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The worst insurance company I should never been with. Once you are not with them anymore, they gonna keep bill you for thing you don't owe. Till you give up, they will report you to collection and ruin your credit. Be aware! When you told them to cancel your policy, be sure to have proof, because they are gonna take that against you, says you never told them. And they keep bill you AND not even send you Any notifications. After months passes by, you will receive mail that you owe, and they will send you to collection if you don't pay. I HATE THIS COMPANY!!! They charge me $187 for a car, new insurance charge me $99, same full coverage! This teaches me a good lesson with this company!!!

I have had Farm Bureau insurance on my home since I purchased it in 2002. I have never filed a claim. Yet, I just received a notice of non-renewal. Is this legal? Can I do anything about this? I have paid this company thousands and thousands of dollars and have never filed a claim. This is not fair.

My new 2015 Tahoe was rear ended Labor Day by a person insured through Texas Farm Bureau. On Tuesday, I called and filed a claim through the 800 number. The person I spoke with was very polite and courteous through the entire process. She told me an adjuster would be contacting me from the Brenham office. I was puzzled by that because I live in Splendora which is over 2 hours away. She also gave me the phone number of the Brenham office. 4 hours later, I called the Brenham office because I had not heard from anyone and was told my adjuster was in the College Station office (which again is about an 1 1/2 hour away from my home).

I was transferred to that office. The adjuster stated he needed to transfer my claim to an office in Conroe. He gave me the name and number of the adjuster to contact. He said to wait a couple of hours before calling, which I did. No one was in, and I had to leave a voice message. I called again around 4:00 p.m. and the phone still went to voice mail. I missed a day of work to take care of this and desperately needed a rental car in order to get to work the next day. It is now a day later and I have still not heard from the Texas Farm Bureau Adjuster.

When I spoke to my insurance company, I was told this is common for Texas Farm Bureau. In order to get the ball rolling and get my Tahoe repaired, I am having to file a claim with my insurance company who will in turn attempt to collect from Texas Farm Bureau. In the meantime, I am out a $500 deductible. The guy that hit me was at fault and received a citation so there is no question who should be taking care of the repairs to my vehicle as well as the rental car costs. I don't understand how Texas Farm Bureau can continue to be an insurance provider in the State of Texas.

Farm Bureau is a good company for insurance purposes. I started off about 8 years ago and as a member they give a lot of incentive. My children are all grown now and buying their first car and adding them to my policy has been prices. But overall I like this company and I would refer them to families and friends.

They have been very helpful when having accidents. They randomly schedule meetings to keep up to date on our best needs. Able to give us better rates and coverage than previous insurance company. Always looking for ways to save us money.

Disgusting company that never returns your calls. It's been 2 weeks since they said they would mail me a check for damages their customer did to my car when they backed up into the front of my car in a parking lot.

I had Farm Bureau on my autos, camper and home for 28 years. Never had an issue until here recently when they dropped me out of the blue for trying to add my boyfriend as a driver. I was told that their "All or Nothing" rule says that everyone at my address who has a driver’s license has to be on my policy even if they do not drive my vehicles. They also told me that even with my full coverage policy, I could not let anyone drive my vehicles unless I was with them or they would not pay in the case of an accident. I found out by accident that they had dropped me and I ended up calling them to find out why. They said that because my boyfriend uses my address (even though he doesn't live here yet) and he has a driver’s license was the reason they were terminating my policy. I was given 30 days to get new coverage. I would have never thought they would do me that way after all of the years paying them and being a faithful customer. Very poor business ethics!

Met Farm Bureau in Indiana on a farm. Now Florida farm bureau. Been with them close to 40 years now and they're a great company! There aren't a lot of ads, just great prices and service. I picked up the phone and called them. Told them what happened. Rear-ended by a hit and run driver. They sincerely apologized to me, saying how sorry they were this had happened to me. I had to wait several hours for the police to come and fill out the report. I sent it to Farm Bureau and they did the rest. Paid my claim, got me a rental car, car got fixed at dealership...done! What could be better than a lifetime of perfect service?

They are awful. It's like having a social hour and you wait for 30 min before you pay your bill while they talk on the phone and you have to wait or waiting in line while they talk about everything under the sun that isn't insurance related.

We are in the process of purchasing our first home. I called Farm Bureau for a homeowner's insurance quote. The agent was nice until she found out that bankruptcy had been filled 5 years ago. She promptly stated, "I don't think we can insure you," and hung up. I called the Knoxville-Northshore office because it was the closest location to our new home. We have never had a claim on any insurance and have been insured for over 10 years with USAA. I wanted a second opinion as "I don't think" is a satisfactory answer. I called another agent in a different location in Knoxville. She was more than willing to give me a quote but told me that I needed to call someone closer to my home as they worked on their own territories. Our current insurance company, USAA, is higher in their rates but their customer service far surpasses the rudeness and ineptness I encountered with Farm Bureau. Maybe the old saying is really true, "You get what you pay for". I'd rather pay more and be treated with civility. Farm Bureau has lost a potential customer indefinitely!

I have been with KY Farm Bureau since 1999 and have had two auto claims which were settled to my satisfaction. They are easy to deal with and don't bug me. They have a good automatic deduction payment program. Their rates say pretty stable and are reasonable. They have programs which help reduce premiums e.g. safe driver program courses. Overall, I have been very pleased with them.

I am an adjuster and I know how claims are suppose to work. They delay, delay, delay to get the least out of you as possible. There is no reason they should take 2+ months to finish a claim. After it is finished expect to cheat the people they work with.

Farm Bureau, Andy ** manager, stated I had lost confidence in the company, when I made a complaint about my agent David, who was extremely rude to me and their receptionist, who hung up on me twice, when I was trying to pay my membership dues. I never filed a claim nor made or missed a payment in 3 years with them!!! Farm Bureau adamantly refused to renew my policies! What A CROCK!

I realize that they have many clients, however, I’ve been with them for years and pay my premiums semi-annual. Called Erica a week ago to add a vehicle to my policy only to find out I’ve not had insurance since April. Her response is she tried to call. I’m having phone records pulled to verify she did such but regardless when we have been in business together for the length of time and she knows my wife and I travel constantly as well as have several small businesses you would think courtesy would have been to reach out more thoroughly.

Furthermore I’d like to thank her for my lapse and increase in my liability insurance from $250 every six months to a now $850 every six months. Completely unacceptable. I don’t care about the policy of Farm Bureau. I care that my insurance agent after all these years didn’t have the courtesy to reach out more thoroughly and get ahold of my wife or myself to make sure that our insurance didn’t relapse. Thank you Erica. Do NOT recommend this company at all.

Does not answer phones... does not call back..and does not have their clients' best interests... does not update policies as requested by clients, instead they cancel you when they have been negligent. Not answering the phone is A HORRIBLE WAY TO DO BUSINESS! Thanks for nothing after vultures destroyed my $10,000. new roof! Water destroyed my upstairs and KFB denied my claim!

We have had Farm Bureau for 20+ years, auto and farm. My payment was due on March 31st and on April 8th, I get a notice that my daughter's insurance on her car was cancelled all the way back to March 13th and our other 2 vehicles March 26th! We have always taken advantage of what we thought was a 10-day grace period, but evidently we have none, because the letter of cancellation was dated April 5th... The kicker is that my daughter was in a minor fender bender, not her fault, she was rear ended, no damage, on March 20th.... So now the Insurance co. isn't wanting to send the letter of compliance to the BMV, so they want to suspend our daughter's license for no insurance!

How is it that our payment was due on the 31st but our insurance was only paid up until the 13th and 26th... Doesn't make any sense at all to me... We have an atty and we have filed a complaint with the IDOI, as well as the Home Office in Indianapolis. When we contacted an Atty, he said we were the second person to call that day with the same problem with them. It's not like my daughter was driving without any insurance... Until we received that letter, we had no clue! How is this fair? And I was in there on the 28th, nothing was said at all about anything, even being close to cancelling or being cancelled..... Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks.

