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Steve took care of my problem in no time at all very happy with the outcome
My experience was good and I'll recommend endurance to any of my friends or relit aves
Since day one always attend to my needs and never waited more than a minute on the phone. the personnel that's working has great knowledge of what they're doing give each customer what they deserve in attendance. the personnel are every courtesy very professional to the clients. I would recommend this agency this company to other people and I hope they will have a better or more experience that I had with them it's a great. and the supervisor Mr Martin J great customer skills top number 1.
To me it’s clear. If you want more coverage, you have to pay more. I think a lot of people get confused about what a warranty is actually supposed to cover. Endurance is pretty clear about what it does and does not cover, unlike a lot of places that try to sell you a “deluxe package” or whatever. They’re pretty fast about answering questions, too, especially with the chat feature. I wanted to know about built-in GPS coverage and they got back to me within minutes with a clear answer.
First customer service team, was excellent, really listened to my concerns of what I wanted and needed. Price seemed very competitive and more than reasonable what the package includes.
Max forwarded my call to Mr. Alvin P because I wanted more years than previously offered to me. Mr. Alvin helped me and did what was most beneficial to me by offering me the best available policy. Thank you, Mr. Alvin, for your wonderful assistance. You really know how to take care of existing loyal customers!
The customer service person (Mahogony) was patient with me and was able to answer all my questions. She even allowed a follow-up so I could discuss this with my wife. There was never any pressure to buy.
I recomend this company very highly, I would not own a vehicle without endurance . What a pleasure dealing with a company who is both professional and caring. It should be the business model for the industry.
Very helpful and informative.
The enrollment process was quite timely. Received a phone lead before finishing online application.
I am trusting that this vehicle coverage lives up to its ranking on-line in motor vehicle protection. The process of being approved was easy, of course the real challenge is when we have to use it for vehicle repair, etc. Trusting that will all go well also. Time will tell if this has been a wise choice for me purchasing a used vehicle with low mileage and hoping to get a good vehicle protection policy on it. Thank You!
Eddie Perez was absolutely amazing! He went above and beyond what customer service reps normally do. As soon as I called in he was helpful and enthusiastic. He did not give up on me and my issue until he received answers.
This warranty is awesome it provides all my car care needs promptly without gimmicks. I get the best customer services from Martin Jefferies.
Good luck getting a straight answer from this company. They use the "on hold" button on the phone as one of their techniques to get you to give up. I own a repair shop and had a car dropped off with an issue. Had to jump through hoops just to get them to send an adjustor out. Adjustor came out and verified the problem and said he would submit report and the company would call. No call ever came. I called them several times and was put on hold for about 15 minutes at a times. I kept getting kicked over to different people who would start the claim all over again. Never got resolution. My customer is frustrated with the company because he has been without transportation for three weeks AND he paid $ 3,000 for this contract. RUN, do not walk, from Endurance
I haven’t had a chance to utilize the service just yet. So for now I’ll give 4/5 stars☺️
Technician knew what the problem was and quickly determined what parts were needed. I would give the technician a 4 star rating. His company gets a 2star rating. I did get a call from someon sing the parts have been ordered. However, there has been no updating. The technician indicated the part were readily available. It’s taking too long in my opinion.
I have an older vehicle (2000, Chevy Blazer, 150, 000 miles on it) and repairs to keep this truck going and on the road are always happening. That is where my warranty with Endurance helps out all the time! AC repairs, need new compressor, new blower motor - covered and fixed thanks to Endurance! Electrical problems - covered and fixed! Needed new fuel pump, covered and fixed! Will need a new/rebuilt transmission, & will need new engine down the line - all covered and will be helped and saving thousands of dollars $$$ in repairs with Endurance! - Mark Johnson, Las Vegas, Nevada
Just have to thank Endurance for coming through when I needed them. Normally I would never call for a flat tire as I am capable of changing one myself, but I was on my way to an event, wearing a dress and heels, when my tire blew out. I bit the bullet and called the roadside assistance line. When they told me it was part of my extended warranty coverage, I never thought I would have to use it for a tire change (maybe a tow), but I was really glad I had it, and the service was quick and it didn't cost any extra.
