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In October 2011, we applied for a AARP Delta Dental for a dental policy. About six months later, we discovered that when attempting to make an appointment for some dental work, we discovered we had never received a dental policy from Delta. Checking our bank records, we found that Delta Dental had withdrawn monthly premiums from our account at least five times. They also admitted that they would have continued withdrawals had we not canceled the withdrawal option. We called Delta Dental regarding our not having received our policy or an ID card. They said they mailed it by USPS first class mail and were not responsible for its delivery failure. We then were complied to call our bank to cancel the Delta account. This action cost us an additional $30.00 expense.

We have asked for a refund and have been refused several times the return of nearly $500.00 collected by Delta. We had sent an application, money and allowed Chase to allow Delta withdrawals from our bank account in good faith. We expect Delta Dental to demonstrate the same good faith and return the unearned deposit and withdrawals. It's also interesting that when we reported not receiving their policy, they did not even offer replacing the lost one. They then pressured us to cancel the non-existent policy. As suggested in my complaint, the money should be sent to the Red Cross for victims of Sandy. As noted in my complaint, time is of essence.

Delta Dental really needs to be put out of business. I have gone as far as complaining to the department of insurance about this. These people aren't straight with you as to when you're 'allowed' to get treatment for your dental problems, as all they do is lie to you, say "you're fine," next thing, you're getting a bill for what they told you was covered. For one cavity I was given 3 different answers as to when I was allowed to deal with this and as to when I would get this covered. To top that off I've been told that I will only be covered for an amalgam filling, which after much research is a mercury filling that poisons your body. This plan preys on the ignorance of the insurance consumer and their only goal is to scam you out of money.

Unfortunately for now, I am stuck with this insurance and I can't afford to wait as my mouth problems may worsen. I truly believe that a class action lawsuit needs to be launched against company as clearly they are running an insurance scam, which I have seen happen over and over again from working for 11 yrs as a medical biller.

After waiting months for the policy to take effect, I took my kids to the dentist, who checked to see if we were approved to be seen before the appointment started. One of my children had impacted wisdom teeth and needed surgery. We went to the referred dentist who again checked to see if we were authorized for the removal. I paid our share of over $1200 and my son had the teeth removed. Now I am told that we weren't covered after all and I have to pay the insurance amount of another $1200.

When I called I was told that I signed a form so pretty much pay up or go to collections. At this same time my daughter was being seen for numerous cavities that had been approved. Then I received a bill for all the work that had been done after my co-pay. When I tried to speak to a human at Delta they don't seem to care and recommended that I make a complaint. I did. Where each dental office told me that it could take months before they got actual approval. I received a denial in less than 2 weeks. Of course they took another month payment automatic withdrawal. So to date I have paid in excess of $5,000 for dental work that $3,000 was supposed to be covered. Had anyone simply said you need to wait another month or two to be covered I would of waited. No one seems to care. If you want to avoid the crap we just went through go to another insurance company because Delta only wants your money. They don't care about their clients.

This company has been awful for me. They refuse to cover basic procedures like xrays and will not pay more then 43.00 for any service. The customer service is horrible at best. They transfer you over and over, only to tell you that the department you need to talk to is not available. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

I purchased Delta Dental back in July 2015 costing me $35.00 a month. Saw a dentist in August 2015 and never heard from the dentist. I called them in Nov 2015 and was told they were resubmitting the paperwork again. In Nov 2015 I went to another dentist. He did the exam and submitted the paperwork for authorized. I heard nothing. I called the dentist and they were resubmitting the paperwork. I got call from them and was told I had eight extractions to be done and I would have a copy mentioned of $1,700.00 dollars per tooth. Again why is this practice allowed to go on. Any Attorney that feels that there is a suit please contact me. I will be canceling this plan upon new enrollment. All veterans do not purchase a plan from them.

My son had 4 wisdom teeth removed 15 months ago. My oral surgeon's office submitted a claim, which was denied because they said we should pursue medical insurance first. Medical insurance denied the claim because they wanted a more detailed operative report. Both insurance companies kept referring back to the other. We finally received a final denial from our insurance company but now Delta Dental is saying the claim is too late! They have created multiple claims on the same surgery and now they can't even decipher their own notes! I was told the claim has been pushed to the Grievance office who do not answer their phones. They left a message on my phone saying they won't discuss this with me since my son didn't submit an authorization form for them to discuss his procedure with me! All the other multitudes of people I have spoken with over the months and no one ever brought this up.

I am in shock that this company gets to manipulate their customers this way. I will end up filing a grievance with the insurance commission since I don't have 2,000 dollars to pay on something I was assured was covered.

I've used Delta Dental for years and have had little to no problems. However, the DeltaCare policy, which my company switched to, is a nightmare to navigate. If you want a basic dental cleaning, you must visit your "primary" dentist which, DeltaCare has chosen for you. In my case, the dentist chosen for me was nearly an hour away. You are able to change your "primary" dentist, but that takes 1 month to take effect. Within that one month, you are not covered by anyone but the primary.

As for my child, who is less than 2-years old, he must have a referral (from the same "primary" an hour away). To get the referral, the primary must see the child, then say "Yes, he's too young" at which point you don't have a choice as to whom they refer you to. Once you get the referral, it's another month before he can see the referred dentist. It's my opinion that DeltaCare imposes this 1-month referral policy NOT due to some technical limitation, but to delay any coverage that they may be responsible for paying. In short, it's simpler, faster and cheaper to pay out of pocket for a dental cleaning than it is to use DeltaCare USA from Delta Dental.

Beware of details and unwritten rules for Delta Dental, they lie and cheat and do not care for anyone. Delta told me I had to go to the one dentist they assigned to me and I followed all the rules, even hidden ones, but Delta had assigned me to a dentist that did not accept their insurance. By the time I could get appointment with another dentist, it was July so Delta invoked their unwritten hidden fraudulent rule and told me I was not eligible to the promised "two cleanings in 12 months" because there has to be minimum of 6 months between them. If you keep Delta long enough, you will be in same situation fighting the calendar to get your promised coverage. Customer support will not budge on this and whine at you to not yell at them for their fraudulent criminal cheating behavior. In MANY cases, Delta is more expensive than paying dentist directly.

Signed up for DD Ins. They provided 18 local dentists. After calling all I could find that was in business, 1 would take their plan. The only one that would is horrible and is considered very bad. DD could not tell me which dentists took their plan and it was up to me to call every dentist on their list. I spent a month trying to find a dentist but the money spent on insurance was now worthless. Beware of Delta Dental, their customer service is absurd and unhelpful. Said it was my fault for not calling all the dentists first before paying the premium.

Deltacare is my secondary insurance, through my husband, but it has better benefits for many procedures than my own plan. I expected that, in those cases, I would pay no more than the Deltacare co-pay since those are their contracted rates with the dentist. Apparently, I was wrong, and my Deltacare won't coordinate at all as secondary so I paid hundreds of dollars more for a crown today than I would have paid if Delta was my only insurance. They've taken my premium dollars but are flat out refusing to pay anything.

Visited my first visit with a Delta Dental provider. Good Lord, am I not satisfied with the experience and/or results. People were nice as subscribed by their profession... However, the above work was not performed according to DDS guidelines!!!! First visit: Cleaning, dental X-rays, consultation: Cleaning only consisted of brief ultrasonic on outside of teeth, no hand scaling for all 4 quadrants of teeth to be sure of full healing of gums. Polishing done very briefly on frontal areas of teeth.

DDS did not discuss the full diagnosis of X-rays taken of my teeth. Only discussed a slight discoloration on a previously porcelain filled frontal tooth to be discussed at another teeth cleaning set in July/2015. Is this the standard we are suppose to be exposed to or NOT? This is disgusting and something must be changed on the discretionary laws set forth on our Insurance Policies!!!

I chose Delta Dental on They do not allow me to pay for my insurance but tell me that only after I have entered all of my credit card info on their website. They do not try to be helpful, then connect me to saying I have to pay through them. insists that Delta Dental should accept the payment. They won't, but now have all of my personal information, including my credit card information. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM. I THINK THEY ARE A SCAM. When I told them I would find another company, they sarcastically told me to go ahead! Their agents are rude and unhelpful.

