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ForeverCar Online Insurance Reviews

The website was easy to work with as well as the agent (Brian) I worked with on the phone.
My rep was very professional and helpful!! The cost of the plan is a real value. Fantastic!!
I loved having the conversation with Torrein. He's very expert in his communication and knowledgable, anticipating my questions before I asked. I had shopped car warranties a few months back, and both the price and the customer service is better than I had gotten at the car dealerships. I'm very glad to have found out about Forever Car
He answered all my questions and gave me a good price.
Wanda was wonderful!
Wanda was very helpful, answering all my questions and setting me up with optimum service plan.
I did shopped and really enjoyed working with Jason Fairchild based in Chicago vendor number 800120. Great guy, honest and very personable. One thing that you need to do right away is set-up his mail box with a personal greeting as he works remotely at home. I never left a message, but Jason's call back in a few minutes. This really turns new customers off when you have to go into cyber space......Trust me on this one! I have to say my experience with Jason was excellent. A Keeper! Tim Sefchok Contract Number FOR0201865
Very efficient, professional and to the point. Toriean. Great experience!
I was treated with much respect, all of my questions were answered, and the person I spoke with was very patient. I was very grateful!
got the $$$$ but no service plan contract.. why //
Thanks for helping me out! I have good agents for helping to keep my extended warranty on my car. Thanks to Orlando Wilson, Wanda, & Alex & Brian. If I am missing anyone else you to. Keep up the good work. Be Bless, Stay Encourage, Prosperous and Safe !
customer rep.(Charlie)- Was extremely helpful and very informational I didn’t feel pressured I felt completely comfortable. Got an awesome monthly low rate. Im loving the perks that come with the package.. I look forward into doing business with forever car...
The Customer Service Team Agent, Eric, who handled my signing with ForeverCar was the most professional and yet warm and pleasant person I've dealt with in a very long time. Some how we lost contact during the review of my agreement and was reconnected and was able to pick right up where we had been unexpectedly disconnected. So I know this was meant to be. He was superb. He made sure I understand every detail before moving to the next. Thank you Eric.
Rep was amazing
Wanda provided excellent customer service skills.
This rep went above and beyond my expectations, thank you much. You offer so much more than Easy Care, am so glad I found you and you called me back. I will be recommending you to my friends and family.
good cust service
I'm glad there's a company to help protect your car that not going to ost you a lot
The salesman was very good and very thorough
When I originally signed up for the plan I was told it is an extended warranty. However after receiving the welcome log in email I found out this is a discount plan. The next week I called the company and asked to have it cancelled. The representative argued with me and said repeatly cancelling is not what I should do. I insisted on cancelling to which he said I could cancel because I'm within the 30 day period but he did not want me to. I again told him to cancel it and we ended the call. Since then I've received an email confirming my plan enrollment and purchase date. I responded to the email asking again for it to be cancelled. Unfortunetly I will have to contact my banking institution to keep this from continuing. I do not recommend this company or service.
I dont like the fact that this agreement is 100% online. I would like to receive at least a confirmation page or a membership card in the mail so I have something in writing.
Terry was awesome and answered all my questions
Eric, the Sales Mgr I spoke with, wads so informative and helpful. Eric explained the entire policy, what was and was not covered, and how beneficial coverage would be for a single woman who cannot even change a tire. I did not feel pressured nor did I feel his focus was making money but instead ensuring that I understood what I buying and its importance. Forever car is a company I would recommend to friends and family.
An amazingly simple process. All questions were answered. We couldn’t be more pleased.
My experience was great. I would trust my car with ForeverCar before I trust it with anyone else.
Good friendly experience and well explained
Samantha was absolutely fantastic. She was very knowledgeable in helping me find the best possible warranty coverage plan for my vehicle. I will most definitely recommend using ForeverCar to my family and friends, and specifically have them request Samantha be their agent. Thank you so much!
Very informative and attentive to my needs as a vehicle owner! Made the experience effortless to complete! I would recommend forever car to all my friends and family!
The agent was very professional and did a great job finding me the best deal that fit my needs
The representative that I had contact with was very helpful, courteous and informative! His name is Toriean Washington and he answered every question I had and made me very comfortable!
