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The agents are very pleasant to deal with. They were very helpful with our property and my father's. We had filed a claim years ago as a result of an ice storm. The adjuster came out very quickly to examine the damage. The claim was processed quickly and we received payment. But we hadn't found all the damage and had to contact him again. He promptly came back out and we received an additional check. I would recommend them.

Originally I chose Erie because of their coverage and price and I continue to use them because of their service and their price. Additionally, they beat all of the other companies when I compared prices. Plus their service is great. I also like their local agent.

Erie has good prices, better than average coverage limits, and fast claim service. I have never had any issues or bad experiences with their service. So, I have been very happy with them over the years. Plus I have ability to combine homeowners insurance with my with auto policy and receive a discount.

I opened my homeowner's insurance premium today to find out that after filing a claim, my homeowners has almost doubled. I never received any notice telling me my insurance was going to increase. I pay my insurance yearly. I also have it bundled with my car insurance. I will be searching for another insurance company.

The price was good/fair for the amount of coverage we wanted/needed. Plus, our insurance rates are "bundled" so our insurance agent picks the best policy for us at the time of issuance. They also give prompt, courteous service, and are available 24 hours a day if you need assistance. Having to deal with courteous representatives is a plus in this busy, hectic world. Allowing the customer more flexibility when choosing deductibles would be nice though. Quick claims services are always appreciated too. Having someone who you feel is on your side, and not working against you, makes the client(s) feel appreciated as well.

We have been with Erie for well over 15 years. This past year we had a tree fall on our garage and I called Erie. They sent a man down the next day to look at what happened and he took some pictures. Within 2 days they called me and let me know they were sending me two checks one for the repair work and one for the removal of the tree that had fallen. Never had a problem with our car insurance either. We had a windows replaced from a rock hitting it. I called the next day they sent down the repair company and they fixed it right in my driveway. Best insurance company.

I get a good deal and bundle with this company. They're understanding and willing to work to get you everything you need. Nancy is an absolute delight!! However, my house insurance prices are constantly fluctuating. So one year I may not owe the insurance company any extra and the next I owe them $100 for $150. I don't always have extra money to just toss out at someone and it's an complete inconvenience. But other than that, Erie is a caring and friendly company. They are always looking out for me not themselves. I love this company!!!

I have not needed to use my insurance for any claims as of yet. The rates seem fair enough. I hope I will never have to use them for a claim. However if I do I hope they are fair. My last Insurance company was not.

I have flood insurance. It coverage my home for water damage. Erie has low cost for the coverage which when the bill comes due the cost is not too expensive as it is priced controlled. Erie is the only company I found that covers flood and that will cover anything without having a lot of things that they won't cover. But I don't think it covers a lot. I feel that I should have more coverage but I can't find anyone to come out to my home and do a proper price quote.

Erie provides good coverage at a reasonable rate. We have not filed a claim with them so I do not know what their claim service is like. They are a highly rated insurance company offering many different types of coverage.

I'm satisfied with Erie. I use an independent agent who offers a number of different insurance companies. This is how I decided to get a policy with Erie and they had the best price. State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Farmers were significantly more expensive. I don't know though if Erie Insurance offers automobile insurance so I have insurance on my car with another company. So, I don't get a discount for bundling both types of insurance. But I hope that if I ever have to file a claim it will be handled quickly and thoroughly.

Fantastic policy at great prices. They provided me the best quote for the most coverage at the least cost and with a reasonably low deductible. I also got a local agent and a multiple policy discount. The policy should though cover everything no matter what it is that can happen to a home. Any homeowners policy should be inclusive of every possibility without trying to nickel and dime us things like flood, hurricane, earthquake or sinkhole add ons. But the company has increased my coverage annually to keep up with increased costs to replace. It also provided complete replacement coverage at current requirements instead of just the cost to replace as it was.

The paperwork is easy. The prices are cheaper too. Local branch is near my residence and I trust them to give me the best quotes there are. The local office is great and easy to get a hold of. They have friendly office staff and they always walk me through all the paperwork and fees. They treat my family like one of their own.

I was married for 28 years and his family always had Erie, so we went with them. After I divorced this man, I just kept the same insurance and the same agent. I never had any home claims in that time, it wasn't until I moved 5 years ago that this house seems to have a lot of issues, and Erie has always come through for me. I have had 3 floods in my basement in the last 4 years and as soon as I called, they sent an agent to inspect damage and worked with me and disaster teams to get my house back to way it was. I do not live in a flood zone, so when I called this last time in June, I was told I don't have flood insurance even though my policy increased this year. But they did put a clause in it that when an agent stopped to survey damage, they were able to provide me with the maximum amount of coverage they could, which helped.

They responded quickly and without any problems. The problem was fixed and the contractor paid. It was so long ago I don't remember anything else.