Delta Dental consistently sends my reimbursement to the provider even though I am filling out my own claim forms and sending them a receipt to show that I have already paid the provider (which I should not need to do) and I’ve never given authorization for Tricare DD to pay my dental benefits to anyone other than myself. When I call and ask Delta to send my money back to me Delta tells me I have to chase down the money and retrieve it from the person they have sent it to. Even when that provider had no entitlement to the money! If the provider refuses I can access other channels to pursue it. That is wrong! They have removed my right to file and be reimbursed for my own dental benefits.

They are also very difficult to work with. Many providers won’t even deal with them. When I say Delta they say, go somewhere else (When I am paying them out of network cash!). That is why I am forced to file my own insurance. I have to ask them for the Dr’s Id number for claim and they usually won’t provide it. The dental office says, "either we file it or we won’t give you our tax Id for Delta." This is because they have made so many enemies. Delta will find any bogus reason why they won’t process a claim. Most people that I have spoken with at Delta are very limited. I have had Delta Dental Retiree dental program since for 10 years and it's getting worst every year. This company does not see the subscriber as the customer. Delta Dental sees the Federal Government as their customer and as long as the money rolls in they have no further obligation to the subscriber or beneficiary.

I had a low cost dental policy that paid about 20% of my dental expenses. In order to get my dentist paid more and my own out of pocket less as well with the likelihood of crowns needed in the next year or 2, I contacted an health insurance broker in Cedar Rapids and got a new policy from Delta Dental that cost me twice as much. They assured me that crowns would be covered after a year. After a year... my dentist submitted a pre-auth and they turned it down because I hadn't had the policy for a year. I had had the policy for 14 months. Then the big bomb.

I needed 8 crowns at approximately $1000.00 a crown. The max Delta Dental would pay would have been $2000.00. Long story short they don't cover crowns due to tooth decay, attrition, wear, or nearly any other reason. This was after the dentist sent in 5 sets of X-rays of many teeth that had been broken and filled and rebuilt numerous times. So what is the point of dental insurance. Can anyone tell me of a real policy that actually covers real dental expenses. Sign me disillusioned and betrayed.

My June 13, 2017 dental exam and prophylaxis was initially denied for payment despite my calls to customer service and confirmation. I saw my assigned dentist after the confirmed date of coverage, June 1, 2017. This is faulty claim processing! I have had nothing but issues and misinformation in dealing with DeltaCare!

All our dental insurance providers list all their exclusions in the plan brochure containing, except Delta Dental. Delta puts many of their exclusions in a second document that you, as a potential customer, have no way of knowing about. Even Delta's customer service didn't know about it! When they denied our claim due to what they called a "missing tooth clause," their CSR and her supervisor couldn't find such a rule, because they too were depending on the brochure! It took a couple of days for someone to call me back and tell me if there was another document. I believe this practice to be intentionally misleading. There is no reason not to place all exclusions in the plan brochure, as all our other providers do. At the very least, Delta Dental should provide a link to the additional exclusions.

Delta Dental has a provision to carry over prior orthodontic treatment when you join after a 3 month wait period. I sent a claim form after the 3 month wait and it was denied though they never sent me anything back until I called. I was told I did not put the information in the right columns, so I sent another claim form doing exactly as I was told. It was denied again with new requests being made. I completed a claim form four different times and provided all the documents they required. Eventually after over 8 months, they denied the claim and their excuse was that the time I could put in a claim was over! So all they did was find ways to delay approving the claim by asking for different things at different times and then latch on to a time limit. It is unbelievable that a company will go this low to deny a claim. They are happy to take your money but look for reasons not to pay. It is just ridiculous.

Must carry the insurance for a year before they cover much of anything. I pay far more per year than I ever get out of the company ($42.80/mo). My dentist is a participating dentist but I always owe balances just for routine care twice annually. I am talking cleanings and checkups. Expensive for all the more coverage they provide.

So today I received a bill from Delta Dental that read I owed a fee of 92 dollars. I call them confused as to why. And I learned that "history follows" me. Confused I asked what does that mean?! And the agent tells me "we don't cover your X-rays because you got this done a little over a year ago" and I inform him yes I did but that was with another employer not with my new employer and the agent informs me that "history follows" so whatever I got done last year with my old employer with my new employer I can't get done till next year!

So I was so confused and still am. So what is the point of dental insurance if I won't get covered?!! So if a switch to a different employer it counts as if it were my old employer?! Really but I still have to pay?!! The stupidest thing I've ever heard! I am beyond upset at the fact that Delta Dental is getting away with such a crime charging coverage but not offering coverage when it's needed!!! Please someone sue them already. If I had the money to do it I would!!! If anyone sues please inform me so I can be part of this because they are criminals!!!

This is first year I signed up for coverage. My first claim was for routine cleaning. Of a $127 dental bill the "insurance" paid $2. If I have another routine visit, Delta will cover only $77. With this lack of coverage it is cheaper to self insure. I asked customer service today for a refund of my insurance and I would take care of the bill myself and it was denied. I would like my money back as the coverage is inadequate and of little value to me.

You'll spend more money by your second month of premiums than you'll ever get in coverage. They basically disallow every possible treatment except a first visit or annual checkup (with no treatment) which many dentists give away for free anyway to attract new patients.

I have a similar problem of trying to get payment on services originally promised over the phone when signing up for this insurance and deciding to have work done with the dentist. They directed me on the phone to providers on their website and I picked a dentist that they told me was a provider and was listed as such. When I had the work performed the insurance company billed it as a non-provider service. They paid me a couple of checks for 4 diff. NON provider services totaling about $200, which barely covered the bills. Months of phone calls and a grievance letter sent resulted in the continued denial that they made a mistake and I now owe close to $1,000 in bills to the dentist. Work done were fillings for 2 cracked teeth in the front of my mouth, broken crown and 2 annual cleanings for myself and my son. The annual cleanings were supposed to be 100 percent covered. Threatened them with a lawyer and still they still deny, deny, deny.

Recently most of my claims were denied. When asked, Delta only said that they covered a certain amount of a procedure, despite the Benefits Booklet showing 100% covered in both in-network and out-of-network. When I asked how much is covered up to this "certain amount" the customer service rep told me that they do not know until the claim is being processed. Now I'm stuck with a $288.00 bill for a dental cleaning because these policies are not transparent. How am I supposed to estimate my coverage when Delta Dental maintains an arbitrary internal amount and will not allow consumers access to this so they can make the best choices for their health? Delta Dental is shady and untrustworthy. I would stop using them if our plan allowed.

I had a broken tooth so I went to the dentist on 10/10/15 and had it extracted. I have paid Delta Dental for the last 20 years out of every one of my paychecks. My company just went through a change in ownership. From Wells Fargo to Amtrust. We were told there would be no gap in our coverage due to the transition. There were certainly no gaps in the money they took from my pay. When I started having trouble with the tooth I called Amtrust HR to get the information for the Delta dental plan. They gave me a group number and told me that is all I would need. At the dentist I was told they had no record of any insurance under my name. I paid Emergency dental 420.00 to pull the tooth. I had no other options because I had to pay cash and could not afford to save the tooth. They gave me forms to file with Delta for a refund.

I mailed everything to Delta including the receipts showing I paid cash to the dentist. Delta in turn sent the dentist more money and sent me nothing. Now they say I have to go to Emergency dental to get a refund. Emergency dental says they have not received anything from Delta and their office manager refused to return my phone calls. Delta refused service when in fact I had coverage with them for this. They told me I only should have paid 71.50 total for the visit. Emergency dental is one of their preferred providers. I still have pain and swelling in the area where the tooth was pulled. I still have trouble eating and sleeping because of this but I have no money and no reliable insurance to go to a dentist to see if there is still a piece of the tooth left in there or what is causing the pain. I have complained to my HR dept and to Delta with no resolution.

Covers what you can afford not what you can't, like oral surgery. If you have good teeth it's fine. Only covers up to $1000 and it doesn't take long to get there.

