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Farmers Renters Insurance
Farmers Renters Insurance

Farmers Renters Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

The agent was easy to work with. Price and coverage were fantastic. It gives peace of mind knowing all our belongings are covered. Also gave us temporary living costs if the rented property is unusable. We never had the opportunity to file a claim. We have peace of mind knowing that if we had a claim to file our Farmers agent will handle everything for us. There were a wide variety of options to cover our rented premises. Their pricing allowed us to get top rated coverage for less and make certain all our items were fully covered. We had full replacement cost on all our belongings. Additional coverage gave us a hotel and temporary living expenses in case of a loss.

The customer service was very helpful, very thorough and always seemed ready to help and make my service more enjoyable whether there was an issue or not. Very good service all the time. They were very kind, always took care of claims right away and would ask about what the problem was and would say how sorry they were too. They seemed to care.

There were choices for me to choose so I was very happy as I didn't have to just pay for a policy. I was able to look at policy prices and deductibles as well. The coverage was wonderful as I felt taken care of like I wouldn't have to worry in case anything happened. I felt very safe with it. The coverage gave me a piece of contentment and like if anything unexpected happened I would be OK.

They were very helpful and answered any questions I had, made sure my coverage was affordable since I was on a very tight budget at the time of my coverage. I've never had to file a claim for anything. But I'm sure if I had to, they would help me through whatever my needs would have been. I know in the past with any question I had and had to call, I would get my answer either that day or the next.

Easy to work with on phone and in person. Very affordable rates. Easy website to find and navigate. Very knowledgeable staff and very personable. They have very knowledgeable staff that helps claims process quick and easy. I received payment from a claim in 2 days. They are experienced staff that help a lot. They have many policy options giving the customer many different kinds of coverage and for the cheapest rates possible. Very easy to choose what is needed because of courteous staff. The coverage is adequate to cover all needs that you will need. They offer lots of different options and types of coverage and have the staff trained to help you.

I've been with Farmers for 2 years. Don't know what happened to the girl ** that was my agent so been working with the lady that answered their phone ** for the last 7 months. I let them do the automatic pay and my bill was never what I was told it should be. A little over 2 years ago I was buying and selling cars. Every time I bought a car, I called my car insurance agent and would add the car to my policy. When I sold a car - same thing, called my agent had it taken off. Well I want one car taken out of storage and put the other in, not hard you would think. No I have added on the policy 3 more kinds of insurance and towing, towing I had on the one I had been driving but the car was a crap car why the heck would I add uninsured motorist, property insurance and towing which then created many policy changes I got charged for.

I wanted to see how much renters insurance was, the next thing I know they took 690.00 out of my bank for one month. Found out 200 was for renters insurance I signed nothing for that. Called **. She told me when she called back I was 4 months in the good then the next month they took another 300 and something. What the heck then I'm being charged. Then there's a policy move for over 200. I've been living here for over two years and after over 1100 dollars I supposedly have no insurance. I will never do autopay with any body again. There are so many changes and charges that I did not ask for. 9 policy changes in one month 8 in another trying to understand. Farmers bill is as bad and confusing as my electric bill.

It's a great insurance company that I've used for years. It's really a go-to for all insurance need if you are in need of a good plan. I would recommend this service to everyone. Processing claims is fast and easy. Soon after application is filed follow all procedures and everything is taken care of by the insurance. Policy option is great. Build cash value that can be used overtime. This is a must for any family who has a home & needs & is looking for great coverage. The coverage builds over times that can be used so this is a great plan and insurance that covers all needs for a home owner. Recommend this overall.

Insurance is a confusing topic and our Farmers representative was able to simplify the terminology and policy into ways we could easily understand. All of the paperwork involved is simple. All of the options are designed to suit your needs and provide the best coverage you will need for peace of mind. Our coverage left us feeling like we made the right choice. The coverage is designed to protect us and give us the peace of mind that all renter should want. Sure it's extra money to pay but insurance is a necessary item to have.

It is very convenient using the chat functions for any questions or concerns I might have regarding my policy. I have yet to need to use their claims processing department but having the ability to do everything online would make it very convenient. I can just go online and submit my claim in a few easy steps There were a few different tiers of coverage that my husband and I could choose from. We have a very unique living arrangement living in a house of a family member who has home owners but we were able to choose a renter coverage for us. The coverage option is great. It covers all our belongings from head to toe. It is a breath of fresh air to have this extra coverage and peace of mind when renting because we never know what can happen.