We purchased the EXTRA SUPREME coverage 4 years ago with a then vehicle mileage of 46,310. We have ad only one or two claims against the policy The vehicle is in the shop for window regulator and door lock actuator repair. Diagnosis also found a bad power door module. This module contros the operation of the regulator and the lock actuator. The warranty company is refusing to pay for the module and is limiting their coverage to cover the repair to less than $200.00. We are left " holding the bag " for almost $800.00 worth of repair costs. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY:
Tony took care of me by lowering my monthly from $220 to $141 per month at my verbal request. He mentioned to me that I should receive a revised policy within a week by email and regular mail. Tony took some relief and stress off my back and am greatly appreciated.
I have had a great experience with this company from day one. I have to say that endurance has helped me out in more ways than I can count but I will try to tell you a little about my experience with them. First off when I called they were so polite and helpful on the phone. I had not purchased the car that I wanted yet and so I was just looking to get an estimate on how much it would cost me to get a warranty on it. I was looking at a 2010 ford fusion but wasn't sure I was going to get it until the end of the week. I thought that I would feel pressured on the phone but the man named Carlos was so calm and friendly. We talked about my situation and he understood that I didn't actually have the car yet and gave me my estimate and his number to call back if I did get the car. Well I DID get the car and I DID call him back and decided to buy the warranty. If you are thinking about buying from this company ask about their payment plan for your car. I didnt have a lot of money after buying my car but I was able to get the price of the warranty in monthly payments. The dealer offered their warranty but it was too pricey and it would make my car payments too high. Anyway I have used the warranty two times now. Once when I thought I needed to get a new transmission, but it turns out the current one just needed some adjustments. And the second time was when the dang air conditioner went out. Not a fun thing to have happen in Texas. The claims process was pretty simple, I must say. The shop handled most of the work because all I had to do was give them my endurance member card and they called up the company to get the payment for repairs. It took a little longer the second time but that was because the shop accidentally sent them the wrong info about my car. But both times endurance was able to help me out and they did it really fast. they have awesome customer service that is super helpful. *Shout out to Nicole for helping me out when I forgot to make a payment and she waived any late fees!!!* Long story short, I gotta say that they have alwasy done a good job at getting my car fixed and answering all my questions and whatnot. I feel good to know that me and my family are protected with endurance. I highly recommend this company to anyone out there who wants an affordable warranty that ACTUALLY works.
SHAME ON YOU!!!!!I requested a quote and received an email that someone would be calling me. I never received a call back. I decided to call. The representative(forgot name) looked my request up by phone number asked a few brief questions and then gave me a quote but explained that it was my first call so he had an "INCREDIBLE" offer for me. My down payment would be $175 instead of 350 and my monthly payment would be 115 instead of 150. But I had to give him my down payment right then during my"FIRST" call. I asked if he could give me like 10 mins to call him back and I explained I was driving at the time and I didn't feel comfortable or safe rummaging through my purse for my wallet for a credit card. He said the offers only good for this call. I explained I was driving and speaking to him on a hands-free headset and I just needed to get in a safe area to pull over. He said " you would rather hang up and loss this offer" and went into explaining the offer "I was passing up." I said really? YES!!!! I would rather not get involved in an accident. He said well it wasn't his fault I called him while I was driving. So disgusted!!!!! Must be selling on commission.
Outstanding job as always like working with professionals. I know my money and time is well spent.
These people are absolute crooks, I wish I’d never spent $2500 on the extended warranty with these folks, they will answer the phone when they want to sell you a warranty however they will not answer the phone when she bought that warranty and you need a repair on your car. Do not waste your money with these crooks all they care about is getting you to buy the warranty, they will never cover any repairs in your car. They look for every way they can to get out of paying for a repair to your vehicle. These people are absolute crooks, I wish I’d never spent $2500 on the extended warranty with these folks, they will answer the phone when they want to sell you a warranty however they will not answer the phone once you’ve bought that warranty and you need a repair on your car. Do not waste your money with these crooks all they care about is getting you to buy the warranty, they will never cover any repairs in your car. They look for every way they can to get out of paying for a repair to your vehicle The worst customer service I’ve ever got has been from this company, they really in truly are crooks
They help me understand what i was getting and how they can help
Even though we didn't have a great experience endurance made it right. They really care what their customers think.
