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I am very happy with my plan. Over the years it has saved me a great deal of money. The last customer service rep I spoke with was very knowledgeable and he helped me considerably. I have referred many people to Aetna Dental Access Who are also very happy with your discount dental program.

I had a great dentist in FL that took my plan. However in Savannah there are no good dentists on the plan. I am told I can switch plans when I find a new dentist. There are many plans to choose from and selecting the dentist comes first. The rate reduction was very good and the plan paid for itself.

It’s difficult to cancel the membership. They will automatically put in your auto renewal list and your credit card is charged without giving you notice that they are going to charge it. Furthermore if I cancel, they say it’s going to be cancelled at the end of the membership year. NO immediate cancellation or refund for the remaining part of the year. I have 9 more months to go and I should remember it next year on the date of enrollment to call up and verify. So, that I can dispute the transaction with the credit card company.

So far I have been mostly satisfied with my plan, which has saved me about half on over $10,000 worth of dental work I'd needed for so long but was unable to afford. I am, however, extremely disappointed that dental implants are not covered, which means I will have to continue living with my unsightly (and difficult to chew with) gaps where teeth should be. Please consider adding coverage for this very necessary procedure in your plans. Thanks.

Dentist is the best. He is caring and thorough. Makes you feel at ease and he explains the process to you so that you know what to expect. His dental skill are impeccable. Waiting times are no more than 5 to 10 minutes. His hygienists are skilled and also have a good bedside manner.

Dr ** is a great dentist and reasonable in price. I had an implant this year. Great plan. Wish more dentists accepted plan. For the basics is good coverage with some savings on implant. Price of insurance is reasonable. Also covers everyone in household for one price.

Thanks for the discount for renewing early. This plan works great. I get an immediate discount from my dentist. No paperwork or claims to file. Just benefit from immediate savings. My dentist does not provide reduced rates for any other insurance options - just this discount plan. Perfect for us retirees.

I signed up for a plan and received a payment schedule for services which included a root canal and crown. When I got the root canal, I was told, "We don't do crowns, you have to go somewhere else." I did this prior to major surgery and they will not refund my money or take proof that I had surgery and was on pain meds and could not think properly to ask for a refund in their 30 window. I found a Groupon for a crown and instead of having to go to 3 dentist, next time I have a full service dentist. The office manager at the dentist says that these plans are worthless. Since I can't get my money back, I want to spare someone else from this nightmare. Don't pay for this. It is worthless.

I purchased a plan from based upon the website advising that my dentist's office was a participating provider. I made an appointment with my dentist, went to my appointment, showed them my DentalPlans card, and they told me they no longer accept the plan. I contacted DentalPlans and advised them of the issue. They told me that they could issue a refund for the plan but that they would not issue a refund for the $20 processing fee.

The woman on the phone even stated that because I used the plan that's the reason I would not get the $20 back. Used the plan? How did I use a plan that my dentist did not accept? Now under normal circumstances not refunding the non-refundable $20 processing fee would be completely understandable but the fact that their website had misinformation which caused me to buy a useless plan I believe this is a ridiculous stance. Your website gave me incorrect information and I have to be penalized for it? Very shady if you ask me and possibly even fraudulent.

The total discount on my first trip to the dentist was more than enough to cover the 1st annual premium. During the first two years of coverage the discount/savings amounted to several hundred dollars the first year and well over $1,000.00 the second year... I was pleasantly surprised.

I thought I would be saving much more than approximately 15.00 per cleaning. I wasn't very happy with the little bit that was covered for a basic cleaning. I thought I got two cleanings per year. I feel this dental plan should give a much better plan.

My visits with the dentist have always been very pleasant. He is knowledgeable and so are his employees. The dental office is very accessible to me and the surroundings are neat and clean. The receptionist is always very helpful, esp. with dental fees and plan coverage.

I went online and also called when I found the plan I was looking for (My husband) last year. We're very satisfied with this plan. It's actually better than paying a high price for dental insurance, as we would be paying much more per year. Thank you.

Because we are using your plan, we can go to the dentist we LOVE. Thank you. You are easy to work with, now that we understand all the various options. Thanks for the early bird renewal discount. It is easy to take advantage of the discount because of the phone and email reminders.

I love using There are plenty of plans to chose from making it affordable and simple to sign up for. It would be nice to have a medical plan similar to, where you get more of a cafeteria plan.

Discount rates are significant and apply to most all of the dental services for both me and my wife. There is no additional paperwork required by our dentist. They are very familiar with the plan. We've also signed up to vision plan and looking forward to a discount on our next set of prescription glasses.

It was very easy to find a dental provider in my area and they accepted this dental plan with easy approval. The staff showed me the savings using this dental plan and encouraged the further use of the free checkups.

When we first called a new dentist who had been recommended we talked to the receptionist. She told us about the DentalPlans and we called and enrolled. Best thing we ever did as we did not have dental insurance.

It saves money on all of your dental needs and it's easy to use. There is no paperwork to fill out or submit. It helps retired people who do not have dental coverage to pay for treatment and routine cleanings that are necessary to stay healthy. I would recommend it to friends and family members.

I'm satisfied with the plan I purchased from Dental Plans after I retired. I needed something to fill the gap of losing my dental coverage when I retired and this plan has done that. I would recommend it to others. I've had my teeth cleaned, X-rays taken and a new crown to replace an old one.