They offer very good insurance with comparable expense. When I had to file my insurance claim last October, I had no problems. They fully explained everything, and helped me. I received my insurance check really quickly.

They are lower than all the other bids I got, and they responded to a roof problem before the first payment was made. I have referred them to lots of my friends and some have switched already to this company. Adjustors came soon and took care of biz immediately. Maybe I could change the payment by doing it electronic through my checking account. Other than that, I believe Erie has opened an office near me now in Cordova, Tn and probably will get better service locally now. That would be great also.

Last March, I had a lot of water damage from snow sitting on my roof. It affected all 3 floors of my house. Erie sent an adjuster to my house... He was very professional. IT took 5 weeks to get my claim approved. Though I was satisfied with the amount of money, I did not actually get my check until mid May. It seemed like a long time to have to live with so much damage.

I filed claims for damages and wasn't paid enough to make repairs. Erie dropped my homeowners insurance after 12 years because I did not like the color green and painted them black with roof paint. As a general contractor myself, I am well abreast to standards and material applications. I believe I was discriminated against for being ** and knowledgeable about insurance ripoffs.

I had a flood due to a burst pipe in my house. I called the claims hotline at 9:00 pm to report the incident. I received a call from the claims adjuster at 8 the next morning. After describing the incident, the adjuster explained how the process would proceed and what to expect. Erie had a restoration crew in my house by 10 am to begin the drying process. After completing the dry out, the adjuster evaluated the damage, estimated restoration costs and authorized the repairs. I had my first check 3 days later. Upon completion of the repairs, I submitted invoices and receipts and had my final check within a few days. The Erie employees were great to deal with and made a very stressful situation bearable. I highly recommend this company.

Satisfied, because the one time we had a claim, we received fast response and fast payment. They are a local company. Just a phone call away. Have not investigated, but cost seems to be in line or lower than other companies.

Called Erie about 2 days ago to get a quote. When the gentlemen picked up the phone he seemed as though he didn't want to deal with me right away. He told me it would take an hour or so to get the quote ready and he would call me back which was no problem. 4 hours later I called him back and he said he was just getting around to it. He called me within the hour and gave me the quote. Price wise I was very satisfied but I asked him to email me the quote twice. I still have yet to receive the email.

I called Erie's main line and they told me to call that original office since it was the closest to my area. I told the gentlemen on the phone that I've already called that office and stated the problems I listed above. He said absolutely nothing to me after made the statement and preceded to hang up on me. If this is how they treat people trying to give them money I could only imagine how they treat people that have to make a claim. Seems like it would be a total nightmare to deal with. I'll take my money elsewhere.

We have had our homeowners insurance with Erie for many years. I had one time that I had to put in a claim for wind damage. They were very fast with the claim and I got what I was supposed to have with my claim. Always a very friendly and helpful company.

They have good rates, good coverage, great agent who was very personable and informative. They got good customer service. Changing companies was easy and the turnaround from former company to Erie was smooth and easy. The price of yearly rates and coverage were a lot cheaper. However, wish deductible and rates was lower and coverage was higher.

I was a customer with Erie over 30 years. My first homeowners claim was a water heater leak which I found, stopped, and cleaned up until a crew I called came. The company Erie recommended could not come immediately. The Erie adjuster estimated the wall to wall carpet replacement by itself would be over $10,000. Due to my efforts and the quick response of my cleanup company, they saved the carpet and the house had very minimal damage, cutting the claim at least in half.

Two years later I had a fire in the Dryer, not in the vent but in the dryer body. I quickly retrieved an extinguisher and put out the fire before it spread or damaged the house instead of getting out of the house. My wife called 911 and the firemen were impressed there was no damage to the house, only the dryer and clean up of the extinguisher--we didn't even need a hotel room. So I saved Erie thousands of dollars in both claims. I just received my thanks, a renewal notice with an 80% increase. Guess I should not put any effort into minimizing claims. Stay away from Erie. My agent does nothing either, sending a mailing once a year.

Have been with Erie over 30 years and have had great service and would not change. They are there when you need them and are very accessible. Provide thorough information and rates.

I've been with Erie for 16 years. I house roof and barn roofs received wind damage from the March high winds we had here in MD. I called Erie to file my very first claim with them. An adjuster came out. When he checked my porch roof, he said someone had recently applied new tar to the shingles. I told him no one had touched my roof. He basically called me a liar. I have MS so I'm not going on the roof, my partner passed away almost 2 years ago. That leaves my 5 year old, special needs grandson.

I Showed him under the porch roof where it leaks from the raised shingles. He told me there was a partially rotten board and the leak had been there. I told him we had put a new roof on the porch between 10 and 12 years ago because of all the prior leaks and the board he was looking at was from years ago. The roof isn't leaking there now. Basically called me a liar again. If he hadn't have upset me so, I would have shown him the supports we had put in, under the porch roof, because of the leaks from years ago.

