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As my car had been damaged significantly, and adjuster came to my home, rushing to estimate my car from damages sustained and was not my fault. He entered my car to see all damages as a door needed to be opened to look at all damages. To me, that's illegal to come w/ of notice, and prepare an estimate which was said to be way less than the amount really needed to do repairs correctly, according to a body and Fender shop that's one of their preferred shops. The shop's foreman shook his head saying, "Farmers are like that, always taking the cheapest solution."

This accident happened almost a year ago and I still didn't get it repaired. I have been very busy and esp with my MOM being not very mobile, needs us around. The part that I was annoyed on was that he came unannounced, and done the estimate without me being present and no one gave permission to have him enter my car. Does this look like procedures that's correct of doing any estimate of anyone's car insured under their auto insurance? I highly doubt that.

This review subject to edit depending on repairing my car when I do get it repaired. I needed to cash the check as it expired once. I don't like to deposit money into my bank account that's to be used for the necessary repairs as I would think it's all of mind, as I was given a check for about $2500. If to repair a little dent costs $500, then I only can imagine how much damages would actually cost, being at least twice the amount with bottom of door jam that seems solid metal being damaged significantly plus the door and rear fender, slashed across the bottom being of deep dents. If only I could attach a photo, all would see. But until the conclusion of this, I should not really identify myself.

Buying insurance can be a daunting search for the cheapest cost while trying to get the most coverage. We've been with quite a few insurance companies, we were always able to find better coverage elsewhere. When we started with Farmers they always reviewed our policies when it came time for renewals. At those times we would check with other insurance companies to compare rates, no other insurance company could match what we were paying for our coverages. We still check on our coverages and still not one company can cover us for what we are paying at Farmers. We are fortunate to have the agent we are with now. We only have to call for information on our policies, our Farmers agent always makes everything simple and easy.

I filed a claim when my windshield was damaged. Farmers Ins Claims had responded by informing me that I was only covered for $330.00 for replacement on my 2 year old vehicle and I agreed. My windshield from the Dealer was over $900.00 installed. It was a special windshield because of all the options on my vehicle. My agent got Farmers to pay me $819.00 for the windshield from the dealer because I had full coverage on my vehicle, nice, we really appreciated what our agent had done. They even reviewed our policy, gave us better coverage for $160.00 cheaper a year on our policy. We've been with Farmers for over 30 years and every time we check the cost and coverage with other insurance companies, they could never give us the same coverage for what we are paying at Farmers. We feel very fortunate.

Farmers is a great company. We use a local agent who knows our family by name and is very attentive to our needs. When needed insurance for my new car, Alma, my agent, sat with me and we went over what was needed. The couple of times I had a claim, she was right on top of it. It was such a relief to have someone in your corner, especially at such a traumatizing time as an accident on the freeway that totaled my car. The person care I received was, again, just such a load off my mind, and the next steps in the process were clearly explained to me.

Farmers Auto Insurance has been good for me overall. It is a good value for the price, and it provides various types of coverage to fit my needs. I've tried a few other insurance companies, and Farmers has been the best of those that I've tried. But, the claims processing was a little stressful and could have been simpler and less stressful, albeit this could have been just the result of a stressful accident situation. Whenever I have needed to talk to them to change coverage or whenever I had a question, the customer service representative were always very friendly and very helpful. They were professional and courteous.

They are very helpful. Anytime I have had a problem, they have fixed it in a timely manner. The people who I talk to are always very friendly. They have competitive rates and great discounts. The claims process is also very easy to work through and they very helpful the whole time through. They also have good deductible options for all types of budgets.

I had an insurance from Hartford on my cars for $1279. Broken Arrow, OK agent came up with $1429 for a year. Trying to get my insurances together I went ahead. Agent Chuck knowing I had ticket almost to expire said, "We can go ahead, put it in. If they reject it they will send it back to me." They didn't but in a couple months they sent a statement for $2200. Called agent, he said, "Don't worry, you are paid up for a year." Next month same statement, called him again. He said, "You are paid up, don't worry." Next time they cancelled me. I cancelled the agent then. They took my money and expecting my refund I called after a few months to find out they reinstated me to use my money I paid for a year and continued paying on my cars till it was gone. They said I didn't say I had a ticket that's why they sent the statement that was doubled. The agent said twice I was paid for the year.

Also said if they didn't accept the policy they would sent it back to him. Nothing was said about increasing my policy or I would have went back to Hartford. They took all my money then and on my homeowners and rentals that was cancelled because of their screw up. They also keep all my money left on my 2 pay when they cancelled me because I didn't pay on that either. But worst of all after they cancelled me for that as well as me cancelling... without my knowledge, without any money down on the second 6 months, they went ahead and insured me without money down. They are trying to get me to pay that also. Sending it to collections I had insurance with them for about 10 year, no claims. I would NEVER TRUST THEIR AGENTS OR THEIR CO. I HAVE A PEOPLE BUSINESS AND WOULD DO AS TO THEM. BAD BUSINESS WOULDN'T TRUST THEM IF I HAD A CLAIM.

My 20 year experience with Farmer's has been a reflection of my Farmer's agent who gives great advice and makes sure I am covered with auto, home, earthquake, and umbrella insurance. Your insurance is only as good as the agent that represents that company. These online companies could care less about your needs. Meet your agent and let him or her custom design your coverages. Take pictures of your home and any items you value or need an appraisal for the record. Let your agent know when you have made improvements or upgrades so they can be noted. Insurance only covers what you document.

Wife had a minor car accident recently. A car swapped her in a cross lane. Reported to Farmers our insurance. They would not accept witness statements that we're in the car at the time of the accident. Farmers wrote the final accident report before ever seeing the actual police report. No one ever came out to talk to us about what happened. Something seems to be wrong about that kind of assessment. We are looking for another auto insurance company now. The police report did decided against my wife, but Farmer did not know that at the time they wrote their report, and did not seem to care. If they will do this with our Auto insurance, we wonder about our homeowner insurance with them.

The premiums rise significantly with every renewal. The agent is basically invisible, non-existent, never reaches out to his clients and just rakes in his commission with zero effort. Not accustomed to this, having had a far better experience with another agent and insurance company before moving here.

I have a great experience with my insurance company and don't have any problem at all. They are great company to belong to... The personnel do a great job on helping you out right away.

I think Farmers is a good company and it is easy to have an insurance policy with this company. They offer competitive rates and are available to meet most of your auto insurance needs. You should look this company up when you need insurance.

Been with Farmers for years. Was rear ended in my 2017 Honda Pilot while sitting in traffic and after the other party's insurance company denied fault so I called Farmers. My claims adjuster Garrett ** handled my claim and assured me they'd deal with them on my behalf. I tried to keep in contact but would never get a return call. 6 months later I finally get a hold of someone who could help. It turned out Garrett had left the company and no one was there to pick up my case. Craig ** (**) took over my claim and informed me that the other company was going to take care of the damages. Relieved I got into contact with the at fault's party only to find out that they were still denying my claim. Called back Craig only for him to rudely tell me there was nothing he could do and to just pay my deductible of 1000$.

He said he would see what he could do and that he'd call me back the next day. He then went on vacation. Got in touch with Susie (**) who was much friendlier and she informed me since they dropped the ball that they would waive the 1000$ deductible and repair my car as long as damages were over 1000$. I informed her that I was sure they were not but she reassured me that since my car was new that it would. I got an email saying I had a rental car ready and that everything was set. I took the car in and informed the mechanic of the situation. He said that he doubted, as I did, that the damages were going to exceed 1000$. So I asked to do an estimate first. Something Farmers should have done considering the stipulation. He said Craig should be in touch by day's end. Late the next day I get an email from Craig saying there's nothing they can do to help and that they were closing my case.

Farmers was planning on me doing the repairs and then charge me for the rent a car and repairs which turned out only to be 360$ in damages. Completely unethical. Susie never looked at the pictures of the damages so everything she said regarding the damages being over 1000$ was just a lie to get me off her back. They seem to have zero procedure there and just wing it. I've been with them for ages and this was the first time I needed assistance and it will be the last. I am currently speaking with my lawyer about what can be done. Contacting the Better Business Bureau about the situation and of course leaving Farmers asap. What should have been an open and shut case has become a nightmare full of lies and disappointment.

A person insured by Farmers lost control of his car and ran into my home and car. Farmers has repeatedly suggested I file a claim through my homeowners insurance! Even though the adjustor has not come out yet they are already talking about not paying the full amount for the damage. Their behavior up to this point is looking very suspicious. Why would I file a claim through MY homeowners insurance when their guy is clearly liable? Why are they already trying to downgrade their responsibility? I have a feeling they are going to try to rip me off. I might have to get a lawyer.

Ok! I was involved in an accident in Oct 14th, 2017. It was my fault. However, I do have full coverage policy and my 17 Wrangler was determined total loss by Farmers. They took the vehicle to determine the value of it and had mailed me all of the paperwork to fill out. I did my part and sent it back. They had update the value of the vehicle but still wanting to have it appraise because they refused to pay me what I was paying for. I just bought the vehicle in May of this year for around $40k plus tax about little less than $43k. They offered to pay me for total of $37968.94. That is fine... but until today's date no check or they had not done much to get it settle.

Phone call after phone call. It's either they forgot to update their record saying I didn't send back the paperwork then they had all of the paperwork but still waiting on something else... Farmers is not anywhere like used to be... almost two months after the accident, I had provided them with all receipt from the dealership and still not paying me.

Tried to update my policy with a change of address online but doesn't have a option online to submit a address change. I've tried my Agent. Can never get ahold of him then tried the toll free number. Worse customer Service ever. Canceling my insurance with this company ASAP. Not even worth signing up for.

I was with Farmers for 25 years and generally had a good experience with a good agent. I filed 2-3 minor auto claims and one large house claim. They handled these to my satisfaction. However, when my agent retired, I discovered they automatically assigned me to a new agent, who I did not prefer. After 4 months and several requests, they did not communicate with me nor would let me pick my own agent, closer to my home. Shouldn't a paying customer be able to pick their OWN AGENT? So, I terminated my contracts and moved to a new company. I just don't get why I can't choose my own dang agent!

