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Their service sucks. First of all the salesperson (Lucy **) charged me around $240 broker fee, that sucks. When I called to talk with the manager Alejandra, the bloodsucker, a ** guy answered the phone and said "I can not help you with the problem. You should talk with (Lucy) the other bloodsucker... She will call you back" and till now I am still waiting for her ** call. **!! Beware they charge you too much broker fee. I will switch to somewhere else. Not good!! ** them people. They like to spend more in ads on the TV. $15 bucks. That is a scam! They should spend less in TV ads and not charge too much in broker fee. **!

I bought a one year policy and paid in full. 4 weeks into the policy I got a bill stating I need to pay 610 more dollars. I called and was told it was for changing my address which I didn't do nor did I move. I paid 1533.76 for the whole policy. They refuse to stand by the agreement, they refuse to drop the 610 dollar fee even though they found me to be right. They also refuse to refund me my money. The person I spoke to talked over me several times and refused to help. Both companies said the other company made the mistake. They won't even tell me how long they will honor the insurance I paid for. Never use these people. I was on the phone for 2 hours only to be interrupted and she kept talking louder when I tried to tell her I don't live at the place they have for the garaging of the car.

I was charged for the freaking expensive initial set up fees for my auto insurance! First time was around $400 for a monthly premium of $121. I didn't realize that this should not be the case because I am new to United States, just moved here. I got my state driving license and seeking for discount in premium. Yes, they did. But, they charged me another $289 for the initial set up fees. They were taking my money and not helping me to save! They are really so shark!! I am glad that I brought this up to my colleagues and they recommended me to another Company which is way better deal and no any unexpected extra fees! I have filed the complaint to the States' consumer department and hope the investigation outcome would be favorable to the consumer. This is not the way to do business for long run and was hoping to get my initial set up fees back.

I called for a SR22, was told it would be 21.00 a month, made 1st payment for 60.00 and then they came back and charged my cc 176. And change all together 227.00. to my shock and I didn't authorize another 176.00. When I complained they said they would give me 50.00 credit but only if I gave them a good review. And also got another bill from INS. Co. 227 and 35. 262+ dollars. I said I couldn't afford a lot and was happy to only pay 21 a month. But instead they are charging 262. I called and called to try to work things out with no results. They are a ripoff!!! They give you one price and charge you a lot more. They are not an insurance company, they are a broker, and I didn't find this out till after.

I just bought a policy from a wonderful gentleman named Richard ** (Representative Golf Course location in Rio Rancho, New Mexico). I’m on a fixed income, he gave me several options/quotes. He found me, all the things I was looking for. He is kind, patient and very helpful. Great experience!

They asked me to give a postdated check. But said it was just to hold for assurance. And then they deposited it. They are rude and dismissive and not helpful in trying to resolve.

I tried them after hearing how cheap auto insurance was. The idiot tells me that I would be charged a ONE TIME fee of 145 to set up my insurance and that was it. I then get a call a month later from a rude ** rep telling me that I was late and fees applied now for not paying an additional $200 dollars, which was NEVER the case or EVER discussed. So, I ask for a Supervisor just to end up being spoken to like complete ** and told to deal with it or have it on my credit and then he hangs up on me. Fast forward another month and I look at my credit card statement and notice that these ** are charging my damn card every 2 days for $20+ charges. I call to complain and now none of them want to talk to me. Freeway Insurance is an absolute SCAM!!!! They should be shut down! I'm going to get my money back!

My experience with Freeway started out pleasant enough. They searched for the cheapest coverage for me by using a zip code for the rich part of Orange County, CA. When I received my paperwork from Infinity Insurance I find out I'm paying an extra 600 dollars because my car is in a different zip code. What a scam. I thought this would be really easy to fix but instead I got the runaround just like everyone here. I canceled the policy right away and went with a different insurer. Hope this will help someone not get rip off.

** from Freeway Insurance office at 510 Hacienda Dr.Ste. 108B. Vista, CA 92081 scammed me by giving me an insurance policy against my will. When I came to their office asking for an insurance quote, she was being extra friendly and distracting by asking personal questions, and repeatedly saying "trust me." She collected all of my personal information including credit card and car registration. After that, she said that she can give me a monthly price of $101, and that it is the cheapest insurance I can find in entire California, which is not true. Then, she said I need to sign couple documents that mean I approve that my information is correct and that I received her help looking for the best insurance. Again, she was rushing and distracting me from paying attention to the paperwork by asking me random personal questions.

Finally, she gave an envelope with her business card on it saying it is her contact information in case I need further assistance. One hour later, my credit card was charged $303. I gave her a call asking what happened, and turned out she sold me the insurance! In that envelope, it was a policy that had my car information wrong. I kept calling her number but she never responded. Next day, I showed up at her office and she was being very rude and avoiding giving me an assistance. She said that my money are not refundable and I cannot reverse the process. ** never responded to my phone calls and never sent me any information through email as she promised me to do.

My employee was a policy holder for this company. She was involved in a hit and run a few weeks ago. Her insurance is not wanting to cover the accident. The policy period for the policy started at a non industry period, which is normally 12 midnight. In this case the policy was enforce at 9:45 am and her accident was at 11:00 am. The carrier asked for the police report which also stated 11 am. Now the carrier is delaying the claims for another three weeks and is asking for a week’s worth of cellphone records which Verizon does not publish. This company clearly does not want to pay its claims.

This place needs a 101 lesson on customers service. They must forget we keep them employed. I work too hard as well as everyone else does for their money. I have been hung up on by the Manager Angelic at the Houston Location 832-786-6245 on several occasion. I have contacted customer service with my complaint and still nothing. What I did receive is a letter stating I am being cancelled for not sending over document that I have emailed over on November 7. I have 4 are with this agency so now you're telling me you're going to take my money due to the incompetence of this office. Now I am going to file a complaint with BBB and submit all information. I highly recommend staying clear of this place. PERIOD!!!