They always honored their contract and customer service is exceptional. I would highly recommend this compny
I brought my car in for a transmission problem.first they wanted a diagnosis so that took a week for the breakdown and to find the problem . Then It took them another week to get an inspector there to see the problem then it took another week to get approval. Once there was an approval it took another week to get the transmission there because they wanted to supply it finally after the parts gets to my mechanic it was another week to install .so iwas without a car for over a month and they would only give me a rental for 2 days.so I was not satisfied took way too long.
I signed up thought it was a good idea decided that it cost WAY to much canceled my policy it took them over a month to process my request I was told I would get my deposit back wasnt told only in the first 30 days 2ould I receive my full amount 190.00 dollars I paid for the deposit then another 155.00 2 weeks later this was all done in June of 2018 I canceled the policy and they still tried to run my debt card for july's payment thankfully I shut that card down because after all the problems I have had with this company and serious lack of communication I was afraid they were going to try to run my card again and I was right now here it is August havent heard nothing about any deposit which I only get partial of I could only imagine if I had a claim how long it would take I will NEVER EVER get any kind of extended warranty thank you for the bad experience
Very easy and extremely helpful
I canceled the insurance as I could not find an( acceptable to me) repair facility to do the work if needed.
Salesman was very respectful of my time and also we came to a conclusion on the price now the only question will be how well the coverage works when I need it
I bought premium aftermarket warranty from Endurance which covers the issues that my used vehicle is now in the shop for. Driver door handle and trunk auto close. They sent an inspector to the shop to do a full car inspection and are holding up my claim asking for an additional $500 because aftermarket rims are on the car. Endurance said nothing about the rims while signing me up nor did they inspect or take pictures of the car. I had a feeling that if I had an issue with my car and needed to make a claim that they would find a way to get out of honoring the warranty. Now money I've been paying them could help get my car fixed.
I called in to cancel my policy, because I wanted to go through my manufacturer for an extended warranty. I spoke with customer service who said I had to speak to the cancellation department (Customer Service is the cancellation Department) I waited on hold for 22 minutes and I was hung up on when I called in again I got someone on the phone who told me that they have been covering my car since it’s been built which we know is a lie because my manufacturer has been covering my car. He stated I should do my research and contact the dealership who will verify the same thing. He give me his extension number to call back when I attempted to call back of course no answer I then attempted to call back a few moments later I got someone else on the phone who tried to convenience me for 30 minutes to keep it. He finally stated that the would have my policy cancelled and since the payment was scheduled to come out that day Dec 14th. And that it shouldn’t post to my account. He also stated I would receive an email. Never received an email and I was charged eight days later Dec 22nd. Super shady.
@endurance A great company which is responsive to their customers. They have a professional customer service team that provide a great customer service experience.
I'm glad I have this extended warranty. My mechanic said they were great to work with. Also when speaking to them over the phone they were very helpful.
I looked around at a lot of different companies when my original warranty expired. But endurance had the best coverage for the best price. They even extended my coverage from 3 years to 5 years and didn't charge me anymore money. These guys are the real deal and can save you a lot of money on repairs. If you don't have their coverage, you better get it because trust me you don't wanna be in that repair shop when you get the bill and you ain't got coverage. Thanks endurance.
She is the best
i have heard good reports about your company i have not had any problems to call you about so i am happy. sharon basovsky
It was great until the allied interstate or who ever it is that handles their claims told me the manual shifter switch on my shift wasn't not covered. Even thought it was a manually operated switch. They called it a button and said they don't cover those. I called endurance and talked with them and they overturned the denial and the shifter was replaced.
Purchased drive train warranty for my 2010 Ram. Motor began to make noises, just a short time after that the transfer case went- no 4wd. The claim process was dragged out for over 2 monthes, they ended up denying the claim due to maintenance records being "incomplete". Every service was done with records submitted but because someone wrote down the wrong milage (at the shop doing the service) the claim was denied. I then brought it to their legal team who uses every bit of the contract against your claim (which they don't mention on the phone when they take your money!). Don't do it, they sold my warranty to Independent who made things even worse. Lesson learned.
