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We had paid this company for approx 20 years. When we had water damage by Hurricane Harvey they came out (private husband and wife team contracted to Foremost). She looked at the water damage on the ceiling and walls and door entrance, taken the pictures and left. She sent a letter saying the water came into our home due to foam that was placed where the two separate roofs meet. The roofs are metal with a overlap to the additional room added. She stated, that it acted like a sponge and she seen this before and that was our fault so we were denied denied denied.

Harvey happened Sept. 2017. We were sent a response letter stating not covered wind, hail side winds, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, rising water, scorching (FIRE). Our insurance declaration was very vague when purchased from the agent. But in the Declaration it will say for further info about your policy see (A1partc Example). We and all are lead by deception. But when you have some damage and file a claim they are quick to show A1partc to us. YOU Turned out we never had insurance!!! Not covered scorching (Fire), tornados (wind), hail ect. THEY ARE AS BAD AS Bernie Madoff. YOU, WE AND I are truly being swindled. They use words of many meanings so it can be structured to benefit THEM (I will never have ins again). These are true criminals.

I made a claim a few year ago and there was no hassle. Someone came out and looks over the damage. Foremost Homeowners gave me money on the spot. It turned out it wasn't enough money for the repairs. They did give me more money with no hassle. I had a AARP membership so I didn't have to pay out of my pocket. They just deducted it from the amount of the claim. They have only raised my rates a small amount each year.

I had noticed some roof shingles on the ground and called a roofer to examine the roof. The roofer stated that there was wind damage that blew 4 shingles off the front of the dwelling and 1 on the back roof. I submitted a claim to Foremost. The adjuster viewed the damage and said that the claim would be covered but only to repair, not replace the roof shingles. I said that it would look odd have some new shingles that would not match the older shingles. He said that they don't cover to match the other shingles. I spoke to a Supervisor and the first words out of his mouth before we even started to discuss the claim was that the adjuster basically wrote a great report and everything looks in line.

By the end of our conversation I learned that Foremost made an internal business decision to handle roof claims this way. So if you loose shingles off your roof don't expect a replacement, expect a repair only which will probably be under your deductible. Wish someone told me how they handled roof claims before I signed up for the policy. I will never use Foremost again and will let my family and friends know as well. So, if you have interior water damage to your ceiling is Foremost going to pay to repair the water damage and not paint the whole ceiling???

Foremost will not reveal what actually is covered. If you question them too many times, on top of being late due to emergency, they drop you, fearing a claim, and without notice. 30 years with them and boom theft in my opinion.

Had numerous policies for years with Foremost since they insure Mobile Homes. Finally had one claim, adjuster was brand new, her Supervisor finally took over due to incompetence but he was Swamped. Jumped through hoops, got a partial settlement and dropped all the insurance. That's it in a Nutshell... It's poor insurance, get rid of it as soon as you can. It's only gonna Work for you if you have A DISASTER.

My experience with Foremost Insurance has been nothing but frustrating and a headache starting with the agent who does not return phone calls or the Adjusters who will not return phone calls and as well as the claim process. I have paid Foremost Insurance over $850 for 18 years and I made a claim due to lightning damage to my roof and to the back of my house I was told that my damage altogether would cost over $7,000. Foremost Insurance settled with me for less than $650 claiming that the depreciation was why I receive so little. It is useless to dispute the claims because Foremost Insurance Auditors itself on disputes you will not win in a dispute.

My agent will not return phone calls the adjuster will not return phone calls. Once they have talked to you they do not want to speak with you anymore concerning any disputes you have concerning the amount of the claim or the amount of the check that they will issue. I don't know why anyone would have insurance with Foremost because your house or trailer literally has to burn down to the ground in a pile of ashes before you can receive anything that's worth being compensated for. Don't make the same mistake I made by trusting these people. They mean you no good and they will deliver you nothing good. Stay away from Foremost Insurance.

Way too expensive. Has went up every year for the last 15 years from $500 a year to over $1,000 a year. Really crazy. Been searching for a better company but haven't had any luck yet.

If I could give them 0 stars I would. We recently moved out of our house in NC and still had to keep coverage until it sells. USAA set us up with Foremost. Even with the house empty of all our belongings it costs more to insure the house. We haven't had the policy a month and the refrigerator supply valve somehow opened itself and water got into the wall and down into the basement. The walls and wood flooring got wet. Just got off the phone with my claims contact and was told they don't cover it. If it burned or a car or plane crashed into it, it would be covered. Thanks for nothing. Avoid these shysters like the plague!!!

I called to get a declarations page on our vacation home for the bank. I was told that I hadn't had a policy since 2014, over two years ago. I have renters in the house, and I remembered talking to Foremost to add insurance for that, which doubled the cost of the insurance, which is why I distinctly remembered changing the policy. They could not find a policy, not by our names, told me they can't look it up by the address. I actually believed them for a little bit. After making me jump through the hoops of applying for new insurance, I finally found documentation that I had insurance all along. I give them the policy number, they confirm that yes, I have a policy, paid up to date, send me the declarations page... for the canceled policy from 2014.

Now they have a sales person bugging me about my new policy, which I don't need because I already had one! I am so frustrated with this company. When I called in 2014 to change the policy to have renters, I called my agent listed on my bill. He told me he hadn't been with the company for almost two years, his name is still listed as my contact on the bills 4 years later. We have a contract on the house and I am counting the days that I no longer have to deal with Foremost Insurance.

