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My favorite thing about being an Esurance customer is that they have a convenient, user-friendly app. They have amazing, knowledgeable customer service representatives. I experienced a quick response time when I locked my keys in my car. I also loved how easy it was to file an insurance claim to have my windshield replaced after it was damaged by a rock on the interstate. Esurance also offers a flexible payment schedule that provides the ability to change the payment date if needed on the app without having to call in and speak to a customer service representative. Very user-friendly. I've been a customer for a year now and do not plan on switching policies any time soon.

Esurance have quick and easy process to find the correct policy to accommodate all the drivers and vehicles on our policy that meets the requirements by the finance company and the state of Arizona. Something I dislike about Esurance is that they require automatic payments. They also do not send out payment reminders prior to an upcoming automatic payment. Even though it is my responsibility to make timely payments, life happens and can easily forget about upcoming payments.

This is a company with Luddites. All customer service are clueless about tech and they claim to be E Commerce. The main app redirects to Safari browser. I had issues from empty pages to inability to view PDF files. Then there’s DriveSense. I installed this in my Android phone. I wanted the discount. It does not record my trips even though it states it’s in progress. Call anyone for IT assistance and you can’t get them. I think they purposely break things to keep jobs. After reporting website issues the next day it said “bugs are fixed”. Not. Not looking for discounts and want to work with Luddites? Go ahead. I’m afraid of issues on claims! I’m moving on.

Switched to them recently and am very pleased with the way they helped and also saved a good deal for the same coverage I had before. They were very helpful and accommodated me on a payment plan. Also I added a renters policy which had the same coverage I had with a previous plan and also saved a good deal of money.

Rear ended by Esurance driver on 3/22/2019. Esurance totaled car. Received 85% payment from them on 3/7/2019. On 3/14/2019 was told that remainder of payment was being processed but could be two weeks or longer. On 3/15/2019 was told that rental car was due back today. Told Esurance we needed rental car to get to/from work/school until we can replace damaged vehicle - cannot replace damaged vehicle until we get 100% of money - which could be two or more weeks. Said we do not have funds to rent car for two or more weeks while Esurance drags their feet on this.

Told by Esurance adjuster: "Your financial situation is not my problem". Asked adjuster why we have to pay out of our pocket when we did nothing wrong - their driver was at fault. Was told Esurance company policy was to provide rental car for two days, three at the most and that we should be thanking him for letting us have the car for three weeks. Given supervisor's name and number. Called several times. Will not return calls. Contacted my agent at Farmers and was told that normal business practice by insurance companies, including Farmers, is to provide rental car until 100% of money is delivered to the accident victim.

I was shopping for insurance. I spent a lot of time on the phone with a rep, and she said she would email me the quote, rather than just tell me the price right then. When I opened my email, rather than finding a one page, easy to read email, I was accosted with a barrage of additional links, and complex hurdles that required additional input, and even more effort than I am now putting into this complaint. I still do not know the many dollars that I could have saved, neither do I care any longer! Progressive, I am sorry I ever doubted you. Even this complaint form is difficult and lengthy. Do you want a free gift of customer feedback or not? Don't you people know that only a very small portion of disgruntled customers will ever speak up? I will tell everyone I know not to bother with Esurance.

My pregnant fiance was T-boned by a teenager with a driving permit two weeks ago. It was a fairly serious accident and required an emergency room visit. Thankful our unborn baby is ok. Her Esurance agent and even his manager have not returned a single message from her. They have not contacted her at all. We ended up having to pay a $1,000 towing and storage fee as Esurance didn't even send an adjuster out to inspect the car. Along with the emergency room bill. Don't EVER use this company, I have been dealing with insurance companies for 20 years and have never seen anything like this. We are planning on taking legal action.

I really like how easy it is to use Esurance. I have never had a problem and have always had my questions answered when needed. I love the auto payment every month and the auto-renewal every term. Sometimes they raise my rates for no reason. This can be a little annoying sometimes.

I like it all being online. Their website is easy to use and very straightforward. It was easy to purchase and I can make changes online. But I don’t like having to call and wait on hold and deal with people. Also, they don’t send me my insurance cards in the mail. My printer is out of ink so I can’t print them myself at home. I would like the option to be able to send them to me.

The Esurance cancellation fee is a scam! I have move among auto insurers for 35 years and have never been charged a cancellation fee. I believe this is a way for Esurance (or State Farm, who owns them) to get extra money out of people who are leaving them behind. What a way to turn people off to ever using Esurance again. Sure did that in this case. Bye-bye Esurance.

Worst service ever! First of all, my rate kept hiking up every term without me getting into an accident or anything. My car is an 2004 Pontiac Vibe. A couple of weeks ago, I got into an accident where I hit a patch of ice and jacked up my back left wheel and axle. Their first mistake was towing my car to a place 45 MIN AWAY FROM MY HOUSE when I had a tow yard just 10 minutes away from my house. I was shocked to find out that it was totaled. It really wasn't but they claim that it was a $4000 job which I highly doubt.

Second mistake came when giving the value of my car. My car was undervalue by at least $1000 according to their estimate. They don't use KBB which values my car at a higher rate. I even called the dealership where I got the car and they said that Esurance was stiffing me. I did NOT appreciate my claims handler talking over me every time I had a question. So disrespectful! The nail in the coffin came today when I realized that I won't be getting any money to buy a new car and all the money goes to my dealership. At this point, I feel like I would have been better off not having insurance if this was going to be the end result. This company doesn't care about their customers. I'm taking my business elsewhere!

I can't think of any experience I had with them that was good. When I first got the quote, they were the cheapest. However, when I went to start the policy, they attempted to charge me 600.00 more than what they quoted. When I called, they had no explanation and ultimately removed the 600.00 and went back to the original quote. I only wish the shadiness ended there.

6 months later, when they automatically renewed my policy and charged my card, they added 800.00 to the cost of the policy. Same cars, no claims, same home address. When I called to ask them where the increase came from, the first lady told me it was a result of my teenager (who has never had an accident or made a claim). The supervisor then told me the increase was caused by my zip code (she thought). Nobody could give me a direct answer as to why the price jumped so much. So whatever, the money was already gone, it was clear after three hours on the phone with them that I wasn't getting it back. I made a note to self to switch companies before the next renewal came around. Sadly, the bs didn't stop there.

Fast forward four months and my daughter's 2008 car finally gave up the ghost. Instead of fixing the thing (again) I got her a brand new 2019 for a graduation present. My aging parents are currently staying at my house in Arizona while I'm out of town for work for a few months. So my mom decided she was "helping" and went to add the insurance to my daughter's new car. Somehow her not-so-technologically-inclined self managed to delete the daughter's 2008 car off the policy and also accidentally deleted the restoration project that's sitting in my garage off the policy. I got no email, no notice of cancellation and my mother said she had no idea she had deleted the project car.

8 weeks later, I get a fine from the state of Arizona for no insurance on the project car. I call Esurance and the first person told me there has not been insurance on that car for two months?! I tell them it was a mistake and since the policy was paid for all three cars (mine, the 2008 and the project) in advance for a full 6 months, and we paid the difference between the 2008 and the 2019 when we added it, we should just be able to add the project back on for the remainder of my already paid policy, right? Wrong!! They want an additional 700.00 for the project car to be added back on because removing both the 2008 and the project at the same time eliminated my multi car discount. To which I said "Didn't the 2019 just replace the 2008 on the policy? So don't I still have multiple cars insured?!" That policy should have never just had one car on it. She did not have an explanation.

I asked for a supervisor and told her that if my other two cars haven't been insured for the last two months, then I want my money back that I paid them to insure the cars for the full 6 months. She then told me that wasn't going to happen because when the other two cars came off, the cost of insuring the one remaining car on the policy magically increased to the exact amount that I had prepaid for all three for 6 months.

So when I asked how that was possible that I was basically paying to insure one car with two drivers that have no accidents, tickets, claims, etc. That this one car suddenly cost me almost 2600.00 for 6 months, her only response was "Well, you lost your multi car discount." "Ok... What about the 2019 that was replacing the 2008 that's still insured under that policy, doesn't that give me multiple cars?" And all she said is that it "wasn't set up like that." I told her again that her explanations were not making any sense and I wanted my money back. She said I wasn't going to get it. With no real explanation as to why. We only had 10 days left in our policy at that point so I switched everything back to State Farm that day. I will never go back to Esurance.

I purchased auto insurance on 1/1/15 & I will be cancelling on 1/16/15. The company is a rip off... Big time. They are extremely expensive. I only purchased the policy because I needed Insurance ASAP. I have NEVER heard of a company wanting you to pay for your renewal 1 month in advance when your policy is still active. Who would do that? Beware!

