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Had a leak and they took care of it with no issues
I am experiencing many problems with FAHW. Had a plumbing problem a week ago and it is still not resolved. I was promised call backs and they never happened, The plumber they sent me told me certain things were not covered and he needed $75. more. He snaked my problem and the head of his snake came off in my drain. He said I had to find the cleanout by punching holes in my basement ceiling, which I did. I called FAHW with that news and they said they did not cover providing an access to the cleanout and that it was probably behind the paneling. I now have 6 holes in my ceiling and 2 in my wall and I found the access. Then MATT from FAHW called and said they did cover the access. I called yesterday and Joel told me someone would call in 4 - 8 hours with a resolution. NOONE has called. I have been with FAHW for many years
We have had First American for many years. They have upgraded the quality of their contractors. If they continue to do that, they may get 5 stars next time.
First contractor was given incorrect address, then made an appointment but didn't show up and couldn't be reached after that. Second contractor was assigned and came out to fix problem but caused another problem, and First American has not resolved the issue. It has been 3 weeks since my initial call to First American.
Five stars. Excellent response to repair calls.
Have used the service a few times and have found that you must keep a close watch on the service to make sure the repair is effective. I had one issue where three contractors came and none could fix the problem.
First american home warranty sucks , its a rip off, please read the contract very carefully, there will be lot of fine prints which you may not understand even if you read. The contract is unethical and the home warranty was hardly useful to me.
Jimmy with DrainGo is excellent
We did not expect to have to use the home warranty, but we did: both the refrigerator and the heat pump started acting up with only weeks left in the warranty. And when we contacted First American, we expected lots of hassles-- but there were none! First American could not have been easier, more friendly, more helpful, or more professional. Both problems were fixed right away! We'd recommend them to anyone!
Good communication with vendor.
Great professionals excellent service
I have nothing negative to say about First American Home Warranty. Every claim I submitted was taken care of in a professional manner. Although I did not renew, it was due to cost and cost alone.
We've been a customer for 10.5 years and have always been more than satisfied with your service. From a new oven to a new water heater and just recently a new dishwasher, the communication and installation have been all that we could ever ask. Thanks, John Douglass
Yes, I’m satisfied, though my issue is not resolved yet. The plumber is supposed to get back to me to schedule another visit to finish the problem.
Both servicemen were on time, knowledgeable and friendly. I was very relieved to have Sears repairman!
No problems encountered with reporting my needs at that time.
Had the house only two months, and found some things that clearly weren't working (Electrical, Plumbing and Heat). First American approved all the work without any argument. The selected contractors were awesome, and having all of this done, in a city that I am not familiar with, was fantastic for my peace of mind.
We have had excellent service on all appointments. Our only complaint was with the garage door company.
I requested for a service invoice from the appliance company that came out and evaluate my appliance, never got it and the appliance was not fixed and I was charged for service I never got.
Good service. It needs to make sure their representatives are more informed about policies and coverage.
I am happy with First American and what they offer but have been increasingly unhappy with the caliber of people who have been sent out to my home. These companies need to be better screened to weed out the unprofessional ones who are a poor representative of your company name.
We have had First American Home Warranty for several years and have always had excellent service. HOWEVER, I would like to register a complaint we recently had with hot water heater. I received an email from First American that the heater was authorized to be either repaired or replaced. DrainGo was the service provider. First American authorized $550 to replace heater. Cody was the person assigned with DrainGo. At the initial visit, Cody stated that it would need to brought up to code which was from $500-600. No written estimate stating that we would be responsible for the additional costs. After installing the heater, we were presented a bill for $585. I was upset that this was never acknowledged to us. We are 80 years old and on a fixed income. I assumed the warranty company was covering all but the $75.00 service fee. Cody was very rude to me and when I called and talked to the manager of the Nashville office, he was very rude to me also. I was on my cell phone and had the speaker on and my daughter heard the conversation also. To say the least, we are very dissatisfied and will never use DrainGo again and may even cancel with First American. Communication should have been better!!!
Quick appointment
For 3 years, I never had any issues
Best experience I could possibly have had. Looking forward to the next clogged drain!
I have been using first American Home Warranty for 10 years and had good service only one time not good service so far so good and I recommended them to several friends
A recursive plumbing problem showed up. This leaking problem should have been fixed last time.
