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Esurance Renters Insurance
Esurance Renters Insurance

Esurance Renters Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

Satisfied and very good service. Can provide whatever the customer wants. The voice I hear is clear and loud. No statics on phone. Good personality and advisable. Good security. Be good sometimes. Don't be judgmental. Even they're customer service they need to respect them and give them a respect. We must know the quality before quantity of each other. Know how to recognize others. Can be not good sometimes but overall it's good and know how to communicate with others. Specifically in the one who needs. Coverage of all it's satisfied. Because you know they have good policy, a security, a good communicator and cashier. They are all pleasant and beautiful.

Someone lived in my apartment previously and they need their information. How can I provide that info. They wanted to cancel my insurance policy if I cannot provide. It's funny. I switched to another insurance company. There are many insurance companies out.

It was a very unique and relevant to use customer service and I would really go for it again. I would not hesitate to tell friends and family about it at all. When it comes to claiming for anything at all, we all have to be patient. I did not wait for an unreasonable amount of time to claim back like I normally would have had to with some of the other companies. As we all want the best out of our insurance companies, I can say is that they have strict policies that are also flexible for their customers and I found them quite fair. I did indeed get the best out of my insurance, I was comfortable with my coverage and I was always at ease unlike when I knew I was not covered at all. In the end I was happy with what I was paying for.

Customer service is fine with this company because I have had only called maybe two times and the person I spoke with was very very helpful. I have never had a claim processed so I am assuming it would be fine if I did because customer service is fine with this company and issue free. Policy options are not so good because I wish I would not be forced to have to do auto withdrawal as my payment option as I really do not like doing auto withdrawal. Coverage is fine since I really feel like having renters insurance is a waste of time since I have never filed a claim but keep paying for it every month.

Thanksgiving weekend 2014: I am from FL, I rented a car in NC. While merging onto the highway the man behind me sped up to block me from merging. The rental car I was driving had some very faint marks behind the rear tire. The man's headlight was broken. I report the claim to Esurance. I receive an email a couple of days later stating that my claim representative was **, and that if she hadn't reached out to me yet, I should call her. So I call her. That was a HUGE mistake. The woman so very rude, stating that it was a auto email, and that she was busy with a lot of other claims. She didn't have time to deal with my claim. After a few minutes of berating from ** I asked to speak with her supervisor. She said he wasn't available and hung up on me. I called back and she ignored my call. So I called the Atlanta claims dept where she works and asked for her supervisor. He was a very nice man who did her job for her.

May 2015: I get my renewal paperwork from Esurance. I haven't heard a single word about my claim since my phone call in November. My 6 month premium went from $560 up to $880. I couldn't believe it. For a fender bump that wasn't my fault? I reach out to my claim representative and ask what is going on, and that according to their website my claim was closed in Feb. Why wasn't I notified? She replies that they paid the other guy $900 for a broken headlight, and they closed the claim while they wait for a bill from Avis. Avis has already informed me they wouldn't be getting the car fixed, so why are we waiting for bill? Why would they close a claim if it isn't finished?

This makes no sense, so if you ever get into an accident you never know if they will reopen the claim. This accident was so small with very little damage is apparently going on 6 months to resolve. I'd be scared to know how long it takes to resolve a real accident. I'm extremely disappointed that my claims rep, **, couldn't be bothered to actually do her job and fight for me, they paid the guy at fault $900 for a broken headlight that he probably won't get fixed. His car was covered in damage all the way around. I'll be switching to Progressive.

Customer service was always friendly and helpful when I had questions or needed something and I could call Esurance at any hours when I was in need. The claims process was OK, but could have been better. It seemed like the process was longer and more difficult than it should have been. Nevertheless, I was happy with the coverage and felt like if something were to happen, I had coverage that was going to take care of me and my family.

Esurance seemed to have a good selection of a variety of options pertaining to insurance. Setup was easy. We Did most of it online. I did need to make one phone call but that went pretty smoothly. I think it will cover any theft, fire damage or flood damage. That about covers everything that I think that I may run into as far as insurance is concerned.

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