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Geico's coverage options were very amazing and I really enjoyed the help they provided with selecting the best coverage for me. There were tons of extra coverage options and it was extremely helpful to me since some of the normal coverage options were not enough. Also, the price was extremely cheap and I really enjoyed all the different coverage options. They have amazing customer service and even contacted me after the purchase to see if I was satisfied.

If you have a lien holder Geico will put their name on the check. The problem with that is the lien holder will not endorse. They send it to the repair shop where the estimate was done. Case in point, I could have bought a whole brand new lower unit for less than they could repair it for. Basically all the money is invested in labor not parts. You can't get resale on labor. The finance company was Aqua Finance. We are refinancing with someone else and finding a different insurance company. There are idiots to say the least.

The standard boat coverage provided by GEICO is good. But there are many things like boat length where GEICO is little particular. There are lot of extra coverage options like property damage to docks and other boats, physical damage to boat. You will need to analyze how good a boater you are and where you will boating. GEICO's price is same as other insurance providers. Only difference is there are no agents to explain everything if an accident happens. Also, the customer service provided by GEICO is really good. Any incident and the customer representative will get all the details and call for towing services immediately. Any questions regarding the damage will be analyzed truthfully.

After eighteen years of insurance with BoatUS/Geico I had my first claim while backing my boat off trailer with one year old impeller. I ran into mud/goo and had to power through it to get out. The engine alarm went off and I killed engine after about one minute. The engine sustained overheating damage. Geico denied the claim stating insufficient evidence of root cause of overheating. Will definitely find another company to insure my boat. Beware of companies who look for reasons not to cover claims.

Collision and sinking coverage got very competitive and great price. They are very affordable. Company was very easy to deal with and explained everything very clear. Also, customer service was great. They answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Were very patient with my stupid questions.

Over 40 years in boating with over 20 years as a professional licensed Captain, no claims. Received my GEICO Marine Insurance policy on my personal recreation use only Hatteras Motor Yacht to find good news, deductible still $0 dollars due to history of no claims but bad news, without explanation, my premium more than doubled!!! When I called Boat US to see if there was a mistake, I asked to speak who was in charge of the BoatUS/GEICO alliance, I was told by the heinous on the phone, "Warren Buffet". Really? Either no one is home at BoatUS or GEICO. Be very careful in dealing with both. Service was reprehensible, not just weak.

I had Geico's car insurance, homeowners insurance, motorcycle insurance and a life policy for a very reasonable price. With the extra coverage you are covered to a higher extend and you can bundle your coverage to your liking and budget. Agents are very helpful in choosing the right policy for you and customer service is awesome. They are open 24/7 and you can always file a claim. They are very friendly people to work with. When I had an auto claim, customer service helped me any way they could to satisfy me.

Geico did just enough to replace any damage caused to the customer’s boat in case of anything that will happen such as if it was stolen or if it broke down. With extra coverage the customer got extra benefits such as not having to pay a dime in case something happened to their boat that wasn't on their fault. In fact, I never had any problems out of my insurance company. They always gave me good and fast service and always had answers to any questions or concerns that I had with my plan. Customer service was mostly fast and done at a pace that was good for me and they didn't keep me waiting and was always on their toes.

Had a total loss on my boat while on land and no fault of mine whatsoever. Vessel was improperly blocked up by the marina and weight of it overtook the hull sending the supporting blocks through the bottom of the boat into the cabin. Geico was quick to send a surveyor out within 2 days. Once the report was sent to them there was no contact with me unless I called them. I did everything required. Double-checked. It was accurate and still was never once contacted by them. I called several times a week to find out the status of the claim.

Eventually all paperwork was signed notarized and original documents including the title were overnighted to them on Monday for delivery Tuesday as requested. Some idiot at Geico refused to sign for the overnight package. Because of this my claim was delayed a week. I was in the process of purchasing a new boat out of state using the funds from the claim. The package was tracked down by me to Alexandria Virginia. Several notes were left by the USPS stating there was a package for them at the post office but no one picked it up until I called Geico and told them it was there. It still took them until Friday to pick it up.

Now almost 12 days after I overnighted it they still tell me the Salvage department is reviewing the documents which they have now had for one week. I was initially told it would take 2 days after receiving the documents. Upon calling today I was told that the Salvage department is backed up and it may take longer now. I have a new boat 3 states away that I am in the process of purchasing, financing and having delivered but nowhere in sight is my down payment from the claim check that I was promised would be in my possession at the end of the week I overnighted it.

I have about a week left before I have to lay my own money out for the downpayment. Every time I called they acknowledged the errors and lack of communication and did nothing but apologize. Apologizing does nothing but anger me. But they did offer to overnight the check to me. Wow they must really care. On top of that just for ha-ha's I requested a quote for the new boat. I have over 35 years of boating experience and hold a captain's license for about 16 years. I have never had an accident nor put a claim in. My policy more than tripled and the reason they stated was that I was grandfathered in under the old rates.

Biggest croc of ** I ever heard. Called several insurance companies and the rates were pretty much in line with my old policy. I gave it two stars because the rates were good when I initially insured the boat. I would give it 5 stars for the rate but zero stars for customer service and competence. Overall the claim went fast because of my constantly calling them. However if I did not intercede absolutely nothing would have gotten done. If you are willing to go through what I did and keep on top of them in the event of a claim then go for it.

I highly recommend Geico insurance to anyone that needs boat or automobile insurance. They are the absolute best in boat insurance with the best customer service. Their polices are very affordable and work great, and they have great extra coverage options. They also have the lowest price available on the market. If I had to do it again I would most likely go with Geico insurance for my boating needs.

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