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This company is crooked, dishonest and uncaring. Doing business with them is highly ill advised. On two separate occasions, I have attempted to get health insurance and, for reasons I can never understand, they fail to provide. The worst part is, they lead you to believe you're covered. "Your health insurance application has been approved and you will receive your identification cards soon." Only to find out later that, in fact, you are not covered. AND they have allowed your coverage to lapse, which ends up costing way more down the road. Please, for your sake and that of your family, do business with a reputable company. I had to create a profile on yelp because I can only assume they have attempted to prevent negative reviews from showing up. Their customer service is awful and they refuse to even help resolve the situation. Just now, the girl on the phone, who I could not even understand, finally spoke clearly enough to say, "just google the carrier and call them. I can't help you." Well, I'll tell you what, let me help YOU by giving a review of this mismanaged and poorly operating company. Find a health insurance provider that cares -- look online and find good, positive reviews.
Signed up and it tells me I might want to talk to DHS for government assistance. Not even an offer of other insurance. Not qualified for DHS so I needed something else. Had to go and find one on my own. It just upset me that they claim to give you choices and I only got one. I wanted a listing and to decide for myself. The above rating makes no sense. I spoke to no one, so the rude conduct, is it referring to the website? So you see, even this survey isn't right.
Since retiring, maintaining sufficient healthcare insurance is important to me. It is not easy to negotiate all the policies available, the pros and cons of each plan, and which one would best serve my needs. Noi made the process a breeze. She is knowledgeable, helpful, and considerate of how difficult this process can be for the consumer. Noi eased all my worries. I got the plan just right for me in a short amount of time. Her professionalism is amazing. Thank you!.
I $1.00 a month fee that this insurance charges, and also that there would be a $35.00 fee at the time of signing. what more do you want from us our blood??wei are both retired and this insurance will only be used once a year not sure if I will renew next year in 1915 or I will cancel it. the person that helped me did not know anything about these charges it was not his fault. This review does not include his performance which was very good.
I was always a little intimidated by the application process. This site made it so simple. Thanks a ton!
very good explainations, easily understandable. pleasant. she had a cold and the sniffles, but was very polite.
I thought the site is user friendly and extremely helpful when shopping around for insurance!
where start took 1 moth get cards couldnt use it but had pay from date sign forms lost 1month n 1-2 service . everything even meds doc had call 5 times get med approved n still had change one bp med that dont work for us my body out wack now when other med was working . tought i could card my card evey month but no they had wrong back information try take out wrong account so now my bill npot paid after 3 months waiting on bill come in mail . couldnt have mri declined had do threphy 1st . ur on hold 1 hr get transferd to other peopl n on hold again n retransfred back same number by then that closed . start over next day to same thing with no answer still . get papers mail from 3 different address with now number call back . wish i never dropped more costly group insurance for this 1 . doc office had wait 2 weeks for declined mri . i got ppo which is not to need approveral but with this 1 all needs it even when they knew be4 med.s n doc . wanted me go 100 miles 2 another hospital for mri cause cheaper for insurance when said i wanted go 15 miles for home my hospital cuz i refuse go 100 milws away they declined mri some times cheaper med. dont work the 2 n 3 tier does has wrong deductable on us , doc n hospital still waiting approved payment .
I purchased insurance from ehealth in December 2013 for a January 1, 2014 effective date. I was guaranteed I would have coverage and it would be back dated to January 1. I called ehealth every week for a month and a half but they never had a response for me. I finally heard back from them in mid-February and found out my coverage would not begin until March 1. I told the, this was unacceptable and they should not be guaranteeing customers coverage that they cannot up hold. Very disappointed in ehealth!
Very Good. Was on Humana site and almost got it, as I didn't think VSP had a stand alone policy w/o employer. Went on to einsurance and found VSP Direct. YEAH. Looks cheaper and better coverage. Chatted with agent and bought the coverage. Awesome and easy!
Process was very easy to use, got response with in a couple of days!!
Easy and convinient to use and get best rated plan from market.
This was a great overall walk through of what each plan provided and easy steps to complete.
I would recommend anyone who's living on.a fixed budget to explore the many affordable premiums that they offer... The site proves to be efficient and trustworthy, extremely informative.