I have three policies with endurance on my car and my two daughters cars. They always help me when I have a problem and I have never had an issue with them. Even gave me a discount on the additional policies I got for my daughters cars.
You have life Ins.,home Ins. and Ins.on most of your appliance in your house, so why not on your vehicle for auto repairs.
On my warranty coverage ot have that it covers Valve cover and my car needed a valve cover and the dealership say that Endurance say that is not a covered part.
I was solicited more than 100 times by phone to purchase their (Endurance) extended service contract. After months of their relentless phone calls, I gave in and purchased their supreme package at $3600 which was the best that they offered. Several months later after the initial waiting period and mileage requirements were met, I had a problem with a transmission leak. I immediately took the truck into the repair shop (less than 5 miles were driven after it started leaking). Of course the repair shop found other items that required attention. I called Endurance to let them know I took the truck in to the repair shop. The shop also called Endurance to get a repair confirmation on all the items covered by the service contract (warranty) with Endurance. Both myself and the repair shop was told that a claims inspector would be there within 48 hours and then endurance would have 24 hours to make a decision. This was a Tuesday. On Friday of that week I called Endurance as they had not responded to either myself or the shop. After 3 hours of waiting on the phone I was told by one of the many customer service managers that there was a miscommunication and the inspector was never ordered. He informed me that he put in an emergency order which moved me to the front of the inspection line. At this point the inspector now has 24 hours to file a report with Endurance and Endurance will respond within 24 hours of receiving that report. Ok, so Monday came and no response again. Perhaps they don't work on weekends? I called on Tuesday to find out what was going on. I got to speak with a new customer service supervisor who informed me that a claims inspection was never ordered because I needed to furnish proof of mileage at time of service contract. Great to know this now, after I'm trying to file a claim. Why wouldn't they ask for this when selling the warranty? Because...they want every opportunity to deny claims. I was able to go to the parts store and get a copy of a receipt for oil filter and oil which displayed date and vehicle application that coincided with the purchase of the vehicle almost 3000 miles ago. After this was sent up, Endurance took several more days to review the receipt. Perhaps they needed to perform forensic reports on it to see if there was a way they could further deny it? My vehicle has now been in the shop for a week and a half and I have gotten no results from the neatly 50 phone calls to Endurance. I was finally able to get Endurance to order a claims inspector to come to the shop and perform an inspection to verify repairs. The following week I had to make numerous calls over 5 days only to be told from Tuesday through Friday that my claim was being reviewed. I am dumbfounded how anyone could take 4 days to review a claim but, not to my surprise, most of the items were rejected as pre-existing. Even the transmission leak that was severe enough to leave a cup of fluid on the ground when I stopped but only had a oil area on the underside of the transmission the size of a dollar bill. I asked the claims inspector how it could have been pre-existing with such a severe leak and nearly no oil coating the underside of the truck? It's basic aerodynamics and as he could see from the report pictures there was no such evidence of the leak being there for more than a mile or two. I asked the "claims adjuster" for his response. All he could do was repeat how they hire an inspector for his professional opinion. Ok, so he a "claims adjuster" for a company in the auto industry offering a type of warranty on repairs but cannot made an educated decision with facts and pictures in front of him??? I have a copy of the report and it says nothing about the leak being pre-existing. It only states that the repair shop did not demonstrate the extent of the cause. I asked the repair shop about that specific statement and their response, "We did everything the inspector asked us to do for him, if he wanted more he only had to ask and our tech would have happily performed any task he requested". So, I paid for the repair that was stated as covered in my contract with Endurance. The A/C was a little weak and I asked the shop to look at it. Their conclusion was a leaking evaporator inside the dash that they diagnosed with some type of freon sniff testing equipment that went down into the dash vents. Endurance did cover this repair. The shop found that the ball joint and tie rod on one side of the vehicle were in the early stages of failure, the rear axle bearings were loose and exhaust manifold bolt was broken causing a ticking noise for the first 10 seconds of the vehicle being started. All of these were covered items under my contract with Endurance. They refused to cover the repairs other than 1 bearing in the rear end. The remaining repairs they classified as pre-existing and the exhaust manifold failure as a result of rust. Ok I have never seen a used exhaust manifold that did not have rust/corrosion from the extreme heat of the exhaust gas. The repair shop informed me that every vehicle with 500 miles has rust and or corrosion on this part from the rest. Just another way Endurance is able to sneak out of their liabilities. At this point, nearly 4 weeks had passed and a hundred phone calls had been made to Endurance since I took my truck in the shop and I told the shop to start making the repairs and I would pay for what Endurance doesn't. I called daily to try and get somewhere with Endurance but they transferred me from department to department until they disconnected me (accidentally, I sure). At the end of the fifth week I was able to get another inspection ordered to review my claim once more but I soon came to see that it was just to quiet me. After the report, Endurance gave MD the runaround, again, and I was finally forced to pay for over 70% of the repairs myself and ultimately canceled the policy. These were all repairs that were covered under the contract but Endurance found a way to get out of paying for the majority of them. They promise the world when selling the contract with elaborate examples but they definitely don't live up to their promises.