Their prices are competitive and the service is excellent. The claims process was simple and fast. And my car was fixed quickly and perfectly without any issues.

Just to read the complaints of your own clients I understand now how this adjuster Kelleigh ** is giving her response that is a 50/50; is a nightmare since I have to help to do her job provided pictures how her negligent client hit my car. She is on Oklahoma. I'm in Missouri. How she can give that fraud result, if I take to the police or anyone can see was not my fault. The old men did reverse with his old truck that use for business for being on a hurry without notice we did reverse first. When he was not moving or use the hazard lights as we did. Or used the horn when he hit the side on my car for don't put attention to any of the advice I use before when he hit with his bumper and because his friend or client told her a lie that we hit each other on the sides.

Even a naive seeing the pictures believe that lie. And I regret don't call the police at that moment because I thought was a decent and trusting person. But now I realize the kind of men is. My bumper didn't hit nothing. Anyhow I don't going to stop until I found justice to my case. How this company can have this kind of adjusters in other states to make an accurate decisions.

They were no help. Accident happened October 1st and my car is still not repaired. I have major surgery on Tuesday, October 20th and at this point it won't be repaired. They are impossible to deal with.

I called last night for gas. I was suppose to an hour.. After several calls & text I was getting the RUN AROUND!!!! Remind you I made the call at 7:38pm. I received a call back at 10:00pm saying do I still need gas. ALL I GOT TO SAY IS YOUR ROAD SERVICE SUCKS!

With two cars and a home, insurance companies that can give you discounts for multiple items is the way to go. Farmers has always done a good job of handling our policies and smoothly handling all changes. I contact my agent and other than interacting with a service/repair organization, I usually do not need to make any other contact. Our agent is great and has been for many years. Overall, though a good insurance company, I do not think they stand out enough compared to any other insurance company.

Last December, I decided to look for my own auto policy instead of staying on my step-father's. I went through a few different auto insurance company online and searched around for the best rates. In the end, I decided to go with Farmers Auto Insurance. I went with the monthly payment and paid for my first month. 2nd month came around and I paid for that one. Then the 3rd and 4th month billing showed up and they raised their prices by 25%. I thought it was unusual, since I only drive 10 miles a day. Didn't file any claim during those time nor was I ever pulled over. So I decided to just cancel my policy and switched to another auto insurance. They didn't give me any issue with canceling.. But now all of a sudden, they're sending me another bill for unpaid balance. Despite paying for my policy the beginning of each month. Will never go with Farmers again and would never recommend it to anybody.

I have been a Farmers customer for several years with no complaints. I have a perfect traffic abstract with no incidents of any sort. I retired 2 years ago and began a second career as a farmer and recently purchased a truck for that purpose. I called Farmers for a quote and was informed that they don't do business insurance and that they wouldn't cover me if I registered the truck under my company's name. So I registered the truck under my own name and applied online for coverage. The local agent who had spoken to me initially called me the following day to inform me that the company will not be renewing my policy because the truck is used for business purposes. I explained that the truck is a dual purpose vehicle both for personal errands as well as for taking produce to the local farmers market. She insisted that it made no difference and that I will need to find coverage elsewhere.

I am flabbergasted that a company calling itself Farmers Insurance refuses to insure farm vehicles. For this company to brand itself as something that it clearly is not is an insult to the good name of farmers everywhere. Shame on you people. Please change your name immediately. If you have difficulty coming up with an alternative I have several suggestions for you.

Farmers' insured cars run uninsured - Farmers Insurance is a scam. Farmers sells car insurance policies, but when an accident happens, they refuse to pay the damage. This means there are thousands of cars rolling on our streets, carrying an insurance slip issued by Farmers but effectively running uninsured. I have a solid and undeniable claim towards Farmers. On March 20, 2012 my car got rear-ended by a car which has a valid insurance coverage by Farmers. I have a police report and a handwritten confirmation of the accident by the driver. Until April 18, 2012, Farmers stated they were unable to contact the policy holder and therefore my claim would be closed on Monday, April 23, 2012.

Based by facts unknown to me, Farmers changed their position late afternoon of April 18. They told me to see an appraiser who gave me an absolutely unrealistic written estimate of $593.96. He immediately told me his own shop would not do the repair for this price. He refused to give me a best case, a worst case or just a rough estimate. He repeated, saying the repair work would take about three days and there was definitely no way to do it for $593.96. He said I could leave the car there, and after taking the bumper down and taking the back of the car apart (so that I could not take it back anymore), he might be able to tell me the additional costs (which would be a barrel without bottom and, of course, not be paid by Farmers). What is an estimate? What is it good for?

The bumper alone has a list price of $380.00 plus tax, the sum of the parts exceeds $600, and there is no way to have the repair done for this price. For unexplainable reasons, his estimate includes paint labor and paint supplies although there is no paintwork to do. On March 27, 2012 I made a right turn from Gateway East Blvd onto Hunter Dr. in El Paso, TX. I stopped at the intersection because I had to yield to crossing traffic. While my car was at a complete stop, the car behind me crashed into my rear bumper. The driver of that car was Ivette ** of **, El Paso, TX, student at El Paso Community College, seventeen years old, not in possession of a driver license. She begged me not to call the police to avoid more trouble and promised to be responsible for the damage. A few days later, her sister told me on the phone she was only seventeen and I should go to the police, which I did.

When I filed the report, I learned that the police already had a mugshot of her which was unrelated to this accident. In the police report I was given Fin. Resp. named Bristol West Specialty Insurance. Bristol is affiliated with Farmers Insurance, and Farmers Insurance is together with General Insurance and Global Life owned by Zurich Insurance Group AG of Zurich, Switzerland, former Zurich Financial Services Group. Farmers handles all claims directed towards Bristol and maintains a website which is ironically named HelpPoint. I filed my claim by telephone with a friendly lady who said her name was Colleen **. She told me the procedure would take about two weeks, I would be compensated for my damage, and I would be informed about new development in the case immediately.

Two weeks later I called, then received an e-mail telling me they had now received the police report and would start working on it. I called to ask why they had not told me they were waiting for the police report because when I made my initial call I already had it. I could have faxed it, they could have had it within minutes and there was no need to wait two weeks. They told me they could not ask Colleen because she was not working for Farmers anymore. Later they left a message on my phone telling me the claim would be closed by Monday April 23, 2012 which gave me four more workdays to do... well, to do what? I spoke to many claim adjusters, supervisors, and managers. They maintained their position: The claim will be closed, go to your own insurance!

Suddenly, April 18, late afternoon, there seemed to be a breakthrough: our insured's policy will pay for the reasonable and necessary damages. Now they are offering me a check of $593.96 far away from the repair costs, not covering the depreciation of value on my vehicle after even the best repair. For weeks they tried to discourage me and get away paying zero. Now they are trying to get rid of me for conciliation money (probably thinking: “For this **, ha, five hundred bucks is a lot of money”). I have every reason to believe that there was never a Colleen, and saying “I don't know what she told you”, “I don't know why she did that”, “She is not working for Farmers anymore” is part of the system, the scam, and the criminal organization including the claim adjusters and their repair appraisers.

Farmers only communicates on the phone and makes no written statements. Out of all agents I talked to there was not one who did not tell me: Go to your own insurance! Farmers has to pay my reasonable and necessary damages (though all I am asking is reasonable and necessary repair), because this is the law, and they know that because they are professionals. They do not abide by the law, and they are still refusing to stand for their obligations and pay my damages. This substantiates the scope of my claim: Farmers is a scam. An insurance slip from Farmers is not worth the toner for the laser printer it was produced on. Their license should be revoked.

I had just finished paying the turnpike booth. As I headed straight a pick up, out of nowhere tries to pull an illegal u turn, and smashes both passengers doors, along with my quarter panel. The police report, states that my fender hit the other vehicle. I told farmers, and all they want to do is shove me the money! Bank of America loan officer as well as Wells Fargo loan officer told me on a recorded conversation that my car, is worth 12 thousand dollars! Farmers said it's worth 5 thousand! After I confronted him about the nada website and that I had done my research, he added # to 7 thousand dollars.

Even when NADA said my car was valued at 8,200 dollars with the average mile of 111,000 thousand, now my car only has 67,000 thousand miles, dealers will sell my car for a easy 15,000 thousand! Both not including taxes registration and other sales fee! Incorrect police report! My rep just repeats the same thing over the phone! Perfect driving record. All they want to do is shove whatever money they believe it's worth, and have this accident on my record!

On 7/16/13, I leased a 2013 Prius which replaced a 2010 Prius because the lease was to terminate on 8/1. Through inadvertence on my part (family illness), I failed to report the change in vehicles to my agent within the 30 day reporting requirement found in the insurance contract. However, I continued to pay my premium on the 2010 Prius as well as 4 other cars that I have insured with Farmers. I have been insured with them for over 15 years and have always been current with my payments. I also have homeowners and renters insurance with them.

On 9/2, 2 weeks after the 30 day reporting requirement elapsed, my parked 2013 Prius was struck by a hit and run driver in front of my wife's store after hours. No one was in the car. I presented a property damage claim on 9/3 and was denied based on the contractual reporting requirement. Damage to the Prius was $5,706.86. My deductible is $1,000.00. My contention is that Farmers should pay for the damages minus my deductible. Based on the facts presented, it should be clear that I was not trying to avoid coverage on the new Prius as I continued making premium payments on all my cars including the 2010 Prius.

Farmers' conduct, in my opinion, is unconscionable and the company should be prevented from harming a long-time insured in good standing because of a minor mistake (inadvertence) which did not prejudice them in any way. This action is but another example of how these carriers take advantage of consumers, no matter how loyal, in order to avoid payment on a legitimate claim. This is the first time that I have been remiss in promptly reporting the purchase of a new car to may agent. But there were legitimate extenuating circumstances that were a distraction for a brief period and my premium payments were still being made, albeit on the 2010 instead of the 2013 Prius! I have filed a grievance with the California Insurance Department as well as the Better Business Bureau and will pursue all avenues for redress until this egregious behavior is corrected.

