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They tried to say I didn't have insurance and billed me for an additional $1000 after I already paid $1500. Called my insurance and they gave me the date their check cleared, check number and amount of $1000! Rip off.

I was a patient of DentalWorks. Never again. They tried to charge for unneeded work which would have more than doubled the price of a normal root canal and require a very painful procedure (again that wasn't needed). Switched to a new dentist who said such work was NOT needed and saved me around $2000. When asked to have my new records sent to my new dentist, they finally sent PART of it after 4 emails and multiple phone calls. Then they called to tell me that I never had x-rays done at DentalWorks. I was just there a month ago! I paid for and had x-rays! Office manager repeatedly told me I was wrong and they did not have x-rays. Turned out I was right, but they misspelled my last name and lost them. FINALLY got that figured out after being lied to and made to jump through hoops for my information.

I contacted corporate to see what they could do, since the office manager lied to me directly, tried to give me unneeded procedures, and they said they would talk to the office manager, but refused to look into them telling patients they had to have unneeded procedures done to extort more money. Staff was unprofessional, lost my dental records, lied about a 'needed' procedure to extort a couple extra grand from me, and then lied about all of it. Do NOT go to DentalWorks. They will lie to you, lose your records then do nothing to fix their mistakes.

10/29/2014 I took my daughter for consultation about her braces. They told me that was free consultation. After 5 months, I received the bill regarding consultation. WHY! I called and spoke with some rude guy who did not care about situation. I would NEVER go back there or RECOMMEND them to anyone. Do not go there. They are a money making place that does not give a crap about you and will do unnecessary procedures to make the money!

I first went to DentalWorks about a year ago. My first experience went fine but then when I went again for my next cleaning most of the staff had changed and the new hygienist was in such a hurry because the dentist happened to be available at the time that she hardly did a good job. The dentist had also changed and though he was friendly enough I was having a hard time believing all the problems I supposedly had now. So I went on to schedule a frenectomy as they suggested. They proceeded to cancel my appointment 3 TIMES. I was extremely frustrated as all of the cancellations occurred the day of or the day before. I had to make arrangements at work and they kept changing it which I found to be very disrespectful of my time.

The final time they cancelled they left a voicemail that they were "closing for an uncertain amount of time" and to call a different branch. They wouldn't tell me why they were closing or respond to my calls. This was where I finally gave up and decided I would never go again which I left in a voicemail asking that they cancel my future appointments and to tell me why they closed.

Turns out they didn't cancel my appointment and I got a call asking me to confirm my appointment and I told them I didn't intend to return and to cancel and not call me again. Now a month later I received a bill for a visit that supposedly occurred 90 days ago and they were demanding I pay a bill for a service I never had. I never even received a first bill so to claim I had an overdue balance for a month I never even went is very frustrating. I've tried to call and talk to billing but they keep ignoring me. I would never recommend anyone go here as they do not respect their patients and are incredibly disorganized and rude.

I used to be a DentalWorks patient in NC because I was VERY happy with the dentist who treated me for cleanings, complications & surgeries. Never had an issue. My August appt was to have a cleaning/filling, when I arrived, I learned that my former dentist had left the practice & another dentist was brought in. I was on time for my appt & was brought back within about 10 mins. The hygienist took a whole slew of x-rays that took way too long. I Sat in the chair for way over an hour & a half before being told (after several pre-treatment estimates) that they ran out of time to treat me.

I was beyond pissed and I told the entire staff the same. I took the whole afternoon off work because I wanted to rest at home thinking I'd be sore, only to find out that these idiots can't manage their time better. I took the bib off & barked at the hygienist that I would be in touch as to where to transfer my dental records, told her I was going to another dentist & that they did nothing but waste my time and theirs. Save yourself the aggravation & don't trust any idiot who works at DentalWorks. They do not give 2 chits about you!

I had the worst experience at the Parma location. The dentist Dr. ** was the worst! He hurt me like no other dentist! They constantly canceled my appointments and when I finally got in to get the bridge that I was supposed to get it did not fit, so he had to do more drilling on my teeth. Was not gentle at all with the ** injections and was in too much of a hurry to get me in and out of the chair. They put a rush on the next bridge they ordered and I was called the day before I was to come in and was told it will not be there. The corporate office that does the billing have no idea what they are doing and I was charged three different balances. Confronting the person in the office was no help at all! She had no idea what she was doing, couldn't answer my questions or get me to someone that could! I have a large credit with the company and it seems they don't want to give me my money back. The entire experience totally sucked! Don't go there!!!