I'm an individual that doesn't receive dental or vision through an employer so I was looking for options available in my state. I thought I was going to have to much more ground work myself but this site made comparison shopping very easy and provided many plans to choose from. By comparing the plans side by side, I was able to find a mid-range cost dental plan that actually provided better benefits than some of the more expensive plans. I had a similar experience with the vision insurance. It was all very easy and a one stop shopping experience that definitely took the stress out of the research process. I'm confident in my choices.
The initial page I filled out indicated that I might be eligible for a discount/Federal assistance rate program but this was not continued on subsequent pages. How can I find out if I qualify for assistance?
Getting health insurance seemed complicated until I tried eHealthInsurance
Love them..............
Bank draft section not very clear. Although I chatting with rep I am not convinced they knew what they were talking about when I asked them if 1 month meant that I would be paying once every month or one time. They said once per month, but I am still concerned because I didn't want to have payment taken all at once.
10x faster than Obamacare, price is great. Its actually less than Obama care too!!! With better coverage!!! great fix until insurance kicks in on the 1st of next year.
I did find some reasonable plans, and I actually chose a healthcare plan that I felt was acceptable. The reason I'm giving this site 2 stars is what happened after that, I recieved no emails, no phone calls. . . nothing from eHealthInsurance after I submitted my application. The only update I recieved was that my application was submitted. I had to do all of the leg work myself to see where my application was at with the company I went with and didn't even know I was accepted until the first months premium was deducted from my bank account. Very impersonal feel with little customer help, which is sad because of all of the 5 star reviews.
Ehealth is a wonderful company to do business with and offers the everyday person help with Health insurance.
I tried to buy direct from eHealth but they're not the insurance company. They're a broker. They helped me apply through Covered California. Covered California messed up and submitted two applications for me, so the insurance company billed me twice. eHealth helped me contact the insurance company to stop the double-billing. AND I'm NOT EVEN THEIR CUSTOMER!! What an awful process, glad eHealth was there to help me.
I like being able to compare plans side by side and compare apples to apples. I spent the last year paying too much and getting too little so I'm glad the process of switching to a new plan was so easy. No complaints here!
See one sentence. ..
The eHealth has improved since I originally signed up back in November, and I was screwed over by a messed up computer document. It stated that I never chose a date to have my payment taken out monthly. I received a dental card, and paid a premium payment taken out of my bank in December. Because of that little error, my insurance was cancelled on January 31st, 2015. My father was dying in the middle of this mess, and then I had no computer for awhile to see my messages, and I never was able to find out about any of this ridiculous information. Then I also have a brain viral infection, so I have a dexlexic issue. Plus our medical insurance is also Blue Shield, and it was confusing to figure out medical and dental letter in the mail after my dad passed away. I haven't looked at my mail piled up for a month, since he died.
Ehealthinsruance has been a total headache from the get go. I asked the customer service representative for a policy starting 12/1, due to job loss. She gave me what she said was the correct link. I filled it out with all my information, including payment information, but once I got the approval, the date was 1/1/15. I called back and another customer service rep was rude to me, suggesting that it was my fault that I had gotten an incorrect link. It wasn't, since I told the first rep I needed coverage on 12/1. So the second rep gave me the link to get a plan for 12/1 and a cancellation form. I filled out the form on 11/25, the day I got it, and emailed it right back. Flashforward three weeks, and it turns out that ehealthinsurance received my email, but never processed anything! I only needed health insurance for one month, so this led to me being charged for one whole month that I don't need, $242, which was a lot of money for me. When I chatted back with ehealth, their only response was that they did indeed get my email with the cancellation signature, but that they hadn't done anything with it. I was so irritated! I had sent it in, with plenty of time for them to cancel my policy (that I only had because they gave me the wrong link) and three weeks had gone by and they hadn't cancelled it! Friday when I talked to them I REsent my cancellation form to them, and got the customer service rep to agree that she had received it. Then this morning, on the way in to work I get an automated call: my policy starting 1/1 has been approved and will start soon! I am beyond irritated by ehealthinsurance. Their customer service is very poor. Of the three agents I have spoken to, one sent me totally incorrect info, one yelled at me for somehow accepting incorrect info, and the third one refused to take any responsibility for their mistake in ignoring my cancellation request for three weeks. I got the insurance company to agree to refund the money, but it will take 3-5 business days. Like I said, I give them zero stars, but they won't let me post it without giving them at least one star! Typical! I definitely do not recommend anyone use this service. Updated: I chatted with the customer service to ask why I had gotten a call approving a service I had twice requested to be cancelled. Their response? Chris: at 10:17:13 They just approve it before they process your cancellation.
