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They are easy to sign up with, they have low rates but good coverage. Also, the company is a solid one that has decades of experience. Financially they are stable and that is another quality I look for in an insurance company.

They've been great! Have an older house and have had no issues with getting coverage. Our agent has been extremely helpful... making sure that we understand our coverage and informing us of other options out there so that we could make the best decision for our home. Rates seem pretty reasonable - in fact, rates are lower with Farmers than they were with several other insurance companies.

Someone at Farmers Insurance got information from a resume of mine and has passed it out to every Farmers agent around the country. I'm getting dozens of offers to work for Farmers offices all over. I have never had any background in insurance or any interest. Neither have I ever contacted them. The offer letters are often the same, so it's clear that the company provides the letter and has some sort of system of providing job leads to the offices. Just as they train their agents to look for customers, they train them to find new agents. Other letters are pretty sleazy offering salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I follow the directions on each to remove myself, but continue to receive more from the same and other offices. I've also sent letters to the main Farmers office in LA, but I have not received a response from them.

Aside from flouting the federal CAN-SPAM act, Farmers is showing a clear lack of respect for privacy. Considering they must have other information from my resume, and the other information they have from their other clients, it makes one wonder about the integrity of what Farmers agents do with all of the confidential information they have with about all of their clients. I've filed a complaint with the FTC, but I know the FTC is so overwhelmed that they will only go after a business after they receive thousands of complaints. So I don't expect them to take any action. But we can see first hand how Farmers handles information and handles privacy. Trust is more important to me than a funny commercial on television.

A severe hailstorm came through this area on 14 March 2012 causing damage to roofs. Possible damage was reported to Farmers sales office on Hillsboro Pike in Nashville, TN the following day. Farmers claim adjuster, Artie **, did his inspection within a few days. Because of work schedule, I was unable to meet with **. He stated in his report that there was damage to soft metal structures, but that the damage to the 4.5-year-old shingles was the result of wear and tear. He denied the claim, stating that the cost for repairing the damage was less than the deductible. Neighbors with real insurance were having their roofs replaced within a few weeks following the storm. After about six months now, almost all other homes have had a total roof replacement. These homes are only about five years old at most. This house is one of the few out of 50 or so to still need replacement. Every home within a few hundred feet has had total replacement.

After going to the trouble of getting an impartial evaluation from a housing inspector who said the roof definitely required replacement, I contacted a roofing contractor. The contractor marked damage with chalk. I contacted Farmers requesting a re-inspection. Again, Farmers sent Artie **. This time, ** met with the roofer, and again he denied the claim. I filed a complaint with the insurance commission in Tennessee. In short, Farmers then paid Donan Engineering to do another evaluation of the damage. Jeff **, sr. engineer, met with the roofing contractor, and reportedly stated that there is a lot of hail damage here. **, however, then reversed course in his report. He called the damage to shingles inadvertent man-made damage. He admitted that there was slight additional damage that ** had overlooked. Farmers then told me they would settle the claim by sending a loaded debit card for $89.17.

After hearing this voicemail, I called the agent, Michael **, and left a message that the debit card would not settle this claim, and that Farmers should not send it. Farmers generally would not answer calls from me at this time. Not surprisingly, Farmers sent the card anyway, necessitating using registered mail for the return. They sent a letter admitting that they received the returned debit card. They said they wanted to close the file on this claim. This denied claim for shingle damage seems to fit a pattern, especially when viewed from a national perspective.

Every time I filed I did not get paid and my deduction is high. And plus they went up and I have not had a claim in five years or more so why go up on my insurance. It cause my house note to go up.

I had to have insurance or I could not buy my house. I have a mortgage on my home and it had to be covered until the house is paid off. I like that Farmers has a local office and friendly local employees who listen to your needs. They are nice and helpful to you when you go in the office and you need help with your insurance. However, it is hard to get them to answer the phone or to return your phone call. When you need to talk to them they are not always in the office to talk to. Also they raised my rates without telling me.

Our agent is difficult to reach and then makes us feel like we are imposing on his time. We have 3 autos and HAD a homeowners policy. The homeowners policy was cancelled after one year because the house wasn't finished yet. We are building it ourselves and is over 50% complete at cancellation. We are shopping for another insurance company.

The claims dept. could be better. Long response time and difficulty reaching the adjuster at times. We never got to see him in person which was kind of odd.

Farmers is one of few homeowners insurance companies that cover in my area. Some insurance policies can be very expensive for little coverage but with them I have great coverage for a fair price! The overall cost of the insurance is very reasonable! They also have other policies that you can use on top of the homeowners and bundled into 1 bill and policy!!! Plus, I love the ease of obtaining the policy and all interactions with them! The customer service is over the top great! They are a great company who offers great services.

I like the local representatives who know us and are easy to talk to both in person and on the phone. When we added our children to our policy agent was extremely helpful. When we've reviewed our policy agent helped find some places we could save money. When we had a disaster 5 years ago Farmers was quick, helpful, made the settlement easy for us and did not raise our rates.

The last time I owned a home with my ex-wife, we went with Farmers and have always had strong recommendations from family and others as to their reliability and claims. I like the long-time stability of the company. I only wish the homeowner policy included much more detail of coverage without having to go back and ask about what needed to be covered by additional riders if any. They have good agent service and reasonable rates. The agent was very informative and gave me a special bundled deal which covered my automobiles as well as my home and property.

The Farmers Insurance commercials say they cover everything, so there are no surprises even if a meteor hits your house you are covered. So a meteor is covered!! BUT NOT a break in the sewer line? However, their commercials are right about one thing... What you don't know can hurt you. I didn't know every little way Farmers could find to not cover the break in my sewer line and it hurts A Lot!!! All they did was try to come up with ways they could get around covering an issue that should be covered by the policy. The representative was rude and unhelpful. They left me with a busted sewage line and no help!!! Now I have to come up with the money to get it fixed and cleaned up on my own and if it’s not cleaned properly, it is a major health issue! Well Farmers, you will not leave me stranded again; I am switching companies!!! I WILL NEVER USE FARMERS INSURANCE EVER AGAIN!!!

I've been a Farmers customer for 10 years with no loss (so I thought) till they started to reduce coverage and increase prices beyond their competition. Shopping around I got aware that they have entered my information in a public insurance database for customers with losses and refuse to remove this false information. The whole reported loss was me inquiring 2 years ago if a theft was covered or not under my homeowners policy. Turned out it was not covered (which I was fine with), I didn't file a claim, and so I thought case closed. Back then it was a pain to find out if my loss was covered since no employee seems to be educated to answer policy questions! Now 2 years later while shopping around I notice that they've reported me as customer with LOSS for a $0 claim damaging my reputation as insurance customers for other companies and actively refuse to correct their mistake. Thanks Farmers!

I went through an agent who recommended Farmers and for my specific needs and my budget we had decided they were probably my best option. I have never tried anyone else or really seen a need to because they have been so great to me so far. I trust them. I have been loyal to them for years and have had no issues with them. They have been affordable and great at answering any questions I may have, but they could be a little more transparent. I am not even for sure what is covered and what is not.

