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Loved the service, the ladies were super nice and very friendly... I walked in, got a quote that was some $300 cheaper than what I had so I switched...?however after I switched I realized why the premium was cheaper... because it didn’t include things like uninsured/underinsured motorist, road service etc... my advise if you’re looking for a cheaper rate is to make sure they offer the exact same thing you have at a cheaper rate... if not then you can lower your rates by dropping the extras you may have on your policy... I feel I was misled a bit, but at the same time I don’t regret leaving the agency I had before.
Site was easy to do. Good rate.
An excellent business style , I am a happy customer so far , hope it stays that way , safe and happy season , thank you !
Great auto insurance company
Very great service
Reat experience. Wiah i heard of them sooner.
They sucks, bad service,rude lil dicthes, i dont recommend any one to choose these fools for insurance.
Best price and very friendly service. I would recommend to anyone.
I think it could be a little cheaper
Saved lots on motorcycle insurance. No need to decrease my coverages.
Took less than 5 min to get sr 22 amazing very pleased
I sold my vehicle a hour after purchasing the insurance policy. I notified dairyland customer service the next day about What'd happened immediately being I'd no longer need the insurance as I no longer had the vehicle. I cancelled the policy the same day the policy plan was supposed to start insuring the vehicle. I electronically signed papers needed that were emailed to me to finish the return process. I was notified I would receive a refund in full no later than 05/21/2018. I have yet to receive anything. I haven't even been notified that I would receive anything at all. I'm beginning to become very frustrated at the poor communication skills the business has been performing. I need my money back immediately. I paid the company immediately and I feel my money should've been refunded immediately following my request to do so. Please resolve this issue immediately.
Jessica and Pam were both really helpful with getting me a quote and setting me up with the most affordable insurance around! Thank you Jessica and Pam
Great choice and value
Only concern, is that my lien holder be notified of new policy. Every year, my lien holder sends me notification that they have added insurance to my loan, due to recieving notification of policy cancellation, but not notice of new policy. This happens every year during policy renewal. Otherwise, I am happy to continue trusting Dairyland for my insurance needs. Thank you.
Very quick to the point not any hassle
Pleasant fit my und
very nice people
Very informative and professional. Speedy and straight to the point. Would strongly recommend to all my friends.
Short, brief, to the point and near immediate estimate. Better than two other insurance agencies I checked on personally. I had my insurance cards in time to drive my new vehicle home! Thank you.
The customer service was great and they went above and beyond to help
The lowest rates. The best service. Wish I knew you years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Very good experience Very easy to deal with
Great service.. I mean the very best.. Took care of the business..
First time getting motorcycle insurance. Had a good experience. Price is right customer service is great
excellent service. Polite courteous and very helpfull
One of the most helpful agent I ever had. Thank you for all the asssistance.
They were very heloful in helping me make my choice.to go with Dairyland.
So far dairyland has been amazing! So helpful I am so happy I found them!
Their land is amazing! They have really affordable rates. Thanks again you guys
Nice and very respectful agent's.
The staff was very promt helpful and friendly! I would definitely recommend them to family and friends!
Low cost great plan and at a wonderful convenience.
The online sign up was easy then they threatened to raise the rates if they didn't get proof of previous insurance and proof of home ownership. So I sent the required info and got a confirmation email that it was received. Then a day later another email saying they didn't get the information. Bad thing is my prior insurance was with Dairyland. So the could just look it up. So I sent a contact request telling them I had sent the information and everything. I haven't heard from anyone by email or in person and I have received my policy so they must have figured it out. But I will say the policy came quick.
Great experience with finding new underwriter after receiving notice my current underwriter will not renew my motorcycle policy. The new policy saved me $142.00, person I worked with was very friendly and helpful.
My homeowners discount is in jeopardy. I have sent in proper proof multiple times but it has not been posted to my account. If the discount is removed I will not be doing business with Dairyland again.
It was honestly sure an easy and aweson process. It didnt take long at all anand i got such a great price. I would recommend this company to everyone.
I love how quickly I became insured
Awesome customer service. They also have the cheapest rates. Glad to have switched from Progressive to Dairyland! I think they are the better insurance company all around any day over AllState, Progressive, Geico, Farmers, and State Farm!
Customer service the way we all expect it be. The process was quick and straight forward. The agent was friendly and helpful. I enjoy not having my time wasted.
There were too many mistakes on sellers paperwork to me ...
Just not real happy with how impersonal the experience was
I haven’t received my refund
Good service but didn’t receive a note in the mail to renew my insurance.
Good service and polite customer service which means a lot to me as well as low price
I was in a tight spot with my terrible driving record. They found a policy to fit my needs and my pocket book...