We have Kentucky Farm Bureau and are very satisfied with the bundle for home and car insurance. I always go into the office to pay our bill and staff is extremely friendly and personable.

I chose this insurance with one factor being the agents office was local under a mile from my residence. Two auto policies and two homeowner policies. After having the insurance for a short time, I was informed that I was assigned a new agent in a different town. During the first upsell meetings they solicited to me, I traveled to this town at the convenience of the agents schedule. I traveled to the other town to see what it was about. I quickly learned that it was a life insurance situation and declined.

It was not long before the agents assistant called to arrange another meeting at their office. I declined again and told them to make note not to contact me about this again. I also told her not to contact me by phone anymore as well. Several months later the agents assistant called again about the same thing. I sternly told her that I have declined it already and have no interest in receiving anymore solicitations about it. I then told her that if I was contacted again about the same thing, that I would cancel my policies with them. I then emailed the agent requesting to have me changed to someone local. She refused to do this. Several months later, again assistant calling same situation. I contacted the corporate office to have my agent and was told someone would contact me. Nobody contacted me. I have been lied to by this insurance agency and nobody seems to care about the customers. Terrible experience.

My fiancee was in an accident caused by someone texting and driving. Her neck and back were badly injured because of it. Here we are over a year later and Farm Bureau Insurance adjusters will still not pay for her medical bills that were caused by the accident, which she was covered. We have attorneys involved now because they refuse to get back to us to tell us why bills are not being taken care of. They claim there is nothing wrong with my fiancee, even though they have seen the MRI, x-rays and 5 doctors saying it was caused by the accident. All the people from Farm Bureau that we have spoken with have been rude and will no longer speak to us. So now our lawyer will have to get it resolved. Not only that, but my insurance has doubled since the accident when we were not at fault and have been in no other accidents or tickets. Never have I been so fed up with a company that I pay every month.

Storms reported in our area in TN. Other neighbors were being taken care of by their insurance companies and agents within a timely manner. My lovely insurance company denied my claim on home and RV as water was pouring in thru both of the ceilings. I had to use buckets to catch the water to prevent further damage to inside of our house.

Farm Bureau denied our claim!! So my husband who is not a licensed contractor made unlicensed repairs to our roof and RV roof. He had to miss work to fix these issues. Thanks for always collecting our premiums every month and not providing service for what you advertise. Time to change insurance!!! Advertise you provide coverage, take premiums from customers and deny my 2 very serious claims. You take my money and then didn't follow thru with your service. Thanks Farm Bureau. Pretty stressful and sad when everyone in my neighbor got their claims completed and my house is sitting here deteriorating with a build up of issues that never gotten taken of. Shame on you.

I have been a customer of Farm Bureau since 2000 and I have never had to file a claim. Last spring I totalled my vehicle and they paid out 7000. This January they tripled my insurance policy! Thanks, I now pay about $450 a month, well not for long. This is a no brainer. I have 5 other family members who have auto and home insurance, guess what - we are all dropping Farm Bureau. Thanks but no thanks.

They are easy to deal with and the prices are very reasonable. They respond quickly to calls and always have an answer ready. They are conveniently located and have good hours so they are available when needed.

Great company as far as paying claims and rates. They are great to work with. However I hate the fact they charge a yearly fee to use them on top of our monthly rates. My husband had a small accident and filed a claim. It evidently was a secret and I never knew about it until I needed help with something else. They give us our insurance rate on each vehicle by who is the primary driver. So the cars I am primary on are always the cheapest rate. Love that!

I have been a member of Farm Bureau Insurance for the past 18 years carrying auto, home and life insurance with them. Up until the last year, we had really good customer service as well as claim service. Our problems started when my son got close to driving age. Farm Bureau took it upon themselves to raise our auto insurance premiums by adding our 15-year-old son to our policy without our consent or even notifying us of their actions. My son had not even started his driver education course yet, therefore was not even driving.

I tried numerous times to reach someone about the situation and they continued to put me into a voice mail and the premiums continued in the meantime. I got tired of leaving messages that were never returned, so I put my husband to work at calling them. This situation went on over a two-month period, so we continued to pay our regular premiums less the additional charges they added for our son. My husband was finally able to talk to a live person and he was told that we would have to pay the outstanding balance due on our son in order to keep our entire policy from cancelling. When my husband let him know that we would switch to another insurance company before paying for something we did not authorize nor need at the time, he finally offered another option that he would need to ask about.

He said if we were going to get other insurance quotes, he wasn't even going to ask about it though, so of course my husband agreed not to get any other quotes. A few more days went by and he called back and said we could sign an exclusion form stating that our son was not driving and it would take a little bit, but then a credit would be issued. Sure enough, we eventually got a credit. With all of the poor customer service we received during this time, I continued to tell my husband that we should really look for another insurance company, because if the customer service is this bad, what are the claims going to be like if we have an accident. We continued to stay with them.

Just in August, I made a simple mistake and accidentally paid our gas company the premium for our insurance because they were right next to each other on the online bill pay. I soon received a statement in the mail from Farm Bureau stating that our insurance had lapsed and we did not have car insurance effective as of August 18th. I immediately got online and checked out our banking payments and realized the mistake I had made. I had my husband call Farm Bureau the next day to find out what we needed to do to ensure our coverage was reissued. They lady he spoke with said she thought he could just make the payment and the policy would re-start. She said she would have someone call us though. We made the payment the same day he spoke with her.

As usual, no one ever called us, so we assumed the policy was reissued. Today in the mail, I received a letter from Farm Bureau dated September 6th that they had received our payment and applied it to our policy but it was not enough to reissue our policy. They even sent us a small refund check back. So, for half a month, we have been driving around without insurance not even knowing it! We are so thankful that we did not have an accident as we had no idea we were uninsured all this time. They sure did take our money though, and gave us terrible customer service!

Shame on you, Texas Farm Bureau, for treating such a longtime, good faithful policy holder of 18 years, like crap! I'm sorry I've sent so many clients your way over the years. I will make sure to enlighten the people I have sent your way as well as share the news of the poor customer service with people I encounter. I would be scared to know what the claim service is like!

Hands down worst experience of my life. Too traumatic to really go into detail. But when you are watching everything you have spent your entire life working for and your loved ones burn in a house fire, the last thing you want to hear from Farm Bureau is "I'm eating. The office will be open later". Things only got worse from there. Tell everyone that you love to stay away from Farm Bureau.

Claim agent Chelsea **, Coldspring, Texas office. Party barge damaged in jail storm. I got a price from boat dealer in Wylie, Texas. Agent didn't like price and got two lowball bids. I contacted same dealer she got $3000 price from and they told me $6500. She still offered around $3300. I got my agent involved. I got two more bids in high $6000. After doing her job she offered me $6100. I accepted that offer. Beware, hope I don't have to deal with her again. This all took 3 months to complete.

This is just another company who wants your money but couldn't care less about you. I have had my coverage with them for many years. The Cabarrus County, NC branch wrote a policy on my leased car that did not include the proper coverage and I did not discover it until my lease company sent me a bill for improper coverage. Farm Bureau couldn't have cared less, and told me it was my fault for renewing the policy without noticing the wrong coverage. Now they are threatening collections if I do not pay extra for cancelling my policy with them. Their agents are very unprofessional as is the customer service also. This would be the last company I would recommend to anyone.

Wonderful, small town, office where they know you when you walk in the door. Very satisfied with their coverage and have immediate service the past 2 calls for towing. I would not leave them for my previous insurance company which was GEICO and overpriced by comparison.

They've been nothing but helpful & educating us on our financial future as well as be our insurance provider for car & home. They are quick to respond and help with anything we need!

