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My wife backed into my brothers truck and did a little damage. Since it's new, he wanted it turned in to insurance. We have had their insurance for 5 or 6 years and they cancel us for that. Well, ** Frankenmuth!!!! The ** take our money then cancel if they have to pay. Hope they go bankrupt and lose everything!!!

We dropped my son's coverage and he went to another insurance group. Our agent told us to hold off on the monthly payment until it was adjusted. Frankenmuth dropped coverage on our house and three cars without notice. My wife called to make a payment over the phone and the recording stated that there was no payment due. We called to talk with them and they said that we were dropped due to late payment. We never had a prior late payment. We were with them for five years with perfect driving records and no claims. I would not recommend this insurance agency.

I hit a deer on the freeway. Having only 20% battery life I called AAA for a tow, then as an afterthought my insurance company for guidance. Again, I explained at this point I only had 15% battery life. My agent quickly gathered all information needed, asked if I contacted the police. I explained I didn't know you had to so she did it for me. I dropped the car off on a Thursday. It is now Thursday 2 weeks later and I received my payout check today. The biggest delay was the collision company. They took 5 days to come up with an appraisal. I received multiple calls from Dustin and Andy (claims dept and loss dept) letting me know where things stood. The settlement was fair. It was a used car and I had owned it 18 months. The amount was 1,000 less than what I had paid. I was concerned because of posting on this site. However very relieved my claim was different.

I've dealt with Frankenmuth insurance for at least 7 years. I made 1 claim when my roof was damaged due to a severe storm in September 2014. They raised my premium to almost double. They didn't even pay full claim on roof estimate or pay me for loss of food due to power outage which was proven through DTE Energy. The adjustor wanted me to take my own pictures of my roof. Very, very unprofessional and based on their company reviews this is VERY common.

After months of finger pointing with them. We resolved who was responsible for what costs. They provided some help after the accident. Not as much as they could of in the end. They, at least, did open my claim right away and did most things other ins company make you fight with them to even help at all. In the end, they covered my costs and resolved our differences.

In April of 2017 my wife was in a head on collision (not her fault). Luckily no one was injured but the car was totaled. Then, less than 2 weeks later during a windstorm (wind gust exceeding 75 MPH) our carport was severely damaged and had to be torn down and replaced. In the case of the car, the settlement was paid in less than 1 week and I was very satisfied with the payoff payment. In the case of the carport, it took a little longer due to contractor delays but it was settled to my full satisfaction. When my renewal time came, I was shocked to find that my both the Autos owners and Homeowners policies went down. Not by much, but they did go down. I am totally satisfied with the service from Frankenmuth and both their agents and representatives that work for them.

Had Frankenmuth Insurance with 3 cars and 2 homes for about 11 years. Filed one petty claim all those years, lightning damage, blown holes in my walls, blown switches out of the walls, wiring, etc. Burned up my television, computer, phone, all my cable equipment, etc. No customer loyalty here, filed a claim with estimates - receipts for $3700.00 - $500 deductible. Received $1799.00 with 0 communications. You can forget replacement cost with Frankenmuth. Beware! Quick to bill, short and slow on paying claims. Complaints to them don't help.

I have been a customer with Frankenmuth for over 5 years. I had a fire October 3rd of 2013. Worst day of me and my family's life, they came right away for the initial investigation, they gave me a check to help us with clothes, food, and they placed us in a hotel suite and maybe about a month after the fire they placed us in temporary housing. My agent keep in contact with me for the first month making appointments for people to come and assess the damage. My agent was let go or retired, I don't really know what happened but my new agent told me to start looking for a place to move by February 2014 so we can close the claim that's when everything bad could happen happened.

Found a new home, needed to provide paperwork showing that I had the money for the house. Called Frankenmuth they informed me they wanted me to do a deposition, asked why they wouldn't say I had to hiring a lawyer to represent me. Went for the deposition April they said that 30 days from the date of the deposition I would finally know what they were going to do, but in the meanwhile their lawyer gave me 30 days to find somewhere to live for my family because after that day they were no longer going to pay for housing for me and my family. Even though I have a policy that pays for us extra living expenses they still put me on my family out on the street to find somewhere else to live. It's now January 2015 and we still don't have anywhere to live and the insurance company has still not made a decision on insurance claim!! Worst insurance company ever.

I backed into my other car in my driveway turn around. Both cars have full coverage. I reported the accident early Friday morning to their claims line. I specifically asked the person if both cars would be under the same claim number, when she gave me the claim. She told me "yes". I asked if I could take my cars to start getting estimates. She asked me where and I told her and she said "yes, I could start the process". One car had less damage, so I told the repairman to concentrate on the car with the most damage, since I could drive the other. He had the estimate done in the early afternoon, but still no call from the adjuster. I called back to Frankenmuth, since it was Friday, I didn't want to hold things up over the weekend.

They told me who was assigned and her extension. I called and left a message. She finally called me back and was anything but pleasant. She first acted put out, since there was only one claim number and of course it was tied to the car with the least damage and my low priority. I explained that I was told both cars would be under one claim. She said the person was wrong - how was this my issue? I asked her if I would need to pay $500 deductible on both cars. She said she would need to ask her supervisor. I then told her the estimate was ready for the one vehicle and again she acted displeased because I went somewhere already and the estimate was for the car that according to her, had no claim. She asked me where I took it and then said she didn't see them on her two lists.

I again explained that I asked the girl in the morning if I could take it to my dealer and she told me "yes". The adjuster mumbled something I couldn't understand and told me to have the dealer send her the estimate, which he did on Friday afternoon. This woman never looked at the estimate until Monday afternoon, conveniently just when I called again to see what was going on. She said she didn't have the estimate for the other car. Now I am getting really confused, since I have told her clearly I wanted the one car addressed first and since she insisted these be two separate claims. I didn't understand why she was holding anything up because she was missing the one estimate. I again asked her about the multiple deductibles, since in my mind it was one accident and should only be one $500 deductible.

She still didn't know the answer. Tuesday morning she calls to tell me the car with the least amount of damage ($725) is approved and she is ready to cut a check. I asked her about my other car, which she has had the estimate longer. She said that was going through audit. So I ask her about the deductible again and she said that I needed to pay for it on both cars. I told her I didn't think that was fair and she said to call my agent. I asked the timing for my other car to get approved, since that was my top priority, since I could drive the other car. She snipped at me about not knowing and asked what I wanted to do about the claim for my other car. I told her I wasn't sure and she again told me to call my agent. Side note - this woman works out of her house. Does she really put in a days work? She seems to be out of touch and slow to get answers.

She certainly does not like her job or have any customer service skills. Another concern, the people who answer the phone tell you one thing and the adjuster tells you something totally different. I am not trusting what is happening here. As soon as I get out of this mess, I am switching my insurance. I don't trust these guys. I think if both cars would have been put on one claim like the original person told me, I would only need to pay one deductible. I also don't like the fact she had to get approval from her supervisor about this. Why wasn't it approved? I was never told the basis for the decision. I have had a couple claims over the years with other insurance companies and have never been treated like this or dealt with people with so little knowledge and customer skills. Everyone was always so pleasant and helpful. Maybe other insurance companies spend the money to train their people.

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