40 years of good customer paying never had a Renter Claim. Over years of paying I've paid over the years, but when I put in the claim with a Cherise **, this lady or so called lady had an attitude since the start. They come out nice & then send you 25 page document to fill out, make you feel like a criminal. Anyway after calls into the office she is always out of the office and leaves messages she will be back on Friday. When she never calls back or WTF, is going on with your progress. Final not my loss was in excess of $37.500 with a $25.000 limit. This company only settles for $17.500. Why have renter insurance waste of money & the claim adjuster are worthless especially Cherise.

Customer service took forever. They hardly understood anything on what I was trying to say to them when filing a claim. My claim process became extremely long with this company. Very dissatisfied. Had my adjuster come out and told me I would receive my money with a week to 10 business day. Wrong! It took almost 3 months for them to settle on an amount that I was comfortable with. Their policy was worded perfectly. I could completely understand every little thing. My recommendation to everyone... Always read the small print. Coverage was okay. It was a little high than usual, but I was always told the more you pay for something the better quality you get. However, that was very unlikely with this company.

Their customer service was very good. They were always quick to answer any questions that I had. They were always polite and courteous whenever I called or saw them in person. They had quite a few different policy options to chose from. The had ones with high coverages all the way down to lower coverage amounts to meet all your coverage needs. I was pretty happy with their coverage. I felt like I had the right amount of coverage for the stuff that I needed coverage for. The price was decent as well.

Customer service representatives from farmers are very polite, knowledgeable and professional. If you need a basic coverage option I would suggest to go with farmers. I was completely satisfied with the coverage I got from farmers and the price I paid. The claim processing was very quick and hasselfree. There was no delay in the claim processing and was handled by them for most of the part. The policy options are very satisfying and I got the coverage that I was looking for. They suggest policy options with you to help you make the decision in choosing the policy. Best price for the coverage.

They were helpful in picking out the insurance type that best fit my needs. They did a good job of explaining what is covered under the policy. I never had to use the claims process; however, it seemed easy enough to use based upon the explanation I got from the agent. Your experience may be different. They had a replacement cost of insurance option. It worked by reimbursing damaged or stolen items at the value needed to replace the item. Overall I was satisfied with the coverage provided. It was affordable and covered most everything it needed too. The agents were friend and knowledgeable.

Happy with our Renters insurance with Farmers Insurance company and representatives. They are always checking with us about every couple of months to see if we are happy with our coverage or to notify us if there are new ways for us to save or to notify us of any changes. We are always receiving gifts from them as well as birthday and Christmas cards. If we compare and find any lower rates or monthly premiums, then they will look at it and match it. We have had our policy with Farmers for around 10 years and do not have any plans to change anytime soon.

Had good experience with the company. There were no issues or concerns. If I had a question they were quick to answer the question to my satisfaction. I was given directly to the person who could best answer my question and never got passed around and given the runaround when I had a question or a concern. Luckily I never had to make a claim but I am sure they would have handled it with the utmost concern for me, for my family, and for any others who may have been affected. I have no doubt that it would have been handled in a timely and courteous manner.

The whole process was very easy and it was at a cost that I could afford. I really had no issues at all and was able to choose what was best for my budget without much trouble at all. My policy covered as much as I needed it to and at a good price. I never had to worry about whether or not I would have to come up with the finances to cover any loss as I knew the coverage with help with that situation.

Very quick to suit your needs. The staff very well mannered and professional. Hardly ever a wait. I'd recommend to my family and friends. Was asked about my issues and helped, asked if I needed help with anything else I hadn't mentioned. Claims processing was a breeze. Stated my claim and it was processed very quickly, no delays. People were very polite. I didn't feel bad about anything like I thought. I was very comfortable. Policy options were chosen to fit my needs. Although I was asked about every option they were explained thoroughly and we decided together what would be best. Very satisfied with the coverage I got. The people help a great deal. It came in handy when it came down to making a claim. Once again I'd recommend it.

Coverage good but they take their sweet ** time. They think that we have the money and had to pay for the hotel for almost a month out of my pocket and didn't even pay me back and the policy supposed to cover everything. Didn't even cover my plasma TV game console which I had receipts for and everything. My car was damage too and didn't even want to cover that since they said the fire was self started. Yeah left a candle on but didn't do it on purpose. Just because the way I look stereotypes damn white people. Just cause I bald and look like a gang members but yet I more raising my son alone and have been since he was born. Wish I could sue their assessment.

Their customer service agent guy told bunch of jokes to make me laugh and was completely professional and got the job done in decent amount of time. The claims processing is extremely good and reliable and is inexpensive and quick and easy and the people was friendly and professional and got the job done. Their policy options is extremely great and inexpensive and affordable and covered everything and fixes the house I am renting when it got damaged from intense rain and flooding. Extremely quickly and professionally reliable.

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