was making a left turn as usual to the far right lane, then suddenly we were rear ended turned to collision. My daughter started to cry. I was horrified as hell for her. I thought it was a hit and run at first. Phoned the police then suddenly, a Cambodian woman comes up to me, she said it didn't bother me to exchange information or nothing. This ** just split the officer was taken down the information of the low life scumbag who killed my late Honda accord, wasn't even present. It gets more beyond maddening and sicking a hell. I went in good faith reporting the auto insurance my damages. I can't remember if I was being recorded or what. I was still quite shooking up and traumatized.

I explained to the slimeball rep who was supposedly assist me, then he said he was gonna to send an inspector to photograph the totaled car. Mr. Hernan ** was his name I believe. My attorney, Andrew **, took a photo as well of my dead totaled car. And my attorney said that whatever I told this rep of the 3rd world auto insurance company, these slimeball **, they're going by what I said instead of the evidence of my damaged car. I really went off the rails when he told me that it's like they had the damned gall to question my rational under severe emotional distress.

It just gets worse. They're saying this rear end collision from where I was hit from behind is my ** fault, claiming that I made a sorry ** unsafe merge onto roadway. I failed to maintain proper lookout and failed to take evasive action. Seriously? It goes to show you what sleazy slimeballs these SOBs are. Their parent company, Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin, Dairyland Auto, utilized 3rd world tactics. They go by what you say on some punk ass statement on recording instead of using evidence to prove that you were unjustly banged up by some low life driving driver. Please folks, I don't want no one to go through what I did. You folks who've complained about them, let's stand together and put these 3rd world slimy insurance claim adjusters out of a ** job.

Our local insurance company recommended Dairyland Auto Insurance and helped me with the entire process. Agent is friendly and helpful. It is easy to manage my coverage and they have a great variety of payment plans that suit my needs at this time. I really like this company.

The customer service department has no idea what they are doing. I had to call 3 times before they accurately changed a policy over to a different car. Each time I was quoted a different payment. The only reason I am with this insurance company is because of some minor traffic violations making it impossible to get better insurance. You can bet the minute I am able to go with a better agency, I will be gone.

I have tried many different insurance company. And none of them have quite fit my budget and didn't give me the coverage I wanted. I have been with Dairyland insurance for almost a year now. And I love them. They have different payment arrangement which make it easier for me. They also had three different plans to fitted in my budget and gave me the coverage I was looking for. There is always someone available to talk to whether it be on the phone or email. It would be nice for them though to have a app to renew my insurance and to file a claim. That would make it easier on the go.

I like the price. Cheap monthly payments. It's safe and can pay online. I have never found a easier company to work with. We love this company. They go out the way to help you any way they can. They care about the people. Easy to file a claim, never any trouble at all. Never put on hold. I will never change companies at all. I will tell everybody to use this company. It's number one in my book.

This company is horrible. One of their insured was driving in the dark without headlights. The driver t-boned our car totaling the vehicle. After we filed the claim they told us that they would only pay 50% cost of the because the driver didn't take evasive action to avoid the collision. How do we take evasive action if we don't see the vehicle? We then called our insurance and had them deal with each other. This company is a waste of time and dishonest.

My needs have been met. I have had positive experiences with my current broker. She has always been able to help me right away and she has been pleasant every time. Due to my current situation, the insurance company depends entirely on cost on a monthly basis. As long as the premium is one I can afford so that I meet the minimum state requirements, I am satisfied. But I would like to reduce the monthly premium so that it is much closer to the amount when paid in full. I understand the incentive, but the monthly premiums are considerably more when you add them up.

I was rear ended in a McDonald’s drive-thru by one of their insured. The guy was totally at fault, he gave me his information. I didn’t give him mine (because he was at fault). I didn’t submit any information to my own insurance (because he was totally at Fault). I didn't file a police report because it was on private property. I submitted ALL the paperwork/photos necessary to his insurer to file a claim. Two weeks later the agent called me and said that they wasn’t going to pay me for my damages, because it’s a word vs. word claim. Saying he said I backed up into him because I forgot something on my order. I told the agent he was lying, and the agent said but it could happen that way. I continue to prove to the agent that it wasn’t my fault by saying I had Four witnesses in the car with me to call each one. The agent responded a course they will agree with you. You guys rehearsed what to say.