I have been with Farmers for 10 years, but finally I have decided to leave for another auto insurance company. The reason is simple: I am fed up with their adjusters' wrong decisions of my three car incidents. The most recent one is on 07/01/2014 when a car cut in front of me and caused damages on my car. It is a hit-and-run. The other party ran away after running into my car from behind on a driveway and caused damages on my car. I got his car license number, went to the police, and filed a counter-claim. Farmers' adjusters and supervisors decided to pay me only 50% of my car repair cost. This is third time when their adjusters believe lies of the other party and made the wrong decision to punish me.

The second time is in 2012 when I hit bottom leftover bricks off my neighbor's fence located at 90-degree turning corner in the middle of the night, which had been knocked out by another neighbor. Farmers mistakenly paid her more than $6,800 when the cost is only less than $300. Farmers did not believe me and believed the fraudster's lies. I got 5 points on my driving record because of their mistake.

The first time was in 2007 when a young man from out of town cut in front of me at a cross, crashed my car, and injured me. The police told me that he was a student and could not afford my damages and injury. I listened to the police and did not claim from his insurance although it was obviously his fault. To my surprise, he claimed from my insurance. The more shocking is that Farmers gave him more than $6,800 without letting me know. I called and found out how incompetent my adjuster was -- he believed all the lies from the young man. I personally lost about $10,000 for my medical expenses and car damages. Farmers raised my premium and I got points on my driving record for the other party's fault. Whoever is there reading my complaint, I hope my bad experiences will stop you from choosing Farmers. My patience had reached limits and I cannot tolerate Farmers anymore.

I have been with Farmers for several years now. They have taken it upon themselves to add a nonlicensed person to my policy without my consent. I have called twice to have him removed, he's still on there. I called a third time just today and was informed that I have to have a copy of his ID and have to sign an exclusion of coverage form just to have him removed... Remember, he is NOT a licensed driver and does not live in my household or have access to my vehicle. So now I have to go out of my way to find a copier and waste a stamp just to have a person removed that never should have been there to begin with. Of course, before this I've been dealing with significant increases in my rates even with no claims at my own fault and only one claim at a truck driver's fault. Definitely looking for new insurance as of now.

My bad experience with Farmers insurance. I was hit by Farmers insurance insured driver who seemed to be very experienced with car accidents. The claim process has been a huge JOKE. At first I was given the worst customer service ever. The claim adjuster and his coworker looked very lazy, irresponsible, dishonest and untrustworthy. They keep changing stories and playing games. After investigating the accident and talking to the witness, they denied their insured total fault and refused to pay for fixing my car. If you want to avoid having trouble and hassles, do not insure your vehicles or properties with Farmers.

My wife backed into a low post in a parking lot and dented the right rear of the car. We filed a claim with our collision insurance (21st century) and 2 months later, the insurance premiums cost three times as much as before (tripled)! So filing a claim was cumbersome and slow but eventually successful.

My insurance company is great. I seriously recommend it. Before I had Farmers I had Fred Loya and the service was terrible! I was in a car crash and it was my fault. They took forever to pay the person for the damages of the vehicle. Needless to say I ended up switching insurance companies. A few weeks ago I had a minor accident, not a big deal, and Farmers was really helpful. Helped me right away.

When I searched for Auto Insurance, I turned down State Farm again, they went from $800.00 per year to $1,300/year... Farmers told me, there is charged in (6) Months, and they wanted to withdraw my payment from my Checking... THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF AUTO INSURANCE WAS NEVER DISCLOSED, SO, I have paid over $1,000 to $1,300 this year; 2017. Now it's been 11 days since I canceled them on Sept 21st/17, and I think they're Holding out (Scammers) on my $335.00 Refund. I just learned they were deducting from my Checking $362.00 every three months, totaling = $1,448... I haven't checked in the Past Years, but this non-disclosure scam by Farmers has been going on for years now, making me pay $1,100 to $1,500 per year, against my word.

Comprehensive answers to questions, assurance we carry proper amounts of insurance. Fast response to needs, coverage never questioned when needed, reasonable rate increases fully explained by agent when requested. Overall no worry coverages.

My wife and I were at a stop sign behind a truck, and the truck out of nowhere started backing up. I started honking my horn and sure enough they backed into US. I got out and so did the driver of the truck in front of us. She asked if we were ok (my wife and I) and we said yes. She started apologizing and was lying on a sob story about her having surgery and having physical therapy to walk again. She said that this was one of her first times driving since then. I said, "I am sorry that happened to you but I need your insurance." She got it out and I took down all information and took pictures. We didn't call police because it was a so called fender bender. Well we said our goodbyes and we called her insurance by Farmers. They took our information down and started the claim. After a few days they called us and said the driver told them that she never put her vehicle in reverse?! What!? So we were upset at this point and called the lady.

She sounded very upset and perplexed. She said. "Well my husband got in a motorcycle accident a while back and we never got anything out of it!!" Seriously! So we talked to her more and she said she talked to the Farmers guy and he kept asking about a police report. Weird. So he told her to not admit to it since it was our word against her's and there was no video proof or third party witness. I will never use Farmers insurance. Thought they were supposed to take care of people. Not look out for themselves while cheating people and insuring people like the lady that hit us.

October 13, 2010 I was rear-ended at stoplight by a lady (also Farmers-insured). My Honda got totaled and I now know what whiplash is. Couple years later after epidural Injections, etc. I had to sue Farmers to pay for medical bills. Their attorney was beyond rude treating me like a criminal. Farmers gave me $1,100.00 for my pain and suffering. They never paid rental car $900.00, my Honda I had just spent over $1,200, (gas was almost $5 gallon) lowballed me $920.00. What I did for the extra $20.00 was ridiculous. My lawyer made up the difference and gave me $5,000. Because I needed to buy a car.

On October 17, 2013. I was turning left into a driveway and was again rear-ended. 18 gallons of water went all over the road, it broke my car seatback. Totaled my Exploder. Concussion, bruised L shoulder (lump head/shoulder bruise lasted 3 mos.) and the 50 mph impact spot on my R lower back that I will live with forever. I'm having to sue them again! They want to settle for $14,000. Which won't cover medical lien or for care I'm receiving 3 years later. They refused a rental car saying I did not have it in my policy (I did!). Do you know how hard it is to buy a car sight unseen, they didn't care. 6 weeks of hell being stranded, couldn't grocery shop, do med appts., while lowballing the Exploder they deducted for the new tires I had just gotten 3 weeks prior! They haven't even reimbursed me for towing the car, yes I have roadside service... I guess I'm an idiot for staying with Farmers after getting lowballed 1st time.

Wish me luck that I don't get another browbeating at my arbitration in a few weeks. Please do not go with Farmers, they really shouldn't sell insurance, seriously!!! FYI We never made a late payment, ever and had them for over ten years. Oh, if I lose at arbitration I will have to pay for all medical, my lawyer and theirs also!! Threats that make you a bit nervous don't you think!! Farmers has me in hell once more. Coverage and policy, they just do not get it... uninsured motorist, medical coverage up to $100,000, rental car policy, roadside service, fair car value, they have not honored any. Pain & suffering they say preexisting condition. I had none, my back was fine before this collision. Wish me luck...

The rates for Farmers Auto Insurance are very competitive and the staff are always very friendly and helpful with any questions I have. They also return phone calls promptly with any information I have ever needed.

My wife's car was t-boned by a pickup that was insured by Farmers Group Auto Insurance. While the pickup was insured, the driver had suspended driver's license. My wife ended in a hospital for a week, followed by another week of extensive in-home care and now under ongoing physical therapy. Her concussion caused her severe problems where for a week, she lost several years of her memory that she is regaining back slowly. Our car was totaled. It was a 2003 Hyundai Elantra. Fair value for that car is around $4,500. The adjuster low-balled us at $3,500. Since my wife could not drive for a while, we just got a rental for her last week. I protested against the valuation of my car and told them I am in no mood to settle for anything less than $4,500.

Soon afterwards, the adjuster called Enterprise Car Rental and told them that they need to take back the rental car tomorrow! I am completely appalled by their behavior. Especially, I have used Farmers Group as my insurer as well for my two houses and 3 cars for over 17 years! These guys are slimebags. When it comes to paying on the insurance policies, they start abusing their customers. Think twice before buying insurance from them.

It took me some research to find Farmers Insurance and their very reasonable rates that they offered. When my husband and I took a driver safety course at the library to reduce our rates and to improve our driving skills, I faxed in the certificates verifying that we had completed the course. I contacted Farmers Insurance a week later to verify receipt of same. They had indeed receive them only to tell me that we were only saving $1.28 off of our premiums! I knew this couldn't be right because I was under the impression that we were to save 10 percent off our premiums. Luckily, after a few more moments of holding time, that was straightened out.

Farmers is more reasonable than other auto insurance companies, particularly for imperfect drivers. I've managed to save some money off of our premiums by setting up payment on auto pay. It took a while to get some answers from them. A lot of times I couldn't get through to my local agent, and processing claims took a couple of hours of calling back-and-forth, but the representatives we spoke with were very courteous and professional and it went pretty seamlessly. Farmers Insurance is still awaiting a response from the other party to pay their portion of the responsibility for the claim.

Farmers-insured backs into my car, apologizes and give us his Farmers Ins. info. Farmers is now trying their best to DENY/Circumvent, or pass the blame on their own insured/client, accusing him driving for Lyft/Uber at the time of accident. There was "NO" display of either on his car which is required while working. Farmers-insured had a friend in the car at the time and was visiting an adjacent building near my residence. This claim was filed 4 weeks ago. Glad I document and record everything. Sent pictures and estimate for $1765.00 of damage 2 weeks ago, still have not resolved claim. I've contacted them 7 times trying to resolve this and it’s the same sorry excuse to prolong claim, "We are investigating"! Farmers client stated to me and Farmers, he was not doing Lyft or Uber at the time of incident 4 weeks ago! My Claim was 9-24-2018, still waiting! LAWYER TIME! Small Claims.

I have been with Farmers for several years now as well. I recently hit a deer which is a comprehensive claim in PA. After a couple of investigations by their adjuster they determined it was a total loss. Here is where the true frustration begins. They use this company called CCC One to perform their valuations. They are completely incompetent at best. Their valuation process uses “comparable vehicles” with adjustments for options (industry accepted methodology when done correctly).