We purchased a home and two weeks later, the roof leaked after a storm. We contacted the adjuster who didn't have time to come out for two to three weeks. We were told to put a tarp on the roof because it was our responsibility to prevent further damage to the home. The adjuster finally went out there and said that the tarp was put on incorrectly; therefore, he was going to decline the claim. It cost us $1,700 to put the tarp on. He said he would look at it again after we took the tarp off, which would cost us another $1,500. He said the people that put the tarp on put holes in the roof. It was Texas Farm Bureau that couldn't come look at our roof. It was Texas Farm Bureau that told us to put it on.

We had several problems in the interior of the home after that and had to take down the sheetrock and insulation. You could see exactly where the damage was and where the steel roof panels had lifted. He still denied our claim saying it was wind blown rain damage not a storm opening. The house is in such bad shape right now that I cannot change insurance companies. I can't wait to change and I want to warn everyone I can that this insurance company is the worst insurance company you could ever have. Don't do it!!!

Over the course of our years with Farm Bureau, we have had many different insurance reps and they are always polite and helpful. Although we have not had many claims over the last 20 years with Farm Bureau, they have always treated us well and quickly when we have had one. In fact, we had a 2015 Corvette Stingray that we bought for our daughter in college in another state and it was damaged in a flood. They made it very easy despite the vehicle being in another state.

Farm Bureau has fair prices and is good at answering any questions. They respond quickly to my needs. The Farm Bureau has qualified employees who understand their products and act quickly on any reason for assistance. It is easy to sign up at a Farm Bureau location or on the internet. They also offer a website where you can do research of their products and also pay your bills. I have used Farm bureau for my auto insurance consistently and will continue to do so.

Let me make this brief. If you miss one payment on accident, switch bank accounts etc. NOBODY follows up with you even if it is a bank error. NOPE - they just flat out cancel your insurance via postal mail so you better make sure that's correct! They have HORRIBLE customers service... basically only available Monday - Friday. Good luck with towing and any extra packages that is a NIGHTMARE and hard to even access if you don't have it saved somewhere cause it definitely is NOT on their website. LOL.

I need someone help me out to complain one agent that he came to my house for inspection and he was nasty. Got in my house with his shoes. His name is Clinton ** at TN State Murfreesboro. Zip code 37128. He was so racist with me. He reported me very bad. Therefor they told me we gonna terminate your policy soon and you need to shop for another insurance company. Yes they got big this company and kicking people don’t like. Anyway I got another insurance company fast. Am going to kick them before they does. My concern is I need someone to help me how to complain about that racist agent that tread me bad. Thanks.

Lucky me... I have had 3 bad experiences with Farm Bureau. I used to be a customer and had Farm Bureau home and auto coverage. They were less expensive than most which was a positive. Wow, talk about getting what you par for! As a customer, I had to make 2 claims and Farm Bureau didn't pay either of them. I ate one but decided to contact our state Insurance Auditors office on the other one. I basically had to force them to pay the claim. Ultimately, the complaint to the auditor's office worked as I received a check. I dropped them immediately and told everyone I know never to do business with them.

About 6 weeks ago my friend's daughter was driving down a 2 lane street. Another driver (who has Farm Bureau pulled out in front of her which resulted in a t-bone accident). The cop issued one citation: To the Farm Bureau driver. 6 weeks later and the claim has gotten nowhere. Farm Bureau feels that their driver was not 100% at fault. REALLY? Apparently, in their world it is okay to ignore a stop sign and just pullout no matter if someone is coming. I implore anyone and everyone... STAY FAR AWAY FROM FARM BUREAU!!! They are horrid. I cannot emphasize this enough. IMO, all insurance companies are inherently evil but this one wrote the book.

I was in a car accident about 2 months ago. I have caught holy hell from "some" of the representatives at Farm Bureau. I have never been late for a payment because my payment is bank draft from my bank account. First, I caught hell from my adjuster. I was told I could not take my car to the repair man of my choice in the surrounding area. I called Jackson and that adjuster told me that was not so; I can take it to the repairman of my choice as long as it was within reason "which it was".

My repair man told me he was treated differently with my car than any other claim; he has had "wonder why". He was even asked by the adjuster how much experience he had "like it's any of his business". Repair man finished my car but when I got it back, I noticed my car made a noise it has not made before. I took my car to the Nissan place. I was told the transmission was going out. Mind you, my car is a 2010, almost a practically new vehicle. I called my adjuster who didn't hesitate to tell me they were not going to replace my transmission! We argued back and forth on the phone and I asked why not because it was due to the accident. He made a phone call and then called me back and said, "Oh, your transmission is under warranty so who has the warranty will pay for it."

While my car was being fixed for the transmission, the guy noticed my battery was also busted due to the wreck. I paid for it out of my pocket hoping to get reimbursed by Farm Bureau with no problem. I was told by one of the representative that he will have to go look at the battery to determine if the battery was damaged due to the wreck. Also, I might not get but a portion of my money back from the battery, etc. I thought I was paying for "full" coverage, not "portion" coverage. Throughout this whole process, I feel I have been treated like a criminal instead of a victim. I have fussed and argued about unnecessary stuff through this whole process.

Filed a claim for wind damage to the roof. Adjustor and her supervisor gave us the constant runaround. We were accused of lying and manually removing shingles off the garage. We were told the roof would not be covered because it wasn't done properly even though we had an inspection 2 years prior to insure the house. This company will do and say anything to get out of covering anything under the policy. No point in paying them for Homeowner's Insurance.

I have had not had any issues with my insurance to date. They are quick to return my calls and answer any questions I may have on my coverage. I carry almost all my insurance with this company. My agent rocks, is quick with my return calls, answers all my question either it is via phone or email. Follows up monthly with me to make sure my insurance is exactly what I need and can afford.

I received 17 voice mails from a Farm Bureau Auto Insurance office Brian Edwards of Clinton township Michigan to come in and sign up before the 2016 rate increase. So I left AARP insurance and followed the with Mr Edwards office per agent Cancy. A associate wrote the policy 1 week before Christmas. When done I thanked the agent and gave her a light hug and hand shake in thanks for saving me money and happy holidays. This ended up with agent Cancy being offended that I touched her and she ran and told her boss Mr Edwards that made her feel uncomfortable. 2 days later someone placed crazy glue in their locks. 2 detectives visited me claiming they had no proof but felt I was a prime suspect due to CANCY OVERREACTION TO OFFENSE. STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE LIARS AND CON ARTIST.

I hit a deer one morning on my way to work. The way I hit it, it messed up the grill, pushed back the radiator. Then because it would be expensive to fix they will only pay half the price which is $2,000 or I can buy a car $1,700 which is the equivalent of a 87 pickup so I won't be able to get the car I need if I get a new one or I pay the other half to get my car fixed. I recently switched from state farm for since added a new driver. I wish I would have stayed even though they were more expensive, they would have been easier to work with to get it fixed or get a reasonable car.

My experience with our auto insurance company has been excellent. They are always available for any questions we have as well as take care of all the issues that may come up as our family dynamic changes and we are in need of different policies.

We know our agent personally and always speak with a human when we call. They are always very helpful and professional. We have had only one claim in all our years of coverage and they sent out an adjuster very quickly.

I have made many claims throughout the years with Farm Bureau and have always been generally pleased with the results. Not overwhelmingly so, but more so than with former insurance companies that I've dealt with. They are somewhat pricey, but there are benefits associated with them that I would not otherwise receive.

Me, my husband, and son was on Interstate 40 in Burlington NC when a drunk driver rear ended us and then fled the scene. I got his license plate number and an off duty police officer seen the entire accident and when he fled the scene. On Monday we filed claim to NC Farm Bureau - claim adjuster came out looked at the car and said he would call back on Tuesday. He never called back. I called him and he tells me he will get to it when he can. My husband calls him back and wanted to know why the delay. We were told by Jason the adjuster that we were being investigated. My husband asked him how are we being investigated for a drunk driving accident when the other driver was found about 20 mins later and arrested, his car seized and taken to jail. His blood alcohol was .18 the legal limit in NC is .08. The accident occurred at 9:30 at night. There were several 911 calls made that night.

