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Geico Flood Insurance
Geico Flood Insurance

Geico Flood Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

I was walked through the process by a close relative, who thought the policy should be in my name. We did it online, with a live person on the phone to walk and talk us through and this helped a lot. Everything was smooth and easier than I ever imagined something like this would be. It is inexpensive, and they always look after you, above and beyond the call of duty. I can't imagine not having them for flood insurance. Everyone should check them out. They are worth it, in my opinion. Never fear signing on for flood insurance, because depending on where you live, it is a great investment.

I chose Geico because I saw an ad on tv for them and I knew that I would call and use them when the time was right, so that's what I did. They are a good insurance company with good rates which I and others can afford. It's highway robbery what these companies are charging people for insurance and Geico doesn't charge you an arm and leg for your coverage.

We chose the Geico Flood Insurance policy because we were able to bundle because we had home and car insurance through them. The process was simple because we talked to an agent and we completed the process in person. This company has good customer service. I have never had flood insurance before, so it was nice to have someone explain what flood insurance is and what it protects you from. But, I wish that there was a way to obtain a cheaper plan because that lower rate was only for a little bit, and once it expired we could see a difference in our bill. I wish that we would've been given a loyal customer discount or something after our initial rate was over.

I chose to get a policy with Geico because of a television commercials. It was very simple to get the policy. I completed the process over the phone and online. They made things easy for me and that's why I'm continuing to do business with them. I feel comforted knowing that I am covered in case there is a flood in my home. This company is truly great when it comes to dealing with its customers. They are courteous, polite and responsible which is a plus for the company.

Geico Flood Insurance is a very efficient insurance that meets my needs at the time of a natural disaster like storms, overflowing dams, very common problems like pipes in the home. Purchasing from them was a very easy decision made by myself.

I live in Florida, and it's hard to get coverage here. But Geico handles Florida perfectly. Their customer service is amazing. I've never had any problems with them or the billing department. I really like them. But I would make their app much easier to use. They are expensive, but it's good coverage so that is OK.

I have never had an insurance company that was helpful! It has always been the other way around with Geico. Customer service goes above and beyond to help the customer. They answered our questions no matter what while we were on the phone. Never had a problem with them.

Geico was recommended by a family member and I completed the process online, bundled with other insurance coverage from the same carrier for complete coverage of my needs. They are very reliable, great consumer ratings on claims, excellent web page with frequently asked questions and answers and have an online chat service that is very responsive and fast. Everything is spelled out in the policy and have checked with a neighbor who made a flood claim and it was a very good experience.