I received my report and it is considerably lower than what the market says the vehicle is worth. It gives credit for a list of fairly standard options on cars that it lists which ones. This particular report itself used basically base model comparisons and their list of options installed. Porsche has very expensive vehicle options that do increase the value significantly over the base vehicles. Since they are not part of CCC Ones database, the report omitted them and did not give credit for them at all, not even listed.

I argued with the claims specialist to this point and finally if I provided a build sheet they would review it and make the appropriate adjusts. I thought to myself, “great they are listening”. I provided the information and a couple days later they let me know that CCC One claims they did account for everything and they found items they gave credit for that they shouldn’t have reducing the valuation. WOW!!!

Here is an example of what they removed. On the report, they originally gave credit for dual air conditioning. On the options list for my Porsche it says “4-zone climate control”. Now anybody that has a reasonable mind knows that climate control is basically an automated regulation of AC and Heat. And the last time I checked, maybe kindergarten or first grade 4 was greater than 2. Why would CCC One remove credit for a dual zone fixed AC system and not give credit for a 4-zone climate control system. There are way too many of these instances like this to list.

Now any reasonable person would think, “OK the system that I am using for the valuation does not allow me to value the options on this vehicle so I need to find really close market comparables in terms of equipment”. Not CCC One, their motto is “If we don’t have it in our database, just leave it out”. Farmers continues to state that they have to use the value that CCC One provides and they will not budge. PA laws say a little different and I have filed a complaint with the PA insurance commission. Hopefully this can be mediated through that forum. If not, I will go to court.

So, from what I know as of right now. As long as Farmers is in bed with CCC One and they used them for decisions, if you are considering Farmers insurance, RUN, and run very far away... If you ever need to file a claim you will be screwed unless you plan to spend about 6 months fighting it. I will post the outcome as I learn more to keep everyone informed...

We recently made the switch to Farmers Auto Insurance from another company that we had been with for many, many years. Farmers was so helpful in detailing where we could save money, what we were lacking with our old company and how the transfer process could be done more smoothly. They were very professional throughout and we look forward to many years of coverage with them ahead.

I've had a great experience with Farmers Insurance. Not only are the rates competitive in relation to the coverages offered, but truly care about you. I've experience quick immediate response after a loss. When you buy Insurance you're actually buying protection against a loss, and that's what counts. Some people make billing issues the determining factor over a company's real strength. Keep a balanced budget, and you'll be all right! Highly recommend Farmers Insurance because they cover claims.

I have never had any problems or issues. Always help me with any questions I may have. Great competitive rates. I don't have to talk to an answering machine or automated answering service.

We were with Farmers for a little more than 6 months and when we moved state, they told us whatever we paid in the previous state will get transferred to the new place. That was so not true!!!! When I closed my acct they were sending me emails saying I owe them $300!!!! When I called them up, they were telling all kind of crap saying when you change state, you need to pay extra, blah blah. The info was not given upfront!!!!!

The agent we were assigned is just so useless!!!! He used to call either on a Friday eve or on a Sat and speak for hours altogether about some unimportant stuff and when we were involved in a collision, he never responded to our emails/calls/voicemails. Very, very irresponsible!!!!!!!! I was very unhappy in the duration I was with Farmers. Pls do not get trapped with them!!!!! Even after I suspended my account when them, the frustration didn't end there!!!! Very bad customer service!!!!!!!!!!

I'm being harassed with home invasion, medical harassment, violation of my civil rights, followed, invasion of my privacy. I'm unable to complain by computer. I can give names and dates of the outrageous acts by Farmers Insurance and their agents/employees. Federal government should shut them down pending litigation against Farmers and their agents. They reward employees who can limit payouts by any means necessary including bodily harm. I am a victim of this harassment.

Being the 0% at fault claimant against a Farmers Insured... my car is deemed a total loss. The adjuster handling the total loss doesn't return phone calls. Her manager makes promises she will follow-up but still she does not. Was not offered alternate transportation while they drag their feet with my claim. Liability was determined two weeks ago (they accepted 100%) and still, I'm waiting.

I was on a combined household with my little sister just due to the fact that we have been on a policy together since we were first learning to drive/insured on our parents' vehicles. I recently called my local agent to separate myself from her due to her horrible driving history and excessive accidents. They assured me numerous times my rates were not effected by her poor driving record. I still did not feel comfortable and asked to be disassociated with her all together for my own peace of mind. She typed away at her computer and then gave me my new policy number and told me I was saving money... Hmm. Ok, fine. One week later my sister totals her car while driving. Carolyn **'s agency in Sonora, CA had royally screwed up when splitting our policies. The entire accident, claim, etc., was filed under myself as the vehicle owner, driver, and is now showing on my MVR.

I have spent hours on the phone trying to get someone to correct this mistake. They updated the claim on their end, so that the claim money paid out my sister who's now driving around a brand new car, and I am still dealing with insurance/DMV back and forth. I haven't been able to cancel this agent/policy because this accident is showing up on my record and the rates have skyrocketed. I have been told by local agent she is "working with underwriters" to fix this. DMV can't do anything without insurance. I have called corporate and they just keep referring back to Sam **, the local district manager in my area, who has not once returned my call. I spoke to an associate in his office who was fairly helpful, once, but after 16 days of spending countless hours on the phone, nothing has been resolved.

Agent was sent email on new vehicle didn't issue auto insurance until 3 weeks later but no backdated to the date of email. I forwarded the email from my sent box.. He said "I won't accept it"??????? So how do I prove he accepted a later email on another car. How can I trust the "Insurance Agent" misplace emails or phone calls? Your "Vision Statement" seems to be just words. The Credit Union charged me for insurance which I had already and paid in full months earlier. It cost me $1710.00 plus interest. Besides agent has started insulting me because I changed insurance companies due to him not honoring the email sent to him but has accepted others prior and afterwards. Maybe this will get someone to help.

Had a house fire. 2 days later I still have not heard from my insurance adjuster. I have called the claims # to start a claim, I was told the ins. adjuster would contact me asap... This never happened, so I call again and get the same runaround. Call a 3rd time and they give me more runaround and tell me I have to call the adjuster myself, so I did, no answer and no callback!!! I have no power in my home. I'm living wherever I can, even staying in my house with all the bad smoke fumes etc... I cannot believe that Farmers ins. has put this off like they have, for goodness sakes!!! It is my home. I have insurance and cannot get an adjuster to come here and do what is needed to get my home back in order!!! For shame on this company.

I was in an accident on Valentine's Day 2014. I got the ticket yet there are no traffic signals at the 4 corners of the intersection. My ticket was dismissed in court so my attorney proceeded with the claim of addressing the other driver (who is insured with Farmers), for the damages to my Toyota Sienna. Proof has been given through pictures of the scene of the accident, witnesses, and mechanic estimate that the Farmers insurance driver was at fault. Not only was she driving at a high rate of speed her little Hyundai shifted the frame of my van 12 inches upon impact. So why is it almost June and my car has not been touched? Farmers is terrible and along with Nationwide (the insurance I had at the time of the accident). Both should have civil lawsuits brought on them.

I have never written a review in my life unless it was positive. Then again, I don't think I have ever been screwed over so bad by an agent working for a major company like Farmers! Long story short, I was added onto my grandmother's policy for auto insurance (she has had home insurance with them for many years). Our agent Mike acted so polite at first. I called him to clarify the amount of coverage my grandma and I were actually receiving. He had spoke with her first so when I called about this it was the first time Mike and I talked. When he spoke to my grandma he made it sound like it was all full coverage for both our vehicles, but it wasn't. So we talked it over and fixed all the areas that were incorrect.

Luckily my grandmother asked Mike to email us with this quote that we went over together and include the monthly payment and first time payment amount. He emailed us, the amount to be taken out of my account was $234.76. About 2 days later I see that my account has been charged for $314.21. I called Mike and he couldn't seem to give us any solid answers of why he charged me so much. I asked to speak to a manager. And it's him! He owns the business, which is very sad... because when something like this happens you want answers, and when the manager/owner cannot answer these questions, there's a serious problem. SO I continue to ask him, if the amount to be paid was $234.76 then why was I charged so much more? First he says the insurance was $258.00 not $234.76... but I had it right there in writing what we discussed and printed out for our records. He continued to act as if we were miscalculating.

Then he said we called a million times and he has been so nice to us (this guy is supposed to be there to answer questions right?)... I said, "OKAY Mike, even if it was $258.00 (which it wasn't) then what was the other $57 charged." He then tells me he filed an SR22 form on me, which at the time I did not know what that was. He said that because I was in a car accident the year before and I had a point on my license, that I was a high risk driver. Well, I didn't know for sure if this was true since I had never heard of such a thing... so I called another insurance company (Progressive) and the agent told me that in order to have a SR22 form you would have needed to have your license suspense from a DUI or have been pulled over or been in an accident with no insurance. Neither has ever happened to me. Never had any tickets, DUIs or had a car that wasn't fully covered.

The last car I owned was financed from a dealership so it needed to be fully covered. Then I was in a head on collision so I totaled it and for medical reasons (concussion) I couldn't drive for awhile and received a point for the accident. But not for a DUI or no insurance... JUST TO BE EXTRA SURE, I called the DMV. She informed that I DID NOT NEED such a form, and if I did that the DMV would notify me by mail. I called Mike back and explained all this information I had just absorbed. He replied by saying, "Well sounds like you're happy with this other insurance company so you should go with them"... Well, yes Mike... I will... but I'm still wondering what all that extra money that was charged to my account is for? He said the SR22 form is $25, but that anywhere else it is $200-$300 to file. BUT I DON'T NEED TO FILE... so why did he do this without my consent? No answers.

Then I asked that still leaves about $38 bucks that is not accounted for that I was charged... No answers. He then hung up on me and refused to pick up my calls because I was "so upset"... Wouldn't you be upset? Anyway, I had my grandmother call Mike back and ask Mike if he will email the fees he charged us for and also email the reason he filed an SR22 form... He refused to do both saying I was "upset and rude" to him so he will not email anything over. It's my information, I am paying to have this insurance, but he cannot email me the fees and charges...? Not professional, not honest, not right. I cancel the policy that day.