The claim adjuster told us just because he was drunk does not mean he caused the wreck. They are telling us to file on our own insurance if want to hurry up and settle. We have the police report stating other driver was impaired. He hit us in the back on the interstate. We also talked to Regina ** and she said we were not injured. I said we had neck injuries and I have a bruised kidney. My son was in the backseat and my husband was driving and they are still saying we are being investigated. We were minding our own business and get hit by a drunk driver. It's my right to want to have my car fix.

I don’t understand - it’s like they are defending this drunk driver. We could have been killed. We have small children. They would have been without parents. How many innocent people are killed by drunk driver every day. I have my police report. I tried to give them an opportunity to do what they are suppose to do but I am in the process of getting an attorney.

My fiancee was driving my truck to work, stopped at a stop sign, began to take her left turn when a vehicle speeds around the curve into the side of my truck, hitting the back half and slinging my truck into a spin and an innocent mailbox. This is where things get interesting. The driver of the other vehicle gets out and takes off running down the road after telling my fiancee she doesn't have a license and ain't going back to jail. This wasn't even her vehicle. It was another gentleman's vehicle who had full coverage and assured us he would handle it.

After everything was said and done, Farm Bureau calls me asking if I wanted my truck repaired. I say yes of course. They get info and everything from the wreck (at this point the driver was caught a week or two later, known to be under the influence of drugs even at the time of the wreck). We were told they would let us know something after the investigation was finished. Never called. I had to email them to find out they paid the other driver liability for them letting a woman with no license and under the influence drive their vehicle into the back half of mine. I'm dropping State Farm as of this date and taking the adjuster to court as soon as possible for neglect and fraud.

I had a theft that occurred at my home while at work. I filed my police report which there were witnesses to the robbery. I also filed out the proper documents and on the way to make my claim with Farm Bureau Insurance. Robin ** came to my home to follow through with the process. I found her very rude and not at all compassionate about my loss. I then sent my paper work in to Robin **'s office. I then called her after not hearing from her asking her what the holdup was. Driving **'s response was "oh yeah I remember just talking about your case I passed it on to Brad **." I don't thinking nothing of it Robin ** did not ask me any questions of any sort. I did not know that Brad ** was a Special Investigation Unit.

I ended find out a few days later when I got a letter in the mail telling then I was denied my claim indefinitely and they were within 10 business days dropping me from insurance. I cannot get a hold of either one of them. They did not call to ask me any questions. I did all my proper work. They are denying me unlawfully and are dropping me like a stone that doesn't matter. I feel they have no compassion or thought for what is going on just their business aspect of money. I was broken into here. I still sit with no slider still covered with a piece of plywood in the winter. Let me remind you all I have witnesses while I was at work of 2 people breaking into my house in the obviously is not good enough for them I have to take time out of me working for a living to figure all of this out when and did I pay for them to do it correctly. Now I have to hire a lawyer for business they should manage who they hire better.

I have had my business insured with Farm Bureau since 2009, with an Agent by the name of Matt **. It has come to my attention that my Agent was convicted of a felony in federal court for tax evasion in January of 2013; however, he did not notify any of his clients, nor did Farm Bureau HQ of this development at all. It wasn't until I read about his conviction and prison sentence in the local paper in May of this year that I found this out. How can they have a convicted felon continue to be my Agent for close to four months?

I cancelled my policy over the phone on 5/20. Agent said "his system was down" once I told him I didn't want another quote from him. I just wanted to cancel. He said he'd call me back. He called back at 4:58pm knowing they close at 5pm. I wasn't near the phone because I was tending my baby. He left a generic message saying call him back. I assumed he was calling to tell me he had cancelled my policy. Well, I was wrong. My husband called on 6/5 to ask where our refund was. They told him that our policy was still in effect because we hadn't signed cancellation papers. I was never told about any papers. They had our email address, home address, home phone number and cell numbers.

They never called or sent anything saying that we needed to sign papers. He went up there to sign the papers. I found out the next day that they had debited my account anyway and caused it to be overdrawn. We had to get a paper from them stating that they shouldn't have taken the money out. They refused to give the paper. My husband took the refund check up to the bank, and they refunded the overdraft fee because they'd had that problem from Farm Bureau before. I don't see how they were able to withdraw the money from my account when I told them not to.

I was recently hurt on my daddy's farm, his horse stepped on my foot and crushed it, 2 weeks in the med and 4 surgeries. My daddy has insurance with Farm Bureau, accidental that covers $105,000. However, I contacted them about my accident and they informed me that they were very sorry but because it was my daddy's farm they were not liable to pay. However, I am not crippled, a single mother with two children.

For years, I just sort of accepted that my home and auto insurance were high. When I got my renewal for my homeowner's policy, however, that did it. It had jumped $150 in one year... a total of over $400 in 4 years. We had never filed a single claim. I started checking out other companies and saved $160 a year on my auto and a whopping $450 on my home insurance AND I don't have to pay $25 a year to be a "member". Farm Bureau ripped me off for too long.

This company gives me affordable insurance and great local service... Any changes are just a quick trip or a phone call away with me being able to budget and pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Any questions we have they work with us quickly to resolve any problems. We have been very pleased with the price and quality of the service.

I have had this insurance for the past 7-8 years. I feel safe with their services and trust they will move rapidly to assist. Recently granddaughter borrowed one of our vehicles and car was vandalized, we had a rental car in less than a day. Our car was repaired in less than one week.

We had auto and homeowners insurance with Farm Bureau. Our 24 yr old son moved in with us and he has a police record. First they offered us a higher premium rating it on his driving record. But then I guess they somehow found out about his felony and said they could not give us insurance anymore because of him and his driving record. He didn't even have a license, so I don't think that was the truth. Then a few months later we got a letter saying they were not going to be able to renew our homeowners due to too many claims in NC, so they were not going to be writing as many customers in NC... mmm... So what made them pick us out of all the farm bureau customers... what a coincidence... I don't think so.

I think those were just excuses they used to get out of continuing our coverage because they no longer wanted to insure us because of our son and USAA did the same thing to us, only they didn't beat around the bush. They came right out and said it was because our son. They even called my son a criminal and referred to him as "those people" on the phone with me and said they don't offer services to those kind of people and by giving us homeowners insurance and helping us they would be helping him too, so they said no insurance. My husband is retired military, 20 years in the army and because our son made some mistakes and got in trouble and we want to help him since he is now trying to get his life back on track, we are going to be punished and forced to make our son leave in order to get any insurance. How is that for treating former service men.

I asked if that was a question they asked everyone who applied for insurance... does anyone in your household have a felony, or police record? Of course USAA said no, I knew that but I wanted them to say it to me. I said well then you are insuring a lot of families who have someone in the home with felonies or records, so denying us is DISCRIMINATION! They said in NC they are legally allowed to refuse us and since they did know about our son, they would not insure our home. So I am angry and I don't know if it's legal or not but if it's not the same across the board for everyone and we are being singled out its discrimination. People get punished for their past in this country and they never let it go, even when they try to make up for it and change and now their family members get punished too...

I say let he who is without sin cast the first stone...and I am sorry I ever gave Farm Bureau and USAA our business and our money. Especially USAA which is suppose to back the military and be there to help them and their families..not be judgmental and condescending and discriminate...he is our son and we love him and want to help him and for that we are being discriminated against and punished... Just don't think its right and they should not be able to do this. Also my husband had a traumatic brain injury due to a motorcycle accident, he is disabled and I have to pretty much take care of everything and having extra issues like this to deal with are stressful, emotional and just not necessary..

