Farm Bureau Life Insurance Reviews

Farm Bureau Life Insurance
Farm Bureau Life Insurance

Farm Bureau Life Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

This insurance company is always friendly and willing to help and answer any questions I have. Always there for me either by phone, in person, or if I visit their website. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and eagerly to help with whatever my problem shall be. I have had this insurance for years and have had great service with them. I have never had a problem. If I have a question they always are there to help answer it. I highly recommend this insurance company and staff.

It's for seniors and is whole life. Premiums never go up. Amount never goes down which before had insurance through my husband's employer where he retired. And at age 64, found out it was term and would cancel out when I turned 70.

Not very satisfied with insurance rep. Mother started policy prior to me becoming an adult, at which time I took over the payments. I am still paying an additional premium for being a tobacco user, and I am no longer a smoker (have not been for over 2 years). Rep is hard to get ahold of and this type of product is complicated to transfer.

We had Farm Bureau for several years. We had a great agent. Then he left...bad news after that. New agent was never available. Call back after 4 to 5 days. The customer service people the FW branch are rude. It was lie after lie for a refund check after cancelling.

I don’t go to my policy online because when I have questions or want to see what’s going on with my policy and what are my options for improving it, I call up my agent, Mark **, and he comes to me. I like this personal touch. It’s why I have other policies with him as well.

Have been with them for 15 years. They have been easy to work with. They respond quickly and we have had no problems dealing with the company. Have not found a better deal or rate.

I have been with them for 21 years and I am not as satisfied with them due to not knowing much about it. For the price I pay is fair but I got failed by not getting told the real truth about insurance or I would had been paying more in. I think it's a necessary evil. Something you absolutely should have and need but not happy with knowing it could end soon and lose all I paid in. So I am not happy with it which probably lays back in agents lap for not explaining to me properly...

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