My agent, Kelly Brown was very efficient and to the point. A pleasing experience.
Great price and excellent customer service
They had me insured with a broad form policy in minutes with far better coverage than my previous provider without much of a difference in my premium.
Was gonna but a motorcycle owner backed out been trying for 5 days to cancel policy and they won't cancel it. It's one excuse after whither
They was quick and affordable and helped with any questions I had
Great job on service and professional service
It was very helpful and I appreciate everything they have done for me. Thank you very much
I had heard that Dairyland was the place to go for Motorcycle insurance. I checked GEICO and Progressive. For the same coverage, Dairyland was the lowest. Great service at a value!
It was easy to obtain I have used them in the past and again was very easy to understand and receive thank you I have recommended your services to friends and family
Outstanding customer service. I have told others about Dairyland and they are going to look into switching from their current carriers. My brother-in-law has switched.
Fast easy and great service no problems getting what I needed and the price was very reasonable
I am very pleased and satisfied with the way Dairyland Insurance handled taking care of my insurance needs. It was an easy and friendly experience. I will recommend them to anyone who has insurance needs
I had no problems with Dairyland Insurance and they were all very helpful. They attended to my needs and made sure I acquired the insurance specific to my situation.
Really appreciated the ease of use of your application process and felt your rates were competitive.
the agency is wonderful Samantha and I think Kim or maybe Carla were the best most helpful agents i have dealt with. Now as far as the brutal assault is concerned, Any situation a person is in that hasnt had an at fault accident, has no driving caused injuries or property, that is expected to pay 500+ a month on a car that cost 6500? Its just a very shocking thing and should not be allowed let alone the made a law you must have it. I am quite disappointed.
Great service. Friendly staff. And better price thany other provider.
Great service. Very responsive. Pleasant people
I am a return customer I loved Dairyland before and I am sure I will love them this time around!
very good to work with and decent rates. Met all our needs for coverage. Thank you
Great service, Very friendly.
no hassle getting me started. I'm satisfied
Great customer service and pricing
Very helpful and was able to assist me in getting non-owners insurance very quickly and smoothly, and able to inform me of everything that I would need to know.
to get the discount I had no problem of supplying Dairyland Info on prior motorcycle insurance but....Home Ownership, property tax, home insurance what does this have to do with motorcycle insurance?? I just want motorcycle insurance which you supplied me with but I guess I don't deserve the discount even though I have 5 motorcycles insured with you right now.
The lady I worked with was so sweet. She explained my policy in detail..she was very patient since I was running around getting last minute registration done and was caring to my insurance needs.
Very professional over the phone could actually understand the people it was a great exp
Great rates with great coverage and easy process getting set up with insurance
Excellent service and insurance at a very affordable rate. The agent over the phone was very professional and i had coverage in minutes.
I have a young driver on my policy and I still receive really low rate. I definitely recommend this company. There website was real easy to use.
Fast, quick communication. Hassle free and affordable
It's cheap and reliable
They were kind, understanding and thorough. I would absolutely recommend this company especially if you need SR22
Very professional and awesome rates!
I got insurance with them and they never processed my policy
Easy to set-up. Sales Representative provided Excellent Service.
Great company easy to work with
So far I have had minimal contact with someone at Dairyland but the few time I have they were very polite and helpful for what I needed. Thank You
Very good Customer service.
Love going through dairyland. Very helpful and.good insurance rates
I tried 4 other online insurance websites for motorcycle insurance and this was by far the best rate and easiest site to use.
Very easy to work with on my new policy
Agent was very nice and genuine and offering every service possible
Great overall experience. The agent was excellent! He guided us through the process and made sure we got exactly what we needed. He was knowledgeable and efficient. I was able to immediately download and print the information I needed and I received my insurance cards and policy in the mail this week. I would highly recommend this company.
Agent and customer service was very courteous and helpful very pleased with my car buying insurance with Dairyland
Good service and very friendly staff
I have had Dairyland motorcycle insurance for 12 years (maybe more) except for 1 year when I did not ride. I have found the coverage and price to be good and I would recommend the company to anyone. I found getting and paying for the policy on-line was relatively painless and the few mistakes that I made were quickly corrected and all was taken care of in less than a day
This was a very painless transaction and went smoother than I thought it would.
I wanted comprehensive and colension but it would of made my insurance double. So it seemed did every other insurance company. So for what I got it was a good price.
Very easy to apply. I was impressed with the quick response of my approval and the rate for my motorcycle was excellent. I would definitely recommend DairyLand Insurance to my friends.
Your agent was just perfect!
Great, easy experience
The agent did a very good job explaining my insurance to me.
Very patient with me willing to find the best rate possible