After 30 years insuring my car with Michigan Farm Bureau in Allegan Michigan and not having used it for anything other than the occasional roadside service in 15 years, they decided that they weren't going to take out the $50 membership fee with the rest of my automatic payment. I felt bad at first, like it was my fault, and then they offered to write me a"high risk policy" at $357.00 a month! Obviously it wasn't an oversight or an accident that $50 fee didn't get taken out. Clearly it was done deliberately, so they could rob me blind. Fortunately I am not that stupid. After 30 wasted years with Farm Bureau, it took me less than 30 minutes to get set up with Geico for $122 a month.

What good reason could a local insurance company like Farm Bureau Insurance have for refusing to provide coverage for damage from a catastrophic hail storm? Why did all of the 112 units in our Town Home community except ours receive full coverage? As a single woman caring for a chronically ill daughter, our house and home is very important to us and we were dismayed to find that we were singled out as the only family not receiving full coverage for this unexpected natural disaster, especially as other larger and reputable insurance companies like Traveler's and American Family Insurance provided full coverage for the entire community.

By falsely processing our claim as a deductible rather than an 'Individual Lot Assessment' (the letter from our HOA clearly stated this was an 'Individual Lot Assessment’) we received only $1,000 instead of the up to $10,000 we were promised by our policy. We can only imagine that the reason behind this is that is must be easy to take advantage of a single woman who has never filed an insurance claim with this company before.

Since this is the first claim I have tried to file, I do not actually know if Farm Bureau Insurance is a fraudulent company, because my many monthly payments have given me no actual return on 'investment'. My HOA rep actually called this situation 'shameful', and I am disappointed to even need to write a review about this sad situation, especially after speaking personally with the Vice President of this poorly run company. Be very careful of being taken advantage of by companies like Farm Bureau Insurance, especially if you are a single woman. Needless to say I am now with a reputable insurance company and have reported this situation to DORA.

As a customer with FB for over 25 years we have had problems with their old fashioned website for years. Often rejecting payments for no apparent reason! Because I didn't make sure I double checked their work. A payment didn't go through and no notice was sent out. They canceled our policy and refused to allow us to back pay for continuous coverage. Now we are being fined $1800 from our note holders on our vehicles. Our agent did not care nor did anyone in Waco. Why pay more to just be an impersonal number? Could never recommend to use this organization which is disheartening because we have been customers for so long!

When calling my agent of 39 years this week to make the payments on auto and renters policies, I was informed that my auto insurance had been cancelled two months previously. I provided proof that I had indeed made payments 20 days earlier and that the agent had said NOTHING about cancellation and was informed that they had not accepted the auto payment - without informing me of that!

The agent said she realized the staff member I had talked to was at fault, but there was nothing to be done OTHER than I MIGHT be reinstated only on AutoPay and at a higher rate and that many of their 'long term customers' had also been cancelled. It is an AutoPay scam folks. Once you are cancelled, it is extremely difficult to find another policy and it will be at a much higher rate. Forget remediation from Waco; there is no such thing as Customer Service. This used to be a nice company but seems to have been taken over by former government bureaucrats or Wells Fargo bankers.

I received my 2015 renewal (car/home) & what a shocker! No claims, no accidents, no tickets! Been VFB customer for over 30 yrs. I am shopping for another ins co as I write. Already saved 500% on vehicles & 300%+ on home. Goodbye VFB!! Good riddance! What are VFB people smoking?

Farm Bureau canceled my homeowner's insurance because of a company-wide policy to discontinue providing insurance for homes close to the ocean. Farm Bureau requires that you be a member to get their insurance and charges an annual fee. I had paid my annual fee on 12/12/2013 and my policy expires on 05/31/13. You would assume a membership fee refund since they canceled the policy. Wrong! I was told that they refunded fees up to 03/31/13. Since I had seven months remaining, how do they justify keeping the money? Maybe if I was the only one. Add the fees times the hundreds of people whose money was kept. To me it's theft. I would certainly refund my customers' money even if they canceled. I voiced my displeasure to the regional manager and his comments were that if I used the benefits provided, I would get my money back. What if I'm not interested in using their supposed benefits?

For a lack of good judgment, my neighbor's son worked us to move to FBFS. It's all about personal service and your agent will be available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency. We switched all our policies (including two motorcycles) and less than two months later, he bailed out and quit. As weeks went by, I tried to contact the local Rio Rancho office to find out who was my agent and ensure all was okay. No call backs. I emailed customer service and were assured my case would be taken care of. Still no call backs. I called customer service and they assured me they would contact my agent. Still no call backs, never a return call or not a response from anyone in the company.

Over the last six weeks, I had a concern about one of my auto policies. I called and left voicemails at the office (the receptionist quit or was let go or whatever, so no one was even around to keep open the branch door) and no return calls. I emailed customer service to ensure it would be handled; no return calls. After about the third attempt through customer service, I demanded they contact someone for me to speak to. They put me on hold and after about five minutes, a phone rang. The person who answered no longer even worked for FBFS. How is that for customer service? So, I canceled my policies and found out that my motorcycle policies had to be paid out in full, regardless of whether it was canceled one week in or 11 months. They had no problems finding the document that showed I signed up to it and I wished they put 1% of that energy into their customer service.

I asked them to reinstate the motorcycle policies and I'd ride it out for the rest of the year. No go. I need to move at least one of my vehicles back to FBFS before they would reinstate the motorcycles. So I'm eating $1,000 as I'd have to be committed to even think of trusting them with another vehicle. You expect some common courtesy and there has to be trust and faith in your insurance company when you have all your worldly possessions insured through them. Stay away. Save yourself the headache and heartache. You want to sleep at night knowing someone has your back in the event of an emergency. Imagine if I really had something happen that demanded immediate response. What an absolute embarrassment of a company. They give the insurance a real black eye.

Auto accident I am the victim. She got the ticket rear ended me. 3/8/2017. Local Texas Farm Bureau insurance agent took 1.5 months to answer back my initial calls I made 3/9/2017, 3/15/2017 etc... They have yet 8/25/2017 to replace my car, pay for my medical, no rental car during this time and I am still making payments on my totaled car and insurance for that total car that I cannot drive. Agent and his supervisor very condescending in their communication style.

On November 9, 2014 I was backed into by a driver who has Texas Farm Bureau Insurance. He was very nice and gave me all of his insurance and contact information. I took my 2004 Tahoe to Magnolia Paint & Body for the repairs which at first look were only to the rear driver-side door. When the body shop started the repairs, some electrical damage was found and they filed with the insurance to cover those costs as well. On December 9, 2014 - I was notified that an adjuster from Texas Farm Bureau Insurance was going to go to the shop to look at my vehicle. It is now December 17, 2014 - I am still in the rental car and now I am being told that the repairs will not be covered. All Texas Farm Bureau has done is drag their feet so that the repairs don't have to be paid.

My mother has had this policy for several years before she developed dementia and had to be put into a nursing home. I was told by Farm Bureau that I could take over the policy and continue making monthly payments. I have been doing this since Oct. 2010. These monthly payments are not cheap. As my mom ages, the price goes higher. I have made these payments, and the increases, when they were due.

When I walked in to make a payment on Oct 14, 2012, I was told that my insurance had been cancelled. I was shocked, to say the least. I let them know that I have made all the payments and there was no way that I was delinquent. I asked to speak to the person I've always dealt with in the past, but they told me he had retired a month earlier. I was totally devastated with the news; the person I was talking to did not have any answers for me. I have been calling and leaving messages for the past week, but he has never returned my call. I have all the receipts for the payments I've made. He did agree that I paid it like clock-work, but would not give me any answers as to why they cancelled my insurance.

I am totally beside myself knowing that my mother is in a nursing home without any insurance to put her away if she was to pass. I have worked hard to make sure that this would not happen and have sacrificed tremendously for her to have a decent funeral. I accepted this policy due to the health of my mother and her age, which is 85 years old. I do not have a clue as to when my mother took this policy, but I do know she has had this policy for several years. The policy is for $25,000 and I just don't understand what to do, or if I can do anything. If the policy was cancelled for delinquent payment, then it would have been before I took charge. If that was true, then why would they continue to take my money for over 2 years, and then cancel? I cannot get any answers. If you can be of help, please contact me. All if this seems very fishy on their part.