A wind storm damaged the roofs in my area. My neighbors are getting full replacements. I was told I had $485 worth of damage. That was ridiculous, so I started to investigate. All the Roofing Contractors I contacted said the same thing, Farmers notoriously denies legitimate claims. They send a "no name" Engineer to write a report that they use to deny the claim. They know nothing about damaged roof shingles. They write down how many shingles are broken, nothing about the ones that are lifted and no longer sealed and all the shingles that no longer have the rock surface. I am so disappointed that I didn't investigate their claims history before paying premiums for 20 yrs. I am working on a class action suite now. I will keep warning others until this is resolved the way it should have been. Farmers, is it true your Assessors are awarded bonus money for denying claims?

Farmers insurance is a joke. My husband was hit by one of their clients who ran a red light and they low balled us and bullied us around till we went to court. And because of bad defense, farmers gets away with paying us nothing. They were so awful to us. Farmers insurance is the worse company. They wouldn't take responsibility for an accident that was clearly the fault of their client.

Farmers was great. They have a great reputation and I really like that they provide a great service for a great value. I feel safe knowing I am in trusted hands when it comes to protecting my valuables and my home.

I filed a claim in 2008 trying to get my roof repaired, due to an ice storm, and needless to say, I only received partial payment for a small section of roof that had visible dents of about eight hail stones. The rest of the roof was ineligible for coverage because of "wear and tear". Carden and I had a huge dispute and when I saw a class action suit against Farmers, I sent in my complaint and received an additional $400.

On May 20, 2011, storm rolls through here and continues to Joplin, Missouri. I went downstairs and found a hole on the east side of the house that had allowed water to enter, as well as rust stains on the inside wood-burning stove, also indicating an additional source of water entry. Carden told me to call Service Masters to have the water removed.

Service Masters was gung ho when they first arrived. They removed part of the flooring in the kitchen and began trying to locate the source of the leak. Their conclusion, as well as mine, was the hole and the stove pipe. I concluded that the hail had caused the pipe to shift. SM placed plastic around the pipe, placed plastic over the hole on the east side and began removing water. The 20 by 40 room had carpet that had reacted like a sponge and because it was the original carpet in the room (over 20 years old), I was told the carpet could not be salvaged. But they said not to worry, if I signed the authority to remove the carpet, once the final paperwork was completed, I would receive money for the carpet anyway.

After about two days, I noticed that all the workers were not returning and I contacted Jack to get an adjuster over. The first thing he said was, if I was not covered, I would have to pay SM out of my pocket. But from what one of the workers was reporting, it seemed that there was concern about my coverage. He also said that he could not get an adjuster out earlier because they were called to Joplin to take care of them. The house appears to be a battle zone with things removed and trashed. It’s now May 23, 2011 and still no adjuster. Fans and equipment still buzzing but it is clear that there is a change in attitude with SM. Only one person comes to check equipment and move fans around.

The manager of SM came by and took a look around. We checked the places where water could have entered from the roof and Carden said if I had asked a certain company to help me he did not like them because of their shoddy workmanship. I told him, “Since I had given you that name back in 2008, why did you not tell me then that the company wasn't reputable?” Now we are once again in our argumentative state. I took four days off from work to accommodate SM and finally the adjuster arrived on June 8, 2011. When the adjuster came, a relatively portly fellow, I didn’t believe he was able to go on the roof. He deemed it as steep, besides I wanted them to look at the hole on the east side of the house. Carden, SM and adjuster converged on me and Jack comes to the front door armed with a camera and said, "They will explain to you what is going to happen. If you have questions call me.” He never entered and he left abruptly.

The adjuster was left to explain that once again "wear and tear" was the culprit and not hail damage. I argued why the pipe did not leak before and why did the house not flood before if these problems were so obvious and apparent. The adjuster told me I was eligible for $238 after my $1,000 deductible. All of the other damages were there but, due to "wear and tear", I was not covered.

I sent a letter to the Oklahoma Insurance Department regarding my complaint and the fact that in the paperwork, the adjuster filed his report on June 7, 2011 although he did not come to me until the 8th. I suggested that Carden had given him the details he wanted and prior to him truly checking things out, a conclusion had been drawn and it was that I would not be covered. Every argument sent in regarding my claim was centered around the 2008 claim on damages on the west side of the house. My 2011 claim was regarding the east side of the house. The Insurance Department said the company had stated their reasons and, unfortunately, their office does not have the authority to determine whether previous repairs were completed, damages caused by "wear and tear" or a covered loss. They also suggested that I consult with my attorney if I wanted to pursue this matter further.

They are established and have been around for a very long time, so I had some trust in the fact that they are not a fly by night business. They can be local in times of trouble, they are quick responding when there is a catastrophe. However, the time to actually settle a claim can be very lengthy and also they tend to respond fast but then it does take some time to settle the claim. Also, their rates are quite unreasonable since our area hadn't suffered any catastrophic events in a decade.

Farmers Homeowners Insurance is a good insurance company with good reputation. The monthly cost of the insurance is affordable. There is a budget discount package with this insurance policy. They do a good job fixing or remodeling the area in your house that was damaged. Everything will be new in my house fixing the whole house and new carpeting. However, it takes too long to fix everything. Just come in and take ownership of my possessions without asking a lot of different people running in and out of my house.

First you get robbed and then you really get robbed. 28,000.00 dollars worth of items - Farmers only paid 11,315.00. That's not even half! Of course they have little print and don't tell you on how they only cover so much on jewelry and firearms but give you nothing for the rest. I imagine all insurance companies rob you but this one robs you too much.

They offer a very comprehensive all-inclusive, detailed policy and cover more reasons for loss the most other companies that I have compared. Customer service is easy to reach and always courteous and seem to have my interests in mind when I'm speaking to them. Claims process is fast and easy to utilize. They are always available when I need something or have a question. They had the most reasonable price, and most people that I know who also had them only had mostly positive things to say, heard very few, if any, negative comments.

Farmers was the easiest to deal with and stay with because I have had them for a while and it would be a bother to change. The payments are easy and they don't bother me at all which is a benefit because I lead a busy life and don't like to have my time wasted a lot of time. I wish they were easier to contact though because I have a hard time getting a hold of them when I need to but other than that, I have no issues at all.

My late husband choose Farmers over 15 years ago. He was really good at looking out for us, so I'm confident it’s a good policy. I also like having a local agent in case I need her. Farmers Homeowners is not cheap though. But you need it and I'm too lazy to compare rates, so it's okay. Never had an issue with them as well.

My "FORMER" Insurance agent's secretary called to tell me that they had not received my payment for my Homeowners and Auto policies. I explained that I wasn't renewing them and that I had sent them an email indicating so. She then told me that I had to write it down on paper, send it to them with copies of my new policies. I said NO. I contacted you, which is more courtesy than is required. She then informed me that if I didn't, they would issue the renewal policy anyway and then send me to collections. I thanked her and hung up the phone and then I called the Missouri State Insurance commission and filed a complaint. Way to go Farmers! Glad I left you!

My agent is always available. I feel I am amply protected at a reasonable rate. The only claim I had was years ago on a smoke damage claim at a previous home and it was promptly and adequately compensated.