Following several years of satisfactory service provided by First American Home Warranty, the result of my latest service request has been unsatisfactory. On 12/11/2016, I submitted a service request for my over the range Whirlpool microwave which was not working. The job was assigned to Major Home Appliance Service, and a service representative came to my home, inspected the microwave, removed a fuse, informed me that the defective fuse caused the problem and he would return when his company received a replacement fuse. I phoned the contractor’s office during the week of 12/19/2016 and was advised that the holiday mail resulted in delivery delays, and she recommended that I call back after Christmas. On 1/9/2017, I received an email from First American, checking on the status of my service request, and inquiring if the service call was complete. Following my negative response, the issue was assigned to Ashley Garred, Claim Manager. Based on a report and prognosis from Major Home Appliance Ms. Garrard informed me that First American determined the Whirlpool Microwave would be replaced by an Amana Microwave with similar features, efficiency, and capacity. On 2/1/2017, I received a status update, informing me that a replacement appliance had been ordered, and I would be contacted to arrange delivery and installation. I was also advised that the appliance was not returnable. On 2/3/2017 a service representative arrived with the Amana Microwave, determined that the space was inadequate for installation, and left the microwave in the carton in the middle of my kitchen floor. The Amana microwave was described as a replacement for the existing appliance, which was installed under a cabinet, above a gas range and met all clearance specifications. For reference, the existing Over the Range Frigidaire/Whirlpool Microwave Oven, Model Number FMV157GC, is 15 ½“ high, 29 ¾” wide and 14 ¾” deep. As per the installation instructions, there are 66” from the floor to the top of the microwave; the bottom edge of the kitchen cabinet under which the microwave is installed is 30” from the stove cooking surface, and there are 2” between the lower back of microwave and the top, back of the gas range. So you ask for my opinion of First American’s service, on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being highest, my level of satisfaction is 1.5
Plumber was quick to respond and got he leak fixed right away.
I have very good service with the home warranty. Always prompt.
fast great service
My request for a plumber to check out a non functioning waste disposal was done via phone in mid morning. The assigned Plumber called me and was here to replace by late afternoon! Good service.
Agent was quick and efficent. Job done quickly. Great follow up. Will recommend insu rance company to friends. Thanks, Asha Sachdeva
I had an issue with my AC. The company worked hard to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. When I have needed to use the service for appliance repairs, plumbing, garage door repair it was giving to a reputable company and was repaired with 48 hours, sometimes 24. I have been with the company for over five years and am a satisfied customer.
I really like this company and how fast they get someone to come and fix the appliance or have it replaced in a very good timely manner
I feel safer in my recently purchased older house. I have already had a few things that needed to be looked at and I have been pleased with the process thus far.
Received no response from first plumber even after two urgent phone calls during the day, but fortunately warranty service called back in early evening and had a plumber onsite within an hour. I thought it was fixed after being here in 2 hours, but they had to return next day after problem returned. But warranty service paid for it all except deductible!
FAHW is the best !!!! Swift efficient great replacement products
Had plumbing problem, water backing up from washer and in kitchen. Contractor came out, he couldn't get the cap of the cleanout off, did not have the right tools. Very unprofessional
Overall this is a good company . One of the better ones. Thru the years we have been happy with there service.
It was fast but the installation was half -way done.was told to do it myself.
I've had nothing but great experiences with First American directly, as well as the contractors used by FA.
We have been really happy with First American Home Warranty. They have done a great job for us during the few claims we have had.
I been waiting over a month to get my refrigerator fixed , keep getting the run around . Meanwhile been eating at restaurants for a month.
First American Home Warrant service is excellent. You can trust a fast response from them. However, you can not always trust what the repair company that FAHW sends out tells you. If your item is not fixed on the first visit from the repair-report that event on your dashboard under the open ticket #. Some repair companies will tell you if the 'repaired item fails within 30 days to call them directly and not to contact FAHW'-don't do that! Go to your dashboard and report the failure directly to FAHW. If you don't, delays and extra cost can occur.
I always love First American. Its my title company of choice
It has the lowes deductible around home warranty firms but, it can make very difficult a simple appointment. Some of their contractors are irresponsible. I have had a few issues but they have resolved them after a few complains.
They came thru for me, when I needed them most! A/C went out.1st tech didn't figure it out. 2nd tech did. Said condenser had to be replaced. It was hot & humid! 1st American approved & new A/C was installed in a couple of days. Hope their future service request hold true, too.Thank you 1st American.
Very responsive - professional - friendly & did just as they said. I’d have no problem recommending this company
Always prompt service with every call
Sometimes takes a while for contractor to respond.
I love having First American Home Warranty. I am comforted by the coverage and also like the skill of the men who have serviced our appliances. My only complaint is that from the time it takes from the initial call to the individual companies calling back to make the appointment and also coming to our house for repair. With one company in particular, if I call them, they don't answer their phone.
The service call fee is too expensive.
