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I signed up with EWM in December after having all of my questions regarding retirement plan options answered. I am in it for the long run and am confident that I made the right choice.
Everest Wealth Management has been a godsend to me. I have invested in conservative steady growth plans. I am now retired and have seen the benefits of my/ their plan for me. I love that they are local and have an open door policy to see them anytime during the fiscal year. I usually set a appointment twice a year with Julie. She is wonderful, patient, and knowledgeable. Love EWM
We have had investments with Everest Wealth Management since their beginning. Our retirement nest eggs continue to grow "As Promised". We could not have made a better choice for our investments. We have moved IRAs from Vanguard and Zacks to Everest Wealth Management and are completely satisified with their performance to date.
When we first met with them it did not take long to make my decision to have Everest handle my retirement
After I have left my company, I didn't know what to do with my 401K and other monies I had put away. One of my friends told me about EWM and I made an appointment with Phil. Had a discussion with Phil, reviewed some options and than joined the EWM team. I have been more than happy with my move to EWM (since 2008) and the staff at EWM is absolutely great.....
This Company has truly helped us financially and given us great returns on our money . Highly recommended . Higher than the mountain called Everest for service and loyalty
We have been clients with Everest Wealth Management almost from there beginning when Phil came to our home to talk to us. I've had dealings with everyone on there staff, always nice, always friendly, and I can count on getting answers for whatever questions I have. If I call, They always get back to me. I know that if they don't have an answer right a way they will find out and let me know and that means until I understand. They have always been kind to us and never gave us any bad information. Never had any problems with them period.
EWM helped to make my financial retirement decisions work for me. Two annuities, one that pays in the beginning of the month, and another in the middle of the month, make it simple to budget my ongoing expenses. I will be retiring at the end of this month, and I have confidence that with the advice given to me by Everest, my retirement will be a happy one.
I have utmost trust in Everest Management handling my futures money. The staff have advised me and everything has been moving along according to the plan.
Even though my needs were unique and different than other clients, that did not make a difference in how they were met. They cared enough to consider my personal circumstances and advise the best possible solution and directions in accomplishing it. Always had the answers to my questions and provided excellent service in getting things accomplished for me. Very professional but also friendly.
The team at Everest Wealth Managment are professional and not ashamed to show the pros/cons of each product. Sarah was patient and thorough in fielding our questions. Thank you, Everest!
I have been watching Everest's Show for years and finally made the call after checking on their history, and for complaints. I could not find one derogatory remark on their behalf. I called and Phil Rousseaux himself came out and talked to us about the company. We decided Everest Wealth Management was the team we wanted to entrust our retirement to. They are thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and their customer service is impeccable. We are extremely Satisfied since we have been with Everest, and we will be with them long after we retire. Thanks to the entire Team for giving us peace of mind.
They have always treated me with sincerity and concern. When I have had questions or issues, they were quick to address and resolve them. (And I did have some.) That kind of attitude fosters trust. I trust them enough to have done a second major transaction with them just this past month, years after my initial business dealings. I am happy with them and the products they offered. They have been thorough and professional.
We have always been happy with Everest but as the years have passed we are starting to get the feeling of big company spread too thin culture. Not unhappy just not as happy as years ago.
Pros. For a person like myself, they took their time to listen, explain, and followed up. Resonded to any call, or request, within hrs. Or less.
While the television show first caught my attention to Everest Wealth Management, it is the personal level of service that resulted in my commitment. I understood the product offerings clearly, made appropriate decisions for my investment strategy, and find their continued engagement refreshing. My previous brokerage firm did none of the above. I now feel more confident about the achievement of my goals. Thanks, Everest.
The employees are very genuine and honest individuals with no reservations of being transparent.
Everest provides plans that are perfect for clients that are in their 50's and above who can no longer afford to wait out the dips in the stock market. The returns you can accumulate on their investments are much better than any plan I know of, especially when you do not lose any of the gains when the stock market goes down. Their service is always outstanding!! They are always ready to discuss different options for your investments and "immediately" address any questions or concerns that you may have.
I have had an account with Everest Wealth now for about 5 years and never had a review or asked about meeting with anyone to discuss our policy. I think they have grown so much they have lost touch with their customers.
After so many years of working, is it finally time to retire? And spend time doing what we want to do? But do we have the correct financial investments? Do we really have enough money to retire now? Or should we retire later? These questions have been a frequent discussion at our house, so we made an appointment at Everest Wealth Management, and it was time well spent. Mike Dipaula reviewed our investments, expenses, life style and gave us the the guidance to make sure we were on the right track to retire at our comfort level. After our meeting, we felt like another satisfied "baby boomer" waiting to live the dream! Retirement!!! It is finally within reach and we "thank" the advisors at Everest Wealth Management for helping us achieve that GOAL!