I had a terrible experience with Farmers. I purchased a homeowners policy and, a month after paying the annual premium in full, Farmers sent a vaguely worded letter stating that my premium would be increasing in the middle of the coverage period because they made a mistake when they initially calculated it. At that point, I decided to cancel my policy because I didn't want to do business with an insurance company that would do such a thing in the middle of the contract period. It seemed like a classic "bait and switch" in my mind.

For the next two months, I battled Farmers and its inept customer service representatives trying to get a refund of the premium that I had already paid. Every step of the way, Farmers was a nightmare to deal with. Their customer service "systems" are extremely outdated and disorganized, and their customer service representatives are incompetent and unpleasant. After a lot of stress and wasted time, I finally got my refund. If it was that difficult getting my money back after they made a mistake, I can imagine how frustrating it would be getting Farmers to pay a claim when I needed them. There are better options out there. Avoid this company. They don't care about you.

We are very happy with Farmers because they saved us about a thousand dollars over Geico who had already saved us money over the previous company which was State Farm. Since we haven't had a claim with Farmers yet, I can't give any review about that part of Farmers.

I got Farmers for a great price, they covered what I needed covered, the agent was friendly, polite and knowledgeable about what kind of coverage I would need and he also recommended ways to save money as well. Also, he doesn't avoid answering questions. They answer your calls right away and if they do not know the answer to a question they get back to you as soon as they have asked the proper channels and gotten an answer. They have made it very easy to understand and send out a breakdown of what is covered and what amounts my coverage is for in case I ever need to file a claim. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience.

I had a leak in my kitchen. I emailed my Farmers Rep as soon as I discovered the leak. My rep told me I was covered. I called and filed a claim. The person on the phone told me that I could make the repair to the sink before he arrived to look at the damage. I told him I was not touching anything until he came and looked at the damage. When the agent arrived a few days later he came in, peaked under the sink, took 2 pictures and said "you are not covered." That quick. I was floored. I asked him to explain why. He said my policy didn't cover slow leaks or mold damage. I told him he was mistaken and I had to show him my policy and the page where this is stated. The actual leak was from the dishwasher. The force of the water disconnected the pipes. The pipes had no damage or gunk in them. The pipes just separated.

I had all my cleaning supplies and shopping bags stuffed under the sink. I didn't know there was a leak until I went looking for something in the back of the cabinet. My everyday stuff is right when you open the door. I never really looked under there. I would open the door and grab the soap for dishes. He continued to state I was not covered. I later received a letter from Farmers with the denial... Farmers actually sent me a blank form letter with nothing filled in but the date of the visit. I contacted a public adjuster and now a year later I am still fighting with Farmers. My kitchen was gutted a year ago and I have a wash tub for a sink and folding tables for counter tops. Every time I hear a FARMERS commercial I want to throw something at my TV... Farmer's commercials infuriate me. Farmers is only out to make a buck and do not care about the everyday people paying every month.

They were the lowest price compared to others, and their ratings were through the roof. Plus all my friends, family, and co-workers use them too. I'd recommend this company to anybody who asked. Outstanding customer service! They know what they are doing, always willing to help you with any claims. They are willing to help you with finding lower monthly payments as well.

I recently moved and at the same time changed my auto and home policies from State Farm to Farmers, because home policy was cheaper from Farmers. Spent an hour with the agent to do the paperwork. Within two months, was asked to submit other docs on both policies upon pain of cancellation or premium increase, both of which happened. This is after no claims with previous insurers going back to 1977. Went to GEICO online and did everything online in 15 minutes AND saved money besides. Do yourself a favor and use anyone but Farmers.

We have been Farmers Policy holders for over 18 years and this is our first claim. I had an accident at our house and brought my ring into the jewelers to be checked. The jeweler told me the diamond was chipped and setting was cracked. I discussed that it was insured and Farmers had all my original appraisals, so proceeded to file a claim. My jeweler wrote up an estimate for repair for the entire ring and sent to Farmers like they asked. Farmers appraisal came in 3k lower than ours. Fine, I had no choice and a check was sent to me. I was told salvage would contact me to see if I wanted to buy ring back. Salvage contacted me and told me it would be 4k to get my original wedding ring back.

I was very upset and emotional and my reaction was no - that's a lot of money. I was so upset and told my husband about it later that day. He said we really need the ring back for sentimental reasons and that it is 12 years old and very special to him since he proposed with it. I called the Salvage guy back at Farmers a few hours later the same day and he said "No, I already closed the case, it's done". He gave me no time to even think about it or to discuss with my husband. He didn't care or even give a customer 24 hours to think about it! I was shocked. It was a horrible experience and still can't sleep at night because the ring is gone. Farmers did not even care when I told them my situation. Please do not Insure your jewelry under Farmers. They just want to see how much more they can get for it and make a buck if it's damaged!

On 04/05/2018, sometime between 1 am and 5 am, we had a water-line break in our upstairs bathroom and judging by the amount of water, it ran for several hours. Floors upstairs, and walls, floors and everything in the rooms below was soaked! Well, that's what we have Homeowner's Insurance for, right? A policy that we've been paying into faithfully since 2003, NEVER missed a payment, and NEVER had a claim before.

So I called the insurance company, Farmer's Mutual, thinking it would be just a matter of a claims adjuster coming to our house to assess/verify the damage (I had taken pictures too before we started mopping up the worst of the mess). This should be a "formality", right? WRONG!!! The insurance agent on the phone started reading off to me what is covered... fire, explosion, smoke, lightning, blah, blah, blah, vandalism, airplane crash, sinkhole and... wait for it... VOLCANO eruption!!!

"VOLCANO??? In West Virginia? What are the chances of that?" So our policy covers things that are LESS likely to occur than winning the lottery jackpot 10 times in a row, but it DOESN'T cover something as likely to happen as a water line breaking??? So, if you have a Homeowner's policy with Farmer's Mutual, then READ YOUR POLICY'S FINE PRINT!!! Read it, and then read it again, and read the EXTRA-FINE fine print! Don't look for what it SAYS in there, but instead look for what it DOESN'T SAY!!! I'm still looking for the airplane crash and Volcano coverage in our policy... just in case we survive one of those and can file a claim for it to get our water damage taken care of.

Farmers King Insurance in Capitola Calif. I had a policy for Foremost Insurance on my mobile home through this man. He refused to talk to me and cancelled my insurance. When I phoned Foremost they said it was cancelled for nonpayment. This episode I proved was false and my payment went through on my Bank of America account. It was apparently misdelivered. I paid it on time and have proof, the bank verifies this. Mr. King would not discuss this with me and I had to deal with desk clerks who were very rude and ignorant. My Bank got in touch with them and discussed this and still they waited until my next payment was due and cancelled me for nonpayment. I don't want to deal with this anymore but I now have no homeowners insurance and am looking into new coverage but have run into a catch 22 situation. I did have 2 water damage claims, one they paid for one not. I understand they do not like claims.