Next morning I find out he charged me TWICE! I was overdrawn by $123.00. I called my bank and filed a claim against it and the pending amount was reversed to my account and the second charge will be reversed in 2 to 3 business days. JESUS. I will never be with Farmers Insurance again simply because of Mike. If you can't be honest about fees and charges or do things legally (like ask consent to be filing forms you shouldn't be filing for $$) THEN don't be an agent, because it looks terrible on the company itself. I sure hope this doesn't happen to anyone else... I suggest another insurance company... or at least not the one in Corona.

I am writing this for my Mom who is over 80 years old and does not even know how to turn on a computer. My Dad, her husband, passed away eleven years ago and is the one who went with Farmers. His car was a 1998 Buick Regal and he put about 35,000 miles on it in the four years he was still alive. In the eleven years since then the car has had only seven thousand miles added. In every opportunity we have had, we have told Farmers that my Mom does not drive and I drive her twice a week about one mile to the store and back. We have told them that annually the car is driven less than 500 miles.

Well, my Mom just received another "mileage Verification" letter telling her that her rates would be affected if she does not respond. Now the part that is making us mad is that they list the mileage of the past year as 7,500 miles and that they estimate her driving 13,000 miles in the next year! This is absolutely criminal to try to say a person of her age is driving that much in a fourteen-year-old car. MY MOM DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A DRIVER'S LICENSE!. I have records showing that when the smog check was done one year ago, the mileage was 42,146. The car has right now 42,448 miles on it. That is an annual miles driven of 302 miles. If I didn't go through my Moms' mail this would have just been passed over and Farmers would have raised her rates again.

How many other elderly people is Farmers trying to take advantage of? To see that they have my Mom driving that much when the car is hardly used at all and Farmers has been repeatedly told this, is criminal. I have been trying to get my Mom to switch insurance companies but she is very resistive to any change in anything my dad set up before he died.

I hate insurance. I pay so much and get back so little. It is more expensive now. I have not made many claims other than broken glass and it was handled well but what a price to pay for small thing like that.

Having been with Farmers Insurance for less than a year, I have already had half a dozen bad experiences. Most recently, my Homeowners Policy was somehow cancelled. The mistake was recognize, and promises were made to reconcile the issue. A month later, I received a final notice from my mortgage company stating that no action had yet been taken. Farmers has been derelict in their responsibilities. I signed up with the understanding that I would have a personal agent, close by. That has not been the case. The auto policy was supposed to be cheaper than what I had been paying. After signing up and cancelling my auto policy, it turned out the underwriter disagreed with the agent and we had to make changes. It has been nothing but one nightmare after another. After it was too late, my wife did a study. It turns out, Farmers Insurance has one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings in the country.

It's very simple. At Farmers Insurance they will sweet talk you to hell. One of the worst I ever seen, for small fender bender, I mean Small. They will act like they are CIA agents. Every time you call them this is what you get: "WE ARE STILL INVESTIGATING THE ACCIDENT" (for almost 30 days). THEN IF THEY FIND THEM SELF CORNERED, SIMPLY THEY WILL CALL YOU RACIST. If you ask them "how long this investigation of yours will take", this was what I got back as answer from Adjuster: "you are asking me to predict the future. Are you crazy, it takes what it takes."

I have been a client of Farmers Insurance, Kevin Brown Agent office in Las Vegas, NV, for two-plus years. I am dropping them "like a hot rock" due to their lousy and pathetic customer service, as well as the constant increases in insurance premiums. Customer service with this agent office is absolutely pathetic. I have tried over the two-plus years to contact my agent and had to continually call until I finally got hold of him to discuss issues. I finally had enough and decided to change insurance companies before my next renewal in March 2017. I talked with Jessica, a customer service representative at the office, and told her she was on a recorded line (I wanted to ensure I had proof of cancellation before they did an automatic billing for a renewal). She told me what I needed to send them, including a copy of the home and auto declaration page from the new insurance company.

I checked with the new company and asked if the new insurance declaration pages were required and was told no; most likely Farmers wanted it to see the new rate I would be paying to try to match it to keep me as a client. I called Jessica back and asked if she received the other information required and that I would not be sending the new declaration pages. She then sent me an email, by accident, in which she made snide remarks about me thinking she had sent the email to the agent, Kevin Brown. This example should give anyone thinking about becoming a client with the Kevin Brown Agent office in Las Vegas an idea of what to expect in customer service and how they are regarded as a Farmers Insurance client.

As for the constant rate increases, I drive a 17-year old car and have not had any accidents, claims, or incidents, yet my insurance keeps going up. I live in the Las Vegas, NV area where we do not have tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, forest fires, etc., and yet my homeowners insurance keeps going up. It took only a couple of telephone calls to find matching insurance at a lower premium. I do not know how good the other Farmers Insurance agency offices are with customer service, but I would strongly advise anyone considering becoming a client of the Farmers Insurance Kevin Brown Agent office in Las Vegas, NV, to look anywhere else.

We are stuck with our Farmers insurance because it is joined with our homeowners insurance and we get a discount by joining them together. But I like how they will give you a discount if you have an extra vehicle on to your plan. I think the price is quite reasonable. They are also quite nice and helpful. However I have only been using this insurance for less than a year and I was put onto another person's plan so I am not very experienced with our insurance. I think Farmers insurance is quite cheap too, but if I had better options for my age I might change auto Insurance.

Ok a few years ago I had an accident. The driver at fault didn't have insurance so Farmers supposed to fix my car. I went into a wall. Total damage cost 9256.00. I pay 15000 for the car. The airbag didn't deploy. Not sure why. Maybe a Gm issue, they didn't total the car because they put a whole bunch of used parts on the car and I wasn't aware, I am much more knowledgeable today. Anyways long story short I pick up the car on my way home, service light comes on and Celeste from Arrigo told me to meet her at Firestone. Of course the light went away, about a month later same thing happen and she saying, "It's not a big deal. Take it anywhere. They can remove it."

Ever since the accident my car have never been the same. I was scam! Airbag service light comes on and I keep on questioning. Sometimes I press info button it goes away and now it's on permanently. At the time of repair I was assured by Daniel who works for Farmers anything goes wrong will be covered under warranty. Unfortunately they are now making excuses as to not covered! Take it to Gm. They say it is from accident, then I pay for the inspection and they are saying the parts were used up to manufacture standard!! PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE. SCAMMERS and con artist.

On 11/2/16 I had a problem with Farmers Billing (1-888-327-6377). I was billed $152 that was deducted from my checking account with Well Fargo Bank. My normal monthly bill was $31. As of this date (11/10/16) my checking account has been credited $104 from the amount that Farmers Billing had charged me on 11/2/16. Fortunately for me, I called the Farmers agents (**) in Spokane Washington and was treated with great respect and concern. I was extremely pleased with the help that I received from Alice and Jessica from their South Hill office. Although I was also charged a $30 overdraft fee by my bank (Wells Fargo) I have asked Alice to help me address this issue with Wells Fargo. Thanks to the immediate help from Farmers Insurance South Hill office. I am happy that I have retained Farmers Insurance for my auto and home needs.

I have had auto/home insurance with Farmers for 15 years. With few if any claims I have been responsible for. In all auto related issues concerning disputes my Farmers agent in Santa Rosa consistently took the side of the company. The customer service has gone downhill over the 15 years. Recently my agent informed me I would be paying a increased premium for my Subaru WRX 5door hatchback. He said it was in a "performance/sports car" category. When I requested Farmers policy documentation details indicating a list of "performance/sports car" data it was not provided. When I contacted the Farmers District Manager he also refused to provide the information. I have an outstanding driving record. Assigning an extra insurance premium on my Subaru has nothing to do with my record. Cars do not break the law! People do! The "performance/sports car" category has nothing to do with my driving record.

Farmers Auto Insurance created that category for the purpose of increasing profits for the company. I requested documentation that Farmers would have to provide to the California Department of Insurance in approval of the "performance/sports car" category. Farmers failed to respond or provide information. I now have a formal complaint filed with the Ca. Dept. of Insurance against Farmers for non-disclosure and being in violation of corporate law related to lack of transparency. I would suggest that people never do business with Farmers Auto Insurance company. The complaints against them are substantial.

Received a quote from Farmers on insurance to replace my current policy, where the rate was going up excessively. In filling out their online form I was asked if I had any violations in the past 3 years. I answered yes, selected "minor violation", and went on. Farmers' initial quote was great; in line with other insurers. Then, when I went to activate the insurance they stated that I had a violation and my rate was actually 40% higher than what they had quoted. When I asked why they offered the initial quote, I discovered that they always operate this way, offering a quote without checking your driving record, then raising the price when they finally do! When I inquired as to why they had offered the quote at all instead of just saying that I needed to talk with an agent, they stated that "all insurers do this." Apparently, that makes it OK in their minds! Then they came back with an even higher rate a few days later!

My insurance rep was nice and she seemed to care but she was the only one. The company policies and regulations are nothing more than a scam. I hope she got a better company to work for. While sitting in park at the smoke shop a woman came flying out of the drive through (the wrong direction) and hit me. After several calls and telling them I would have to get an attorney I was informed they wouldn't pay the claim because both parties involved were Farmers customers. So the claim was never paid and I had to pay the repair bills out of pocket even when she received a ticket for reckless driving.

For what I paid there should have been more options as well as more discounts. Especially with renters and auto insurance. They should be more like Allstate but instead they are like Nationwide. Their jingle is "Nationwide is on your side". I sing "No, they're not. Those jerks sure lied." The coverage, the people (except the one representative), the policies, the premiums, the customer service, and the claims department all need to be changed if they want to be a better company for the people.

First of all they lure you in with a lower premium and six months later it increases significantly for no reason (no claims, no tickets, no accidents). When I purchased my coverage for my home my agent convinced me to buy a rider coverage for sewer and water line coverage and he stated it would cover the repair of a break. Wrong... an extra $120 a year and it will only cover repairs caused during repair not the repair itself... which I very clearly asked if it covered the lines themselves.