I've had no issues or problems whatsoever with Farm Bureau. Love it for sure. They have affordable rates, not a long line to wait. Fast and quick to get a vehicle added or removed off policy. The only thing I dislike is they do not offer commercial policies.

When I started coverage I was told I would be saving money then I was billed more than the quote. They said they had made a mistake but apologized and I agreed to stay. Then I was called later and asked to pay a member fee and again I was called later to pay a fee for being out of town. None of this was disclosed when I set up. Once I was charged a late fee because they entered my cc # in wrong during direct billing. They eventually removed the charge but was extremely rude during any interaction at a local and corp level.

Now I am trying to cancel because I was overdue and they never sent a bill or called. Again I thought we had been set up on direct billing (like we always have been). They are making the cancellation process very difficult and acting like I never canceled. They keep sending me EFT forms to set up direct billing after I have asked repeatedly for a final bill. I DO NOT recommend them. I'm willing to pay double just to get away from them! I'm not... but I would!

Watch out for these eels. They are forcing the repair shops to put used parts in your vehicle repairs, that then fail and then forcing you to file an additional claim against yourself to get repairs done correctly. They are begging you to cash a partial check for house damage and then claiming you already settled when the full bill is submitted. Using subjugation to settle an accident when even though not your fault, they claim the other insurance company won't pay. They want you to file a claim against yourself, minus the deductible and raising your rates, and then suing the other insurance company behind your back for the full amount. Very unethical!

I was hit by someone on a motorcycle. In my name he hit me. He was coming over a hill. I did not see him. He did not see me. The adjuster is blaming me for the accident that was not my fault. The one on the motorcycle could have gone around has he not been speeding or high on **!

Couldn't continue home insurance through them for a new house purchase because they couldn't get anyone over there to take pictures in a timely manner (even though I had an appraisal and a home inspection report with pictures). The pictures must be made by "their" camera. After I moved, my auto insurance premium increased mid policy. Evidently I moved to a "bigger" town. I understand that there are complex formulas that go into insurance premiums but to raise someone's premium during the middle of their policy seems ridiculous to me. Looks like it's time to start insurance shopping again.

We changed our insurance over to Farm Bureau, because we were shopping for a better rate and our son was really good friends with one of their agents. To be short and sweet on the subject, we had a claim in April of 2012 due to water damage. In December 2012, one of our autos got rear ended (no fault of ours when I was just waiting for the red light to turn green). To add to this, in January 2013 my husband got broadsided by a guy that ran a red light. Both parties received tickets, but we are the ones to have their insurance canceled. Maybe Obama needs to work on these type of issues instead of more health care. Totally lost on this one!

One phone call to agent and everything taken cared of in a very timely manner. Been with Farm Bureau Auto Insurance for over 40 years and have yet to have any problem(s) with any claim that was filed.

My agent has always gone above and beyond to help us get the best rates possible! From switching cars to buying a house all of our rates have been prorated as necessary without any hassle! Our agent is always certain we have a clear understanding of all the details regarding our policies before we leave her office or end a call.

I don't understand the rating system now being used by these insurance companies. I had a 2012 Nissan Versa 1.6 S and I had full coverage on it through Farm Bureau at $68.85 per month. I have now gone to a new 2015 Nissan Sentra S and my full coverage insurance for this car has gone to $99.11 per month for this car. Never in my entire life as a driver have I paid such high rates for this auto insurance.

The auto insurance commission should check into this rating policy being used by these companies in order to justify their high rates for a safe driver without any tickets or accidents. More people need to complain about this in order for them to stop raising their rates. We shouldn't have to pay extra for them to collect on their losses from unsafe drivers. Punish those that have tickets and accidents by raising their rates so that those that do have bad driving against them - have to pay for it. This is really horrible for us safe drivers to have to pay these high rates. Someone wake up and change these rotten policies so that insurance companies can't take advantage of us. A mad senior USA citizen of 56 years of safe driving without an accident or ticket.

I was having KFB auto insurance and within 2 months I changed. They are very rude people especially manager Rhonda. Don't go with this people they are cheating. Car rental company not recognizing their insurance and not ready to give expensive cars. And while cancelation they didn't return my membership fees which was refundable while taking policy they mentioned this but while closing they changed and said it's not refundable which is nowhere mentioned in their documentation. So don't get cheated with this people. Also people had very bad experience when they had some accidents.

We have had our insurance policies since 2008 (3 cars, homeowners & 2 life policies) with agent ** located at 303 S MILL ST STE 4 CLIO, MI 48420-2307. When we first got started in 2008 he seemed like we were bothering him. We were just out of high school and he was the cheapest place we could find. As time went on his attitude didn't change for the better. We just stuck it out being we couldn't afford to change companies. We got our house in 2011, we did deal with him much. In 2014 we had storm damage done to the house, went to him to start the claim process. He was difficult to deal with. They kept pushing this contractor we had never heard of at us. We decided to check the guy out, but decided to go with a known company instead.

Then in May 2015 we traded one car (Buick) in for a truck. My husband went in to make the changes. He had taken my car off full coverage and put PLPD on it without my knowledge. I went in to **'s office a few days after my husband to make sure the buick was gone, the truck was added and there was no other changes. I was told by ** that there were no other changes made to the policy. I left the office thinking I still had full coverage. Well in July my parked car was hit in a parking lot. I find out my car's coverage was changed. ** did not recall me coming in to talk with him and he wanted to yell at me over the phone. So I asked, hung up on him and emailed the main office to get a different agent....

Apparently it is to hard for them to change agents. I spoke to Julie at the home office many times, all she could tell me is to call other agents and ask if they accept transfers. I called 4 others in the area none would take a transfer. So I emailed the home office and wrote a letter, got a call from Julie again telling me they can't force an agent to take a client and I would have to call other agents to see if they will take a transfer... I asked her to give me a names of other agents that would take transfers. She could not do this! So I said "so what if I want a different agent? I will have to find a different company?", she smugly replied "yes, if that is what you want." Please save yourself the headache, go elsewhere!

My parked car was backed into by a Texas Farm Bureau. First CS rep refused to take my claim because I did not have the make, model and year of the car (I did have the license number and the lady's policy number). After they did accept the claim, I was shorted 500 dollars (based on dealer's estimate). CS rep (Cheryl in Waco) then refused to answer or return my calls or those made by my ins. company. I have now had the car repaired. Had to use non OEM parts (which I have been told that in Texas an insurance company cannot force me to do). This was perhaps the worst customer service I have ever had. I was parked. Texas Farm Bureau should have made me whole. I hope that I never have to do business with them again.

Their rates are lower than other companies and their service is excellent. You can sign up online as well as pay through the same website. My particular company is Texas Farm Bureau so local service is available. There are Farm Bureau companies through other state agencies. I would highly recommend those who are seeking auto insurance to check with Farm Bureau when you are looking for auto insurance. Farm bureau has other insurance programs also.

Farm Bureau is deceptive! In July 2011, I was a first time car buyer and the dealership recommended Farm Bureau. I was told that it would cost $65.00 to get my policy started so that I could drive the car off the lot and that my monthly payments would be around $119.00. I paid the $65.00 thinking this amount of part of my premium.

The next day, I made a trip into the Farm Bureau office to sign paperwork and was told that the $65.00 was a yearly "membership fee" and was told that in order to pay the premium in installments, I would have to sign up for auto-pay, otherwise, I would have to pay the entire $600 premium up front. I explained to my agent that it was imperative that I pay in installments and he arranged it so that I could pay this way and call in my payments each month.

Fast forward to January 2012, I called my agent in order to add a car to my policy and was told that he had left the company a few weeks prior. I was given the name and the number for his replacement, called and left a voicemail. No response. I called everyday for three days and not once were my calls returned.