Went to my dentist for the first time using this plan, also I went to a new dentist in my plan. I loved her. She was wonderful. Everyone in her office was accommodating. My second visit was for extreme pain. She took me immediately and I needed a root canal which I was referred to a specialist. That was another great experience. My dentist is Bridget ** in Margate, NJ. Thanks.

Dental work is expensive, initially we started using Dental Plans when our children were in need of orthodontic work. Now, as we age, we find that it is more for us (crowns, root canals etc). Whatever season of life you are in, this works perfectly.

This dental program has been so helpful to me as a retired person with a fixed income. I have used it when I get my 6-month cleaning and checkups. I also had to have some crowns and a bridge work done and it saved me so much money by using the dental card.

I found a good Office and they working with the Dental Saving Plan. I will save Thousands of Dollars for my Treatment and it's great - I pay for the Plan only 1x/ Fee in the Year. Before I was insured with a regular Insurance; paid $45 per Month and they paid only my Cleaning 2x/Year.

The discounts are great. But once you come close to your renewal time, or go past your commitment period, they call you Every Single Day, sometimes twice a day. If I have major dental problems, I will use them again, but since I usually have no issues with my teeth, I do not need to be on their plan (until something happens again that requires a crown, or major dental expenses). Calling me every day does not improve your chances of signing me up again.

Dental office does the work and gives the discount. No forms to fill out. Very easy to use. Both my wife and I have seen savings as a result of the Discount Dental plan and will continue to use it in the future.

Dental Plans Customer Service is outstanding. I have recommended to people to sign up with Dental Plans. I do save when I am at the Dentist!!! Before I became a Member I could not find a Dentist in my area whom I liked. Thanks to Dental Plans I have been with Ricard Family Dentist for almost 10 years now!!!

My dentist has discounted her billings for my routine cleanings and check ups. I believe the discounts have fully offset my annual DentalPlans fees. Fortunately, I've not required any major work by my dentist or a specialist.

My husband and I use our plan membership twice a year for check ups, and the occasional need for dental work. Our dentist has no problem with accepting our membership and always give us substantial discounts, which far exceed the cost of the plan.

On 7/24/17 I enrolled online in a dental discount plan and paid by credit card. My membership ID is **. The Website promised me 7/24/17 that I would receive a membership card by mail within 10 days. When I did not receive the membership card within 10 days, I phoned Member CARE on 8/3/17 at 800-494-9294 and was told a different story, namely, that I had to wait 10 BUSINESS days. On 8/3/17 I also presented the problem to Dental Plans by email. When I did not receive the membership card within 10 BUSINESS days, I again phoned Member CARE on 8/8/17 at 800-494-9294 and was told to wait 1 more day. They offered me the option to print a membership card at home, but my printer has run out of ink, and a new ink cartridge would cost me $120. I am very dissatisfied with the slow service and broken promises of Dental Plans.

The yearly fee is so low, that I saved money on my first visit to the dentist. You would be silly not to use It has helped save my family so much money!! Every time you go to the dentist, you will save money. It makes going less stressful! Definitely would recommend to a friend!

I had a very pleasant conversation with a lady this afternoon. She was most helpful, in answering my questions, and it only took a minute or so to find out what needed. I only wish other companies were as prompt and nice as she was. I enjoy Dental Plans to the fullest, and I think I am a 6-year member now... not sure.

I had a dental emergency and had to go to 2 specialists and both were in my plan, Glad to save on both visits. My dentist made these appointments to assist in getting my tooth fixed, so I was glad they offered me a discount.

My original cap didn't fit anymore and was always falling out. The doctor told me the root system of the tooth was good enough to put a new cap with an implant in the root system rather than going through the expense of a total implant. Working good so far.

My dentist is Natalie **. I have been going to this dentist for many years. The office is conveniently located. I get my checkups done every six months. She and all of the ladies at her practice take excellent care of my teeth. They are very interested in my care.

I hadn't been to the dentist in 5 years... due to financial circumstances. I went 3 months ago and got my teeth back on track thanks to I'm wearing a partial dental plate for the rest of my life... but my gums are in good shape and I will maintain proper dental health from here on in.

My previous dental experience was awful. Your company did nothing about it, even though you indicated a complaint would be filed. You can read about it on Yelp - Dr. Eric **. ** had been my family dentist for over 20 years. My current dentist, Dr. Brad ** is very good, and I do recommend him.

This plan is great. I don't have dental insurance and this has helped a LOT... My dentist takes this plan and they are the ones who told me about it, glad I listened! This is an inexpensive plan and you can include the whole family - even siblings which is a great relief!

My dentist participates with the plan I chose and the previous one I had. I do wish the savings was a little better on crowns and implants and bridges. I like that there are no forms to fill out and there are many providers on the plans.

No discount given. So what am I paying for. Waste of my money when dentists on list don't accept. Also, when paid for was supposed to get 13 months for 12. Did not get. Will definitely not renew as a total waste of money.

Purchased through for many years now. As far as I know, dentist has had no issues with payment from Aetna. Reasonable rates for dental coverage that compares favorably to much more expensive plans. Continue to look at other plans periodically and nothing else compares for the value.

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