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Elite Beauty Society Online Insurance Reviews

This company is horrible! I called and emailed this company for two weeks with no response. Then tried to cancel and finally someone called me back apologizing and promising to call me back and never did! Also the free website doesn’t even work, when I called the third party a man answered angry telling me to not call but email him! Then his suggestion was to change the name of my business! Wow absurd. I would never recommend signing up because they don’t offer a refund even if it’s within 24 hours of the purchase! Must be nice to rip people off like that and get away with it.
Horrible service .They give you the run around.
They made it so easy
Very simple process.
I called and the representative was very knowledgeable and welcoming. I appreciate a company with great customer service! I also love how your website is really user friendly, straight to the point and informative!
Excellent affordable hairdressing insurance with neat benefits!
The purchasing of insurance on line from Elite Beauty Society was pleasent but I never tried..to..use it..by having to..cleim....the..coverage.
This insurance was the best i found. It's been so easy to renew my policy.
Very affordable, easy to sign up.
Elite has helped elavate my career, beyond my wildest dreams.
Easy, reasonable pricing
Easy website! Looks like a great Insurance and Beauty organization.
The free website doesn't work
I spoke with a gentlemen when I was searching for insurance . He answered all my questions . I feel I made a good choice for my insurance coverage
Great content and resources that support the professional. Phenomenal customer service and coverage!
thank you for a great service!!!!!!!!