I looked online for a quote insurance and I thought Freeway Insurance would be great because they are cheap. I talked to an agent and he said that I can give a down payment of $94.99. I said, "Okay, I don't have it now but will on Monday." She said, "We can do an echeck." I agreed, that the funds will be there on Monday. I don't check my account often so assumed that they already took the funds. I received a call on that following Friday stating that I owe an outstanding balance because they never received a payment, and now I owe 386 dollars and that my account is delinquent and could be sent to the district attorney. I assumed that the payment was taken and that everything was fine. Then a few days later, I received a letter saying I have to also pay for my month's bill when it was only a few days, that bill was said to be 73 dollars when the payment monthly was supposed to be 65 dollars. I have been calling and trying to talk to someone about this but they are just being rude and not listening to what I'm saying. I'm furious and upset that these agents are being rude and not trying to help me figure out the next steps just so I won't be deemed fraud. I don't even want this policy anymore and they are not allowing me to cancel my policy either.

I went to Freeway Ins to save some money based on their commercials on tv. WRONG.. I wanted to purchase a liability and the broker said it was gonna be 900 for entire year for me and my new license driver daughter. I paid $613.00 in 3 months and I keep getting bills with a balance is $775.09. First I agreed with the broker I want to pay every 6 months, it never happen then he NEVER talked about $345.00 broker fee. I would have walked away that instant. Ridiculous. Where is the savings, and on top of that it's just a liability. Please keep your eyes open with Freeway Ins - they are big rip off really. $345.00 just for purchasing a liability insurance.. I open up a case. I will come back to you guys... Never said a word about no broker fee. Rip offs.

On April 8th, my husband received a call from Alex at Freeway Insurance and was advised that our policy was cancelled. After my husband told him that a check was sent in with an exact amount and date on it. He put us on hold and then came back on the phone and said everything was fine and confirmed we do have insurance. My husband asked if he was sure because we were heading out of town for the weekend and need to be covered. To find out a week later when my husband accidentally drove over something on the freeway that caused the bottom of his car needing major work about $5,700 worth.

Got on the phone with insurance company and they confirmed it's been canceled for the last 2-3 weeks due to no payment. Payment they received was a few dollars short. A cancellation notice was sent out but my husband has a lot going on. So when Alex said, "Everything was confirmed, all was ok", we believed him. So Infinity denied our claim. Called Freeway and to our dismay, turns out they said "that conversation was never recorded". We are constantly talking to one "supervisor" or another with no help! We need this yet resolved since it's our 2nd car to get around in.

Save yourself a lot of money, time, and despair. Do not ever purchase Freeway insurance. They are the most dishonest, unethical, crooks I've ever done business with. They will tell you anything you want to hear to get your business, and know just how to word it to cover their ** legally. I asked if they charged to add on or delete a vehicle because that was a deal breaker for me. And I was informed by the nice agent on the phone. "Oh no. We will not ever charge you for adding a vehicle." They go through on the internet while you're on the phone. All their 100s of forms to sign your life away so fast you don't know what hit you, this is where all the hidden fees are.

Well needless to say first time I tried to add a vehicle at the office of our Hemet location, I was informed there is a $100 fee, later I found out that this is an broker fee not adding a vehicle fee. This is how they can lie about it, and legally get away with it. So I then tried to cancel this insurance policy, which turned into a nightmare, I went into the office and thought I covered all my bases (put in writing, dated for the 1st and reason why,). Agent faxed it over while I sat there to confirm. Then I find out they never cancelled me on the first and waited to cancel me until the end of the month for no payment. I even emailed a copy to them stating to cancel me as of the 1st because I requested due to their misleading me and they still would not cancel me as of my request.

Even after trying to call multiple times and speak with supervisor etc... no one would listen or help me. I was in tears. So I decided to make a complaint to the department of insurance with my complaint. And finally after that they decided to cancel me per my request by the requested date. And proceeded to charge me a cancelation fee of $ 70.00 after paying broker fee to start the policy and only having their insurance for two months. So buyer beware and if you decide to get your insurance through them God help you. I would love to see a class action against this deceitful, dishonest, horrible company. Hopefully if enough people get took it will happen.

I called to get a quote on a Saturday the rep answered the call asked me to hold and then the automated answering machine said they're closed. Called an office in Houston. The rep got all my info, placed on hold for 15 minutes and they hanged up on me. I have been so damn patient with this insurance provider for 4 years and my experience with the majority of the reps is that they're rude, inexperienced, unprofessional. I've had it with poor service quality. Just done lost a loyal customer.

They never tell you you have to go to an office to make a change, and they put me with Safeway Insurance which was a very cheap company. They told me exactly what I was going to get for how much it cost; however, what they did not tell me was that if I wanted to make any further changes, I would have to in their office which is over 150 miles away when I made my policy over the phone off of that. I spent about 5 days trying to add another vehicle to my policy in which they wanted me to enter the office to do. The end result is they finally gave me the phone number for Safeway Insurance in which I had to email them to cancel the policy. They are very hard, very difficult to deal with as well. So they didn't have to deal with me and I have to call back in the morning to Safeway Insurance because Freeway Insurance, the middleman, can't do anything about my policy at all.

I was in need for insurance. I called Freeway to get a quote. I spoke to a lady named ** who set me up with an insurance policy. She gathered all my information from Arizona which was the state I was living in and the state my car was registered in, and set me up with a policy. She put the wrong address in the system, which was a Texas address (the state freeway is based out of) in order to make a sale. I didn't know this until my tags expired. I went to renew them on ARIZONA and they couldn't find my insurance policy because there wasn't one! This was a insurance policy that did not cover Arizona. I had to pay reinstatement fees for the time I went being uninsured! This was expensive and inconvenient. I'm a young student with not a lot of money to spend on unnecessary fees. I just want to be reimbursed for the money I spent towards my invalid Freeway policy!