This insurance and the other plans offered were a great price with great coverage options offered if u need a lot of coverage or just in case of an emergency. No pre-existing conditions should have been an option long ago. Thank u
Easy application and research process
I've had a very hard time using Often, the website, phone, number, online chat, or my account would malfunction and the poor customer service reps couldn't explain why. Plan details could be filled with errors. I was frantically trying to re-enroll when an eHealth ad popped up on my Yahoo! home page. I found the exact plans I'd wanted without any fuss and they automatically found a vision and dental plan for me. The whole process took only a few minutes. No extraordinary costs AND I didn't need any assistance!
I had no bad experience doing my enrollment this time. Every time I called everyone was helpful
Great site helped me a lot
This is my first time applying for health insurance and I was afraid I would be confused and not able to understand the health insurance jargon but I was pleasently surprised. There were videos to explain what coinsurance does and what a detuctible is. I am so thankful that I don't have to live in fear of getting hurt or sick just because I don't have lots of money to pay for medical treatments.
Very helpful and Informative.
Never had such an easy experience enrolling in any health care, dental care, vision care program in the past. Thanks for making this site easy to use, understand, and purchase exactly what we needed for our future health benefits.
No one took the time to answer my questions in full detail. A manager promised to call me back and never did, even after I left 2 messages. They do not care about the customers at all! STAY AWAY!
I did my research online and got in contact with a representative for additional questions I had. Ron Gibson answered all my questions and made me feel at ease with my decision. He gave me a break down of everything I chose and provided the numbers I needed. The application and payment process was easy and I am relieved!
Work in customer service so... They call me based on lead generator from website. I get a foreign operator. Who asks me a simple qualifying question. She transfers me to an agent in Ft Lauderdale. 2nd agent gets on the line and aks me what I am looking for. I explain. Agent proceeds to crosstalk to fellow workers without muting... "We've got a talker here" I ask ask him if he just did what I think he did... CLICK Phone call took 3 minutes and 47 seconds. Guess "talker" = not profitable, don't care
Heather G. was patient and extremely helpful! I am so thankful for her help with the application.
I can't get the blue shield plans cancelled ...
I need to cancel from this program they charged me for registration and was to be a free trial. statements was that we could cancel at any time. I do not need any further charges to my bank card; I do not have any use for this item website. Your response is vital. Thank you.
I was very please with the ease of this application. I heard many horror stories about dealing with "Obama Care". The one question I needed help with was quickly resolved by "Bruno" on their chat board. This was a breeze. The only problem I'm having now is exiting this review screen! LOL
after looking at the ACA site i found this site and was able to find more affordable in my area. the agent helped me with my application and the rest was easy. very good experience provides complete information about health insurance in our area. It provides access to company ratings so you know you're dealing with a reputable company. It shows you all your options to allow you to choose premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket, and compare them side by side.
Once again I I hate the ACA I fall into the middle class group that does not qualify for any tax credit but do not make enough money to pay the health care premiums. The people I spoke with were all very help full and statde that many people are in the same position I am and statde they were very sorry they were unable to help.
Easy to pay, they simply take money; no deductibles to worry about when the doctor is in a network with the insurance company. It was very easy to ask them to send statement about the payments. No problems so far. Happy with my policy. Thank your for your site that helped to find the right health insurance policy.
With this being the first time I am applying for health insurance myself I found this site easy to understand, and when I did have questions the customer service I received was quick, helpful, easy to understand, and made me feel like no matter what I asked it was a easy to answer question. I completed my application with confidence because of everyone that helped me!
Ehealth insurance is easy to use and get the job done in one time. User friendly.
Having been a dependent for 50 years, I found myself in need of an individual dental plan. The research was perplexing, redundant at times, took a week of opening and re-reading all data to understand procedure, select a company, a plan, and to feel confident that I had done okay in my selection. I will keep my Dentist, will pay a reasonable monthly fee, and receive almost the same benefits as 5 yrs ago when my husband died, my mother died and I missed the 60 day grace period to enroll as a beneficiary in the Aetna policy we had.
