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When I call back the person who called at his/her extention never answer. The voice massage says sign the documents to activate your account. I don't received documents. What documents you're talking you're talking about, abd how you charge me for three months if my account is not working. I'm canceling both my wife and my policies Thank you,
Canceled policy and did follow up... they have no record after emailing 2x! Very disappointed
The setup seemed seamless. However that was not the case. The guy who signed me up was no longer employed a week later. Which is always a bad sign. My address and family information was incorrect and I had to talk to another rep to try and square that away. Or so I thought. Turns out it wasn't. Went on the website and my address was still incorrect, even after I changed it my self through edit features. Weird. Talked to a third rep. updated address again and attempted to add my daughters as riders. Needless to say, that didn't work either. Went on the website, now my address was one that was really old. Where did THAT come from. Called a fourth time and was switched around too many times so I hang up. So web policy showed no riders. I had to edit address again my self. And I've still NEVER received anything in the mail regarding my policy. SHOCKER! Who knows if they mailed it, or if they did, where it ended up. Scary. My personal information in strangers' hands. Not to mention their website doesn't load well or work properly on mobile devices. It is barely up to date on a desktop. I will probably be switching to another company as soon I get a satisfactory deal elsewhere. This is pathetic in 2018. 10/24/2018 Update. I was contacted by several associates of Fidelity in what seemed like an earnest attempt to resolve my frustrations. Well I am still not happy. I still have received no Policy Packet even after confirming the proper address multiple times. The website still has Ice Age residue. Forget mobile compatibility. And the latest infraction has hammered the nail in the coffin. I never authorized automatic withdraw with Fidelity. Yet this month the premium came out to my surprise without me manually paying. Now my account is in possible overdraft when I had intentions to pay for this month with a different card which is why I declined auto payments when I signed up. So now I feel like just because you have my card info, you just TAKE my money as you see fit. NO. I will be demanding a refund and cancellation of this policy. I am done with Fidelity. The only reason this is not a one star is because everyone I dealt with was very polite.
Impossible to get ahold of the representative from fidelity who left me a somewhat cryptic message about possible changes to my policy. I have called many times and left messages and after a week still have not heard back from representative.
So far so good. I've only been with the company for 2 months. No complaints.
Absolutely impossible grab your money for over ten years no contact from them and still continue to increase your premiums. Had a broker take over the policy from Tower and from there no contact, I had made contact with the person and explaind that I have heard nothing from him and I need to know that are we still cover and if our polices are all in order and most of all update our pollicies ( well that was mission inposible ) I had told him not to bother as it was very hard for him to come to us so I call Fadelity to be told by the recepsionest they are still trying to find a person to take over our policies and take care of us and we are still covered but she has know idea what has changed but only usume that we are covered It has been over a month and still nothing NOW my concern is that if something happens are we still covered and are these JOKERS going to have all the excuses under the sun to avoied paying out if something goes wrong. Time to take this further
They helped me with what I needed.
The folks were great to deal with. We needed to have a physical and it was schedule at a time and place that was CONVENIENT for us. The policy was issued in a timely manner and we are very happy.
Do not trust this life ins company! With a deceptive sales tactic already in place on day 1, how can you trust years of your life insurance with this greedy company? On 09/08/2017, I was inquiring on life ins quotes from AIG, Globe, and Fidelity. After talking to AIG and Globe, I called Fidelity, and hesitantly agreed on giving the agent my bank acct info, being assured that my bank will not be debited until I have my blood drawn. After reviewing the quotes form the 3 companies, I decided not to go with Fidelity because they will charge the highest premium with exactly the same terms as the other 2. I decided to not schedule my blood draw, and yet, Fidelity charged me for 4 consecutive months of $62 each for a policy that I was misled to agree, and in fact, did not even agree to. Since Oct 2017, I have been in contact with another Fidelity agent who was (supposedly) helping me with my refund after she understood what happened to me. She gave me a number to call for the refund, and another agent on that Dept gave me a fax number to submit the written request for refund, and was told that it will take them 5 business days to process it. After 3 follow up calls on the status of the refund, I was finally told that there is no "notes on the system about the refund" and the agent said that no refund will be forthcoming because I agreed on the policy. I did not argue, because he is evidently not the proper person to pick my fight. If this happened to me, Fidelity must have victimized Americans who were merely inquiring for quotes by the numbers...even just 1 month or few of cunningly collecting from us, those already add up! Beware!
Excellent customer service provided by Fhilp, he went the extra mile to ensure that my policy was taken care of and I have piece of mind.
My husband and I were looking for a life insurance policy and didn't want to spend a fortune or have to jump through hoops to get approved for a policy. Well, my husband was approved instantly without a medical exam, I was approved after medical exam which happened within a week. Everyone was extremely helpful along the way, and feel we were approved with great coverage with ease. So far I recommend fidelity and the co companies involved to anyone looking for life insurance at a great cost.
They were fast and curtious. Helped me get the best deal.
Very easy. No hassles. Good communication. Friendly and helpful staff.
Easy to apply! Approval was is less than 20 min with no medical exam and a great rate
Fidelity life wrote policy quickly and prices were reasonable for 51year old. Customer service was always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend.
They were really friendly
Customer service was great and the process was very easy. Nothing was complicating and I appreciate that a lot.
Immediate coverage and quick response on everything.
customer service was great and it was easy to set up.
The process of acquiring life insurance was seamless!
I cancelled my policy because I asked for whole life not term life I have not received my refund yet.
Excellent customer service. Courteous representatives. They kept me up-to-date during the entire process.
Great. Fast easy no problems what so ever
Been with Fidelity for 20 yrs absoluteiy excellent dealing with them while paying our premiums, all turned to custard once claim was submitted this now 2 time with diagnoses from Rheumatoid SPECIALIST which they have dismissed . Watch this space , will now engage medical lawyer .
Great to work with and very helpful
was misinformed by rep initially.
Very professional and friendly personal
Great Term Life products. Fidelity saved me over $300 in annual premium for a 10 year 25K policy. Personnel I spoke with were Professional, Knowledgeable about Fidelity products, Courteous, and explained everything in great detail. I would recommend Fidelity to anyone.
Excellent service thank you for everything going smoothly
good Good LIfe Cover policy Easy to work with
Smooth process and very helpful.
Good customer service..
I have a great interview she was courteous.
very responsive and easy to work with. great communication amongst the various departments and my application was processed quickly.
The process was very easy. I was able to get the coverage that I needed at an affordable price.
Very professional and timely in getting me the life insurance that I was requesting. Answered all of my questions and then some! Would highly recommend getting your life insurance through them!!
Keep up the excellent work