I gave them a down payment of about almost $500.00. I put it all on my credit card to insure my car and my dad’s car. They charged so much for fees and fees and fees. Once I got my bill, it seemed like I still owed about $100 more because the fees they charged were broker fees. And I got into an accident in the parking lot at work about a month after I started my policy. NEVER did they mention to me that they had a policy of which if you get into a car accident within the first 60 days of obtaining their policy do you get a deductible that TRIPLES!!!??? Please tell me in what mind would this fit into? If I would have known this I would have NEVER wasted my precious hard working money for such terrible service.

I was beyond upset. They were so unprofessional at failing to tell me this. I would have never signed off on those papers. Thank goodness that the person who hit my car had insurance. If not the cost to fix my car which was $4,000.00 from the other party's estimate (the estimate I received from my insurance was $2,800.00 - such a scam & my deductible had risen to $3,000.00) I would have paid $2,800.00 to fix my car. This is outrageous. Thank goodness I switched to another insurance company. One where I’ll be safe, secure, have my rental covered (by the way they don't cover rentals even if you do have full coverage). BEWARE!

I highly encourage all those who were ripped off by unethical treatment by this company's personnel to join me in class action law-suit!!! Please help me and help yourselves and most important, help others so they won't be ripped off!!! I moved out of California and wanted to keep my policy with this company. They bounced me like a football transferring me from one person to another to 'help me out' until person #8 finally told me that I needed to cancel the policy because they wouldn't cover me in another state. He said that he would email me their cancellation form after verification of my email address, but until this day I don't have it.

When I called a week later, they gave me an email address to which to send my cancellation letter and then this stupid representative asked me to wait to change my address so I would get my funds leftover sent to the new address. After he was back, he declared that the policy was canceled and that I would only get a fraction of what I had paid because I was charged cancellation fee. Neither him, nor his supervisor agreed to take responsibility for the action, setting me into a loss. I basically paid for nothing while I was supposed to cancel the policy before it was renewed.

I AM INTENDED TO BRING THE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THE COMPANY!!! PLEASE JOIN ME!!! YOU WON'T LOSE!!! The names of two last people I talked to: Customer Service Rep Charlie ** Employee #** and Supervisor Kevin ** #**. This is the only piece of information that I can't vouch for because they both may lie to protect themselves. Everything else is true!!!

I personally think this people were made to ripoff Latino residents. I have heard so many bad stories about them.. My sister was a victim of their fraud. Paid 500$ to open a policy. Yep 500$. My experience was the agent Chris ** dragged me into his scam. Said my policy will be about 600$ to open it but according to him and his manager they lowered my rate to about 200$. I opened my policy through Freeway Insurance on 08/03/14. I asked of my payments are every 3rd. He said yes. I asked again and he confirmed yes. FYI, 100$ monthly.

So later on the 23rd of August, I received a letter from insurance saying I owe past payment and fees are 10$ so now I'm stuck with 110$. I called Freeway to ask what's happening. Agent ** said, "Sorry, that's just how that insurance works." I told them "But why didn't your agent Chris ** told me this ahead of time?" The agent was rude. I told him I will put a complain and he said in Spanish, "Wow really a complain? Well how is that going to help you?" I said it will prevent it from happening again and maybe get agents that are trained better in insurance... He said "It's not gonna help you" and then asked if I need anything else. I said no thank you and he just said ok bye and clicked. Never will I recommend this ** people. Worst experience ever... Hopefully Freeway Insurance gets taken down soon... Thanks for reading.

My experience with Freeway was the worst. Agents are rude! Don't care about your experience or the customers, all they care about it signing you up and collecting the auto pay. Wouldn't recommend. I spoke to "customer care" over the phone. Not only is the wait long they treat customers as a jokes since my agent kept making laughing noises at every question.

This insurance company is a JOKE! I called to get insurance and was quoted 135.00 a month. After the first month they canceled my policy. When I called to ask why, they told me that the "discounts" that were applied were taken off. One discount being that I did not have any previous insurance, which I stated when I originally received the quote. The other for not being a homeowner. Which if they had asked, I would have told them no. When I called the representative to inquire about this, he told me that all quotes include these discounts and then once verified, the payment increases if you do not qualify. Pretty sure this should have been asked or even mentioned when I originally got the quote. What a ripoff! Do not use this scam of a company!

This is a follow-up from yesterday's statement:

At 8:50 a.m., another representative from Freeway insurance called me and stated that my money would be returned to me. However, it will take two weeks before they could issue me the refund. I'm glad that I'm getting a refund back but this is outrageous and unfair. For me, to wait for two weeks to get my money back, which they were not even authorized to take, is wrong.

I enjoyed dealing with the previous agent named Sal. He was more interested in giving great customer service than making a dollar off of someone. People like him keep consumers coming back for more business. Unfortunately, nowadays, businesses don't realize that. Needless to say, I will no longer be dealing with this company at all. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

My daughter and I came into the office on Magnolia and Ball to add her car and herself to my policy. We left with paperwork saying she was added and come to find out she was driving her car for a year with her not being insured. These people are con artists and would not refund the money that she paid for a whole year and was not even covered on her car. They are crooks and should be put out of business. I asked the manager to look at the paperwork we were given and she said there was none. We came back with the paperwork that proved they had all her info and they still said sorry for your luck. I am calling a lawyer and checking into small claims.