Farmers was recommended to us from a friend. We met the agent and liked what he had to offer as well as him personally so we signed up and went with them. They have competitive prices and offer a broad range of services. I like their agent and the people that I have dealt with over the phone. I will continue to use them. We have additional coverage on a few other items (guns and jewelry) and they are at reasonable rates as well.

I recently received a letter telling of repairs that I needed to make; moreover, I was given 30 days to respond. One repair was removal of leaves from my roof, and since it was November and my house is under oak trees, this seems ridiculous since I remove all leaves once they are all down. The others regarded my roof, which they said that they wanted certified as to its condition. (The roof has given me no problems.)

My problem is that I live alone, and I am recovering from a serious injury. At no time did they contact me about a scheduled visit, instead they showed up and entered my property without my permission. I was probably at physical therapy because I did not see them, or I would have challenge them. I called my agent after I received my surprise letter. I told them that I would comply about the roof even though to get a certified life expectancy of my roof will cost money. I then asked the main question: why was I not notified. Answer: they are too busy to request permission since they have so many inspections to do. I have since found out that they cannot enter private property without the owner's permission. Solution: I may arrange for a new roof and a new insurance company. I own another property in another state and have never been treated this way by my insurance company there.

We have been very satisfied with the company. Have never had a problem with them. They are dependable and they have a good track record. They also had the best rates for us and offer a discount with our auto insurance also. Our representative has always been very informative and friendly with us as well.

I looked at several other policies and Farmers seemed to have the best prices for the same insurance as the rest. Also, I like the people that work in the office. They are nice to deal with. Farmers is conveniently located near me which makes paying easier. My partner prefers to write checks for the payments and a lot of insurances want to take it directly out of your account instead.

We had only one homeowner's claim ever due to damage from a winter storm. The original claims adjuster was apparently fired from the company during the processing of our claim. The new claims adjuster that was assigned lived more than 30 minutes from our home so we regularly had to follow up and mail documentation and pictures. It seemed at points that it was our job to ensure the claim was processed in a timely manner. Never heard from our agent during this time.

Fortunately, our loss wasn't extensive or very expensive so the delays in receiving a check weren't devastating to us. Apparently, based on the experiences of our various neighbors who also suffered losses due to this storm, we received the best customer service, so we have stayed with the company but I regularly research other companies for better claims satisfaction and cost of coverage. The company does make it easy to make premium payments (mobile payments possible), which is a factor I consider as well.

I've opened my homeowners insurance policy with Farmers since I bought my home. Is a highly reputable carrier, very reliable and trustworthy. Despite not filing a claim with them, so far, I've heard from reliable sources that their claim process is seamless and payments are processed timely and accurate. In the 9 years I've been with them I lived convinced that I'll remain their client for as long as I can. I recommend them without hesitation anytime.

My spouse and I looked over other options and Farmers was the best for our needs. I had a one on one conversation with an agent. They compare prices of all companies and provide me with options before I accepted their offer. Friendly and helpful agents.

Had 2 water leaks inside of wall, when we noticed the flooring wet, called plumber to repair leaks. After leaks were stopped we called Farmers Ins. to report the damage to subflooring, carpet, tile, and drywall, as well as mild black mold. Adjuster came to home and later called to deny claim due to claiming was leaking for long period of time. When we could hear the pipe spraying inside the wall, I would call that a burst, but of course Farmers does not. Now we are faced with thousands of dollars damage to repair flooring and drywall. This is the worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with.

I called for information on canceling a Policy for home I am Executor for and the Assigned Agent, one that I didn't choose nor ever met, doesn't answer his phone and sent a text to my phone. I didn't appreciate a text and left message for him to call but he did not. Called again next day and again, got text after telling him not to text. I faxed Cancellation and requested confirmation of Receipt of my fax and no response. No Customer Service at all.

I've done business with Farmers Homeowners Insurance before and their prices were always affordable. I've had a claim before a long time ago but they were right on top of it and I didn't have any problems getting paid at all. My daughter and a few friends also had Farmers at the time so I figured we all couldn't be wrong in choosing our insurance company. They are pretty competitive in what they charge, but I dislike paying as much as I currently do for insurance. But it's not one specific insurance company, all insurance is expensive no matter who you choose.

Had a policy named "Foremost" through Farmers. They haven't made any attempt to update my coverage in years so I decided to get a new policy from my car insurance company, Progressive, which has always served me well. I updated my coverage, and it's not costing much more since I have the 2 policies with the same company. (Years ago I had car insurance from Farmers also but found out my local agent was overcharging me.) Last year when I had the homeowners insurance from Farmers a tree fell on my carport and car. Totaling both, the coverage of the damage to the house was not enough to cover the replacement of the carport. I thought the Progressive claim for the car was settled very fairly. I have had other claims with Progressive and their service has been very good. They are probably not the most inexpensive, but they make it clear what your coverage is and respond to claims efficiently.

Just bought a home about 10 mos. ago and discovered a plumbing leak that was occurring with the toilet. Called and made a claim and they sent out an inspector and the claims adjuster... Then came the very very fine print about my situation and why they are unable to cover my claim. What's worse was the extremely cavalier and dismissive attitude of our agent (Bill **). He's a total company man - dispassionate and defensive. It felt like that scene in the movie The Incredibles, where the Mr. Huph was instructing Bob Parr never pay a claim. I honestly don't know how these people can sleep at night knowing that they willfully deceiving people into thinking that they are "covered" should anything serious happen to their home. What a lie. Needless to say we be leaving this company as soon as I can replace our coverage. Bottom line - I would RUN from Farmers Insurance Co.

My husband and I put in a claim for water damage on July 30, 2017 and we are still waiting for closure to our claim. We are senior citizens, my husband is a 100% disabled Veteran and we feel that Brian ** has taken advantage of our inexperience of dealing with claims. We have been with Farmers for approximately 15 years with zero claims. We have 3 vehicles and also flooding insurance with Farmers.

The claims we have submitted for our master bathroom and living room area due to flooding from a broken water pipe. Brian always seems to find reasons not to pay invoices we have sent to him. He has had several arguments with our vendors requesting for payment for their services. For example while our home was in demolition we advised Brian that we were going to not stay in our home due to extreme dust and construction due to removal of tile and replacing it. We submitted a invoice which now he is refusing to pay. Prior to this we had told Brian that we were going to stay somewhere else and he said, “Fine. Just get me an invoice”. When we submitted our invoice Brian stated, ”No way will I pay this invoice. You had other rooms to stay in during this time”.

I have severe health issues and told him that, at our first meeting, with a witness from Servpro who heard him agree to our staying elsewhere. We are not sure why Brian ** is doing this, maybe lack of experience. We are now facing our vendor coming after us for this balance due. And we have not been reimbursed for our rental agreement. We are on a limited budget and cannot afford this. We advised Brian that we would be submitting a complaint on Brian and Farmers Insurance and Brian stated "do what you have to do". My husband and I are disgusted with the treatment we have received from Farmers Insurance.