I have had my policy from endurance for about 2-years now and have had to make quite a few claims on my car. I am sure by now they hate me because it feels like I am always calling. But they are always so friendly and helpful on the phone. But anyways my car has had some issues and they have always been there for me. Even one time when I forgot to make my monthly payment they waived the late fee and everything. You can tell they really care about their customers. One thing I have to admit is that my husband didn’t read our policy correctly and one of my repairs wasn’t covered. It was sad but it was our faults. Anyways they helped me find a shop with a lower labor rate and even got me a discount on the parts that they found for me. So even though it wasn’t their job they still saved me almost a thousand dollars. These guys are the BEST.
Latonya Mallory was such a big help thanks for everything.
I like the fact that my Endurance Representative did not focus on trying to out do the competition He focus on my needs and listen to my concerns also he did not over sold the policy of protection he gave the high lights and answered all my questions offered more info over email to explain coverage is better to see it in black and white rather than in verbal mode anybody can read the coverage of empty promises . but my Rep never push it on me. He gave me military discount plus the most competitive price . I felt he was fun to talk to .but professional for me to return to him with a phone call thanking him for his service God Blessed!
I am evaluating their sales staff and the policy itself. The sales staff, Joe, was quick to respond to my questions. sent me information for review and got me comfortable with Endurance. The policy seems to be almost all inclusive at a reasonable price. The proof will be the ease of submitting a claim and getting quick resolution.
a very straightforward buying experience and price/value proposition, in a not-so-transparent business. Many thanks Endurance.
Is it wrong that I'm excited about the roadside assistance that comes with my warranty? Yeah, sure, I'm glad my car will be covered when I need repairs, especially since it's an older vehicle and way out of initial warranty. But I've always considered AAA a frivolous expense. Not that I enjoy changing a tire on the side of the road, but come on, I'm not going to pay for service I might never use. Now that it's included, though, I'm kind of excited that I might get to use it, lol!
Thank you for great service.
I had a terrible experience with endurance, after my car went out and had to be worked on endurance didn’t cover anything even though I’ve been a member since last year. I’ll never use endurance again and I’ll never refere anyone to the them.
Eddie has worked his magic again. He has fixed my policy to keep me covered. He is the epidimy of what customer service is all about. If it were not for Eddie I would not be with Endurance.
all good so far, we will see in the future how it works out
Customer service rep Michael Mansilla was absolutely excellent. I had a issue with getting a claim for repairs on my car, and he took time to find out exactly what was going on. He was so patient because I was frustrated, but after our conversation everything was worked out. I really appreciate his help, thanks again Michael.
It took a while to get reimbursed . Vanessa Meza certified protection vehicle specialist took care of the processing personally and kept me updated . She helped us resolve the issue in no time.
Enrollment was easy and I feel fully confident in the coverage I have for my car.
very helpful to me and he answered all my questions very much a people person as well EDDIE P IS GREAT
While I do not agree with some of the terms, overall the customer services is good. Had to fight with the review board to get my transmission fixed because the claim department did not understand that I had the premium package and I did in fact have the policy for over the 30 day waiting period.