On Friday, 2/3/12 I called Freeway Insurance to report my car was hit overnight in front of my house. The representative Collette was not friendly. She said I would get a call within 2 business days. I called on Monday, 2/6/12, to remind them and another unfriendly, unsympathetic representative told me I had to wait 2 business days. I called again on Tuesday, 2/7/12, and I was told it was not the end of the day and that I would get a call back. The end of day arrived and I never got a call.

On 2/8/12, I called at 8:25am. I explained the situation to Patricia and she said I would get a call from the adjuster today. I insisted to know the time. She placed me on hold and said I would get a call between 12-2pm. Mind you, they close at 4:30pm. At 2:07 pm, I called and Patricia told me the adjustor is Fong and she would transfer me. I thought I would finally speak to him. Instead, I got his voicemail. I kept calling for the next hour and I just got his voicemail. I called back and Patricia answered. I told her I want a supervisor. She transferred me and I got a voicemail that said it’s full and I cannot leave messages.

I called back and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I got one, Doug who says Fong is having trouble with his phone. Doug told me that Fong would return my call. Fong did call me and took the same statement I gave on Friday, and told me I would get a call from an inspector. Fong said once the car is in the shop, I can get a rental. Imagine my frustration I do not have a second car. I have been borrowing cars or getting rides to get by and this company takes their sweet time to honor my claim. They have been collecting my premium on time but have not been servicing me on time. This is very poor quality insurance. My car is not drivable and they could care less. This is definitely not a professional car insurance company.

I didn't want to give them 1 star, but I couldn't post this unless I gave them at least 1. Do not use Freeway Insurance! I was looking for a cheaper insurance online & came across Freeway Insurance. I called and asked for a quote. I didn't realize that they were just lazy people on the phone looking online for another insurance for you. I found them by looking on the internet; I didn't need to call them and have them look more!

So, they told me one thing on the phone and charged a ridiculous introduction fee. They may charge you as much as they want, but they don't tell you that part. So they found me a cheap insurance. I signed up and realized that the coverage was horrible! I ended up going to Farmers which was way cheaper and had the coverage I needed. I went to cancel with Freeway the very next day, and they keep your introduction fee which isn't right. I told them I found it cheaper with more coverage and they told me "No, that coverage isn't out there." Yet clearly it was, because I found it & signed up with them & I absolutely love it.

Do not go to these lazy bums. You are paying them to search the web for your 7 they can't even find the best deal. I found a way better deal on my own & I have learned my lesson. I hope this helps at least one person to not sign up with them! They don't know what they're doing, and Freeway Insurance itself isn't the insurance. They just look for expensive deals for you but quote you the cheapest lowest coverage they can find. The price sounds good but pay attention to the coverage because it is not good. And do not agree to the introduction fee because they say the highest price first to scare you then offer $100 off which sounds like they are being nice. But really, they are charging you $300 more than you should be charged.

They never mention how much their fees are in the paperwork. Come to find out they charge two hundred dollars for paperwork. For those that don't know you can cut the middleman and get your own insurance. They got me because I was in a rush to get insurance. They charge and didn't even handle their business. I got letters in the mail from the insurance company saying papers were not filled out right. And if you are at the DMV, don't believe the flyer from Cost-U-Less Insurance saying cheap insurance. 1-800 General has always been good to me. No hassle and they don't ask for a credit card.

After shopping around for insurance with very little money available for a down payment, a Freeway Insurance agent called me and offered to get the policy started for $60. After I signed up, I found that they had written me up for non-owner liability insurance. Since I originally asked for liability insurance so I could drive my car (seems obvious), I had to get in touch with them to try to change it. 12 emails, 10 phone calls, and hours wasted later, they finally corrected the policy at which point they mailed me insurance cards for the incorrect policy. When I first talked to them, the agent said we could do payments for the rest of the start up cost. Instead, they tried to charge the amount to my credit card - which my card rejected.

I found out about this because they sent a letter two days after it didn't go through telling me they were sending it to collections already. Freeway agents are just hungry to make a commission off selling insurance to you. In the end, they wanted $177 for all of their ridiculous fees on top of monthly payments. Never again. Don't give your money to a broker - buy directly from insurance companies. Since Freeway is just a middleman, they are not very willing to help out with issues, unless the end result is more money in their pockets.

I went there to get full coverage auto insurance and they were quoting me different quotes and rushing me saying they were giving me a great deal. Come to find out they took $190.00 down payment and told me that it covers the first month. Then they tell me later after I paid them that I have to still pay an additional $122.00 for the month of Feb. They lied to me, they are scammers making you pay twice. Then they tell me I have full coverage. When I checked the insurance company they sent me to, it says they only offer liability insurance so the agents at Freeway Insurance LIED to me. They don't know how to run their business. I regret paying them my $190.00 down.

Formerly Texas State Low Cost is now Freeway, I've used the company for years but today I went in to pay my bill and remove a vehicle from my policy to which I found would cost me 20.00. Never had to pay to remove a vehicle before this. But I was told that if I left a Google review the 20.00 fee could be waived. Soliciting a review is basically extortion in my opinion. I do not think this is very ethical and seeing just how many bad reviews are out there for this company has prompted me to find insurance elsewhere. I took time to read previous reviews and it seems nationwide this company has many issues. Personally I will not recommend them to anyone.

I called yesterday to get a free quote. The lady was really friendly and told me that I could get a policy as low as $33 a month for basic liability only and it would only cost around $47 to start. Well, I go down to the office to get started with my policy, and I signed up for a policy. It wasn't even close to what I was quoted over the phone. He told me the down payment was $70. I only had twenties, so I gave him $80 and told him put the extra ten towards my first bill. I signed all the paperwork, then the last page said I still have $120 due in two weeks and my first payment due two weeks after that. That was out of my budget. I got home and a friend recommended a different company which I paid a $60 deposit and my bill is $58 a month and I have liability and roadside assistance. I called today to cancel my policy through them because a $200 deposit was out of my price range and they told me I had to come into the office to cancel it.