If I can give a 0 star for my experience with Farmers, I would. I have been with Farmers and same insurance agent since 1998 for all my homes and autos. I never have to make a claim with them for all these years until now. And guess what? I've got SCREWED royally. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCUMS OF THE EARTH. Extremely slow to response, and definitely the worse in term of return your phone calls. Once you get the hold of them, be prepare. They will do everything they can NOT to pay you. In short, I've paid them premium all these years, and now I have to pay money out of my own pocket for repairs on my wife car and my house roof (hurricane IKE damages). It will take several pages to tell you about my experiences with Farmers and my agent. So if anyone interest to hear about it, you can contact me at **. Thanks.

When my policies with Farmers expired, I switched to a competitor. Farmers continued to bill me, so I called and let them know that I had changed carriers. Farmers had the gall to request proof of coverage with my new carrier - which I supplied in order to end the whole business. They responded by sending threatening letters from their collections service with WARNINGS to take action against me. Despite several contacts and numerous calls to Farmers, this harassment went on for months. My agent even offered to pay what the company was requesting. No WAY - I didn't owe them a nickel. This had nothing to do with my agent - It was solely an issue fabricated by Farmers.

I chose Farmers due to an established agent that we have known for years and trusted. It is important to have a person in the town I live in to talk to in the event of needed to file a claim. I feel the cost for the policy is high considering there has never been a reason for a claim over the years. I feel insurance is a racket for the amount of money that is collected. But other than that, I like that most of the items in the house are replaceable but not all are like the keepsakes and photos. The replacement or the house and the contents are important to me.

My Farmers agent (Julie **) in Southern CA has been raising home insurance rate from $558 in 2015, to $611 in 2016, $650 in 2017, $690 in 2018. What a game! Their service is bad. No respect to long-term customers. Okay. Bye bye Farmers.

The price was fair and the agent that I spoke to knew what she was talking about. I have a local agent is close by so if I need anything I can call her. I like that their customer service is knowledgeable and patient, if I have any questions they are easily answered. Also, they have different insurance plans that I can choose from. I can pick the features that I want and not have to pay for what I don't use.

Dec of 2013 I noticed in our bathroom a loose tile. About a week later it fell off and I could see other issues appearing. More loose tiles in shower etc. Now the bathroom is from 1950ish. So not too surprised. In Jan we called Farmers to come out. The man looked in the shower and said, "You have a leak in the wall," (he knew this by experience) and said "sorry we do not cover such a thing." We had someone open the wall and stop the leak. But the damage was so bad we have had no use of the shower. The floor fell in. Farmers has been paid for a good 30 years on this house and this was the only call he ever made. And now we are looking at a good $10,000. Mess on our hands. The man did say, "I am sorry, I know it is hard. I am a homeowner also."

We got robbed while we were moving 6 months ago. We have never been uninsured. We have paid premiums for over 20 years and have never made a claim. They sent out an investigator three months in and now are making us testify under oath. And all of this to possibly get paid probably less than a quarter of what was lost. It's like getting victimized after you've been victimized.

Avoid these people. They do not use the quote you pull online. The rep who calls you creates their own policy with the overages they get bonuses on. When you file a claim they constantly change the requirements down to your need to inventory the levels of condiments in your refrigerator. They DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING IF YOU DO NOT USE WHO THEY PROVIDE. FRAUD. FRAUD.

My family has been a customer of Farmers for many years. I just went with what they used as I felt comfortable with their recommendation. I have been with Farmers for over 40 years. Rates are reasonable and customer service has responded quickly to my requests and to address the claims that I have made. I wish that the cost were lower though. I also would appreciate having a more responsive agent who was pro-active.

Farmers was cheaper than our last plan and my husband is always looking to get a better rate. As far as I know certain things are covered and certain things are not covered. An example would be we need a new roof and unfortunately our home warranty is up and insurance only pays in certain cases. So we will have to figure out how we will pay for that. I wish it was more affordable and the insurance company would cover the cost of our roof to be fixed because it has a few leaks in it. But as far as I know we will have to pay for that fix out of our own pockets which really stinks.

I filed a claim right after my home was burglarized and they had stolen all my electronics. The process with my claim began fine up until I submitted my documents to my adjuster, Mark **. After that point, my adjuster did not do any of the necessary steps to resolve my claim; in all actuality, two of his coworkers who happened to pick up his phone on two separate occasions were the ones who sent out much needed payments to me. After I was sent my Contents Evaluation Reports, I was told that with the first payment, I can go ahead and purchase my items and soon after they received all the receipts, they would go ahead and send me out my payment(s) for the depreciation that they stated in writing they were going to give to me. Recently, I was told by Mark ** that he had made a big mistake on my claim and that he had gone over the limit of my policy and will not be able to give me the depreciation promised. I am very upset and financially harmed by adjuster Mark ** **. Why? I purchased everything on that list that stated a total of depreciation that was coming to me once I purchased my belongings.

Last week a pipe burst in my mom's kitchen. So... The insurance company had a guy come in her home, take out everything. The cabinets, flooring, counters, sink, piping, all the way to the studs in her floors. This took 3 days. While doing so they had a system in the kitchen that was suppose to be dangerous according to the insurance (professionals). What a joke they really are. Told my mother she could not sleep in her home. The insurance company decides they will not be paying for any of the things they tore out of her kitchen and also will be billing her for the 3 nights of hotel that she did not stay in. I'm assuming they saw how old and poor my mom is and thought there's no way she can afford a lawyer. Little do they know she's a very loved mom who has kids that can.

I was "insured" by Farmers for home and auto beginning in 1972. I faithfully paid my premiums for 25+ years and during that time only filed two very small claims (each for less than $200), both of which were covered without problem. It wasn't until a catastrophic hailstorm hit in Colorado in 1997 that I realized how vulnerable I was having Farmers as my insurance carrier. My roof was destroyed, as was my car. My roof prior to the hailstorm consisted of spaced decking and three layers of roofing material - the original shake shingles from 1941 and two layers of asphalt shingles.

Farmers would ONLY cover removal and replacement of the top layer of shingles, even though the roofing company provided documentation that in order for the warranty to be valid on a new roof, they would have to strip everything off, re-deck the roof and start fresh with a new layer of asphalt shingles. Every house in the neighborhood that was insured by someone other than Farmers had their roofs and cars completely repaired with no questions. Only those of us with Farmers had to endure shabby treatment and substandard coverage.

I called, wrote, faxed, e-mailed, and talked with them in person until I was blue in the face. They wouldn't budge. I had to take the money they gave me for my car being totaled by hail and apply it to the cost of replacing the entire roof properly. In the process, I became physically ill from the stress of dealing with Farmers. In the end I switched my coverage to another carrier. My old Farmers agent called me to see if I would be interested in returning to Farmers if they reduced my premiums. I told her that hell would have to freeze over first. I then pointed out to her how much better off I would have been if I had put every premium I had paid to Farmers over the past 25 years into a low-interest bearing savings account instead and that then I would have been able to repair my roof and my car and would not have had to endure shabby treatment from them. She expressed shock and surprise at my anger, and had the gall to say that she would check back with me in a couple of months to see if I had changed my mind. And call me back she did! I had to hang up on her several times before she stopped bothering me. I have made a concerted effort to talk everyone I know out of going with Farmers since that time.

