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So I spoke with Robyn Grey over at Drive Smart and she was absolutely phenomenal she helped me out with all of my questions and concerns about warrenties and I've already recommended this company to people in my family and a few friends.I had my reservations when it came to car coverage and the team they have over there definitely squashed any issues that i had.
An extended warranty sounds like a good idea. My 5 year warranty is up and now my truck is needing repairs. First call I get they post dated my check for me so I can get time to get the deposit together which is fine because this is what I needed. Second call I get there asking for a payment as if they didn’t know I had made a payment arrangements for the down payment. So he agreed to discount it if I can pay for it today. When I check my statement I was charged the whole deposit when I was told it’ll be discounted. I want to cancel the whole thing just because I was lied to about my deposit to just get me to pay that day.
Great company, they have a great product! Even though they’re the only ones with the car reimbursement program they should lower rates so everyone who is missing out can afford it too.
Last night I was on the phone with DriveSmart setting up my new extended warranty. The woman I spoke to was professional , friendly, and passionate about her job. She worked with me as I designed my protection plan. I didn’t need everything they offered so I went with the middle tier Advantage plan. It covers my brakes, engine, transmission, electrical, steering, gaskets, and more. My only regret about DriveSmart is that I didn’t know about them sooner. Way better than the competition!
I've been a customer with DriveSmart for over a year now, I think DriveSmart is the best if you're looking for a car warranty. I've had nothing but outstanding experiences with their customer service employees, they go out of their way to make sure you're satisfied!
I was in the market for a VSC and heard their Ad on Spotify. This made me want a DriveSmart plan, it was an easy process after going to their website. I requested a quote, they called me and hooked me up with the coverage I wanted. Then I spoke to a customer service representative Anthony, who was especially great, he went over every question I had, while explaining the worth of the coverage!
I just got off the phone with Kendra, what a wonderful customer service rep. I was having second thoughts about actually taking this out and she reassured me that I made the best decision for my family and my wallet. Thank you Kendra!
truly horrible company. they keep calling me every day threatening me that my offer is expiring today. do they really have a deadline for this? Really cheap predatory practices here. I was screamed at by one of their ppl over the phone. hope someone shuts them down. I just really hope they do not get my email address as i sign up for this review. I AM NOT VERCIE, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS GUY BELOW IS TALKING ABOUT. IT IS ALL MADE UP IN HIS MIND. TRULY AMAZING LIARS. Now they just CHANGED THE REVIEW BECAUSE I WROTE IN CAPS the truth. YOU GUYS ARE just A CHEAP CHEAT.
I've been a customer now for about 3 yrs and about 4 payments to paying off my suv. My experience have been great. Steven, owner, has worked with me through any issues I've had with my vehicle, payments etc. I have since recommended 2 people to this dealership. Unfortunately, I am now having a financial issue that will allow me to be late this month, and have gotten a different side of the coin. I'm being told that I have until Friday to make my payment or else. I'm feeling disappointed being that I am almost done with paying this car off. I'm hoping that talking with Steven will allow me the time I need to make this payment and finish out this contract. Other than this, I've had nothing but great dealings with this company and they do stand behind their cars. I will continue to recommend this company to anyone looking for a car.
DriveSmart came in clutch when I started to hear clunking noises coming from my front suspension. I have the premium plan so not only am I covered for a major repair but also for smaller stuff like my power windows and locks.
They made me lots of promises when I enrolled, but they didn't follow through on any! Beware they are more interested in getting money from you than actually doing what they promise. Did not make sure I was removed from list so I would get no more calls from other warranty providers (just got another call yesterday), did not send me the info on how to cancel the other warranty plan I was enrolled in. I was too trusting, don't make my mistake.
I have no complaints. I have not had to use the service yet.
This company spam calls my phone every day. For months. I've reported them numerous times to the national do not call registry. They keep trying to sell me a warranty on a car I don't own. I don't even live in the state they're calling from. STAY AWAY. (posting on multiple sites because I'm soooo fed up)
I didn't get anything info. on how the hole thing works