I go down to cancel it, they refused to give me the $80 back, and told me they're going to send me a bill for the remaining $120 deposit. I was there less than 24 hours. How are you going to charge me $200? I asked for a phone number to a supervisor or someone else I could speak to about it and they said there wasn't anyone else I could speak to. She also told me if I had brought in their quote that they could have beaten it. Why couldn't they beat it in the first place? I've had my license for 6 1/2 years and have an untarnished driving record on top of being a full-time student. It just doesn't make any sense.

I've never hated an insurance company till I start using Freeway. This company is so very unorganized. I was told my policy would cost me $40.00. Well received first bill I received was a disconnection notice and for $74.71. I called them immediately. I was transferred to three different people then I was discounted from the line. After calling back I ask for a supervisor. Waited on the line for over 30 mins. I was told there was nothing she could do for me. I was so ticked off. I'm so finish with this company... Bait and switch is all they do!!

I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing through Freeway. They called me asking the basic questions. I was on the phone forever. They never stated they were an agency and charged fees. The rep. came back with a price way cheaper than what I’ve been getting online, so it sounds like a deal. They said it was through Progressive. I proceed to give my financial information. She said it’ll be x amount of dollars, okay cool no problem cause it’s going towards my insurance.

Wrong. $105 of that went toward agency fees and the other half hasn’t been taking out my account yet but may be on hold. When I found that out, I called to have the policy canceled. To my surprise, no answer. I called and called and by the time they answered, I was over the top. He claimed they were super busy and apologized blah blah blah. I was connected back to the lady who sold me the policy explained I wanted to cancel, so she connected me to management.

It get fun here. Oh he started fast talking me saying it makes no sense to cancel since I paid a months worth already. Just use the month and then cancel. After saying no a thousand times, he still was at it, proceeded to say the agents work hard to find insurance blah blah blah so the agency fee is none refundable. And then they already emailed out the paperwork, which I signed none of it. Now they added my refund application to the list of emails papers I didn’t sign, so I asked them to email that paperwork separate. Of course no response yet.

I went to Freeway Insurance to pay my bill and the agent signed me up with another policy without letting me know. Until I was getting ready to walk out the door she said she need to take a picture of my car and I didn't drive that day. It so happened the next day I had a fender bender and I went to report my accident. The agent read me my coverage and everything was okay. Until all the agent went into the office and delete my coverage and said I don't have full coverage when I had a policy to prove I do have full coverage. They had me so stressed out that day I had to have my wife help me. They also tampered with my file by forging my signature and my initials on the form saying I dropped my full coverage. I'm in the process of taking them to court.

I suggest if anyone want insurance do not go to a broker, go straight to the insurance company. You will get a better deal and you won't be lied to and mislead. I went to Freeway Insurance on Figueroa and Adams. The service was poor and the employees are trained to mislead the clients. Yes us! The people that keep their business going. Do not go to them, they don't care about you having insurance. They are rip offs.

This company is full of scam artists! I went into the Garden Grove office and with Tatiana. She quoted me a price for insurance, at the time I informed her it was too high. I had recently been laid off and couldn't afford high insurance. She came up with another quote, then asked for $280 down, telling me that it was a down payment. I said it was too high I didn't have that, so she said we will make two payments.

She took the first payment. The next day, I went to AAA to pay my registration. They showed me that I was being overcharged. So I called to cancel. Freeway gave me the run around and said I could not cancel, that those were non-refundable broker fees. I told them I was not informed of that I have all of my paperwork. She says I signed a paper acknowledging it. I then asked for a copy and the agent said she would email it to me.

I informed them that I was letting my bank know not to honor any charges from Freeway. I wrote them a letter and faced it. So Freeway never attempted to charge me, then today I received a letter stating it was going to collections and it was being reviewed for fraud. If it continues, looks like I'm taking Freeway to court!

We bought car insurance from an agent of Freeway. We signed up an agreement that we will pay them the $200 balance by coming over and giving $20 a week. Suddenly, we received a phone call from an agent at the main office that they will cancel us because we did not pay them the $200 balance in full. So we got scared because after they got the initial down payment of $345, so our balance is only $200 which they told us we can pay it $20 a week to complete the whole amount of $545, they will suddenly tell us that!

We told him when we have the paperwork, and he said he doesn't know anything about that. And this keeps on going for 2 weeks now, and the thing is they won’t give us back the money we gave them. We are clearly unsatisfied with them. Another thing is the agent already took a picture of the car, and then we received a letter that they will cancel us because we did not submit any picture when I told them the agent of the branch office took it already the first time we enrolled. These people is a pain and headache; they put us in so much trouble when the fault is on their part.

I signed up with Freeway Auto insurance. The explanation of the charges and what I was actually paying for was very confusing. When I hung up the phone after getting my policy with them, I was told that the down payment was part of the $800 quote for the full year. I thought I was paying the money for the quote, not over $200 in processing fees. This is a scam. I was led to believe that I was paying for my insurance, not for them. I am in the process of canceling and would like to get a class action lawsuit together to get the $150 (4 days of services) back. Then of course I did my H.W. and voila! Hindsight is, well, clear. I have found loads of people who have been haggled by Freeway Ins. I have notified my bank to stop all transactions. and have gone to Farmers. When the mail comes about the "Collection," I will be looking forward to gathering up many signatures and suing them with a bunch of other people.

The short version of my Department of Insurance complaint: My Freeway Auto Insurance broker falsified my application and mislead me into an agreed premium only to receive a billing statement with my premium nearly doubled. Among many things, I had to constantly “phone chase” my broker with several calls in a day until he decided to respond to me. Freeway Auto Insurance is a fraud that scams their customers by reeling them in with an attractive deal only to significantly up-charge your premium without legitimate cause or notice, after the fact you have already paid a large sum that is “non-refundable”. Don’t waste your time and money. Do your research online and you’ll find countless poor reviews and consumer complaints. Pay a little more for a legitimate company.