I purchased a Delta Dental plan in Jan 2017 through the Affordable Care Act (Covered California). My out of pocket monthly premium was $50.99, the highest I could afford. In 2018 I had two implants in my lower left jaw. The Dentist calculated my out of pocket expense and what the normal or standard coverage would be through Delta. Several months later they informed me that I owe the balance of $1365.00 because Delta only pays for implants for those 19 years of age and younger. The online benefits summary tells me that Delta will pay 50-80% of implant related cost, depending on the dentist.

When I called Delta they informed me that the welcome brochure they sent me almost 2 years ago clearly stated the 19 year age limit. I pointed out that there was absolutely no information about any age limit in the only benefits summary. They refused to comment on that fact. I asked to speak to a manager. None was available and supposedly one will call me later. At the end of the call the Delta representative said "thanks for letting me make you smile". Total ripoff. I have paid over $1121 in premiums for a policy for teenagers, even though the online policy never states age limits. I bought the policy when I was 61 for me and no dependents. This is simply fraud.

I've been working in Dental for 7 years now, and I have solid experience as my doctor's lead assistant and assistant office manager. If you come in for X-rays, PREVENTATIVE cleaning (not a SCRP, or deep cleaning) and exam, those claims will be paid on your behalf promptly. BEWARE of Delta Dental's claims department for ANY treatment you may need. It takes hours to get a hold of a representative, 9 times out of 10 they are rude or don't understand the question. If the call "disconnects" they don't call back, despite asking for number for that very reason. They will tell you a claim is processing (after you've provided the requested info multiple times) and they need no further info and to allow time for processing.

I call on our offices claims every week on Wednesdays and I can't tell you how many times I've been told a claim is good to process and then a week later they want/NEED new, completely different additional info. Even as petty as to make you change the address of the insured patient's insurance in our computer system in order to process the claim. (They won't process at least 5 outstanding claims due to the address on the claim form, even though that address is the claims dept address!) If you have another option of insurance, depending on the company, I'd avoid Delta Dental if possible. They don't care about the patients nor the providers. They deny as much as possible and ask for never-ending info that doesn't even seen to pertain to the claim.

My claim for a denture repair keeps coming up on Delta's website as "not on record". I have been trying to get Delta to cover a simple $84 claim since Jan. 2015 (over 6 months). The dentist office has submitted this claim twice electronically and once by mail. It still shows up as not on record. Today I went by my dentist office and they faxed it with a big note... 4th and FINAL REQUEST!!! Today I have a record that the fax was received at Delta so I can follow up by phone and they have no excuse this time. It's obvious what Delta is doing. It's done on purpose. TYPICAL CABAL / CRIMINAL insurance company! They could care less! They are now just deleting claims so there is "no record" and hope that the patient will just pay it to keep a judgement off their credit report.

DELTA... I see there are massive complaints against you! WARNING... The public is now waking up to the crimes against the people. YES... It's a crime what you are doing. It's just a matter of a year or more before YOU pay the price. WE are in a prosecuting mood and mercy on the insurance dynasty will be NONE. 2017 at the latest will be EXTREMELY unpleasant for you. The US Government Inc. is NOT the only one that will be in court for crimes against humanity! The corporations also, especially the insurance companies, will be on the chopping block! Either you help the people NOW and give us what we struggle for everyday or go to prison. Think we are kidding? Our creator is above us NOW with an armada of ships. Wake up... You will NOT win and slip away in the storm. There will be HELL to pay. You have NO idea now but soon will.

I contacted Delta Dental in February 2010 by phone. I mentioned I needed a dental plan to enhance my current insurance plan and they sent me information. I took out a policy starting March 1, 2010 and paid $37.00 per month until August 31, 2011. I never needed to see a dentist until May 2011. My dental office filed a claim for general cleaning. Delta Dental denied the claim. When I called, I was told it was because they were not my primary insurance. Then in July 2011, I was told by my dentist that I would need two major root canals. And the office called Delta Dental to find out how much they would pay, so I could figure out what my part would be.

The next week, I received an e-mail stating they were canceling me, because the plan was for someone that did not have any dental insurance. I told them at that time that they knew I had other insurance, but the first insurance would not pay for major work. That was the sole reason I got another policy and paid out of pocket. I talked with Jennifer **. After our conversation was over, she said she saw no reason to cancel the policy and re-instated it. Then, when I made the appointment to have the work done on my two teeth, the dental office again said Delta Dental said they would not pay for anything. So, I called my bank and stopped payments for monthly premiums. I tried to talk to Jennifer stating that I was paying for a plan that would not pay out anything. And the minute they knew they had to pay a claim, they wanted to drop me.

I called on Tuesday, September 13, 2011, and spoke to Jennifer. I told her since they misrepresented my plan, I asked to cancel the plan and request a full reimbursement of what I paid into the plan. It was a total of 17 payments at $37.00 a month, a total of $629.00. Jennifer sent an e-mail on 9/13/2011 stating my policy was canceled and I would not receive any reimbursement. I then sent an e-mail back to her stating that this was wrong, and they took my money and I wanted it back. Otherwise, I would seek legal council and file a suit. I would like to resolve this matter but will stand by and pay for a plan that never intended to pay out any money back to me.

Please help me resolve this issue so both sides benefit. I don't want to file suit and don’t want to go to the media, but will if this is not resolved. It is the best interest of both of us that they pay me back what I paid in premiums. And they should have never written the policy for me, knowing I was employed with the US Dept .of Labor and had insurance. Many people have additional insurance polices to enhance what they already have. Consumer, please be alert about this insurance company. I do want an attorney to contact me or I will seek one myself. I will sue in the court of law and contact media to get the word out.

As a provider, our goal is to help the patient and give them an accurate estimate for dental procedures. We call Delta Dental of WI every day, regarding patient's coverage. A rep would give me the patient's benefit info once in a blue moon. Majority of the time, they refuse to give me any information and tell me to get a "fast fax". I'm sorry, but shouldn't we be working TOGETHER?! This delays a patient's treatment time, especially if they came in as an emergency. I'm already on the phone with you, and you expect me to wait for a fax, call again, only to be put on hold for so long. No... just no. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would not recommend DELTA DENTAL. Cigna and United Health Care have great customer service, to a member or provider.

Delta Dental is nothing but a scam of an organization attempting to take advantage of the current insurance interest in the US. They have a list of exclusions as long as your arm but never really make it clear what they will cover. A cleaning costs $120. Why would anyone pay $40 per month when they don't cover anything other than cleanings? The plan I have is capped at $1500 annually but I never get there and when I do, they figure out a way to claim the service is excluded. DELTA DENTAL SUCKS! Don't be fooled! Spread the word.

We've had this insurance for many years thru my job. Now that I'm retired, the premium for the 2 of us became 3 times the single cost!! I was told that's because it is family coverage. How many retired people have children to cover? I didn't mind paying for co-workers' coverage for children while working. I canceled my husband's portion. Yet the whole amount was still taken from my charge card for 6 months in advance and then they didn't pay his cleaning. It took too long to get corrected.

I called Delta Dental on Feb. 2 2016 and told them I needed to cancel my account with them because my wife got a job that had the same policy just that it was cheaper through her company. I asked the lady if I cancelled that day would it stop all payments and cancel everything. She said "yes." Well I got mail saying they would take the last 2 months pay out of my retirement check. Since I cancelled on Feb. 2 I still had to pay for Feb. and March even though the lady I talked to said all payments would stop and there would be no consequences for cancelling on the spot. Usually there is a 30 day cancellation period but since we already had another account through them they would make the cancelled account effective immediately. Needless to say I am beyond pissed right now. They tell you one thing but then when they read you the part at the end it is so fast and they squeeze so much in it screws you.

I have visited my dentist, and a referred periodontist and endodontist in the last 6 months and EVERY ONE of them called Delta to confirm coverage amounts, then a few months later, Delta denies payment and the provider bills me for this. This is a scam, perpetrated either by Delta Dental. They "sucker" me into services I cannot afford by saying they will pay for it, then they deny coverage. They keep their costs at a minimum while at the same time throwing some "bait" out to the service providers.