The customer service representative, Brian was very helpful. He was knowledgeable concerning the product and made sure he stayed within my budget. ForeverCare saved me $3000 by not purchasing the extended warranty that was offered by the dealership. When I opted out of their product; they were amazed at all the extra services plus low prices that were offered by ForeverCare!
Don't Buy Extended Warranties You'd be smarter to set aside the money you'd spend to cover repair costs yourself Do not buy a warranty from this company They are a joke They do not fix any issues save your money I had to get my motor mounts fixed. And they said they would not cover it but it was in my contract for them to cover it and I end up paying out-of-pocket $965 cash my Name Michael Williams
Excellant coverage
Having peace of mind knowing that I am protected by a legitimate company which has partnered with my auto insurance company Safeauto. Thank you Charlie!
Very pleasant and knowledgable salesman. If the service is half as good as the salesman I will be very satisfied!!
I received excellent service from Wanda.
Great company with great warranty and prices
Just signed up, agent was courteous and informative; good job.
Thanks ! The gentleman who took care of me was very honest, was very detailed about the questions I asked..I'm totally blown away of the payment plans and coverage!! Awesome!! I'm going to share with other drivers ...!!
One of the representative that contact me every time I had a problem name is TAMMY RANDLE she is the best. she always took care of all of my concerns and aloud me to know exactly what was going on. If there is one person that I know does her job well that will be TAMMY RANDLE. Good Job!!!
I was checking on line about extended warrienties. the following day, a rep called me back & gave me all the info I needed. he was very knowledgable, yet not at all pushy. he did the research for me & got me what I needed.
Courteous and professional.
the lady I spoke was very nice and new how to answer all my questions.
I am really excited to start with this warranty company. It seems that I am making a good investment for my vehicles. Thanks for such wonderful introduction from my representative.
Toriean was very thorough and knowledgeable. He made the process very easy. I feel like I made the right decision. He was patient when we had trouble with the VIN number and helped me get it resolved. It was a very good experience.
I had an absolutely wonderful purchasing experience with Terre Beach! She was knowledgeable, friendly, and very patient. She explained the coverage very clearly and answered all of my questions and more. The process was quick and simple, and Terre was very thorough. I will absolutely be recommending this company and this coverage to my family and friends. Thank you, Terre!
Very informative and kind...
Alex Worrall is definitely a patient and informative manager accountant. We worked together for two days and I had multiple questions. I even checked to see if you were legitimately affiliated with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company before making my decision. I thanked him sincerely for his service in explaining the information clearly and listening to my concerns. I pleased to know that I can call if I have any questions and can reach him for clarity. He stated several times that he wanted me to be comfortable in what I was about to adventure into with the car warranty. Alex Worrall gets
Michelle McLain is great and very easy to deal with
Samantha was my rep, she courteous, and knowledgeable. The experience was above par. Thank you.
Wanda is great,give her a BIG RAISE.
Sam was very knowledgeable and very curtious and explained in detail the coverage.
Very user friendly. Choosing the right option was easy.
Worked with Charlie and Orlando Wilson and was thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and their ability to answer my questions!
My experience with ForeverCar has been very positive. Terre, my representative, was polite, upbeat, and knowledgeable. She Returned my calls promptly and answered all of my questions. The coverage promised by the policy is great, and the price beat that offered by the dealer significantly. I can only hope that the actual service matches this first contact!
I wanted a good maintenance policy for my 2004 Ford truck. With 151,000 miles, parts will fail, so I wanted an insurance policy to help on surprise breakdowns. I searched the Internet, and found ForeverCar. My contact, Sam, did an excellent job explaining the contract. I have not filed a claim, but when it happens, I believe that they have my back.
My Washington was very nice n patient explained everything
Brian was very helpful, explained in detail all of the options available to us. Very professional.
Charlie was very patient, aware and professional... wonderful customer service skills.....
The gentleman that I spoke to was very informative thurl very polite explained everything to make sense of it all helped to make you feel like you're important not just him making money very great experience I think the male's name was Brian that I spoke with
David in Chicago was nothing but helpful, patient and kind during the conversation and the finalizing of my contract...
The employee who helped me with choosing my coverage was more than helpful and kind
Terre was great at explaining the policy and getting me signed up
Brian was helpful in helping me make a informed decision.