I checked you out first because of your good report with consumer affairs....and I’m very pleased...we’ll see now how you perform if I need you...hopefully my car will be worry free and problem free...thank you...Stephen
First, the representative who returned my call was professional while warm. She was patient and answered my questions thoroughly. It was her pleasant personality that really drew me in to be a customer. After she explained about the Endurance program, I felt confident that it will provide the comprehensive extended warranty coverage I need on my now three year old vehicle. I was also impressed by the ease of accessibility for service and, especially, being done with payment after two years.
I have been a customer with endurance for 2-years now and I always receive the very best service from them. I have had to call in a few times because of my bank card and each time they were super helpful and helped me get everything all cleared up. I wish I didn’t have so many problems with my card, but I do and endurance reps have been so great dealing with me. I would give them an A++++ for their service. They really go above and beyond to help their customers. I know this for a fact!
Straight forward to the point
I bought a policy and I made sure that it was one that covered my car from front to back which is what I think Daniel didn't do when he purchased his policy because he was trying to save money or his car wasn't covered for the best policy, who knows. My entire engine went out and this company towed my car, paid the rental, and my hotel when I was out of state and then they paid for an entire engine. Not only that but they paid the mechanic directly so .... you get what you pay for just make sure you don't shop like you leave reviews..... without asking questions. When you pay for services make sure you know what you are buying because being uninformed is your own fault. Shame on you Daniel for trying to ruin the reputation of an entire company. Since they aren't here to defend themselves against your allegations I decided to leave my own story. The only reason I even found this was because I was recommending this to a friend and they seen your comment.
I received a letter from these schmucks telling me that my coverage with them is about to expire, and that this is an extended warranty on my vehicle. I bought my car used, by a previous owner, and not through a car dealership. My car is over 20 years old, and had no warranty when I bought it. Either these idiots quit sending me this crap, or I am going to report them to the better business bureau.
I have not had to use my warranty as of yet.
I have an extended warranty for my car through Endurance. I've had this warranty less than a year. I recently sought repairs on my vehicle that happened to be covered under warranty. The repairs are quite spendy, so Endurance sent an inspector to the dealership to look at the car. I happened to have Lyft stickers on my car so they denied the claim stating my contract says it does not cover vehicles that are used commercially. We'll after informing them that my vehicle is not used commercially and asking what could I submit for verification that it is not being used commercially they said nothing, you have the stickers on the car. Yes I have stickers on my car, however there is no license number on those stickers which is required if you're going to drive for Lyft. I told them I had signed up with Lyft did a total of 12 rides (same time period) totalling less than 50 miles a couple months ago and decided it wasn't for me. I still fully support lyft which is why the stickers are up and not the active business license. I offered to provide documentation from lyft that I had not been driving for them and would not renew my documents when they expired because I will not be driving for them. I also offered to provide documentation that the parts that were seeping where seeping before I tried out Lyft. Now they are trying to force me to pay additional money for a commercial warranty when my car is not being used and will not be used commercially. The language in the contract is very specific. It states again "is used" Not previously used, or if it is ever used. If someoone purchases a used car that was used commercially do you charge them more no. At the end of the day they did not want to pay the cost to repairs, something they also told the dealership who also documented that.
Very pleasant and helpful personnel. Explained what I was buying and left me confident that I was getting a good deal on my car warranty
I have never had a problem with Endurance. Every time I have called I have talked to Martin, my personal agent, and have been highly satisfied and impressed. The warranty is well worth the price. I have never had a problem getting approval or getting the billed paid. Thanks!
After getting the policy I was asked to call back with the mileage. Which I did 3 times since last Friday 7 days ago . Left all my information with 3 different people with no call back from anyone, til tils email from the company. Hope this is not a preview of your coverage, etc!!