Finally, my call was returned by an agent from another office and he informed me that my insurance had been cancelled. The cancellation was due to the fact that I had an unpaid ticket. When I was able to show proof that my ticket was paid in full, I was told that my old policy could not be re-instated. I was told that I could get a new policy to the tune of $146.00. This increase in premium was due to my unpaid ticket. I have left Farm Bureau and am very satisfied with my new insurance carrier.

We were buying a car for our 17 yr old daughter and given an incorrect rate than what we were billed at. We would not have bought her the car given this misinformation. We were then prorated at this astronomical rate and when we cancelled, the agent, David Deshon of Canon City, Co, did not process the cancellation for the auto nor the home owner's policy. I had to issue a stop pay when we found the next payment was going to be taken out. Corporate gave just as lousy a job. We cancelled the auto and assumed the homeowner's was too (this being the 2nd cancellation!). Lo and behold, that took a whole another series of calls. The refund on the auto shorted us and every rep gave a different amount for the refund nor could they give as an actual quote on what our policy was going to be until they were trying to save us as customers. Talk about audacity.

How would I believe this rate with all the other misinformation?! Then, the refund on the escrow was shorted by $40 where they were trying to charge us as new members for the renewal. Talk about incompetent and lame service. We are with new carriers and keeping our fingers crossed we never go through anything like the previous again (The irony of the situation is how David Deshon bragged about his horses/ranch and how his wife is an agent in Pueblo. I am sure she is as corrupt as he is!! We now know how David pays for his horses and that lifestyle!)!

A great mom and pop organization. Very easy to deal with. Would recommend to everyone. The best around. Has very good prices for auto and home.

Farm Bureau, Georgia has notified me that my policy will not be extended on my double wide and it will be 25 years old in the coming year. I have found out that some underwriters will not write a new policy on a mobile home this old. I think that as long as you don't cancel a policy, by law an insurance company cannot use this as an excuse to cancel existing long term policy. Farm Bureau claims there are "condition" issues with my home, but I think this is just an excuse to drop in spite of the fact that I have had this policy with them for 22 years and have never dropped or been late with payment. I have heard bad stories about Farm Bureau over the years and now I understand why.

My agent is always so helpful. If I have a question or a problem with my auto insurance I can just call her and they fix it within minutes. We have probably owned 8 cars in the past 2 years. It is so easy and fast to get each of those vehicles covered. They have the best deals around too!

Very good insurance to have. I like this company. I have been with them for 15 years. I am very loyal to them because of the way they treat me as a customer. I have not had an experience with a company like them. Not a good writer, but I do not plan on changing insurance.

I have had auto and homeowners ins with Farm Bureau for over 20 yrs. I have not been in a accident for over 40 yrs. I was in a accident on April 7, 2016. I reported it to FB the next day - no tickets were given to anyone at the time and FB did nothing to help me unless I would agree to pay 500 deductible. After several weeks I agreed. Still my calls were not returned (5 calls) and no help. On May 12 I was informed they had decided it was my fault and paying for all car damage to 3 cars. This accident was not my fault but I had no option but to have this done the way the rude adjuster had decided. They are the worst company I have had to deal with. Even my agent quit working there. Please don't get ins through them you will be sorry.

My claim was for ice damage to my roof shingles and a backup causing water damage inside. Been waiting since Feb. It is now almost Oct. Ridiculous! Quick to take your money but reluctant to pay out. Fighting all the way. Beware to anyone looking at Farm Bureau. Don't!

I have had great experiences with Farm Bureau insurance and they have always gone out of the way to help me when I need it. I have been broken down on the side of the highway and the call center operator stayed on the line with me until I was able to get towed home. Great people who care about their customers!

**EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM FARM BUREAU!!! I have been with them since I started driving. My car is in the shop for almost a week and the adjuster finally looked at my car yesterday!!! They were suppose to look at it the next day NOT 6 DAYS LATER!! They will not cover my damages saying they can or cannot determine the damages to my vehicle is related to the cause. I told them there are only 2 other causes. 1 a wreck (but we know this is not true because there is no outside damage) or 2. I took a crowbar and damaged my own radiator. He said, "Well the cost to fix it is less than your deductible." I said no. So far it's $882 and my deductible is $500.

He said, "Well you shouldn't have taken it to the dealership!" And furthermore I am paying OUT OF POCKET for my rental car. They will not pay for a rental until the adjuster looks at the car. Remind you it took 6 days for them to look at it and I am home alone with 2 little kids and had to work for 4 days! Told them I have always recommended them, but now I will let everyone know how they really are and will be changing insurance companies!

In December a drunk driver, one of Farm Bureau's customers hit our block wall as well as our neighbors. Needless to say after several calls to the companies representative, 1 call was returned via voicemail. After several attempts to call back, no one ever did. Long story short I filed a complaint with Victims Services in AZ. I could then get restitution from the person that hit the fence directly.

So, 6 months later I have a court date for the restitution hearing. A week before the hearing, I get a call from the representative leaving a message stating that we will get less than half of the money to repair the fence (we got an estimate). Well, it's so nice you could finally call since the defendant’s attorney called you???? Now Farm Bureau will depreciate it by 60%???? Excuse me we didn't ask a drunk to hit our fence. He says we can call our own insurance company! UM NO! Furthermore, they already paid the other guy's fence off, because he fixed it himself and wanted us to pay him to fix our fence...UM NO.

I called the victims services who indicated that we should not sign the check and are allowed to obtain restitution from the defendant. Guess we will wait to see what happens next week. It just boggles my mind that Farm Bureau doesn't call you back, then when the ** hits the fan, they want to try bullying you into accepting some low amount. If he would have called us back from the beginning, this could have been resolved. Funny, he says when the accident occurred, they came out; then why didn't you talk to us or send us a check 6 months ago?????

It seems to me Farm Bureau doesn't like to pay claims or contact victims of their clients. I WOULD NEVER HAVE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY. To think I had an interview with this firm over 20 years ago. Thankfully I didn't get that job! Hope these people are out of business real soon!

After being in an accident, a shop (Smith County Motors) was recommended by the Carthage FB office to have the repairs done. The body shop guy, Michael, constantly lied to me about doing the work. He was not only 3 weeks late getting my truck back to me because he had softball and golf lessons for his son, but he never put water in the leaky radiator, never tightened the battery terminals so the truck wouldn't even start.

The passenger door handle wouldn't open the door now, plus the key lock on the driver's door wouldn't work. No way to get in if you locked the doors. Fog lights wouldn't work. Didn't install the rubber air dam. New headlight points down into the ground. Rubbing compound EVERYWHERE, not detailed. Rubber trim over top of door damaged so water leaks in top of door when it rains. Never fastened down air box, or installed boot so unfiltered air was sucking straight into the turbo, not through the filter.

Called the Farm Bureau adjuster, Ben **, who was a arrogant jerk who doesn't listen to a word you tell him. Said FB would only fix it if I took it back to THAT shop. I finally agreed and Michael promised he would only work on my truck and have it done in 2 days. I called in 2 days and it wasn't done because he had to paint another car... really?!

I didn't get it back until Friday. He did replace the radiator, but now, neither door locks work. He broke one of my battery terminals so it won't tighten down. Still no fog lights. Rubber above door not fixed. Headlight not fixed. Air box still not bolted in. Called Ben ** again. Again, he wanted me to bring it to that shop for the inspector M-F, 8-4. I work before and until after those hrs. I kept trying to tell him this until he actually hung up on me. I called back and asked why the hell he hung up on me, and he did it again.

I called Doug **, his supervisor and told him he just lost a customer, and that ** should be fired on the spot. I then called my agent in Carthage, Ben ** and told him what happened. I told him that after 15 yrs with him and FB with 3-4 cars and a homeowners police, I was going to look for another ins company. I was shocked that he was totally apathetic about it and could really care less. Also, with no warning, my rate went up this month. He said it was a rate increase across the board. I asked why was there no warning. He had no good reason. Farm Bureau could really care less about you when it comes time to stand behind you, only when they want their money. Well, they won't get any more from me.

