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DO NOT BUY ITS POLICY BECAUSE OF PLEASANT SALES EXPERIENCE. TRY TO CALL THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE FIRST, VERY SELDOM YOU WILL GET TO SPEAK WITH A REP, LEAVE A MESSAGE AND SEE IF THEY CALL YOU BACK. My A/C went down, emailed Delta and they send a contractor here to estimate. There were no further notification from either one. I called the contractor, he said Delta need my maintenance record, I mailed Delta told them I have no. There was no response from Delta. Called customer service, the lady said, it is not covered if there is no maintenance record. I told the lady my copy of contract says if no maintenance record, the coverage is up to $150. The lady asked me to mailed Delta my copy of contract, I did so on Aug 30th, there was no response since then, It's been a month and I called more than 10 times, only 2 times got answered and the reps said they will ask their underwriters to contact me very soon, there is no still no calls from Delta. The other times I called, it takes a long time to be transferred to a recorder, I left my info, still not calls from Delta.
Just purchased the warranty, however very impressed with the customer service, price and other customer reviews....fingers crossed
I bought a home protection warranty in August, 2016. Paid $560.00 , the entire annual price of the warranty. It sounded very good and originally had good reviews. I tried to call them in October about my spa. To my surprise, the phone number was no longer in service and the website was "temporarily down". I started reading other reviews where the same thing happened to lots of other folks. I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND I'M SURE LOTS OF OTHERS DO!! WHERE DO WE FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT??I'm thinking I'll start with our state Attorney General.
I live in the New York City area and Delta Home Protect is my 4th home warranty company. I have had Choice, Select and AHS the past few years and it was getting to a point of frustration that I almost decided against home warranties in general. Then, I found Delta, they offered fair pricing and I felt at ease on the initial call with the sales guy as he was not pushy, unlike the other companies I've had. So I decided to try them out. It has been about 6 months now and I could not be more satisfied with the level of service and care I have received. I mean even the sales guy that sold me the policy went out of his way to help me on an A/C claim. Who does that? I will be renewing my policy this summer and will bring my other properties on as well. I highly recommend these guys.