I wanted a general cleaning. After the measuring and exam, the front office came to me sitting in the chair and presented me a proposal charging me $1,700+ for deep laser and root cleaning. I told them I did not want to do that, and only wanted a general cleaning. I am 85 and did not need this extensive treatment. They refused to do what I, the customer, wanted. So, I got up and walked out of the office. The only thing these corporate dental offices want is your money. To me, this borders on a scam. Fortunately, I am intelligent enough to recognize this for what it was. I imagine they do take advantage of the poor, and the dental insurance companies. If there was a no star listing, this would have gotten that. I went to another dentist and got what I wanted for $179.

I have a regular dentist, but had to find something quick on a Saturday when a filling came out. They were able to take me that morning. The paperwork seemed excessive for the single visit, but I filled it out anyway. When they took me in the back, the assistant put me in an x-ray chair and told me she was going to take 16 x-rays. I told her she could take ONE x-ray of the tooth that needed filled.

I told the dentist what I needed; he looked at the x-ray and said he wasn't able to fill the tooth. I asked him if he could just put a temporary filling in it until I could get to my regular dentist. He said he wasn't able to- the filling (he said) extended below my gum line and it wouldn't be safe. I was charged $101.00 ($28 of that was for that single x-ray), and was told I would be reimbursed once they were able to contact my insurance. They were unable to fix (even temporarily) my problem. I just got back from my regular dentist, who was able to safely and effectively fill my tooth.

Being a (self-pay) patient of DentalWorks for yrs, I received a coupon via email for services upon next visit if I scheduled within the month - so I complied. Upon my visit for a follow-up cleaning, the hygienist was "late" in seeing me once again. I had to fill out unnecessary paperwork while waiting when told they were updating their yearly files. Finally called back, I was surprised to hear they needed X-rays when it has only been 3 mos since my last visit therefore I thought this was unnecessary and added expense on bill. After 4 X-rays taken there was 2 drs in and out. While I was in chair they were sales pitching extra services ie Waterpik etc to me. With the amount totaling up since I'm self-pay w// no dental insurance, I remembered the email discount which I left chair and immediately informed front desk employee who called for mgr.

Standing there waiting while they asked me to see the coupon which I produced from cellphone (to show email). The mgr shook her head "No" saying "Sorry it does not apply to cleaning services, only procedures." You should have read "fine print" which there was NONE on header on email! This practice of false advertisement totally made me livid. I told them to take off Waterpik from my bill and informed them I would NOT be back. My bill for that day alone was $485! I will now request my records to be transferred to another (honest) dentistry. I came home and immediately filed a complaint w/ BBB exposing this disservice to customers! DentalWorks is a very dishonest franchise and I do NOT recommend them for anyone unless you want to get ripped off! DentalWorks has taken advantage of me for the last time!

Without fail, my family's appointments are cancelled and split due to staffing issues. I have to ask for non-temps or I'll get stuck with someone who doesn't care about my mouth as an invested employee of the practice. Today, an assistant will work on my son since the hygienist called out last minute and there's no backups. It's the end of the year and we need to get done for insurance purposes, so my son gets the short stick today. I'm in here twice today due to short staffing. Ew!

DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO THE LOCATION AT -- 1190 RANDALL RD IN ELGIN, IL -- THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER GOOD. Recently as 3-1-17 went there to have a tooth extraction done. Was given a bill that day for $454.00 - gave them my insurance card - was told no procedure done that day had a reduced fee -- so I had to pay the full amount that day. Called my insurance, they were going to talk with the dentist as to why there was not a reduction in the amount. After 3 weeks of waiting for an answer -- neither the doctor nor the insurance called back with an explanation. So to this doctor and insurance company -- Both can shove it where the sun doesn't shine. You both suck.

I recently needed a referral for my son to see an oral surgeon for his wisdom teeth. We were patients of the Pleasant Hills office until my husband lost his job. And our insurance. My son was in pain and I could not make him an appointment to get them removed until I had x-rays and a referral. I spent 2 hours on the telephone with--- in network providers from UPMC for You---- all I received was **. I called DentalWorks, knowing that we were not covered, and I got an appointment that day and they gave me what I needed and couldn't have been nicer. I recommend them to anyone. I am very pleased.

Rushed work, no follow through, shabby work, and money is the issue. Dr ** will tell you a price and after it’s done, watch out because you’ll get a bill twice or three times what you were originally quoted. I asked for a complete list of services twice and received nothing. Work is hurried, rushed. No follow through. Once I confronted them about the disparity in what I was quoted and what I was actually billed and they basically turned a deaf ear. Never again.

In reading some of the good reviews, I honestly just cannot believe my eyes. I went to DentalWorks for an emergency situation. I couldn't believe how incompetent those people were. The professionalism wasn't there, I didn't feel comfortable, but I had no choice. Employees bringing in fast food, sitting at the front desk eating it, patients sitting at the open stations hearing everything everyone was saying, the place looked very dirty, like no one ever cleaned the floors before. I just HAD my teeth cleaned & x-ray'd 3 months ago & they didn't seem to care. They went ahead & said it was necessary (what for, I have no clue, it had nothing to do with why I was there). All they look for, is to make money & find things on people to charge them for. Everyone was in such a hurry, not enough time for the patient. I would never recommend this place nor ever go there again.