Farmers has been around for quite a long time and even when I was not using insurance at all I knew they were someone to go to. I like that they are dependable and trustworthy. But I wish that insurance companies would quit raising their rates. I really hate that. Other than that, I can count on Farmers for all of my insurance needs and I would recommend them to anyone.

Farmers was the only real insurance company that would insure our home. We were located in Corpus Christi Texas. The only other insurance companies that would cover us were the small independent agents that you cannot count on during a hurricane or other similar insurance problem. Our agent and his staff were very friendly and helpful during the entire time we had a Farmers policy. Farmers was fine, but charged more because they knew homeowners had no other choice. We never had a claim but paid more anyway just in case. Supply and demand in our area allowed Farmers to charge more because of the lack of insurers, but they did not price gouge like USAA does when they get a similar situation. For that we were thankful to have Farmers insurance.

I have maintained homeowners, cars, and life insurance with Farmers for years, paying out many thousands of dollars for my coverage. My basement went underwater due to a major storm, destroying many things but most importantly my furnace. No one works after 3:30 in the afternoon at Farmers: claims, supervisors, the agent that sold me my policy, which is really frustrating when you have no heat in your home and it's 25 degrees outside.

My claim was denied because of some really slick double and triple talk on my policy. It says that things are covered in one part then in another part 20 pages later it explains why I am not covered. I don't get how these scum bags are allowed to do business like this. Even more disgusting is when I look on their website it shows people doing disaster recovery after Hurricane Harvey, I'm sure that no one was covered for that. "We know a thing or two, because we've seen a thing or two" - really refers to the fact that because they have been doing this for so long they really know how to not pay for anything.

I filed a claim on my homeowner's insurance over hail damage to my roof. After having too many questions to a Farmer Claim Rep. (Ryan), phone number **, he said he would not make exceptions for me and hung up on me. His supervisor Craig ** has yet to call me. It’s been 5 days since I called Craig the first time. I have left several messages on his phone. I am a 22 year Farmers policy holder. I am very surprised by this service. I will be shopping for new insurance. If you are looking for insurance, please consider the service. When you need it most, it's not there. Please look elsewhere for insurance.

Farmers Homeowners Insurance, with Farmers is a joke. My hot water line busted underneath my home. I was out of my home for two months, I was in a hotel for three months. I was told my adjuster, that they was going to find me temporary housing. I ask the adjuster, about moving in with family or friends. I moved in with a family member, the adjuster asked me to write up a rental agreement. The first payment went good, but the second one was a mess. The agreement was, a payment was to be made on the 24th of every month. The adjuster made a partial payment to my account. I told the adjuster, that's not the agreement we made. I want the whole amount to be deposit, into my account. I have been paying for insurance through this company for years.

Farmers adjuster Julie **, had D.R.I to come into my home and clean out my cabinets. They were to remodel my kitchen cabinets, she changed her mind about the remodeling of my kitchen. I wasn't informed about her decision, now I have to put everything back into my cabinets myself. This was unnecessary, and it make more work for me to do. My front bathroom was remodel, and the plumber they had to come and fix the piping. This man was so unprofessional, he wanted all the money before the job was completed. They busted a pipe under the sink, and they had the nerves to ask me to go and buy another pipe. I told Jack the Plumber, I wasn't buy nothing, you broke it you fix it.

I was doing my laundry and realized, they didn't route the pipe back to the laundry room. I had to wait a week before they could come back out. My experience with Farmers Insurance was horrifying, and to think they have a commercial that states. They do a thing or two, because they have seen a thing or two. That statement is a lie, I just want my home back intact. My family and I want to be comfortable, again in our own home. I am looking for another insurance company, if anyone knows of one please let me know.

A Farmers Insured drove through our 4-year-old fence. We personally took 3 hours to get the owner and passenger out of the car and remove the damaged fence. Farmers is only willing to give us depreciated value on the fence, not replacement value. Fence was in perfect condition before their insured drove thru it. So, long story short, we are OUT OF POCKET to fix the damaged fence since Farmers says they have to use depreciated value. REALLY??? So if our fence was over 15 years old and was damaged, they wouldn't pay anything to fix it????? NOT RIGHT!! FARMERS SHOULD PAY REPLACEMENT VALUE TO FIX THE DAMAGED PROPERTY BY THEIR INSURED PARTY.

I have been with Farmers for a long time now and had no problems as of yet. They are okay. They were recommended by my parents - my parents also use them. Farmers make it easier to contact and get help if needed. Easier website access too. I will continue to use most likely.

My previous experiences with Farmers Homeowners Insurance company has been rather wonderful. I shopped around and had a couple of policies in mind. These policies didn't give me the coverage to make myself feel safe and secure, but Farmers did. The agents have been rather helpful and help me get what I need.

I'VE had two incidents with this company. The first was in 12-13-10 when we had very hard rain that just soaked our ceiling. This roof was replaced just 9 years ago. Had them come out and all they said was that it was application problem!!! Now this has been holding great for 9 years NOW it's an application problem. On top of that, the adjuster told my wife that she was stupid and she didn't know what she was talking about, that maybe true when it comes to roofing, but no reason to say that to her face. I was working out of town so just felt that insurance company would take care of it. Now on 1-20-15 Another horrible rainstorm came through and you guessed it APPLICATION problem.

That part of the roof has been on for 11 years. Insurance use this term APPLICATION PROBLEM to deny claims like the governments use conspiracy title to round up people to convict. SO look for another insurance company. Or you will have the APPLICATION PROBLEM against you. I told the adjuster that insurance companies, if they offer these policies they should have roofers they consider that do not have APPLICATION PROBLEMS, so the homeowners can pay premiums that they will be worth paying for!!!

DO NOT get insured through FARMERS. My sister has gone through hell with them. They don't like to pay claims out - not fully anyway. I think her claim has been mishandled and their customer service is horrible. Her agent doesn't care that she's been put out.

She owns a condominium in California & her neighbor's garage caught fire. Her condo didn't receive fire damage, but the smoke spread to her garage and caused a lot of smoke damage to her condo and belongings. There was asbestos involved so she had to move out while the damage was repaired. So she's staying in a hotel. Her Farmers Insurance agent told her they could only pay for so many days stay at the hotel - a limited number of days. Now he's saying he made a mistake and that she owes Farmers $900!! Unbelievable. Here she is going through all the stress of being put out of her home and she has pets. I told her to sue Farmers and complain to the BBB. Outrageous!

I've been with Farmers for almost 30 years now. I originally chose it was because the man I married was already using this company for his house and cars. I doubt I'll ever leave! I have my home and auto insurance through them, and they have amazing customer service! They really care about their customers, and it shows. The only thing I dislike actually has to do with the auto insurance. They were very unhappy when 16 year old me totaled my car and for 10+ years they made my mom sign something once a year promising I would not be driving any of the vehicles insured by them... Seems a bit excessive if you ask me.

I have had Farmers homeowner insurance since my first house. My friends warned me of their poor service, but I was too lazy to change to other companies. And now I paid the price. My husband noticed something wrong with the cabinet, a certified plumber soon found out a big leak in a drain pipe inside the wall behind the cabinet and help us file the claim. The Farmers agents were the worst ones ever, and the only thing they provided were helpless and frustration, and of course they found all the excuses to pay nothing. Keep away from Farmers as far as possible!