WORTHLESS, LYING REPS AT FIRST AMERICAN!! 2014: FAHW sent a rep to check heater. He said it was cracked and leaked carbon monoxide but FAHW wouldn't replace it. 6/21/2018: AC quit in 106 temps, electrical surges inside house so we paid for HVAC & electrical assessments. Electrician FAHW sent STARTED ELECTRICAL FIRE at AC power box from repeatedly holding down breaker while it arced. HVAC condemned both AC & heater saying it gave us carbon monoxide poisoning for years. FAHW didn't like that, so they stalled and sent another HVAC tech days later to reassess. He also condemned it, saying he'd lose his license if he allowed anyone to use it; it was too dangerous. I'm completely home-bound, with home health nursing for 5 months, so after getting the run around, FAHW finally said this was an emergency and would be handled quickly. 7/6/2018: Everyone at FAHW took the WEEK off for July 4th while I sit in an unairconditioned house in 109 temps outside, 85 inside with 45% humidity after suffering 2 strokes a few months ago. We've contacted FAHW every way possible and rarely get a person to speak with, and when we do, they lie to us to get us off the phone. We did get one phone call July 5th from the electrician who started the fire. He lied and said he worked for FAHW and wanted to know what was going on. Not only did he start a fire out of stupidity, but now he calls to harrass us and lie to us to find out if we're blaming him for the fire. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE at FAHW! Their emergency status means NOTHING! My health means NOTHING! Customer service means NOTHING! THREE WEEKS+ and they have done NOTHING to fix this! Antonio Bomar (FAHW rep) LIED to us saying FAHW never got the second report condemning the units. I confirmed those were repeatedly sent on 6/28, the day after he assessed units. Constant lies and stall tactics from FAHW!!! 7/9/2018: 9:40 am Because of this review, I just got a call from a 3rd HVAC contractor, who said FAHW submitted an EMERGENCY ticket to assess the AC for the THIRD TIME!!! They already have 2 assessments, 2 reports, 2 separate HVAC companies condemning the units! It's time to suit or get off the pot! ORDER NEW UNITS & INSTALL THEM NOW! How many ways can FAHW screw this up?
Yes I will recommend First American Home Warranty
We've had 4-5 claims since we moved into our house last year. Every time First American has done a fantastic job of getting our problems solved quickly! So glad we bought our Warranty program!
First American Home Warrenty, is a highly acceptable business that supports home owners with repairs.
Very reliable service great. Would recommend to anyone who wanted a home warranty. Will be renewing when our 1 year is up. Thanks so much for the excellent service!!!
Everything was great. They were quick to get us taken care of. Water heater went out, and it was fixed the next day. The contractor they hired was very professional and knowledgeable. Only bad thing, if you want to call it bad, was the language barrier with the FAHW call center.
Draingo was absolutely customer orientated. They really had more than they could hardly do but still came to my home to repair my water heater after hours. It was almost 8 pm before he could get to me but came anyway. They were courteous, professional and fast. I appreciate how they handled my claim.
I have had 2 issues this past month. First being a plumbing problem with garbage disposal. It was taken care of within 2 days, however, the second was an electrical problem that I waited for 2 1/1 weeks. Both were taken care of satisfactorily however.
Our oven went out and the warranty refused to cover it, as notified by the service tech after the visit. It was never explained why the oven repair was not covered, but seems like a basic item that should fall under the warranty. Otherwise, why have the warranty at all? The warranty did assist (limited price reduction, still had to pay) with changing the locks, so that is the reason the rating is not a 1 star..
I decided not to renew my contract with FA as I have consistently found their responsiveness to time sesnsitive issues (i.e. Refrigerator stopped working, AC went out during the summer). First you have to wait for someone to call you to schedule an appointment to diagnose the issue (not fix it). Then schedule another appointment for them to come back and fix it, assuming they have the requisite skills needed to do so. When my refrigerator went out, it took over a week to get it fixed. It only got fixed then because I called a repairman myself to come fix it who I had to pay $500. The vendors FA sent out misdiagnosed the issue and could not fix my refrigerator. This is only one example of the horrible experiences I've had with Fist American. Never will I refer any business to them.
I called in to First Am to see if a plumbing issue would be covered under the terms of the warranty contract. The rep asked me to send in a picture which I did. After reviewing it, the rep stated the repair is covered and I put in a work order. When the contractor arrived, the assessed the hose bib and stated they would have to check to see if it was covered. So the contractor called First Am which now states the repair is not covered. Took a week of messaging to finally get an answer back from First Am, but now they state it should not be covered, after first approving it. I argued that since the originally approved it, they should go ahead and fix it !!!! But they refuse. Stay away from this company. I am going to cancel all of my contracts with them !!!!