I went to Everest Wealth Management because I had some friends that were very pleased with them. They treated me graciously when I arrived, made me feel right at home and that I was somebody important. Mike DiPaulia was very informative about their programs, and there was no pressure to sign anything, they just let you know what they offered and you have plenty of time to decide. I highly recommend this team and am anxious to work with them to my retirement and there after. Wonderful experience during a emotional time.
Honest and straight forward advice to assist in our retirement planning was a welcome relief.
Dealing with Mike and Julie has been a pleasure. They do the utmost to satisfy our needs.
My husband and I made a switch to Everest Wealth a couple years ago and we could not be happier. The service and attention that we receive at Everest Wealth has been better than any other company we have dealt with in the past.
I wanted to move my 401K to a new plan. Everest helped me decide where I should put my money. They explained every step in detail in terms that I could understand. Not knowing about the process or what would be best for me, I was informed down to the smallest detail and I am very comfortable with the choices made. I trust Everest explicitly with my money and look forward to a long relationship with them.
My wife and I have been with Everest for 21/2 years and from the first phone call and up the to present time they all have been great, We put our total trust in the company. We highly recommend Everest for all Investors,
The knowledge and expertise in the area of retirement planning has put my mind at ease.
I was very impressed by everyone that I met there. I was very happy with the way that I was helped in making the transition of my retirement money into a safe place.
The staff at Everest Wealth Management was very knowledgeable of the products that they present to me. The level of confidence exuded by them made me feel like could trust them. I appreciate the patients they displayed with me while answering a barrage of questions that I presented to them. I feel comfortable knowing that they have a very diligent staff that really understand the services that they provide. I have and will continue to refer their services to my friends
Constantly hear commercials,"are you happy with your broker, wave your fees,etc"have not heard from anybody there in close to 2 years. only reason my money is still there is because the 3% i made last year is still better than bank interest. quit recommending them to friends a long time ago.
Was told I could not contribute to my account but the person didn't know that indeed I could!
Outstanding and professional service from Mike and the team at Everest. I feel as though my money was invested for my future needs and not just a sales pitch.I would recommend Everest to any one who needs help investing there money. Thanks Everest
Excellent Service. They say what they mean. Never have I come across such a professional financial management team. I wish them success so they take care of hardworking people like me who are planning to enjoy a steady and comfortable retirement.
My wife and I have been clients of Everest Wealth Management since 2012. In that time we have been pleased with the staff. Phil has assembled a professional group of knowledgeable & cooperative employees. We are very pleased with the programs we subscribed to and look forward to a safe retirement.
These folks go out of there way to answer, explain, example, and show u results of any situation that can and will occur with your account. And they will provide u with options.
My wife and I had concerns about the State's Attorney investigation and needed answers. I personally sat with Phil and Julie and got the whole story. Not just the TV News snippet. After talking, my wife and I decided to leave our money with Everest. They have are fullest trust. John and Louise
Thought I'd be making more, but can't really blame that on EWM. I am, however, a bit disappointed that there hasn't been the ongoing {at least monthly} objective discussions. Communication is much less frequent than I was informed it would be. As a result, I still wonder whether I should move some of my money elsewhere (out of Curian, etc.) Can't really tell if my Allianz FIA/Insurance Policy is making the minimum promised. Appears so. Simply too much info to digest as a layman (non-financial guy).
I like the fact that Everest invites the customer to examine their work and review their account any time they wish. They communicate thru e-mail and on the phone and have an open door policy about visiting their office. They have been great to work with thus far.
Everest Wealth Management is an excellent option when I was trying to decide what to do with my retirement from the government. I give them a 5 star rating for quality and for their knowledge of the financial market.
I am happy with Everest. Hope my positions continue to improve.
I am very pleased with the service and recommendations from our adviser at Everest Wealth Management. A custom plan was developed for myself and my husband that was specifically tailored to our goals and needs.
I invested in an annuity in February of last year and have been very satisfied, actually happy, about it's performance. All my expectations have been met and exceeded. Additionally, the customer service is exemplary, better than any other company's I've been involved with. Julie Long is the person responsible for that level of service. She is responsive and considerate to all customers. Furthermore, Everest continues to take care of their customers through their VIP Program. It is truly outstanding. Thank you.
My financial advisor stays in touch through out my growing process. Looking forward to future investments as they become available to me to move and working with Everest Wealth Management