Farmers insurance covers my property in case something such as a hurricane, tornado, or other natural problem, or even a man-made problem should arise. However, the insurance premiums are too high for the amount of use we get from our policy. It sounds as if I am complaining, but we haven't had to use our policy at all. Price is after all the king when trying to save and we chose Farmers based on this. That sounds cheap, but when all the bills come, you would be glad you have money left.

I had both a renters and auto policy with Farmers. I refinanced my car and changed the lienholder information (required by the lender, of course) without an issue. Then, I moved and changed my renter's insurance (again, required by the landlord). When my auto renewal came months later, I noted that the lienholder was incorrect (it was the original one) and my address was also incorrect.

I live in Moore, OK and after the tornado this past May I noticed my ceiling sagging in the garage and the partition separating my garage was twisted. The roof on my house is only about 5 years old and I'd never had problems with it. I notified Farmer's and they sent the adjuster out who said my policy didn't cover any of this. I had a contractor that a co-worker recommended come out because I felt these damages should be covered. This contractor told my husband the house had quite a bit of structural damage, advised us to contact a structural engineer.

I had Farmers send an adjuster out again and he stated my insurance doesn't cover my damages and insinuated I was being dishonest. I have lived in this home for 17 years and this was my second claim I've ever filed and the first time with this company. Now it's been 10 months since the tornado and the garage ceiling is literally collapsing. I have been unable to contact my agent so I finally called the main office. I was told I no longer have an agent because my agent isn't with Farmers anymore. And my next complaint with them is they took $385 out of my acct for my car ins but the amt should have been around $100 but nobody has yet been able to resolve this issue for me therefore I will be canceling my policies Monday.

Local agents are great and always helpful. However, if you ever find yourself having to go through an underwriter, not so much. For instance if you have an old 50+ year old trick, they'll want maintenance and repair records even if you've always done them yourself.

Farmers offered the best pricing but we have continued with them as our provider because of our agent and the integrity of the company as a whole. Our agent is also very easy to get a hold of and they always answer our questions quickly and honestly. While they do reward you in some ways for being a longstanding customer, I wish there were more incentives for being a loyal, long standing customer with no homeowners claims. But other than that, they are very easy to work with and their pricing is very competitive in the insurance market.

I like the coverage, customer service, price, agent availability and the company has an exceptional reputation and wonderful communication skills. But they could improve the billing process and the way that their online business services are conducted.

I own a home with a mortgage to pay and homeowners insurance is required but I would buy insurance with the mandate. My previous carrier raised my rates each and every period without explaining the reason. Even after calling my company, all I got was a lot nonsense and was not pleased so I changed. Farmers have plans to fit all my needs, fair rates, excellent customer service, great representative who takes time to answer all questions without rushing through the application process. He took lots of time to find the right policy for me and even offered comparisons between plans. The only thing I can think would improve my experience would be lower rates on insurance plans. I live on my Social Security income which is a joke so money is always tight. Lower rates for seniors would be a blessing.

I'm writing this because I have Farmers Insurance for 50 years and when I needed them, my house flooded, get paid nothing. My house was ripped off, burglarized, it ain't nothing. I lost everything in my. I'm now homeless and never paid what they told me for the flooding of the house. They got out of it. Farmers Insurance is nothing but thieves. I could go on this long detailed account of how they sneaked out of every obligation. Years they paid nothing. My home was burglarized and I have replacement value on everything I owned too personal valuables, jewelry, heirlooms. They paid nothing.

Farmers WOULD NOT PAY home roof damages $3,700. Farmers changed ADJUSTERS 3 times during claim process. Adjusters repeatedly claimed coverage was reduced & pro-rated & based on age of home. Policy declaration page clearly stated FULL REPLACEMENT COST. Adjuster continued to stonewall and offered pro-rated reduced payment. Adjuster said "Our computers are set up to pay reduced pro rated amount not full replacement cost." After many months of Farmers' stonewalling and repeatedly changing adjusters, I complained to North Carolina Insurance Commissioner. Only then did I get full payment.

I had filed a claim on my roofing & air condition units as they were destroyed by the storms in the Memphis area around April. However, the claim found that work and damage were done. The approval was done to do the work repairs. I used Tennessee Roofing Professional to do our roofing. They sign a check over for the contractor to get started on the repairs which were advised through our adjuster.

The roofing company was shut down for fraud. Farmers Insurance has not done anything to help with my matter nor did they send any more money to complete the repairs.

My Mom had wind damage to her roof that they will not pay for as promised when she bought the policy years ago. They have done everything they could and used every excuse not to pay for claim. Home insurance covers standard perils like wind, hail, fire, etc. but they won't pay.

My husband owns an automotive business. One night he gets a call saying a DUI driver came through his lot and totaled one vehicle and caused several thousand dollars damage to the other. Their agent offers him $700 on the car that's totaled and $400 on the other!! Why? Because the motor was out and without the motor the car is basically worthless. Excuse me? So, if this was your car sitting outside, waiting for the new motor to be installed, you would be fine with receiving a few hundred dollars? Of course the agent was speechless and only said, "I'm sorry sir, but that's our final offer."

My husband said he would see them in court. The agent said ok and hung up. Luckily our shop insurance is dealing with Farmer's now and will hopefully be able to sort all of this out. It's amazing that anyone use Farmer's Insurance anymore. I have read some pretty horrific stories. I hope they don't get away with only paying $1100 for a drunk driving, hit and run case with two cars that before their driver came along was worth 100x what Farmer's is offering.

I was given false rates by the agent that worked with me. I switched to Farmers because I was referred to by a mortgage company, but this agent quoted prices that were low and also lied about the deductibles with Farmers, when it was not true. Also, the company could not get my online account together until 3 months and also quadrupled my auto policies. This company has no clue what they are doing. They are very inefficient and lack good customer service. Even the district manager is out to gain a buck or two.

Farmer's denied my hail claim while fulfilling neighbors claims with exact damage. Treated very unfairly by Farmers.

This company treated me terrible and didn't care about an emergency situation when a car hit my building and was stuck in the side of it. The fire dept came and told me I had to get out now for fear of collapse. I stayed in motel and had one paid meal there and Farmer's refused to pay the $23 for a meal out, even though I didn't have access to my home, so I had to eat out and I obviously didn't take advantage of it. Farmer's wouldn't pay out anything so I incurred all expenses and anxiety really bad having to be out of my building, not knowing if it would fall, and seeing a car stuck in it.

I recently switched 2 homes to Farmers. First, they try to charge you $25 initiation fees. I told them no way. I was having the monthly amounts taken automatically from my checking and going paperless to avoid 2 to 4 dollars per invoice fees. Then, I am told I cannot do that on one home that is a rental. Next, they take pictures of my houses and try to get me to do certain maintenance and clean up for them. I advised them if they were going to attempt to run my life, they should have so advised me upfront. I am switching to a different company right now. Don't bother with these people.