My husband went online and signed up for the policy. It was completely easy to sign up for what we wanted and get the cards printed out for our new policy. They don't bombard us with calls or make us sign up for anything that we didn't want. We gave them the information and told them what we wanted and signed up. It was a painless experience. But they just merged with Allstate after we previously left Allstate and went to Esurance. We left Allstate because they kept raising our rates although we had no change in credit, didn't move, no issues and no claims.

I don't like the company at all. It's a cheap rip off bad roadside assistants that didn't cover anything, had to pay a lot out of pocket money. They need to include more benefits and better roadside assists and they charge too much money not to cover more. I would never use this company again. It was hell.

I think I'm being generous when I grade Esurance with two stars but I wish to give them an ounce of credit for those new customers who just might not run into the gauntlet of effort and obstacles we went through to get our new vehicle covered and then have it declined. 1) Expect to do all the work yourself to get Esurance coverage. 2) Expect to speak to a human being only during daytime hours. 3) Expect Esurance to take money out of your account before you've even "officially" signed on with them. 4) Expect to send every type of verification by email and get confused by the myriad of email addresses they use. 5) Expect that they use their own online "official public" proof of your address and unless you have proof of your current address in the form of "only" a utility bill, your premium will be based on your previous address and there is NO WAY around this. 6) Expect that they will make no apology for kicking you to the curb and then you'll receive a cancellation email stating that they're sorry you're gone. I'm with a brick and mortar insurer and loving every human-element-of-a-minute of it.

It has been several years since I had business with this company and I had a good experience and had no complaints. It was the least expensive at the time and it was easy to apply and to make changes when I needed to.

A deer had ran into the side of my vehicle April 12th 2016 so I had to file a claim. The only damage done was the right side fender and mirror could be easily fixed but they wanted to total loss it. They offered me 6,000 for my vehicle so I said "Yes because I paid less so I'd be making out". They asked me to sign my title and leave it in the glove box for when the company Copart picked my car up. I didn't feel comfortable so I said "No I'll mail it when I have a exact price you're going to pay me." So they changed it from 6000 to 3300.

After I mailed my title and they said they wired my money to my account Friday the 22nd and here I am still no money and they're saying it cleared when it didn't and I've had a rental for 3 weeks now at my cost and they can't seem to figure out why I don't have my money and I've been speaking to the manager himself and he's the one who wired the money. I've spoke to 3 different people now today and still no resolution and no money. What can I do? Does someone know a superior person I can call and try to get my money from this horrible company? Please help...

An accident where my car was hit while I was pumping gas & then runs me over when I tried to exchange information. He was arrested & charge. Now Esurance is refuses to pay rental while case is under investigation. I did nothing wrong and was run over.

I purchased homeowners insurance from them. The premium was high as I had not had homeowners in a while. The house is in perfect condition with new wiring/roof/windows and many upgrades. Upon acceptance of my offer they decided to send out an inspector who wanted to move the home from 2 story to 1.5 and add sq. That was okay not a big deal. He also said the house was under repair because the backside of a room was still being sided. No big deal and an easy fix however Esurance in their infinite wisdom decided at that time to put the value to rebuild my home to approx 570k then they increased the premium from less than 2k to 7K for the year. Needless to say I called and in talking with their rep we decided to put in a request for a new quote with all new information provided by THEIR inspector.

After placing the info we got a quote for half of the 7k they were asking. This whole process is now suspect in my opinion the entire process is set up to defraud people out of their money. If I were a younger man and needed or had to have their insurance this would be amazingly hard for me to pay. I think that is the bait and switch. Let's say lure them in with hopes of a decent price for insurance. Then once you hook them notify them via email that their payment will be close to quadruple the estimate. After many phone calls I finally gave up and just asked to cancel. At that time they confirmed my cancellation but continued to charge my CC. Overall I think this company sucks to the point that they are not worth being in business and should just close the doors. Every aspect of dealing with them is a fraud.

I've been with Esurance since around 2010. I have never had an accident with another vehicle and I have no tickets. I have a spotless driving record. I just recently moved to Arizona from Utah and found out that my insurance is not going to be renewed and that Esurance in AZ will not cover me any longer. I started to call around and found out that Esurance or the people who handle their coding on accidents miscoded a claim when I hit an animal in 2011 as a Collision claim instead of being a Comprehensive claim. Also Esurance told me when I filed the claim that this would not be on my record. In 2012, I admitted to an accident was my fault when I backed into a post at night in a parking lot at a restaurant in CA that was painted black instead of yellow. It cracked a tail light lens and I accept that one.

Then March of 2013, I bought a new truck and it was vandalized and police even did a report stating it was criminal activity. This was not supposed to even be on my report but it was. In May 2013, I was on vacation using my pickup pulling my 5th wheel camper and I turned too sharp cracking the window on the back of my pick up. I felt so bad that when I called Esurance I asked if I should just pay for this myself so it won't go on my record and they advised me to file a claim, so I did. I have to accept 2 of these accidents but not the vandalism and not the deer. I've probably only filed 8 claims in the past 30 years of driving. So now because of 2 accidents I couldn't help... my auto insurance went from $170.00 for full coverage on 2 cars to $350.00 month.

We deal with auto insurance claims fairly regularly and this company is by far the most difficult and unfair auto insurance company that I have dealt with in my 15 years as office manager at our clinic. The adjusters are rude and the claims are not paid in a timely way, they are unreasonable in their request for records and claim over and over again that records were not received after being sent numerous times. I would not recommend them to anyone.

The service is good. When I was rear-ended they were thoroughly helpful and considerate on the phone. They offered to allow me to pay my deductible and have them process the claim and fight the other guy's insurance for me, or allow me to go to the other guy's insurance by myself. They are over-priced though.

I purchased my policy online and it was very easy to do. All I had to do was input my VIN number of my vehicle and they computed all my information based off that info and I was able to just sign up online using my credit card to pay for first month's insurance. They had great coverage and they have great customer service representatives that are always there 24/7 to answer all my questions and to help with any policy questions. However, the price was a little high and I just wish they added roadside assistance in with the policy instead of adding more money to the policy. Overall was good experience.

I liked that the representative would communicate with you and would be very attentive. They would honor their word to return phone calls and answer questions momentarily. If the representative doesn't have the answer to your question, then he or she will return your phone call with the answer. However, I did not like that there were not a lot of choices when it comes to coverage. I dislike the fact that the coverages that they had was very vague and I would never get a clear understanding.

Even though, this company is under Allstate, but it seem like the coverages was not nearly close or remotely having the same coverage as Allstate. For example the good driver's discount, would be a major deal of deciding on keeping this particular insurance. Also, sometimes, your online services would not be as easy as what was said. And sometimes, it would be so frustrating following the representative procedure, but it would be so scrambled, that you would have to start over and then your information would freeze and you would have to start over, which would cause you to be angry.

Sometimes the policy cost changed significantly. I would hate that with the different discounts that is provided, the discounts varied or it is not available and because of the state in which you live, you can not get that discount which turn your life upside down and then you find yourself either confused or angry. You can't live your life angry due to your own business.

I just called Esurance and they DO NOT OFFER accident forgiveness. I just had a slight accident a few months back and they raised my coverage to over $150.00 more a month. Crazy. That is why I am dropping them and going elsewhere.

On September 6th, 2011, I called to cancel my policy because I found a cheaper auto policy. I was informed that the refund of my last month's payment would be returned to the card that I made the purchased on, minus a 10 percent cancellation fee. On September 20th, 2011, I received the refund which was supposed to be $153.00. The amount credited back to my card was $93.00. Upon seeing this, I called Esurance and spoke to a customer support agent and explained my problem. He said that there was a 10 percent cancellation fee in Florida, the state where the policy was written. He went on to say that the math didn't add up and he would research it.

After holding for 10 minutes, he returned to say that the 10 percent was taken from the total unused portion of the policy. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Holding again, finally, a supervisor came on the line and basically told me that the state of Florida says exactly that, that they can take a fee of 10 percent of the unused policy. The state said they could do it, they didn't say they were going to do it but did it anyway. I am a diabetic on insulin, unemployed and not on unemployment. That little $50 dollars that I was counting on would make a big difference in the way I ate this week or the medications I purchased. I do not think it's right that a large company can do whatever they want with an individual's money, without their knowledge or prior consent.

ESURANCE IS a rip off! Charging me a $50 cancellation fee? I have been with them for two years. The first time calling for help they told me I'm not covered for that! Second and last time they told me I have to wait for 48 hours for the changes to take effect. ESURANCE IS a rip off. Bunch of liars and thieves! The only time they are nice is when I call in to cancel, and they try to sell me more! Allstate is ruining their name by having ESURANCE next to it. All customers should cancel ESURANCE and buy a better policy. I saved $50 a month switching to Geico, and I have 3 cars. I will review esurance until I am refunded my money. So GLAD TO BE OUT OF THESE WORTHLESS PEOPLE. Do your family a favor and leave before you are left hanging on the road.