Ok life goes on but I’m going to remove this coverage, then my auto renewal comes in the mail and they are increasing my premiums $30 a month... why??? My vehicles are older and I have made no claims?? I decided it was time to shop around. Found new coverage. Cancelled my policy. Paid $255 on December 10th cancelled on December 18th. They only refunded me $128 rollers... does that seem right. Over half of my monthly premium for 10 days. Called them and they are unreasonable and plain out rip off artists. If you need Insurance for home or auto I would stay away from Farmers.

Farmers insurance is a complete joke! A Farmers insured driver was texting on the phone and ran directly into the rear of my fiances brand new Nissan Rogue. They took responsibility then decided that they were going to handle the claim in a half-** way. The first problem was they wanted to do an estimate over pictures rather than have the body shop inspect the car. While hesitant I said, "Do it." They sent a price quote to my body shop of $800.00 by cutting the labor rates in half and quoting all aftermarket parts.

My vehicle has been on the road less than a year, has a value of $30,000 and didn't have a scratch before the accident. After that, they told me that this was how it works (little do they know I have worked for insurance companies and currently assist in running a Cadillac dealership) and that they go off of the rules they have. Rules state that a vehicle that has a manufacture date of less than 2 year gets OEM parts replaced, not aftermarket. Next, they asked me to use a different body shop (which they are not allowed to ask me to do since I get to choose the body shop I want since they hit me) that would work with their estimates when my shop said they would not. After threatening a lawsuit, they told me to just go through my insurance company (USAA) and they will reimburse them.

Now it's been almost 2 weeks, repairs were approved by USAA for all OEM replacement parts and proper times (estimate to fix was 2x more than the estimate from Farmers) and they are denying me a rental car and told me that I have to pay out of pocket and eventually I will be reimbursed. My insurance company has been trying to call the agent at Farmers and he would not return their call and now I told him my lawyer will be getting involved since they did not want to handle this situation properly or the right way.

If USAA was handling this from the beginning, my car would already be fixed, it would have been done and handled the right way, and it would all be done and over with. Unfortunately, I am now going on the third week with a brand new damaged car and a future lawsuit on my hands. This insurance company is a complete joke!

I have a personal relationship with my agent and can ask any questions that I have. He tries to save me as much money as he can. I can even reach him on the weekends if I really need his help. They also have life insurance.

I was quite happy with Farmers Insurance. The agent we dealt with was always helpful, receptive, and made himself available to answer questions. When the occasion arose to change information for a new car purchase, the process was always quick and easy. I had the option of being sent updated information thru postal mail, email, or fax. Payment options were flexible and easy. The only reason I later chose another insurance company is because I was offered the same coverage for a lower rate, which Farmers could not match.

It started with the agent filling in my email address improperly, so I couldn't access my account for anything for over 3 weeks. All I received were apologies--no one could figure out the problem. Told me I should change my carrier. Finally solved. Now--I paid for a homeowners policy that began 3/6. I expected to pay my second payment for the annual contract 9/6. BUT, instead they sent an electronic bill to me for payment due on 7/6 which went into SPAM MAIL. So, now I've received a Cancellation notice with a new due date of payment required by 8/6--5 months after my original 6 month payment.

I chatted with two people who could not provide any sort of explanation that was rational. How does one pan for early payments without being told that the company can bill you at their convenience at any time even though a 6 month interval is expected. I have an auto policy with the company and as such the due date for the second part of annual billing is 9/6--6 months after my initial payment. If this so called company can't get their billing right and covers their errors by dishonest explanations, how will they handle a claim. I'm off to GEICO to work with a company that treats customers in a logical, predictable manner, not flying by the seat of their pants.

I was recently involved in a minor accident with a driver insured by Farmers Insurance over the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Filed a claim through Farmers the following Monday, after speaking to their insured they claimed liability and I was told to take it to their body shop for an estimate which I did but I was scheduled for repair week later because they are too busy.

Meanwhile, their rent a car company Enterprise was asking me when will I pick up the Toyota Corolla that Farmer's reserved for me? I was driving a brand new Grand Cherokee and I politely requested a similar vehicle due to safety concerns and that I was driving my truck with the whole family in it. Enterprise said that Farmers Insurance only allotted $22/day for the rent a car so that pretty much limits me to miniature cars and rules out any comparable SUVs. I knew then, something is wrong but they probably thought I was stupid.

After exhausting all efforts, I realized that is not even worth my time dealing with this loss. I declined the rental car and told them to forget about it. I then requested just pay for the damages, issue the check directly to me so I can get it fixed at another shop who can do it within the time frame I needed and hopefully be done with it. The law states that I can have my car fixed anywhere I like. But they went on and on about lifetime warranty and it's gonna take the same amount of time etc.

This is when it got interesting. I then received a call from Farmers Insurance that the shop who did the estimate already purchased the parts for my car (less than 24 hrs from the estimate) and that she is trying to persuade me on getting it fixed there. How was it possible to have the parts ordered when they didn't even have the approval on the estimate they provided. In addition, they weren't expecting the car for at least another week? When I spoke to my adjuster, she said she didn't have the estimate yet. Therefore, any approval for any repair is not possible.

I knew my rights and I demanded that they at least pay me the repair cost. I'm already irritated at this point. Basically, I'm being told take the mini car rental and let their body shop repair my truck for however long it takes or else it may take longer for them to issue the check to me. I'm already saving them money on one week rental car because I just happen to have 3 other cars parked in my driveway available for me to use. I guess they were trying to stiff me with some sort of imaginary restocking fee so their check will be smaller.

Now with all these being said, they finally agreed to process the repair check directly to me but now they need to contact their body shop for the estimate. I told them I already have the estimate that the body shop provided and I can send it to them. Then I was told that they still need additional information from the body shop??? What information do they still need? I guess this is where the running around begins.

When I get tired of this, I will file this with my good insurance company State Farm and just pay for the deductible call it a lesson in life and to know that an insurance company can easily screw you and will get away with it. I may file a complaint with the Department of Insurance in the state of Florida and give them the reviews they deserve in all forums I can find.

This is a very small claim, this company is trying too hard to make the claim process inconvenient to the claimant. Thank God I'm not insured by this company but I hope drivers insured by this company Farmers Insurance should put a sticker on their cars so we can keep a good distance. At the end of it, I'm not at fault with this accident but I used 2 days of my vacation dealing with the mess. I'll probably be driving a damage brand new car for weeks and I feel like my only recourse is to spend more money and hire an attorney and sue.

Do the math, what I spent on this is more than my claim already. The only thing I can be thankful for these days with bad and careless drivers is that I can afford a safe SUV and all of us in it are safe. It cost me money and time and they are still trying to stiff me with my small claim??? I wonder if it is a big claim? Someone from this company is probably sitting behind a desk and laughing their asses off at my expense. Stay safe out there!

I was rear ended on March 8th, 2012. I filed a claim with Farmers and the car is still not fixed 5 months later. The insurance is now saying that I cannot prove that the damage to the car is accident-related even though they initially tried to fix it and did pay for the attempt. They are now refusing to accept responsibility and will not even pay the mechanic who states the damage is accident-related. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I just wanted a basic policy for myself and my 2000 Subaru. I had been paying for my 20 year old son while he was in school. I did not put him on my policy because he has graduated from school, lives on his own, owns his own car, it is registered in his name and he carries his own insurance through Progressive. After providing Farmers with a copy of his auto registration and proof of address they kept insisting that he had to be on my policy (just in case he should come to visit and needed to drive my car). I had asked about putting him on my insurance but they said that because he does not live with me, & was no longer a student he may not even be covered anyway. After paying my policy for 3 months they increased my premium $359.00 per month, insisting that my son be added. I cancelled the policy before the due date and have refused to pay the premium.

They have not even sent me an explanation. I only know what they did because of the run around they already put me through. They then sent my account to collections even though I cancelled the policy before it was due… Stay away. They are a ripoff. I had thought it would be good to have a local insurance agent but that was obviously a mistake as the agent was not capable of straightening anything out. I am now once again dealing with the collection agency and taking my son's insurance policy to another office to see if anyone else can fix this. I don't have very high hopes of anyone with Farmers being capable of accomplishing anything. I can't imagine what it would be like to make a claim! Totally useless organization.

I am 56 years old. My car is a 2000 Subaru and they want me to pay over $420.00 per month, just in case my son visits and drives me to the store. Had they been willing to actually put him on my policy and cover him and his car I might have done that. It would still have been cheaper than what he pays for his own policy. They couldn't guarantee that they would cover a claim because he doesn't live with me and isn't a student. Go figure! They are a joke.

Great customer service! Very responsive and reasonable. Process all claims in a helpful, fast, and efficient manner. I can always count on Farmers staff to be courteous and answer all of my questions. Their fees are probably not the cheapest but you get what you pay for and with Farmers. You get excellent insurance.

Farmers Insurance has made a media splash by highlighting the unusual stuff they cover and pay. Unfortunately, they go to great lengths NOT to cover and the standard claims. Their insured was clearly liable for damage to my BMW, but after 4 weeks of putting me off ("We have to get ahold of our insured, we have to review the policy," etc), the company informed me that the U-Haul vehicle their insured was driving didn't "qualify as an insured vehicle." WHAT??? I was advised to contact U-Haul (right!). I contacted my insurance company who immediately took care of the damage. Just a heads up to persons insured by Farmers: don't drive a U-Haul and check your policy to see what you're insured for!!!

I just purchased my car 2 months ago and had to get insurance before leaving the lot with my car and was put on the phone with Farmers Auto Insurance. I didn't like being rushed but the agent answered all my questions and got me low rates, left happy. Two months later and I got a statement in the mail saying I owed $500?! The agent changed my policy without telling me and didn't automate my payments like we arranged and I signed for so I have a late payment and fees that he says are late fees but I don't think they charge 200 bucks as a late fee. SMH. I'm either canceling now or changing at the end of my policy whichever is cheaper and not allowing them to automate any payments as they've lost my trust.