Thank you for simplifying the process for getting vision and dental insurance. I have needed to do something for a while, but this was an easy and convenient way to apply.
I found the website fairly easy to navigate and information on plans easy to find. Got a pretty good plan for a pretty reasonable rate. Their follow up e-mails kept me informed so far a very good experience.
I have been trying to look at insurance and trying to figure out my best fit and in the process I have created 2 application IDs on the phone and twice created accounts online and yet wasn't able to connect my application ID with my profile. I'm simply assuming that this time application went through without any issues. Would appreciate an email confirmation that it was accepted. Thanks, Uma Shanmugam
hidden fees, dishonest brokers. will try and wear you out before refunding your money (i.e really slow to transfer, multiple disconnections, signed letter, no supervisor to speak with...the list goes on. a true abomination to insurance, and i thought Health First was a train wreck.
Super easy to find all the different available options , and was able to get a decent policy that covered health, dental, and vision.
This is my first time purchasing insurance for myself. I was procrastinating for a while because I was so confused about everything. I'm really glad I found this site!
I had to help my 79 years young mother navigate obtaining a Medicare supplemental plan after having been out of the states for 7 years. George Rayne was fantastically patient with my mother & me as we coordinated conference calls between three locations. He did a great job of explaining the various plans and promptly responded to any post call emails. Highly recommend eHealthInsurance! The entire experience was a pleasant as it could possibly be.
Thank you this was so easy to do! I was done with the full process within 40 mins. Thank You!
While my application isn't approved yet, the process of comparing optional plans and applying for one on EHealth could not have been better. Very impressive.
Very great technology;was impressively speedy to use thx
not too difficult to get through the application process online
There is way to many internet and connection problems!
I love eHealth, it's so much easier finding the perfect insurances and good prices, I've always used eHealth, and when trying another website I had a terrible time and it crashed all the time. I love y'all thank you!
Getting better but still a cumbersome and confusing process that leaves many questions requiring chat or email assistance.
The statement gets to me on the 21st of the month and it would be easier if I could pay monthly with a credit card.......I don't like the method you offer to pay electronically directly from bank acct. would rather pay with card.........................
Story was empathic, clearly explained everything, and helped me to navigate an extremely complicated situation for my family. She needs a raise and good hours!!!
I called in to get assistance with a current application I was having trouble with. I was so frustrated! After speaking with the representative, Justin, I was able to successfully apply for the plan I had been searching for. What a relief! He worked so well around my frustration and gave me the information I needed to make the best decision for my families health care. Thank you Justin and eHealthInsurance!!
After spending a great deal of time reviewing the different types of plans, I decided to call and ask for assistance to help narrow it down to the appropriate plan for me. I spoke with Erin, who was very informative and extremely helpful… she walked me through the process. When I came across a computer glitch, (browser issue with my computer) she immediately connected me with Doug. He was very friendly, extraordinarily patient and very helpful. Thank you EHealthInsurance for having such knowledgeable and personal staff to assist those of us who need help in getting health care coverage!! Very grateful to you both!! Kathy Brown
The application process seems to require a lot of information that isn't necessary (why do you need the names and incomes of children not in the household and who are under the age of 18? Would you really expect that they are going to contribute for their parents' medical costs?). Then, the inability to actually make the first payment from the website is frustrating; perhaps instead of having a button that says 'make first payment', you should state that the application has been sent to the insurance company and that they will notify about setting up the payments? Otherwise, good process.
This is a scam. DO NOT use this company. My broker whom I've used for years confirmed it.
Site is simple to navigate, easy comparisons, comprehensive collection of available insurance options. Payment info required with applications but will not process until you are accepted for coverage. In other words, you need to be serious about getting the coverage.
Run far and fast. I started the process of getting health insurance but cancelled after reading the fine print, they kept taking money out of my accout for 3 months. I fought with them, I said ok Im insired if your taking out the money then Ill subit medical bills they even sent me a letter saying the policy was never active.
This is a place where you can see all plans for your state and compare coverage and purchase at the same time. Very easy to navigate and compare plans. Do your research and then choose a plan and fill out the application. Much too easy! Thanks for making purchasing insurance an easy process!