My adjuster was awesome. However the adjuster of the party who intentionally tried to run me off the road and is incarcerated as of today refuses to make a decision to reimburse my deductible from that party's policy because he needs to give this person time to respond because he's a customer of Esurance also. Documentation has been submitted of incarceration and charges yet I have to wait. The irony of this is the party and so valued customer who is being given time to respond even though they're incarcerated as of a month in a few days is the same person who filed a FALSE claim and talked rudely to whoever was over his claim and guess what happened? Esurance issues him a check the next week. I have made no false medical issues didn't add more to the story by God's grace I'm alive to tell what actually happened. I guess victims are last in line. I understand there's a process but I really feel I'm waiting unnecessarily.

Attempted to buy new auto insurance at a lower rate from Esurance. Paid their fee of $270.11. Never activated my insurance. Asked for refund but they said they insured me for a 1 month period but never let me know they were insuring me as there was no paper trail as I had continuously checked. They said that $270.11 was for insuring me for 1 month not the start of the 6 month premium. Lies. No evidence or email sent that I had insurance rather they were requesting further information of my daughters' records. I wasn't insuring my daughters; they already have their own insurance. WTH!!! Stay away from these CRIMINALS PLEASE!!!

We went to the Esurance website to get a quote for 2 vehicles. They used the same coverage amounts of our current insurance provider policy to generate a quote. The initial quote given was significantly lower than our current premium. I called Esurance to sign up and the representative then proceeded to give me a significantly higher quote than what they originally gave us. None of the information had changed since the 1st quote. This is a classic bait and switch tactic.

I have had Esurance for about 3 years. A little over 2 years ago I lost my job and was unemployed for several months. During all of this time I never missed a payment on my insurance, never had a claim and have a perfect driving record; although my credit cards suffered. NOW because my credit score has dropped I am being DROPPED by Esurance. I think this is a very poor practice on this company's part. Because an individual falls on hard times does not mean they should be kicked while they are down. I know my credit score will go up in the next year and you can bet Esurance and any of its affiliates will be the last insurance companies I will give my business to.

I got into a minor accident, and it cost about $3,000. The policy was renewed, and the monthly premiums nearly tripled. It took almost three months for me to realize that they were ** me on the back-end. Quotes from competitors are closer to 20 percent from the initial premium. I am taking by the insurance business elsewhere!

It's cheap and that is it. The online login locked me out and is super glitched. Says my email address, birth year, and postal code are not just wrong, they're invalid. Tried different browsers. No 24/7 tech support. No 24/7 phone login. Nothing like that. Meanwhile their phone just hangs up on me over and over again before I finally get the answer that they aren't even open to call on weekends. It also took over 7 emails to get insurance slips that they never sent not once but twice. I actually gave up and drove around with the expired slips the first time because I was so frustrated. Disgusting.

I called to see if I can reinstate my policy. It turned out it was too late to do so, but they helped me do another policy. Tracy had to call me back because I needed to put money into my acct. She was very helpful and called me back when she said she would. Even though she was almost off shift, she was happy to help me. I will let everyone know what a great company and how they helped me so much. Oh and my new policy is $10 cheaper.

Non-stop pestering me to buy more insurance, EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the worse, absolutely worse insurance company that exists. Why do you think they need to run all those ads on the Internet? Because that is the way these scum get clients!

I was a passenger in a vehicle insured with Esurance in 2010. At the time, there were 2 bills: ambulance and hospital. I was asked to send in all bills from the accident. I did so, kept trying to call Kim, the rep, but she was always on vacation. After sending in the bills, we were not asked about any more documentation. Fast forward to 2013 and wanting to buy a house, I pulled my credit report and find that I was sent to collections for the 2 medical bills Esurance did not pay. I called Kim and she remembered me, gave me the runaround, and acted like this was no big deal. I am convinced she did this on purpose. Maybe for her, credit is no big deal, but when you are trying to buy a house, and you pay your bills, a credit report should reflect that you do.

I have had many horrible experiences with multiple car insurance companies, but Esurance has been the worst. I called the company and got connected to an agent. They set up my quote pretty quickly. I had stated that I was going to need an SR-22, thinking that it would automatically include the charge for the filing fee to my policy, but no. Not only did the agent not include the SR-22, he did not even file it causing me to get my license suspended. I was very upset because how was I supposed to get anywhere and on top of it. It wasn't my fault. I did what I had to but the agent didn't do his job. He had no problem charging me my first month's payment though.

I called the company and told them about my problem. The lady was very nice but I did not get anything out of it, no discount, nothing, for their mistake which I think is horrible customer service. After all that got squared away and my SR-22 was sent, I went online to see how much my next month's payment was going to be and I was shocked. It was a whole $30 more when I'm already paying a lot of money a month. I called in to find out that was the filing fee. I got upset all over again. This company and the agent just seem very undertrained and disorganized. If I did that at my job, I would be fired right away.

This insurance company is fraudulent how they trick the customers. I got a quote after they checked my driver license record and all that bumpy question they ask about your driving history. At first, the price they gave me sounded affordable for me, but 3 weeks after, I found out that they took more money than we agreed on! They charged my account almost double the original price. After I contact them to see why they charged me so much more, they are telling me that they have found an accident on my record from 2013. I've never had this kind of experience with any other insurance company! Very poor and unsatisfied customer service.

Very frustrating calling these people! 1st, they started harassing me about adding people on my policy just because it shows up that they've used my address or have lived at my address. They threatened to cancel or not renew my policy if I didn't add these 3 people on my policy. When I called I have told them I didn't even know who those people were they were making me add to my policy and they said they can't find any other address for them so they couldn't remove the information and I needed to add them. Stupid assess!!! Why would I add people I don't know on my policy and list them as drivers??? They try to sound smart but every time they opened their mouths, they sounded more stupid!!!

Then, they raised my premium $28 coz they said the "online shoppers discount" I was getting ended and no one's told me about it. They said it was part of my policy renewal and that I should've read and knew about it. I told them as many times as I went over it with their customer service, we've gone through my policy and discounts I was getting and no one ever mentioned this "online shoppers discount" that was going to end in 6 months so they refused to credit any of it! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AUTOMATIC PAYMENT!!! THEY CHARGE WHAT THEY WANT!!!

Horrible company with no ethics. I purchased policy from them effective 1st of the year and I paid the price they quoted. On 2nd I get a letter that your premium is increased by 100%. They first give you a lower quote, then they increase by some percentage and you pay for it thinking it is final and later after policy is effective, they come back with another increase. Please stay away from this company.

I had coverage through Esurance for a few years, but I end up not renewing my policy due to their inflexibility (thank goodness). I normally paid my policy in full at the time of renewal, but after getting laid off two days prior to renewing my policy (recurring payments were set up), I needed to change my payment schedule. I called and spoke to a rep, who then told me that my payment schedule could not be changed within 7 days of renewing and that I would be charged the full amount within two days. I explained my situation, but I was told that there was nothing that could be done and I had to deal with it (really?). I asked to speak to a supervisor, who then reiterated the same thing (they were dead set on forcing me to pay the full amount even though I told them that I couldn't due to my new financial situation). I told them that I would not be renewing due to their lack of flexibility in changing my payments.

Luckily, I kept the majority of my money in savings and moved money to checking as I needed it. Otherwise, I would have had my account debited for the full amount as they did attempt to charge me after I told them I was taking my service elsewhere. Buyer beware - purchase at your own risk!

I have had a great experience so far. It's been very low maintenance, and I have no issues. Plus I like the cheaper rates. For the type of insurance I have I don't expect a great deal of personal service. But their website is easy to navigate, and provides answers to any questions that I have had.

2.5 hours later and they finally found a service location that would come and change our spare tire. To change a tire. I called their 888 number first, and roadside assistance could did not have anyone in the area. They called the nearest place and said my car was too far for them to come. They transferred me over to Esurance and said they’d be able to help better than roadside assistance could. I get transferred and go through the motions of explaining who, what, where, how... My info is taken down and they said they’d TRY and locate someone to come and change the spare and let me know. 20 mins. goes by and no status update.

I call back and get someone different this time, of course. They checked their back end and said the notes the previous rep took and added in my files were awful and they’d switch me to their tire service. They’re finally able to help and said a driver would be there in 40-50 mins.! An hour later, 2 thugs arrive and grab the spare from the car. The spare has no air. Their compressor doesn’t work. Time to take an Uber home. I will be doing this myself. And also switching providers tomorrow. I’ve had it! You should be embarrassed!! I’m embarrassed for you!

