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I was involved in a motorcycle accident 9 months ago. I have a 2017 Road Glide Special. The repair estimate from the Harley dealer was for 21K. The adjuster called me and said that he had worked out a deal with the dealership to get the repairs down and that now it's under the 75% total ratio and can't be totaled. The new repair cost is now at 18K and my bike's value is 21K retail so that's well within the total ratio. I get an email from Chris ** stating that they value my bike at 29K and can't be totaled. I can buy a brand new 2019 for 24k. One dealership won't even take my bike due to the damage. The others will give me 18K on trade. They are crooks in my view and should be reprimanded. Anthony ** and ** are horrible. If you are considering Dairyland, you may save a hundred bucks a year but if you need them you will find yourself in a mess as I did. Buyer beware.

I had an accident on my Harley. The accident was caused due to gravel (an excessive amount) and other road debris. The bike was totalled. The accident was clearly not my fault. Police showed and agreed that the accident was not my fault, it was clearly due to conditions of road and no tickets were issued. Officer told me that I would have been at fault I would have received a careless driving ticket but being the conditions he felt any rider would have had the same results. Dairyland on the other hand not being there, never seeing the scene determined that I was at fault. A adjustor whom does not nor never road a bike told me I was at fault because I didn't try hard enough to avoid crashing, as if I wanted to crash. Though they did pay the claim, their determination has caused me higher insurance rates. I found their customer care to be rude. I personally would not recommend Dairyland.

I had a motorcycle policy, which I paid monthly. I found a cheaper policy with a more reputable company and called to cancel a day after I had made a payment and was told I'd receive a refund - to my surprise I received a bill for $70 more dollars... What happens is once you cancel you are charged a 10% fee of whatever your unpaid premium is (for the year) but before they calculate that unpaid premium they get rid of a winter discount (which raises the unpaid premium) which is 3 months worth of premium; I asked for an amount but they couldn't provide it. Never go with them again.

Dairyland was a Horrible choice for me. Poor communication and they canceled my policy without notification even though they were supposed to be taking money out direct deposit. Now I have to have an SR-22 due to an uninsured accident that wasn't my fault due to their incompetence. Geico on the other hand cost more but has been very helpful and I know what's going on with my policy.

I am absolutely dissatisfied with this insurance company. My bike got vandalized and it ended up being salvaged. 3 weeks later they have my bike and keep throwing me through a loop giving me 1/3 of what my bike is worth. Saying there's nothing I can do but wait. They have my bike. I should have my check which is hardly anything compared to the 18k I have into it... Horrible insurance. I wouldn't choose this company for my worst enemy. Robbed me of my money!!!

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