The only things they cover for customers over age 50 are teeth cleanings and extractions. If you crack a tooth, need a crown, or need a root canal, it's out of pocket for you...normally around $950 per tooth. Even my dentist was shocked; he was sure they'd cover at least 50%. No way. They covered $25 per crown. Needless to say, I went broke being a Dental Dental customer. I laugh when I hear their radio ads because the "funny" situations they describe is THEM!

I have tried to cancel my policy three times. Once I was informed it was against their policy to cancel since it's a year contract, I was then given the policy book. According to their policy book page 15 of 24 under Cancelling this Policy 1, you become covered under a group dental plan offered at work. I had started a new job that offered benefits and I signed up. I called Delta Dental on March 17, 2017, at 7:02 am. I was informed to send out an e-mail and I should hear back in a week as it takes a week to process. I asked for my policy number and put that in the e-mail dated March 17, 2017, at 7:14 am. I received an e-mail back from Dustin ** on March 23, 2017, at 9:49 am stating he could not find the policy.

I called today March 24, 2017, at 6:08 am. Was informed they do not have a supervisor for me to speak with and the policy number was wrong. While on the phone I sent an e-mail again with the policy number given to me by this rep on March 24, 2017, at 6:18 am (I am in Pacific time and this Delta Dental is in Central time). I called again on March 24, 2017, at 6:17 am again requesting a supervisor and again I got nowhere. I left only my number and have not received a call back. I am paying for a policy I do not use and have been trying to cancel. If they attempt to charge me I will be looking to pursue fraud charges. I have made every attempt to cancel. Be careful with whom you do business with.

Both myself and my dentist have been submitting claims all year and they keep rejecting them for different reasons. My dentist is out of network. To begin with, I was told that I would have to pay the full amount then send a copy of the receipt or Delta Dental for out of network reimbursement. After I did this, nothing happened. I was then told an additional form was needed. I filled that out and sent it in. That form asked for the dentist's social security number which I didn't have. Since I was being reimbursed and the dentist was not being paid, I didn't think they needed that information. When I didn't hear back from them I called Delta Dental customer service and was told that if every line on the form isn't filled in they just throw them away as incomplete forms. I then made the forms out again and took them to my dentist to be completed and sent in.

I still didn't hear back from Delta Dental so I called again. The agent said she needed an additional piece of information clarified and would call my dentist to get it. Two weeks later, she called me back and said she didn't have the dentist's number. I called and left her the number. Then I get 12 explanation of benefits forms in the mail on the same day. They all said they were rejected because "subscriber ID number has not been found". I called customer service back but could not get in touch that agent/her so I spoke to a different one. She said that a social security number was used on the form sent in. I checked with the dental office and found that the correct number was the one sent in, not a social security number.

Delta Dental said they could not just correct the number even if they had a claim number and would need them to be sent in again. This time they were faxed in and the fax receipt showed the correct number and the fax was received by Delta Dental. They keep giving faulty excuses and my claims are still unpaid. I guess I'll have to sent all the information in to the insurance commissioner's office for them to investigate. I know one thing: I'll NEVER recommend Delta Dental to anyone.

This company will not provide estimates for service in a timely manner. You need to send the request twice if not three times. Every time my dentist sends in a estimate for treatment they never so call get it. And it is not just my dentist. I thought it was my dentist doing it so I changed and my new dentist is having the same issues as my old dentist. I love having to wait to approve a cracked tooth for treatment.

When I checked my bank account last month, I found that my monthly premium had DOUBLED, without notice, from $48.55 to $95.10. When I called the Billing Department I listened to, "Your call is very important to us," for over an hour. Then the representative had such poor English she couldn't understand me. I asked to be transferred to her supervisor, which meant another 15 minute hold. She said she had it straightened out. This month the same scenario. Changing Dental Policies.

I don't know how their regular insurance is but don't buy the discount card unless you verify the dentist will really take it. All the dentists on their list said they would not take the card except one and then he changed his mind after one visit. So we did get some work done but then were left out in the cold. But at least Delta was good about refunding the $72 card fee.

We purchased dental insurance through Delta for our small business. After a long delay, we were told on 10/23 that were approved and would receive a welcome kit in 10-15 days. The negative part is that we were charged for a full month starting 10/1, even though there is no chance of using the coverage in October. When I pushed back and asked to have the start date on 11/1, Maria ** of Allied Administrators said management wouldn't approve it. Essentially we've paid a month for absolutely nothing and they could care less.

Unless you have coverage through an employer, DO NOT purchase a Delta Dental plan. First of all, I purchased a basic plan because I don't usually need extensive work. I wanted only to cover for my 2 exams and cleanings each year. The cost of the premiums for this however, would clearly cost more than if I paid for these out of pocket. Plus, they want a 50.00 deductible on top of the premiums each year.

So, I stupidly signed up for a plan that began in December 2018. I then had my checkup at a cost of 151.00. I ended up with a 97.00 balance after Delta paid. When I called for clarification, because I thought exams and cleanings were "free" each year, I was told it was because my dentist was a "Premiere" dentist so, the charges reflected the excess of his bill plus my 50.00 deductible. To add injury to insult, the deductible was applied to 2018 so, I now have to meet another deductible for 2019. My premiums were 34.00/mo for 2 cleanings a year, plus the 50.00. I was also informed that should I need major work now, I can't even use insurance for it until April, meaning I am paying premiums for nothing.

I would much rather pocket that money and pay for anything I might need on my own. Major work would only be covered 50% anyway so, I will now have 450.00/yr in saved premiums and deductibles if that should happen. Anyway, it's such a scam requiring that I pay for insurance that won't cover anything until April. That is six months of premiums before they will even cover half of, on a handful of services. I canceled the policy today. Just take care of your teeth!

Various problems occurred getting set up with the Delta Dental USA plan from; a lot of phone calls and frustration. I did not realize when we chose the plan that we were so limited by the choice of dentists. We chose one of the dentists recommended. The staff was unable to get through to Delta for weeks to obtain our benefits since the info was not in the Delta binder. Finally, the information was obtained and appointments were scheduled for my husband and myself. My husband, for some reason, was not linked to the dentist so I had to call Delta to correct that. Three days before my husband's appointment on June 19, 2014, the dental staff called saying they were cancelling because they could not service the influx of required patients by Delta.

After four months of payments, we do not have a dentist and have not received care. Spoke with Delta Dental representative on 6/20/2014 to cancel the insurance, which he did. I asked for a refund of $183.92 (45.98 x 4 months). He said that he was unable to refund our money. I asked to speak with his supervisor. Senior Rep said that there would be no refund because we were insured for those 4 months but did not use the insurance. I explained that it was out of our control and we were not able to use the insurance due to the many delays by Delta Dental. He suggested that we submit a grievance.

We are unhappy with the choice of dentists in this plan. We would like to receive a refund of $183.92. We are not wealthy and paid this premium in good faith and have not received any services in return. We are sure that this $183.92 will not hurt Delta Dental's bottom line and that it would be much better for the company to refund this amount than to possibly face a class action lawsuit, since we're sure we are not the only people who have had this problem.

Excellent coverage and it paid for most of a filling. The coverage increases every year until everything is free including expensive things like crowns. Also, the customer service is pretty good and the premiums from my paycheck are reasonable.

When I called the dentist's office and asked if the dentist was a participating Delta Dental provider, I was told yes. I had never had dental insurance, so really didn't know the difference between participating and PPO participating. Here, he was not PPO participating, and did not have to accept the lower payment amount. I called Delta Dental and they told me I should checked first. I ended up owing over $500 more because he was not a PPO dentist. Dentist refused to compromise on the balance. Am now going to another dentist.

I would like to see better coverage for certain dental work. Even if they had to raise the premium a little it would be worth it. They don't pay enough for procedures, therefore a lot of people get their teeth pulled because it's cheaper for them. They can't afford to save a tooth or teeth. Also, I would definitely like to see braces covered at 90 percent.