They are helpful company. I like their customer service. When I call them, they are polite and try to help me with my problem. Esurance have best customer service because they look out for their customer. I like their price but the price can be better. It is too expensive. We need a loyal program. We should try keep the customer we already have. They should respect their loyal friend.

Awesome because they really guided me thru the insurance process and made it easy for me to buy the said insurance. I believe this company has everything it takes to win and be on top.

I should have realized what a sleazy outfit Esurance is when they asked for my charge card number to show "good faith", since it cost them money to run my credit and get my driving record info. After running my credit and driving record, and given a "firm" quote, it mysteriously went up over $100 when I gave them the go ahead to get the policy going. After re-negotiating terms (the effective dates were supposedly the problem), the effective start of the insurance was 2 weeks away. I was told I had to provide my current "insurance declaration" and had to approve the agreement I would be sent to by email. The insurance would then be approved. Only then would my charge card would be charged.

(Well, it didn't work that way. Within minutes of the phone call, my card was charged the $910 for a six-month policy and was immediately deducted from my account!) About 1/2 hour after getting off the line Esurance, I received a call from a local Allstate agent, which I also had a quote request with (parent company by the way). They matched the quote from Esurance as well as gave me a great price for house insurance. I called immediately the Esurance hot line and cancelled the policy. This was about an hour the original Esurance call. I was assured that all agreements were cancelled and all was okay.

The next day, while doing my normal online banking, I noticed my available balance was $910 less than the actual balance. I knew immediately what was going on. I called Esurance that second and was told my card was accidentally charged, and my money would be refunded within 24-48 hours. After several other calls to them and also a visit to my bank to try to resolve the problem, I was advised today, over a week later, that my refund has not even been processed! I told the Esurance supervisor I was going to file a request with my bank that this charge was unauthorized. She said by law, they have 30 days to refund my money and if I filed an unauthorized charge complaint, it would totally "freeze" my refund! I'm basically at their mercy. Do not deal with these people; they are unethical and could give a ** less about their customers.

We are very happy with Esurance. We've only had to file a claim once, but we did it right after the accident, at 4 am (after dealing with tow truck, etc). The representative was helpful and friendly, making an awful situation seem a little more manageable. They stayed in touch with us for weeks, until the case was closed. They seemed to care about us as people, not just 'another phone call to answer'. They offer several discounts for members such as home owners discount, student discount, married discount, etc. My favorite part is that everything can easily be managed online, including talking with representatives and printing updated insurance cards. I would definitely recommend.

Please stay away from this company. They gave us a price that we thought was fair and so we cancelled Geico. Then it began...Esurance sent us an email saying that the price they quoted us was wrong and charged us twice as much. Also, we paid for 2 months, so we thought, we called them, and they said it was for the 1st and last month's payments. We were not told that. So we went back to Geico and cancelled Esurance. Then today we got a bill from Esurance for more. Please don't get involved with Esurance. They are a "bait and switch" scam company. I hope I'm through with them.

Rear ended by Esurance driver April 18, 2014, was hurt in accident and put in claim. Car still has not been fixed and I went to doctors day of accident. Paid for bill and was told I would be paid back. Was sent a check for $500 for a bumper to be replaced (that wont cover it). Told them the cost of medical and they asked me what I wanted for care. I have neck/shoulder pain with numbness. Spoke to doctors and this will be ongoing. I can not miss work, told them that so I am working while in pain. Don't have a choice and told them that. They refuse to any payment unless I lose work and go to doctor again? They are crazy, I already know from one visit. It's on going and can't stop working. Very rude and think they are doctors and on top of that my work and money situation at home.

I was at first very happy when I got a quote from Esurance it was a little cheaper than my current insurance company and a lot cheaper than any other insurance company in Missouri. But I started doing my homework on this company and on this site I observed customer after customer reviews stated Esurance will hook you with a low rate then raise the rate and renewal. I started to think about the old saying cheaper is not always better. It is the quality of the insurance with price that matters most.

I looked at Liberty Mutual for homeowner's insurance, they were the second best in price behind Esurance. I compared the coverages on the policies and found that even though Esurance was $200 dollars cheaper per year the coverages with Liberty Mutual were much better. Liberty Mutual had a lower deductible on wind and hail, and a $10,000 dollar water backup coverage to name a few. When I added the coverages to Esurance quote to make the policies the same. The cost increased by $400 making them $200 higher. I could not change the wind and hail deductible with Esurance which computed to $3,500 and it was only $1,500 with Liberty Mutual. The bottom line, other customers are correct, beware of the low cost with this company and do your homework, compare the coverages in the policies very very closely. I will not be changing to this company.

I started my policy on Aug 30 2013. I was quoted for $1058 for full coverage for 6 mths. On Sept 20 2013, my policy went up to $2600 for 6mths. Esurance claimed I was at fault for an accident when I wasn't. Corrected the issue at the DMV. My premium only went down to $2400 for 6mths. Cancelled my policy on Sept 25 2013. Esurance still tried to bill me for insurance. They claimed they back dated my policy for the premium difference. Esurance refused to pull my calls to verify what I was quoted on Aug 30 2013. I would not recommend Esurance to anyone. They make up information and expect you as a consumer to just pay for things that is a company error.

Esurance raised my rates without any reason except "the cost of business". I was with them for years with never a claim. They also "forgot" to take out a payment and then double charged me the next month. For those who get entrapped in their web, they charge you $50.00 to discontinue with them, regardless of how long you have been with them. I switched and believe no one should authorize their services.

I was in an accident with someone who was insured by esurance. I had an error with the previous automatic payment to my own insurance company and ended up with a gap in insurance during the time of the accident (my mistake for not catching it sooner and making sure I was covered but I had an insurance card showing I was covered for months ahead so I thought I was ok). Anyway, esurance tried to bully me into taking partial responsibility for the accident and even used the fact that I wasn't insured as an argument for why I should take the settlement. Luckily, one of many witnesses came forward and esurance agreed they were 100% at fault.

Now I have been dealing with another person from esurance who also has such a bad attitude and talks down to me constantly. It is a shame that I have to work directly with them because it has been such a bad experience. It has been almost 3 months since the accident and nothing has been settled. They are now offering me $14K on my totaled car that I bought used 8 months prior to the accident for $22K. I still owe $19K on it. It is unbelievable to me that you can get into an accident that isn't your fault with an insured driver and not have damages covered. Additionally, I'm accruing costs on my rental car for every day that it is not settled.

Immediately after the accident I was in communication with the person who hit me. He told me it was extremely difficult to get a call back from his insurance company to get questions answered (several days at times). I can't speak for him to review the customer service since then, but it seemed like he was struggling dealing with them as well.

On the 5th on June, I picked up some gas for my BMW at Cefco gas station in Temple, Texas on Central. Now this gas station have a convenience store where the parking spots are very close to the pumps. As I was ready to move out, I saw a guy jump in his girlfriend's car, drop the case of drinks on the seats and as he did, the vehicle back-up light came on and the vehicle was backing out. So at that time, I did step on my brake and pushed my horn continually. But he just came and hit the LH front of my car that cost 2560 dollars damage.

The guy said, "I'm sorry, I did not see you," and he gave me his DL number and name, and his girlfriend's insurance information. Now here in Texas, we have a law; when the damage limit not that big, you do not have to report the accident. So we left from the place and I went to my insurance agent's office and we did file a report from there to the Esurance agent. We did send an accident report too and my wife was in the car so I do have a witness. But they said when they called me that I have to ask my insurance for the repair cost, and they had a million reasons why. And just from the very first moment when they called me the first time and what kind of questions they did ask, I told my wife, "These guys do not want to pay."

They are crooks. So guys, the big Esurance company owned by Allstate is no good. I told them I need a written statement and I will present it to State Board of Insurance.

I liked that it was easy to buy online and I didn't have to speak with a human. I hate talking to people on the phone so this was great for me. It was simple but not worth it. They're too expensive and have been charging me for a useless rental policy for too long but I can't fix it. They changed my policy without contacting me or letting me know in any way until I needed proof of the policy's coverage. THEN they finally told me they no longer actually covered my rental unit which is what I was paying for the coverage for! But every time I try cancel it, I can't get the website to work.

Esurance attracts you with lucrative low rates. Once you sign up wait approximately two months and the premium shall double on any XYZ pretext. Read for yourself, in my case it was high mileage where as there was no clause about it at sign up. Wanted proof from the dealer about mileage. From the dealer had to burn my weekend for it, resultant zero. Just stay away from these muggers... Unless you want to waste time, energy and at the end money, walk down to COSTCO, Wal-Mart or any other local insurance agent, I am sure you will get a fair rate.