I have had to call three times for the same problem, which has not yet been resolved. Only now have they assigned me a case manager. I also had to wait close to 20 minutes on hold just for them to tell me that they are going to schedule the same repairman to come out. I am losing my faith in this company.
They handled everything fast and the problem was fixed the next day
I have been very satisfied with the services provided by First American Home Warranty. The company is prompt in responding to my requests for service. The representatives are courteous and helpful. I have been a customer for many years.
Every time I have a problem you follow up and make sure we get what we need. Right now we are waiting for our AC to be fixed..
Great service. 5 Stars
Andre from Ramb's Appliance was right on time for my appointment. I think he still needs another part. He's such a gentleman! Thank you Warranty Company. H. Justice
I have found that First American doesn't always hire knowledgeable techs to perform their service. Also, First American most often will only replace parts with the most inexpensive ones, even though the part needing to be replace is of much higher quality.
The tech you sent was very knowledgeable.
The only thing that kept them from 5 stars would be response time of the subcontractors and AHW has sometimes been too slow.
I’m pleased I picked your company
There was more of a problem reviewing the good work done by the companies for Fist American than the people sent to fix the problem.
I have had reoccurring plumbing and appliance issues.
Absolutely a pleasant company to work withj
AWFUL experience! If I could give it zero stars I would. I had a water leak in my closet and I called on Friday. The message said i should hear from someone within 3 hours. I woke Saturday morning with no missed calls. I called again. And they said that no contractor had been assigned to my claim. That It could take up to 8hrs. I hadn’t hear anything all day and I called back st 8pm and they said the people who handle that stuff were gone and I would have to call back the next day. Meanwhile my house is still leaking water and this warranty company doesn’t cover the damages caused by the leak. They only cover the cost of the plumber. I call back Sunday and they tell me still no contractor is assigned to me. I am on hold for an hour and they finally get me an appt with a plumber for Monday. No one follows up at this company. It was me constantly calling and questioning about who was going to fix my leak. Don’t use this company. Waste of money.
Happy with the service. Came as promised, were punctual, did great work! Thx!!
For a covered furnace, they wanted me to pay $2600 out of pocket for “modifications”, however, their portion they were covering was $800!
Over many years and at least three properties in three locations, they have never let us down.
So far I haven't had any problem with First American Warranty. I hope that it will stay that way, so I would renew it whenever is time to do so.
Always witness the repairs and communication with case worker is vital.Don't depend on the repair people
Love y’all. Great customer service. Never have had any issues! Thank you, keep it up!
Love it !!! Fast and courteous
Multiple contractors didn’t do our work. We gave parameters for our repair. The last contractor sent couldn’t do the repairs. They took a picture of my shower faucets. We still haven’t heard from them. Poor service
Whenever I call I never have any problems getting through or setting up a service call.
While it does take longer to get some things fixed than I'd like, maintaining our home warranty has saved us a tremendous amount of money & they always make sure things do get fixed/resolved.
My plumbing issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently, I am very pleased with the service I got.
The recent contractor was very professional and polite.
The good reviews have to be fake. I cancelled them. I had to wait on hold for two hours just to get lied to over and over. They use the most unreliable service companies around. People who don’t know their craft very well, and barely speak English. Ask them to send you an email of the lies they tell you over the phone and you will never see it. Get a record phone call app on your phone to record their lies. At least then you will have proof. I am with a new home warranty company now. So far so good.
Great Company who provide excellent contractors and after dealing with American Home Shield for 35 years and decided to leave because they became a "scam" warranty company, found FIRST AMERICAN HOME WARRANTY. Tried them and found they were what the other warranty company "wanna be" and weren't anymore. I could not be happier with everything about the company and would heartily recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable home warranty company.
I am ok with the service I have received.
Good peace of mind and when issues come up prompt service.
Great response. following service time was exceptional.totally sasified with service .highly recommend.
Response was prompt, appointment made immediately. Service within a couple days. Service was excellent.
Filing a claim is quick and easy. Service provided by the trade was prompt and thorough.
Steer clear of First American Home Warranty. We've been without heat since Thanksgiving and they've given us the runaround for 3 days. We can have someone out here to replace the furnace tomorrow but they want us to cancel that So that they can maybe get someone ir to diagnose it, not fix it tomorrow. I don't know what company would let people go without heat in winter and show as little compassion as they have. Stay away from First American Home Warranty.!!!!!
A bit expensive but good service. Glad they stopped using Sears repair and started using Lowe’s!!!