So my daughter needed a root canal and a crown which she got at DentalWorks 82nd St In Castleton Indianapolis, IN. The root canal went as good as a root canal could go but she did have some difficulty with the temporary crown. It came off three times and had to be put back on. The permanent crown never showed up on time and her appointment had to be rescheduled twice. Finally the crown was on. Fast forward 6 months we moved her to Colorado. The very first weekend she was there boom toothache. Of course it was the same tooth the root canal and crown were on. She went to an emergency 24 hour dentist who determined she needed another root canal in the same tooth. He sent her to a specialist. Over the weekend while waiting on her appointment the crown literally blew or popped off her tooth. I was told this was due to the gas building up from the infection.

It took two visits to complete the root canal and of course after she had to wait for it to heal before the crown could be put back on. The specialist said the root canal she had at DentalWorks was not completed properly. One line was not completed and there were two branches that weren’t even touched. Finally after getting the ok that the infection was gone and the tooth had healed she went to a new dentist with the crown in hopes that they could just cement it back on. Now keep in mind that I immediately contacted DentalWorks so they were well aware of what was happening. The crown could not be used due to the tooth moving. It just simply didn’t fit on her tooth anymore. I had to pay out of pocket for the full amount for both the crown and root canal due to her insurance benefits being used for the year and the fact the insurance will only pay once every 5 years for a recrown.

DentalWorks told me on more times than I can count that they were going to retract the claims so the benefits would go back and I could receive some of my money back. Well I feel like they just basically lied to me over and over. I got them everything they ask for. Records even pictures that showed the crown wouldn’t go back on but still nothing. It’s now been 9 months and I’m pretty sure nothing has been done. I’m going to file a complaint with my insurance company, the BBB, and the state dental association. I was really hoping that they would make it right but there not that kind of dental group. If I want to get any of my money back I’m going to have to file in small claims court. They have basically lied to me and gave me the runaround for 9 months. Due yourself a favor and go someplace else.

I have gone to two different offices and had great experiences with the dentists and the hygienists. The problem comes in when I get a bill. I have received several bills that have not been properly sent to my insurance. Reached out to insurance company today and they were never even billed for a root canal I had done. Called the office to ask about bill I received and told they are still working on it. Meanwhile they mailed me a bill for $1500. If you are still working on it I never should receive a bill and have just gotten awful customer service every time I try and sort this out.

2 months ago I contacted them because a bill was sent to collections (got a call from collections agent. Never had that before in my life) that I never even was billed for. The answer was the same - they are still working on it. Great dental staff, awful office staff. Seriously love the dentist but multiple billing issues are a major concern!

I hate this dentist, orthodontist, and all the receptionist. The appointment times are never convenient. I would be scheduled for a 10am and still wouldn't be seen until almost 11am if not after. Almost everyone at this office is rude and inconsiderate. I'm stuck here because I have braces. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. They are so unorganized. Receive services here at your own risk. I would really prefer if I could get some of my money back and go somewhere else.

I paid $2329 when the procedure was done (what they told me the price would be after insurance). Dental works submitted the wrong codes for my dental plan and within a few weeks the claim was rejected. 10 months later, I received a bill from dental works for an additional $1096 to cover what they claimed insurance would not pay. Even after numerous calls/visits showing the office manager documentation that the wrong codes had been submitted and I should not have to pay for their incompetency, Dental Works turned this bill over to a collection agency.

In February I spent $370 to get a lower tooth cavity filled. Way too high, but I was desperate to see a dentist that day. I noticed when I got home that the dentist did not remove the old filling, which was silver and just left it hanging on one side. Six weeks later while eating a piece of apple pie, I must have swallowed the old filling and part of my tooth was missing with the filling. Why did he not remove that old piece and fix it all over my tooth or at least ask me about it... This was very wrong. I went back in today to get it fixed for free and they wanted to charge me an additional $158 to fix this same cavity that should have been fixed properly the first time!!!

Never again; pure scam - went in (unknown with an infection) - they obviously placated things by taking a ton of xrays (didn't see the infection??) Then proceeded to do a half a cleaning; DID not fix problem & then refused to finish. Leaving my mouth half done so they could extort me again - fixed nothing!!!! Yet charged me (with insurance) close to $300; & would see me till the next week after taking my money. 20/20 hindsight after 2nd dentist. Didn't even call a prescription in with all these xrays they took due to being in severe pain. I went to an actual office & they fixed the problem and then some for $60 (actually fixed the issue). DentalWorks is a ripoff scam. Don't go there!!!!