Then I asked her, if it was my fault, why didn't he have any of my insurer information. She said that he said I didn’t have any insurance. I will have to prove my own case by security footage or a eyewitness. I could not use the manager at McDonald’s whom I ask for a pencil and paper to take down the guy (who rear ended me) information down. Because he did not SEE it happen. I asked why do I have to prove my case. He denied hitting me. Let him prove I backed into him by security footage or a eyewitness. She said they will close the case unless I have either security footage or an eyewitness. So I have to pay for my damages myself, because when he hit me it also busted out my license plate light which caused a short in my instrument panel. I checked all the fuses and replaced the illuminated switch, but I am still in the dark. This company have really rubbed a raw nerve with me.

I've had Dairyland insurance company for 2 years. Have paid for roadside assistance for two years. My vehicle broke down today 08/26/2016. I called for roadside assistance. They informed me though I paid my premiums I had to pay for the towing. Submit a bill for payment. I informed the lady if I paid them for two years for roadside assistance, then they need to pay when services are rendered. No comment then transferred to someone ruder than her who also said pretty much my problem. Considering my rate was raised 3 times within 9 months. No accidents, no tickets, no nothing, no notifications of rate increase.

Great experience which have helped in a couple situations. Purchasing the auto insurance policy is not difficult and is done quickly and efficiently. But I wish it would cover a little more and if they offered a rental car when your car is being fixed. Nevertheless, it is affordable and the people I deal with are efficient, polite, patient and understanding like this fantastic man, Norm from Bowling Green Ohio. Also, easy access to the insurance company. I love it. Couldn't ask for better insurance.

My experience with Dairyland Auto Insurance was easy enough that there was not a lot of hassle. It did not take long at all to get our insurance for the car. The auto insurance is very simple and they seem to have good people working there. Dairyland was better than many of the companies I have previously been with in the past. Most places are more complicated and harder to understand and Dairyland broke it down very nicely for us. We were able to get something that covers a little of everything. However, their pricing could be better as we only have liability insurance. It seems that prices are becoming impossible for most people to afford even though it is mandatory by law.

Getting insurance was relatively easy. The customer service people are friendly, helpful and fast. I overall enjoy my insurance very much. I like broadband insurance for all my cars. It's the most economical. I like quality things at an affordable price. And they allow me to pay online. But they charge a late fee and they charge to pay with a live rep. I would like to get better discounts in the my area in the future. I would also like to bundle my insurance, house, car and life. They do not offer the other three. Insurance never seems worth it till you need it. They have always come through when I needed them. I recommend it to everyone I know.

I like the fact that I obtained my insurance online through CoverHound. Also, the fact that it is affordable and dependable insurance. The process was quick and easy. It took less than 10 minutes. I also like that my insurance can be paid directly from my bank account so I don't have to worry each month about making the payment on time. The only improvement would be easier access to an actual person when I have questions. It's not that you can't talk to somebody because you can. Dairyland isn't different from any other company by doing this but sometimes when I need to talk to a person I don't have time to go through whole process of getting to a person. Even so, the overall experience obtaining my insurance was wonderful. I would recommend both CoverHound and Dairyland to any of my family and friends.

I purchased my Dairyland insurance over the phone and the woman I talked to was really nice. I like that I can always get a hold of somebody when I call and they try to be helpful, which I appreciate. I just don't think this company is for me, they don't explain the policies to you well enough, and then when you're in an accident they make a stressful situation worse. When I crashed my car they told me to take the loss. It was my first time ever getting insurance, and although I like that people are covered if they're in my car, I was blind sided when I found out I wasn't entitled to any money towards a new car. I won't use them again.

I bought a motorcycle last year and got Dairyland insurance for it. I went as far as paying for the insurance one year in advance. Somehow, Dairyland decided I owed them more money and I was not able to pay them more. They needed some paperwork from me to allow the lower cost and I provided them with that paperwork. They said they never got it and I sent it twice. Now, they have sent me to collections and cancelled my insurance on the motorcycle. Absolutely terrible and they have not kept with their commitment on the insurance rate they had quoted me on. Had I know, I would have never used them. I do not recommend them to anyone at all. They decided to change my coverage without telling me.

My overall experience was a good one although I never had a accident or incident where I needed to file so I'm unsure how that process would have gone. I had originally called around and after talking with a agent and feeling confident with the numbers I agreed to purchase Dairyland. The cost was very affordable and I could easily contact and talk to a real person if needed. I was always treated well when making payments and although any contact was very rare the people were friendly and helpful. Additionally, it was also a company that had been around for some time and had a good reputation. While I had no complaints, I did switch to Geico insurance because their rates were lower.