The full version of my Department of Insurance complaint: On 06/01/16, I contacted Freeway Auto Insurance and was transferred to a broker named Manir ** (nickname “Mike). After I provided accurate information from my driving record, Manir quoted me $136.78 for the monthly premium of a 12-month auto insurance policy with Stonewood Insurance. I agreed to the $136.78 premium and completed the application online and paid $330.61; $20 "processing fee" and $310.61 "initial payment”. More than two weeks passed and I still had not received any insurance documents in the mail. On 06/16/16, I accessed my account on to check the status of my insurance and found a billing notice dated 06/14/16 for $191.78. I called Stonewood Insurance customer service and spoke with Heather about why I have a bill for $191.78. Heather said that my premium was adjusted because of my driving record.

I told Heather I had already provided all information of my driving record to Manir at the time of application and was quoted a $136.78 premium based off of that record. I went through the entire application process, signed all documents, and paid all fees for that agreed premium. I was not notified in any way (call, email, or notice in the mail) from my insurance provider for the change to my policy. Heather said I was notified yet she did not provide any proof in her records/database of any contact initiated with me. She also made the statement “You gave fraudulent information and lied on your application.” I said it’s not possible to “lie” or provide “fraudulent information” on the electronic application when not only is it already pre-filled by the insurance agent (Manir) but also that I am only able to select “Yes”, “No”, “Accept”, “Reject”, or “I Agree”. On top of that, my driving record and Clue Report can be easily accessed.

I was very unsatisfied with Heather’s poor customer service from her unprofessional comments and attitude. I called Manir several times and each time he said “I’m busy with a customer” yet he would answer each call I made with the same introductory statement “Thank you for calling Freeway Insurance. This is Mike” which demonstrates that he was not “busy with a customer”. After several attempts, he finally decided to talk with me and said he will call Heather tomorrow morning (06/17/16) and call me before 10:00 AM.

The next morning, it was already past noon and he still didn’t call so I called him and he said that the Clue Report was not run when my application was made for my insurance policy. Manir is the individual who created the application and should have ran the Clue Report, yet he placed blame on the insurance company (Stonewood Insurance) for not having run a Clue Report. Regardless, running my Clue Report should not have changed my premium when I had already provided accurate information about my driving record to Manir. He offered to provide me a policy with a different insurance provider and emailed a new application.

I noticed several inaccurate fields, including mileage, years of prior insurance, odometer reading, usage of vehicle, and so on. Manir refused to make changes to the application with his reason being that “it won’t make a difference to insurance” and that I can provide documents to my insurance about that later. I did not want to continue and agree to an application with inaccurate information, without a clear written statement that a Clue Report was already run, and with the new provider (Infinity Insurance) having countless consumer complaints on record. Also, my insurance sales agent, Manir **, was dishonest regarding the premium and claimed that a Clue Report was run for the first application (with the $136.78 premium) when it was not run and that my premium was adjusted immediately because of Manir not fulfilling that responsibility.

To conclude, I paid $330.61 without having any insurance documentation sent to me for weeks, my broker was dishonest and misled me with false information, customer service was unprofessional and disrespectful, and I was billed in just a few days of starting my policy with a premium that nearly doubled without any proper notification, consent, or agreement to the change. I will not continue services with an unprofessional company that is conducting fraudulent behavior and making efforts to scam their customer by promising a set premium amount only to significantly increase that almost immediately after policy initiation without proper written agreement.

THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY!!! I JUST GOT A NEW FULL COVERAGE insurance on 1-31-2015 with a $500 deposit and payments would be $125 per month. Ok so I was dumb and agreed with it, did all the paper work on line. So 4 days later I found a way better deal. I'm talking about only $190 and only $134 per month for 2 cars, not just one. SO I call and ask to cancel and ask for a refund and they were all rude and told me the broker fee was like $350 plus whatever the fees to cancel would be. They said it's in fine print! SO I LOST ALMOST $500!!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT MY SELF, DO NOT USE THEM. THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU!!!! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY!!!!.

I worked as an office manager for Freeway Insurance for about six years. During my time with Freeway I came to understand that their practices of selling auto insurance were misleading and unethical. We were trained to lie to customers and for a while some of the agents we hired had no license to sell insurance but sold policies anyhow. I was told by my District Manager to shave hours on employee time cards to reduce our subsidy.

Okay WORST insurance ever! I canceled my insurance because they were charging me $220 just for me not even full coverage. I canceled two weeks before the second payment so next month they still had the disgrace to take out the money. I go into the store the same day. Lady refuses to refund me the whole amount even though I canceled & went in that same day to cancel. Just BS!?? They kept $80 ** dollars for what. I have no insurance. I canceled it before & went in the same day to say WTH was going on???

You get what you pay it for. The reason this "car insurance" company is cheap is because they want to get you in and rip you off later. I had a battle at the first month with my bank and this company 'cause all of a suddenly they charge from my bank account without my authorization an amount of $284 and say that was the fee for the broker. They fraud my sign and with different car color and misspelling my name. People are sarcastic on the phone. I was able to prove to my bank all the paperwork and it was a time consuming. At the end they took a payment of $80.41 and never refund me. I gave up cause the didn't worth the stress. Never trust in this company and give your personal information. Bad service and bad business.

Forgets to send out a bill instead send late notice of cancellation. Takes over 6 month to resolve an accident that wasn’t my fault. Customer service is awful. Have gotten 2 letter from them canceling my insurance due to paperwork I need to fill out. I bring it in and they, “Oh we didn’t need this. Sorry.”