I went in to get new dentures, they say in-house lab, get them fast. Had to make 5 appointments and all was changed to different date and time. I have had 4 sets of dentures before, just time for new ones. From the start, the impression paddle used was way too big. I told them, they said we got good impressions. Went in to try clay impressions and upper and lower did not line up. Today, went in to get dentures, put in and they was so big, could not hold them up. They told me to use Polygrip and try them, waste of time. They should fit. Then they tell me the impressions they got was bad and they tried their best. Left with no dentures and finally they offered a refund. What? $2400 and no dentures. Doctor did not care. She even said she did not have time to keep on doing this. If they would have listened, would have been no problem. Will never go back and hope others would go elsewhere...

After one year my husband never used this plan, not that there was anything wrong with it - they just did not find the dentist he likes to go to but to cancel the insurance with them is a nightmare. All you get in the cancellation department is to leave a number and someone will call you back but you never get a callback.

After a year and paying monthly premiums I had my teeth cleaned, doctor screening, and a root canal - Delta paid 40.00 after months of negotiation by Dentist staff and myself. They didn't make any sense so I cancelled but the monthly debit still continued so I closed my bank account with an order to reject any Delta charge. What I can't understand is how veterans' affairs ever approve this company.

Have you received your premium invoice payment request from Delta Dental above the $23.00 amount or your own personal amount? Health care market guaranty rates locked in for 1 year. Take action. So I made my first payment. Then the very next invoice. I got a bill for $ 170.00+ dollars without any reasons, plus I never received a welcome kit and never received a member I.D. card either.

So if anyone as has a similar experience tell the insurance commissioner of the state you reside in. And maybe start a class action lawsuit. February 2015 is my $170.00+ statement date from Delta Dental. I did not have any dental visits for any dental procedure. In order to cancel your policy with Delta Dental once you made a first premium payment you cannot, you must cancel all policy with the health care market.

A lot of work is involved to do so. I did. I know. Had to re-apply for health coverage and because of the changes I now have to pay every month a higher health insurance premium for the whole year. Thank you Delta Dental, very nice move. If you have a similar experience let's recover our monetary losses together. Please make contact, you cannot go alone. Delta Dental is a big corporation. The only way is with a class action lawsuit. Thank you for reading this message.

Delta Dental has a 10 year replacement clause. We replaced some missing teeth with a bridge and the consultant says the bridge has a poor prognosis. The teeth are not mobile and there is no gum disease. This is a ploy to get out of paying on the procedure. At very least they should pay on a replacement partial because the one she is wearing is not replaceable. This would be like a doctor giving a patient a motorized wheelchair and the insurance doesn't pay on motorized and only want to pay on the non motorized chairs so they refuse to pay on anything. TERRIBLE just TERRIBLE!

My company had a benefits meeting last year. I stayed after the meeting to ask questions about dental benefits that were for me personally. I asked two specific questions about braces and payments. The representative answered YES that both would be covered. I have fought until I am blue in the face to get this paid for the entire month of January. Now in February I am being told that one situation is not covered and the other will only pay about 1/3 of what I was told. This is so frustrating. I would have never signed up for this dental care if the representative had been truthful. But I suppose that's how they get people to sign up with them. Offer them all the coverage and refuse to pay the claims.

I mistakenly signed up because I had to on Obamacare website. They never sent me a bill for three months and I did not think my account was open. They sent a bill after 3 months for all three and I said I need to cancel. The woman said, "Hey you might as well go get a cleaning before I cancel," so I did and they did not cover it. Unbelievable. They also do not cover a lot but all dental is that way.

I had dental work done and submitted the forms. Waited three weeks and no reply. I paid the dentist up front. Delta never responded and after calling them they said they never got the forms. Mailed the forms AGAIN. Got them back with a form saying the teeth numbers and service provided was not on the forms! Called them again and after talking with a supervisor was told the info was good and to mail the forms back to them. Today get ANOTHER letter saying the dentist didn't put the service date on the form. THE DENTIST DID! I will call Monday and if they don't comply I will make a complaint to the state Ins Commission. If needed I will file a small claims suit against them! A HORRIBLE COMPANY.

Delta Dental is THE WORST!!! Take my word for it, and just go elsewhere. No matter the cost. After carefully selecting a plan, I chose one with a higher premium due to there not being a waiting period. I have gotten a lot of major work done in the past month, and Delta Dental has denied my claims. When I called, they stated that there is a 6-12 month waiting period, and that they are not responsible for what the Healthcare Marketplace did or did not say. Why in the world would there be a 12 month waiting period FOR A POLICY THAT ONLY LASTS 12 MONTHS!!! Now I'm stuck with a high premium, and this ridiculous bill from my dentist. This is complete BS, and a complete rip off. The "American Dream," that people speak so highly of, seems more like a nightmare to me.

Was told to get Delta Dental via the Veterans Admin. Been approx. a year now and they really don't cover much, but do not have any trouble collecting monthly fee while rejecting claims. Planning on cancelling service and would not recommend any veteran to apply for this service.

After my husband woke up with a severely abscessed tooth we decided it was an emergency. His face was very swollen along with his gums. Several phone calls to dentists in the area we live and we had no choice but to go to Western Dental. So after $344.00 on MY Credit Card, a pulled tooth, antibiotics and four hours of waiting for the doctor to figure out how to pull a tooth... we were finally done and headed home. This was only the start of a miserable experience with Western Dental and Delta Dental. Who knew that since our insurance could not be verified on a Saturday, we would end up paying out of pocket.

So after 9 days of talking with several rude girls that work at Western Dental... I finally spoke with Mable the office manager. She took 3 days to submit the claim over to Delta Dental.This is after waiting for 9 days and calling 3 times a day. For them to tell me they magically have not received the claim form that I sent 5 times to them via fax. ONLY FOR DELTA DENTAL TO PAY WESTERN DENTAL!! Two things wrong with that. My husband pays a lot of money every month to have insurance that can't be verified on Saturdays... And we paid out of pocket to a place who has yet to give me that check or even answer if they have it. Delta Dental said we get $40 back... $40!!? We pay you monthly and paid $344.00 for the tooth so explain how we get 40$ back!? After a not so good explanation I'm still sitting here wonder where my check is.

We will be cancelling this insurance as soon as we receive the forms any day now. You guys are a joke and taking people for their money. Makes you look pretty bad to be contracted with a company that can't verify you on the weekends but yet you pay them!!!??? Even after me showing the receipts for the visit. Anyone wanting to go with Delta Dental, DON'T. You're wasting your time and money. You will have to pay for your own services at the end of the day anyways. And Delta dental you treat customers wrong. BECAUSE I CAN BET WESTERN DENTAL WILL NOT PAY ME. WILL YOU CARE? NOPE.

Don't waste your money. 3 years ago this was a really good company but now they don't pay hardly nothing. You will pay more on premiums than they cover no matter what happens. I tried to cancel then it was like an act of congress to cancel I called to cancel in Delta Dental in Oklahoma and she said I had to sent an email. They tried to charge me another month but that not happening. Good company gone bad...

This insurance is worse than useless! On a recent preventive visit which included periodontal scaling and root planing they paid a total of $80 towards a bill of $1,449. This included only $5.00 towards the exam fee of $127.00 and $75.00 towards the $150.00 fee for a complete series of x-rays. I found out after the fact that periodontal services (scaling and root planing) are not covered. Nowhere in my benefits was this stated. Stay away from Delta Dental at all costs!

I just noticed my Delta dental plan was cancelled. I had it on auto pay and signed up through the marketplace. I went on Medicare effective June 1 but this was handled separately. A claim was unpaid and I just realized they did not take the payment in June. Are they not supposed to tell me if they cancel??

I came to Delta with School District insurance needing new dentures. At each appointment, my dentist had no recollection of who I was or what he had recommended in the previous visit. After beginning over and changing the plan, this wore me down (after over six months of driving over 50 miles to appts and paying a fortune in copays), I told him to just return my original dentures. He was able to do this only with the uppers leaving me with mismatched teeth that not only did not match but looked awful. When this became intolerable, I paid out of pocket for a new denture. This was the worst experience I ever had with any kind of health insurance. Do NOT use DELTA!!!