My son's car was hit by a person who had Farmers insurance. The car was damaged and towed to an auto repair shop on November 5. Today is November 14. Farmers has yet sent out a claims adjuster to view my son's car. The shop cannot order or repair the car until the adjuster submits his paperwork. Farmer says "maybe" they can have a claims adjuster out next week.

Are you kidding me? I don't have Farmers insurance but I'll tell you what. I never heard of an insurance company taking so long. To boot, my son has been without a rental car since the wreck. Farmers says, "Keep your receipts and talk to your adjuster to see if you can be reimbursed." My son is in the military relying on friends to get around. He can't afford to go get a rental car on his budget.

Today, after I called pissed off, my son is getting a rental car after 9 days of the wreck. Still waiting for a claims adjuster after 9 days. Farmers **! They are very unprofessional and slow. It should not take this long to handle a claim. My son should be reimbursed for a rental car since the day of the wreck, which is 9 days now. It's unbelievable! Don't use Farmers if you are shopping for an insurance company. We live in Northern CA.

Farmers is a great choice. All of the standard policy coverage types are available from personal protection coverage to uninsured motorist coverage. Farmers is also a great choice for seniors, who have access to special policies for retirement communities and some great discounts.

Farmers' agents do not follow through - The latest incident involved me hitting a cow with my truck, which damaged my front end. A week prior, I had hail damage to my hood. I decided to take the money instead of repairing the hood and pay my deductible. I cashed the check. The hood was still in great shape. The next week, I hit a cow, which now I have irreversible damage to the hood and needs to be replaced. Farmers added the money they gave me to fix my hood and added it on the new claim and stuck me for another deductible! In August of 2011, I was rear ended while stopped at a traffic light. I decided to use my PIP to help me offset my cost that I had to pay out of pocket. I lost time from work, had therapy sessions that were out of pocket because the clinic I went to did not do any muscle relaxation, only prescribe medication.

I want to fix the root of the problem, not mask it. Although I did have to use some medication because the pain was unbearable on my lower back. I filled out the application for benefits and loss for my insurance agent handling my case. I faxed 15 pages to her to Farmers' fax line around the middle of December of 2011. She said she received them. Then about a month and a half later, I called to check my status. She claimed she never received them. So I resent them via fax to Farmers' fax line. A month later, I called to check the status and she claimed she has no recollection talking to me about the resubmission of my documents and has never received them. Half of my PIP has been paid to the medical facilities that cared for me. However, the rest of the PIP I feel should be mine due to lost wages at work.

Today is 5/13/2012 and I resubmitted the required "Application of Benefits and Proof of Loss" back to my agent via email and fax for the 3rd time. I have been with Farmers Insurance at approximately 10 years and have put plenty of money into. That's what insurance is for, but when it comes time to pay out, it has been my experience that Farmers doesn't not like to pay.

Submitted a claim for a violent accident caused by reckless driving and running of the red light by a Farmer's insured. Police report cites their insured for running a red light. She drove her car literally into the driver's side window, her grill and front end coming through the window at my head and shoulders. Farmers has treated me like I was at fault, a nuisance, not deserving of compensation and told me the accident "wasn't that bad". They employ predatory practices, such as encouraging the victims to "come in and negotiate in person". They take advantage of the victim's losses and use that to deny the victims a reasonable reimbursement. It is a dirty company, and probably a dirty industry.

I was waiting to turn left into a driveway, the other driver swung wide and hit me. Then she fled the scene. I chased her to try and get her license number. She stopped in the middle of the street, jumped out and said she panicked. She gave me her insurance information. The inter-arbitration between her State Farm Insurance and mine made it my fault. Then she claimed this little fender bender exacerbated her arthritis so they paid her $15,000 for medical bills. Now my driving record is screwed. I thought insurance was supposed to work to defend you. Not pay out thousands of dollars to scammers.

Had a residential burglary and Farmers first refused to pay. The first agent dropped the call after 20 minutes and never called back. The second agent transferred to another agent. The third transferred back to the second and the second has yet to call. It's been a month so far.

We have used Farmers insurance company for our home and auto insurance for several years now. We have had one issue after another with them, but we seemed to be able to get a resolution to them rather than having them become a continuous pile of issues. The biggest issue being their rapidly climbing rates. The other big deal with Farmers Ins. is that they are continually paying our taxes late, and we keep getting charged penalties because of the late payments. We have talked to our agents about this, and were told that the penalty for the late payment was their fault, therefore they would take care of it.

Upon looking at our latest tax bill, they have been taking care of it alright, through our "escrow account" of our mortgage company. We've been the ones that have been taking care of the penalties. We have our taxes and insurance payments, together with our mortgage payment, so there is an "escrow" account. So as we pay our monthly payment, a portion of the payment goes to this account, and is set aside for the taxes and insurance when they are due. According to our tax payment history, we have been late in all but 3 payments since we have had Farmers for our insurance. We have always asked why we kept getting a rate increase, since our driving histories hasn't changed and we have no points or accidents on our records. This is a "general rate increase to offset the increase of labor, parts and lawsuits".

Just recently (2/3/15), we added a second vehicle and our daughter, who is temporarily living with us. In order for her to get to work, she needed a car and insurance. The rate increase was 68.00 dollars a month. No problem, in fact we were very surprised! Then the barrage of letters and notifications started less than 5 days had passed since we were quoted a new rate. Then we were given a rate that was 500% more. We were told that our daughter had 5 tickets in the last 3 years and we could get AN EXACT COPY OF THE REPORT FROM LEXISNEXIS, with their "clue identification #". I called the LexisNexis company, gave the information I was told to include, and was told the report would be at our house in 7-10 days.

What came was a letter stating that the information requested could not be given, as they weren't able to identify me with the information given. I called the number they included and was told that I couldn't have the exact info, because their records were changed on a daily basis. I informed them that on their website and letter it states that an exact copy would be sent upon request. I also stated that the majority of the information contained within the letter that increased our policy amount was incorrect and asked how to get it corrected. I was informed that I could pay for a copy of the letter, with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and it wasn't their job to correct the information, but it was the insurance companies' responsibility. They were a seller of information, not a problem corrector.

The information they include is from several different companies. I verified that they sold information about people to Insurance companies, but didn't care about the accuracy of the information that they sent, or what the results of the incorrect information could be to people. When calling Farmers with this info, I was told that it WAS NOT their job to correct the information that they were sent. 3 of the 5 tickets that were said that my daughter obtained were not true, and can be proven. In fact one of the tickets was during a time when she was not even driving, nor did she have a vehicle. She was living with us and we only had one vehicle, which was being used by my significant other to get back and forth to work and to get me to my doctor appointments. From 11/14- 2/15, she did not have access to a vehicle, did not drive a vehicle, and was not even in the geographical areas of where the ticket was supposed to have been given!

It was up to LexisNexis, after this 3 day circle to nowhere, the issue just got worse. Our new policy was to begin 4/23/15. Yesterday an automatic deduction for 896.81 was removed from our account, one month early AND the amount to be paid, was now doubled. I have called and left 4 messages, and have not received 1 call from them. I can't believe what they are trying to get away with. In getting quotes to change ins. companies, I was told step by step instructions on how to get this corrected and the phone numbers of the agencies to call, and get it corrected immediately!

Just someone who was as angry as we were about the actions of this so-called "for the people, with their best interest at heart" insurance company. What a joke! But here is the information for all of you who want a agent with great job ethics and who seems to go way beyond that extra mile. Freeway insurance company; 619 299 4900. (I hope that this is okay with everyone that I added this here!).

Farmers Insurance is the worst in my opinion is the insurance company in America. Very long registration of the supplement from repair shop. The permit for additional repairs from the insurance representative could not be obtained after two weeks. Representatives of the company simply do not answer calls and messages left. On the demand to provide an official letter on the refusal of payment, silence. Own benefit is the company's goal. Disappointing is the fact that there is no way to complain about the company's employees. Company of crooks who care only about themselves.

Was first told that I could not be a customer because I was a tobacco-drug addict. Went away mad, but then joined a tobacco-drug rehab class and finally broke my addiction to the tobacco drug! Hurray Farmers. Thanks for helping me become a normal, tobacco-drug free citizen!

I am writing this as I am still waiting on a rental car. Who knows how many more days I am going to wait. I have missing meetings left and right. I was T boned by a car crossing traffic. We have a police report saying that it was their fault. The claim number is **. Farmers did not even return my calls for two days. VERY POOR Customer service! After leaving about four voicemail we finally got a hold of them to find out that there is "nothing that they can do".

Farmers Insurance of Hawaii ripped me off.

I was a AIG/Farmers Insurance of Hawaii customer for thirteen years. I paid my bills on time and expected the same from them. This last time, that's not what happened.

I had a claim. The other party admitted fault and was insured. What's the problem? The appraiser said that it would cost about $400 to fix the new damage to my bumper but he was going to pay me $50. He said his reasoning was that there was a prior claim on the bumper and unfixed damage. That makes no sense. They should pay me what it costs to fix the new damage regardless. It turns out that I didn't even put in a prior claim for the damage. According to the the appraiser, I just reported the prior damage but did not put in a claim.

I also found the appraiser, Cy. K, a large male, to be belligerent. At times I also found the adjuster, Dolores ** to be belligerent as well. I don't remember this happening before. In the past few years there has been a change in ownership where AIG Hawaii was purchased by Farmers Insurance. Makes you wonder.

I checked with the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Hawaii. I was told that there is no law or rule saying that insurance companies should not pay the full cost of repairing new damage due to prior damage to a car. I was told they just choose to do that. I bet they do. I was told that AAA car insurance Hawaii has fewer complaints per customer than Farmers does. AAA told me they will try to recover the deductible from the other party if they are at fault.

I wish that Farmers was like that. It seems to be that they could have already recovered all the money for this claim from the other driver and her insurance company but they made other choices. Honoring this claim could have cost them nothing more than their administrative costs, but they seem to be in a denial mode.