Endurance is nothing but a scam when they try to sell you they sell you on a 30 days trial I waited 59 days before I put a claim and they denied it because they said I was on a 60-day before I make it claim, that's after paying the $145 deposit 3 months of 119 and that's because I pay the third month early after that I said I wanted to cancel because they didn't cover me and they said okay will waive the $100 early termination fee so I was out close to $450and never got any claim on my car do not I repeat do not purchase this insurance.
when i called the rep was professional and knew his job plus i had looked at Endurance online reviews and checked with BBB their ratings were great. The company i was with would not offer me bumper to bumper coverage and if i ever had an issue i would have had to call them etc...but with Endurance you get a card and take your car to the shop they communicate with Endurance from there. I like this far better
I have had two policies with endurance for about 3 years now. One policy I have not had to use yet, but the other one I have used two times and haven't had any problems with them. they were so nice on the phone and got my car repairs fixed and payed for really fast. I was surpised but they really do make good on their promises. I already told my aunt and brother to look them up because they are the real deal. Thank you endurance.
Mike Castro should be the companies poster child for customer service!
I know the potential problems when buying any pre-owned vehicle, and being able to purchase a warranty that covers EVERYTHING is the only way to buy a pre-owned vehicle. In nor doing so you are taking a huge risk, that could involve a lot of cash leaving your wallet, that's just idiotic in my books. Be smart, cover your---wallet.
It was great she was really happy and that made me feel happy as well
I would recomended to everybody that has an older car without warranty,it gives you peace of mind for years to come
Kelsey, as Endurance management knows you are one of their top of the top employees. Your coustomer service qualities were tested when I called in paniced that my payment would not complete at the bank because the hospital was taking large payment that was supposed to draft the following month. You listen to me vent and ramble until I stopped talking. You summarized what I said in a way that I felt you understood what I was experiencing. You detailed what options were avaiable and we decided on the action to take, for my situation. We ended the call with you letting me know you would do the things in your power to solve my problem. I trused you would do all that you could to help me. After ther call, thirty minutes later, I realized I did not give you my account number only my name, so I call in to customer and speak to Steve S. I tell him I spoke to you and did not give you my account number only my name. He took my account number and confirm you had worked my account and completed all of the items we spoke about. Kelsey, thanks again for your help, you re-enforced my decission I made by signing up on my first phone call to Endurance. I spoke to Chris on that call. So, if your shopping for an extended warranty I recommend Endurance based on the customer service provide by Kelsey, Steve S and Chris. I also took the time to read there BBB rating and it is A++ Thanks, Phil
Ms. Latonya/Latayna, I hope I spelled that right, was a great amount of help and I really appreciate everything she did for me!
I have not had the service that long to give a good a fair response.
Javon signed me up - 'can't remember gellin with a guy from the getgo in a while ...we laughed like crazy then, Brad handled my 2nd call & expertly answered all my questions , again , very congenially & with a fun spirit
I am so disgusted. My car broke down & i was left on the side of the road for almost 6 hrs. The towing guy was trying to force me (against law) to take it to his shop & when i refused, he decided he didn't have the right equipment. They left me on hold for hours looking for a tow truck to get me. I ended up paying half what they were getting told, yet they won't reimburse the full amount. I guess i was supposed to let it get impounded? Better yet, it's my transmission. My car has a CLOSED transmission, which can't be maintained. They verified it. However, they've decided to put a used one, from a junked vehicle, with 50k+ miles. I was told it was the best deal for them & I'm "lucky" the one with 100k was sold, or that's what I would've gotten instead. No one will refund my money, for services i'm not getting. Everyone is argumentative. There was one nice man actually, but he is helpless to do anything for me. They ordered the transmission without speaking with me & acted like they were doing me a favor by offering a rental car, that I am supposed to get anyway... The main problem is the closed transmission, that can't be checked out, they are getting from a junked, accident car... a make & model known for transmission failures at 50-100k miles... They did not care that I'm a disabled woman, who can't get treatment right now. They didn't care that I was stranded 6 hrs, in 20 degree weather, cause their tow guy was breaking the law. They didn't care when they lied to me about what kind of part they'd order. They didn't care when I asked to meet me halfway, because their used transmission will likely break again. They just don't care about customers at all. Please don't waste your money. I could've saved my $1100 & got this done by now.