I had SR-22 auto insurance with them for $139 a month. At the end of 6 months they told me that they would be increasing my premium to $179 per month. I have no tickets, no violations in the past 5 years. They said because of my credit rating and because I did not have a bank account (which I do) this is the reason they came up with the new premium. I had just paid the premium $139 for the month of June the last month of the six month premium.

So I cancelled the policy, paid up and looked for a refund. I heard nothing from them so I called them and they told me I had to email them a cancellation email with my name, my number policy, number, my birthday, all of the all of the above and I did well. I heard nothing from them for another 4 days so I called and they said that they did cancel the policy and that they did hold back my money but I would only be receiving $80.10 of 139 because of fees and this and that. I still don't know what she was talking about. They even kept the 80.10 for an additional month. This company is totally dishonest, greedy and shiesty. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

This company is horrible. They way undervalued my car and refused to negotiate and tried to act as if they did me a favor. I would NOT BY ANY MEANS USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY. They should be shut down. Dairyland I really hope I never have to deal with you again. You are the worst.

I paid over 800 dollars to begin a six month policy. I shopped the price with another insurance company and found one 150 dollars a month cheaper with same coverage. I canceled the policy with Dairyland Auto after less than a month. They told me to fax a cancellation letter. When I called them a month later to see when they would refund my unused portion of the down payment they told me they could not cancel in the first sixty days in Florida. I just called again and they told me it was not duplicate coverage and they could not cancel. I don't understand this at all and am going to call the state insurance commission. The customer service guy was very short and would not explain their decision. I feel like I was scammed. I would tell all my friends to stay away from these guys.

Our experience with Dairyland Insurance/Sentry Insurance is the worst auto insurance to have in the south, not only do they make up lies to not honor your auto claim, they go as far to claiming your family members are crooked and they are the ones who are crooked. Anytime your family pays their insurance bills on time for over 5 years for 3 vehicle with full covered and they claim they not going to pay because of reasons that don't even exist is far from real. It's disgusting to take advantage of old people. My parents are over 65 yrs old and never had any driving problems, and they will pay. We are taking them to court. Filed claims with the NCDI and they did nothing, NCDI if for the people and allow them to take advantage of paying customers. SAD.

I had enrolled to have payments automatically deducted from my account, but then had to cancel my card due to a fraud problem with another insurance company. I got my new card and then my Dairyland Insurance came due, so I called to make a payment with the new card. This was on the same day my payment was due, so it really should not have been a problem, but they automatically canceled my coverage without even notifying me, then charged an extra $750. Why? Well, since I was technically without coverage for a few hours, they were starting a whole new plan. All that money because payment was A FEW FREAKING HOURS late? I am shopping for a better insurance company, of course, and will endeavor to help everyone I know who carries Dairyland to find a better company as well. Their ** move to swindle me like this will cost them lots and lots of business.

This company is nothing short of a scamming and swindling entity. DO NOT USE them! I have never dealt with any company that is this disorganized and dishonest. We received an initial quote of $670 to cover for 6 months. Once we paid the premium we received a letter that our premium had gone up to close to $4000. We then decided to change company due to their misleading business practice, but we got charged even more to cancel it! All in all a really bad apple in the business. Be careful what you sign up.

My experience was only disgusting and minor compared to the poor folks who unjustly lost lots of money in bogus and seemingly illegal accident claims. When they increased my annual (paid monthly) liability only bike insurance premium from $35/month to $68/month I had my insurance agent cancel 8 days from when they deducted the first surprising $68 and expected to receive a refund. Instead they billed me with an $18.03 penalty (and kept the $68) for cancelling and sent me 3 threatening notices within a week for payment or threatened credit reporting. Sentry Insurance apparently bought or owns Dairyland so I would not touch these companies and will check more of the fine print next time. Where are our politicians?

I got my bill today. Auto pay even. With not one ticket, accident or claim, my premium just jumped $80 a month. I was told "state revisions". I started calling other friends. Nobody else's insurance went up. They've decided. No state revisions. Look it up. I am looking for another insurer!!!

I chose Dairyland because when I purchased my vehicle from the dealer it was the insurance they recommended and I am very glad I did. I was approved and covered after a 5 minute phone call with an excellent rate. Dairyland is the second company I've gone through on my own. I love the price of my insurance plan as it is much cheaper than most quotes I received. Also I love how easy it is to make a claim. When I had gotten into an accident I simply made a phone call, took pictures of the damage and received my estimate.