When I was in a car accident three years ago, it was a terrifying and over-whelming experience. My Esurance agent was very understanding and slowly walked me through the process of filing my claim. My agent turned a frightening experience into a manageable one and I am so grateful for their understanding and assistance. Instead of making the situation harder, they made it so much easier and less stressful, which is something I will never forget.

We went online and entered our information and the vehicle information and then was able to finish the entire setup. We seem to have a good experience each time and it is relatively easy to do all this. I like the cheap pricing, the convenience of being able to take care of things online and how I can access my auto policy in an app on my telephone including accessing my insurance cards quickly and without issue. The online capabilities are fast and nice. However we have a hard time adding older vehicles and must call the customer service line to do this which can be inconvenient. And then we don't feel we're getting the best pricing and they seem unknowledgeable about older cars and the values.

I got a policy from them. Paid two months in advance. They said they could see my former insurance policy. I got about 5 e-mails from they wanting proof of insurance. I sent them two. They said it wasn't good enough. So I got a policy from another company for more coverage and half of what I was paying them. I called to cancel my policy with insurance. They said if you live in Florida, they charge a 10% cancellation fee. But, not on the two months I had paid on six months of what my policy would cost. I had them for about two weeks and it well over one hundred dollars. The only thing I got from them was a 20 minute wait to talk to someone. They will refund my money, less the BS charges in 7-10 days. They took it out the same day when I paid.

I would have never wanted to deal with them if I had to because of an accident. They would have some rule to screw you I'm sure. Shop around. You can do better than this company.

We have been with Esurance for 7 years. They have been great every step of the way! We have had one claim on a hit and run and they paid it without question. My insurance goes down every year and I have a good time using their website! It's easy!

I wish I had read these reviews before signing on with Esurance. Late October, I called them for a quote for my '10 Impala. They quoted me $135 and change, which I accepted. About a week later, they called me and stated the quote they gave me was wrong. The correct amount is now $140 something. I set it up on autopay. Come January, I see they hit my account for $822! I called them to ask what this was about. Can you say Run Around! The so-called customer service rep just fed me the company spiel about nothing they can do because they charged me for the entire 6 months. She started talking about some forms they emailed me that I didn’t receive. Transferred me to a supv, who tried to feed me the same crap; nothing they can do. She got cussed out!

Transferred me to some corporate hack who pretended to try to do something for me, though the result was the same; NOTHING! They had cancelled my policy and charged me for the rest of the premium! They absolutely refused to do anything about this for me! I even asked for the contact info for the CEO, Gary Tolman. Oh, he doesn't talk to "customers." I'm still working on this, but, in the meantime, STAY AWAY FROM ESURANCE UNLESS YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT WASTING/LOSING YOUR MONEY!

I got my quote for 85.00 from estranged and signed up. Nowhere did it say they only accept autopay. This month, which is only my second with them was charged at 125.00 even though all my info was correct. I will not be staying with them another month.

Getting a quote was quick and easy, and was done 100% online. The rates I was quoted were better than what I was quoted from other companies, and the policy was extremely easy to setup online. I have had no issues whatsoever throughout the time frame I've had my policy with Esurance, and definitely would recommend them to others.

I have been with Esurance for over a year, never filed a claim, never had any problems... until I needed help. I pay extra for the Roadside Assistance Feature. Not only is that number NOT included anywhere on your insurance card, it's not listed anywhere at all. So you have to go through 5 minutes of prompts just to a rep on the phone that can transfer you to Esurance Roadside Assistance, apparently a completely different entity. So I am broken down on a 4 lane, heavily trafficked interstate, up against a 19ft cement. I am told it will be 3 HOURS before the tow company will pick it up! 3 HOURS!!! This is not the middle of the night, it's not some podunk town. It's 8pm on a Wednesday in the capital city of my state. There are 300 tow companies within 15 miles of where my vehicle has broken down. Just pathetic.

I got a quote that seemed to be about $60 cheaper than my current auto + renters insurance. I also changed my deductible from $500 to $1000. I put in my drivers license number and social at the end of the quote for them to verify my driving record. I had one ticket and accident (not at fault). Both my ticket and accident were from 3 years ago. They asked me to pay my first month and additional month initially. I had no problem with that since I assumed I would eventually see that extra month.

4 or 5 days go by and I receive an email from Esurance saying that my premium is going to increased immediately. My premium went up significantly. My monthly payments went from $134 to $290. When I emailed them to see what happened, I was told that they found that the accident I indicated was my fault. I told them I was not at fault and that my current insurance company even has the records to prove it. Once I sent over all the information to prove I was not at fault, they told me it didn't matter. I don't understand how you can give me a quote and use my personal information (Social and license #) and the quote not be correct. I also do not understand how a higher deductible that my current insurance company would not drop the price but make it more expensive.

Needless to say, I didn't cancel my other insurance company since I hadn't received my insurance card with esurance yet. I decided to cancel esurance and stay with State Farm. Esurance ended up taking $50 for being with them for 4 days. I had to keep asking for my refund. Finally after a week of constant emails and phone calls, they tell me they have submitted a refund to my bank. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They also told me that the extra month of insurance you pay initially is considered equity and you never see this money again unless you cancel, and it loses its equity.

I never had a claim to file but getting the insurance was very quick and easy. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful. I got my quote in a short amount of time. I paid over the phone and printed my insurance card out from my email immediately. I am very happy with Esurance.

It's very easy to purchase and they tell you all of the possible discounts you can earn. I usually call once a year to see if they can find any discounts I'm missing and they have found some in the past where I could save even more money. Esurance is very affordable and customer service has always been pretty good in my experience. I have not had to call customer service recently but usually the people are very helpful. I have both home and auto insurance and typically when I call customer service about homeowners insurance it takes longer to get the right person on the phone though.

Esurance is a SCAM. Initially they offered better rates than competitor like GEICO, State Farm and Progressive. 2 Weeks later they raised my rate by 50%! I called and cancelled this scam the next day. Rep told me my refund would be 80% of my 6-month premium (for a policy I had for 20 days only). Esurance only refunded 60% of my money. They took 40% of my 6-month policy for a 20 day policy. They scammed at every turn. Plus the extra headache of dealing with their reps. Stay away. Stay far away. You have been warned. These criminals need to be prosecuted in the court of law.

First, I would like to say that I found it really annoying that every time I said something, the Service Agent kept saying, "I do not agree with that"... She said it with a long pause at the end like that this disagreement made it Scripture!! So I opened a policy with the usual two months in advance, I never agree with that!!! But are forced to.. I was told by Davin that my fist payment would be due in 1 month on the 15th, and that I could request an extension because I was a month ahead.. I though ok, I can deal with that.. I should have asked him to be more specific!

The 15th of the next month came and I asked for a one-month extension and they said they could not do that but could extend it to the first of the month. Davin made a huge statement about how if my payment failed to clear for whatever reason my policy would cancel and that would be bad! So, a 2-week buffer period is a good thing. I half-heartedly agreed and he moved my payment date to the 1st of every month!

3 days later I get a policy cancellation notice for failure to pay!! I JUST IGNORED IT!! So today is the first and I checked my payment status and it is showing they are going to take out an additional $15 for late payment... I laughed when I seen that and called Davin and got his voice-mail! So I called the 800# and the Scripture Lady Debbie answered! I started by confirming my account number and followed it with "I do not consent to your $69.80 to be withdrawn from my account"!! 10 minutes of her trying to get me on tape saying it was OK were shot down by me repeating "I do not consent!!!"

She then gave up and agreed to remove the $15 fee I was not informed of! It was her insistence that I would no longer have coverage on the 2nd if I refused payment and went with another insurance company on the 15th that really pissed me off! I paid for 2 months in advance and I will get my 2 months in advance. By her account, I was only going to get 6 weeks! I asked her how long she worked there and she said 3 years so I would guess they have a way of cancelling you the instant you are late with a payment even if you have a month in advance! My final payment is due in Sept. and I will be covered until Nov., I now question this! I will find a new insurance company with a better or equal rate and get rid of Esuckance!!! Debbie left a bad taste in my mouth!!!!

Not complicated, choose your insurance, transfers are easy. Had to transfer insurance from one car to another, got new rate immediately. You get to choose what coverage you want, get quote right then.

Ok, so I switched to Esurance in January of this year because I thought I would save money and they were backed by Allstate. I purchased a newer vehicle in March and made sure I had FULL COVERAGE (that's needed in order to drive the car off the lot)! So on Monday there was a bad lightning storm and of course, my car is not directly hit by the lightning but it passed thru my car and fried the CPM and wires! So physically nothing is damaged, but the car will not start! I called customer service to put in a claim. Then I'm told by the claims adjuster that I might not be covered for "an act of nature event"!! Are you kidding me?!! I live in Florida and during the summer months that's all you get... And the occasional hurricane!