I called in to update my address and request a new information packet, and I was connected with Martin. His pleasant and efficient manner as he dealt with my changes helped a lot, and he made suggestions that will help me in the future. He is having MOXIE(?) send me a new ID card with the new address on it, got a new packet with all of my plan outlined in it, and gave me the out-of warranty mileage and/or date, so I'd know what a great plan I'd signed up for originally. Great CSR! Martin did an excellent job for me.
My experience with Endurance has been very good. The questions I had were answered in detail and quickly. The representatives have all been professional in their conversations with me. If I need to purchase another warranty, I will use Endurance.
The are horrible, they will steal your money. When they say you can cancel anytime and they will refund 90% of what you pay less any claims paid !!!! They are LYING. I am reporting them with the BBB.
Helped me a couple times in my time of need. Crystal was very helpful and pleasant.
You were what I was looking for. Thank you for your support and service. Joseph
I wish I could give 0 stars! I was very happy when I first started my policy. It all turned for the worst when I got my policy booklet in the mail. First of all the rep who I spoke to said the coverage he was offering me was “bumper to bumper” that’s now what I got when I got my booklet. I’m an insurance agent and I read though and found out A LOT was excluded. I called up about it and I was belittled and the guy was telling me I was wrong and I don’t know what I am talking about. I had asked to speak to someone else bc I was willing to spend more money to get more coverage. Was on hold for 15 minutes, never spoke with anyone. Had to call back the next day to cancel. So happy I got a full refund. Spending more money at dealership. Will never buy again from them UPDATE: I got a call from an endurance rep, and she handled the situation professionally, definitely rectified what happened.
I had the pleasure of working with Scott Clifton, in customer service, because I was concerned with some issues that were NOT at all caused by or related to Endurance or their representatives. The issue was completely my own fault and self inflicted concerns that Endyrance could not control or prevent. Scott went above and beyond to offer me a solution, at the expense of Endruance, even though he did not need to, and this gesture of top shelf service is why I kept my business with them. I can't thank Scott and Endurance enough for such outstanding customer service!!
Martin jefferies is honestly is a great asset to your team! Hes very helpful very supportive... I was going thru a Lil issue and wanted to cancel my coverage thinking I wasn't going to get any help... Boy was I wrong. Martin helped me out. Made sure my claim was approved and kept me updated thru the process. Awesome awesome person and great customer service representative! Thanks!
The service is great . And I feel they will be there for me when I need them
Excellent service I like the fact that the rep answered almost every question I might have prior to me asking it. He wasn't too pushy but seemed pretty confident in the product. He also made the conversation personable, laughing and chatting as we discussed what I needed. I researched beforehand and everything I knew he reaffirmed. I have only had it for a few weeks now but have no regrets. Well, one regret I should have called them months earlier! Very pleased so far.
The company's excellent ratings with consumer groups. There is no pressure to sign up. Their pricing was good.
I've had coverage with this company on my now 23 year old truck. The last time I got a new plan was 4 years ago. I called to renew my plan and discovered my truck was now too old! Honestly, I couldn't believe they covered me that long in the first place! They did what they said they would do. They explained changes in my plan at every renewal making sure I never got any surprises at the repair shop. The first 3 years I had bumper to bumper coverage. When that policy was up the coverage decreased a bit due to my miles but still covered almost all my repairs. The last plan was just my powertrain. I did use each plan and I'm glad I had the coverage when I did because every time I needed it I was out of work for the season! Ill be calling them from the dealership on my next truck very soon.
After a lot of hassles with my dealership extended warranty last time, I decided I wasn’t going to do it again. Then I heard about Endurance and they do direct coverage, not like the dealer who was using an outside company that sucked and didn’t cover anything. Their quote was really good, way lower than the dealer, and I timed it so coverage started when my original warranty expired, so no gap in coverage, which is a weight off my mind.
Quite informative person helped me with my purchase. Answered every question I had precisely and professionally. I had called really early and then found that the person I was talking to was the boss. I love that he knew everything that his employees had to know and that he was there before anyone else. That gives me confidence in this company.
Quick, fast, easy service for extended warranty. We’re avle to give me a deal by talking to them day 1. Highly recommended
Just purchased. Haven't had to use it