I was totally disappointed in their services. The only thing they provided me was the name of a company that provided services in my area. They gave me wrong phone numbers; told me my application was accepted when it was not; told me to make a payment when I could not (application had not been accepted); told me to expect phone calls which never came. I'm very disappointed. If they did their job well they could provide a helpful resource in the confusing mess of insurance. As it was they only further muddied the already cloudy water. They get a 2 / 5 stars as only 1 customer service person was helpful and greatly appreciated.
SCAM. Do not do business with this "company". They will harass you for months. They call my phone roughly 25 times a day asking the same questions, and eventually hanging up on you. I've asked many times to be removed from their list and they continue calling. Blocking the number does nothing, as they just call from a different number every time. They refer to themselves as the "Health Group" over the phone, but refuse to transfer me to a supervisor and can not provide a physical address to their offices, which they told me are in Delray, Florida.
Didn't take much time to complete the application
I went to the government site to sign up for health care, did the application and was told what the tax credit would be. I chose to go through e-Health, thinking I was following directions to get the best price including the tax credits. Instead, I signed up, got the insurance, then found out the next day that the tax credits do not apply by going through E-Health. Typical of what I've grown to reluctantly accept in dealing with insurance companies and now there is a new layer of deceipt by having on-line sales groups who are just being given commissions for catching unsuspecting traffic.
I'm on long hold times to speak with customer service and their self pay web site doesnt work. Call in pay doesnt work either the promps keep messing up and you cant get through..I printed my cards out online since I never received them in the mail like I was told since December. NOT PROFESSIONAL......
good computer work that got me eye insurance.
Ehealth insurance was so easy and quick! I received confirmation of my application and a quick response regarding my acceptance. I would recommend it to anyone!
EVerything seems to be working out so far!
I was stumbling around trying to find the Medicare Part D Plan and dental insurance that was right for me until I got connected to eHealth. The agents I talked to were outstanding and helped me make what I believe to be excellent choices.
spent months trying to get my log in fixed at that other health care site, and still nothing. This site was seamless, quick and easy, plus plans were a few hundred less here, so saved both time and money, I like it! Thanks folks
This website offers information about the different health insurance options, the different companies and facilitates comparison between them. This was very helpful in my search. After I compared the choices, I was able to apply online for the insurance I selected. Thank you very much! This website made this stressful process an easy-breezy one.
Ehealth has wonderful people to assist you in what you need to know. Plus can answer all your questions. Heather was very patient, and walked me through the whole process, I enjoyed her great customer service. There need to be more people like Heather. ehealthinsurance thanks for having Heather assist me in my process, I appreciate it!
Signing up only took 1 minute, for total peace-of-mind. What a difference from the Obamacare signup disaster of a few months ago!
Very well done! The live chat worked great for me when I had questions during my application.
Frank was wonderful and patient; explained everything carefully. Everyone followed up to be sure I know the status of applications and to be sure I received the cards etc. Fabulous and easy experience.
The process was quick and painless, and my options were very clearly presented. Thank you.
I like the fact that I wasn't being pressured buy a commission-based sales rep trying to sell me stuff I don't want this is the perfect way to get insurance they give you quotes then they stand back leave you alone and let you decide at your own pace great job guys!!!
It would be helpful to know what varieties of extra coverage there are before applying.
They were Nice, Friendly & Very Helpful! The only complaint is sometimes the wrong voice comes on and they have no clue how to answer your ?s. That has only happened one time. I would recommend anyone trying to get health insurance to give them a call.
Most simple and comprehensive method to get what I need.
A bit more clarity on making payments and when exactly are they going to be taken out would really be appreciated
As simple and straight forward as these things can be. Adding vision and dental was a very easy process as well. Thanks!
Customer Service WOW!! All questions answered definitively and easily without hesitation. My rep treated me as if I were a family member. Very impressed with his knowledge and applications of it. Would never hesitate to recommend eHealthInsurance
Easy to sign up if you are between jobs and need short term coverage. I highly recommend their service and calls are answered quickly.
Very pleasant and helpful. Wasn't much waiting for my appointment.
I was timid at first to do this. My wife said just do it and it actually was a simple 30 minute application! Very easy to follow and straight forward questions. i would recommend this system to everyone who needs to search for and get health coverage!!!!