Professional and Courteous Wanda answered my questions thoroughly. She was resourceful and patient with me. She evaluated my needs based on my explanations and presented me with many options to consider. I understood all of the plan that I chose because of her help. When I needed a phone call, she was very timely and considerate. I look forward to experience with forever car and appreciate it's price as well.
Great customer service. Very professional
Samatha, the rep that helped me out went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. She was informative and let me know of everything that’s included in the coverage plan.
So far so good,honest ,upfront,courteous staff
Just purchased the insurance, so I do not have any experience with and hope I never do with how they process the car warranty but the customer associate could not have been more helpful and courteous.
I was told I was purchasing a great plan...4 repairs none of them under the guaranty... very disapointing
Really nice guy he mike me everything simple!
Charley was very helpful and didn’t make me feel pressured to start a policy and explained everything in ways that were easy to understand. It was so nice to find a place that was affordable and offered all of the options. Almost too good to be true.
Very knoledgablen, would recomend to everybody ..
Thank you ms.terre beach for all your help and support. GREAT LADY.
I spoke with sales rep. Terry Beach, and she was just great. She explained my coverage options, rates, and answered all my questions. Terry made the purchase of an extended warranty for my vehicle a very smooth and enjoyable experience. Thanks, Terry, keep up the good work.
David Tucker was very helpful and gave me Excellent customer service that I appreciated!
I found your sales representative over aggressive, but committed to your product.
So far my opinion is good. everything was easy and the person I talked to was helpful.
Erick was truly helpful and thorough in his explanation of the policy. He understood my situation and didn’t make me feel as if he was just after a sell.
Bryan was very helpful & professional, he did a great job explaining all options to entirety. I recommend him to anyone looking for a 3rd party warranty company. Thanks
It was great to know I can have those coverage
Sales person was very helpful and professional.
Great experience signing up for Forever Car. The man I spoke with was so friendly and helpful
Derrick was very explicit in selling me the warranty for my BMW. Thank you for your time and consideration.
This was a no brainer deal for me sales person was very patient and answered all my questions.He cared about my concerns.
Can never get someone on the phone to answer questions.
I can’t thank forever car enough for being there for me!! I paid my monthly for 11 months and was beginning to think “why am I doing this? I’m just wasting money,” but I kept it up and then... BOOM. My transmission went out. I immediately dreaded the process that I believed laid before me. My mind was BLOWN. They sent a wrecker within 2 hours to my house to get my vehicle and took it to my Nissan service department. Once the diagnosis was complete, they sent a Nissan certified rebuilt transmission to Nissan within 5 days (the Nissan folks were blown away as most extended warranty companies send dirty salvaged parts. This transmission was clean and ready for install). I paid my $100+$9 tax and I had a $1700 transmission installed. I couldn’t be happier with forever car. I just had to cancel because I bought a new(ish) car that is still under factory warranty, but when it’s not anymore, I’m 100% signing back up for forever car. Do not hesitate, do not wait, do not overthink this... sign up now and lay your anxiety to rest. ESPECIALLY if you drive rideshare. Do it!!
Excellent customer service. Mr. Fairchild was professional, and polite. His professionalism is what made me decide to go with "Forever Car." I thank him for that.
Simple and easy. All of my questions were answered.
Mark was great!!! His personality was awesome!!! He answered all my question in the way I could understand! Best customer service person I have ever dealed with hand down!!!!
Samantha was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
Customer service was great Terre in sales was incredibly helpful and awesome
The sales person was very helpful and assisted me in making the right program for my needs.
Samantha was informative and amazing to deal with. I would use company again.
They Promise good quality service from bumper to bumper got to get to know the service 1st before I could see if it's really what they say it it is
so far no problems
I spoke to Kevin a couple of months ago before I purchaed my car. He was very imformative, took all the time in the world with me and answered all my questions. Four months later I call him and he remembers me! The people at my mom's bank don't even remember me. He nknew exactly what I was looking for and gave it to me. No nonesense....have to love that. Kevin had the patience of a Saint as I was traveling to Atlanta and I kept loosing him. He made the transaction smooth as silk....thank you!
It took a while, due to a crazy work schedule but we finally got it done. It's nice to have a sense of security now. I gave them 4 stars because I haven't had to actually use them yet.