I had Delta Dental in 2013 in MN. I went for cleaning and root canal. The cost was 1400$ and they gave back 35$. They claimed I have to stay 1 full year to get any benefits. After a year passed I went for another root canal after checking with reps and they said they will pay. Another 1600$ and they gave back 35$. What a joke. I go without Dental Insurance these days!

I signed up for Delta Dental last November and then started my implant procedure. I was lied to from the get go. They told me that $2500 would cover everything having to do with my implant. Not true. It didn't cover my temporary $700, and also 6 months later, I cancel my membership with them but paid upfront the $2500 which includes the crown placement. But since I canceled my premium, they will not cover my crown and I owe thousands to the dentist :( - just horrible for someone who is on disability. Don't know where to turn. They could care less on the phone!!!

I had complications after root canal surgery on #7 tooth. This required a cyst to be removed and a root retrograde filling completed. Dentist gave estimate which I then paid my percent $427.00. Delta did NOT $918.50! Thought this had been paid as I never received any statement to the contrary until 4 days before Christmas and 4 months after the procedure. I sent an email about the claim and it was never followed up by Delta (supposedly 3-5 days for reply). Called the number today and I was told that No treatment can be for this same tooth within 24-months. My primary dentist discovered this during x-rays and referred back to this Endodontist. Canceling Delta and never using this Endodontic group again. It's a sorry shame you cannot expect the benefit company you pay for to cover costs as expected in coverage.

I currently have the Delta Dental Select Policy. It costs me $24.08 per month. I recently went to the dentist for a cleaning and was told that I needed a couple of aging fillings replaced and a night guard due to teeth grinding at night. I was a little upset but figured this is why I pay for dental coverage. Upon checking out, I was told my portion would be well over $1,000.00 and this was not the worst part. I was informed that the Delta Dental Select Plan will only pay $500.00 maximum per calendar year for coverage.

I contacted my wife and she confirmed this for me with Shavon at Delta Dental. So basically, I am paying $24.08 per month, plus a $50.00 deductible (24.08 x 12 + 50 = 338.96) to receive $161.04 worth of benefit from Delta Dental. That's insane and I even wonder how it is legal to charge more for insurance than you are willing to pay out in benefit to the consumer. It leads me to wonder how they sleep at night, but then again most con artists sleep just fine knowing they are benefiting at the expense of others.

I started a policy with Delta Dental to cover my family's dental health. Very simple math. Most dental health is preventative (making sure you don't have problems) or restorative (fixing a previous fix, like redoing a filling). Delta costs me $250 a month for my family and cover 10% of the costs of preventative or restorative care. The level of coverage for the monthly cost is staggeringly poor. My Delta Dental charges for the year are more than my dental health bill even though I'm paying 90% of the costs of care direct to the dentist.

This has been the most frustrating experience with dental insurance. No providers exist in the plan, in our area. They chose to assign us to a dentist nearly three hours away. Then refused to allow us to be seen by a dentist in our area. I might as well have no insurance because I pay out of pocket for dental care that is high quality and in our area.

Worst dental plan ever and my job pays for it. I choose to pay out of pocket to get a good dentist. Not one dentist worth going to supports Delta. Customer service is awful. Getting payments back takes forever, don't buy this plan. Trust me.

I am incredibly upset with Delta Dental. We have double coverage (two policies). I checked before my husband had treatment and was told it was a covered expense. My husband had implants for three teeth. We were required to pay up front for them. We did so as he had gone quite some time without those teeth. It was hard for him to eat, he kept biting his tongue. So, we went and had the teeth (implants) done. The cost was $12,000. We worked for over a year trying to get payment for this. We were told it was denied. Filed against the decision and it came back they would not pay.

He had a partial made within the 5-year time frame so this was not covered. Mind you the implant that never fit, was remade and he was told, "That is the best you are gonna get." He ended up throwing it away. The insurance company had paid $800 to the dentist for this sub standard partial so they denied us reimbursement for $12,000. Such bad customer service. I feel this just can't be legal! They are totally scamming people out of money.

I switched to a dentist who is part of the network for Delta Dental. They originally approved my daughter for coverage. She was turning 26 during the month. I had paid for coverage for the entire month. She had her approved appointment and then they denied the claim, stating she had "aged out." She was to age out on September 1. They aged her out August 1. Her birthday was in August. So, they approved the work, knowing her birthdate. She had the work, then denied the claim. We're now supposed to be responsible for the entire amount. Worst dental insurance company going. I keep giving the claim to HR where I work, but they can't figure it out either. I'm beyond done. I'm dropping them once we have open enrollment again. They stink!!

I got an unexpected $400 bill after I did what I reasonably could to ensure that I know exactly how much of the procedure would be covered and how much I would need to pay out of the pocket. Thanks to Delta. I needed to do root planing. I have two dental PPO insurances. Delta is 'secondary', meaning they pay after the 1st insurance paid. Okay, fine. I requested the dentist to provide confirmation letters from both insurances to make sure I know what, if anything, I would have to pay out of pocket.

The procedure cost $1,500 in our area. Delta confirmed they cover around $1,200 and pay after first insurance pay. First insurance confirmed they will cover $750 (as dentist is not contracted with them and their rates generally are lower for this procedure). Cool then, right? Not so. 1st insurance paid $750 as promised. Well Delta paid $268, leaving me with $400 bill from the dentist. How come? According to Delta (never mind their own pre-authorization), since 1st insurance rates with their contracted dentists are lower than what Delta would normally pay to even Delta own contracted dentists (not to mention independent dentists), then Delta is not going to pay by their rates but by the same rates the 1st insurance would pay if the dentist would be in the contractors network.

If you did not get it from the first time, I would not blame you. It’s not designed to be easily understood. Basically, Delta says that it pays $1,200 for this type of procedure. But since I have another insurance, and the other insurance pays for this procedure $750, then Delta would also consider the cost of procedure to be $750. Obviously, that would not be a Delta point of view if 1st insurance rates were higher than those of Delta. On top of this, Delta does not pay by these rates for the remainder of the bill. It only pays for what I would be obligated to pay if dentist was on a contract with the 1st insurance and were obligated to charge what 1st insurance would restrict him to charge and what would remain after 1st insurance paid - which is $260, not $750.

Good job Delta! From $1,200 to $260 in a single sweep. Because I’m paying for two separate insurances (mind you, regular price), Delta figures it should not pay more than 20% of what it would pay if I had only one insurance (and never mind the pre-authorization letter - means nothing. Who cares about them?). Makes sense to anybody? Besides Delta that is. For Delta, it makes perfect sense - $260 is certainly less than $1,200 and less is better (when paying). It looks to me only a sophisticated criminal mind can concoct something like that. Not only Delta would pay anyway less than full charge for the procedure, it does not even want to pick-up the remainder of charges. Can’t tell if I should admire their shrewdness or shame them for fraudulent practices. Unfortunately, for now I’m just stuck with $400 bill.

My 5 year old had a tough time with her teeth as most had some decay. It took 7 trips to the children's hospital to get her teeth drilled, filled and capped. With each session she needed "sleepy juice" to sedate her. On the last trip to fix her front teeth the dentist suggested we try scaling back the decay since she'll soon lose her front teeth. I thought this was a wise, less invasive choice and was hoping to save a little money avoiding more crowns. The procedure was quick and relatively easy compared to previous work. When I received the bill from Delta and the dentist I was shocked to discover that none of this scaling was covered as it was coded as odontoplasty - a procedure typically utilized for aesthetic reasons to improve tooth appearance.

When I called Delta there was no wiggle room even though my daughter's procedure was done to remove decay. They hide behind their bureaucratic rules and won't allow the nuances of a situation to affect their decision. It was coded as odontoplasty and that's how it was billed. Zero consideration of individual patients need for the procedure. I feel bad for those who have to work for Delta - what a thankless job. The agent on the phone apologized for the cold, impersonal nature of the process and agreed it makes no sense. But I'm sure the partners will gladly take the profits!