I had water damage on the home on ** that the claims adjuster denied the claim. He said it wasn't water damage, just sand it and paint it. Now, just today on the 27th of March, he has told us that the home we are living in has not had water damage due to weather and it’s just the roof shingles curling. It’s not covered. It appears to me that Farmers’ claims adjuster do just the opposite of what their commercials describe on TV. Instead, they're trained to not give out claims instead of solving claims. I have never had a claim covered and has been 3 in the last 4 years. There is always something they find on my fault. I'm tired of it. No wonder people are fed up with the insurance companies in this country. To say I'm angry is putting it mildly—I'm furious and I am really seriously thinking about not having insurance. Period. I can save my money to pay for the damages that Farmers does not cover, which is everything. I want someone to do something about a company that lies and cheats its customers. If I did this in my job, I would be fired! Please help.

All insurance premiums are too high. Had to make a claim on homeowners and replacement of part of bathroom after deductible, depreciation, etc still cost me $3300 and that was using lower grade quality than what I had. Should have just put monthly premium under my mattress and I would have saved money.

My parents always used Farmers. My dad's first job when he graduated from college was with Farmers and my grandfather was on the board of directors. I trust them to cover me and pay claims efficiently and fairly. I have been a Farmers customer for 42 years. I have confidence with my local agent who responds quickly to my calls and calls to review my policy every year. Before they did not accept credit cards but they do now so I'm happy.

I insured a residence with Farmers. There was water damage due to a wind driven storm. The Insurance adjuster first claimed it was a leaky pipe and dismissed the claim. Then when Service Pro found it was due to water coming in from the roof, she abruptly dismissed the claim as NO damage from water regardless is paid.

The adjuster right after the incident never called me but called the repair companies to deny the claim. This adjuster was an arrogant, unfriendly, snipe whose only concern was proving her denial. DISGUSTING. Would NEVER use these folks on any of my properties again. This is not homeowners protection. Its worthless. The Farmers methodology is to SOLELY protect Farmers and to attempt to deny any claim.

Every insurance company out there has its advocates and its detractors. That said, there are some common objective standards that should and could be applied in judging insurance companies, after one strips out the outlier issues that cause individuals to either complain or scream approval! These standards include: customer service (#1), empathy (#2), advocacy (i.e. advocate for you in the event of an incident, for e.g. a car accident, #3), follow-through (#4) and resolution (#5).

In 30 years, I've had 4 insurance companies: 20th Century (now 21st Century), State Farm, Progressive and now Farmers. On all the standards above, Farmers is head and shoulders above the rest. Their customer service is superlative. This includes the front-line of contact and the processors. Most of the time, you don't think about your insurance company. It becomes hugely important when you have an accident.

In my case, I am writing after less than a week from a horrific car accident in which I was struck in an intersection by a car at some speed. My high-end car will now be a total loss. From the first report on the accident, Farmers reps have been extraordinarily attentive, very empathetic, have followed-up diligently, and have identified pathways to resolution from the beginning. Because of the insurance I carry, they have assured me at every turn that they are covering all the costs of the rental, the towing, the possible repair (which in this case will now be a write-off) and the ultimate current value of the car. At this point, I am still not sure what that value will come in at, but of one thing I am sure: it will be fair, reasonable and consistent with data. Most important, their follow-through sets a standard, in my experience, of excellence, efficiency and communication with me, the consumer.

My advice to all who interact with insurance companies: be responsive and responsible yourselves first. Make sure you can gather and provide data wherever possible. None of the companies has overarching policies that they transmit internally to ensure that they use to diminish their responsibility or that they stiff you (despite this being the dominant impression among consumers). Each case is in fact a judgement, based on data and facts, and consistent with their actuarial and other data.

Second, don't treat them as adversaries. They are in business to minimize loss and maximize profit. There is nothing inherently evil or wrong in this mission. If you start out with an attitude of entitlement, without recognizing their need to establish facts, and the burden of liability, and the specifics of your policy (which you should read thoroughly), then it won't end well. Bottom line for me: Farmers is by far the best insurance company I have had. I have them for home and car (2-car family, so both cars are insured).

I have had the same problem with Farmers. They refused to send another adjuster after I contacted a roofing company to re-evaluate their review. I have a policyholder for 15 years. The same adjuster gave the same story as her first time. This time she said that FARMERS had recently changed what she called "triggers" as part of their review. Then she said that Farmers had a new policy that would cover such damage. I had replacement value but it seemed to be no good anymore---WARNING TO ALL.

Each mailing from Farmers is just another "WE WON'T COVER THIS" announcement. If it is just fire insurance, then the costs should not be this high. I was in a flood zone (NOT) and never had a chance of flooding. But the people on the river flood every other year. WHO is paying for that: me. This is another big scam on a long list of scams that the insurance industry perpetrates. But I love my local office and the people there, trying to make an honest living in a dishonest industry.

I can't trust Farmers insurance to insure my properties. For over ten tears I was with AAA insurance and was very happy with them. 5 years ago a good friend of mine's wife became a Farmers agent. He asked me if I can switch to Farmers and give his wife the business. I agreed and I switched. I insured my home, autos, rental property, and a business. I have been with them for over 5 years until few days ago, I sent a notice to my agent to cancel my insurance policies. My cancellation has nothing to do with agent. It is the claim department and specifically the adjuster is the reason.

I filed a claim 5 months ago for vandalism incident which happened in the business, and for all that time, all what I am getting is the runaround from the adjuster and the claim department. For the last five months all what I have been doing is supplying them with document one after the other they are asking me for. They are trying to find any excuse not to pay the claim. They have not come forward and tell me why they are doing what they are doing. All what I hear that they are still investigating the incident. I feel I have been screwed big time by this Farmers Insurance. This experience with Farmers insurance is the worse I have had.

I wanted a company that take out the time to explain the policy with me. I wanted a insurance company that I could trust and know that when I needed them, they would be there for me and my family. Also to give us the most appropriate insurance needed for our home and property. I like Farmers' customer service and the quick response when you have a problem or just need an answer to a problem. But I wish more business could be completed online have more options online. I also wish there were more physical locations available so that I could sit down face to face with the agent.

My basement finished bedroom has been used mostly for storage. I noticed that the carpet outside the bedroom door was wet. After investigating where the water was coming from. It was discovered that a water line going through the closet was leaking water. It was determined that a copper joint had sprung a leak. It had been going on for a few days. Farmers Insurance adjuster came and said the water damage would not be covered because the pipe did not burst. If it had burst much more damage would have occurred. However, my claim was denied. This seems to me to be ridiculous policy. I will not recommend Farmers Insurance to anyone. Who knows what else they won't cover. I plan to cancel my homeowners policy and my Auto Insurance policy with this company since they have lost my trust in them as a company.

I asked for a quote 3 months ago from ** of Farmers Insurance located at 15233 Ventura Blvd. Ste 400 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-2217. He gave me a fire quote, not a home quote, so I went elsewhere. Since then, he has been sending endless emails to get me to sign. He even keeps bothering my mortgage company for my personal phone number since he knows I have a mortgage. The idiot must know you can't have a mortgage without home insurance, so he knows I went with someone else. The guy's a joke.

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