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The worst! My car been in the auto shop for over a month sitting there with thick dust because of lack of response and duties from Fiesta Insurance. I pay my full coverage every month to be treated like this. So sad, if only I would of known. I have been on foot along with a child and disabled brother. You can keep calling the insurance Fiesta Company but they lied about getting things done when they say they going to get things going for you.

I got a one-year auto policy with Fiesta and paid in full for the whole year policy. But the agent did not make my full payment to the company and until my husband got to an accident, that’s when we find out that we don't have insurance. We only have one month of insure for the whole time we thought we were insured.

I am a college student and I decided to go and pay my insurance before I went to college to study for a history finals. Bad idea! This lady, who said she was new and that she just had three days working there, took almost 40 minutes to make my payment. Incredible! OMG! I told her to hurry up in a polite way. Yet, she did ask for her but took 40 minutes to only make the payment for me. Next time, I will just do it online or something. This happened in Oxnard, CA.

They were advertising same day checks, and the customer service rep made it seem like I could get a check today... So I paid 300 dollars for them to file my taxes, despite the 29.99 start up fee, because I was in dire need of a check... I would not have signed the paperwork or filed with them if it wasn't for the same day check. After all was done though, I was told I have to wait till the 29th to get my check!! Today is the 17th and I have no food or money till then... I never would have paid them 300 dollars without the lure of the same day check, as I could of got my money faster through another company, like TurboTax, and wouldn't have to had paid 300 dollars!!! I totally got scammed, and don't know how I'm gonna survive till the 29th!!! I'M VERY DISSATISFIED WITH THIS PLACE!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!

AMAX is the worst company you could ever possibly want. I took out a policy over the phone. Come to find out when I had a claim they forged all my documents from application all the way through process! They forged my name to refusing PIP and UM coverage. I have eight forged documents in my hand. The mgr of the branch admitted to doing it. The funny thing is on the documents it is the head of operations stamped name that he went over all this documentation with me being present orally and written. The only time I have ever been to their office was once to pick up a copy of the fraudulent documents. Never have met the man or the agent before that.

Absolutely criminal and fraud at its worst. I am going to file criminal charges against them. I hope someone will hold them accountable for what they have done! They should be shamed in every way possible. If you have a policy with them I would get copies because you may have been frauded as well!

I decided to purchased an auto policy from Fiesta Auto Insurance because the owner of the business was my classmate and come from same country therefore I thought she won't rip me off or hurt me. I never heard about Fiesta in USA before but I recognize the business owner. On June 16th, 2014, she sold me a full insurance policy for $2000,00 with a decent coverage that I paid her cash money. I made my research and find that I paid too much over for the insurance and I went to her to have a copy of my policy, she couldn't find it at the moment and she told me that her daughter will get me a copy as she was the one who wrote the policy. I had the copy but totally different than what I had before. I forgot my copy in New York.

I had an incident back January and I been told by my lawyer I only have $10000 only for property damage when I thought I have $100.000/300.000. I have my passenger window that had broken from an attempted robbery on December 29th last year and there wasn't no glass coverage when I thought I have coverage. Fiesta/Infinity don't fix my window.

They changed everything on my behalf without my consent, I am asking why did I paid $2000 for a policy when I don't have no coverage. Because of my age and the time frame I had been driving my car insurance should be lower. I don't know for here in New York, every year my insurance getting lower every year. Even my sons don't paid $2000 for insurance. I felt rip off and a kind of fraud. Now they charged me 2581,00 for a policy. Please I need a response.

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