So now 3 days later I'm being told by the mechanic that with parts and labor it could run me in the thousands!! I've called Esurance over and over to get an adjuster out to the dealership where my car is, but all I get is vm and excuses!! If I want to get a rental, I have to pay out of pocket first!! Are you for real?!! So now I have to rely on friends and public bus in order to make it to work!! I can't believe I switched insurance companies only to be treated like..... nothing!! But they don't have a problem with taking the auto payment I have set up every month!! If this is not resolved soon, I'm screwed!!! Wow! A real savings I'm getting right now!

I called Esurance before I purchased a policy. I had an accident roughly three years ago. I spoke with a representative and told the rep that I had the accident and was told that they would be calling me back at 5:15 pm EST to finish out the process. So I purchase the policy online and my rates skyrocket because of non disclosure of the accident. I tell them that I spoke with a rep and the first rep I speak with hangs up on me and then the other supervisors tell me that I never called in and even if I didn't it has no bearing on the policy I purchased. I currently don't have the funds to continue to purchase insurance. I will be letting this policy go in a month and hopefully be able to get insurance with an honest company. I will never recommend buying insurance through this company again.

At first Esurance offered a lower rate than my previous car insurance. They took first and last payment for my 6 months term, which I was ok with because I was saving a few dollars. They asked for a "renewal payment" 2 months prior to my term ending. Why? Every other company takes your renewal payment at the time of renewal. I found this quite annoying considering that my new rate was a lot higher ($169.00 to $208.99). Why? I hadn't had any accidents or incidents, clean driving record, no tickets. I called to question why did my premium go up, the agent (which seemed very bored when speaking to me) told me that my "new customer" discount no longer applied. When I asked about any additional discounts that may be applied she went on to tell me that insurance rates never go down and they ALWAYS go up. In her words "it is a myth that insurance goes down with time". Really? Then why was I able to find better coverage elsewhere?

I waited to submit my renewal payment because I was very unsure of wanting to renew with them. My worse mistake was submitting my renewal payment without double checking quotes with other companies. The same day I renewed, I also got a call from another insurance company quoting me a lot lower than Esurance, of course, I took it. I then called Esurance to let them know that I was going to cancel with them. They told me that I would get a refund for the amount that I had submitted with a small penalty, LIES!!! I ended up getting a mere $74.00 of the total amount I had paid them. I lost $134 for 24 hrs of coverage and to top it off the agent nor the manager cared enough to make this right. All in all they STOLE my money and I will NEVER go back to them, especially after reading how bad they are in paying out for repairs.

I called the 1-800 number to inquire about the additional charges they took from my bank account. I stated this insurance in June 2011, paid in full at the time of starting the policy. I explained to the gentlemen at the time that I do not have access to a computer. He stated that I will not need a computer, that he will be mailing my cards to me, and all contact will be via mail. That was a big lie. I never received my insurance cards. And they claim they mailed me a letter stating they needed additional information on my last insurance company.

I have had many auto insurance companies in my years and have never been treated as poorly as I have with I should have stayed with progressive as they treated me well. To save money I switched. I have had nothing but problems with them since day one. The latest, today, was the last straw. I participated in their drivesense program. The day I got the devices I placed them in my cars. I got an email today saying that I have been cancelled off the drivesense discount program because I have not installed the devices. I called and was told to unplug and replug the devices in the cars over the weekend and if they received the data on Monday they would credit back the $200 restocking fee they charged me! Restocking fee?? I did everything they asked and because they didn't get any data they already charged me a restocking fee??? Stay far far away from this company.

Esurance offers a variety of web based incentives and is also easy to use, which is something that I am currently still waiting on my current insurance provider to provide the most recent data on acquisitions and mergers. However, they should improve the graphical user interface, along with the interactive customer service feature, and live chat response times. I feel that live web based video chat would be integral and essential in providing a better overall customer service. I would also like a better integrated mobile smartphone application bundled with the application process. In summary, Esurance is invigorating, enlightening, and awesome.

On Nov. 21st 2014 I was driving out of a strip mall in Daly City, Ca. and suddenly I heard a bang on my back rear passenger side of my Sienna. Here is a car backed into mine so she pulled back into her spot and got out. I was already three quarters passed her and I was on the road. Another words, she didn't look all directions before pulling out of her parking spot. I took info and pictures etc. and went home and called my ins., Capitol Ins. Co. To this day the Claim is still open and my ins. co isn't getting anywhere with them. Esurance is saying it's both at fault. No, I had the right way and she was pulling out and hit me in the rear passenger panel and we're still arguing with Esurance as of today June 22, 2015, 7 mo. later! Their giving my insurance a bad time and not cooperating. This Company should be shut down!

I was shopping car insurance companies and came across Esurance because they were much lower than others that I was quoted, so I signed on with them. They mandated a car inspection on mine and my husband's brand new cars and said it was a Florida law. I had never had to do a CARCO inspection at any other company, but I figured, it's a way to keep the rates low so I went to the location they sent me to, on the day the inspection was due to find that this location no longer offered the inspections for Esurance. I called them and they basically said there was nothing they can do, and that I'd have a lapse in my coverage because I didn't get the inspection done in time - and after requesting an extension, they sent me notification that my insurance had lapsed. I had to take time off work to go to another location (that I had to find myself by calling around) and finally got that complete.

In addition, they require a first and last months payment of premium that you can use to pay your last month with them - however when I went to cancel my policy with them because the premium was increasing (with no driving accidents or incidents and excellent credit) they told me the would be charging an early termination fee of 10% of the policy cost, stating it was disclosed in my application and documents at time of signing up. I looked up all of my documents and no where does it say they will charge a 10% cancellation fee. It does however state that they will charge $50 to cancel policy early - which is MUCH different than 10%. Every time I have called them, I have been placed on long holds, and have spoken to individuals who have been incredibly unhelpful. I made the mistake of insuring my cars with them, don't make the same.

I was rear ended by an uninsured driver. A few months later, Esurance calls and tells me they are dropping our policy because they cannot verify our garaged address. Even after faxing numerous documents and bank statements, they still said they could not verify and the policy will expire and not renew. Esurance will treat you like crap if you file any claim with this company. They will do anything they can to get rid of you after any accident. They also refuse to insure anyone in the state of Florida with any PIP claim within the last 3 years. This company does not care about their customers at all. Stay away from Esurance. You will regret having this company if you ever need to use your policy.

I've had Esurance for a few years. Two months ago I lost my debit card. I thought I had contacted everyone but noticed Esurance wasn't coming out of my account and it clicked that I obviously had not called them. So, I called and the young lady told me my account had CLOSED! She said they emailed me (I assume it was spammed) and sent something in the mail (to the wrong address), which is great, thanks for trying... but no phone call??! We all know the obvious reasons auto insurance is important... It's even more important if you have a loan or have leased your vehicle - the lender can take the car back if you do not have full coverage insurance!!! This was the first issue with them...

My second issue is that because my coverage has been canceled over a MONTH, unbeknownst to me, I have to re-apply... So, I do, and they tell me my coverage is now going to be TWICE what my premium was before BECAUSE I had a LAPSE IN COVERAGE! What??! When I asked for a Supervisor the young lady said "Sure, but they're going to tell you the same thing - nothing we can do about the rate because you had a LAPSE IN COVERAGE"! I get the Supervisor (very snippy) and what happens?? Exactly what the young lady said... "NOTHING WE CAN DO... Sorry!" Went round and round with her for a minute before I finally ended the call in disgust.

Bottom line, it was my fault for losing the card. However, I would hope that a company I give money to every month (I have never had a claim in my LIFE) would use all of their resources get in contact with me. Insurance is important. It is there to PROTECT you. They did anything but protect me by not trying all avenues and instead letting my coverage lapse. What if I had been in a terrible accident and hurt someone else or myself... What if my lender took my car back... I'll tell you--I WOULD HAVE BEEN ROYALLY SCREWED AND ESURANCE WOULDN'T HAVE GIVEN A FLYING... PIG... ABOUT IT! End Rant.

I've had Esurance since February 2016. They repeatedly failed to report my policy to loan company numerous times causing me to spend hours on the phone with both companies getting out straightened out. Once it was finally settled I thought I was good to go. Then in Sept, I renewed my policy and they switched me from full coverage (unbeknownst to me). My car payment almost doubled. I called my loan company and found this information out, I was never notified or called by Esurance. I'll be switching companies first thing Monday. I now owe hundreds to my loan company because Esurance switched me from full coverage and didn't tell me. I called Esurance and the lady rudely said I should have noticed my bill went down. I told her to check again, my bill NEVER WENT DOWN and she checked and then said "oh". I will never do business with them again.