This insurance company is affordable. Their service is excellent too. You don't have problem talking to any representative. I am happy of being one of their customer.

Since Farmers Insurance joined up with Foremost, the coverage is worthless and it basically covers nothing except earthquakes or fires. I read my policy and looking for another insurance that will provide my home with proper coverage without all the exclusions. Before you purchase your coverage read the policy and then ask your agent "Where is my home actually covered, and why would I buy this policy?"

It seems to be a great insurance company. I have had it for 6 years now, and have never made a claim against it. It has the best price rates that I have found to cover mobile homes. On the down side, my rates keep climbing! I realize that there have been many fires, tornadoes, mudslides, flooding and other natural disasters in the past several years. But, why should I be strapped with the burden of paying towards other unfortunate people's claims! It is hard enough these days for a disabled person to just barely be able to afford to get by. I also, every month have to deal with continuously rising insurance rates as well. That is why this country's economy is in the tank.

This company is well worth the money - very accurate with billing, answering questions. We have had them for over 10 years. There has never been a problem. We have recommended to new residents in our trailer park. Everyone says the same thing. They are very happy. Their payment programs are very price efficient. They will recommend new things to you. New information comes all the time. The residents that we have referred feel the same way. I would not trade them for anyone else. Thank you very much.

They are easy to work with, just wish they had better policies that includes pre-existing damage coverage on pre-owned homes. They do not cover leaking roof or normal wear and tear. Thought my home was covered and it was not. Only windstorm such as if the roof blows off or a tree falls in. If there is a named storm the deductible is higher. I have been a customer for 9 years.

Since we live in a mobile home, our insurance does not come for your typical insurance company. There are very few companies that cover mobile homes due to the risk involved. Our rates are pretty high for the amount of coverage that we have but, we cannot afford to raise the coverage. My advice to others would be to try and build or purchase a stick built home. It is not only safer, the insurance is less.

Terrible insurance company. I had a small leak behind the wall in my laundry room. We found it when our subfloor started to bubble a little bit. They pretty much started to tell me that they were unlikely to cover it if it was old on the phone before showing up. The sheetrock was intact. There was a little mold that had begun to show. The floor was completely normal except that it had started to bubble. No mold, no rot, nothing. They said it was pre-existing and denied my claim. My cousin with a different company had almost the exact same thing happen and their company got them a hotel for 2 nights and got a water damage specialist in immediately. They were fixed and comfortable in 2 days. We are now having to do all of this ourselves. Don't use Foremost of Farmers. We are switching.

In the past I had no problems with claims being looked at in a speedy fashion, but it is the hottest it has been and can't get someone to look at problem. Let me explains. Heat pump gets hit by lightning on Saturday. Sunday take camper to park to stay cooler and pay for a week. Call in claim on Monday tell them my story and they want to pay for a motel room not camp site which is lots cheaper. I have no cell service in campground and told them to text me and I would check phone and call them. So that set up an appointment on Friday from 1-5 in the afternoon and call Wednesday. Tell me the company that called couldn't come until Monday. I was a little upset, to say the least.

Well on Monday morning checked my phone and they tell me the person was at my home to check the heat pump. After telling me someone would call ahead of time to schedule or be there, I had no other phone call. So the mess was to call when I received the message and so I did and no one answered. So waited a while and called back. Young man explained he was sorry and he would schedule and let me know. So I wait in heat at home for someone to give me a time and called to find out that it will be Wednesday the day I have to have my camper moved back from campground at 8 am. And check out time at campground is at 10 am. Not enough time of take down and come home.

So called my adjuster back and they are out of office until Wednesday. And someone else would check phone call and call me back. Well it 4:40 and no one called. Even got a supervisor's # and no calls back before I go back to campground with no service. It's only 90 degrees people and I'm running out of money and time. My job don't work around you. Maybe they don't care. So my advice is maybe find you a different company to get your insurance with. Seems this one is washed up. Thanks for your time. If you do deal with them you should record it yourself.

This Foremost Company has always been easy to work with and they have great customer service. Luckily, I have never had to file a claim with them but I am sure they would do great working with us. Also the price they charge is GREAT. We cannot get it for any less.

We have had this insurance for the last 10 years, living in a mobile home you are very limited as to what company you can find to insure with. Foremost is a horrible company, we had a power surge that resulted in our outside air conditioning unit to be damaged, and also had electric damage to the inside electrical panel. Our home was unlivable in this Texas heat in June. We made a claim on Tuesday and no one called until Thursday afternoon.

Sent all information and pictures as requested, was informed that no adjuster would be coming out to inspect the damages; that this claim would be handled via phone and email -- Foremost main office is in Michigan, first problem 1.) it's VERY HOT IN MY HOME, my thermometer is at 97 degrees inside of my home... 2) a air conditioning independent specialist would come and inspect the unit... well that's good but what about the electrical panel inside the home. This person comes -- looks things over, emails his report to Foremost who then sends that report to someone in North Carolina, who determines if the unit can be repaired. Really?

So this person in North Carolina has made the determination that this unit can be rebuilt, and only has allowed 1000.00 to do so, I am beyond angry... I still have to have the house panel wiring and wiring to the unit repaired. And Foremost has only offered 1000.00$ (after my 1000.00 deductible). DO NOT INSURE WITH FOREMOST.

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