I have had the worst experience with this insurance. I am a college student currently working 2 jobs to pay off this damn company, but no help is coming my way from them. They constantly keep pulling UNAUTHORIZED payments from my bank account (which by the way puts me in the negatives). I STRONGLY suggest to others to avoid the scam and find another insurance company that will help. As of me I'm DONE!! GEICO HERE I COME!!

I had received a quote and the price was good so 2 weeks ago I decided to continue and get the insurance. However, I decided to call it in and I had originally paid $114 for the down payment and Cassandra, the sales rep said that I owed an additional $40 for the down payment which she could extend for 2 weeks and that wouldn't be a problem! So I went ahead, paid the $114 and got the insurance started right away! Then I have been receiving calls from another # so I called The company back the number they have they don't answer and on their voice mail they have a person name is not home!!! Why would they have this type of greeting for a business?? So I called Cassandra back today and she tells me she will transfer me to Lucio. Come to find out it was more than $40 that I had to pay for the down payment!

When I called Cassandra she said that all I owed was $40 and then she transferred me to supposedly the accounting department and comes to find out it was the collections department! I ended up having to pay $50 rather than $40! Lucio from the collections department said that if I would have kept my card on file a late fee wouldn't have been applied and all this other stuff!!! Cassandra never even mentioned that at all! I do not recommend this company as all the prices may seem right but not worth it when you can't trust the people they have working for that company!!! Biggest regret ever!!!

I filled out a quote request online thinking I would get an email or two regarding their pricing. I opted out of the phone calls; however, I received around 6 calls the next day. The day after, I got around 4 calls and I requested every single sales rep to take my number off the list. I have dealt with this for three days, and I am at the end of the rope. Nothing works. I keep requesting them to take my number off their list, but I still receive calls. My number is listed on the Do Not Call list and it does not matter to them. I hope someone looks into this. It is not right.

This auto insurance company is the worst company I've ever done business with and I advise anyone who is looking for insurance to run far away. The agents are very unprofessional and so are the corporate phone agents from Empower. I never received any form of policy information nor did I receive a bill. I received a cancellation notice stating my policy was canceled 2 days after they had already cancelled my policy. The tried to make me pay an additional $200+ to start a new policy. The prices are not as advertised. This company should be contacted by the BBB because I'm sure they will find more shady business involved.

I called Freeway Auto Insurance to receive a quote. I was satisfied so I went in to sign the papers. When I got there, I saw the balance was higher and also the monthly payments. I cancelled the next day and asked if I still had to pay the remaining balance. She said no, so I cancelled and now my bill is past due and I went to collection. I am really unsatisfied and will never return to Freeway Insurance nor will I recommend it to anyone, much less give good comments.

I wanted auto insurance and was told to pay a large 500 broker fee. I said "absolutely not" then he said "ok, only 129.00" which I agreed to. When I printed my policy there were two names that I didn't know that were supposed to live at my house. The policy said they were excluded. This scared me, I immediately felt they were frauds. There was also no policy number. I emailed the broker back, cancelling the policy within ten minutes and no response.

I called many times trying to cancel then today I got a call from their collections dept saying I owe them another 300 dollars. I had to cancel my credit card so they would stop taking money. They got 129.00 for ten min of service. I am going to have my Allstate agent help me cancel this shady policy tomorrow. This is the worst place I have ever dealt with. Not decent or moral, just try to extort money. FRAUD!!!

I with spoke with Nicole Cypress Office was quoted 252.00. 6 months she said was with Mercury. I received card from Dairyland Insurance. Three weeks later I receive a bill saying my driving record showed I had 2 points on it against me. They needed 147.00 or they were cancelling my policy in 4 days. I went to DMV to get a copy of my driving record it showed no points at all. I called back Freeway because Dairyland said Freeway would need to refund me my money. The first guy I spoke with sent me to a recording. I called back the next day after getting copy of my driving record, sent it to someone but still have not heard anything back. I FILED A COMPLAINT WITH CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL. I suggest everyone does who has problems with this company. They are scamming people out of money.

They take money from you. They leave your bank in the negative. Every month or so they raise up your plan or charge more than what you should be paying.. They suck! Their customer service is the worst (Johnathan out of San Diego) hung up on me. And talk very disrespectful. They never know about the mistake they did. They're not good at all!!

I got an insurance with them that was fairly expensive -- you know 450 a month so I called them again to get a cheaper one and it now goes down to 176 which is great. Then after 4 months I find out they paid 450 for my older insurance that I was no longer using and they told me I owe the company 400 dollars and that it will go in collections if I don't pay it when the lady from Freeway Insurance herself told me ''Do not worry'', the other one is canceled, no need to pay anymore. That's how insurance works. You don't pay for it and they stop insuring you, but no. Freeway insurance paid 400 plus dollars without asking me or informing me to a policy that I had canceled and I now owe them money. Bunch of **. I would highly discourage the use of Freeway Insurance.

Freeway Insurance helped me find an affordable insurance coverage plan in less than 20 minutes. My agent, Laura ** made the process really easy and her customer service was great. I would recommend this company for anyone looking for insurance.

I went to Freeway Auto Insurance thinking I was doing myself a favor with their low payments. WRONG. They cause me headaches the whole time! THREE different times in a matter of a few months my insurance was constantly CANCELED due to their customer service (who barely even helps you) telling me the wrong dates its due! Not only that the first time they kept calling saying I owe $152 to start my insurance which was a lie because receipts get sent to my phone whenever a purchase with my card is made. After 30 minutes of going back and forth on the phone the slow girl finally told me to disregard the call because they made a mistake.

And just last month on March 21 2015 I called to make my monthly payment when the man told me I was too early and my payment isn't due until April 6th 2015. I admit I forgot until the 9th of April 2015 to call to make the payment, when I did they say my policy was canceled a long time ago because AGAIN they told me the wrong due date! So I have been calling all around today to make complaints because now I had to pay another large sum of money to get it back until I can afford a better insurance. It's not worth it! Look around before going with them!