I decided to get Esurance for auto insurance because they were the cheapest quote I received at the time. Well, let me say in this situation, you get what you pay for. I am 32 years old, and I have NEVER filed an insurance claim in my life. Well, I was involved in an accident and had to file a claim. Since I hit something in the road on the way home and it didn't seem too bad, I didn't bother to stop and call police or anything. That was a big mistake I soon found out.

Esurance sent my claim to investigations, because they didn't like the fact that my deductible was $250 and I decided to get roadside and rental car coverage. That caused them to send my claim to the investigation team. And let me tell you, if you think Esurance is rude their investigation team is 10 times worse. These guys wanted to know if I told anyone I had been in a wreck, and if I called or texted anyone. If I had, they wanted the text message conversation and wanted to call everyone of my friends who saw the car. They even drilled my girlfriend. Ya they finally paid me, but the hoops that I had to jump through to get paid was **...

Haven't had to contact them except for renewal and initiation. Pleasant experience so far. They were helpful. I like their easy to access website. My husband usually deal with them. So, I have limited experience with them.

I like that it's online and everything can be done on the computer. It was easy to go thru the process with everything being online and made it even easier than having to talk to people in person. It's also one of the cheapest companies out there on the market and I don't have to talk to a representative if I don't want to and it's great. It was also easy to pick the choices towards the options for the insurance. The layout of the site is easy to manage and easy to print everything out.

It was fairly easy to purchase the insurance. People were friendly and it took very little time. I had a good sales rep and I was very pleased with the services and coverage plans offered. It was cheap and they covered a lot. I do not currently have a vehicle but I will consider this co again in the future. I want lower rates for full coverage though. But I had a good experience and I will definitely recommend to my friends.

I was involved in a accident, and the back of my car was hit. Since the truck can't close, it needs repair asap in Spring with all the rain. The team was very thorough and diligent with my claim, and was able to accommodate my needs in a timely manner, after doing all their homeworks and reviewing the police report.

Dealing with these people is so frustrating. When you call the main phone line they try and sell you stuff and run advertisements on their phone line. 1st: They are never available. (Every time I call no one picks up.) 2nd: Extremely unprofessional and rude. 3rd: They take their time with dealing claims. Worst insurance company ever. I have dealt with State Farm and Geico and have had a way better experience. STAY AWAY from Esurance! I am specifically talking about the Plant City office in Florida - very unprofessional.

Be very careful while listening to your Agent when signing a Car insurance contract. At first, you will be told that a PAYPAL account will get you a 10% discount on your policy. After you sign the contract, you will be told that it was between a 1% and 10% discount. You will never be told by Esurance of what percent discount you got on your car insurance. I felt that there was no discount with PAYPAL. Pretty shady overall experience.

When I first signed up for Esurance I was very happy with their rates and told anyone who would listen about how great I thought they were. I came from another insurer I had been with for almost 20 years with no claims or driving citations so when my rate kept going up I left but now that appears to have been a tragic mistake.

Back in July of 2014 I added a new Nissan Pathfinder to my insurance and removed my 2003 Pontiac Aztec. I ran every possible scenario on their website to get the most bang for my buck and not have my rates increase very much. I ran so many scenarios, I think I made their computer choke because I started having issues adding and removing features. I figured I had already found the best combination of coverages so I logged off and started anew to clear up any problems. I added my new vehicle with desired coverage changes on my other vehicles and only had my rate increase about $15 per month so again I was thrilled with Esurance.

Well, it seems something went horribly wrong somewhere because Esurance did have the name of my finance company but when they mailed the binder to the bank it still listed the Pontiac that I had traded in! Here is where things really went wrong. I received a notice that something was being held for me at the post office, not uncommon since I live in a rural area where the Postal lady won't drive down my long dirt driveway. The Post office is 20 mi. from my home so I only drive in about once per week, sometimes longer. I wasn't too worried about correspondence from my new credit union loan since I'm always current and just figured it was some type of welcome letter anyway. I went to the post office about 5 days after receiving the notice but they had already returned the package, still I thought no big deal since they had my phone number and all.

A month or so after all this I was making a routine call to my new credit union to set up an online password when the phone teller told me my vehicle was up for repossession. I asked what the hell for - I'm current, always am, always have been? I was told that I didn't have insurance on the vehicle so they added coverage to protect their investment at an astronomical rate I might add!!

It seems even though Esurance sent the new creditor my coverage they failed to add the vehicle. I believe this was partly due to this being added just days after my new term was prepared and we were in the last week of the old term. I am one million percent certain I received confirmation that my vehicle was added to my policy and of course they sent out the proof of insurance to the new creditor, what did they think they were sending this for?!!! I am fairly certain that when I first added this insurance my electronic ID card on my phone reflected the new vehicle but I'm not 100% certain on this. I am certain then when they started my new term with the policy they had already worked up before I added the vehicle that they left my new Nissan off the policy but continued to charge the rate I had been quoted for adding the new vehicle!!!

This is now Tuesday and last Friday I spent 5 1/2 hours on the phone talking with Esurance making about 6 different calls always getting someone else and a different story. Finally my wife calls Esurance from her work and gets someone who tells her to send in all the documentation and the will go back and remove the Pontiac as of July and backdate the Pathfinder so all is well I think. I was on the phone with a Jarred when my wife informed me of what we thought would finally be a fair outcome from this nightmare. The rep I was talking to told me since my wife had taken care of this we wouldn't go any farther even though he said he found evidence that I was telling the truth (duh) why would I pay for a Pontiac I no longer own!

Finally my wife gets everything faxed into Esurance that they requested and now they change their story and tell her sorry we can't do anything for you but add the Nissan as of now October 16th!! I get the call from my wife and I fuming literally want to strangle someone. I pick up the phone and after the long wait I get another rep somewhere else and this guy knows I wanna kill someone when I scream to get me back to Jarred, the only damn person who seemed to be able to verify I was being screwed!!

Finally I get Jarred back on the phone and tell him that the notes in his computer that say they will backdate everything when docs are received was a lie and now the story has changed. I plead with Jarred to help and he agrees to talk to his supervisor, Jaime and I'm put on hold for what seems an eternity. Finally Jarred returns with a somber voice and apologizes profusely saying there is nothing he can do. Being furious I ask about refunding the money for the vehicle they know I didn't own and he couldn't even do that!!!

At this point I'm at wits end and ask for corporate headquarters phone number and to speak to his boss and again I'm put on hold for an eternity!! After a long wait a supervisor named Jaime comes on the line and proceeds to tell me that isn't anything she can do. I explain I have proof from my financial institution that they sent out copies of the binder, what did they think they were sending these for? Jaime says only underwriting can approve backdating and she now thinks we might have a chance since there are now claims but it will take a few days.

Well now it's Tuesday and just got an email from Esurance stating underwriting would not approve backdating the vehicle that was added in July to July. Now my credit union is going to double my payment (really). My payment was $492 and it's now just over $1000 to cover the biggest ripoff insurance they could add. I told the credit union I have owned and paid off over 30 vehicles in my life and never had a repossession but if Esurance can't straighten this mess out this will be my first.

Bottom line, if you don't have Esurance DONT' DO IT! This is just my opinion and might not reflect the experience of others but they will be damaging my credit and good name beyond repair because of a glitch in their computers. Oh a couple more things I should add, one of their phone reps told me you need to enter your information only 2 or 3 times in order to make sure the system takes it. Their system doesn't say you need to add your information more than once. This is ridiculous but apparently the rep has heard other complaints about their system other than mine. Also my Nissan did get added 3 months late and guess what, they are raising my rate to cover it even though I'm already paying the higher rate I was quoted in July when I added the vehicle!!! I will finish out my term with these guys just to avoid any other sneaky charges these guys might come up with then me and all four of my vehicles are going elsewhere!!

Worst car insurance ever! My car was hit in the back and they said it's the driver's fault but in the meantime I can never get up with the person handling my claim. Nothing has been settled and instead of getting police reports they listen to the other driver in the other vehicle. I'm very unpleased and they keep saying they sent letters for me to review but I've never seen them. My claim is going on a month and I can never reach the person handling my claim. They never keep me informed and I believe they don't want me to know anything. From the time I opened a policy I have had a hard time with them. Prices maybe good but the service sucks and it's not worth the hassle.