Good rate on older cars/antique automobiles. It was easy to pay at the office and online. I had an insurance broker when I was using this company. It was one of the only companies at the time that would insure a young person with an antique car without having to be on a parent's policy. However, it's not a large company. Also, I sometimes worried that it's not being one of the big wigs that I would have to compromise services or have issues when I needed to put in a claim. Other than that I liked Dairyland Auto Insurance.

I had Sentry insurance in KY and I had no issues with them at all. I got Dairyland Insurance in AR with no idea it was Sentry. They raised my rate before the first payment due to them saying they count that I live in a travel trailer I own as ownership. I found a company that was $45 month cheaper for the same coverage, so I sent in a written cancellation for the policy. I then received a letter that said they were unable to cancel my policy, as the provisions of the contract state that cancellation would be effective on the date the request was received OR at a later date and this policy didn't expire until Jan 2019. So, unable to cancel. So what - they get to choose if the date it's received or a later date? They terminated my policy for non-payment - even though I had already canceled it. This doesn't make any sense at all. Stay away from them, as they seem to make up their own rules. And they are not to help you.

After having to submit my cancellation a total of 5 times and speaking to Dairyland customer service a total of 6 times, I may now get my refund!! I paid a down payment of $106.00 and today I received a refund check for $21.00??? That's not a refund! They never told me that I wasn't going to get a full refund on any of the 6 times I spoke with them!! Especially since I cancelled the day I purchased the policy! They claimed because I switched to State Farm, due to the fact that State Farm was $100 cheaper and they added my son to the policy, they didn't have to refund me in full! This company is a scam and a hot mess! Beware of this place! If you want lies and the constant runaround, this place is for you!!

The insurance was reasonably priced and the down payment was inexpensive. Also had an SR-22 additionally along with towing and theft protection. I had this insurance through this company for a short period of time. And I would have liked to have gotten more information about the company when I received my insurance card as well as get discounts for safe driving. It was easily purchased through a company that finds best insurance provider based on driving record for lowest cost. However, eventually I switched to another provider due to increase of coverage and pricing.

It was quick and very easy to sign up for my policy and they offered the best prices overall. Also, every customer service representative that I spoke with was genuine, and seemed to actually care about making the process and easy as possible for me. But they are so small that it's hard to find relevant information I.e. reviews, prices, general info. Other than that I truly cannot think of any other negatives in my dealings with Dairyland. I was seriously surprised at how affordable my coverage was. Especially compared to larger corporate companies.

I had one of their insured cause damage to two vehicles on my property. It took them over a week get a hold of the insured (even though I gave them all his contact info to where he worked and cell number). Then they told me the check was coming... That was mailed out 8-8-16. Here it is 8-22-16 and still nothing. Their customer service is very poor and this is why attorneys get paid the big bucks to deal with crappy insurance companies that hold out as long as they can to pay!! Low life company!!

I work in insurance collections. I do not have this companies insurance (thank God) but I do have to deal with them almost daily as part of my job. I absolutely hate having to deal with these people. They are very disrespectful to you, even though I am not a customer I represent a lienholder. So I know if they treat me like crap, I can't imagine how they treat their customers! Every time I call, I have to tell the customer service rep their own policies and procedures in order to accomplish what I am calling about. This last time I called, just today, the very "pleasant" lady I was talking to put me on hold after I told her she could help me and proceeded to tell her the company policies regarding lienholder.

She then pretended to talk to a supervisor and came back on the line and told me he agreed with her that they could not help me. I then asked to be transferred to this supervisor and she refused to transfer me to that person. Her excuse was, "I already told you what you need to know and no one else will help you either." I said, "I would like to speak to anyone else in the whole company, supervisor or not." She then again told me the same thing. "No I will not transfer you to anyone." I said, "So you flat out refuse to transfer me to anyone else, you are the only person there that I can talk to." She said, "That's right, you will not talk to anyone else."

I ended up hanging up on her. I am in the process of discussions with the company I work for, we are hoping to accomplish our plan very soon. I am hoping that in the very near future we will not finance anyone if they get Dairyland Auto insurance. We will be telling all of our customers and all of our dealerships will be telling all of their customers to steer clear of this company at all costs! This has to be the worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with, and I am not even their customer! My advice... go to another company... any other company!

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