We have had no claims. We conveniently pay monthly and those payments are automatically taken out of our account each month, thus eliminating the need to worry about the premiums being made on time. Having paperless billing, we pay no fee for this monthly convenience. Our insurance rep stays in contact with us with updated and interesting monthly Friendly Voice Issues :)

They were my car insurance company for 12 years. The only accident I've ever been in was when I parked on a busy street corner downtown. I had just turned left, after waiting for pedestrians to finish crossing. I looked back, then out my side mirror before I opened the door: I could see a couple step off the sidewalk to cross, and other people crossing the street I turned and parked on. I opened my door and a bicyclist hit my car at high-speed. I was terrified! I work in health care, so instructed him to put pressure on his cut finger, luckily his only injury. I did all the responsible things.

The bicyclist swerved around the pedestrians crossing the road, ran a red light, and hit my car. Anna ** was the person working on this situation at Farmers, and wouldn't accept that it was his fault, even though I had a witness, and it was in writing. To make it brief, I was not impressed with her intelligence, ability to follow logic, or her intent to document information accurately. The bicyclist had a history of bicycle accidents. Anyway, my insurance paid out and said it was my fault, when it clearly wasn't. I left the company after 12 years as a loyal customer. I went to State Farm, and now I'm paying about half the rate I was at Farmers for the same coverage. I do not recommend them for anything.

No willingness to discuss options and/or provide helpful guidance... everything defaults to what the computer screen states. No personalized service or recommendations... always pushes corporate policies with little helpful recommendations. Our agent also does not provide any helpful suggestions... always pushes any issue back to a call center CSR! Farmers is in the business of collecting monthly escalating premiums with no offer of decreasing premiums for long term loyal customers. Bye-bye Farmers as soon as possible!

They are the highest priced insurance you can ever purchase. If you are rich and like to crap your money away this is your place but it is not mine. My bill was $220.00 per month and the $22 was for renters insurance.

Their insured rear-ended me in a fast food drive-thru because she was looking down at her cellphone and didn't know it wasn't a thru lane. Farmer's haggled to barely pay the cost of my medical treatment, unfairly compensated me for my pain and suffering and lost time at work (refused to compensate lost time at work); and then my adjuster disappeared into thin air. No phone calls were returned, no emails returned. I left messages for his supervisor - she left me one voice mail saying they show they cut a check that was never cashed and now no one will respond to me at all. I never received any payment. Their online system shows my claim as closed with no payments made to me and no documents on file. I am ready to consult an attorney.

The company in Oklahoma is awful. They employ the trashiest claims adjusters. They literally find the slimiest most morally bankrupt people they can. I can't even believe these people are employed ANYWHERE. My family was hit by one of their drivers head on. The ridiculous tactics they have used to delay paying the claim would be laughable if we hadn't almost died. I have heard horrible things about this company but would have never imagined they would be this disgusting. Children were injured and instead of honestly helping, their adjusters are manipulating the situation and trying to create more stress to avoid paying a single dime.

They have falsified signed documents, 'lost' medical records, anything they can do to stall the claim. Do yourself a favor and get an attorney early on. The things my attorney has uncovered are shocking. Their adjusters are very dishonest and will do anything to receive their 'bonuses' which I am told are as low as $50 and a pizza party. Yes... a pizza party. They have put a good family through hell in efforts to win a pizza party.

I was in a minor accident, $2500.00 damages.. Years later when I went to trade in my car - I was told it wasn't worth anything because it had been totaled. Fairfax has it listed as totaled and the title states it is salvaged. The car was never totaled, I have been the only owner and I would have never know had I not gone to trade my car in. Farmers has not corrected this or made good on the situation.

After arriving in the United States from our honeymoon, we found our 2000 Saturn had been side swiped by another vehicle as the Saturn sat parked. Thankfully, our Farmers insurance stepped in and handled what seemed to be a huge task. I am extremely grateful for all the help and attention to my concerns that Farmers Insurance handled.

Unfortunately, someone made the call to have my vehicle towed out of town without my consent, during the process of handling my claim. Once this happened, my vehicle's belonging were removed by someone who had custody of my vehicle at that time. I am told that once the call, to have the vehicle towed, happened it gave the tow company the right to those belongings. Regardless of all the details, it is clear that a mistake was made during the claims process. If it were possible to just call the tow driver and nicely ask to have the belongings returned then we would overlook the mistake and all the inconvenience, heartache, poor sleep and anxiety associated with this part of the claim. Of course, it appears that is not happening and now we must look to the individual who took it upon themselves to make the call to have the vehicle towed and hold them responsible. So to the best of my ability, I will provide a list of items that were inside the vehicle for the Farmers agent to better handle this part of the claim.

I am content working with Farmers insurance, but am feeling like this part of the claim is moving very slowly with regard to someone taking responsibility for their actions. If Farmers and myself are unable to come to an agreement then perhaps it is best if I hire a legal representative to assist me with this process. I feel this way because of the recent uncertainty and finger pointing involved with the miscommunication between Farmers Insurance and said parties resulting in the 2000 Saturn and its belongings being towed out of town.

On a Sunday, I rear ended in my 2011 Lincoln MKX while at a stop light. The other driver was in insured and did not have a license. We were forced to have our Lincoln towed to a Salvage yard, since roof line was buckled and everything was pushed up under the rear tires. Farmers insisted to have this vehicle towed to a body shop so they could put it on a lift and inspect for all damage. I work out of state so this all had to be arranged. Subsequently the vehicle was not ever placed on the lift and between Farmers and the body shop they estimated 13k.

Turned out because the frame was bent the total bill was almost 22k. This left us with being married to the vehicle because the damages were more than the vehicle was worth and we could not trade it with this on the title. After Two years of arguing Farmers still refused to pay for the devaluation of the vehicle. I wouldn’t trust Farmers to be fair with any claim! Steer clear of Farmers insurance. They may have seen it but they also are not going to pay it!

We've been with this company for a long time and we're very happy with it. They have reasonable rates for our vehicles and our home. This is for Farmers Auto Insurance. As for Progressive Insurance, it was very expensive and I had a hard time paying it. That's when I switched to Farmers Auto Insurance.

Sales agent told me one thing. Contract showed another. I was given a quote for auto insurance, told that I was locked into that price, then I paid what I thought was the full amount, only to find out 2 days later the policy was $200 more than I was quoted. I called in to complain and ask for a refund, customer service didn't seem to give a ** that their sales agent DEFRAUDED me. Looks like I will be recording all of my phones conversations and getting everything in writing from now on... ** you Farmers.

Very helpful with any and all questions. Understands that we are young and get distracted and normally extends our due by date. I could not ask for a better account holder and would recommend this insurance company to anyone looking for an insurance company. The only issue we have is we have a 1993 Jeep, we do not drive it and want to get rid of it. However if we were to cancel the insurance on it to sell, it would raise our insurance by $300. Other than that the price we pay is very reasonable.

I have been serving in the USMC for the past 4 years in Okinawa, Japan. Before I came back to the states, I took out an auto loan with Navy Federal and gave my mother, Kim **, power of attorney to purchase a vehicle for me. Upon arriving in MEPS in San Diego, I went online to get an e-quote from Farmers Insurance. This was on March 15, 2012. On this form, I stated I had a leased vehicle (I have a copy). When contacted, I told the agent I had a loan with Navy Federal and to give me what I needed for insurance. I was asked the VIN number, but did not have it with me. He said no problem. I was not asked to provide it once I got back to Colorado. I just figured they obtained it. I was emailed a policy to sign and did so on my phone as I had no computer. I expected the agency to have given me the policy I needed.

After I arrived home, I went to register the vehicle. They would not let me as my insurance card had a fake VIN number on it and an incorrect vehicle description. I put a call in to the agent - Bryan **. On May 8th 2012, I totaled the truck. When I called the next day to file a claim, I was told I did not have full coverage and there was nothing I could do. I asked if the policy had been reviewed by an underwriter and asked for a phone number, but was never given one. Usually, when a new policy is written, it is checked by an underwriter and the VIN number verified. If reviewed, the incorrect VIN and lien-ed vehicle should have been caught and corrected. I feel that this company is in violation of failure to protect the public.

My mother and I have contacted Farmers' district manager Ryan ** at the same location several times regarding this situation. We have sent emails and made phone calls. They are all denying I told them it was a leased or lien-ed vehicle. They just informed me that they just go by the e-quote form and what insurance I asked for. There is nothing they can do. They told me to file a claim but when I called to do so, they would not let me. I filled out the e-form quickly and expected someone to contact me and go over the details and explain to me what I needed. I did state leased vehicle on that form and have a copy.

As I had been out of the country for several years and not much experience with insurance coverage (I am 21), I assumed the insuring agent would have spoken with me about my options and what coverage that I needed to carry on my vehicle. This is a very frustrating and upsetting situation as I have a loan on this vehicle that I have to repay even though the vehicle is totaled. I would like you to please investigate this agency/situation as I feel I was not taken care of when I trusted this agency to protect myself and my vehicle. I feel they are responsible for this mistake on the VIN number and the coverage. I feel they should compensate me for the loss of my vehicle or at least amend the policy to reflect the coverage I needed so I may at least just get the vehicle paid off.

I haven't had any issues, although my rate is higher than I would like it. But I haven't gotten to any accidents so it hasn't been an issue. I have not had to file any claims or anything. I have never had to do anything with my insurance other than pay for it.

I have only been with this company a few months. However, the rates and deductibles are extremely reasonable in comparison to other companies. I had a great experience with my agent. He is easy to get a hold of and answers my questions fully so that I understand everything completely. It was an easy transition and setup to switch from State Farm to Farmers.

I had two auto policies with Farmers, which were both paid in full through February 28, 2015. On January 8, 2015, I sent a payment of $418.70 for the renewal of both policies, but then later canceled both of the renewal requests, as I went with a different insurance carrier. Farmers only refunded ONE of the renewal payments in the amount of $298.14, leaving an amount DUE ME of $120.56 ($418.70 298.14 = $120.56.)

When they refused to give me the full reimbursement, my credit card company reimbursed me this amount. But Farmers continues to allege that I owe them $120.56. Even though I have sent them numerous letters and emails explaining their error and why I do not owe them anything, they continue to send me statements - and now I am even receiving COLLECTION NOTICES!! Farmers needs to CORRECT THEIR RECORDS and STOP HARASSING ME!!!!!

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