This company was easy to sign up for. It is super quick to get a quote and the quote is what I ended up paying so it did not change in price. I like that you can sign up online and that everything can be handled without having to call and wait on hold forever. This company was overall a good company, but they should have more associates that can help when you need to speak to a human being. They could break away from Allstate and just be their own company. I am not a fan of Allstate and would not ever use Allstate ever again. They are owned by Allstate and I had a very bad customer service experience with them so I choose not to do business with Allstate or anyone associated with them.

My first 6 months with Esurance I had to constantly watch Esurance as they were changing my rates for the auto withdrawals. I would email them and they would fix it. Mind you, I have a clean driving record and no tickets or claims. Here we go again; a Renewal Fee and Monthly bill being added together. Who charges a renewal fee; they should give a discount to keep your business. So tired of the sorry a** insurance companies.

We went with Esurance because their rates were much, much lower than their competition. One year later, and no claims, we received a renewal notice and the rate had DOUBLED! Obviously we went elsewhere. We were not charged a cancel fee as we were up for renewal and the insurance just ran out.

I have had a policy for 15 years with esurance with an excellent record and I carry excess coverage... I believe in insurance. I was sent to Hawaii to work on a project for 18 months. I rented my house, put my things and car in storage near my house and flew to Maui to do the work. I purchased a new Nissan Versa while there and added it to my esurance policy online. After paying for both cars (max coverage) for about a year, esurance asks me if my "tenant name here" is driving my Nissan as well. I said, no, he is living in my house in California, so that is probably the confusion. I remind them of my address (which has been on my policy the whole time I have been in Hawaii) and they freak out: “WE DON'T COVER HAWAII!!!” They tell me they are going to drop me immediately. I ask them for 72 hours so I can get coverage. They agree. (I mean, who is acting like the professional adult in the room here?)

I get Island Insurance (Honolulu) to jump through hoops to get the forms run for me so I can sign them on Maui. Done! I let esurance know they are in the clear and they can remove the Nissan and all we have is the BMW. I ask, since it is in storage, “Is there a reduced rate?” I mean, it hardly needs collision or liability now... Them: “WE DON'T COVER STORED CARS!” I am thinking: you know, your people should start reading the notes on the account and listening to their customers because you have been taking large sums from my checking account for two years now to do that very thing. I say, “well, if you give me 72 hours, I'll be back in California, take my car out of storage and drive it and live there again. Project is over.” Them; “Great!”

I get back. Call them up, they tell me my policy will be cancelled regardless on July 21 because get this... I took my car out of the state and they don't know where my car is and because they are an online company, they can't come and verify its location. I said, “How did you know where it was when I first applied for insurance?” He said, “we took your word for it. We are just a computer up here in (some upper midwest state) we don't have any local offices to check up on you.” I said “what has changed?” He said: “we can't trust your word any more. Our relationship is based on integrity and that is now gone.” I said, "my car never left Tracy California. The Nissan I purchased never left Maui." All I am guilty of is being a loyal customer.

I never hid anything. You got careless and ignored what I was writing to you and kept insuring me on products you didn't offer and customers didn't know you didn't offer and somebody got in trouble and I am getting blamed for having an integrity issue? Do you think California or Hawaii DMV would allow unregistered cars to be in other states? You are trying to make me feel I did something wrong? How come your computer system EVEN TOOK the state of HAWAII for the address of my car's location and my home address for the past two years? You had no problem cashing the checks? How about a refund? An integrity issue? I'm the customer! I never even filed a claim you idiot!

What stupid scammer would load two cars up with insurance in states that aren't covered and then not file claims? I have an integrity issue and you can no longer trust me to tell you where my cars are located!!! I have been telling you for two years but you just bothered to read my address...maybe you are too automated! And, I believe that you "were born online" because had you been born to real parents they would never have raised you to tell a loyal customer that "the company can no longer trust you." I don't know why I am so insulted and outraged. It is actually starting to be hilarious.

Great, big, giant, eSurance... Awww. I hurt its feelings. It can't trust me... that computer, plugged into some outlet up in Minnesota or somewhere, it is pretty vulnerable. It has to trust us to tell it where our cars are because it can't get around to check. It’s just a giant computer. Now it can't trust anyone anymore. I mean... customers can just take their cars and well, do anything with them now. It must be making it defrag all the time! Just wait, one day you'll be chatting with esurance and mention that you just washed your car. WHAT? WE DON'T COVER CLEAN CARS!!!

I got an online quote that was great, but then because I was changing my coverage amounts, the price ended up being $200 more. They would have given me the same coverage at the original price just to undercut a price. That felt shady so I went and quoted coverage elsewhere, then called to cancel. I had agreed online to a $50 cancellation fee. When I explained my reasons for canceling and asked it to be waived, I was told that could not happen. They have ensured that I will never use them and I will tell others not to use them either. Price undercutting does not buy customer loyalty. It means people will just shop for the cheapest price each renewal period.

I switched to Esurance because their rates at the time were a bit cheaper. After 1 claim less than 7000 dollars I was sent an email saying they wouldn't be renewing my policy. On top of that they sent their own person out to assess the damage for that "one" claim and then they ended up going against their own person in order to pay out less on the claim. My claim adjuster called me on her cellphone after hours... yelling at her boyfriend in between getting my info. Esurance is absolutely the worst company ever. I've been a homeowner for over a decade and have never seen anything worse.

Though I am not an Esurance customer, I unfortunately was hit by a driver with their coverage. To put it simply, it was a nightmare dealing with this company. They refused to authorize OEM parts (despite my request in advance) and instead insisted that recycled/salvage/aftermarket parts were all they would pay for. Despite my vehicle being in excellent condition prior to being hit (which was not my fault) the use of poor quality, non-OEM lead to poor fitting parts and cosmetic defects. I would highly recommend you find an alternative if you are considering using this insurance company!! While you may see savings on your premiums, as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Esurance is an inferior provider who will take any shortcut possible to save a buck at your expense.

Michigan was hit with record breaking hail which damaged the boot on my vent pipe. Water gained entry into my home. Inspector came out and claimed the boot was improperly installed and that I would have to pay to have that fixed, but assured me the water damage would be covered and to go ahead and call a restoration team to address the mold. Esurance was so kind to tell me they would pay for nothing after their representative said they would and for me to call a restoration team. I would not recommend them to anyone and would advise, if you have them, get a lawyer to fight for your claims if you have them as they will not cover you.

My car was hit in the back by a Esurance client. I filed a claim with them. The adjuster called my insurance to verify my coverage at which time my insurance wanted to file a claim. She said Esurance had it so they didn’t. I took my car to the estimate appointment. Told them the damage. They sent a quote that didn’t cover all the damage (the front wheel and maybe axle damage). She said leave my car with Gerber collision. They’ll do a supplement and she will approve it. They did the back bodywork but nothing to the front. Called me. Said my car was done. Got there and was told they don’t do mechanical work.

They sublease but S. ** the adjuster said she didn’t think the damage happen during the wreck and declined to even have it checked out. I was forced to pick up my unfixed car from Gerber who said this is what they were told to fix and it’s finished. The person who told me about the sublease decline was the estimator herself who said she didn’t understand the stands because you need to check before you mark off any problem. Also when I returned the rental I was told I was responsible for part of the bill. I called the adjuster who hung up in my face.

They claim they are a new insurance company for the modern world. Which if you want to be ripped off of your money, your premiums constantly going up, cannot seem to get a straight answer when you can reach someone by phone. We had Esurance which is my understanding us a part of Allstate which seems to be a conflict of interest, but we had them for about 2 yrs. I just turned 50, was tired of the increasing premiums and got a policy through AARP to go in effect when my Esurance policy ran out. Did all the right things. Contacted them to cancel my policy.

About a couple weeks later. My wife was leaving work, as she pulled out in a four lane highway, two lanes going each way. A van in the left lane, her pulled out in right lane. The van pulled over in front of her, slammed on brakes in middle of street causing her to swerve left but still catching the back end of an old van. Now I and her know the law about rear end collisions. But this was not really a rear end collision in that, they cut over in front of her and slammed on brakes and she had just pulled out from work street onto major street. No major damage much, or major harm to her. The van contained at least 6 illegal aliens, no driver's license, the van did not even belong to them.

But Esurance considered it a rear end collision and wants us to pay the $1000 deductible to get car fixed. They are a joke, they did not take into account anything that really happened. They just automatically blamed my wife without any defense for her. They want your money. But if you need them and can get in touch with them. Beware that you are automatically be considered at fault. My wife did not know if she was being carjacked or what? She was mad, scared, and shook up. We are in IN. The adjuster was in Wisconsin. He tore my wife up even more and upset her even more with his review and blaming her without any defense at all. Maybe if the car had been totaled and all the people in van were injured bad. He would have a different opinion!

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