I signed up with Delta Dental July 1 2015 and went to have a simple teeth cleaning and exam at my dentist on Sept 1 2015. After two previous calls where a representative told me they would pay the claim I have spent 3 hours back and forth on the phone with them today. My plan clearly states that they pay 100% of routine dental exam, x-ray and cleaning but they tell you all this insurance jargon stating how the $49 they finally sent my dentist (after 2 denials) would be all that they would pay.

I had to get my dentist's claims agent on another phone and use speaker phone so that they could talk to each other. Turns out the paperwork they have been sending my dentist had wrong information on it the whole time. They claim "based on additional information" the claim was recalculated and blah, blah, blah. This insurance is a scam. You will pay out more on monthly premiums and deductible than your actual bill is at the dentist. Save yourself from all the misery and stay away from this company!!!

Customer service is terrible. They reject every claim you have, and will not refund your premium, even though the salesperson said they do. My son has a severe condition that requires him to be under the treatment of a pediatric dentist. Delta Dental told me to send in a letter from his medical doctor so that they can approve the treatment. I did, and received a rejection letter from them. I called to cancel my policy, which they did, but denied my refund, which they initially told me they would authorize since I couldn't use my plan. So basically, I wasted a ton of money and 3 months of effort in trying to get care for my son and they canceled my worthless policy while keeping my money. What a scam!!

I thought Delta Dental was good dental coverage, I've had it for 10 years, and had very little problem until the last couple of years. I went to a dentist for work under the impression that my insurance covered at least some of the costs. I have gotten porcelain crowns before, never had issues with insurance paying. This time the dentist office charged me FULL price, and then some. If coverage changed this much, I should have been notified, but I wasn't. Suffice it to say, I am not happy with the coverage and dentist office. I feel like this is a big scam between insurance and dentist.

I canceled my plan at the end of Feb. It was set to start in April. I was advised I would receive my refund within 10 days of cancellation. After continuous times calling and being told I would need to wait for a supervisor to send the refund request to billing which would send my refund out that following Friday. Yea right.. I just receive my refund check on today (5-1-17) and was unable to cash it... Go figure. Now tomorrow ill spend wasted aggravated time on the phone. I've decided I will never use Delta Dental again. I would tell my friends about this plan. Well so much for that.

How is it possible that customer service has devolved into this? A lovely woman who is a 'representative' cannot comprehend this: "I am calling to find out what it will cost me on my plan for a cleaning, having used up my two free cleanings per year." She could not process the question. "COST. Can you help me?" She couldn't so she put me on hold and finally I had the good sense to hang up. Ten minute on hold and baffled by what must be again - passive aggressive low paid workers who act out by frustrating consumers. OK. Who owns stock in this? Dump!

My family has carried a Delta Dental of Colorado plan since 2012. Almost immediately I noticed a 20% (or greater) discrepancy in the reasonable and customary allowable amounts that Delta Dental sets in comparison to the other 3 carriers I have had in the past. The most recent example: LifeMap allows $104.80 for a necessary extraction, Delta allows $80 for the same procedure, this is more than 23% less!

My husband and I got coverage through Obamacare back in 2013. Our policy took effect in Jan 2014. They never mailed me any of the bills stating that we owed our monthly premium. Instead, they would call us every 3 months because we 'weren't paying'. They had no option to pay online (I looked several times throughout the year). Come October, we're approved for bridges, fillings, and a crown. They approved all the work and stated they would pay 50% of the costs. We took out a loan for the other 50%.

December came and I cancelled our coverage for 2015. Now, they're claiming I never made any payments and they refuse to pay what they already promised to. They've sent it on to collections, even though I tried to work with them to figure out what bills I supposedly didn't pay--instead of assistance, customer service gave me attitudes. They claim I never paid. I know I did. They never processed any of my payments. IF they were telling the truth and I never paid, they should not have approved any of my work after they claim I hadn't paid (at that time) 10 months of premium.

Delta Dental has got to be the biggest scam of an insurance plan. I received a bill in the mail today from my dentist for $175 to cover the cost of full images. The last time I got full images was three years ago, at a different dentist, and under a different Delta Dental plan (different employer). Delta Dental rejected the claim stating that I couldn't get full imaging more than once every five years, even though this was a completely different plan, under a new employer! According to them, all of my history carries over so they "can see I got them within five years." It was like they were trying to insinuate I was trying to scam the system. Delta Dental is the only dental plan offered through my new employer, so I had no choice but to go with them. This is absolutely absurd, stay away if you can.

Delta Dental provides the dental coverage for Tricare Reserve Retired military members. You would think that they would care about military members who spent their entire lives protecting this country, however they have 3 different phone numbers, all of which send you to a recorded message that does not give you the ability to speak to a live human being. If you press "0" (the typical way to get around these recorded messages) it says "That was not a valid entry, if you do not make a valid entry within 20 seconds this call will disconnect" then it hangs up on you.

I googled Delta Dental and called their main number in CA & spoke with a human that then transferred me to the eternal loop message. They have no email, and no way for military members to speak to a person. The humans at the main line, while very pleasant, are not able to access military accounts, nor are they allowed to give any information. I have been enrolled with them for less than 8 hours and this is by far the WORST company I have ever dealt with. But I cannot cancel because there are no humans to speak with, and I need dental insurance. This is not how any person should be treated, especially a veteran and 22-year service member.

This company is the worst as a Medicare supplement dental plan. They promise "50%" reimbursement for periodontal surgery and I was paid $440 for a $2800 claim. They state that my periodontist "was not in their network", but the closest Delta provide is 35 miles away and not the referral of choice for my regular dentist who diagnosed the problem. They are endorsed by AARP and they too defended the reimbursement. Simply put, they just do not pay what the plan promises so look elsewhere for your Medicare dental coverage. I spoke to the billing staff at my periodontists office and am now looking into other plans that they endorse.

Good coverage compared to other options available to retirees. Delta was what I had when I was working and the company paid into our coverage, so of course it was much more comprehensive in its benefits. Other plans cheaper but have much more limited benefits.

I just went onto a student plan with Delta Dental, where it clearly states a $50 deductible. Shame on me for not calling and checking more in detail first, but after a regular teeth cleaning I was sent a $200 bill. Apparently there is no deductible but a fee schedule, which I was never informed of or sent information about. And the people on the phone were unable to explain this at all. When you read this fee schedule, it is worded backwards, so the user would think, for example, that for a $70 service they would pay $13, but really the insurance pays $13 and the insured pays $57. What student just has money lying around, and why would I pay for such a terrible plan? When I called I was given no help and am very disappointed with the information I was given upfront, and the solutions offered. I would never have done this procedure had I known.

My son had to have a tooth extraction done, due to an infection, then he required a bridge to replace the tooth. NOWHERE in the policy did it state he had to be 16 (he was almost 16, one month prior to his b-day) and now it's 11 months later and I find out that Delta Denied the claim just because he was 15 and not 16. This to me is fraud, misleading, and absolutely illegal. Now, I am told I will have to pay $930 all because they refuse to pay for it. They paid for part of the bridge but not the part that keeps the freaking thing in place? WHAT?! How is it supposed to stay in place if it doesn't have the clamp part to it? Do they have idiots billing for them?

Everyone was really friendly. I was just in for a cleaning and the technician was very nice and not in a rush. The doctor came in when I was finished and checked me over and said it all looked good.

I went into the Delta Dental website to try and get ID cards, find my policy number, and find a local dentist. The website kept displaying an error message that I needed to include my city and state. Well both of those were included. This got to be a huge time consuming issue. Then trying to get ID's is a bit shady. They suggest you go into a dental office and give the secretaries the chore of determining a person's coverage. This to me is awful! Then the policy number is supposed to be a person's social. Well when I tried to register for an account online, the screen kept showing mine as wrong. I want a refund of all money my job has taken out to pay for this. This is wasteful!

