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Extended Warranty Inc
Extended Warranty Inc

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It's been 1 month since I talked to you haven't gotten any paperwork yet I hope this isn't a scam
They are a total scam, they sell fake policies to car owners. They also don't pay their telemarketers. They hire telemarketers for 3 weeks and fire them without paying a single dime
This place is a scam!!! they took my money so quickly after I paid for the top coverage plan over $3,000. I did not have one single claim while I had the plan. My car was totaled and was a total loss. I called and asked if I was entitled to a refund and was told yes and what information I needed to provide. I have provided all of the needed information and have waited over a year and a half for this refund. I have received nothing but the run around. Do not deal with this fraudulent company! Lies Lies Lies.... I was told they were going through a hardship because of the hurricane claims and referred to another company for my refund. Lies Lies Lies......
Very well spoken customer service people. Very knowledgeable staff and very helpful
No refund as of over a week. Very poor company,
Everything was explained very well and thoroughly, our options and what everything would cost. The only question we really has was the company we were talking to just to make sure it's legit before giving out our debit card info.
Very quiet and wanted to help me with my needs and what I can afford.
I purchased, then had to cancel due to budget problems. I requested cancellation and refund of $300.00 initial payment. My bank shows the transaction. After 3days of back and forth, the supervisor wrote that would send to "Refund Dept". That was APRIL 21. Today is MAY 30. Despite several attempts to contact them, no one answers phone; one phone responds. "person and phone no. does not exist."