Farm Bureau of NC is always prompt, on top of things and settles things in a short amount of time. Auto accident handled within 48 hours and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I just wanted to speak up for my mom. She had Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medical Insurance through Farm Bureau. While on this policy she develop colon problems. This was not considered pre-existing because it occurred while on this policy. Farm Bureau decided to switch everyone's policy to United Health Care WITHOUT telling them. Without giving them the option of going elsewhere for insurance if they wanted to stay on a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

This may not seem significant to some, however my mother had to have extensive surgeries this past year, one including a colon dissection. Because Farm Bureau was deceitful and uncommunicative to their policy holders, my mom now has to be 100% of her surgery because now the colon problems are PRE-EXISTING with United Healthcare! This surgery is costing her $100,000 out of pocket. She doesn't have that kind of money. All because Farm Bureau changed her policy without her knowledge.

Farm Bureau has not bothered to respond to my complaint. They know that most of their clients only shop for the cheapest rate. None of my friends or relatives have changed companies. Too bad, they have been warned. My claims in the five years before nonrenewal were tornado damage which they made a partial payment only and they counted it as two claims.

Then I had foundation settling in one corner of my home and I hired and paid for Abry Company to repair it. Called Farm Bureau and they would not pay anything but they did count it as a claim. The State Insurance Commission told me that was legal. Their lobbyist probably took care of them. So that is how one claim became three.

I finally got insurance with Liberty Mutual Insurance and have been very happy with them. Farm Bureau uses deceptive advertising with "good ole Charlie" and they get a tremendous amount of advertising for free with their good ole boy, Pettus Reed, and his newspaper columns. Do not fall for their bull....

They are not quick to cancel and handle all my Insurance, Home and vehicles. And I feel that the rate hikes every year are too high especially since we have such a good record. They sent a letter that I did not appreciate last year saying that our deductibles were going up and when I called about it they said I had no say so and it was not up for discussion. Very rude and I did not like that they came and took photos of my home (outside) and property and I had no say so. They have had losses and said they are trying to recoup. I do not have good options in this small town as to switching so I guess they are as good as it gets here. Been with them 18 years and the people in the offices (customer service) are very nice. It's the company's attitude and their adjusters (some of the Agents) that tend to be rude.

I got married in March and my wife had Farm Bureau Insurance so I added my truck on to her policy which she has had for about 20 years. I had a minor bump up in CVS parking lot which resulted in a few scratches on the bumper of the other car. The estimates to get the other vehicle fixed was only a couple of hundred dollars and my truck received no damage whatsoever. I received a notice from Farm Bureau that they would not renew our auto policy because of this.

It was local and was the best over all price. They bundled my auto and home together. They offered either monthly, semi-monthly or yearly payments also. However the membership fee does not really cover many different offers. It is mainly a very small discount on products that you would not normally purchase all the time. Over all, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance has been a very good insurance company. I have only had to make one small claim, but they were there for me during the hurricanes.

I was t-boned by distracted driver who ran red light nearly two years ago and still in midst of mess due to Farm Bureau not paying medical bill beginning with ambulance. Nine months later received notification Medicare was paying bills. Now Medicare is looking for reimbursement and amount is at $10,000 plus. Have lawyer who informed me that due to MI no fault insurance if auto carrier gets away with NOT paying bills til one year anniversary date, I would be responsible for ALL medical bills. Had to start lawsuit against my own insurance, Farm Bureau, to force them to do the right thing and pay bills.

Although they paid most of them, finding Medicare has changed my primary carrier to be Farm Bureau and for any doctor visits, therapy and medical procedures even not related to the accident are being rejected by Medicare. Pay high premium for Medigap policy in conjunction with Medicare but does not cover if claim rejected by Medicare. This whole mess could have been avoided if Farm Bureau had done the right thing to begin with and what I paid premium for in unfortunate event of accident. I recommend everyone avoid Farm Bureau for auto insurance.

Worst insurance company I’ve ever dealt with. Someone rear ended me, got a ticket. Farm Bureau said they would cover everything and I ended up with a $400 rental car bill after using the body shop THEY recommended because the work took so long. The adjuster would never return my calls and I wondered if he even worked there anymore. Very stressful!

We really have not had any problems with this company. Our agent is good to always be trying to get us the best rates possible. They have been easy to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.

I'm writing this review not out of spite but to warn others. So they don't go through what I went through in the last year and a half. I have never dealt with such incompetence in my 30 years of owning car insurance. They would cancel our policy with no warning even after paying monthly bill, only to have to restart and pay more out of pocket. This happened 3 times. I was lied to to get is started. Once I was on it, everything changed. I got the insurance because it was not expensive, I was offered insurance by another company, but because I was "loyal" and promised to the Farm Bureau representative and I talked to them first, I chose them. Even when I got dropped, they themselves didn't even know why it happened. As I said, in 30 years of owning insurance, I have never dealt with issues like I have with these people.

Recently, my child was in an accident, he was hit by a semi. He was out of work for a month. TO be able to live in Michigan, we have had to combine our money to survive and afford it. So going without his paycheck for a month, was hard. SO when it happened I went straight to the insurance to get every piece of paperwork I had to have. Filled it out correctly and in detail, got everything they asked me to get. Faxed it to them, which it leaves all the information such as the time it was faxed, the day and who received it.

Dealing with this, I had to deal with 5 different claims Rep for the same exact issue. When I would call they would say it wasn't going through them anymore and it was going through a different person. They jerked me around for weeks. There was another person in the accident in the car with my son. He is still trying to get compensated for all his bills and such. It has been 6 months. When he tries to get in touch with him, they don't believe he doesn't own a car, and that he has never had car insurance, and they refuse to help him unless he fills out a bunch of paperwork.

The hospital has been bothering him for their money. He said "Fine, send me the paperwork" and they still haven't. They were suppose to compensate my son, for the month he was off work. It wasn't until he was back to works, and a few weeks more of me trying to get his money, finally the person told me I didn't send the paperwork they needed to do so. Which in turn, I pulled out my copy of the fax I sent they had EVERY bit of info needed to prove I sent it, which they said I didn't receive. Which I told them I was willing to sue as I had two lawyers at hand willing to help.

The very next day I got a phone call saying that Friday my son would have his money. So basically, we were jerked around for weeks for no reason. We were late on our bills. We had to eat ramen just to get by. I apologize if any of this seems jumbled, I just had to deal with another issue with them. I paid two weeks ago my rental insurance through them, being now a week before it's even due. I just signed on to get some info, and once again, it's gone. Even if you have to pay more money, it is well worth it not to go through these people. This is only half of what has happened. That is all I got to say, besides I'm switching today to Progressive.

I had a commercial/umbrella policy with Farm Bureau, which cost me over $1,000 per month, and included our ranch/home/liability and autos. After being rear-ended by a bad driver, who then left the scene (hit & run). He was caught, ticketed, and had minimum insurance with only a SR-22 coverage of max $15,000 per incident.

My convertible was damaged, and his insurance paid for some of the claim, but my Farm Bureau claims rep dropped the ball, never investigated anything, sent me on a wild goose chase for documents, and now they are refusing to pay the claim, with 5 sworn declarations, proof of loss of income, etc. Basically, they are low-balling me for less than 10% of my claim. Do not use them for insurance. It's been 3 years since my accident, and I am a non-smoker with no tickets, no accidents, and a perfect driving record.

I am satisfied with North Carolina Farm Bureau. We have multiple policies and we get discounts because of that. We also get discounts on other things like hotels. I have never had to file a claim but I did try to call to see about getting my windshield replaced. A rock hit it and made a spot. I have the coverage to get it fixed but I can never get a human to answer the phone. So I'm just satisfied and not happy. I have been seriously considering switching to Allstate. I have already got a quote that would save me a little bit of money.

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