I was charged a huge broker's fee. I was misled into thinking this is my down payment, meaning it was part of my premium. After one month I was told I could not get this particular insurance because it was a company car at 65.00 per month that I had to get the 119.00 per month insurance. They canceled my policy after charging me the broker's fee and two months payments. Would not issue me a refund until after numerous calls. I threatened to file a complaint with the insurance board and take them to small claims.

We had been with Freeway Insurance for more than seven years and we never had any problems until recently. We needed to make some changes on our policy due to we're no longer in possession of our vehicles, plus we want a lower rating to save more money since we did not qualify for multiple car discounts. We had already made payment with one existing policy and were finishing off on that. In order to make the change to roll over to new policy, we had postdated the new policy and its effective date to begin on Dec. 16th. The changes took place on November 16th. A young agent assured us that everything was in place and the effective date will take effect on Dec.16.

Lo and behold, they had submitted and cashed the check on Nov. 20th. We were very furious because that had put our banking transactions in the negative. They were not supposed to submit until Dec. 16th! We had to go back to local office a few times to get it straightened out. Of course, as you know, no one wants to take the blame for the wrongdoings. We were going back and forth between the local and the corporate and demanded the fund including the overdraft back that they owe. It took some time before they refunded us our money back on Nov. 27.

Again, we were told that they will correct the damages that had been done and said again, "Everything should be fine." The effective date is December 16th. Then again, we were hit with another mishap from them and the new insurance company that we were to be switching with. They had sent a new premium policy package and new payment statement sheet. On their policy, it showed effective date was November 24! What the **. I had received this notice on Dec. 11th and it stated payment was due in two days! Our first initial payment is not due with them until January 2013! Now you know, we are just getting heated with hotness and madness.

Unfortunately, I made a call to local, corporate and new insurance company and each had all the wrong effective dates. One was right and two was wrong. I had to let them know they have to be on same page, same date and everything. They were playing around with money and important documents and they needed to get it straight. It took them 3 days to get that cleared. I was a fire, gas and flame behind all their **! I was not playing. I let them know they were not going to get that check until that date arrived since I now had the control of them not accidentally submitting my check early.

I am assuming that everything was definitely in the clear since I last spoke with the supervisor of Freeway Corporate by the name of Marcy who stated that the 1st check was nulled and voided and that they will be contacting Multi-State (new insurance) regarding effective date. That was on Dec. 14th. Then on Dec. 18th, newbie agent called and stated she needed me to return to local office to re-do the paperwork. That thing was working my nerves but I kept my cool. They got it done. No sooner than I've gotten home after 25 minutes of a drive coming in from the garage, this thing called me back and asked for me to return because she needed to take a picture of the vehicle. She had already taken the pictures back in November when we were making the changes.

I am dealing with a toddler who has a cold. I had already been at the office from 4:45 -7 pm. I needed to prep dinner for the family. I dreaded it and I understood why they need it done. I went right back out the same route I came. The newbie girl is not there, so another guy came out to take the pictures. He was nice to take on my calmly vented self. I let them know that they were getting on my damn nerves as my 12-year old said that was what I said exactly. And of course, in my mind, they needed to hear a whole lot more than that. Let's just hope they get it right this time because the next time, it won't be pretty!

I made a payment last month that has been withdrawn from my account. When I called to make a payment today, I was informed that my policy has been cancelled and I owe a $55 reinstatement fee because I didn't pay last month. I explained to them I did make a payment and that I had received an authorization code from the rep. The person I spoke to today advised me that they do not use reference numbers anymore so she could not look up the payment I made that way. She asked for a reference number. The rep I talked to last month didn't give me a reference number. No one I spoke to could tell me where the money I paid last month went. They just knew that they did not send an SR22 to the DMV and now my license has been suspended again and I don't have any insurance even though I paid it.

I have been on the phone with representatives trying to solve this issue. Phone calls don't work. I just get moved on to the next persons and no one seems to know how to find the money I paid. They are rude to me because I am upset that they don't know what to do. I believe the last person I talked to said, "Do you want me to help you with this or not?" like it was my problem. The worst customer service ever. All I want is to have the insurance policy I have been paying for.

I went to Freeway Insurance because I was looking to get a low monthly car insurance. They gave me a good monthly price and asked me for a deposit of $293.00 for the insurance. I thought it was ok but a few days later I started to get by mail letters increasing the monthly fee. I decided to look for another insurance company and I cancelled the policy with them. I went back to the same Freeway Insurance office, requesting to get back some of the refund from my deposit because I only used their service less than 30 days and I understand that there is broker fees. They said is not refundable. I learned my lesson, never go back to them and I don't recommend them. Shady business.

Freeway Insurance was absolutely terrible. Their customer service skills are non-existent. They will hit you with hidden fees and refuse to clarify them with you! I needed some insurance for my car, which would be PNO for one year while I lived in Japan and they made everything as difficult as possible. They charged me twice for a brokerage fee and then while I was in my first month abroad, they charged my account nearly four times what we agreed would be the monthly rate. Of course, then my agent would not contact me, return my emails or confront me about this. Suddenly was always out of the office. Nothing ever got resolved and I am happy to say I have switched companies.

I have never been more infuriated with such worthless, greedy, untrustworthy people in my life. I thought I would be saving money by going with Freeway instead of a reputable company, but please just save yourself the heartbreak and go with a different company. These people are awful.

Warning Do not use this broker! Was sold a commercial policy for $519 down, turns out Progressive Insurance that Freeway Insurance sold me to does not cover passenger carrier for the Liver Industry and now they will not refund anything! Please do not use both of them.

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