City of Ft. Worth, Texas dropped a very good plan that showed exactly what you should pay for nearly anything to do with your teeth. Delta paid what ever Monarch sent them. In my case it was a simple bridge, one just like I had before, which cost me $350.00. Monarch bill them $900.00 plus (my limit was $1000.00). I had to pay the same amount. Go figure. My opinion is that someone in the city got paid to change plans. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

My company plan with Delta Dental says Implants are cover. My dentist has sent them x-rays, chart notes and filled out all the paperwork. Delta Dental refuses to pay. My company assigned me an advocate ~ everything is correctly filed and my plan covers Implants. My company cannot force Delta Dental to pay even though they have the coverage under our plan. Delta Dental is not honoring their contract.

I have had Delta Dental insurance for 20 years because I am a teacher and this is what our school mandates we use. I paid my own way through college, no help from parents. I had no dental care as a child. After teaching for 5 years to save up a down payment on a home, I was so excited to get braces to fix my teeth. I have been ashamed of my teeth from the time I was a teenager. I never smile because of how bad they are. When I went to use my insurance, I was told that it only covered orthodontic care for children under 18 years old.

I want to cry each time I look in the mirror. My self esteem has always been bad because of this. I teach 6th grade students, so they make comments, being the rude children they can be at that age. I have even had a few adult teachers say things to me. It seems like age discrimination. I pay the extra for the better insurance and for what? To not be able to use it because I'm too old? It is not like I ever had an opportunity as a child to get braces. I was lucky to have clothes to wear and food. This insurance sucks!!!

As many other reviews have pointed out, Delta Dental is very difficult to work with in general. I have several friends in the dental business and the general consensus is that it is a lot of work to file claims with them and get them to pay. I have had several claims denied for crowns that were medically necessary according to my dentist, cracked teeth, filling failing, infection... but DD denied them. I have been on the phone with them many times as has my dental office to no avail! I will NOT use them in the future.

Delta Dental of WA - This is the worse company there is. They cover nothing and when you send in a complaint forgot it. They side with the so called dentist not the patient who just got financially raped. They take your money and kick you to the curb... that's why this country is in the shape it's in.

I paid every month and every month, received a threat of cancellation, and would sometimes be canceled (regardless of payment) and would have to call to be reinstated. Was told it was a glitch going back 3 years when one payment was missed (when my automatic payment was on a card that had just expired but I took care of it right away).

After calling so many times to speak with representatives and managers who swore to fix the problem (and sometimes temporarily succeeded) , I would inevitably get another cancellation notice even if I had paid recently. It became ridiculous and laughable, and I went to the dentist for a cleaning and x-rays and paid out of pocket because I KNEW that even though I was current, there would be a big fight with Delta saying I wasn’t covered. My blood pressure could not take it anymore, and I want nothing to do with those incompetent fools. I feel awful for anyone who has had procedures they expect to be covered. No insurance is better than Delta. I hope they go out of business.

Delta Dental is not bad but they have a stupid policy of allowing 2 cleanings a year, 6 months & 1 day apart. As a result, over time, the dates change & the dentist I saw in May I cannot see this year because I leave FL the end of May & my allowed date of cleaning is not until June. Why not allow 2 cleanings per calendar year?

I recently had a root canal done from an out of network dentist. The Delta Dental representative said it was ok to use this dentist and they would pay. Then, they refused the claim. We fought with them and asked the Labor Department of Missouri to get involved. They did and we WON!!!! Now, my son had three filling put in. They refuse to pay because the fillings are white instead of silver. What a bunch of crooks!!!

I have to have an extraction of teeth 1, 2, 3 and 15. I received a notice from the oral surgeon that Delta Dental will not cover it until 12/01/2016 at that time I can try again. Apparently there is a four month waiting period before any work can be performed. Delta Dental on the form lists that my Calendar/plan year maximum is

$10,000.00 with a deductible of $50.00. So far this year I have used $248.00 in dental benefits and leaves remaining benefits for 2016 in the amount of $9,752.00. As it stands right now I have to put down $1,475.40 for this surgery to be performed by the oral surgeon.

This is insurance company is worthless and only pays for cleaning teeth once per year. The way Delta Dental operates it is more like a discount coupon than actual insurance. I do not have anything in writing in the form of a contract or policy and there is no mention even on their website of any waiting period for extractions or emergency work. I would not have these teeth extracted unless it was absolutely necessary and such is the case as of now.

Delta Dental is the worst to deal with and according to all the reports I am reading on here it seems I am not the only one experiencing their lack of follow up/follow through. To make a long story (over 4 months) short, I will say that Delta Dental will not follow up on anything sent to their customer service team. I and my dentist submitted an estimation of procedure costs with an explanation of why this was necessary, x-rays, previous estimation of benefits from Delta, etc. I was fighting a claim that they did not want to cover because they said it was a medical benefit. I even sent a letter from my medical insurance carrier telling why this was not medical and that medical would not pay for it. All this information was sent to Delta Dental of Michigan at the address on their website, as well as given to me per a customer service rep.

To date I still have not heard from Delta Dental on this and they claim they did not receive my information I mailed over 2 months ago. I asked if I could email it or fax it and they said no, only mail. (Easier for them to say they didn't get it this way). Anyway, when I call customer service to follow up with a manager, there is never one available. I just want to talk to a claims manager to figure out what is going on and why they are denying coverage for a grafting procedure that is clearly a dental procedure. Delta Dental is a waste of money. You would be better off putting money aside for a health savings account vs investing in this plan. They are far from reputable and lack integrity.

This is my first review ever. I am completely dissatisfied with the service, or lack thereof, from Delta dental. I have been trying to get a claim for my daughter's ortho appliance paid for over 3 months. I had a different insurance when the appliance was placed. My company switched to Delta Dental in January of this year in which Delta should have taken over the claim and paid the dentist. It is now the end of June and still no payment has been made by Delta. The dentist's office has had to resubmit the same claim information multiple, multiple times and the claim keeps getting denied. Either no one at this company is smart enough to get this issue resolved or it's a tactic to delay payment (which is my guess).

I have read reviews about this type of situation and one person was denied because they delayed the claim process so long that they exceeded the time period for his claim. My advice is to stay on top of them and insist on speaking to a supervisor or someone who can resolve the issue. I have since filed a grievance with Delta and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and other agencies to report this fraudulent practice of Delta Dental. If it were not for my company I would not choose Delta Dental! Find a better carrier!

They cover 2 exams, 2 sets of x-rays and 2 cleanings each year. But 1 FM Radiograph every 5 years. I spoke to Kayla at Delta Dental benefits 877-377-5727 complaining about them not paying for my x-rays and that it seemed the full mouth x-rays are never covered on me. Here's what I discovered. The way they've cheated (but she wont use that term) consumers is their internal rule on the cost of x-rays your dentist takes during a routine exam. I recently found out that they bundled a certain amount of x-rays into one full mouth (FM Radiograph). If it's submitted on the same day, and the total payout for them is as much as one FM Radiograph. So your x-ray set that would have been free turns out to be a charge, because you most likely had an event in the past 5 years that they had counted as an FM Radiograph.

And here's a related cheating scheme. If during a year, you've exceeded your plan maximum of $2000, anything above that you'd pay, but would still count against your benefit. For example, that FM Radiograph, and any other services you ended up paying for because the $2000 payout had been reached previously, would still count against your remaining benefits. Thus, you won't be able to get another FM Radiograph paid until 5 years is up starting from the date you most recently paid for it when the maximum was reached.

Word to the wise - call them and ask each time you go to the dentist what you are entitled to in details, and work out any scenario to make sure the dentist won't submit anything that you could lose future benefits on. The average person don't have a clue on this unless they spend much time researching, and Delta Dental laughs all the way to the bank. Any class action lawyer out there? Go after Delta Dental and teach them a lesson.

I have had an AARP Delta Dental. I pay $68 a month. For the past year they have refused to honor a $1200 Claim. They lied and said the Dentist refused to provide his charts and x-rays. I was provided proof that the dentist did indeed provide the information. It appears they had no intention of paying the claim and strung me along with a chain of lies for a year. I complained to State Insurance Commission and am awaiting the outcome. I've finally decided Delta Dental is a scam. They only want to collect premiums but have no intentions of honoring claims.