I have a tin roof on the house, which I have painted every so many years. The wind lifted some shingles on one side of my roof. The adjuster made the comment he didn't know about the house roof because it's a old house and the roof shows rust. I told it's a tin roof and has to be painted every so often. It's due to be painted this year but I'm not having it painted with the shingles raised. I have been trying to get in touch with a supervisor at Erie. So far no luck. There is also no local office I can talk to about this. Erie didnt mind writing the policy 16 years ago and they sure don't mind taking my money. Now I have to wait for them to send a company out that can get on my roof because the adjuster couldn't. So far I am very displeased with Erie and the way I have been treated. I am a very honest person and I do not lie. I hope it isn't Erie's norm to treat others the way I have been treated. A single, disabled, grandmother.

At one time the customer service I received was acceptable but the last few years it has been disappointing. I get notices for increases in rates with little forewarning; the agent is rarely available; the administrative personnel are not warm or very helpful; the website is bare minimum and not user friendly... basically I feel I am on my own.

I have never had problem with them, they are a good company. They offer everything that I ask for in an insurance company, they cover everything that I ask for. They cover my entire home, basement included, outbuildings included, along with autos. They offer discounts home and auto. I have had good luck when having to make claims. We have had two claims, and each time, they were quick and sent out adjusters to check out the issues for our home problems, problems solved quickly. I have an independent insurance agent whom handles numerous companies. With this we can compare more than one company when shopping for companies at one stop shopping without traveling from company to company. This company gives me the best for what I need to cover my home and autos, I have good service with this company.

I have been with Erie for over 30 years. In that time, I had two small auto claims with no issue. Recently, I filed a claim under my homeowners for personal property loss from damage due to lightning. My agent was quick to put us in touch with claims department and the inside property adjuster. We were instructed to complete electrical inspections and begin the work of repairing or replacing damaged property. I specifically asked if there was a list of professionals we had to use or should we go ahead and use our regular vendors. We were told to go ahead and use whomever we wished and that we would have to submit a signed affidavit from a certified inspector along with all of our labor and purchase receipts. We were then told that under our policy, all would be covered. So off we went with the work of inspections, repair, and replacement work. We submitted all required paperwork and waited.

The adjuster then calls and tells me that since there "was so much property loss", she would issue a check for a few items, pay the inspectors, and labor charges, but the rest of the replaced property would have to go to a "vendor" for a price review. I explained that our replacement costs were just about the same as the cost we initially spent on our property (the property lost was less than 4 years old). The adjuster then asked if I could supply my original purchase receipts to "assist in evaluating the worth". I thought this was odd, but since I had my original purchase receipts, had the signed affidavit, and knew our replacement costs were nearly identical, I supplied them. Then, the "vendor" report came back. What a joke. They did not, in fact pay the replacement costs, but reimbursed based on a depreciation value determined by some unknown source for each item listed on the inventory sheet.

When we called and tried to work out a solution (I was out well over $5,000, including my deductible). I was told that we were "very clearly informed" about replacement value. I cannot stress enough how untrue this explanation was. Depreciation was never a part of the conversation. "Go ahead, do your repairs and replacements and submit your receipts." That was the direction.

I spoke to a manager, who actually told me I was "obnoxious and unreasonable" and that I better be "happy with the settlement because that is all you're getting". I reported this interaction to corporate, who, although polite, offered me no recourse to dispute the decision. When I needed this company, they hung me out to dry. They misdirected, misrepresented, LIED, and then added insult to injury with the classless remarks by the claims supervisor, who conducted himself in a manner reflective of a schoolyard bully. Very disgusted and totally let down by this company.

Erie has competitive rates and good coverage. They are local and are very responsive if there is a question, or if a claim is filed. We've been with them for over 30 years and they have always been there for us when we had a problem or filed a claim.

Been with Erie for over 20 yrs and only had to file one claim for a small bump up. No speeding tickets, no home claims, nothing. Then we finally needed them for a retaining wall that collapsed during a hurricane. They claimed just by looking at it that it was water that caused the collapse. They just looked at it. No investigation, no digging. They did send an engineer out and he looked at it. I did a little digging with a stick he found lying on the ground. Couldn't even use modern tools, a freaking shovel. He used a broken stick. I told them it was the 300lb limbs that fell out of the trees that caused the wall to tumble. They claimed because there was "earth movement" then it had to be water.

Of course there is "earth movement'. That's the purpose of the wall, to hold back the dirt. Just plain ignorance. They just did not want to pay the claim. So I would steer far from them. And they can't keep an agent for more than a year. I had at least 5 different agents within that time frame. The last one was bought out by Partners Insurance in Lake Norman NC. They are as useless at Erie.

I have not had a claim in 10-13 years, but it was taken care of promptly. A few years after the claim my agent tried to get me to switch, but I felt loyal. Have been with them ever since. Can pay my payments automatically, so no hassle.

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